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Gary Simpson
Gary Simpson

Perfect Storm MANUAL

 "How to Write a Brilliant E-book to Establish Yourself as an Authority With a Strong Online Presence in ANY Niche ."


Hi there,

Gary Simpson here, writer and author. That's a pic of me over there on the left.

Most people wanting to establish an internet presence seek to do so through writing an e-book. That is, a book that can be delivered electronically to an email address.

I hear so often “I can’t write” or “I don’t know what to write about.”

Well, with my experience, I can easily solve that problem for you.

Imagine… YOU, an Author!

Imagine being quickly able to pump out quality e-books that people desire - because you know the formula. Imagine the prestige and authority you will have in your marketplace. Imagine the reputation you will build.

Well, stop imagining and start learning how to do this. It’s not that difficult when you know HOW!

I can help you …

Get ALL the Information in ONE Concise Place

I have been asked OVER and OVER again to help people write e-books. Quite apart from not having the time to do that I really don’t have the inclination to do it either. Many of the subjects that people want to write about hold no interest for me. But… that doesn’t mean to say that there is no market for those subjects. On the contrary there is. People buy information on all sorts of things. And one of the fastest and most trustworthy sources of information is via an e-book.

I’ve also been asked to proof-read and edit the works of other people. It’s nice that they feel confident to ask me as an authority on writing (see my proof below) but… when I start the process I just see so many errors and it’s really DIFFICULT to tell people personally. So, I thought to myself… “what if I could just provide a resource for people?” Hmm…
Part of what I teach is research. So, I looked all over the place to see if anybody had a resource that actually taught people how to write their own e-books. And guess what I found…

… NOTHING! Well, let me back the truck up for just a minute. I did find a few bits and pieces but upon examining what was available it was pretty junky. I knew there was a market for what I could teach. You see, there is very little QUALITY online information about how to create the most basic of all offerings either to make money OR build a list – the humble e-book.

So, I wrote “How to Write the PERFECT STORM of an E-book.” Here’s a picture of the cover:

Perfect Storm MANUAL

So far “PERFECT STORM” has been downloaded 4,747 times. Do an online search for yourself, see if you can find anything better.

Here’s a Sample of What You Will Learn:

  • Getting Inspiration to Push Through the Labor of Writing
  • How to Find a Hot Topic to Write About
  • What is the PURPOSE of Your e-Book?
  • All About PLR – Private Label Rights
  • How to Get Ideas to Write About
  • Planning Your Work
  • How to Blitz it First THEN Edit it to Death Later
  • Finding a Catchy Title for Your Book
  • How to Write Conversationally So Your Readers Treat You Like a Friend
  • Injecting Your Personality Into Your Writing
  • The Best Length of Your e-Book
  • Writing Tips – How to Make it More Readable
  • Spell Checking and Grammar Requirements
  • and MUCH more...

How to Get a Copy of PERFECT STORM For Yourself:

“How to Write the PERFECT STORM of an E-book” is available through Clickbank for $27. It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Click the following link to get your own copy and become a quality e-book writer:


Proof That You’re In Capable Hands

OK let me lay my “creds” on the table for you and I’ll keep it short…

… I’ve worked as a proof-reader, editor, speech writer, free-lancer, parliamentary writer, report writer, technical writer, book writer (author), magazine writer, newspaper writer, features writer and a whole bunch of other things. I have been paid for my writing both by salary and also as a freelancer.

On the Internet I have written hundreds of articles that have been picked up by thousands of websites and ezines. I have a massive blog that gets 100’s and 100’s of comments and 1000’s and 1000’s of visits. I have a huge Twitter following. I have authored a bunch of e-books that are downloaded all over the world etc, etc. Google my name if you want proof. You can see for yourself.

In summary, I know an awful LOT about the best way to write. Pretty much, I would back myself against any writer on the face of the earth. That’s how confident I am of my ability. And I can pass that information on to you in an instant.

You Too Can Become a Recognized Author and Quality Information Provider

By following the information in “PERFECT STORM” you too can become a recognized author and quality information provider.

Let me tell you this: there is nothing quite like creating a book and being known as a person of authority in the genre or niche that you are interested in.

If you have always wanted to become an author then don’t waste even one more day. Get started. Learn the craft.


Best Wishes 

Gary Simpson

Gary Simpson

PS: Imagine how you will feel when your family and friends find out that you are now an author. Not to mention being paid for your information. Becoming an author is a fast-track way to making a residual, passive income online.

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