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Topamax For Sale

by Gary ~ January 29th, 2010

Topamax For Sale, Well... the "Marketing With Alex 3.0" seminars were held on the 25th & 26th January 2010. And I have just gotten home after what seems like days on planes to get there and back. Buy Topamax from mexico, In fact, it WAS days from where I live in Perth, Western Australia. Was it just May and June 2009 that we were there last time, order Topamax online overnight delivery no prescription. Gee - how time FLIES (a little pun - doesn't matter), Topamax For Sale.

Incidentally, I didn't take my laptop overseas this time because of all the security issues with taking it in and out of the case and through those damn security scanners. Topamax trusted pharmacy reviews, That was both good and bad. Good that it saved me a bunch of time - bad in that I just looked and I have 3,172 unread emails in just 1 week. Heh.., Topamax reviews. Topamax For Sale, heh... but I do have a whole bunch of ones that say: "Notification of Payment Received." NICE.

Back to the topic of my discussion... Doses Topamax work, the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing seminars in Las Vegas...

Now, from memory, I think it was 26 people who attended the Marketing With Alex 2.0 seminars last time, kjøpe Topamax på nett, köpa Topamax online. Those "saddling up" a second time were Alex Jeffreys (of course), my good mate Garry Parkes (of course), me (of course - DUH!), Dean "Tatts" Holland, Dan "the Mothman" Briffa, Adam Spiel, Ross Carrell, Rob Brookes, JT Martin and Jit Uppal, Topamax For Sale. Mike Ottman was supposed to be with us all a second time also but, unfortunately, Topamax cost, due to family reasons was a last minute withdrawal.

This year, in addition to those mentioned above, we also had - in NO particular order (and I am SORRY if I have missed anybody out!) - Stephanie Mulac (a speaker), Topamax over the counter, Rodger Hyatt (invited guest), Vance Sova, Generic Topamax, Josh Bartlett, Joe Fier, Matt "the Wolfman" Wolfe, Marc "the Magician" Milburn, Topamax australia, uk, us, usa, Marcus "Pass" Passey (yes - he is just as bad in REAL life - LOL), Dean Oram, Topamax street price, Brad "the Zombie" Burnie, David Walker (our new food CRITIC!), Paul Wilson, Graeme Ashe, Topamax from mexico, Daylynne Starr, Sue Worthington, Topamax schedule, Guy Hague, Jed (Clampett) Lamont, Anthony Smits, Dan Tredo, buy Topamax online no prescription, David Chamberlain, Glenn (John) Wayne, Ordering Topamax online, Rex (Spielsy's buddy), Randy Koehler (invited guest), Jacqueline, Kadir, Topamax alternatives, Graham Sutherland, Jean Shaw (far more beautiful "in the flesh" - don't get any nasty ideas - her hubby Malcolm was also there LOL), Low dose Topamax, Steve "the Singer" (God, you are LOUD mate. - who drifted over from Mike Filsaime's events), Erylynne and Karen Woodward, Topamax no prescription. [Late inclusion: I inadvertently missed out Rob Bradley - sorry Rob!]

So, what a motley crew. Topamax For Sale, As usual, most of the "activity" centered around the bar - instead of the New York, New York bar from last time, this year our "pick up" joint (and MORE on THAT later. Topamax recreational, - oh dear...) was the Kokomos Bar, diagonally opposite the check-in counter at the Mirage Resort Casino where most of us stayed. I am absolutely certain that some JV partnerships were "born" there - LOL. Er.., Topamax treatment. and some "other" alliances. Most notably, Parkesy (formerly Saint Parkes - it's only a joke folks...) and I seemed to be in the THICK of it and the prime targets for the "ladies of the night." Undoubtedly they saw us two as the suavest, most debonair and most sophisticated of the Gangsta's peeps, Topamax For Sale. Or... Order Topamax online c.o.d, maybe we just looked like desperados, or something. (I always seem to "attract" this unwanted attention... I wonder why, canada, mexico, india. Topamax For Sale, Hmm. No doubt her Royal Purpleness will offer something here... what's the bet?) So, Topamax dose, Parkesy, if ya don't want the attention DON'T hang out with YOU-KNOW-WHO.

Anyway, I SWEAR one woman spoke to me in words and terms that NO lady has EVER spoken to me before, Topamax use. OMG. Anyway, without belabouring the point I think (after the shock wore off - like about 1 minute) I returned fire as good as I got without sinking to the level that our new found friend "Lisa" descended to (pun intended), Topamax For Sale. If that was her real name I'll walk to New Orleans - as the song goes - next time. Herbal Topamax, If there is a next time...

