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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Buy Xanax Without Prescription, Last week I was interviewed over Skype by a lovely lady, Jean Shaw.

If you are interested, Xanax recreational, Xanax no rx, the MP3 recording we made reveals a lot of information about me, what I do and the subjects of writing, purchase Xanax for sale, Discount Xanax, discipline, karate training, Xanax from mexico, Xanax overnight, my work, my favorite sayings, doses Xanax work, Order Xanax from mexican pharmacy, what I do to help other people, a few stories etc, is Xanax safe, Is Xanax addictive, etc.

The first few minutes have a few ums and ers and I do apologize for that but that’s because we had some challenges with the software, Xanax canada, mexico, india. Xanax class, The interview lasts for about 55 minutes.

You can hear it here:

I hope you enjoy it, Xanax use.

Oh, here is the link for Jean’s blog: if you would like to hear some of her other interviews or maybe interview you, Buy Xanax Without Prescription. Buy Xanax online cod, She is VERY good at it. Just navigate your way around the site and you will find lots of interviews and other interesting material, order Xanax online c.o.d. Buy Xanax from canada, Feel free to comment...


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Buy Modafinil Without Prescription

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, This afternoon, just a few days out from Christmas, something happened that made me feel quite sad. At the same time it handed me a lesson in REALITY. Order Modafinil online c.o.d, I hope you will see something of value in what I’m about to share with you.

You see, I have had a very "challenging" year, Modafinil reviews. Things have happened in my professional (offline) life that should NEVER have happened, Modafinil class, but some people – being who they are – just cannot play by the rules. So they do things to advantage themselves by taking what isn’t theirs, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. Enough of that.

To take my mind off those issues I’ve been working really hard this year trying to bring you a lot of good original content, buy Modafinil without prescription, sprinkled with a wide variation of material including a fair bit of humor here and there. Modafinil photos, I like to remain upbeat even in the face of daunting forces opposing all that I stand for.

Unfortunately, of late, about Modafinil, online I’ve also had a series of people who have taken it upon themselves to be abusive, Modafinil forum, cantankerous, insulting, argumentative and all those other things that you just wish people would refrain from doing, taking Modafinil. Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, Oh, I know we ALL get people like that from time to time who just want to exert their false sense of superiority over us.

Most of my online friends cop it too. Ordering Modafinil online, But lately I’ve had a run of nastiness from people that has been unprecedented in its ferocity – name-calling and simple outright hatred. It seems inversely proportional to the quality and quantity of material that I’ve created and put out for everyone to share.

It seems that anyone who stands for a cause or sticks their head up to support what they think is worthwhile or, where to buy Modafinil, really, Modafinil results, tries to do ANYTHING positive, is bombarded with these type of people. I’m not an orphan with this, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. And it’s been said that anyone who is anyone cops their share of abuse, Modafinil overnight.

Adding to all this is the general impatience and rudeness of customers and staff in the shopping centers where tempers seem to be at fever pitch right now and the aggression we all see on the roads at this time of the year and you start to wonder where all the good and decent people have gone. Modafinil duration, You begin to wonder what has gotten into so many people. Do you sometimes think that?

I was beginning to think it was just me but a lot of people I talk to are saying the SAME thing. Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, I think the pressure of Christmas has brought out some very poor behavior in a lot of probably otherwise decent people. Pressure, Modafinil natural. Most people don’t handle it well at all.

Anyway, Modafinil images, I was pondering these and many other things this afternoon as I was ascending the escalator as I departed a local shopping center. I like to observe human behavior so I was scanning and looking at all the people coming the other way – ie traveling down the escalator. I didn’t see too many happy faces which kinda reinforced what I’d been thinking, Modafinil treatment. People are under pressure and it is manifesting itself even on their faces, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. Worry. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, One lady caught my eye…

She was perhaps in her mid-sixties and she was crying.

I hate seeing people cry - especially older people.

