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109 Responses to Buy ProSom Without Prescription

  1. Tommy McLaughlin


    Voted Happy Pappy

    Lol !!!



  2. Gary

    Good on you Tommy! Your comment on that last massively humungous post got held up in my dashboard. Dunno why. Consequently, I only just saw it and released it. I’ll get around to it tomorrow Tommy – along with letting the lurve flow through to you.

    Sh*t! I sound like a mojo-peddler. Yeah baby!

    Thanks for voting Tommy.

    Gary (desperately tired and needing sleep)

    PS: I am so bloody glad to get off that last blog post. It was getting way too long and, to be honest, I’m just about over it. Time to move on. But I will go back for some further interesting updates later.


    You see, I have been asking everyone to vote for ALEX JEFFREYS and a lot of people don’t even know who Alex Jeffreys even is. But my good friend Gazza Parkes does. Oh yeah! In fact he made a really descriptive post about Alex Jeffreys over on the old Parkeroo blog. So, just for EVERYBODY’S benefit, here is what Gazza Parkes wrote about Alex Jeffreys

    Alex Jeffreys (Internet Marketing Guru):

    “Alex Jeffreys, who is he you may ask? Well many readers of this blog are in fact Alex Jeffreys Coaching students so they know the answer and can testify to his brilliance through their own success stories. But there are many of the readership who have not been fortunate enough to be personally mentored by him and need to know more about this new-breed of Internet Marketer. They are sceptical and rightly so, as many have been promised the earth on numerous occasions and are sick to death of re-hashed GET RICH QUICK money-making schemes.

    Alex Jeffreys is no Scam, Just the Truth:

    Scepticism is a healthy attribute but at the same time one must be open-minded to new opportunities. Alex Jeffreys offers a new way, a new path to riches which I admit most will not want to pursue. You see Alex blows the myth wide open that there is a system, a ‘magic-button’, that you just purchase, implement and by the end of the week or month or whatever period the hyped-up sales literature says and the money will just start rolling in. You see that is most certainly NOT the Alex Jeffreys way. He doesn’t promise you untold riches by such and such a date. He just gives you a step-by-step approach to build your business from the ground up. Get a solid foundation in place and then take advantage of the latest Social Media tools to leverage it to its maximum potential. That is the Alex Jeffreys way and such an approach takes more time (but no where near as long as you think).

    Alex Jeffreys List Building:

    Think of the alternatives you have tried to the Alex Jeffreys way. Get product A, try it – DOESN’T WORK. Move on to super-duper product B, yet again – DOESN’T WORK. But definitely the latest hottest product C will work, but you know already it is only a matter of time before it too DOESN’T WORK. And then the cycle goes on ad-infinitum. While you are wasting your time, searching for that elusive HOLY GRAIL system, others are putting their efforts into using the Alex Jeffreys strategies. These are the ones that truly work. (That’s why you are reading this. Call it destiny or good fortune that you have found your way here).

    So what can you do NOW to start making progress in your goals to making a profitable on-line business? Well I am not going to write a long drawn out sales pitch. My ’sales pitch’ is my blog – have a look around the posts on this blog. Look at all the 1000’s of comments (not a single negative one) and you realise the evidence is there for all to read. You see, not so long ago I was in the same position as you but I took action and look what people write about me now. Just do a search on Google for “Garry Parkes” and see for yourselves. Well here are some of the things you can do immediately:

    What you can do NOW
    Read this Blog. I’ll keep you up-to-date with many of the things I do and all for FREE!

    The ‘doors are closed’ on the current Alex Jeffreys Coaching Course but you can pre-register here and I will contact you as soon as they are open again.

    You can get the FREE listing building E-book (at Parkesy’s site –

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    No HIDDEN extra Costs:

    Now I want to be totally transparent here. So what ‘hidden’ costs are there to going down the Alex Jeffreys route? Well not a lot really and every ’serious’ business opportunity would need these anyway but here they are;

    Register a domain name. (Less than $10 per year). I recommend and I have no affiliate with them; it’s just who I use and found them very good.

    Get yourself a hosting account ($5-$10 per month). I recommend Hostgator.

    Get a self hosted WordPress blog installed (bit like the one you are on!). For those that don’t want to do this (or don’t know how to yet) I have a FREE installation option for those that host with me and I will personally do it for you. ($4 for 1 domain, $7 for 2 domains)

    Get yourself an Auto-responder with Aweber here. ($25 per month). This is essential too.

    Get yourself a PDF E-book creator here (FREE)

    You may need to upgrade as some point to the Viral PDF E-book version here ($97)

    Also once you get under way I recommend you get some more serious tools. Great value for money ones can be found here. (from $29 per month)

    Alex Jeffreys and Garry Parkes:

    And finally, if you are still overwhelmed by all this and genuinely need close attention and hand-holding to take you through all the basics right up to getting products produced and promoted on your website then maybe this will be of interest. A very personal 3-month mentorship course with me. Hand holding all the way until you master all the necessary skills as taught by Alex Jeffreys.

    So it’s over to you. Continue to drift with no focus or get purpose and direction. Take action NOW. I am living proof that you won’t regret it.” – Garry Parkes

    Very comprehensive Parkesy! Now everyone will know who ALEX JEFFREYS is. And if you want any of those resources that Parkesy talks about above, folks, just hop on over to the old Parkeroo blog at: and get ‘em!

    Thanks again Garry. You are a gem for telling us all about ALEX JEFFREYS!


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  3. Nikki

    Here I am (of course) – and I’ve voted Happy!!


  4. Gary

    Of course!

    Nix, last comment to you Dearie, before I call it a morning. It’s 1.50 am here – yaaaaaaaaaaawn!

    Um, oh yeah, I left a little purple comment over at Hammo’s for you. Now, one question – when are we gonna have a purple-people-eater party over at the Nickelodeon and do the biz over there to pump your stats up?

    If you hung more landscapes on the wall over there you would get all the art lovers in. I’d come.


    What have I done?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  5. Nikki


    Not everyone is such a connoisseur of art, so I don’t know if other people would be as appropriately appreciative of such things.

    Ooh, a purple people eater party over at mine…come to think of it, that’s quite an appropriate name for me – Nix the Purple People Eater!

    I feel a party at mine is an excellent idea…let’s hope no-one brings a video camera, as things could get pretty wild! Might win a few competitions though… ;)

    Nix the Purple Minxy Witch and Purple People Eater.

  6. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    I’m a Happy Pappy – reason being if Alex doesn’t money who cares!!! He’s taught me something more valuble than money!!!! I’ve just been kicking myself all over it lol and it’s like why didn’t I see it coming, life has planned it all for me!!!

    Do you wanna hear my story and that is: I went to the bookstore last saturday to buy The 4 hour work week (so okay I got the american edition becasue waterstones sold out the british edition) and you know what, when I was waiting for the sales assistant to find a copy, the 101st copy, I saw a green book on display called Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks as well and I just picked it up and bought it as well. Gut Instinct really,and today, you know what Gary?

    When I logged into the coaching course membership area (haven’t logged since 3 weeks ago), there at the bottom of the page was a link to ‘The Secret’ and man, I’m kicking myself here to bits, because the secret is as you view the trailer and you guess it, it’s about “The Law of Attraction!”

    I mean this is a freaky coincidence, but hey I’m no doubter here.

    So yep Happy Pappy and hey I’m gonna blog different tomoz!

    Speak soon

  7. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary:

    Okay, got my vote in. I’m linking to this page on my site with the words “Alex Jeffreys”. I’d say give me some love, but I think Nikki will take it the wrong way…


  8. Nikki


    Of all the ways I’ll take it, it won’t be the wrong way, don’t worry!!

    (Oh dear, I’m getting worse as the evening progresses – really should go home now!)

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  9. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    I’m a Happy Pappy. I think you get from Alex what you are willing to put in. He is giving us lots of useful information which has worked for him. It is up to each of us whether it works the same way.

    I read a interesting statement today… Yes it is work and with work comes wealth.

    To our success,


    P.S. What a difference a day can make to your attitude – I’m testiment to that!

  10. Nitin Mistry

    Hey Gary,

    Here’s 2 more videos that reveal how i create the “Alex Jeffreys – A Tribute” Video. Let me know what you think!!

    Part -1

    Part -2

    Please let me know what you think.


    Nitin Mistry

  11. Adam

    Just voted– happy~!

    How about that video of Paull’s over on Garry Parkes blog–very well done.

    Your little temple here is shaping up isn’t it, eh?


  12. Thomas Skavhellen

    As a Norwegian Viking you probably think I’m a hater and just want to conquer the world. Well the last part is right some how but with Alex Jeffreys I’m not a hater.

    I must admit, I knew a lot of things going in to this coaching program. But he got me started for sure on taking action.

    I must also give you a bit of cred Gazzy.. since if it hadn’t been for you and some of the other students, I would probably not get on the right track so fast.

    Thanks again! You always bring a smile on my face!

    Thomas Skavhellen

  13. Gary


    As you probably know, I live in Perth, Western Australia. Today, our temperature is predicted to reach in excess of 105F or, for those of you who use Celcius, around 40C.

    For the last eight or so years our hopelessly inept, money-grubbing, high-taxing, inefficient, corrupt, criminal-loving, drug-accepting, power-delerious, arrogant and utterly USELESS State Labor Government has run our city and State services into the ground. Thankfully, they have now had their a**es booted out of Government. However, during their ROTTEN tenure they allowed our “spinning reserve” of power to dwindle far too close to the maximum load capacity.

    Consequently, as the air conditioners are being turned on, our city is being blacked out. You can imagine how this is annoying and frustrating the living suitcase out of me. I have to go around and re-set all electronic equipment, over and over again. Obviously, this includes all our computers. Then the computer that I use has to be run up, panels opened, passwords re-set etc, etc.

    So, if you see any weird comments here today or NO comments at all then that is why. My apologies for this. I have already started this post 3 times and lost it every time.

    Anyway, that is my problem and I have had my guts-ache here. Just so you know.


    a very irritated Gary…

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  14. Gary

    Having got that crap off my chest (until the power goes out yet again), let me TRY for the 3rd time to answer these comments…

    @ Nix – Hmm… fancy seeing you here again! Well, I am DEFINITELY a connoisseur. As you know, my fave paintings are landscapes. Now, I reckon if we have a purple party over at the Nickelodeon we could all have a bit of fun and boost your site up a bit. So, when do the invites go out? You might also like to put on some “entertainment.” I am sure that your Purpleodeon may even take on a slightly more azure hue. LOL!

    @ Nigel – I went and purchased the Secret material the day it was released – book and DVD. If you keep shovelling that stuff into yourself then you will probably end up being as demented as me – LOL! You are doing a great job over at Yip Movie World.


    @ Denis – I read your comment then immediately saw Nikki’s response below it. had to laugh. Denis, I’d love to turn the mojo-juice on, if ONLY I could get some here. Will do, as promised but I am operating under great difficulty ATM.

    @ Nix – Why didn’t that surprise me at all? LOL! Good to see you are taking things the RIGHT way. It wouldn’t be so good if you were taking it left.

    @ Dave - Happy chappy? Good! I agree. Alex Jeffreys lays out the smorgasbord. People can take what they want. It’s pretty much the same here at my TEMPLE. Am I over-cooking the whole temple thing? If so, nudge me and I’ll back off. LOL! What you said about “with work comes wealth” is so true. Lots of people won’t work coz… it’s TOO hard. Diddums.

    @ Nitin – If you are the guy who does that very funny rendition of the “Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder” song with the little kid who yells out “DOT COM!” in the background – and I think you are – then I have already seen it. Hey, next time you wanna leave TWO links, Gazza requests TWO comments. Gentle nudge there Nitin. I can’t make it too easy for you, can I? Good video. I really was amused by it, especially the Mike Filsaime rhyme in with all the other Alex Jeffreys lines. Great creativity.

    Whew, no black outs during that response. I am sitting here waiting for the screen to go black at any minute. So far, so good. I’m taking little bites at this and updating frequently. More replies below…

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  15. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz Man

    Sorry I’ve not been here for a couple of days – things like Tax Returns getting in the way… :(

    I have, of course, voted ‘Happy Pappy’ – what else?