Anyway... backing up the truck a bit... Topamax For Sale, I got to Vegas on Thursday the 21st coz I had the furthest to fly - Perth to Sydney, Sydney to San Francisco (16 hours with 13 of those right next to an overweight mumma - lay off the extra fries darls - with a kid that SCREAMED non-stop - the LITTLE DARLING!) Holey-moley. Everyone in about a 30 seat radius was affected by this kid's stentorian, Topamax pictures, maniacal and RELENTLESS screaming. Eff-me. Topamax overnight, Oh... then from Frisco to Vegas (can you tell I'm a seasoned visitor to the "States". LOL) another thing happened.., Topamax For Sale.

... after being dead-dog tired and worn out by young Hercules AND having two Japanese women throw their gutses up in the seats in front of me upon landing in San Fran - an EXTRA 2 hours was added to our trip from SF to Vegas coz the weather had closed in, cheap Topamax no rx. So, TWO MORE hours just sitting on the deck on the plane waiting for McCarran (Vegas airport) to open. Where to buy Topamax, Like I said before - HOLEY EFFEN MOLEY. Topamax For Sale, Just what I needed huh.

Well, I arrived in Vegas, caught a cab to the hotel, after Topamax. It was p155ing down with rain and the cabbie's vehicle had about an inch of water in the back seat foot well. Jokingly (though he FAILED to see the funny side of it) I asked him if he had a complimentary snorkel and a pair of flippers for me - maybe that was why we went the LONG way and it cost me $30. Is Topamax addictive, AND my feet were soaked.

So, I did a quick name check with the Concierge desk and determined that I was FIRST in, Topamax For Sale. Hey. I'll take any small victory.

Now, Topamax coupon, I know you are all gonna wanna know about the seminars but they were the "official" bits. Oh OK. Topamax For Sale, Here's a real quick round up... Online buying Topamax hcl, Alex Jeffreys - good opening, quick howdy-doody... enough said.

Gazza Parkes was "Master of Ceremonies" introducing all the speakers - a sterling job Mister Parkes but, Topamax mg, what else would we expect.

Stephanie Mulac - two sessions - both of them fantabulous. Steph spoke about looking after your list and gave some excellent tips and advice, Topamax For Sale. Purchase Topamax, I was scribbling madly (as usual!). Thanks for the credos from the stage too Steph. Much appreciated what you said coz I did do a lot of that stuff that you mentioned. I can't seem to help myself. Topamax For Sale, LOL.

The Jitster - great info on list-building and adswapping. Well done mate.

Deano and Spielsy - awesome overview of their Turbo Traffic system.

Stephanie and Rodger Hyatt (both JV buddies of mine) offered excellent advice to so many people who had questions. Thanks you two, Topamax For Sale. You both fitted in so well. I'm sure the MWA studeys appreciated all your answers.

Now - the IMPORTANT bits...

the usual trolling through the casinos, eating drinking, drinking, drinking - did I mention DRINKING?. Topamax For Sale, And being silly (which I'm pretty good at), the Mike Filsaime "events" at the MGM and the Tao nightclub, groups of people wandering off and others asking: "where has (Insert firstnamefix) got to?" congregating, networking, BS'ing and generally getting to know each other a lot better. That last part is a really important factor IMO. And then... the HIGHLIGHT of the trip (again in MY opinion - and ONLY coz I orgasmized it)...

12 lucky dudes (me included) got to go to the Las Vegas shooting range where we fired all sorts of machine guns (a "grease gun"," some crappy Swedish machine gun that jammed more than it worked - hope nobody attacks the Swedes in a hurry if THAT is the best they've got. - a DELUXE M16 and an MPK-5, I think, from memory) PLUS the Israeli made Desert Eagle .50 cal handgun - KA-BOOM! Ohh.., Topamax For Sale. watch all the videos we all took folks. They will be ALL over the net soon. How AWESOME was that guys. Huh. I SERIOUSLY wanna do that AGAIN! Topamax For Sale, Anyway, all too soon it was again all over red rover and we all departed Viva Las Vegas all pumped up and ready to create havoc.

I wrote this little round up on the last leg of my journey back home - Sydney to Perth. No screaming kid on that one. Thank you GOD!

As Elvis would sing: "Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire..."


PS1: Add your comments folks.