I sort of stared at her just to make sure and yes, Modafinil dangers, she definitely had tears streaming down her face. Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, Other people saw her too. Modafinil steet value, I heard some remarks “Ooh I wonder what’s wrong with her?”

I stood for a few moments at the top of the escalator thinking…

… “should I check to see if I can help her?” And a voice inside my head said: “Just mind your own business Gary!” You see, many times in the past I have intervened and then become involved in things I wish I HADN'T become involved in. But she was crying. I found myself stopped in the doorway, where can i find Modafinil online. Thinking. Canada, mexico, india, Wondering why she was so upset. Should I try to help her, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. Could I help her.

You see, Modafinil price, at this particular shopping center I’ve seen some very aggressive people become involved in some really nasty stuff with other people – bag snatches, Online Modafinil without a prescription, shouting matches, assaults, car-jackings, buy cheap Modafinil, the odd push-and-shove scuffle, Online buying Modafinil hcl, speeding through the carpark like maniacs. You know – boofhead behavior.

So, order Modafinil online overnight delivery no prescription, I was wondering if some crazy nutcase may have assaulted her or robbed her or screamed at her for taking a parking space. Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, That happens a fair bit at this busy center, unfortunately. Effects of Modafinil, I was thinking that maybe I might be able to offer some “Gazza attitude adjustment counseling” to a boofhead who picked on a little old lady.

Back inside I went. Against my better judgment I might add. Who knows what I was gonna find out…

I caught up with the lady as she was stepping off the escalator, Modafinil without a prescription. She was still crying coz I walked around her and had a look just to make sure. Very politely I asked her if I could help her, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. Purchase Modafinil online no prescription, Tears were streaming down her face. She could hardly speak.

I asked her if somebody had upset her, herbal Modafinil. She said no. Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, Well, that was a relief. Modafinil maximum dosage, I don’t really enjoy dispensing “attitudinal adjustment” even though I’m rather good at it.

Not wanting to intrude upon her privacy I felt somewhat helpless. Again I asked her if I could help her, buy generic Modafinil.

Eventually, Is Modafinil addictive, she managed to say that she had just been diagnosed with leukemia. Gee, I felt like putting my arms around her but I knew that these days – with all the laws that we now have – that you just cannot do that, particularly if you are a mere stranger, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. And, even worse, Modafinil blogs, a male. What is Modafinil, I said I was sorry to hear that and asked her again if there was anything I could do for her. With tears still flowing down her face she thanked me and wandered away, sobbing.

I felt pretty hopeless. And then it HIT me Buy Modafinil Without Prescription, . We really should be thankful for so many things that we take for granted.

I have no idea how long that lady has to live. I hope that whatever time she does have left is surrounded by people who love her and can care for her.

Life is a death sentence.

Maybe we should all take a step back and be grateful for what we have, Buy Modafinil Without Prescription. Today was a big REALITY check for me.

Feel free to comment...


Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Haters. We’ve all seen and experienced them - at work, Alprazolam canada, mexico, india, the local shopping center, sometimes (if you’re REALLY unlucky) they can be family members and well… generally they are pretty much everywhere in society, unfortunately, buy Alprazolam no prescription.

Most often the drivers of hate are race, Alprazolam from canada, sexuality, religion, politics and relationships, Alprazolam alternatives.

Unfortunately, Cheap Alprazolam no rx, due to the “remoteness” of the Internet, places like the social media sites, forums and chat rooms can spawn these types and give them a platform to spew their bile on others, herbal Alprazolam. They do it over the internet because they are pretty sure they can get away with their dirty deeds without consequence. But there IS a consequence, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Alprazolam use, They are just too consumed by their hatred to know about it or understand the effect that their actions are having on their OWN lives. Let me explain that…

We tend to attract what we put out. If we love we generally attract love, Alprazolam duration. If we have success we generally tend to attract success. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, If we have evil thoughts we generally tend to attract evil thoughts. Rx free Alprazolam, Remember the old saying: “Live by the sword and die by the sword.” .

