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motivation self esteem
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Self Help, Motivation & Personal Growth

Are you really and truly happy with your life?

Almost from birth, we are conditioned to feast on negativity. Every child is born a wide eyed bundle of innocence, ready and eager to learn and absorb. And absorb, we do.

You can't do that, you can't touch that, you can't have that, do what you're told, color in the lines, fit in, sit down, be quiet, and who do you think you are, anyway?

As we grow older, newspapers, radio stations and television pump negative messages into our thoughts.

JLD - motivation and self help One day, you wake up to realize you are down-trodden, buried in doubts, lacking hope, your debts are increasing and you aren't getting any younger.

You really can achieve greater health, wealth and happiness in your life.

It is so simple that most people refuse to believe it until it's too late. Ready? It's this simple. You have to improve.

You see, if you think the same way you always have, and do the same things you always have, you will get the same results you always have.

The more you change, the more your life will change. You can literally attract good fortune into your life like a magnet. Your mind will become open to opportunities that you thought never existed for you before.

The Ancient Secret That Can Change Your Life

For over 4,000 years, many cultures have taught their people the power of looking inward. Transcendental meditation. Cha'an in China. Zen in Japan.

Finally, in the late seventies, a doctor at Harvard produced breakthrough articles showing that under stress, the nervous system activates the "fight or flight" response. Many of us, under constant stress, live in that state every day.

By applying ancient practices of self examination and turning inward, we can alleviate stress, repair our lives and plan a happier, healthier and wealthier future.

motivation and self help

What Makes the "Journey, Life & Destiny" Personal Development and Self Help Home Study Course Unique?

This course is truly unique in that it has a different positive outcome for each and every individual who participates.

Upon completion, you will know precisely what you need to do to create your success.

It will guide you along a pathway to reveal all aspects of your life. And, it will do it in a manner that will cause you to turn inward and realize exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.

About the Course, How it Was Conceived & What it Will Do For You - Before You Start - "Map to a Goldmine - Could You, Would You?" - The Most Important Person In The World - Write Your Resume - "What Words Will They Chisel Into Your Tombstone?" - Choices - How to Live a Full Life Without Regret - "The Power of Choice" - Evaluating Choices - Favourites - Feelings - "Putting Yourself on the Road to Success" - Reflection - Decision Maker - Your Pledge - Habits - Your Sub Conscious Mind - Goals - Focus & Concentration - Wellbeing - Ideals - Relationships - "How to Cope When Things Go Wrong" - Discipline - "Be the Samurai Sword" - Persistence - Practice & Repetition - Skills - Responsibility - Time Management - Attitudes - Leisure - Opinion - "What Image Are You Projecting?"

Fear - Death - "Dealing with Tragedies" - Laughter - Daring - Luck - Your Life Summary - "Hey! Are You Being Paid What You Are Worth?" - The Notion of Prosperity - "Do You Want Money?" - How to Overcome Negative Self Talk - "The Power of IT" - "Banishing Hannibal Lecter Personalities From Your Life" - Self Analysis - The Finite Human Time Line - Personal Action Plan - "Rich or Poor - Get the Knowledge" - Rewarding Yourself - Learn to Do What Winners Do But Others Will Not" - Honesty, Integrity, Morality and Ethics - Charity - "Insatiable Greed is Morally Bankrupting Us" - Final Thought - Affirmations to Strengthen You - How to Write Your Own Affirmations - Recommended Reading - Highly Recommended Reading - "The Voyage" - Help Me to Help Others - Your Final Pledge - Epilogue

After completing the "Journey, Life & Destiny" Personal Discovery and Self Awareness Home Study Course many things that have been swirling around in the deep recesses of your mind will become crystal clear.

You will know exactly what you really want, and exactly what you need to do to achieve it! If you have ever dreamed of becoming a better person, more successful, healthier, happier or wealthier - why not start today?

Note: This is an interactive course. You will need to answer the questions, and write down your responses. At first it might seem too simple. Have trust. Do the exercises. Discover information. When you participate, instead of merely reading, you will gain so much more.

This HOME STUDY COURSE will clarify and crystallize your talents to you enabling you to achieve your LIFE GOALS. If you want to become more valuable, be more and achieve more then get this HOME STUDY COURSE!

One final question for you to think about...

Can you think of anything more worthy to spend your money on than this project? Project YOU!

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