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Xanax For Sale

by Gary ~ April 19th, 2012

Xanax For Sale, What on earth did we do before Skype came along. How did we communicate. Huh, effects of Xanax.

Skype has pretty much become an essential way of staying in contact with people but…
… there are massive drawbacks to using it. Xanax results, So, what are they.

Well, first up – if you are in as many Skype “rooms” (as most people like to call them) as I am then every morning when you wake up you could have anything from 50 to 600 lines of text to scan through, Xanax For Sale. Multiply that by a dozen or so Skype rooms and there goes your first hour in the morning, discount Xanax. This in itself will ensure that you start your day well behind where you intended or SHOULD be. Buy Xanax without prescription, Then there are comments that you might wish to reply to so, you make a comment and that can invoke a fresh feverish flurry of more texts – especially if there are a lot of people awake and active. (As opposed to active but not awake - sorry, Xanax street price, a small joke... Xanax For Sale, ah, don't worry about it.)

Herein lies another interesting quirk:

Not EVERYONE is going to agree with everyone else. Real brand Xanax online, In fact, hardly anyone agrees with anyone on anything, which can, Xanax description, and often does, Buying Xanax online over the counter, lead to…


How often have we seen two or three of four or more people start to have a go at each other hammer and tong. And often these all-out verbal brawls end up with the usual insults, name-calling, fast shipping Xanax, sarcasm and sniping. Xanax schedule, Often, sides will get taken as individuals seek to PM (Private Message) others to ramp up support for their own benefit or point of view. And little cliques are formed, kjøpe Xanax på nett, köpa Xanax online.

And what is the end result, Xanax For Sale. Where does it get everyone. Xanax photos, It’s just an IDIOTIC waste of time.

More often than not the issues that people are arguing about are so bloody p155ant that they don’t even warrant wasting ANY time on. Who REALLY cares? As I often say, you can line up 100 economists ask them all the same question, buy Xanax from mexico, get 100 different answers and each of them will believe they are correct. Is Xanax addictive, Same on Skype. This leads to:

1 – Quasi “Experts”: Xanax For Sale, These are people who have a small amount of knowledge in something (often pretty dubious) who now believe that they are the doyens of ALL knowledge. Dare I even say the next thing. Dang it, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. I will. Where can i order Xanax without prescription, These are often pretty young people who believe that they are experts that clearly they are not. Two of the most argued about subjects are copywriting (see my manual over there on the right) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Xanax For Sale.

While I was walking through a shopping center a few weeks ago I had a laugh at a slogan on a t-shirt worn by a middle aged guy. It read: “I’m Not Young Enough to Know EVERYTHING!” Gee that was funny, purchase Xanax. Well, Buy Xanax from canada, I thought so anyway.

2 - Foul Mouthed Cretins:

Seriously, there is absolutely NO need or reason to use the f-word or the c-word in a Skype channel, Xanax alternatives. Xanax For Sale, It’s disgusting. And yet so many legends-in-their-own-lunchbox think they can use this kind of language and people will respect them for it. Where can i find Xanax online, Uh-uh.

If you do that then most people will consider you a douchebag with no decorum. Hey, purchase Xanax for sale. I swear, Xanax For Sale. I'm no bloody (LOL) saint. About Xanax, Most people do but... time, place and circumstance rules, Xanax trusted pharmacy reviews.

3 - Slanderous Comments:

Why do so many people also feel the need to accuse others in a public forum of unsubstantiated allegations – most often with a liberal spray of insults and four-letter words. Xanax For Sale, Let me tell you this: IF you accuse somebody of something then make 100% SURE that:
a) It is true and
b) You have undeniable PROOF that what you say is 100% true. Xanax images, Because if you don’t and you hurt or destroy somebody else’s reputation then you had better have all your assets squirreled away in lock-down mode. And this leads me to…

4 - Inexperience:

Again this is pretty much the trap of the young. Lack of life-experience is so evident that, Xanax wiki, in most cases, Xanax overnight, you can read a comment and fairly accurately predict the age of the person who wrote it. However, even older people – who you would think should have a LOT more sense – also display their inexperience and ignorance through WHAT they say and HOW they say it, Xanax samples.

