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The Official Website of Kyoshi Gary Simpson
Sensei Gary Simpson
38 years in karate
18 years in motivational training
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About Gary:

Zankanji Gary has spent 38 years studying karate, 18 years studying motivation, and is the Western Australian representative of the Australian Martial Arts Association Inc.

Young Gary - 6 years old "I felt defenseless once, too!"

Gary jokes that, as a child, the thickest part of his scrawny little legs were his kneecaps.

   "All you could see were these knobby little knees
   in all my school photos."

During his first week of high school, Gary was viciously assaulted by older and bigger teenagers. His "crime" was not knowing that the area behind the boys' gymnasium was a "no-go" zone. Gang members only. Gary was marked for torment.

"What I saw that day changed my life forever!"

Warren King In his second year of high school, Gary struck up a friendship with a fellow named Warren King. One day Warren, like Gary, was assaulted.

What Gary saw that day changed his life forever. He couldn't believe anybody could do the things Warren did. As it turned out, Warren was a very talented junior martial artist.

It was around the time of the movie "Billy Jack," starring Tom Laughlan, who was billed as "a karate chopping, bike riding, messenger of peace." Gary teamed up with Warren and, over the next ten years, they studied many martial arts including ju-jutsu and karate together.

Sadly, Warren died in a motorcycle crash at just 23.

Gary says: "He was the perfect martial artist and my best friend. Even now, after so many years have gone by, I still miss him. I think of him every time that I tie my karate belt around my waist. I talk about him to my senior students. I tell them that he was my inspiration and my very first martial arts teacher (or sensei). I admired the way that he would stand up to bullies. Pretty much I just wanted to be able to do what he could do."

"I dedicate this website to the memory of Warren King, to the Way of Awareness,
and to helping people feel a sense of control in their lives."

Gary Simpson Today, with 38 years of continuous training, Gary holds the black belt rank of 7th Dan Kyoshi - a karate master himself.

For a time, he ran a successful martial arts shop in Perth, Western Australia called "Ronin." In 1983 he started his own private club. Originally called "West Coast Martial Arts Academy," this evolved in 1985 to "Zanshin Kai Karate Do" - The Way of Awareness. He trains EVERY day.

Over the years Gary has trained countless students in thousands of karate lessons and self defense seminars. As he taught, he wondered why some students were so highly motivated to achieve goals while others were not. Thus, he began studying the principles of motivation. That was 18 years ago.

"Whether your weakness is financial, or lack of motivation, or feeling defenseless in a world filled with crime, anybody can change and everybody can improve." says Gary. "I did. I went from the skinniest, weakest kid in school to a muscular teenager full of confidence. No matter what age you are, you can gain more self confidence and the ability to defend and protect yourself, too."

Through this website Gary has reached out to people all over the world (159 countries and still rising) offering encouragement that they too can do more and be more. Can you do more? Can you be more? Can you make a difference? Can you achieve worthwhile goals? Of course you can!

To contact Gary via email just type in or "copy and paste" into your email browser panel. Due to the volume of emails that Gary receives (including voluminous useless junk mail) be sure to include your full name in the subject panel along with the words: "wants to contact Gary Simpson" (eg Fred Jones wants to contact Gary Simpson).

Please note: If you abuse this contact email you will be blocked and reported to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Just don't do that. I don't have time for it and you won't want to suffer the consequences. All genuine emails will be answered ASAP.

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