    I have just been asked to cover some sickness leave at college for the next 6 weeks – helps the pocket situation but makes less time for working on the business in hand here.

    Anyway I was telling my colleague about my blog (like I told someone who rang me about another Internet programme and the Avon lady…) and said that even if I didn’t make a huge amount of money (though I expect to make some of course!) just by being on this mentoring course I have learnt so much more than I could ever have thought in such a short time.

    I was interested anyway, but the kick from Alex and the support from everyone else here (especially yours truly LOL!) has really moved me forward so much already.

    There’s a long way to go, but with a mentor who puts so many hours in to helping his students if we put in the work, how can we fail?

    I’ve been listening and reading lots about getting a mentor. That’s what I did and no-one should think twice about having Alex as their mentor if they are serious about this business.

    Anyway I love the new look (sorry I didn’t say so earlier) but is that the good or bad Gary at the top – you look a bit stern!


  16. Gary

    OK. I’m back. Now who was I up to. Oh yeah …

    @ Adam - Addy you said “little” temple. Dude, you should know that the Gazz-Man does NOT do little (oh-oh, that will undoubtedly attract a comment from YKW). By the time I am finished here this will be bigger than the Taj-Mahal and be a repository for apprentice Internet Marketing pilgrims from all over the world. Man. I get these visions and can’t help myself. The fingers just pump it out. See the monster you have created Mister Alex Jeffreys?

    Anyway, Adam, yes… Paull Hamilton’s current video over at Garry Parkes‘s blog is very good. Can you imagine what might happen if Paull and Nigel Yip do a JV? It will be like that comment on my previous thread (things are still going on back there BTW). I may re-visit that whole Bismarck and Tirpitz theme a bit later if current plans work out – which I think they will.

    * * * * * * *

    IF THE POWER WILL STAY ON IN PERTH, THAT IS! Jeez, the yanks can put people into space and a man on the moon but we have no frikken’ juice in Perth, Western Australia to run our bloody businesses! I am so tempted to tell my Martina Navratilova joke here but I would probably get sued so I won’t. But it is a howler. When I tell it at parties it always gets a big laugh (yeah, email me Nix – LOL!).

    * * * * * * *

    @ Thomas the rampant, conquer-all Viking from Norway. Howdy my favourite Norwegian brother from another mother. Did you like the intro? Actually, you know something? You are the ONLY Norwegian I know! And that is pretty cool, huh? I know that if I come to Norway I will always have someone I can go to see… and have a few Norwegian ales with. And vice-versa. How cool is that?

    Tommy, I am always amused by that damn viking helmet I see you have on in your caricature over there at Viking-World. Stupidly, I have a bit of a giggle every time I see it. So, it gets my attention. I guess most people will want to know whay and do a bit of a serch on you to see what you are about. And that is EXACTLY what you want. That is what Alex Jeffreys has been teaching us, huh? BRAND and STAND. Hey! I just made that up. I am gonna write an ebook on that. Just decided. The ideas come thick and fast when they come – LOL!

    Thanks for the “creds” bro but you have helped me too with the Permalinks Video you did. Great to see you STAND your BRAND over at WIDLAS. You have a nice site there Tommy and it is a credit to you. I have had massive behind-the-scenes grunt happening here at the TEMPLE and I have somebody very special to that for that and you will all get to meet this person very soon. (At the moment we have a little somethin’-somethin’ going on behind the scenes here again and this could be a big hoot! More on that later… maybe).

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  17. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear about the blackout. Maybe you should take a leaf out of “The secret” and think positive lol – ok I sound a bit demented already even though I’ve yet to purchase “The Secret” itself as the book I just bought a few days should be quite similar.

    However, I would like to know what your opinions were – Was it good and most importantly is it believable? Still, I’m not trying to let skeptism creep in here, just intriguing and wondering… or should I simply just buy into it and find out myself?

    All the best

  18. Gary

    * * * * * * * NOTICE * * * * * * *

    Where is all the “so-called” support for Alex Jeffreys?

    Look at this (update at timeline mentioned above) …

    Like – 15
    Hate – 1
    Dunno – 1

    WHAT? Only 15 and even one HATER in that lot! Deary, deary me! And this is supposed to be the Alex Jeffreys fan club.

    Where the hell is the F500? Looks like the damn F15 to me!

    How about if everyone spreads the word here? Lets give Alex Jeffreys a big surprise to come home to from that nasty Florida (actually it’s PARADISE – I stayed with my good friend, Joe, not so long ago in Bonita Springs, Naples.) I might ask him to come here and have a chat to you all. He is another very influential, highly-intelligent and powerful friend of the Gazz-Man and he could teach you a lot. A LOT! He is a motivational expert and we hang-out together on Google Talk.

    * * * * * * * END OF NOTICE * * * * * * *

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  19. Gary

    Hi Hils – I’m finally up to you. I tell ya we have TROUBLE here today in Perth. Apart from the power outages (have to keep saving my work far too frequently) we have complete nutcases going all over the place starting fires. WTF is inside the heads of these IDIOTS? *sigh*

    Anyway, this is a great community we have here and it has been wonderful so far inside the “hive” – totally different to so many other so-called forums that look more like a coliseum for the express purpose to humiliate and attack newbies for having the temerity or audacity to say something that they – the “experienced” ones – find too trite or boring or below their level of grandness.

    However, I know with 100% certainty that, when the general public start filtering through to these blogs – and they will be on their way soon – that we are also gonna have to deal with assorted nutters and head cases who will only want to argue, create a nuisance of themselves and cause trouble (just like the arsonists over here right now).

    THEN you may see – as you call it – “stern” Gary dismantle the real nasties right here for everyone to see. And then I will delete their comments and banish them forever. Well, I might just trash them and be done with it and not give them any screen-space. But if one of my friends is attacked here that guy sitting up there will do a WWF-style flying elbow from the top rope. Let’s just hope it doesn’t ever get to that, huh?

    Enough of that … suffice to say, I want everyone here to be nice and play nice and just LEARN whatever it is they need to learn. We have a lot of pretty savvy types we can call on for help or just plain encouragement. That is why I have decide to brand this place the TEMPLE. And I hope to make it not only a place of learning but also a sanctuary style cyber place where we can just “chew the fat” so to speak.

    You can count on me to do my usual thing here and provoke a lot of good stimulating topics while at the same time sprinkling a good dose of my motivational material all over the place.

    Thanks Hilary for saying how much you like the new look – despite the “stern” look. Just before I sign off – or get power booted off (more likely) – let me say that I really do appreciate all the visits and comments here.

    NB: Please all bear with me while I concentrate on this site and flesh it out the way that I want it. Over the next week or so while I am building this at a furious pace my visits outside will be far less than the frequency that I have been hitting your blogs with over the last 6 weeks. It is just a priority thing. I am not intentionally ignoring anyone. I promise.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  20. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Interesting reply that you left for Hilary and it looks like you got power cut again Gary.

    Well I think your practice of deleting comments from those who are here to only reap havoc is something all AJ student should do and not only this, we should also start a blacklist and see if there is a plugin where we can add names to it and so if any of the juvenile delinquent morons who are trying reap havoc on our blogs, their comments will automatically get redirect to somewhere in cyberspace.

    Anyway – speak soon and hope everything resumes back to norm.

  21. Gary

    Hi Nigel – Heh, now you are flanking either side of my NOTICE and reply to Hilary. Yes, this is a most inconvenient and frustrating thing for me to have to deal with. It is royally p155ing me off.

    Due to the power problems I am experiencing here, I have decided to answer your most interesting question (well I think it is anyway) in two parts…


    Now, you wanted my opinion on “the Secret” – well first off, what can we learn from the way it was marketed? From my perspective I kept seeing those red seal things and whispering words announcing “the Secret is coming.” I became a bit intrigued and started hunting but there was only more of the same. Eventually, bits and pieces of extra information were released. Then there was the “pre” launch. Then there was a countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. It was very managed and I actually learned a bit from that (as you may have noticed ;-) .

    So that was the build up, the anticipation and advertising phase over and done with.

    Anyway, after the tectonic build up, it was available in shops but, guess what? You would go in and ask and they would say, “Sorry, we were only given 50 or 100 copies.” I went to about 3 shops and it was the same story. Naturally, every store wanted your name and contact number to call you when the next shipment arrived – that is, they wanted pre-sales. I tell you, Nigel, EVERYone is into this sh*t now.

    So that was the scarcity factor on show and that built up hunger and eagerness for those who missed out. Dontcha just hate it when somebody else can get something but you can’t. So, what do you do? Well, you just double your efforts to get the darn thing.

    I got my copy and read it in two sittings. Then I went and bought the DVD as well coz the book referred to it and I wanted to see these dudes and dudesses in person. So, yep, I spent MORE money. That was the psychological trigger self-imposed upsell. Result? More royalyies for Rhonda Byrne.

    So, I will end PART 1 of my answer to you at that. Whoever did the stage management and drip-feed for this lady did an outstanding job by pushing all the psychological buttons. I mean I KNEW what they were doing but it DIDN’T MATTER. I still wanted the damn thing.

    PART 2 to follow – power being available…

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  22. Gary


    Sorry about the long-winded reply and the two part style of it all Nigel. However, I think there is a lot that others can learn from this. Hence, I will rumble on…

    I have read the “Secret” a couple of times and I didn’t find a new secret at all. I knew everything it purported to tell, reveal, expose, whatever. But here is one thing that I can tell anyone who wants to listen…

    If you just want to buy the book or the DVD or the Secret and then expect some magical, mystical influx of cosmic karma to enter your soul to make you fabulously wealthy then save your money.

    As good as the Secret is in its initial message (ie it ONLY gives you ONE part of the REAL secret instead of both barrels like the Gazz-Man is delivering here) you will not be able to sit under a palm tree in Honolulu or Suva or some other exotic location, contemplate your navel and just go “oooommmm” then have magical cash deposits mystically turn up in your bank account. That does NOT work and THAT, in a nutshell, is precisely what the Secret does NOT tell.

    Throughout the book and the DVD, supposedly written in 2004 by Rhonda Byrne after she allegedly suffered a life-changing mental breakdown, what is never mentioned is that you actually have to DO something. It’s all very well being a motivated lunatic running all over the place repeating the “I’m gunna be rich” mantra all day and night but there needs to be ACTION (And if you are reading this and you STILL do not have my FREE action planner then shame on you. Everyone who is using one is ON-TRACK for success because they have a plan. What do you have? Duh! Just get the bloody thing! Use it for dunny paper if you don’t like it but at least see what you are MISSING out on. I put my heart into that for you guys. And that is why this is GREEN – coz you will be the same color when you watch all your friends WITH Action Planners start to succeed! Green with ENVY! Yeah… OK, I can be a pr*ck like that sometimes.)

    Advert and micro-rant now over we can be moving right along…

    So if you are the average Joan Fonebone or Freddy Fudpucker (glad I avoided the obvious spoonerism there) then reading the Secret will make not one iota of difference to your boring existence. In fact, it will have the reverse effect on you coz you will listen to Bob Proctor and so many others tell you that, “you can have anything you want.” And yes you can but you actually have to WORK for it. Nothing comes free and even if it does you don’t appreciate it. I just made that little saying up. God knows where it came from.

    Pushing ahead, almost finished, the Secret only allows you to KNOW that there is water in the well. But in order to DRINK that water you have to get to work and find a way to bring it to the surface. Otherwise, all you will be will be a motivated self-deceiver who is dying of thirst.

    Make sense?

    That is the Gazz-Man’s official take on the Secret.

    And Nigel? Next time you come to the Gazz-Man’s self-professed TEMPLE, ask me something I’m not quite so passionate about, will ya? LOL!

    Seriously, it was a pleasure for me to take the time to write that for you…

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  23. Mrs Renee Olson

    Here – Here and yea for you.

    You speak the truth of the secret above! Do you ever wonder how much… Oh never mind I really could care less. But what I do care is about is the great new look you have happening here.

    I’m a happy pappy by the way, but be careful with your hater Tater. I am a former Tatar. Yes, that’s right, my maiden name is Tatar. So watch it buddy. lol Where do you dream up these ideas? Got something growing in a secret closet?

