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Internet Marketing Coaching & Mentoring Step-by-Step Course

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Internet Marketing Coaching & Mentoring Step-by-Step Course

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15 Responses to Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription

  1. Anthony


    From the time you came into my consciousness, which was when you personally came out of the group and encouraged me to attend the MWA meet-up in Las Vegas last year, I’ve been a fan.

    I don’t always agree with your opinions, and for sure you don’t always agree with mine. However, your passion for what you believe in and those you care for, together with your sense of fair play and justice make you a stand-out in the world of those who teach about life.

    I find your willingness to go not only ‘the extra mile’, but leagues and leagues beyond that quite refreshing. Yet, is it not that fervent desire to make the student surpass his or her master that marks the best trainers?

    Now, together with Garry Parkes, you have your own Online Business School: the Codex. It’s a privilege to be a student; a bigger one to be invited to assist you both. I even look forward to waxing on and off, as it were, and I’m sure there will be a bit of that. But we only grow through stretching.

    Naturally I recommend this course to anyone, and have done so. And it’s not because of the curriculum. I could care less about that. Whatever I learn will be invaluable. Anyone else who has the chance to study anything at all under you two should jump on it.

    I have a lot to learn. Better get back to that wonderfully exciting forum…


  2. Gary

    Hi Anthony,

    Gee… THANKS mate.

    Yes, I DO like to encourage people and stretch them mentally (and sometimes physically, depending on the occasion – LOL)

    Garry and I have set up a wonderful nurturing and learning environment.

    Neither of us can stand dishonesty or chicanery and we are very big on Internet Marketing ethics – which we both believe have been sadly lacking for so long.

    We want to teach all who want to learn.

    We have some incredible ideas, techniques and even products that we will be sharing with our Foundation Members – of which you are one.

    Some time in the future all those who were offered this opportunity will kick themselves for declining when they had the chance to grasp it with open arms. Oh well, life is FULL of choices huh?

    Thanks for all your wonderful assistance and support so far.

    Everyone at IBCX will grow at their own pace and ALL will be given as much help as Garry and I can give.


    Gary Simpson

  3. Garry Parkes

    Well my friend Gary …

    We finally got IBCX of the ground. It’s being a long hard road and a very, very busy time for us both. In fact, neither of us has mentioned it on our own blogs until now that’s how busy we have been!! Amazing, but the time has being worth it – to see our vision of a top quality IM course come to fruition and a real step-by-step programme covering A to Z (and a whole lot more, lol)

    It’s great to be working alongside someone who is as passionate as myself about helping others. And it’s great to see so many enthusiastic members joining the IBCX Coaching.

    Together we can all make things happen :-)

    Garry Parkes

  4. Gary

    Hi Garry,

    Yes it has been a long and arduous road for us and we have had many setbacks but we are still surging ahead.

    Many success stories will come out of IBCX. I can just feel it.

    Thanks for being such a great online partner. Together I don’t think there is very much at all that we cannot do.


  5. Lesley

    Hi Gary!

    I’m just getting caught up on Module #2 in IBCX and I thought I’d take a moment to stop by and let you know how impressed I am with the course so far.

    I’m confident that IBCX will give me the tools and knowledge I need to take my business to the next level.

    Thank you so much!


  6. Richard


    IBCX mentoring course is great!
    I am enjoying it and rekindling enthusiasm for IM with it so many thanks for all your effort & hard work with it. Excellent!

    Now I’d better get down to applying those IBCX principals in practice…

    Take care & best wishes

  7. Dee

    Hi Gary
    Anyone wanting to start out online would be a fool not to join IBCX. I know money is a problem for a lot of people, including myself, but this course is well worth it. It’s a beginners paradise, start from the beginning with all the steps in place. Even if you think you know the first steps, follow them anyway, you might still learn something.
    To the G-men, you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you

  8. Neil Johnson


    Isn’t it strange how the smallest of things can make a difference?
    In an email response there were 6 words that I had never seen used in all the Internet Marketing stuff that I had read or watched in my pursuit for the ultimate answer to the IM questions, and they were, and I quote

    “We are men of our word”.