PS2: Pics and videos coming. I just wanted to get this post up quick, Topamax For Sale.

PS3: Click on the banner below for some awesome information on how you can grab your lifestyle:

Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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81 Responses to Topamax For Sale

  1. Mark Terrell

    Hey Gary,

    Nice write up mate… Only sorry i could not attend due to my daughters chest op…

    I will defo hook up with you guys next year….

    Now your all fired up, i bet its hard to bloody sleep…

    Take Care

    To a prosperous 2010

    Mark Terrell

  2. Gary

    Hi Mark,

    Family comes FIRST, second, third etc. Hope she is getting well.

    I will post some pix and some videos later – er, the “acceptable ones” LOL!


  3. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gazza,

    Saint Parkesy here!

    Nice to see you got back safely. Slept for 11 hours myself last night and feel as though I’m slowly recovering from our excesses away!

    You’ll have to work on that “Law of Attraction” stuff Gary. You seem to be improving by NOT having the screaming kid on your return journey but I told you; if you visualized things strongly enough you would have a stunning long-legged blonde for company on the way back home! Oh well, I guess we all can’t be fortunate enough to be “Alpha Males” and have stunning women sit on our laps all the time, LOL.

    Anyway, great meeting up once again mate (what a time we had) and before you know it we’ll be meeting again when I come over to Oz at Christmas.

    Take Care and see you soon :-)

  4. Bruno Auger

    Sounds like you had an awesome time. I’m sure Stephanie had a lot of insightful things to say and would be a pleasure to listen to what she has to say.

    Hopefully oneday I’ll make it there.

  5. Richard Moloney

    Hi Gary

    Sounds like you had a ball in Vegas I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. But there is always next year.

    I look forward to seeing the videos when they are released


  6. James Stewart

    Hi Gaz

    Sounds like you all had a great time………again.

    One day I hope to join you all – one day!!


  7. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hey Gary,

    How did I know that the two Gary’s would be up to mischief ….

    Sounds like a great Seminar and look forward to sharing the golden nuggets ….

    Are you guys sure that they were ladys ???

    Suddenly the Crying Game Scene has come into my head HA HA HA HA HA !!!

    Speak soon


  8. marcus passey

    Gazz that is a great post, I seem to remember parksey saying you was a writer and it shows. Certainly wish I could write like that, ha im kissing arse really.
    Hey mate was really good actually meeting you. pity it was so short and sweet.
    Great shooting those guns, I was in total control mate.
    Maybe I will make Vegas next time.

    enjoy the wedding.

    Speak soon


  9. Gary

    @ Gazza – “Alpha male” – yeah that was too funny. Like all the other sh!t good ole “Lisa” was talking – BIG talker, very light on action. I was gonna push her all the way but she chickened out long before that.

    There was, in fact, a “stone cold” stunner on the flight. I sat next to her in the departure lounge. Funny about that huh? But the people on the flights home were OK. NO screamin kids or pukers!

    We had a good time, didn’t we Gazza? I might be doing some “work” – wink, wink – while I’m away. ;-) Talk to you soon dude!

    @ Bruno – the Stephanator was awesome mate. She is a great presenter. I am sure that all the seminar attendees gained a heap of quality information from her two presentations. I believe it is always a VERY GOOD idea to listen to the woman’s perspective. Sometimes us guys get all gung-ho and forget that there is a female point-of-view to be taken into account. BIG mistake since 50% of our suspects, prospects, customers and clients are female.

    More replies soon.

    Thanks Garry and “Hammer” (Bruno.


  10. Gary

    @ Richard – yeah, pity you couldn’t be there mate. There will be a HEAP of pics and videos going on to all the blogs real soon – including here. Er, I shall apologize in advance if any of my language is “colorful.”

    @ James – Wait to you see us all shooting the machine guns and the Desert Eagle!

    Thanks for commenting.


  11. Gary

    @ Tommy – well, let’s just say that one was a woman, not a lady. LOL! OMG the stuff that came out of her mouth – like I said… I ain’t ever heard a woman say that sort of thing before – completely unprovoked. She called me and Parkesy over and then it just started. Well, it started with her asking us what we did and then she said: “I have a porn site!” Well, if the site is as good as her porn-mouth then it’s gotta be pretty darn heavy-duty.

    I mean, she was “pleasant” enough – just kinda a real shock to have a woman initiate those kinda “conversations.”

