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Modafinil For Sale

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Modafinil For Sale, If you read this and understand what I am saying here you will save yourself a LOT of money but even better - you will save yourself a lot of time. And time is worth more than money. Money can be re-earned but time cannot. Once it is spent it NEVER comes back, Modafinil description.

Oh, Online buy Modafinil without a prescription, you'll also reduce your frustration too.

Brace yourself, this is kinda long.., Modafinil from canadian pharmacy.

In my opinion - and in the opinion of many others it would seem - last year in Internet marketing was a year that many of us do NOT want to see repeated, Modafinil For Sale.

I’ve dubbed 2010 as the Year of Internet Marketing Deception. Rx free Modafinil, So many HORRIBLE “products” – if you can call them that – were launched with all the hoopla and fanfare of that infamous Paris Hilton sex tape of a few years ago.

All of these products were accompanied by truly MIND-BLOWING (no pun intended with the aforementioned paragraph) sales pages where ugly witches were dressed up and made to appear as though they were Cinderella. I refer, Modafinil dangers, of course, Modafinil price, to those who I have begun to call SHAPE-SHIFTERS. In other words very unscrupulous so-called “copywriters.” Since when did copywriting involve LYING? Modafinil For Sale, Huh.

Look, it’s ONE thing to be creative in describing something, buy Modafinil from mexico. It’s an entirely DIFFERENT matter when all manner of LIES are told to make it appear as if it is something that it definitely is NOT. Where can i order Modafinil without prescription, So many of these truly HORRIBLE products exist for ONE REASON ONLY - and that's NOT to help you. It's to line the pockets of the beasts who create them (ie the IM vampires as I call them) and the denizen hordes of intellectual retards who jump on the bandwagon hoping to siphon off some of the cash and prizes by promoting all this sh*t (they would be the IM zombies).

So, with 2010 being by FAR the WORST year ever in IM for deception and just OUTRIGHT LIES, most of us who really try to help other people by creating quality products and/or promoting products of worth, take a deep breath and hope that things will get better.., Modafinil For Sale.

And then along comes the absolute HUMDINGER of them all - a disgraceful thing called “Stripped Down Profits” – which THANK GOD has since been taken down amid a frenzy of fury, buy Modafinil no prescription. Clickbank closed it down for TOS violations. Order Modafinil no prescription, SDP says it "SOLD OUT." Bull (cough) sh*t.

With reference to this MASSIVELY deceptive launch Jeremy Kelsall, over at the Warrior Forum, Modafinil schedule, said:

"If I had a broken down 1982 Ford Pinto I wanted to sell, Get Modafinil, but listed it in Craigslist as a 2011 Lambo, I'm sure I could sell it all day long. It's easy to sell things if you are as deceitful as you can possibly be...”
Modafinil For Sale, True. And that is the EXACT premise behind most of these so-called "big launches." They simply lie about the product and what it does, Modafinil australia, uk, us, usa. For so many of these IM vampires and zombies that is their business model. Buy no prescription Modafinil online, Lying to you.

Incidentally, Jeremy also did an excellent video exposing this SDP garbage, buy cheap Modafinil no rx. You should go and watch it (I’ll give you the link further down) – it’s so damn funny but, at the same time, so damn SAD to see how LOW some people have sunk in their quest for the almighty buck, Modafinil For Sale.

Concerning all these DUD products and associated launches - here is what I believe has happened:

A bad (read that as utterly useless - ie it is a DUD) product gets launched but is described in the sales copy as something that it isn’t. Purchase Modafinil online, Because the sales copy is so deceitful and so deceptive, the trash sells. The usual gaggle of unscupulous marketers out there put their hands up to their chins and say: “Hmm, australia, uk, us, usa, isn’t that interesting?”

So, Buy Modafinil without a prescription, they push the boundaries of their “push-button lies” out even further with even more incredulous claims. And on and on it goes. Every vampire launch becomes more and more outrageous Modafinil For Sale, – all pushed along by the promise of bigger and bigger “prizes” for the zombies - things like trips overseas, plasma TV’s, computers, wads of cash (often in excess of $5,000) etc etc.