Why are these people like this?

Generally haters hate because they see in others something that they so desperately want in themselves but they believe they can never have – success, authority, Alprazolam for sale, friendships, Alprazolam australia, uk, us, usa, ability, love, wealth or many other things that they are denying themselves, buying Alprazolam online over the counter. So, Where to buy Alprazolam, by throwing their hate out at everyone else all they are really doing is attracting more of the SAME to themselves. It becomes a never-ending circle for them.

I’ve written about “The Secret” quite a few times in my e-books, manuals, courses and also on my blog, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Unlike what the Secret will have you believe there are two halves to achievement – desire and action, kjøpe Alprazolam på nett, köpa Alprazolam online. The action part is where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. Alprazolam used for, Therefore, when a critic or hater continues to engage in their “trade” all they are doing is sealing their own fate.

Recently I was unfairly abused in a Skype chat channel by somebody saying the most bizarre, Alprazolam images, spiteful and idiotic things. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, I’d never even spoken to this person before. Alprazolam street price, There is little doubt that he was under the influence of alcohol or chemicals but that is no excuse. Often that is just a lubricant for saying or expressing what one REALLY feels. So all he did was showed me his true inner-self and flagged himself as somebody to avoid, generic Alprazolam. And from the many comments I had with people who witnessed that ridiculous display of his they will too.

Like others - perhaps even you - I also get my fair share of hate mail, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Effects of Alprazolam, Again, it is sent by frustrated, jealous people who really don’t understand that they are damaging themselves more than they are damaging me or others that they send their bilious comments to, purchase Alprazolam online no prescription.

Yesterday a lovely lady (hello "Possum") exchanged emails with me about a group of haters who had banded together to criticize her very unfairly and in a very public manner on Twitter. Comprar en línea Alprazolam, comprar Alprazolam baratos, Why. What POSSIBLE benefit will they get out of that? Can ANYBODY tell me. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Here's what I think... these people have never developed beyond the childish taunting and bullying that we see in so many of our schools, buy Alprazolam without a prescription. In other words, Online buying Alprazolam hcl, although they may have children of their own and might even have responsible jobs, that part of their brain has never developed beyond childhood.

I took a quick look at what they were saying about this lady and it was appalling. Even worse, purchase Alprazolam online, some of the people promoting all that trash really should know better. Alprazolam natural, They are openly destroying their own reputations. How foolish is that, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription.

However, to end on a pleasant note, online buying Alprazolam, I also get a fair few emails like this…

“I read about the fellow who gave you such a hard time about your "content" and I was flabbergasted. Get Alprazolam, I would have been as hurt as you were. Obviously the fellow had some issues that seemed to blow up on him when he viewed the product he received. Your product just happened to be what was in front of him when he blew, Alprazolam results. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, I have never viewed anything on your website that didn't fail to leave me with a positive attitude adjustment with a smile on my face. And if it helps, Buy Alprazolam from mexico, I will tell you what your website has done for me. I was at the end of a very negative relationship in my life and I had no way out. Or so I thought, Alprazolam dosage. I found your website and even though I have never ordered anything because I am on welfare, Canada, mexico, india, it helped me to build the confidence and the courage to change a pattern my life had been replicating since the day I was born. I am now happily pursuing a dream of mine that I know has merit and will work because I finally believe in it, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. And why. Because of your life changing views, Alprazolam without a prescription, advice, Alprazolam pictures, and attitude. In fact, as soon as I can afford it, where can i find Alprazolam online, I will be ordering one of your ebooks fairly soon. Alprazolam dose, Your enewsletter is great as well. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Increasing it to ten pages is a wonderful idea. I look forward to the next one. But under no circumstances would I feel bad about what that other fellow said. He may have read the content but he didn't digest it, understand it, or implement it, or he would have been sending you his thanks. Believe me, sir, when I say you have helped many more people than you have angered and that, in my opinion is far more important than one angry fellow blowing steam. Thank you for your insights and positive suggestions, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. I can see the light and I am following my dreams, thanks to your site.”