    Oh, then I spotted her a few days later leaving the buffet coz I scan people and I detected her. I yelled out but she ignored us. I’m sure she saw us but her and her friend pretended not to notice. Interesting huh?

    @ Marcus – thanks Pass! Um, do you even remember being there? There was one day – after you guys went to the nightclub – where, had you breathed out when somebody was lighting up a ciggy, the whole Mirage would have blown sky-high. The Passman!

    Thanks for commenting guys.


  12. Lisa

    OMG!! Y’all must have had a blast!! Great story, and NO, I am NOT the “Lisa Porn gal” in Vegas!!

    Hope to make it there next time.
    Thanks for letting us know how it went!



  13. Gary

    Hi Lisa – OMG I saw the name Lisa and thought – no way! Coz I did give her my biz card. UNlike somebody else… who probably showed far greater wisdom and sense. Neverthelsess, when in Vegas…

    Anyway, she did have a rather pretty face – just like you honeybunch.

    Thanks for making the comment. See you next time huh?


  14. Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)

    Hi Gary,

    I think you’re scary enough without a machine gun ;)

    Jit’s a great speaker isnt he? I saw him at his first presentation in Manchester last year. He contributed a lot to the event making more noise than the rest of us put together!

    Look forward to seeing the videos…



  15. Alex jeffreys

    OMG … What a time we had huh?

    I left Vegas at 2.30pm Wednesday and have
    pretty much slept untill now – Saturday afternoon?

    And gazzman you had me PMSOL with the comment
    on the snorkal & flippers (hahahaha) you funny mofo :-)

    and you are dead right about the speakers – they were great huh :-)

    and I can vouch on the comment about marcus,
    his breath was lighter fluid alright, and the funny thing is
    we were all meeting up to drive excotic cars?

    As everyone was so hung over we went and shot machine guns instead?
    Go figure :-)

    good times …

    … Cya in Vegas again soon

    talk WAY before


  16. Chris Beamish

    Hi Gary

    Sounds like you had a great time and I can’t wait to see the videos.

    I have only been to Las Vegas once but would love to go again.

    I will try to make it next year but I doubt I could keep up with you lot!


  17. Paula Brett

    Hey Darrrrhhhlink

    So glad you had a brilliant trip. Sounds like you caused as much havoc as you did last time. I’m gutted I couldn’t make it – just reading your account brought the memories flooding back – fourdeen, in fact ;)

    I notice you gave the Luxor the big `E’ this time – too many disreputable ladies hanging around in corridors waiting for you???

    I hope you’re going to come to the UK for meeting at some stage, it would be lovely to meet up with you again.

    P.S. You still haven’t sent me that video ;)


  18. Nikki

    *shakes head*

    Why is it that wherever you go, you seem to attract wannabe p*rn stars?! (Purposely asterisked as I don’t want to invite all the spammers over here to have a go).

    Sounds like you all had a most eventful time out there – any moth stories this time? I look forward to the videos – I know you always have a good collection of these things…sometimes informative, sometimes, er, teaching *other* lessons…PMSL.


  19. Maddi

    What a story. It feels like I was there in Vegas with you guys you writing style is awesome. I’d give anything to be there when you met that porno woman lol

    I’ll definitely keep coming back for more and would love to see any recordings of the speakers and presentations if they are made public or any pics and videos of you guys hanging out.

    p.s. On a different note I was a contributor at Self Improvement giveaway and what a great experience that was. My first giveaway.
    Thanks a lot for that you guys It really helped me kick start my list.

  20. Heidi

    Sounds like it was great fun. Wish I had made it. Can’t wait to hear more about it from everyone and to see some videos! Your snorkel comment is hilarious, Gary!

  21. Vance Sova

    Hi Gary,

    Good to see you recovering from the festive occasion so quickly without even a dent in your witty writing.

    It was not disappointing meeting you and I did have high expectations.

    The time was too short to hang out with everybody long enough and especially with you being all over the place.

    I’ll catch up with you the next time around.


  22. Gary

    @ Keith – Scary? Me? Nah! Ask ANY of the peeps who went to Vegas. They will tell you otherwise. Then again the DH who gave me a shove in the bar may not agree. I told him that was his one and only free push. He left me alone after that. I even captured it on video – right at the end of the “titty dance” that Rodger Hyatt filmed of me and this VERY well-endowed lady.

    I think that guy was trying to crack on to her when I grabbed her (not literally) for the film and he didn’t like it. Out of all the people he could have become aggressive with he made the worst possible choice.