Incidentally, taking Modafinil, I have grave doubts that any of those prizes actually get “won.” I contend that they are simply "shared around" or maybe the top "prizes" don't even exist - they may be just bait to lure in all the mid-level marketers with some false hope. Online Modafinil without a prescription, Far too often the so-called "leaderboard" gets gazumped on the last day by one of the usual suspects.

Very little surprises me now when it comes to these scummy marketing cartels. Those in the KNOW all support each other in their "Thieves' Paradise."

Now, buy Modafinil without prescription, we are seeing total RUBBISH being promoted so deceptively that ANYTHING GOES. It’s just getting worse and worse and worse, Modafinil For Sale. Herbal Modafinil, The lies and false claims are now the norm rather than the occasional boil on the bum of Internet marketing.

Back to the big-kahuna of them all. I mentioned the name before but in case you missed it – Stripped Down Profits, where can i cheapest Modafinil online. Basically, Comprar en línea Modafinil, comprar Modafinil baratos, some F-grade acrtress calling her self "Hayley Milano" tried to make people believe that she used her “skills” as a stripper and a temptress to blackmail some cocaine-snorting IM guys into revealing to her how to make millions online with just the push of one button. Modafinil For Sale, Like DUH.

There were allegations in the shape-shifter's copywriting of cocaine abuse, sex, Modafinil pharmacy, blackmail – you name it. Modafinil maximum dosage, Very, very SLEAZY stuff.

EVERY claim made in the sales page was a lie – the story, the product, effects of Modafinil, the accompanying pictures – all lies. Modafinil reviews, And they were proven to be lies by me and many others. It was a disgrace.

Here’s a few choice comments about it from the Warrior Forum:

Mark Bradley said:

“If people keep on buying this sh*te then the predators will keep on producing it.”

Steve Wilkins said:

“I am still not sure who is worse, the people who produce this crap or the ‘trusty’ gurus who promote it to us!”

Cris Cato said:

“This is why it's so hard for people to appreciate what we do as internet marketers because of crappy systems like this, Modafinil For Sale. We already know that there is no software out there that will make you rich with one, Modafinil from canada, two, Canada, mexico, india, three or eighteen clicks!”

John Reed said:

“That, in my book, is not something that should get past Clickbank authorisation, order Modafinil online overnight delivery no prescription. It's a fabricated pack of lies - put across as being facts. Buy generic Modafinil, I resent being ‘pitched to’ in such a blatantly untruthful way, and I will (am) unsubscribing from those that try to send me to it.”

Julie McElroy said:

“Who is going to fall for this. And I am not easily insulted as well - I was not insulted by the sex stuff - if you got it flaunt it, Modafinil price, coupon, but the way she put women in a "bimbo" light and that if you just flaunt your stuff you can get people to sell their dirty little secrets. And just insulted as an honest IM - this makes the IM world look like a complete JOKE!!”

Writetale said:

Modafinil For Sale, “whoever purchases this hairy banana will undoubtedly become frustrated, fail, and tell all their friends that internet marketing is crap.....(the seller effectively killing two birds: eliminate competition and make a lot of $$$ for themselves in the process)”

Jeremy Kelsall said:

“The thing that pisses me off the most is that when products are advertised like this, it makes it harder to sell ANYTHING on the internet - ANYTHING. Modafinil without a prescription, Not only internet marketing products, but ANYTHING. You can't go to a forum, cheap Modafinil no rx, or anywhere else where people hang out anymore and not see threads and discussions about people being ripped off, cheated, and scammed...and the kind of advertising that we are seeing lately perpetuates that.”

Mark Thompson said:

“I really would like to see someone or some agency come down hard on this. There are just no redeeming factors to it, despite what some people in this thread are claiming. Clickbank need their knuckles rapped for even allowing this in the marketplace. Affiliates really deserve to have all their subscribers give them the bird and unsubscribe, Modafinil For Sale. And the vendor needs to feel the full weight of the FTC.”

Ravenjade said:

“The truth is nothing on it was truthful. Nothing worked… Nothing here was above board. It was all crap.”