    Just kidding. Really.

    I came over to see your video. Are you going to partake in the contest? I just finished mine. Not the greatest but it’s out there on my blog.

    So who’s your guy? Did you tell already and I missed it?

    Mrs Renee Olson

  24. Gary

    Hi Renee – the former Tatar (are you a relative of Dick? Sorry, I had to say that, huh? LOL!). Renee, as you have probably seen above in my comments, I have been severely hampered by power cuts today. It is very frustrating. Unfortunately, I have had to put up with a really bad disruption to my normal fluent thought processes by continually stopping and saving my work to avoid losing it all as happened this morning more times than I care to remember. Ugh!

    Added to that is this really irritating fly that has somehow entered my office and it is whizzing around my head all the time. Every time I stand up to swat it, the bloody thing disappears. Then, when I sit down… bzzt…bzzt. There is gonna be an insect assassination here very shortly if it doesn’t bugger off.


    To answer your question… “like yeah man, it’s really good sh*t man, like whoa… try some.” Heh, is that what you were thinking? No. Not at all. I know you are kidding and so am I. But I can honestly say that I have NEVER taken any mind-altering drug in my life – well, not the idiotic rubbish that all the young kids are into. What are they? Stupid eccies and zoomers and all that total GARBAGE. I’ll have a beer or a red wine of a couple of JD’s but NEVER any of that muck.

    So many of the young kids today, at least over here where I am, are so strung out on skag that I fear we will end up with a lost generation. I dunno what it is like where you are but over here in Western Australia it has been very affluent with respect to so many people making big money from mining and associated industry that many have decided to make the drug lords the multi-millionaires of society. It makes me SICK! Every one here knows exactly who these wasters are and yet the police and courts can – make that WILL – do nothing.

    So what we have here, unfortunately, is a large bunch of aggressive, very anti-social zombies who resort to burglary, theft and extreme violence to feed their $500 – 10,000 per day habits. Crystal-methamphetamine is what they are taking and even some of our top sports stars and media people are caught up in it. It is terrible.

    Even when I came out of major surgery to correct an injury I sustained and was in a lot of pain I refused the morphine. I knew how addictive it was and I chose to work through the pain. The doctors and sisters and specialists and every man and his dog and his dog’s bone got into my ear about it and I just said NO, NO, NO! Eventually, after getting really angry with me, they just left me alone and couldn’t get me out of the place quick enough – which is what I wanted anyway… LOL! Now, I only tell you that to demonstrate how utterly opposed I am to drugs. Whew! Weren’t expecting a mini-rant huh?

    Oh well, I enjoy flushing these thoughts out of my system and I think a lot of people actually LIKE a decent rant now and then. I know I like reading them from other people. LOL


    That’s two little outbursts from me today. I think it’s a combo of the sweltering heat, the power outages and this effen fly (‘scuse the obvious reference to said expletive).

    Um, no Renee. I have purchased the video camera and had a tinker with it but I have had far greater priorities on my mind including a huge one that me and my coder are cooking up. So, the video has taken a back seat position. But I will get around to it soon. I have some good ideas and I have BRANDED my site here to suit it all.

    I will get across to you shortly to see what you have done coz I do need a rest from this place.

    In answer to your question about the identity of my coder. No. We want to make one more demonstration of ability first and then the curtain will get pulled back and out will walk…

    … stay tuned folks for the next exciting episode of the Gazz-Man and Q, the most extra-ordinary brainiac of the Internet. (Did you like that? I’m gonna get told off for that. I just know it! ;-) )

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  25. Ken Douglas


    My travel day for my meeting has been a day from h*ll. Stopped here for just a minute to see if you had any new changes. I saw your post and thinkI added the kind of link you want on my page. Please take a quick look if you have a chance and let me know..

    Oh yeah….. I’m a HAPPY PAPPY too!!!!!!!

    Been up 40+ hr except some interupted sleep on the planes today so I am heading for some sleep time.


  26. Gary

    Hi Ken – Well, at least I wasn’t the only one.

    I know what you are saying about sleep deprivation. I had a stint this week where I had so much to do and then on top of it all I had to update all this furiously just to keep pace. I mean look at that post on the last page. It had something like 180+ comments but a lot of the text was me driving those comments.

    I had about 8 hours sleep in some 72 hour period earlier this week but do you know what? There came a point where I actually didn’t WANT to sleep. There were some weird things happening then coz I actually felt really fresh and ready to keep going. Nevertheless, I forced myself to take a sleep anyway coz I figured it wasn’t healthy what I was doing. But now I really think I can actually train myself to stay awake for very long periods and stay fresh. It really is amazing what you can train your mind and body to do. Anyway, you didn’t stop by to hear me waffle on about stuff like that.

    Hope tomorrow is a better one for you Ken. Thanks for making the big effort here mate. I appreciate it.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  27. Nikki

    Don’t forget to let me know when I can unleash the beast!!!

  28. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz man

    I’m really sorry to hear of your power problems in the heat. I know how frustrating it can be when you are really trying to get on with things and other stuff gets in the way.

    Hmm I wonder if there is some poetic justice in this?

    I seem to remember when you put up that photo of your palm trees there was a comment about us in the Northern Hemishpere with our cold weather.

    It’s still grey and cloudy but is slightly warmer than it was a week ago and I can always put more jumpers on…

    No really, I am sorry about your frustrating time with the power.

    I had to smile when I read this (and I know it’s because you couldn’t proof read in the same way because of the potential loss of power):

    (ie it ONLY gives you ONE part of the REAL secret instead of bath barrels like the Gazz-Man is delivering here)

    Bath barrels?

    The vision I had of that well….

    But then, that’s what I like about coming here – I know that I will get common sense, straight forward speaking and humour. I certainly appreciate that.

    I agree whole heartedly with your drugs rant. I see the results of it too with some of the young people I teach and it isn’t good. We support them wherever we can, but to hear some of them speak about it, it is just a normal part of their lives. What a waste.

    By the way I also tell people about your blog too, not just mine.

    So that said, I must go and mark some numeracy work before I see my students this afternoon. Found out yesterday that one of the students I will be supporting during my cover period is on a video technology course. Now I wonder how I could use that?!?

    Hopefully I shall have time this weekend to get going with my video.

    Hope the power and heat problems are resolved soon.


  29. Gary

    Howdy Hils – The power supply seems stable now. I heard that it got to 43C here today. I spent the day indoors in the air-con. That sort of heat is ridiculous. Then again, I heard that Broome to the north of our state reached almost 50C the other day and birds were dropping dead from the sky.

    I detest errors in my work and I thank you for pointing it out. As soon as I have finished here I will hunt it down and correct it.

    Thanks for telling people about this place. That is very sweet of you.


    PS: Hope young Lizzie’s blog is going well. Say hi to her for me.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  30. Dean Holland

    Oh Mr G !!

    Hows things going now brother !

    Nice new blog you got going on my friend :)

    Just a couple more weeks till mine is finalised and revealed…

    My video will be done tonight also, its just gunna be short and sweet

    ..When you all hear my new idea in the vid you are gunna…

    …Lets just say Im excited !!

    So from what you have been saying bro this blog is going to dominate the search engines right ?!

    Good luck to you, things are looking good huh !!

    Speak soon Gaz


  31. Gary

    Dean – First hi. Now, I know you are up to something, young man – and have been for quite some time. You have been VERY conspicuous by your absence. I may have to send my technical “friend” out to have a spy on what you are doing.

    Well, Dean, not gonna … have a little look around.

    My technical wizard and I are putting some dastardly plans together at this very moment.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got cooking Dean. Don’t be shy now. The temple doors are always open for pilgrims.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  32. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    It´s Happy Pappy all the way for me, and balls to the doubters !

    short and sweet I know, but I think you get the gist of where I stand in the poll.


  33. Theresa Mayhew

    I got a little sidetracked reading through some of the replies and got lost on Nitin’s site watching his video. I”m back now and it’s about 30 minutes later.

    Oh, my I have to get back to that timer!

    I am a Happy Pappy for sure.

    Finished my video and am off to do some writing.

    See you later,

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  35. Theresa Mayhew

    I’ve created a post on my site with a link to this article.


  36. Gary

    @ Paull – Yeah. I agree! OO’s to the DH’s.

    @ Theresa – It is easy to lose track of time on some of the blogs. I do that on Parkesy’s all the time. Thanks for the link backs. You and Denis Caron are now getting a feed from this site. Dunno if it will be any good but I’m gonna leave it on for a few weeks so you can see if it does any good.

    I’m gonna take a look at your video. In the last one you did you said, “And this is for you Gary Simpson!” and chucked a big snow pie at me. That was in response to me saying something like I had never seen snow, or something. But it gave me quite a surprise and I watched that bit twice – LOL!

    I’ll be over later to check it out.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  37. Jim Gallagher

    Hi Gazz

    Negativity is what brings my blood to the boil: Alex’s coaching brought me to a milestone: 5 figures in 3 weeks.
    Alex gives you the inside track; which I never heard before from anyone; then of course it is important to take action and he has pushed us to take action.
    Negativity can be ones worst competition.


  38. Steve Harold

    Hi Gary
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the fellow student who gave you the lead to come and have a look at my blog and what I have been doing with squidoo. If there is enough interest I will make another post.
    Your blog is great and I like the innovative ways you attract comments and of course help your keywords too.
    You’re an inspiration. Keep it coming
    Best wishes
    PS. Oh yes… I voted too.. with a thumbs up. Although I learnt yesterday on the TV programme QI actually means death to the Gladiator during the gladitorial battles in old Roman times. However I mean it as a positive response in this vote.

  39. Alan Neath

    Hello Gary

    Sounds like you are inciting the wrath of the “secret” which has created your own burning “Temple of Doom” plunged into lifeless dark, not so much as a spark, the infernal heat, the lack of air, the total despair, and finally……from the darkness , a voice, ” I feel the power …wooooosh”

    Oh Great , turn the lights on !

    Watch out for them mind bending drugs man.

    Ok, Just reporting in to cast a vote for “Alex Jeffreys” “Da Man” the Dude who gets my Happy Pappy and leaves juice rivers flowing in his wake.

    Hey Garry, hurry up and get the other 483 bodies to vote, your slacking ! :-)

  40. Ali Viljami

    I am happy.. but also a hater.

    I dont hate anyone here, not even the haters. I understand them.

    In some situations I end up in explosive hate in my thoughts. I have one growing right now. But I stay calm. Nothing is decided what should be happening. I’m loosing my energy on something that have not been decided (happend) yet.

    Sorry I have not read the above comments. Have to go back to Paull.


  41. » Blog Archive » Someone Is Dissing Alex Jeffrys

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  42. Jean Shaw

    Alex Jeffreys

    What can I say? I came across Alex by accident – a typing error of all things and he has completely changed my life.

    People will say many things about Alex, but he is a very clever marketer and he does inspire you to take action.

    Alex is currently enjoying his 5 minutes of fame and really enjoying his role as a leader. He appeals to all ages and situations – the young (he’s young), family (he has a young son),older (he’s like a son) and his tale is one of determination and persistence.

    Those who hate him, I imagine, are possibly those who either haven’t followed his advice, or are jealous of his success.

    I may never earn money from this course BUT I have learned many things from Alex and that is the importance of taking action – in all areas of life!

    As I said in my blog post when I made my first video (and only one so far), Life Is Not A Spectator Sport!


  43. paul

    I am neither for or against. I am however very disappointed that Alex ignores all requests for a refund. It was a 2 months guarantee regardless and although I am convinced that all of you will do well, I am very frustrated with the tech side and other aspects. Rather than using his own tech support he keeps saying to ask all the others in this program.

    I am mostly disappointed that he comes across as a gentleman, yet he does not have honour in his own promises. My 2 cents worth.

  44. Ivy Maria

    Hello to Gary and all,

    Alex met me where I was at. I think he has definitely given what he promised and more! I’ve got a long way to go, but at least I am able to follow Alex, you and the other students…

    Alex IS about my son’s age. There isn’t a person, young or old, who hasn’t something to teach you – even if it is just something about yourself.

    I’ve learned more about internet marketing and myself than I’d ever be able to pay for.

