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Archive for January, 2010

Topamax For Sale

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Topamax For Sale, Well... the "Marketing With Alex 3.0" seminars were held on the 25th & 26th January 2010. And I have just gotten home after what seems like days on planes to get there and back. Buy Topamax from mexico, In fact, it WAS days from where I live in Perth, Western Australia. Was it just May and June 2009 that we were there last time, order Topamax online overnight delivery no prescription. Gee - how time FLIES (a little pun - doesn't matter), Topamax For Sale.

Incidentally, I didn't take my laptop overseas this time because of all the security issues with taking it in and out of the case and through those damn security scanners. Topamax trusted pharmacy reviews, That was both good and bad. Good that it saved me a bunch of time - bad in that I just looked and I have 3,172 unread emails in just 1 week. Heh.., Topamax reviews. Topamax For Sale, heh... but I do have a whole bunch of ones that say: "Notification of Payment Received." NICE.

Back to the topic of my discussion... Doses Topamax work, the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing seminars in Las Vegas...

Now, from memory, I think it was 26 people who attended the Marketing With Alex 2.0 seminars last time, kjøpe Topamax på nett, köpa Topamax online. Those "saddling up" a second time were Alex Jeffreys (of course), my good mate Garry Parkes (of course), me (of course - DUH!), Dean "Tatts" Holland, Dan "the Mothman" Briffa, Adam Spiel, Ross Carrell, Rob Brookes, JT Martin and Jit Uppal, Topamax For Sale. Mike Ottman was supposed to be with us all a second time also but, unfortunately, Topamax cost, due to family reasons was a last minute withdrawal.

This year, in addition to those mentioned above, we also had - in NO particular order (and I am SORRY if I have missed anybody out!) - Stephanie Mulac (a speaker), Topamax over the counter, Rodger Hyatt (invited guest), Vance Sova, Generic Topamax, Josh Bartlett, Joe Fier, Matt "the Wolfman" Wolfe, Marc "the Magician" Milburn, Topamax australia, uk, us, usa, Marcus "Pass" Passey (yes - he is just as bad in REAL life - LOL), Dean Oram, Topamax street price, Brad "the Zombie" Burnie, David Walker (our new food CRITIC!), Paul Wilson, Graeme Ashe, Topamax from mexico, Daylynne Starr, Sue Worthington, Topamax schedule, Guy Hague, Jed (Clampett) Lamont, Anthony Smits, Dan Tredo, buy Topamax online no prescription, David Chamberlain, Glenn (John) Wayne, Ordering Topamax online, Rex (Spielsy's buddy), Randy Koehler (invited guest), Jacqueline, Kadir, Topamax alternatives, Graham Sutherland, Jean Shaw (far more beautiful "in the flesh" - don't get any nasty ideas - her hubby Malcolm was also there LOL), Low dose Topamax, Steve "the Singer" (God, you are LOUD mate. - who drifted over from Mike Filsaime's events), Erylynne and Karen Woodward, Topamax no prescription. [Late inclusion: I inadvertently missed out Rob Bradley - sorry Rob!]

So, what a motley crew. Topamax For Sale, As usual, most of the "activity" centered around the bar - instead of the New York, New York bar from last time, this year our "pick up" joint (and MORE on THAT later. Topamax recreational, - oh dear...) was the Kokomos Bar, diagonally opposite the check-in counter at the Mirage Resort Casino where most of us stayed. I am absolutely certain that some JV partnerships were "born" there - LOL. Er.., Topamax treatment. and some "other" alliances. Most notably, Parkesy (formerly Saint Parkes - it's only a joke folks...) and I seemed to be in the THICK of it and the prime targets for the "ladies of the night." Undoubtedly they saw us two as the suavest, most debonair and most sophisticated of the Gangsta's peeps, Topamax For Sale. Or... Order Topamax online c.o.d, maybe we just looked like desperados, or something. (I always seem to "attract" this unwanted attention... I wonder why, canada, mexico, india. Topamax For Sale, Hmm. No doubt her Royal Purpleness will offer something here... what's the bet?) So, Topamax dose, Parkesy, if ya don't want the attention DON'T hang out with YOU-KNOW-WHO.

Anyway, I SWEAR one woman spoke to me in words and terms that NO lady has EVER spoken to me before, Topamax use. OMG. Anyway, without belabouring the point I think (after the shock wore off - like about 1 minute) I returned fire as good as I got without sinking to the level that our new found friend "Lisa" descended to (pun intended), Topamax For Sale. If that was her real name I'll walk to New Orleans - as the song goes - next time. Herbal Topamax, If there is a next time...