Common-sense is very UNcommon, Xanax For Sale. In fact, Xanax treatment, is is now an oxymoron.

5 - International Inconsistencies:

In different countries different words mean different things. Often they mean VASTLY different things, Xanax reviews. For example, Herbal Xanax, the word “fanny” means backside in the US. Xanax For Sale, In Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Great Britain that word means something else entirely.

Obviously, you cannot be a nuance expert on all words but… if you use a word that somebody else objects to then maybe you need to understand why and not repeat it again, Xanax no rx. Or apologise if it was taken out of context with your intended use. Xanax long term, Which leads me to:

6 - Precious People:

There are some people on Skype (and everywhere else for that matter) who actively look for perceived infractions of “political correctness,” racism, sexism and every other “ism” they can find, Xanax without a prescription. Some of these people will find fault and hurt and criticism even in a simple quote or even a joke. Yes, they are out there, Xanax For Sale. Get Xanax, Just be aware that there are people who will take offence at virtually ANYTHING that anybody says. Don’t engage them. These people have nothing better to do and you don’t need to waste your time becoming involved in their psychoses, cheap Xanax. Stupidly, many of these people will take a GENERAL comment or quote or joke and PERSONALISE it. Xanax For Sale, Then they believe that somebody has had a crack at them specifically. How dumb is that. But it happens on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere too. People are people.

In closing, I will make the following comment which I believe is the NUMBER ONE cause of all misunderstandings on Skype:

7 – Text Is Completely Impersonal:

Here is something that I think everybody really needs to think about…

Text is massively impersonal. When you talk to somebody face-to-face or even over a telephone line it is VERY easy to detect warmth and intention (ie inflexion and nuance within their voice). In text this is impossible, Xanax For Sale. Yes, there are emoticons that can be used to indicate a vast range of emotions but even they can be either ignored, mis-used or even used sarcastically to create deliberate animosity.

Adding to this and all of the above, we can readily see why Skype is so imperfect in a group (channel or room) situation. Also, when so many people are texting furiously and the “chat” is moving very fast then, by the time you look up and see where the chat is, your comment can easily be taken out of context or thought to be a reply about something else entirely.

Here's a good rule of thumb: IF you wouldn't say someting to somebody face-to-face then WHY would you say that thing from across the oceans. Xanax For Sale, Especially if it is hurtful or angry or simply designed to damage somebody that you quite probably don't even know.

Well, that will do for now. I have many other comments I can make about the positive and negatives of Skype “rooms.” But I will leave that for now and possibly write more later if it warrants.

Please tell me your thoughts and experiences in public Skype channels/rooms.

Feel free to comment or ask questions ...


PS1: While you are here you might as well take a look around or bookmark my blog for later, Xanax For Sale. There is a mountain of information here and a lot of it is free.

PS2: I try to answer all thoughtful or decent comments but, sometimes, I cannot do this. If, however, you just want to write some garbage comment then don't bother. I'll probably still publish it though - unless you swear or become too abusive or are just too silly. Xanax For Sale, Anyway, give me your comments - feel free to agree or disagree. Your call.

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15 Responses to Xanax For Sale

  1. Anthony Smits

    I find the biggest challenge with our beloved ‘marketing cooperation’ skype channels is that like the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing, the environment appears to offer something needed and wanted, while actually not doing so.

    But for many it’s a valuable environment. The swift and less endowed with conscience. Size doesn’t matter if you aren’t going to show it off. Those folk are looking for the gullible and inexperienced with resources to be tapped. Good guises are ‘offering swaps’, ‘banking clicks’, etc, that appear to give the newcomer entrance into the elder’s ranks, while not doing so, for most.