    That was, really, the first time I had encountered that level integrity in this sphere, and someone who was prepared to state it openly, and for that I thank you.
    I belive the IBCX course will become the watchword in IM educational resources and am feeling honoured to be in this at the very beginning.
    To the both of you.


  9. Gary

    @ Lesley – Thank you for the nice compliment. Glad you are enjoying the course so far.

    @ Richard – Likewise to you. Glad you are enjoying it too.

    @ Dee – Thanks for the recommendation. Glad you are also enjoying the IBCX course.

    @ Neil – Garry Parkes and I want the IBCX course to become the benchmark for Internet Marketing honesty, integrity and solid knowledge. We are doing our best to adhere to all of this and, so far, I think we are achieving it. Thank you for being a Foundation Member.

    In fact, thank you to ALL of you.



  10. Simon Dodd

    Yes I know I am late to comment on this one!

    Sorry matey!

    I know your students are going to be great successes and if they aren’t you will send Chuck Norris round to kick them into shape!! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing some success stories coming ou of this one I just wish some of my mailing list had taken up this offer instead of just sitting on the fence as usual!

    Ahh well more room for the action takers I guess!

    Speak soon matey!

  11. Dee

    Hi Gazzman
    Followed your link and realised I hadn’t commented.
    You wouldn’t really round kick us would you?
    It IS the most information packed course available.
    Loving it

  12. Nikki (Purple Minxy Witch)

    Firstly, I have to laugh at Simon’s comment above about Chuck Norris – I do love a good Chuck Norris fact!

    Secondly, I just wanted to congratulate you & Garry on releasing IBCX – I know both you and Garry would only ever release something of the highest quality and so your current students are in a privileged position.

    Thirdly – darls – I’m just going to momentarily hijack your blog (because it’s how I roll) – just a really quick note to let you know that I’ve totally revamped my blog. If you get a chance (though I know you’re really busy with IBCX along with everything else) then pop on over and see how it’s looking now.

    Fourthly, how are your little puppalitos? Still sitting under your feet at your desk?

    (Wonder whether I could get this list to go all the way to fourdeen?!)

    Right, I’m off to drink my tea (oh come on, some things never change!) so I shall catch up with you soon…


  13. Dulci

    Hi, Gary,

    just doing an infrequent dip (rather than surf) into the net to see how much MAIL I’ve received from ZOMBIES (66743 and counting -!-).

    I’m glad to see your new project is a success! (Not that I ever doubted that; an honour codex is something I would automatically associate with YOU, so this seems more than appropriate!) Hopefully, more folks will follow YOUR lead – after all, YOURS is the only mail I automatically open, regardless of the subject line. (And isn’t that the kind of business EVERYONE would like?)

    BTW, is the “Chuck Norris can’t be found: HE finds YOU” site still to be found on Google? Awhile back, my sons came home and showed me that, if you click the “Feeling Lucky” button after typing in his name, you’d get a funny “No Chuck Norris” page.

    Well, ta for now, and greets to all fair readers as well!


  14. Sue McDonald

    Hi Gary

    Well we have all been doing this course for two months… I have seen over that time what an excellent course that you and Garry have put together.

    If you had never tried anything on the internet before, this course offers you a step by step approach that will let anyone get their blog up and running. If the members continue to follow the advice you are giving there is no reason that any one cannot be successful.

    Well done to both of you!

    To YOUR continued success


  15. Anthony Smits

    We’re obviously of like mind, Sue! I thought of coming here to say much the same; it’s been a couple of months on IBCX now. . .

    Gary, mate, what you and GArry have created grows in strength continually. You must be very pleased with it. It’s been great to be able to be part of it.

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