    Thanks to all,

  45. Ivy Maria

    Apologies – I’m afraid I listed the website incorrectly. Just in case, I wanted to post with the correct address.

  46. Alan Taylor

    Hello Gary.

    I have cast my vote and I am a happy pappy. I suspect that most of the other students are as well.

    I have put a link back to your post from my blog as suggested by Paull.


  47. Jo O'connor

    Gary, I am a happy pappy. I think Gary is the best. Now, about your dogs, they are beauties. I have 4, 2 choccy labs and 2 lurchers. the latter are rescued and 1 of the labs was born blind but she is clever. They are 1 of the reasons I am here. I have a business which if I keep at it for longer I will be dead from stress. I need an IM business so that I can make some ongoing money and not lock 4 dogs up all day. Hows that for love of “dogs”. Anyway, nice to have found you. i am not techy just getting there with it, so could you add me to your blog and e-mail me and tell me how to add you to mine. Best wishes for your future.

  48. Carl Barton

    Hi Gary,

    I voted happy, no complaints about what Alex has been teaching. I shouldn’t worry too much about people searching for ‘alex jeffreys scam’ as that’s just common sense if you’ve never heard of someone. The fact that they end up here, or someone elses bolog will only serve to put their minds at ease.


  49. Mrs Renee Olson

    YIKES! Somebody slip you a coffee this morning?

    Yea, I was kidding and I certainly couldn’t agree more with your mini rant. BTW, I know you don’t drink coffee.

    Oh, I feel so bad for you and your fly. I can just imagine what you have in store for him.

    As a matter of fact, my Dad is Dick and by brother is commen, my sister is mashed and I’m really sweet. (Just kidding) Tatar is my first name and Tot is my last. I have more you know… You want me to tell you about my cousins named chips?

    I do look forward to your video. I know you will fit it into that exhausting schedule, some how. I know you wouldn’t miss a golden opportunity to learn something new that you will eventually share with everyone. And of course, when the lights turn ON and register in your head how video will add to your plan. I will not take cover!

    I declare… Hit me with your best shot!

    And for the record, the rant on drugs is quite accurate and for the most part, I agree with you except, I’m a baby. Give me the morphine.

    See ya,


  50. Bev Brossy

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your post on my blog and the link to this poll – voted happy puppy, what else – lol!

  51. Fear Is Creating The Scam Buzz Around Alex Jeffreys | Ali Blogging - Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching

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  52. Gary

    * * * * * * * NOTICE * * * * * * *

    Look at this (update at timeline mentioned above) …

    Like – 44
    Hate – 5
    Dunno – 1

    So 10% of the people here HATE Alex Jeffreys, huh? Well that is rather sad, I think.

    What amazes me is – where is the sledgehammer support for Alex from his followers? See – 45/500 x 100/1 = 9%. Pretty p155 poor huh? I reckon Alex Jeffreys would be disappointed about that. I know I would.

    Hey, can we get some more SUPPORT for the young man? He does a brilliant job, don’t you think? And… you will never please all the people. You could stand in your local shopping centre handing out $50 notes and some people would abuse you for it. True!

    * * * * * * * END OF NOTICE * * * * * * *

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  53. Gary

    Yikes, looks like this thread is outta control too. Oh well, it’s a good problem to have, I guess! I’m gonna be brief here coz otherwise I’ll be here for hours and the Gazz-Man has a project on the cooker! LOL!

    @ Jim – Run that by me again dude! What do you mean? $10,000+ in 3 weeks? If so, WOW!

    @ Steve – Thanks for coming by. There seems to be a lot of interest in what you are doing for your Google ranking. So, whatever it is, well done. Bloody Parkesy’s got an obsession with what you are doing in SEO. (I was gonna say a ‘hard-on’ but there are kids who look at some of this, so I didn’t – LOL! – is that too rude, should I get it off? I actually think it’s pretty funny. Oh well, if Parkesy or anyone else is offended I’ll remove it – just trying to add some humour to SEO – a boring, boring subject.). Watch out coz he’s pretty cluey with SEO stuff himself Steve. LOL! I’m having troubles with my blogeroo at the moment but will get you and all the others up on it ASAP.

    @ Alan – Heh! I was wondering who would come up first with the “Temple of Doom.” I anticipated that and got in first myself with the Temple of Learning. But I am toying with the Temple of Light. What do others think? Yeah, buggered if I know where all the damn Alex Jeffreys supporters are. 10% of the vote are haters.

    @ Ali – Release the hate mate. It will consume you and clog up thinking space. Free your mind and soar!

    @ Jean – That is the KEY isn’t it? We have ALL grown and learned so much – mostly off each other. This is a great cross-fertilisation of people and ideas here. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Paul – I’m sorry you feel like that. I believe that Alex Jeffreys has great integrity and honesty and honour. You will get your refund. I know somebody else who did. So, why should you be any different? I do know what you mean about the support staff though. It is the weakest link in everything that he does and it does let Alex Jeffreys down. He needs to address that. And quickly coz it frustrates the be-jesus out of everyone. (oops! I may have sinned twice now – does that upset anyone? Just testing the tolerance level here tonight. That’s as bad as it will get though… er, unless the Purple Haze comes in to grace us with her enigmatic presence).

    Thanks folks. I’ll get to the others soon.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  54. Gary

    @ Ivy Maria – what a poetic name. I almost feel like belting out a few bars of Ave Maria! Only kidding. But indeed you have a lovely name (trying hard to make up here folks). Ivy, what you said is indeed very true, there is much to learn and many fine teachers in the F500 ranks. I am continually being impressed by people here. Great, isn’t it? I’m having a ball learning all sorts of cool stuff – especially off Q!

    @ Alan – Thanks my man. I am having a few blogeroo issues at the moment and I will suitably sort out all those who are supporting me with links by turning that “no-follow” check off and letting the juice flow. Buggered if I know if it is gonna do anything but I am told that it does indeed seep out to sites of my choice. Thanks for voting Alan.

    @ Jo – Ahh. A puppalito lover just like me. My two little “cooglas” as I refer to them are never far from their Daddy who loves them very much and protects them like his own children and who gets down on the floor and cuddles them to bits and kisses their ears and scratches their little pink and brown spotty tummies. And then somebody yells, “Girlies, dinner!” and they can’t get away from me quick enough. Oh well. Such is life. Thanks for coming by Jo and you look after those little guys they need love just like the rest of us. I know you adore them! I can tell.

    @ Carl – Yes you are 100% correct. If people still think Alex Jeffreys is a scammy crook after they have been here then they would think ill of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa. I dunno why some people are consumed by so much jealousy and hate. I really don’t. As the great Indian singer Kamahl is so fond of saying -in a VERY deep voice – “Why are people so unkind?” LOL!

    @ Renee – Heh… heh… Just read your witty repartee. I will savour my response for a little later, Tatar. LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  55. Gary

    @ Renee – Gee! You must be special – TWO replies when I am absolutely flying here with all manner of things. Just did the big, fat essay for Parkesy’s Profit Pulling Project Newsletter #3 and I have given you girls a big run. Oh yeah! In fact the guys will probably wanna go crook. But, I think it’s about time some of you ladies crack a mention for what you are doing so, in Garry’s PPP#3 I am honouring you. And Renee… guess who gets a mention? Huh? Huh? Huh? Guess!

    Um, I figure you have, over the years, collected all the Tatar jokes… but what if you added an “e” that would make you rather saucy, huh?

    My video will just be a silly one to start with – I’m thinking about doing a tour of the Nerd Centre, I mean the Nerve Centre – my office. And then, when I sorta know what I am doing, I will commence my series – “The Amazing Adventures of Gazz-Man!”

    @ Bev – I think that is a fabulous idea that you have for featuring short paragraph summaries in your proposed e-book. I want a piece of that action. Everyone will. Pity I didn’t think of it myself. Darn good idea dearie!

    EVERYONE! get over to Beverley Hills 90210 and see what the Bev-ster is cookin.’ It’s finger-lickin’ good! I’ll be back Bev – just as soon as I clear some committments.

    Thanks ladies!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  56. Craig Maxwell

    Hey Gary. Voted yes! I am happy with the Alex Jeffreys program. Your blog is looking good, I hope you have continued success. Give me a visit at my blog, drop your link if you would like, let me know what you think. Best of luck.

    Craig Maxwell

  57. Gary

    Hi Craig – Thanks for stopping by. I’m gonna set aside a day soon and make a list of all the folks like yourself who have dropped by for the first time and slam some comments down on their blogs. It’s gonna be like downing shooters – LOL!

    I’ll see you then.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  58. Flor Tavor

    Hi Gary,
    I love your website and the poll is a great idea.

    Anyone just listening to Alex Jeffreys feel how much
    he want’s us to succeed. He is just bubbling over with
    it. So that people who voted against him have just
    lost out on one of the most helpful people I know.

    Most of the Guru’s want a fortune for what they teach
    and they will leave out the most important facts. Not
    so Alex, he gives us everything he’s got.

    So here’s to Alex and all of his students.
    Best of Luck to you all

  59. Gary

    Hi Flor – Thank you for saying that. I agree with everything you stated above. Thanks for coming by and HOPE to see you again.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  60. Jim Gallagher

    Run that by me again dude
    12,750 in 3 weeks

  61. Ken Acton

    Jeez Gary,

    Your posts are hard work mate, there are so many comments to read. Well deserved popularity though, I have to say.

    I am in the happy pappy category. I have a a lot to learn and long way to go but I have made some good progress so far. I have limitations that force me to take a long term view, bit I will get there.

    The Alex Jeffrey’s coaching program has been one of the best investments in IM that I have made. I’ll not be wasting this info and leaving it to gather dust.

    I have and continue to learn a lot from other members on their blogs and the other sites frequented by the groupe. And you are a shining example to us all. Your success is assured.

    All the best.

  62. JT Martin

    Hey Gary,

    It’s been way to long since I have stopped by and things sure have changed. I see you’ve done a little remodeling. Your blog is kickin now holmes.

    You can solve that black out problem by purchasing an uninterruptable power supply. It is like a battery backup. It also protects your computer from surges and spikes.

    Has your new tech guy been teaching you about anchor text links? Tell you what I’ll get you in my next post as long as there is some reciprocity happening. Are you using Lucia’s Link Love? You have made the designated number of comments on my blog already so your links are do-follow now.

    With regards to the back links and SEO, see if your tech guy can find out how Steve Harolds blog suddenly came out of nowhere to rank number 5 for “alex jeffreys”. I got word that Garry Parkes is asking the same thing. I am going over to his blog to read the post later and make a response.

    I have several software programs that analyze back links, alexa rank, and other SEO pertinent factors and I cannot for the life of me figure out why Steve’s blog is listed ahead of mine and a handful of other students blogs who have more authority, backlinks, and better onpage optimization.

    I will have to drop by Steve’s blog and see what his secret strategy is.

    I think you know that I am a Happy Pappy and in more ways then one. My wife is from Venezuela and she calls me Pappy, although in Spanish it is pronounced like pop-eee. Alex has done a tremendous job motivating every one to take action and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.

    Any word on when the next module is going to be? I know that Alex is coming to Florida in Feb to go to Rich Schefren’s. Rich lives in Del Ray Beach which is about 25 minutes from my house. I am hoping to arrange a meeting with Alex if nothing else to meet him in person and maybe have a beer.

    Yanik Silver is having an event in DC and Alex is going, but there is no way I can come up with air fare, hotel, and the $700 for a ticket. Hopefully Alex will have a spare hour or two while he is here in Florida.

    Well I’ve got to get going, I have to go grocery shopping and then go see what Parksey has to say about this SEO thing. Looks like it’s going to be another long night in front of the computer.

    Oh yeah, by the way, who did your ebook cover? Was it the guys that Alex recommended in one of the first modules? Do you remember who they were. I went an checked out there website but forgot to bookmark it and can’t remember the name. Their prices were great.

    I am putting together an ebook to help all of the students who are jumping into the JV Giveaways. Have you come by the blog and downloaded the PLR products I’m giving away? The time to start on that list is now.


  63. Lori James

    I’m Happy Pappy all the way! I’ve learned so much from Alex, it’s unbelievable! I’d still be bouncing all over the internet, which wasn’t much fun at all. It’s great to be going forward in the right direction, finally.