    In many ways the gutters of skype meeting places are no different from the gutters in backstreets around centuries-old marketplaces. Those have existed in all societies for thousands of years. Money, monopoly, murder and makeover. “Want to participate?” Be wary, and bring spare shirts on your first few visits.

    For the rest, to view the scrolling text in an ‘invite only’ skype chat room is to peer through Alice’s looking glass at an enticing world that seems close enough to touch. Gazz, you’ve covered a lot of the various behaviours one might see there as the chat rolls on. An hour in the morning? 600 lines? We have to read it all because there might be a JV opportunity in there somewhere that will make us a lot of money. It’s what we squat in the gutters waiting on.

    Money. What else? It’s the reason we hang about and read the skype and send and devour PM ‘truths’ about one another so no one gets an advantage; and kick the tires and pass crudness and goss about the lesser ones among us. Lest they be chosen – because the golden ticket will be issued any moment…

  2. Gary


    There is a lot of truth in what you say. It’s called the “me too” complex. NOBODY wants to miss out.

    I’m not saying that Skype is evil – not at all. But it can become infected with evil people. Like, as you point out, everywhere else.

    I’m just conscious of the time wasting that it causes. Most of my TIME WASTING has been done trying – uselessly, I might add – defending a position.

    Thanks for commenting Anthony.


  3. Sue McDonald

    Hi Gary

    I have to agree that they can be a huge time waster and the language in some rooms leaves a lot to be desired.

    I have found that I very rarely comment in most rooms now even though I am still in a fair few.

    I have always tried to limit myself in forums as well – but that is just me. Others feel they are learning in some chat rooms and if there is a formal week class, it can definitely be helpful.

    Yes Skype definitely has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. I stay in touch with my family overseas on Skype where as before it was costing a fortune in calls.

  4. Gary

    Hi Sue,

    Yes, the free overseas calls are a big plus. Thanks for mentioning that.


  5. Brad Dixon

    Interesting points, However my experience has been just the opposite. Perhaps it is the groups I have been involved in. They are paid groups managed by a particular person. “Skype Wars” as you call them do not exist. If they start the people are removed. The information I have gained from the groups I am involved in has been invaluable to my business. I have gained ideas and support that have greatly increased my income over the last 6 months.
    For me they are an invaluable tool to running my business. I d skip over much of the chatter but when I need help or answers I have the groups I am in to be teh quickest source for answers and usually can find assistance night or day with the international scope of the group. Just a different perspective.

    To Your Success,

    Brad Dixon

  6. Gary

    Hi Brad,

    Good points. Yes, in paid groups (I am in several) people tend to behave themselves a lot more. There are exceptions, of course. But, in general, I agree with you.

    I like the premise of your point because it proves the age old adage that people do not appreciate anything that they have not paid for.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your comment.


  7. Kelvin Nikkel

    Hi Gary. I do totally understand and agree with 99% of the negative things that you mentioned above.

    However, there are some good things as well, overseas calls being the biggest one for me because I live in Asia and all my family is back in Canada.

    I also feel that I have gained many friends through Skype, you being one of them.

    Another thnkg is that although there is a lot of squabble going on often in many of the channels, it just takes a bit of self control to not get in the middle of it or to even get involved.

    One great advantage to Skype that I have found is that it gives newbies an avenue to actually get in touch with those internet marketers that are successful, giving them someone to mirror to also become successful online.

    Before I discovered the IM communities online, it was mighty lonely trying to figure things out and it wasn’t until I joined in that I started to actually make sense of things.

    Skype is similar to forums but in a live platform sort of way. You can get answers a lot quicker than in the forums and that in itself is a time saver.

    This is just my 2 cents worth but as I mentioned, I DO agree with 99% of your post.

    Keep up the good work

  8. Gary

    Hi Kelvin,

    Yep. I agree with what you said above. In reading the title you will see that I used the words “Can Be.” I did that for a reason. Otherwise I would have said “Are” – ie “7 Reasons Why Skype Channels Are Such a HUGE Waste of Time.”