I could go on and on because when I looked last there were 184 very heated comments made about this. Oh, here is what I said in one of two cracks I had at it:

“Well, I've already have one go at exposing this garbage but it seems as though a couple of people here are willing to argue the point that there are redeeming qualities in this hideously deceptive and downright bloody awful dog of a sales letter.”

If you want to punish yourself by reading any more about this woeful SDP thing (er... make that STD) then here is the link at the Warrior Forum: Modafinil For Sale, There have also been many, many blog posts and videos made lambasting SDP and this style of grand deception.

Here are just some of the places where you can see honest marketers criticizing this nasty stuff:

Dan Thompson’s blog:

Omar Martin’s blog:

Julie McElroy’s blog:

Mark Thompson’s blog:

So, is this the last we are going to see of the 2010 style Internet marketing deception. Probably not.

It’s probably going to take a legal body like the FTC to SMASH everybody with a sledgehammer and that will destroy Internet marketing for EVERYBODY – thanks to the schemers, scammers and deceivers who I call shape-shifters, vampires and zombies.

We can only hope that those whose prime concern is to fill their pockets with money by ripping-off naive people get what they deserve.

Online (and offline) your reputation is the ONE thing that is precious above everything else, Modafinil For Sale. These guys are destroying their credibility and reputations with every devious action they take. They are now being named and shamed all over the Internet and decent people are unsubscribing from them in their droves. Hoo-ray.

I hope 2011 is a turning point for Internet marketing. Sadly there will always be crooks in every market but a repeat of the monumental deceptive tactics employed all through 2010 would be a disaster for everyone. Modafinil For Sale, Keep your wits about you and DON'T believe every statement made by some slick copywriter. Not all is as it seems.

Trust your instincts - if it looks like dog poo and it smells like dog poo then... really, you DON'T wanna taste it just to make sure. 2 out of 3 should be good enough. SAVE your money for something decent, Modafinil For Sale.

Look, let me provide a bit of balance to this unusually negative post from me - there are some really good products out there. All you have to do is find them. [I feature some in my monthly TEMPLE Talk newsletter and you can be 100% assured that if it makes it into TT then I have bought it myself and found that it does what it says it does and it is USEFUL - see the image of TT up on the top LHS of this page]

My best advice - don't give up hope, just stay vigilant.

Feel free to comment...


Modafinil For Sale, Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.


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Sonata For Sale

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

I hope that STUPID headline Sonata For Sale, gave you a good laugh. But I have a reason for it (apart from giving you a bit of a chuckle).

Well, Sonata blogs, we’ve ALL seen them – sales pages making OUTRAGEOUS claims for income and wealth. Buy cheap Sonata no rx, Do you believe them? We’ve seen - Rich Jerk, Rich Janitor, Rich This, cheap Sonata, Rich That, Order Sonata from United States pharmacy, blah, blah, blah… And now we have the latest variation of this theme - the Rich 16 Year Old, Sonata samples.

It would seem that headlines and claims are now becoming more and more bold, Purchase Sonata for sale, outrageous and even aggressive, so it goes to follow that people are probably NOT believing them. Hence, in the dog-chasing-its-tail syndrome, the claims are becoming more and more ridiculous and sensationalistic, Sonata For Sale.

My headline here is PATENTLY ridiculous, buy generic Sonata. I deliberately made it so just to show you how stupid things are getting. Sonata recreational, What prompted me to do this. Read on…

I recently received a spam email from somebody (supposedly) about a 16 year old girl who is SUPPOSEDLY making millions with “her” system. There was also the provocative claim that she had Sonata For Sale, recently made $405,179.29 in just 45 days. And then she claims: "That's $119, about Sonata,738.50 in my pocket in the last 7 days, Sonata no rx, and I never even had to leave home for it!" Heady stuff huh. Against my better judgment (*sigh*), I decided to check it out, real brand Sonata online. I was curious – and therein lies a little LESSON in itself, Sonata without prescription, but I will press on.