    Well, it’s back to work for me!

    Talk to you soon,


  64. Gary

    @ Jim Kotobot Machine – WOW! That is bloody awesome mate. Well done. You know I’m gonna study you now, dontcha? LOL!

    @ Ken – Yes, everyone tells me I am VERY high maintenance to deal with. I prefer to think of myself as a complex carbohydrate – LOL! Thanks for your kind words Ken.

    @ JT – Hey Holmes 2U2 (BTW – is that JOHN Holmes? I had one of his movies once but everyone thought it was too LONG).

    As per private email JT – no, that anchor text thingy is just one of my stupid little tricks. I KNEW you would find it coz you ain’t no dummy. I was wondering what your response would be. I’ll fix up to set generic next time I am over at the JT arena. If I forget just come and retaliate – LOL! I don’t mind. I play ball with those who play ball with me. That was pretty innocent BS what I did. But I gotta say JT, I don’t like outright bloody cheats.

    I think I mentioned once before that one of my best buddies lives in Bonita Springs, Florida. He’s a GREAT guy and I may invite him onto my blog. But he is super busy in the stock market so he may not have time.

    Yeah, this course or whatever it is has gotta be the BEST IM investment I have ever made too. Mostly, in the past, I have spent a lot of money on utter CRAP! (inc one totally USELESS bunch of thieves who stung me for $3,000! But I eventually got a refund coz I can be kinda tenacious when somebody duds me or crosses me like that and I even threatened to fly to Utah where these w*****s are based.)

    Brian Welsh did my e-book cover and did a wonderful job but then he just decided to quit – for reasons of his own that he just wasn’t able to overcome. Sad really, coz he was a good guy. Oh well…

    JT – your JV stuff interests me and I have been meaning to investigate it, which I will. Unfortunately, this last couple of weeks have been so hectic here at Gary-Land – as you can see. Some transformation, huh? And it is still only Stage 2 of 4. Thanks for coming by JT. Keep an eye out for more info in my emails on our JV.

    @ Lori – Thanks for stopping by. Glad you are happy!

    Thank you!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  65. Heather Martin

    Hi Gary, I was just reading your post from the 15th, wanna come up to Canada and cool off? About the same time here it was 38 below F. We lost our power for 3 days between Christmas and New Years from a wind and snow storm, then our generator blew up…it put us so far behind. I don’t think I could take those hot temperatures though, at least if its cold we can just throw another log on the fire.
    Anyway, I hadn’t been to your blog as yet…so now here I am…I’ve been doing some blog hopping and its taking way more time than I expected..but I will keep going tomorrow and however long it may take just to say hi to everyone. If I do miss anyone, sorry I guess that will mean I don’t have your url.
    Oh, if you didn’t get it yet.. Vince from has got the free camtasia for us students, but he’s not leaving it free for much longer.
    That’s all for now folks,
    I’ll be back, oh and yes I voted!! Can you guess how??
    All the best,

  66. John Bullard

    Hi Gary,
    I voted happy Pappy,. Wow look how far your blog has come. I am still learning how to get this traffic thing down.

    Talk to you soon John.

  67. Alex Jeffreys: Get positioned for the $1 MILLION prize

    […] Alex Jeffreys | Internet Marketing Temple of Learning for Newbies Paull Hamilton’s current video over at Garry Parkes’s blog is very good. Can you imagine what might happen if Paull and Nigel Yip do a JV? […]

  68. Alex Jeffreys

    hey Gary,

    i LOVE it … im a happy pappy for sure man :)

    it’s nice to see so much love and ofcourse see some haters
    if there were no haters there would be no love,

    anyway … above paul – if you asked for a refund you will receive
    a refund – that was my word,

    also i understand the support is an issue – (its the first thing im going to fix when i get home from my vacation)

    yep im actually on vacation right now in the bahamas but i still like to check out my students blogs and see whats up,

    today i went shark diving/feeding – OMG it was just crazy to stop the boat and have sharks swimming around EVERYWHERE.

    i’ve never seen that before,

    the CRAZY part was jumping into the ocean with the sharks
    and in moments we were circled by about 20 plus sharks
    wanting to eat !!!

    Gary and gang wait till i show you the photos — scary stuff man,

    but the island is wonderful and im just getting ready to take the family out for the night – then tuck them into bed as pappa goes down to the casino.

    btw – Gary – im loving the new blog theme,

    and i LOVE the good gary – bad gary sections :)

    okay thats me outta here for some delish caribbean food man !!!

    btw – we’ll pick up the next module when im home from my vacation
    and before i fly out to florida again to meet rich schefren,

    JT – if your reading – 100% lets meet for a chat and beer when im in your ends,

    peace and love


  69. Gary

    @ Heather – Gee, that IS brass monkey weather. Brrr! And, yeah, I reckon you are a happy camper.

    @ John – Yeah, the blog has come a fair way. I have ramped it up a bit. But I haven’t even loaded any “weapons” on board yet – LOL!

    @ Alex – Thanks for the comments. Don’t get eaten by those makos, or whatever they are down there in the Carribean.

    The Good-Gary and Bad-Gary stuff just allows me the freedom to weave stories but don’t discount either of those personas coz, aside from all the messing around, they are very real parts of me.

    I am a great friend to people who give me their friendship and trust but, equally, I can be a most formidable adversary for those who mess with me and try to take advantage of my good nature. As I tell everyone who tries any funny business in real life (ie offline) it is THEIR choice who they get to deal with.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  70. “Everything” Home Biz » How Could Anyone NOT Like Alex Jeffreys?

    […] just voted on the poll about Alex Jeffreys over at Gary Simpsons Blog. I’m definitely a “Happy Pappy” and not a “Hater […]

  71. Susan Livingstone

    Didn’t vote on this as you don’t offer an option in between happy and hater.

    Alex does get credit for jumpstarting us – but I can’t say I’ve been thrilled with the details of his training program. Those who already knew a lot were able to take the ball and run with it – newbies are left behind and floundering. Alex is genuine and generous – but this, his first attempt at training and mentoring a large group of people – has some serious gaps in it.

    • No tech help, except what kindly fellow students might offer, if you can find them.
    • We’re urged to get traffic to our sites, but how this is done is pretty light on details. The information is too general for those of us who are new to the concepts.
    • It’s been great to hook up with generous people who have been a part of this group – a wonderful networking experience – but for the money, I’d like to have been able to rely on Alex’s expertise, or that of his support staff, and not have to go begging so much among my fellow students for tools and techniques.

    All in all, a very mixed bag for me. Alex tells me my site looks great, then urges me to get traffic to it. Thanks for the compliment – now EXACTLY what do I do next? I’ve been busting my hump for over 2 months and don’t have a dime or a subscriber to show for it – just a pretty site. I’m reduced to scouring the web for more help, just like I was before I paid for Alex’s training.

    I realize I’m in the minority here, and am probably earning a lot of hate points and secret promises NEVER to help me out again if I ask for it. But this has been weighing on me, so I felt I needed to get it said. My 2 cents, if you will, which you must think I should get change for.

    Anyway, Gary, you and most of the guys visiting your blog have obviously cracked the code and are making a go of this, so that’s great and I wish you all the luck in the world. Maybe someday I’ll “get it” too.


  72. Paul Livingston

    Hey, Gary. Interesting thread here.

    I didn’t vote either. I don’t *hate* Alex (why is it lately that if anyone disagrees with something or has anything negative to say, they are labeled “haters?”)

    Anyway, I really like Alex. But I’m reserving judgment on the program itself. I believe Alex may have jumped in to this a little prematurely and here’s why:

    1) Poor back office set up. Support system severely lacking; certain items missing.
    2) He wasn’t ready to devote the time necessary to back up his promises.
    3) He lacks in even basic tech knowledge every marketer should have.

    Now I know Alex says “Don’t get it right, just get it out.” And that’s what HE did. But there are *some* things that absolutely have to be ready before you start something like this. For example:

    He gave us an ebook to use in giveaways to build our lists. Yet there is no AR series to use. I asked him about it and he said not to worry, that he would have it for us soon. I wrote my own. I wonder how many people have a list of subscribers just sitting there? For months. This is a definite no-no. Again, this is just one example.

    Oh, and were you aware that the video series we are selling via that ebook and list also promises an AR series … that still doesn’t exist? Do you know you’re selling something that doesn’t follow through on its promise? As an on-line marketer, I don’t need that kind of bad rap. There are plenty of new marketers who don’t even know what an AR is, let alone how to write a follow-up series.

    Heck, Alex doesn’t even have an AR series for US! Maybe if he did, so many people wouldn’t be feeling deserted. And that’s something you could outsource for super cheap. This whole program is about list building yet there is no mention of a follow-up series anywhere! A list without the follow-up is worthless! Something Alex’s coaches must have forgotten to tell him ;)

    Aside from that, Alex is a very clever marketer. Have you noticed the book we’re giving away is chock-full of his affiliate links? True, it’s rebranded with our link for the $47 video series. But every other link is his. Why not allow us to rebrand it with all our links? Alex would still get plenty from the people who don’t have affiliate links for those services. I wonder how much money Aweber, Hostgator, etc is sending Alex every month because of US?

    One last thing: Alex has, what, 400+ people out now promoting him, via his contests. First it was the Google contest…who got number 1 for the keyword “alex jeffreys,” wasn’t that it? Now the YouTube contest, in which one of the requirements is to mention Alex and give his blog url. Very smart. We promote for him while he goes on weekend boat trips, vacations, etc.

    Very smart move and I applaud him for it. BUT, I think it hurt a lot of his students (paid customers), in that many of them are new and don’t know HOW to do the things he required in those contests. I, for one, knew next to nothing about blogging or SEO, but I know my way around a computer so I didn’t give up. Had I been a complete newbie, I might have. Same with the video contest. Video and YouTube were brand new to me.

    I guess what I’m saying is that, while the contests might have lit a fire under many, I believe it threw a wet blanket over many others. I wonder how many of the 400+ just threw in the towel so far?

    And how many are still holding on in the hopes Alex comes through? Maybe your next poll should be “Have you made ANY money using what you’ve learned so far?” My answer would be ‘no.’ I have made one sale of the Profit Pulling Platform, but that was not by using anything I’ve learned from Alex. Thanks to Alex, I now have a blog, a YouTube video, a bunch of Twitter followers, and a list. And *none* of them have brought in a dime. (I track everything). But I sure have lost a TON in time.

    Oh well, it doesn’t matter at this point. And the poll is invalid anyway. Why? Because not all Alex’s customers know about it. And some who got into the program have quit, and still others are probably afraid to say anything negative

    Okay, all that said, here’s what I *like* about Alex:

    I believe he is basically a good guy and is sincere in wanting us to succeed.

    I believe he will learn from his mistakes and take action to correct them.

    I believe he will make every effort to fulfill his promises.

    I have not asked for my money back because of this. I have faith Alex will come through before all is said and done.

    Take another poll then ;)

    Paul Livingston

  73. Gary

    @ Susan – I detect the frustration in the tone of your message here and, to that end, I have emailed you with a possible solution. I think Alex Jeffreys would be very wise to read all the comments on this page as there are many recurring themes coming through. There are things that he does very well and there are things that have been left to chance and there are some things that are abysmal (eg the so-called “HELP” desk, which I call the “YELP” desk because it is so damn poor).

    You are NOT alone. Some of the emails that I receive are virtually cries of frustration and pleads for help. I do what I can but this is not my command, nor my responsibility.

    I am sure that once all the deficiencies are identified that the “system” he is developing will be tweaked and improved.

    Thanks for airing your concerns.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  74. Gary

    @ Paul – Well in this case it was a little play on words (hater versus tater). But I hear you. Love and hate are divided by a very thin line but only one way. People who hate can rarely love but people who love can easily hate. Just look at the divorce courts.

    To be honest with you Paul I am not familiar with the term “AR” myself. Perhaps you can elaborate. I am of the impression that you are talking about follow up material – like a series of Aweber messages. Surely people can write their own. I did. But the continual thing that EVERYBODY is up against is TIME! We are all trying to smash three years of Alex Jeffreys’ Internet Marketing experience into 3 months. It is far too intensive.

