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Sensei Gary Simpson
35 years in karate
15 years in motivation
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"Packed with good advice and easy, practical techniques..."
Bill Vaughan, former President; Australian Martial Arts Association

Self Defense & Self Defense for Women

You're tired. You just want to get home after working late. But first, you have to get to your car. You think you hear footsteps. Nervously, you turn around. You see nothing. You keep walking, faster.

Then, from the corner of your eye, you see a shadowy figure. You walk faster. So does he. Not far to the car. You can see it. Where is he? After what seems an eternity, you reach your car.

Your hand is shaking as you try to fit the key into the lock. You turn and there he is - right behind you. What can you do? What should you do?

self defense program
self defense program
self defense program
self defense program
Get the Set: Only $100 (see Note 1 below)

  • According to USA National Statistics, a violent crime is committed every 24 seconds,

  • someone is murdered in the USA every 28 minutes

  • every two minutes a woman is being raped somewhere in the USA.

  • One in four American women will be sexually assaulted in their life.

  • In Australia, 19% of women aged 18-24 experienced an act of violence in the past year.

  • A 1993 survey found that 50% of Canadian women have experienced at least one incident of sexual or physical violence.
  •   I challenge you! Pick up any newspaper and look through the first twenty pages or so.

    You will read about shocking, violent attacks on innocent people like you, whose lives may never be the same again.

    Most people do absolutely nothing about learning self defense to protect themselves or their family until after something terrible happens to them.

    "Why did this happen to me?" is often the question they ask. Because you are no less of a target than the next unprepared person.

    Violence of every kind imaginable... is out there. It is happening every day and every night of the week. The police can't stop it. Too many people make too much money from crime.

    What would you do?

    If you are lucky enough to be able to call the police - by the time the police get to you, if they do, the beating, rape, robbery or other crime will be over and done.

    The police cannot be everywhere. All they do is mop up after the violence, try to catch whoever did it and give you a "case number" for reference.

    A fat lot of good that will do you when you are in the actual process of being assaulted, raped or robbed.

    Think about it.

    Volume 1 - "How to Protect Yourself Against Violence"

    How to gain an immediate advantage just by knowing how to position yourself
    How to bluff your way out of almost any situation
    Sixteen ways to avoid confrontation in the first place
    How to prepare yourself mentally by using the little known technique of "transference"
    When to strike to take advantage of adrenaline surge
    Eleven personal items that can be used as weapons and how to use them.
    You'll even learn how to use a single sheet of paper as a weapon.
    How to recognise and use "environmental" weapons
    Fifteen powerful weapons of the body and how to use them to devastating effect
    How to be prepared, how to develop and listen to your instincts
    How to outsmart a would be attacker
    Two methods which will enable you to "see" at night
    Techniques to use in a sexual attack
    "Shock tactics" which you can use to revolt and disgust even hardened crooks
    How to gauge danger by using the "invisible zone" technique
    How to reduce the possibility of being attacked
    plus much, much more.

    Volume 2 - "How to Defend Yourself Against Violence"

    Volume 2 covers the physical aspects of violence. If Volume One was the "Dove of Peace" then Volume Two is the "Tiger of War." When all reasonable precautions have been taken and all negotiating tactics for peace have failed, you better be ready.

    In Volume Two you will learn the five easiest and most powerful offensive striking weapons of the human body.

    You will also learn when and where to hit the most vulnerable targets to give you immediate superiority over a violent attacker. What would knowledge like that be worth? Would your confidence and self esteem improve?

    In addition, there are 21 Lessons on what to do when you are grabbed - arm holds, head locks, bear hugs, strangles - all the common attacks that your average violent offender will use. Boy, is he in for a rude surprise! You will even learn how to fight back while lying down.
    self defense program
    self defense program
    self defense program
    self defense program
    Get the Set: Only $100 (see Note 1 below)

    Here are even MORE examples:
    • If some violent creep tries to choke you out we will give you a defence so powerful that you decide whether to let him go or "pile drive" his head into the ground.

    • You will learn how to escape any attempt by any offender to hold your arms. Nobody will be able to restrain you or drag you away - even if they are bigger than you. A simple leverage manouever will put paid to that forever.

    • Defend against the most common punch that is thrown in almost any brawl - the big "round-house" to the head. The counter to this will make you wonder why anybody in their right mind would be so stupid to make such a primitive attack.
    In every defence presented I will do what no other self defence instructor has ever done before. (A bold statement, I know!) I will explain and show you very clearly the principles behind why these counters work.

    When you understand these principles you will not only never forget them, you will be able to adapt them to apply to other attacks. In all, there are thirteen principles. Here is just one:
      The "Principle of the Circuit Breaker" - you will learn how to make an attacker stop by breaking his line of thought. In other words, you put a circuit breaker (like pulling a fuse) between him and his intended outcome - hurting you.

    Many of the people who attend my self defense classes do so because they have already been attacked!

    Why wait to get assaulted before you do something about your personal safety and security? A house or car can be repaired. Human bodies and minds often cannot. It doesn't make sense to neglect personal safety when the mental scars of violence can last a lifetime.

    Our Home Study Course assumes absolutely no prior knowledge on your part. This course starts at GROUND ZERO. There are no complicated techniques or procedures. Everything has been tried and tested over many years.

    With crime rates today, do you refuse to gamble with personal safety and wellbeing? If so, order my self defense course today!

    Get the Set: Only $100 (see Note 1 below)

    Note 1: Due to the size and logistics of these manuals they can only be sent by post. Postage is included in the cost of the manuals. (We will contact you via email for your street address).

    Note 2: Yes, you may order this set for your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter or a friend.

      Just click here to email me; tell me the email address that you'd like the download sent to, and I'll send you the bill so that the bill/receipt doesn't go to the recipient of your generous and caring gift.

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