Anyway... backing up the truck a bit... Topamax For Sale, I got to Vegas on Thursday the 21st coz I had the furthest to fly - Perth to Sydney, Sydney to San Francisco (16 hours with 13 of those right next to an overweight mumma - lay off the extra fries darls - with a kid that SCREAMED non-stop - the LITTLE DARLING!) Holey-moley. Everyone in about a 30 seat radius was affected by this kid's stentorian, Topamax pictures, maniacal and RELENTLESS screaming. Eff-me. Topamax overnight, Oh... then from Frisco to Vegas (can you tell I'm a seasoned visitor to the "States". LOL) another thing happened.., Topamax For Sale.

... after being dead-dog tired and worn out by young Hercules AND having two Japanese women throw their gutses up in the seats in front of me upon landing in San Fran - an EXTRA 2 hours was added to our trip from SF to Vegas coz the weather had closed in, cheap Topamax no rx. So, TWO MORE hours just sitting on the deck on the plane waiting for McCarran (Vegas airport) to open. Where to buy Topamax, Like I said before - HOLEY EFFEN MOLEY. Topamax For Sale, Just what I needed huh.

Well, I arrived in Vegas, caught a cab to the hotel, after Topamax. It was p155ing down with rain and the cabbie's vehicle had about an inch of water in the back seat foot well. Jokingly (though he FAILED to see the funny side of it) I asked him if he had a complimentary snorkel and a pair of flippers for me - maybe that was why we went the LONG way and it cost me $30. Is Topamax addictive, AND my feet were soaked.

So, I did a quick name check with the Concierge desk and determined that I was FIRST in, Topamax For Sale. Hey. I'll take any small victory.

Now, Topamax coupon, I know you are all gonna wanna know about the seminars but they were the "official" bits. Oh OK. Topamax For Sale, Here's a real quick round up... Online buying Topamax hcl, Alex Jeffreys - good opening, quick howdy-doody... enough said.

Gazza Parkes was "Master of Ceremonies" introducing all the speakers - a sterling job Mister Parkes but, Topamax mg, what else would we expect.

Stephanie Mulac - two sessions - both of them fantabulous. Steph spoke about looking after your list and gave some excellent tips and advice, Topamax For Sale. Purchase Topamax, I was scribbling madly (as usual!). Thanks for the credos from the stage too Steph. Much appreciated what you said coz I did do a lot of that stuff that you mentioned. I can't seem to help myself. Topamax For Sale, LOL.

The Jitster - great info on list-building and adswapping. Well done mate.

Deano and Spielsy - awesome overview of their Turbo Traffic system.

Stephanie and Rodger Hyatt (both JV buddies of mine) offered excellent advice to so many people who had questions. Thanks you two, Topamax For Sale. You both fitted in so well. I'm sure the MWA studeys appreciated all your answers.

Now - the IMPORTANT bits...

the usual trolling through the casinos, eating drinking, drinking, drinking - did I mention DRINKING?. Topamax For Sale, And being silly (which I'm pretty good at), the Mike Filsaime "events" at the MGM and the Tao nightclub, groups of people wandering off and others asking: "where has (Insert firstnamefix) got to?" congregating, networking, BS'ing and generally getting to know each other a lot better. That last part is a really important factor IMO. And then... the HIGHLIGHT of the trip (again in MY opinion - and ONLY coz I orgasmized it)...

12 lucky dudes (me included) got to go to the Las Vegas shooting range where we fired all sorts of machine guns (a "grease gun"," some crappy Swedish machine gun that jammed more than it worked - hope nobody attacks the Swedes in a hurry if THAT is the best they've got. - a DELUXE M16 and an MPK-5, I think, from memory) PLUS the Israeli made Desert Eagle .50 cal handgun - KA-BOOM! Ohh.., Topamax For Sale. watch all the videos we all took folks. They will be ALL over the net soon. How AWESOME was that guys. Huh. I SERIOUSLY wanna do that AGAIN! Topamax For Sale, Anyway, all too soon it was again all over red rover and we all departed Viva Las Vegas all pumped up and ready to create havoc.

I wrote this little round up on the last leg of my journey back home - Sydney to Perth. No screaming kid on that one. Thank you GOD!

As Elvis would sing: "Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire..."


PS1: Add your comments folks.

PS2: Pics and videos coming. I just wanted to get this post up quick, Topamax For Sale.

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"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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