Well, there she was – a picture of her, Sonata price, coupon. A couple of them, Sonata For Sale. In one picture she was proudly displaying Cickbank checks. Taking Sonata, In the text, she was claiming to be a bit of a brat (probably true at that age – LOL). She said she “didn’t care.” (Whatever, Sonata schedule. – the favorite word of teens around this age. If you know any teens or have teens of your own you will KNOW what I mean… WHATEVER!)

While scrolling down the sales page I was looking at I noticed a picture of an expensive late model Bentley sedan with some stickers on the windscreen suggesting it was hers and some words below the picture saying: Sonata For Sale, “The Rich 16's $220,000 Bentley, before I'm even officially licensed to drive, haha.” Interestingly, the number plate had been blurred out. Where can i buy cheapest Sonata online, I could only think that this was to prevent those who would have the wherewithal to check the plate - and determine who the true owner was – from doing so. So, there was a little HINT, Sonata wiki.

Then there were all the usual screenshots of Clickbank checks and account information. Sonata pharmacy, Curiously, there was also a copy of a letter from Clickbank with certain sections conveniently blanked out. What struck me as odd is that all the names in all the letters and the Clickbank checks were ALL blurred out, Sonata For Sale. Why, canada, mexico, india. The young lady had already identified herself and told us her name. Sonata overnight, She’d already signed off using her name at the bottom of the sales letter too. Her identity had already been established – unless, of course, Sonata price, she was using a pseudonym (in which case it would have been more credible if she had stated so).

The letter displayed was from the Clickbank Premier Elite Program Sonata For Sale, . Where can i buy Sonata online, I don’t doubt its authenticity. What I do doubt, however, Sonata no prescription, is WHO it was addressed to. Sonata maximum dosage, The picture of the envelope it came in also had the name blurred out. So, in my mind, Sonata steet value, at least, Ordering Sonata online, the value of those pieces of “PROOF” was immediately diminished by the suspicion they aroused.

Was the envelope and letter actually addressed to the alleged 16 year old or were they addressed to somebody else, Sonata For Sale. Their inclusion just weakened the entire page. Besides, order Sonata from mexican pharmacy, everybody knows those Clickbank screen shots can be photo-shopped. Doses Sonata work, Does ANYBODY believe them?

Also, in the text of the letter it stated in the opening sentence: "This letter is to confirm that (name obscured) has been receiving payments (words removed) for our retail website,, buy Sonata online cod, since November of 2006." Um… the 16 year old says on the page that she isn’t good at math. Buy Sonata no prescription, Fair enough. Sonata For Sale, But I am. That means she started 4 years ago which would have made her 12 years old. Another HINT that all may not be kosher with this promotional material, discount Sonata.

My detective nose started to twitch. Sonata canada, mexico, india, So, I spent a few minutes digging around and lo-and-behold… I found an almost identical page from a more “credible” source that used the SAME graphics – minus the insertion of the 16 year old girl’s persona and her deliberately portrayed “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude. It reeked of the “Rich Jerk” sales page from some years ago, Sonata For Sale. A clone attempt, online buy Sonata without a prescription. The other site displayed the same product, Where can i order Sonata without prescription, same color scheme, very similar information. In essence, Sonata dangers, it was the SAME.

Well, maybe she (or the person behind her persona) really is an affiliate of the original source. Sonata For Sale, I don’t know. But the way that the sales page was written it suggested that this young girl had miraculously stumbled across a system of her own that had heaped wealth on her very quickly. Of course, this is playing up to the age-old greed and “me too” component in all of us. Brain thinks: “If a 16 year old kid can do this then the system she is using MUST BE INCREDIBLE.” Next brain thought: “I WANT this!” Sales psychology 101 in action.

Now, I’m not averse to using “creative” headlines myself. Heck, Sonata For Sale. Look what I did with this. But they have to have some honesty and the entire presentation needs to be CONSISTENT. In this instance it isn’t. The whole page is just too contradictory. Sonata For Sale, Nevertheless, there are dozens of people promoting it. I checked it. There they are – all out there with their Clickbank hoplinks. I wonder if they are using the “system” themselves or are just blindly whoring it to make commissions off the unwary. The latter I would suspect.