    Yes, I immediately saw the benefit to Alex Jeffreys himself of having everybody saturating the search engines with his name, and to be honest again, I think it was a very bad idea as it seems to have brought out the worst in some people. Because of that I’m not even “competing.” I set my own agenda and time frames for what I do and I don’t really give a continental if people don’t like it. When people are flocking one way, I lone-wolf my way the other way. Call me perverse or contrarian. That is how I am. I don’t march to the beat of anybody’s drum.

    For instance, some people have been howling at me to do a video. The more they keep asking the more I find reasons not to do it. So, when I strike with that I will do it on MY terms – ie when people aren’t pumping out video after video just to win a damn p*ssy $1,500 prize. I am rarely motivated by money alone or accolades. I just do things my way (song? LOL) for my own edification, growth or amusement.

    I thought this…

    “I guess what I’m saying is that, while the contests might have lit a fire under many, I believe it threw a wet blanket over many others. I wonder how many of the 400+ just threw in the towel so far?”

    … was a very pertinent comment. Indeed. Well said.

    I actually don’t think the poll is invalid and I’ll tell you why. It is a snapshot of people’s feelings at the time. Most are (or were) happy. However, the sentiment can change the longer these unresolved issues take to be fixed – and there are several key issues that certainly need addressing IMMEDIATELY.

    Glad you made the last few points. I agree. Alex Jeffreys is learning as he proceeds and so are we. This entire F500 coaching course was far too big IMHO. Alex should have done 100. Then people would not feel so overwhelmed trying to interact with the wants, needs and DEMANDS of 499 other people. That part of it is an impossible nightmare. And that is where your TIME is hopelessly lost coz everyone wants something ALL the bloody time. I, for one, am run off my feet. And I know that some of the other big blog owners are too.

    Thanks for such a long and detailed post Paul. This has given me an idea.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  75. Paul Livingston

    Hey, no problem, glad to help ;) Might I asked what your idea is?

    Oh, and AR = AutoResponder. Sorry, should have clarified.

    A few things you didn’t address:

    Branding the giveaway book. Why NOT let us re-brand with our links? After all, we did pay for it. Plus there’d be plenty left for Alex. I doubt 20% of us are affiliates. And I’m sure none of us are affiliates for all those programs.

    The two missing AR series and the fact we are selling something that doesn’t deliver. (That’s the most bothersome to me.)

    How many of us have actually made money? The promise was by Christmas. LAST Christmas. Myself, I’m not aware of anyone.

    Again—except for the branding thing—I feel it’s because of Alex’s natural exuberance, youth, and inexperience. And his misguided belief in the “…just get it out” philosophy, which is supposed to be aimed at people who fret so much over perfection that they *never* release something.

    Again, I think he’ll get it. Then make it right.

    Thanks for responding!

    Paul Livingston

  76. Sarah

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the discussion. I have to admit I didn’t read all 75 but the last few for sure. I do remember a promise of making money…still haven’t yet. I have learned a lot about being online, but again that has a lot to do with all the students who have more experience than me. Many of you are wonderful about standing up to help a total newbie who feels completely lost at times.

    I know that the competitions will get Alex recognition but it will/may for us as well. It is the group that is creating the buzz. Don’t you think people will want to learn about us and the success we have before trying anything themselves? It must work both ways, right?
    Alex is a genuine guy and I think he really wants to help us. I’m sure it is hard to predict what will happen in this type of program (I’m just guessing here I really have no idea). I’m having a good time so far. It would be nice to start making money though. :)

    As for my video…still in my head. After seeing Derrick’s I feel far behind, in terms of computer experience, again. Still smiling though, it just shows me what else I have to learn.


  77. Gary

    Hi Paul – I’ll go you one better on the “idea” – I’ll email you on it – obligation free.

    Oh – autoresponder – duh! Silly me. LOL! That is what that dopey Twitter is doing to us all – making us talk in text-message shorthand code.

    Well, I didn’t answer that Paul simply coz I can’t. I’m not Alex Jeffreys. Only HE would know the answer to that question. I could only surmise and I don’t like doing that in public forums unless I am on solid ground, based on facts – and then it no longer becomes theory anyway.

    Call to Alex Jeffreys! Wanna answer that for Paul?

    Yes, he is a young man but he is no dill (That’s OK Alex. I know you read my stuff). He will learn as much out of this as the rest of us and he will tighten his framework and the entire system will be all the better for it.

    Expect an email Paul.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  78. Gary

    Hi Sarah – I have just been at your blog in California there. I have some wonderful friends in Mariposa, CA.

    Anyway, I see you are interested in THE “Secret.” I wrote fairly extensively about that elsewhere on this giant blog. Anyway, I have one of those too (a secret) and I have asked you to email me coz I wanna tell just ONE more person – preferably a lady. I will await your response.

    Sorry for the cloak and dagger stuff but I am thinking you may like it.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  79. Sarah

    Hey Gary,
    About to e-mail you. I’m actually in Canada, not California. I wish I was in Cali right now though with the amount of snow on the ground here!

  80. Alex Jeffreys

    hey Gary & Gang,

    it’s been an interesting read
    this post and the comments,

    BTW – gary

    your newer post about “Q” ROCKS,

    i need to get myself a Q too (as you know)

    anyway back to this post,

    i want to thank everyone above
    for showing me love,

    some haters too – i know but as i
    already said without hate there
    is no love, (thats life and outta
    my hands)

    im sure many of you understand
    the past couple of months have
    been a MAJOR learning curve for
    all of us,

    including myself as i’ve been growing
    the marketing with you dot com team.

    i’ve made some changes to my business
    from what ive read these past two weeks
    on my vacation,

    i learned that my support staff [person]
    had not been doing her job correctly,
    so we [let her go] today,

    now i have to take on someone to take
    her place and im told steve from
    mike F’s team is happy to jump
    onboard with me.

    BUT i have hope and im excited to say

    next week im meeting up with the wonderful
    maria andros that tells me she can help with
    my PA & VA skills,

    (personal assistant and virtual assistant skills)

    and im ready to grow my business
    to the 7 figures but it HAS to
    be the way i want it,

    and thats TOP quality allaround

    im NOT going to let sloppy support
    take me down – nor will i allow
    it to stop me moving forward,

    i have TO TAKE “MAJOR” ACTION to
    learn how to become a PROJECT
    manager ontop of learning how
    to become a world class marketer,

    PLUS this year im really learning
    about business its self

    as marketing is just a small part
    of business and i want to be a
    stratic business builder ontop
    of online marketer,

    anyway before i ramble on,

    message to my students

    its been a BLAST teaching you and
    im not going to stop –

    its time to go over and above now

    like i just said,

    you can’t please everyone –

    but I do try
    i’ll give myself that,

    you see as i see it

    if your a student of mine then
    your success is my success,

    i have MAJOR plans for this year and id
    love to envolve all of you with them,

    the internet is changing fast and that
    means the way marketing is done online
    is changing too,

    yep the core principles will stay the
    same –

    give value – build a list – nurture the list – make money
    from your list,

    but marketing is changing online as we
    know it,

    and someone that keeps showing me that
    is Rich Schefren,

    that guy just BLOWS me away each time we speak –
    or when i read one of his reports or read his blog,

    and im really excited to have the chance
    to fly out to florida next week and
    hang out with the schef-mister for a
    few days as part of his coaching program,

    and the SUPER DUPER cool news is im going
    to be a case study for him after he helped
    EXPLODE my business in 2008 as one of my

    I think im one of his top students ?

    (not to sure what the crack is yet)

    now after the MAJOR growth in 2008
    im having to deal with the growing pains,

    should i complain to rich about the pains LOL (AS IF)

    Im taken it on the chin – its a pain but
    (what do i say)


    Im quickly going to reply to a couple of the
    posts above,

    as gary said –

    “We are all trying to smash three years
    of Alex Jeffreys’ Internet Marketing experience
    into 3 months. It is far too intensive.”

    BLOODY well said Gary,

    Guys and Gals,

    do you know how many times i have failed
    over the past 3 years,

    it kind of makes me feel SICK thinking
    back to the place i used to be, LOST.

    I failed OVER AND OVER
    infact i failed more than all of
    you trust me on that one.

    I wonder if people just take this
    as words,

    or if they really understand it has a
    meaning behind it,

    “fail forward fast”

    when you follow what i say and teach
    you are going to see FAILURE,

    sorry – BUT i’ve had failure all the
    way through my online rise to success

    and NEVER would i blame my mentors
    i would push forward knowing they
    had been there before me,

    it seems to be a trate of success that

    but when i said fail forward fast it
    MENT yep your gonna see some of it,

    sorry, <<< should i say sorry ?

    i dont think so, as its the law of

    but anyway,

    i understand that

    its so easy to loose sight and get over
    worked on tasks that are non produtive
    and you feel lost,

    and thats why i put in module #1

    forward to basics,

    most people are not even at the basic
    level and wanna skip right past it

    (thats a BIG no no)

    just take a look at garry parkes latest
    blog post

    that post made me smile all the way down
    the moterway –

    – yes i read it on a trip from london to cardiff

    if your at the stage of being lost
    and over worked with nothing to show
    for it,

    thats where RE-PLANNING comes into play


    It’s when things really start to fall into place
    as you’ve been through the failure, and can make
    a plan to get over it,

    and yep your right about 500 students being
    alot of work for AJ,

    im working my little butt off to make this
    work for you guys and gals,

    what ive come to learn is

    all the students are working to there own pace.

    still to this day i get emails with new students
    blogs being created.
    and they tell me sorry for the delay as they
    are falling behind due to personal stuff,

    its life right,

    what ive learned through my years is
    there is no step by step (take a leak)
    press a button systen

    i’ve never been passed a step by step blueprint
    to make money by my mentors

    i was given the foundations to build an online
    business and i then

    run off failing over all the time

    but what they said to me is this,

    its about being you !!!

    create your story and sell it. nuff said,

    i’ve done it over and over – and thats what i’ve
    been teaching my students,

    if you go through the course again – you’ll pick up some golden nuggets
    that you missed on the first time around, i know it,

    – just one nugget can transform you into a diffrent mindset,

    one quick quote and im done

    “business is easy; people make it hard”




    (the so-called “HELP” desk, which I call the “YELP” desk because it is so damn poor).

    I laughed at that UNTILL i realised its about my support desk

    im sat her with my head down, – i know i can NOT let it get me down
    i’ve now [let this person go] and we are going to be fixing this support

    ITS ON MY A LIST and at the TOP of the list

    Im kinda cheesed off with the person that [recommended] me [this person]
    as i was told my support would be handled in a way id
    be proud off,

    i can put it public – im not proud – im pi**ed about it.

    i really will keep an eye on steve (the new guy) and helen
    who is doing a great job for me,

    and we’ll grow this support desk into a class act.

    untill then – my head is down for sure,



    “Branding the giveaway book. Why NOT let us re-brand with our links?”

    Paul did you know there is a source code ebook in the members area
    that you can brand or totally change,



    The two missing AR series and the fact we are selling something
    that doesn’t deliver. (That’s the most bothersome to me.)

    paul i explained on the live calls that you WILL get the A/R series
    when i come to that section of the training, which is module #6
    the next module

    its part of the training,

    what you have to understand is there are people who HAVENT a clue
    what aweber does

    let alone an A/R v’s a broadcast,

    and im going to teach that in module 6 with my tripple threat
    affiliate tactics,

    thats it – im off to speak to nancy about speaking to my
    new support staff steve,



    ps – i want to give a big shout out to the gazza man
    your doing a FAB job on this blog mate – its just

    i know your doing some MAJOR things behind the
    sceeen too,

    also thanks for your support with myself and the
    marketing with alex coaching program.


  81. Gary

    @ Sarah – DUH me! I have been emailing my buddy in Mariposa, California back and forth all weekend. I knew the (dot)ca domain name suffix denoted Canada but I had California in my head and I was of the opinion when I looked at your blog some months ago that you WERE in California. Dunno why. No matter. The first email is on its way. To CANADA! My computer knows where to send the email – even if I do not. LOL!