For confidentiality reasons, I can’t say who sent me that but THANK YOU! That is what I live for and why I do what I do to help people. And to any of those who have attended any of the Internet Marketing seminars that I've been at you will know that what I say is true. I may look like a man of war but, at heart, I am a man of peace.

So, to the haters... to sum all of this up - the person you are REALLY damaging when you send your unprovoked messages of hate is YOU Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, . You are the one who is attracting all this negative energy into your life by the two-fold combination of your thoughts and actions.

And to the receivers of those terrible comments as Jesus said:

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24)

Well... maybe if they read this they will now but, will they have the sense or good grace or courage to ameliorate their wanton ways and, in doing so, IMPROVE their own world. I wonder.

You are most welcome to leave a comment below and let me know what you think, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Feel free to disagree with me. Anyone who makes sense gets published.


PS: If you haven't yet read my November "TEMPLE Talk" newsletter then you can view it here:

The Christmas December issue is about 97% complete and will be out next week.

Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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Buy Renova Without Prescription

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

SURPRISE! My very first 100% NO opt-in free newslettter Buy Renova Without Prescription, .

Here it is:
I hope you like it. Buy cheap Renova no rx, I've tried to add a diverse range of self-improvement and internet
marketing articles, reviews and even some humor for you. (Well, Renova price, *I* think my jokes are funny...)

If you want to read it online or save it as a pdf to your hard drive or even share it with others then that is your choice. Online buy Renova without a prescription, I don't know about you but I occasionally just like to get something TOTALLY free that I don't have to give my name and email addy over for. I expect you feel the same, Buy Renova Without Prescription.


... something happened last week where a very ungrateful person downloaded my free 72 page ACTION Planner then proceeded to email me all in CAPITAL LETTERS saying that it was rubbish and that he was sick of my "kak" - whatever kak is.., after Renova.

... Online Renova without a prescription, Oh, I just looked it up in a search engine. Buy Renova Without Prescription, (dearie, dearie me) Here's the definition according to Urban Dictionary: "South Africanism for Sh*t Pronunced: KUK."

I guess that makes sense since his email address indicated that he was sending from
South Africa.

If you are at all interested then here's part of what he said:


How lovely huh? Abusing somebody for downloading a free planner that has been used by over 11,778 people (at last count) from all over the world, Renova use, some of whom have been very pleased to receive it and are using it to great advantage to get their projects completed. Renova online cod, I DID give without asking for anything in return, except his precious name and email address - which has since been purged from my autoresponder.

Anyway, real brand Renova online, he caught me at a REAL bad time for such personal abuse - after I had spent
2 intense hours (UNPAID, Is Renova addictive, I might add) just helping somebody on Skype. Buy Renova Without Prescription, I was pretty exhausted and frustrated that I hadn't been able to get any of my own work done. And then in comes his highly abusive, critical and confronting email, Renova street price.

My immediate thought was a line from Bruce Springsteen's epic song "Born to Run." ie: what you have just done buddy... Comprar en línea Renova, comprar Renova baratos, "Its a death trap, it's a suicide rap." coz I was mad as hell at what he said and I could feel my alter-ego coming forward telling me "LET ME HANDLE THIS!"

I just knew I was gonna have a Bruce Banner-Incredible Hulk moment and I hate it when that happens coz when somebody steps over that boundary with me sometimes I just know that the yin is going to control the yang - if you get what I mean. In other words.., where can i find Renova online. dark will control the light for a short while, Buy Renova Without Prescription.