    In fact, that was the original title. But I do recognise all the good things and advantages that Skype offers – as you have identified. And so I changed the title half way through writing what I did.

    I do value Skype and all that it offers highly. What I don’t value is all the crap that people bring to it and the constant fighting that goes on most of the time. Mostly over really p155ant things that are so stupid in the overall context of what people are trying to achieve.

    You are correct when you say just to try to ignore it and mostly I do. I simply can’t be bothered because I have so much to do – and engaging the militia on Skype isn’t something that benefits anyone. But, sometimes, in tha face of unwarranted attack you just have to make a stand and hold your ground.

    Thanks for your comment about friendship too Kelvin – right back at you on that.

    And thanks for taking the time to come here and add further balance to my comments. I do appreciate that.


  9. Kym Robinson

    Hi Gary – great post!

    Without seeming like a ‘fence sitter’ I agree with mostly all of the above both negative and positive.

    The bad – everything you have said, I have personally experienced – its like taking the kids to kindergarten a lot of the time :( People are just so childish while they try to prove their ‘guru’ status but really only make themselves look like total fools!

    Others think and treat people like they are nothing but their own personal ‘minions’ and try to rule with some false seniority as they peddle in black hat methods of gaining subscribers and notoriety and then no one makes a stand against these people’s obvious lies and deception in fear of retribution or being ‘booted’ from a room!

    Supposed ‘big wigs’ also use the rooms as their personal hate channels and spew forth any little personal problem they have with someone (rather than dealing with the issue privately) and try to garner support for their vile (and one sided) interpretation of the situation at hand! The said ‘minions’ get involved so as to be seen as ‘supporting’ the person they would like to make headway with and cross their fingers they don’t get burnt and do get some sort of return favor for their effort!

    I could go on and on listing the utter rubbish I’ve seen and personally dealt with on skype but there are not enough hours in the day…..

    On the other hand….

    Skype is great for free calls and group meetings – I meet with and train/oversee my international staff daily via skype where my most productive hours involve zero cash outlay – ya gotta love that!

    Skype is fantastic for personal coaching sessions or helping a client sort through an issue or problem as you can share a screen etc.

    I have met several great people on skype who I now call friends.

    I can interact with people I choose to work with easily and quickly.

    I can mastermind with groups that I can benefit from and who appreciate and benefit from my input in return.

    best of all I can grab a glass of wine after a long day and hook up with one of my besties in Canada and have a good old gas bag! (that would mean a ‘talk’ to you foreigners….lol) – Yes! I DO love skype!

    Here are a few tips for you if you find skype killing off too much of your day……..

    Remove your self from any rooms that you do not find of great value.

    Turn your notifications off – in a group environment it can get pretty noisy and very distracting when all you hear is ‘blip – blip – blip’ every few seconds – you subconsciously click over to see what you’re missing out on – if you don’t hear it, you are less likely to be persuaded away from your current task at hand!

    (go to menu> conversations> notifications> turn off)

    If you don’t want to miss out on something important or want to ensure you know about anytime you are personally mentioned, just adjust your notifications to include keywords such as your name or the topic you are interested in – that way, you will get a ‘blip’ and the keyword will be highlighted in yellow in the chat – which makes it easy to scroll and scan to find anything important!

    (go to menu> conversations> notifications> add keywords)

    Make skype a ‘coffee break’ type of thing. Just go for a quick little lookie while you break for your coffee – then get back to work!

    Value your time and make others do the same – you have the option to put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign – make use of it, especially when working to a deadline!

    and lastly…. get to know skype better! There are a pile of great features and uses for skype – learn how to use it properly and then benefit from all the tools available there to make running your business communications and connecting with your friends better.

    One more thing before I go…….

    It’s all about you! Self management is the ultimate skill in life! Make skype work for you instead of allowing it to work against you! You are in charge of what you do when you’re online – dont put up with any crap that is detrimental to your work ethic or your moral standards – No one and no thing is worth lowering yourself into the depths of other peoples scum lands!