    @ Alex – First of all… my apologies if anything I said was a bit too cutting. I NEVER intend deliberately to hurt anyone’s feelings. That is NOT the Gazz-Man’s style, er… unless somebody deliberately goes after me or a friend in some hideous manner and then I consider it “open season.” But even that gets done away from public view.

    Also, I hope you don’t mind but I have slightly “modified” your comments by adding some bracketing and bolding and putting your quoted material into text quotes. It just makes for easier reading all round. But I haven’t messed around with the INTENT or EXPRESSION of anything. That stays completely intact.

    The good thing in the exchanges between all the various people above is that you can monitor it all and use the information to improve the system. I always view (constructive) criticism as a bonus. You see, we can use it to get better at what we do. Plug the gaps, build the walls – that sort of stuff. Without information like that we just stumble along thinking everything is hunky-dory (whatever that is!).

    It pleases me that you have big plans ahead and are committed to helping the lesser experienced members of the F500 move ahead. Garry Parkes and I, in particular, have assumed leadership roles but, I can assure you, there are many others sitting not too far behind us. There is some awesome talent in this group and I am continually amazed at the extent of knowledge and ability of some people. I, too, am learning a lot.

    Anyway, thanks for the LONG reply and well… Alex, I gotta say this… a lot of people seem to be catching “Gazz-Man disease” on this blog. LOL!

    Peace to you too.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  82. Paul Livingston

    Thanks Alex, I didn’t know about this:

    >Paul did you know there is a source code ebook in the members area
    >that you can brand or totally change,

    I had submitted a support ticket asking about it but never heard back. Now I know why. But I just looked again and don’t see it anywhere. I even downloaded the whole package again. The rebrander is the same. It only allows for my url…no affiliate links for the other stuff.

    About the AR series, that’s not what you told me. You told me “don’t worry, I’ll have it to you soon.” You also said if I wanted, I could send a support ticket and you’d send me what you had so far. I sent said support ticket and got an answer from Helen saying you were sick from your weekend boat ride and would get to it when you got better. If there was ever a mention of it coming in Mod 6, I missed it.

    No problems now though. I wrote my own. And I’ll give it to my customers for their series when they buy the $47 series. But here is where I think you’re missing my points:

    1: Yes, I *know* most people don’t know about aweber and such. I said that in my post here. But do you really think people should build lists then not have any contact with said list for MONTHS? Every other marketer I know would call that crazy. And I know a few big-timers, too.

    You could have just set up a simple auto-import series and did a 5 minute video on how to do it. The users wouldn’t have had to know anything more at that point.

    2: The $47 video series we are selling promises an AR follow-up series. We have been selling those vids for months now but there is still no follow-up series. Again, I have my own to give. But what about all the people who don’t? Selling a product that doesn’t deliver is the worst thing an IM’er can do. It invites refund requests, chargebacks and, worst of all, it gives the marketer a bad reputation.

    But hey, that’s just me ;)

    Thanks for responding!

    Paul Livingston

  83. Susan Livingstone

    Alex, thanks for responding to me. I’ve replied to that email and won’t repeat it all here, but just wanted everyone reading these comments to know that you DO take the time to respond to individual requests. Much appreciated.

    Anyway, onward for all of us!

    Susan Livingstone

  84. Gary

    My goodness. My site is becoming a social networking site! LOL! Glad you folks have had some concerns allayed by Alex Jeffreys himself. See? I did mention that he reads this blog. LOL! Then again he reads LOTS of blogs. I’m actually buggered if I know how he gets anything done.

    Thanks Paul and Susan. And thanks Alex for going, yet again, the extra distance.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  85. Did you know Gary was once arrested for fornicating with a Cow?

    […] Alex Jeffreys | Internet Marketing Temple of Learning for Newbies In the last one you did you said, “And this is for you Gary Simpson!” and chucked a big snow pie at me. That was in response to me saying something like I had never seen snow, or something. But it gave me quite a surprise and I watched …  A Conversation with the Legendary Copywriter Gary Bencivenga Dear Business-Builder,. Wendy here with the final part of the interview Clayton did with legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga. In this segment, Clayton gets Gary to reveal secrets of client relationship management and more. 6 Little Words That Boost Your Sales Because They Make Your Advertising More Interesting and Believable. Dear Marketing Top Gun,. "You can’t save souls in an empty church," said David Ogilvy. "And you can’t bore people into buying your product."   Mail this postSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Did you know Gary was once arrested for fornicating with a Cow?”, url: “” }); […]

  86. Mrs Renee Olson

    Hi Gary,

    As soon as I put my two cents here, I’m off to find the link that will email me when new comments show up on your blog. I can’t believe how much I missed. I was just following along on your new posts and not keeping track of the comments after I left. As they say…”You learn something new everyday.”

    A little funny story about Paul and Susan.. but first, Susan, I need to followup with you a little more because I can so relate to comments about what you’re getting and what you’re not getting from the class. I can sooo relate to where you are as a newbie. I too have not made a penny, but I can’t make a penny until I have a subscriber. But if I did I have I subscriber, I don’t actually have anything on my site that would make money. Which then leads me to Paul.

    You are right. I didn’t even recognize that I was missing AR’s. (@Gary Thanks for asking what AR was. I didn’t recognize it either) Let alone that I could or should be rebranding the affiliate links. Please keep me/us posted when you find the source code.

    And for the funny story about Paul and Susan. As I read Susan’s comment and then I read Paul’s comment, I made a written note to contact them on Monday. And as I wrote their names I was beside myself thinking, How did I miss this? They’re married? Just goes to show, we should always double check our work. Livingston vs Livingstone…lol

    And here I am at the bottom of the page with the EVER so OBVIOUS box at the bottom that says, “Gary,email me when someone comments!” DUH

    Ready for round 2…

  87. Paul Livingston

    Actually, Mrs Olson, Susan and I are not married. We’re distant cousins, in that she’s in California and I’m in Ohio. Quiet a distance.

    About the book: It’s not “source code” that Alex was talking about (I hope). It’s how the pdf is put together originally that determines what you can brand and what you can’t.

    When the author is putting the book together s/he uses a special program that allows h/her to “flag” certain links as rebrandable. The flags are unseen by the reader, but they are there.

    Then the software creates an exe file that reads the flags in the pdf and presents fields to the user (us) so we can enter our own links. What the flags are and how many are up to the original author and how he creates the pdf and rebranding “kit.” If we don’t have a link for a particular service, such as Aweber, the link the author put in remains.

    So the Kit you get is typically a zip file containing the pdf and rebranding exe.

    You might see this in a lot of free ebooks. They are free to you, but if you want to rebrand it with your links, you pay for “rebranding rights.” Sometimes they are free, too.

    Clear as mud, eh? Sorry, can’t think too clearly just now—need sleep.

    Oh, I haven’t been able to find a rebranding kit other than the original one.

  88. Susan Livingstone

    Renee – Paul is more polite as he refers to you as “Mrs. Olson” – me, I’m less formal. Must be that California thing. Hope you don’t mind! Fewer keystrokes – staves off that carpal tunnel I’m probably gunning for.

    He also beat me to the punch informing you that we’re not married – if we’re related at all, it’s probably several generations back. But we keep in touch nevertheless, just because he’s a good guy!

    Thanks for your supportive comment. I’m still plugging away at trying to get my first dollar. I DID get an unlooked for customer when someone wanted some help setting up their blog – don’t know if I’m being pointed in surprising directions by fate or if this is just a one-off fluke. But all (legal) sources of income are welcome. So hey – send your blog challenged friends over to me!

    Thanks for the forum, Gary. It was nice having a place to get some stuff cleared up. Thanks too to everyone who commented thoughtfully as it’s good to hear everybody’s perspective. Thanks especially to Alex for participating when it would have been easy to simply get cheesed off at the naysayers – but he didn’t.


  89. ChrissyD

    Hey Gary
    I leap-frogged from Paull’s blog to yours. I was watching the telly at Paull “Hammo’s” place ’bout a boat trip so I’ve been out fishing OK – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I didn’t really go AWOL – it was my camels fault. Anyway, I was at Paull Hamiltons I went to leave a comment about the video tutorials and I saw your comment about your massive undertaking to make your video . I got to laughing as it was such a disaster and I thought “why didn’t you capture it all? ” – it would have been a major hit on Youtube and your blog. Anyway, I have to get back to my own site as Dean has dragged me kicking and screaming back to AJays program so I need to go dust the cobwebs off my blog now that I’ve popped in to say Hi to a few people.

  90. Gary

    @ Stephen – that cow fornicating thing was a hoax. Thank GOD! And the Gary in question was (the late) Gary Halbert – copywriter extraordinaire. I left a comment of your blog Stephen and thank you once again for the parallels you drew – a bit premature but a BIG thank you for the sentiment nevertheless.

    @ Renee – sorry for the lateness of reply here but the newer pages have been occupying a LOT of my time, plus that darn video. Glad you sorted the “notification” thingy out. You are more than welcome to have your 2c here ANYTIME. In fact, have $2 or $20 worth LOL!

    @ Paul – I guess the whole re-branding issue is a contentious one. At least we CAN re-brand parts of it. Garry Parkes does the same deal on his Profit Pulling Project newsletters. I’m OK with whatever level of re-branding that is offered. I just see it as a bonus anyway.

    @ Susan – You are most welome for the “forum.” Alex Jeffreys was indeed good to swoop in and say what he did. I appreciate somebody who can stand in the face of criticism and get their point across. And I think he did that pretty well. He’s gonna make mistakes. He admits that. I’m OK with it all. I’m also OK with California. I love the place and I have very good friends in California who I plan to visit, hopefully this year.

    @ Chrissy – Oh, you REALLY wouldn’t want to see me get angry. And I was furious that day. I would be highly ashamed if anybody saw that exhibition. I would only do it in private. If I can get to a punching bag in time I can usually resist the temptation to “let it all out.” LOL. Yes – it was a very challenging day. But I DID it! Thanks for the visit. I am due to get to Deano’s blog myself sometime today.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  91. Robin Pike

    Hey GuzzMan… thanks for leading me hear from Twitter… I have been reading ever since you sent me the link!!! LOL

    I must say, I am thrilled to see that I am not the only unhappy customer!!! Over a month ago when I sent Alex a support ticket explaining that I was unhappy he responded back to me telling me that he doesn’t understand why I am so unhappy as ALL the other student are thrilled by what he is providing and how much he is “over delivering” … gosh, I am so tired of hearing that statement!

    As I have already extensively commented on Dean Holland and Nigel’s blog I will not go into any lengthy details here. However, I want to address a couple of things I have read here.

    ALEX: While I appreciate your dedication and expertise I really feel like you are completely missing the “big picture” complaint. No one is saying that you have not put in extensive amounts of time or that you do not care about your students success — nor does it have to do with the fact that we are trying to cram 3 years into 3 months (not to mention this was only suppose to last 4 weeks, not 12)… I need you to understand that this ALL stems from you not fulfilling your promise that got us all to pay you $497 in November!

    As you quoted…
    “should i complain to rich about the pains LOL (AS IF)”

    NO, of course you would complain to Rich about your failures simply because you fail but I am sure you would if he was not providing what you signed up for! And obviously you wouldn’t complain to him since you are one of his “top students”.

    Let me address your question… as you quoted…
    “I failed OVER AND OVER infact i failed more than all of
    you trust me on that one.

    I wonder if people just take this as words,”

    No, I do not take that as just words and I am sure you bought into things when the marketer said “You will be making money by Christmas (when Christmas is only a month away)” or “This will be a fast paced mentoring” (and it turns out to be triple the expected time frame). My question is, how did you feel when they did not deliver on their promise? Especially when you just invested your last $500 that was in your savings account, right before Christmas?

    Also, as you quoted…
    “im working my little butt off to make this work for you guys and gals,”

    I do not believe you are doing this Just for “us” considering all the self promoting you have done throughout this course. It really is clear that you have your best interest at the forefront. In the beginning I did not feel that way. I honestly felt you were going all out for us, but not any longer. And seeing all the others that are unhappy has confirmed that it isn’t “just me” that is unhappy.

