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Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching

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Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing
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Internet Marketing Coaching & Mentoring Step-by-Step Course

Benefits of Linking to Gary-Land


OK. I just thought I would mention some of the benefits of linking to this particular blog... Sitting behind this blogsite is what I often refer to as "Battlestar Garylactica." It is a HUGE resource of self help, personal development, motivation, self esteem and a bunch of other stuff that I am very passionate about ... many, many hundreds of pages. The site has been up, in its present form, for around 2-3 years and I have added to it consistently over that time. Consequently, the major search engines and all their associated 'bots and spiders (automatic web crawlers) that run all over it every day indexing everything are very active on the site. I watch it every day in my control pages. I get many MB (Mega-bytes) of indexing every day from all the major search engines, unlike smaller beginner sites that may only get 10 or so KB (Kilo-bytes) For those who know about such things, last time I looked I had a Google PR (assigned Page Rank) of 4-5, which is very good. By comparison, Google itself has a PR of 10. Yahoo has 9 or 10. The higher the PR the more weight and importance a site has. The more weight it has and the higher the PR means that a link FROM that site (ie from me to you) becomes important. Owners of high PR sites value their links and do not give them away injudiciously. My blog is attached to the site, so the little creepy crawlies are all over this blog too, naturally. And I did this with specific intention. What does that mean to you? First, when I add you to my blogroll you get an immediate link back to your site from a high ranking Search Engine indexed site (ie here). But it ain’t just ANY link back (even though lots of links are good, er... and some are NO good). Are you following me here? Sorry, if I am telling you stuff that is too basic. Moving right along… … if you comment at my site the 'bots and robots will see that little bridge to your link and crawl across to you. OK so far? Right. Every time you comment you get a backlink from a powered up site. Hey presto! Traffic. But, more importantly, you get a link from a big, well-established and powerfully indexed site. This will serve three purposes and, yeah, I get something out of it too… So, every time you comment at this blog:
  • 1-  you get great link back value,
  • 2 - you create a bigger establishment in the webring (everyone does) that we are building and
  • 3 - the ‘bots and spiders make my site even more powerful which will benefit everyone linked to it anyway
It’s a win-win-win all round. A win for you, a win for me and a win for the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Program. (JFYI - This is why I have been talking about a "webring" or "webhub" on some of the other blog sites). Oh, one more thing... the blogroll on this blog is RESERVED for the INITIAL students of Alex Jeffreys. When it hits what I consider to be an unmanageable size then I will close it. So... only the LEADERS will be on this blogroll. Thanks for your attention and I hope I have explained the value of "linking" in general and to this BLOG (Gary-Land) in particular. Regards, Gary Simpson. PS: IMPORTANT: Remember, I have spent years and 1,000's of hours building my site. PLEASE, do not abuse the link value you will get by making multiple posts or posts that are designed only to feed off my linkback. If you do I will DELETE them. I want VALUABLE content, preferably on thread (ie don't waffle on about something irrelevant. Let me do that - LOL!) EVEN WORSE DO NOT USE THIS BLOG FOR BLATANT ADVERTISING, PERSONAL ABUSE OR ILLICIT MATERIAL OF ANY KIND. THAT WILL INCUR IMMEDIATE DELETION WITHOUT EXPLANATION. (But I might email you privately and give you a right bollocking if it was something that contravenes decency.)