    Can you tell I know what Im talking about here?….You Gary, know that I do! I hope some of the tips above will benefit people reading this post.

    As usual Gary – keep up the great work!
    Kym :)

  10. Gary

    Wow! Kym!

    What a post. Thank you.

    I agree with every word you said. And you gave some good tips on notifications too.

    Regarding this:

    “The said ‘minions’ get involved so as to be seen as ‘supporting’ the person they would like to make headway with and cross their fingers they don’t get burnt and do get some sort of return favor for their effort!

    Yeah, I find that pretty repulsive too – like a pack of dogs sniffing the backside of the “top dog.” And sometimes even a few licks. It’s insidious.

    Thank you so much for such a considered reply.


  11. Richard Moloney

    Hi Gary

    I am unable to comment on the Skype groups or rooms as I am not in any of them.

    Surely it is up to the person in charge of the room to control it.

    I have noticed a similar pattern offline in that younger members of society use swear words as if they were part of the normal speech pattern (both male and female) they text or email what hey would not say to your face.

    then then imply that the older more experienced people don’t know what they are talking about. They use the word talk to mean text contact and not talking via voice means.

    I think it is a sign of the general degenoration of society as a whole.

    Skype is great if used wisely for what it was initially intended ie to keep in touch with people around the world without spending a fortune to do so.


  12. Louise Mandar

    Hi Gary!
    Long time no talk…I see you’re still ‘exposing’ the dark side of the online world to the light.

    Maybe I have no place making a comment here (I’m not a Skyper), but I will anyway :)

    One easy solution is to NOT Skype. I don’t know if it’s a Canadian thing or what, but I have no need. I commune with others in forums or through social media (Twitter & Facebook) and email, of course. I’ve been invited to Skype maybe 3 times.

    Also with the iPads, Playbooks and the rest of these smart phone/PC hybrids flooding the market these days, will Skyping become a thing of the past? Just thinking out loud.

    As usual, you have a hot discussion going!
    all the best

  13. Ochoa

    You’re kidding. You’re BLOGGING about SKYPING being a waste of time?

  14. peter davies

    Good points raised Gazz man. The fact is that skype is a long distance digital extension of how people would react face to face.

    Trouble is people can go many steps further because they are behind a computer screen.

    To be truthful I don’t use it much these days cos I’m busy plugging away doing things in isolation which don’t really need any skype input but this is a great feature for IM JVs in particular so I should get back on there.

    As you say, like with any social media it can eat up your time considerably then you find yourself not getting anything done!

  15. Gary

    @ Richard – I agree entirely about the disgusting language that so many people seem to think is OK. It’s not only the young but they seem to be the most brazen offenders. They really don’t seem to care who hears them either. They think the louder and more obnoxious they are the better.

    The benefits of Skype far outweigh the disadvantages because we can control the disadvantages – eg leave a Skype “room” or just block and ignore somebody who is always sparring for a fight or just simply irritating.

    @ Weezy! Hello honeybunch. I was wondering where you’d got to. I hope things are alright.

    Yep, there are so many (technological) ways to “keep in touch” now that a lot of people have stopped talking. I’ve heard examples of workmates in adjacent cubicles sending each other emails. I have also seen two people sitting on couches texting each other from 10 feet away!

    Regarding the “hot discussion” – yeah… for some it was so hot that they sent me nasty messages and unsubscribed. I’m going to add one below just to show how PRECIOUS some people can be.

    @ Ochoa – um… yeah! LOL! I see you have a sense of humor. That is good.

    @ Peter – I find that having Skype turned on while I am trying to work is the biggest soaker-upperer (if that is a term) of my time. I know or know of so many people on Skype now that I can get up to a dozen messages a day and if you start engaging somebody then you just get… more messages.

    I have had up to 5 or 6 heavy duty exchanges happening all at once and it can get really confusing trying to conduct so many “conversations.”

    Last night I turned Skype off while I worked on a web page and I was really pleased with what I got done.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment Richard, Louise, Ochoa and Peter.


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