    I think you did an EXCELLENT job explaining how you feel — and I ditto your every word. I was not aware of the videos not having the complete information in there and completely agree that it is therefore not ethically right to sell such products. Therefore, we have not be provided a “product” as promised… among countless other things that haven’t been delivered as promised. KUDOS to you Paul… thanks for speaking for all those F500 students that didn’t want to step on Alex’s toes.

    I too hope that Alex takes these comments as constructive criticism but based on his responses I fear that he will not.

    With all this said, please contact me on my blog to let me know if you are interested in being a part of dynamic team that is being developed — one that will succeed as we all put our heads together and share our expertise to surely shine in 09!!!

    Robin :-)

  92. Gary

    Hi Robin,

    If you feel that aggrieved have you asked for a refund? I think Nigel got one. But I’m not sure. I know that Brian Welsh got one.

    What is your “dynamic team” all about? I’d be interested to know.

    For me, I don’t give up easily. I wrote a pretty long post over at Dean Holland‘s blog that you may be interested to read. I think we should really see the course out before we make a final decision on it. I will. I could easily switch directly to my motivational material anyway, none of which has even appeared here yet.

    Just from my point of view, I have learned a lot and the F500 team has given me an outlet to push my motivational “bent” – LOL! Plus I have met some very extraordinary people along the way. And for that I am grateful. So, I think it has been money well spent.

    I won’t tell you what to do – I couldn’t anyway.

    If you can see your way clear to do so then why not wait for the course to finish before you move somewhere else? Will it be any different anywhere else?

    I’m not happy with EVERYTHING but I think Alex Jeffreys has done a damn good job and I will be giving him every opportunity to “let his students shine in 2009.”

    Whatever you decide I wish you all the best.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  93. Alex Jeffreys

    it’s funny …

    I received a few emails today
    from HAPPY customers saying

    they have my full support with my product
    and coaching but thought i should address
    what robin said,

    (seems robin is trying to kill there buzz)

    i’d like to say one thing to robin,

    and please take this kindly,

    But …

    you have been doing internet marketing
    half a tomato season,

    meaning – you will not get this perfect
    the first time around WHO EVER your coach

    YOU have to learn this yourself,

    (i have NOT false sold you on anything)

    yes i say its easy

    as Im looking back on
    what needs to be done,

    but you think its hard

    because you are looking forward for
    the first time on what needs to be done,

    thats the KEY distinction here,


    there is a reason this quote is wrote

    business is easy – people make it hard,

    and understanding that,

    it all comes down to one thing,


    get that correct and the rest is simple

    get that wrong … and your set up daily
    for EXTRA failure that you DONT need to see.

    Also Robin you spoke about on your blog about
    eating that frog,

    do you eat it ?

    are you following what you learned from
    Brian Tracy,

    to close this reply

    I dont know what you do on a daily basis
    and can not vouch for what you do,

    But back to the subject,

    the coaching was ment to be 4 weeks –

    but WAY to many students were overwhelmed
    by the speed i was teaching, and needed
    more time,

    So i kindly extended the course – even though
    it conflicted with my vacation and business

    So with that said,

    im happy to hear any feedback from any of you
    as its helping me plan my next coaching program
    to be floor less,

    this whole last 12 weeks has been a major
    learning curve for myself too,

    my business grew into the hundreds of %
    in 2008 so now i have to grow the team
    to support that growth,

    and that is including alot of growing pains

    okay im off to eat some breakfast and
    take cameron swimming,



    ps – Robin – i saw one of your twitter posts

    saying: – your working hard but not seeing any results

    Remember i told you in module 1

    Work SMART not HARD !!!

    pps – Gary – thanks for putting this post together
    its been fantastic to watch,

  94. Gary

    No problem Alex,

    I believe that everyone needs to have their say. I don’t mind if they bag me either. Coz I will use that feedback to improve – IF I feel that such criticism is warranted. If not, I just shrug it off coz I know ABSOLUTELY that you will NEVER please all of the people ALL of the time. It’s human nature.

    I mean even Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. Mother Teresa had her detractors and so did Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Lots of people hate the Pope and lots of people worship Satan and even Adolf Hitler.

    That’s life!

    Alex, thanks for coming in and replying to Robin. A lesser personality would not have done that. For that I commend you.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  95. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    I felt I just had to pop over a gain and add another comment to your site (4th today I think – you’ll be getting fed up seeing me, LOL).

    Firstly Robin, I really do wish you success in anything you choose to do and please do not take anything I say as critical of you personally. It is just my personal view point about Alex Jeffreys’ fantastic Coaching Course.

    And yes I say FANTASTIC. Now no-one has paid me to say that, LOL – though if you’re still reading Alex and want to make a donation I wouldn’t say no ? Now, before this course I had never even heard of Alex, don’t know him personally and have never met him, though one day soon I hope to rectify that and buy him a pint or two to show my appreciation of what he has taught us. And I know there are many, many others that would like to do the same thing. MANY.

    Now I was going to go on and say loads about many things but I will just pick up on a couple of things.

    Firstly, you mention the program extending out to 12 weeks as some problem. Well to be honest I have to say I just can’t see where you are coming from and I look on it as entirely the opposite and see it as only a positive. Funny that isn’t it, same situation – one sees a negative – the other sees a positive? Incidentally, extended at great inconvenience to Alex personally I may add too, so it is not a decision he took lightly.

    Surely extending the program to 12 weeks can only be good news for everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, you included. I just can’t see any downside to it. If you are a novice it gives you longer to get to grips with things. If you are more experienced if gives you more time to really focus and spend more time on ‘positioning’ yourself – your brand. Let’s not forget, when the course ends that does mean we stop doing the things we need to do. 12 weeks is a very short time considering we are building a long term business here.

    In the end we have all been given exactly the same information on the Coaching Course and like I say a great many have been THRILLED with it. All I can say I am so, so pleased that I have been part of it. In addition to the great stuff Alex has shown us I have met some unbelievable people. People who I now consider to be friends and one day I will be meeting them personally. Alex has enriched many peoples life’s in so many way different ways I don’t think even he could have imagined at the outset the direction it would take for many over and above the Internet Marketing skills he has taught us.

    I for one truly thank my mentor Alex Jeffreys.


  96. Gary

    Thanks Garry – mate you can haul your ar*e in here any time you want. I LIKE you coming over here.

    I appreciate your thoughts and echo them. The people who I have met on this course have made the paltry amount I paid for it worth every cent of it.

    You are correct – some people see a half empty glass while others see a half full glass. We are all different. It would be a very boring world if we were all the same.

    Robin, just for the record and to state my position unequivocally in all of this, I disagree with you but I defend your right to say what you did. I cannot walk in your shoes so I don’t know where you are coming from but, like Garry Parkes, I hope you find what you are searching for.

    Gary Simpson

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  97. Richard Moloney

    Hi Gary

    Having just read all the above comments I am impressed. As you say everyone is different and will take different things away from the coaching.

    I have learnt a lot and at lesser expense than other coaching courses I have been on which left me bewildered. One example using twitter and social marketing other coaches tell you what to do but not how you can do it. Alex has encouraged us to set up blogs to sign up for Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace and youtube and has shown briefly how to do so.

    Before starting the coaching I had heard of Facebook and You tube but knew next to nothing about them, I thought they were for teenagers and children and didn’t know that older people used them as well. As I am 61 I believed I was too old for the social marketing scene.

    Yes Alex has made mistakes and I know it would be impossible for him to get round all the student blogs but one gripe I have is that he seems to pick out 2 or 3 students and favour them over the rest of us. I could be wrong but I think the only time he looked at my blog was on one of the Q & A sessions and he has never left a comment on any of the blog posts.

    Likewise I get a number of people visiting my blog clicking on some of the links and disappearing without trace. Do you know of any way to track exactly who passes through a blog without them leaving a comment?


  98. Richard Moloney

    PS I am a happy


  99. Richard Moloney


    I forgot to say that I have a copy of a wee red book (size 5.5″ x 3.75″ or 13cm x 9.5 cm) 30 pages in length titled The Ultimate Secret To Getting Absolutely Everything You Want. I was given it in 1984 when I first tried out MLM by the company concerned.

    So I think the new book/film are just a rehash of it.


  100. Thomas Loughran

    Hi Gary, how are you?
    Nice blog, I plan to come back here to learn from your blog. I was shocked about this post. I had no Idea that this was going on. I voted HAPPY I wish you would have put Love on it I love the Guy he has opened the door for me and has helped me to take action; he also has shown me how to build a business. I remember from the start taking a survey and one question he asked was would you like 50,000 in the bank or 50,000. For life I took the for life and Alex came back and said he wanted us to learn how to build a business for life. He also said when you build that business you could be making that much in a day, a week, a month or a year and that’s what I want. I love the guy and how dare anyone say anything bad about Alex, he has put so much time in for us, way more then what we paid for. I am a newbie and I am the one that is pulling up the rear of the class and I got my first subscriber last week talk about going through the roof what a happy time for me. That’s my first dollar down the road and hopefully much more to come. Thank you Alex, keep it up you are doing a great job and I will always follow you and there is always bad apples in the basket. Love you man even though I don’t understand all the words you guys use what the heck is a peep I guess I should get a translate page and don’t say he’s a yank I am a watered down Irish man not my fault that’s how I came to be lol take care all or Cheers Mate
    P.S Thanks gary for the e-book it help me out just what I was looking for
    P.P.S. were can I find the mp3 that Linda made

  101. Gary

    @ Richard – I think we both agree that getting around to 500 blog sites is IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe 500 was too big a task. Personally, I think it was. Maybe 100 might have been more manageable. I think the biggest problem was the failure of the support desk BUT… that is being attended to.

    Glad you are a happy chappy. It wouldn’t matter what you did Richard you will NEVER please everybody. I’m damn sure that some people hate my guts and all I have ever done is try to help the “peeps.” You just can’t let these things worry you.

    Regarding your question, do you have Google Analytics installed on your site? If not, then Dean Holland discusses it in his e-book, which you can get free from his blog. GA will provide you with some good demographics that you can study to see where vistors are coming from and what pages they look at, that sort of thing.

    @ Thomas – Well, as I mentioned to Richard above – it takes all types. Different people have different mindsets, different outlooks, different expectations. Sometimes people feel rejection when they are offering to help people who don’t want or need that help. There are many reasons for people to dislike others for what they are doing or what they stand for.

    Good on you with the first subby! Ha, ha – a “peep” is a Dean Holland made up word that he uses for PEOPLE. Funny huh? A lot of the abbreviated words are used to fit them into text messages or on the Twitter 140 character limit.

    I saw that you had down-loaded my ACTION Planner. Glad it helps.

    Linda Caroll‘s mp3 can be found here:

    And, in case you haven’t seen it, my Motivational Moment #1 video is here:

    Talk later…

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  102. Susan

    Guys – don’t you watch any american television? :-)

    “Peeps” is African-American slang for “people” – specifically people you are particularly close to. Comes originally from the mid-90s from rap music. Started out meaning “check this out” and ended up with the meaning it has now.

    Not that I am trying to take credit away from you, Dean…!


  103. Gary

    Hi Susan – No. I don’t watch a lot of TV any more coz mostly it is mind-numbing CRAP and I am sick of it.

    Thanks for the explanation… and here I was thinking Deano was the originator – LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

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  106. Dean

    The link on Alex Jeffreys website for his book “Newbies Nightmare” is dead. If some one knows something that I don’t please advise. Tks. :)

  107. Gary

    Hi Dean,

    I just checked the link and as far as I can tell it is working OK.

    If you want to read the Newbies Nightmare then you can get it by clicking here —> NEWBIES NIGHTMARE

    For the most up-to-date information you can go here:

    I hope that helps you Dean.


    Gary Simpson

  108. Paul Lear

    I see this post is a bit old now, but I had to cast my vote, I’m a Happy Pappy :D

  109. Kevin

    I have to say I agree with the poster, Paul I think on this point. I also find it unsavoury practice to get your new paying students – who are your customers – to promote yourself through setting up a blog about you and then holding a “contest” to get your own name to the top of the search engines.

    What about encouraging your students to get their own blogs and their own sites to the top of the search engines? Surely that’s what you should be doing – not the other way round.

    After all, your students are the ones who are paying to be on the coaching program. They joined primarily to develop their own sites and online business. They aren’t paying to work to further the coach’s business!

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