So, what next, Sonata For Sale. What about this for an OUTRAGEOUS HEADLINE?...

“The BILLIONAIRE FETUS Reveals How It Became Wealthy Online While STILL in Its Mother's Womb - NO Computer Skills Necessary.” (“wah-wah: How could I get a computer in here anyway. Goo-goo-ga-ga”)

SUMMARY: Don’t believe everything that you see or hear. Do your DUE DILIGENCE. Sonata For Sale, Remember, if there’s a few bucks in it MANY people will promote it and SOME will promote ANYTHING and more than a few will just blatantly rip-off anyone and everyone.

Interesting footnote: In between me starting and finishing this blog post, the video at the top of the so-called 16 year old’s site has now been removed from YouTube because of – wait for it… “terms of use violation.” Interesting huh.

You can add your comments to this discussion in the area below if you so desire.


Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.


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Viagra For Sale

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Viagra For Sale, It doesn’t matter WHAT business you are in, what you are really in is a marketing business. You see, order Viagra from United States pharmacy, My Viagra experience, you can have the MOST WONDERFUL product in the world but if you don’t advertize it or market it properly then how successful are you going to be.

How often have you seen a really ORDINARY product sell 100’s and 1, Viagra class, Viagra long term, 000’s and even hundreds of thousands of units. And you wonder why, Viagra images. Buy Viagra without prescription, Look BEHIND the product and examine the marketing of it.

Remember those useless pet rocks. What about cabbage patch dolls, Viagra For Sale. What about all that Tamagotchi junk, Viagra pharmacy. Where can i find Viagra online, There are dozens of examples. But the marketing SOLD them through the roof, order Viagra no prescription. Viagra online cod, So, how does that apply to you – the Internet Marketer, buy Viagra from canada. Here’s how…

the GREATEST skill Viagra For Sale, you will ever learn is HOW to market whatever it is that you are selling (or even if you are giving something away). Is Viagra safe, And that means advertizing – either word of mouth or by using a “script” in video or in audio production or in print (either on paper - ie newspapers, flyers, Viagra gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Viagra price, coupon, brochures etc) or electronically here on the Internet.

See that word "script" above, where can i buy cheapest Viagra online. Online buy Viagra without a prescription, They are the WORDS that you use. Words are the method we use to convince somebody else to buy our wares, Viagra pics. It's how we fundamentally communicate with each other, Viagra For Sale. Viagra dosage, And using those words in a compelling manner is called copy. Hence copywriting, Viagra interactions. Viagra from canadian pharmacy, It has been said so MANY times by so MANY marketers that copywriting is the GREATEST skill you can learn to market ANY product. And there are only two ways you can do this:

1 - hire a copywriter (usually at some outrageous price) or
2 - learn to do the fundamentals yourself, purchase Viagra online no prescription.

Make NO MISTAKE – being able to write compelling words is the SINGLE most IMPORTANT thing you can learn Viagra For Sale, in marketing anything. Viagra pharmacy, Having said all that – you can access a FREE copywriting e-book right here on this blog. Honestly, is Viagra addictive, Purchase Viagra online, anybody who would pass up such an opportunity is simply NOT serious about Internet Marketing success.

Further, buy Viagra online cod, Viagra reviews, you can get really good at copywriting fairly quickly IF you are prepared to learn. It’s your choice, Viagra without a prescription. Ask ANY marketer and they will tell you the same thing, Viagra For Sale. About Viagra, Oh yeah…

... every Internet marketer worth anything will utter the MANTRA "it’s the LIST." Yep, cheap Viagra. Discount Viagra, But… HOW do you get people ON that list. You got it, ordering Viagra online. WORDS! Viagra For Sale, So, there you have it. Where can i find Viagra online, If you want to get good at Internet Marketing or offline marketing or ANY marketing then get good with using compelling WORDS.


PS1: What are your thoughts on this, Viagra canada, mexico, india. Viagra blogs, PS2: Click on the banner below for some awesome free information on how you can improve your lifestyle:

Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes, Viagra recreational. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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