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OMG – Look what this ‘person’ said to me…

by Gary ~ March 4th, 2015

OK, so here is what happened… I wrote this seriously great manual that will help so many people in their online quest. I sent off a quick email to a very small list. And in less than 5 minutes I get the first response. I open it and I just sit there staring at it in stunned silence. OMG! WHAT? I’m in shock. In great big pink block capitals in about 30 point font, he says (and I do apologise for putting his offensive vulgarity here in plain view but it does show the mindset of some people):
Barrie the Troll 2
Good grief! While I am sitting there in stunned amazement that anybody could be so over-reactive and rude, in comes a second offering from him:
Barrie the Troll 2
Jeepers! How ANGRY is this guy? I wonder what might have happened if I’d accidentally bumped into him in a bar! So, you probably want to see what made him so mad, huh? Here is the page I asked him to look at:
SHEESH! Is it really that offensive? Maybe he was just having a really bad day. Maybe even a bad life. Well, behaving like that to ONE email will only make matters worse, Mr Mckay! My point? I’m glad he is gone. I don’t want to have to put up with nasty trolls like him. The unsub link is at the bottom of every email I send out. Incidentally, he'd previously received a set of 37 inspirational quotes from me. Fat lot of good that did him! Sending revolting messages like this only damages the mind of the sender. Not me! Anyway, several people bought the HUNDREDAIRE product so, Barry, you will never know what you may have learned from it or how it may have put you on the road to success. Sad huh? Feel free to comment or ask questions ... sig PS1: While you are here you might as well take a look around or bookmark my blog for later. There is a mountain of information here and a lot of it is free. PS2: I try to answer all thoughtful or decent comments but, sometimes, I cannot do this. If, however, you just want to write some garbage comment then don't bother. I'll probably still publish it though - unless you swear or become too abusive or are just too silly. Anyway, give me your comments - feel free to agree or disagree. Your call.

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