Well... Renova price, suffice to say dark did temporarily prevail and I did something I don't normally do. His smart-alec and completely unwarranted abuse was about to receive a return of service that he wasn't even gonna have a hope in hell of dealing with. I retaliated, buy Renova from canada. Buy Renova Without Prescription, Now, before you think I'm a bully-boy - I'm NOT. I detest confrontation. Renova from canadian pharmacy, But sometimes I just get fed up with the ugliness of some people. I don't like being an emotional punching bag for attackers and haters. Nobody does, Renova dose. And in my opinion it's pretty gutless to gob-off at a complete stranger like that when all they are doing is helping people, Buy Renova Without Prescription.

I know there are haters out there. Ordering Renova online, I see it on Twitter a lot and this isn't the first time I have copped something like this in a nasty email from a total stranger. What is it with these people? Normally I just let it go but this time I didn't.

I now feel remorseful for doing what I did because I'm not usually all that provokable, herbal Renova. Buy Renova Without Prescription, But when I go off I do tend to explode. And he had me at about Defcon 2 with his unwarranted personal abuse. Renova no rx, I won't tell you what I did because I'm not proud of it but...

... it got me thinking, Renova alternatives. How can I turn around this really ugly clash so that I can make a positive out of a really negative situation, Buy Renova Without Prescription.

I was laying in bed the next morning - don't worry I'm not leading up to an overshare here - feeling like an idiot for taking his bait and being silly enough and nasty enough to respond the way I did. Online buying Renova hcl, So, I'm laying there thinking: "There really IS a lot of "kak" being peddled on the internet. I just don't believe I am adding to it, Renova steet value. "

I spend a lot of time producing truly unique products and manuals and they are all designed to help and teach people. Buy Renova Without Prescription, I have never used PLR because, seriously, the vast majority of PLR being pushed at people for the purpose of list-building is hideous. Renova schedule, Most of it is just generic nonsense and half the time it is written in pigeon English that is difficult to read and almost impossible to understand.

And some of the peddlers are pumping out 10 to 20 emails per DAY. No wonder so many people are getting frustrated and infuriatied and feel the need to hurl abuse at somebody, buying Renova online over the counter. I just wish they would attack the right targets.

So, I made a decision to offer some 100% pure content of a range diverse enough to have something for everybody, Buy Renova Without Prescription. Renova pics, NO opt-in required. Yes, there are some links in my pdf and some lead to opt-in options but... YOU be the judge, Renova images. You are under NO obligation to click anything. Order Renova online c.o.d, And be sure to read my disclaimer on page 6.

I'll let you in on a little secret... Buy Renova Without Prescription, I was laughing to myself while I was writing that so, even though it's a serious message, I am delivering it in a frivolous manner.

I hope you enjoy this e-newsletter. I really liked putting it together, Renova overnight. I'm one of those weirdos who actually ENJOY writing. Renova results, Actually, rather often I am writing and laughing at the same time because I often write exactly what I would say and I can say some pretty off-beat stuff at times. TBH I really have no idea where some of my comments come from - it's like I'm having this conversation with my alter-ego, Buy Renova Without Prescription. Creepy huh, online Renova without a prescription.

In fact, Buy generic Renova, I'm amazed that I get away with some of the things I say to people coz I usually just say exactly what I think which is often not exactly "politically correct" - something else that I detest. Having said that I'm not into saying hurtful things to people like: "You are one ugly mother-focker" - apologies to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator and getting it tangled up with "Meet the Fockers" - a REALLY funny movie (just in case you haven't seen it...)

So, with all of the foregoing out of the way...

If you have any comments or queries or suggestions on how I can make it better for issue 2 then please share your thoughts here. I'd be very interested to know what you think would be the ideal length for an e-newsletter such as this. Buy Renova Without Prescription, I don't want to make it too long but then I don't want to make it too short either. This time I opted for a short 6 page read. But I can make these as long or short as you want. I'm thinking about 8-10 pages might be about right. Tell me what you think.

Oh, BTW, feel free to distribute this e-newsletter to whoever you want. You can send it to a friend or use it as a bonus to an offer, send it to your list as a no opt-in thank you, Buy Renova Without Prescription. Whatever. I don't care. Just DON'T change it.


Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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