    I’m just wondering if I’ll put that video on my blog. Should I? If I get enough people saying YES then I’ll do it.

    @ Gangsta – Yeah I almost stuffed up BIG TIME when I was filming all the crew just before we went into the shooting range. I said: “And here is Pass, pissed as a parrot” or something equally DUMB then thought, “Oh-oh. You shouldn’t have said that Gazza!” But the guys in charge obviously didn’t hear me among all the conversations.

    So, it was weird that Pass probably shouldn’t have driven a car but went and fired machine guns instead. Dopey, huh?

    The speakers were great. Thanks for organizing the event. How about a new venue next time – like Florida or San Diego or Monterey or Santa Barbara? Personally, I’m getting a bit sick of Vegas. After you’ve been there twice it all seems the same. I’ve been there 3 times in the last two years. Just being selfish I s’pose.


  23. Gary

    @ Chris – well, like I said above, I’m a bit sick of Vegas – so much noise from the machines “CHING, CHING, CHING” and the blaring music all competing to “attract” you into the various bars. Then we have the prostitutes (everywhere), the pimps, the SAD gamblers just sitting and poking their homes through those little slots on the machines. I seriously DO find that pretty sad. And the bums who want hand-outs. It’s a sleazy place. No wonder they call it Sin-City. LOL!

    @ Pauls! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarls! Honey-pie. It just wasn’t the same without you and Nix. We had SO much fun last time, didn’t we? Hey! Where have you been? I’ve tried to engage you on Twitter but you haven’t been there when I have.

    Fourdeen is such a good number, isn’t it? I shoulda put that number on the Roulette Wheel.

    Ha, ha! The INfamous video. I left that on my flip cam and showed Parkesy. We had a good old laugh about it. So you and Nix were with us in Vegas in spirit. God that is one heck of a FUNNY video. I just don’t know whether I could let it loose anywhere without a bit of editing to clean it up a bit. I reckon we’d all get in the poo over some of the stuff on that particular piece of humor. But the “wheelchair” scene and the “car crash” and the “loss of the eye and the breast” etc etc is hilariously funny. We were in fine form that day.

    Every time I watch it I laugh. Remember the waitress at the Luxor? Remember she said: “Whatever it is that you three are on I want some!”

    Missed you and Nix for sure.


  24. Jed

    He Gazzman!

    Nice to finally meet you in person! It was fun hanging
    with everyone from Alex’s forum and putting faces to
    screen names!

    I wanted to make it to the race car driving (scratched),
    machine gun shooting but I was in even worse shape
    than “the Passman”!

    I think I cracked a rib somewhere, somehow in the

    Other than that, fun times had by all!

    It’ll be fun to see ya’ll again at the next one!


  25. Gary

    @ Nix – Ditto my comments to Pauls above. We missed you. Yep, I seem to attract the attention of these “strange” people. I’ll have some videos to put here soon and you’ll see what I mean – NOT that you need to see, huh?

    Thanks for not mentioning the P*RN word. OMG! Ask Parkesy about “Lisa” and what she said to us! Now I know you hate ALL seafood but good old Lisa just didn’t wanna let up about oysters (if you get my drift) and how much she enjoys them. Anyway… enough of THAT!

    I wanted to take Briffs and the boys to the Mandalay to get that TRIKE but we just ran out of time. I had an idea in my mind to “interview” the shop attendant concerning taking the trike for a “test drive” down the Strip. It would have been so funny. I had this whole scene in my mind. If they’d have played along then it would have been a very amusing video.

    I gave Dan a few moth stickers that I bought. I’m sure they ended up in his wallet. Maybe they are breeding…

    Funny you should mention the “teaching” thing. Stephanie said something very similar in her second session.

    You shoulda been there Nix. Maybe next time huh?

    @ Maddi – I’ll take the serious part first. It REALLY makes me feel good when I can do something to help people kick-start their online career – and in this case it was list-building. The Giveaway you speak of, of course, is Self improvement 4 that was run by Stephanie Mulac and assisted by Rodger Hyatt and myself. (See the SI4 post elsewhere on this blog).

    We have all received such POSITIVE feedback on that. Most people grew their lists by many hundreds. I took a look at the stats of about 20 people and the gift link hits were anywhere between 150 to over 2000! So that really pleases me.

    We also got a very small number of nasty comments and criticism by a select few who are down on the world but that is to be expected. Some people are NEVER happy.

    As for Vegas – what a HOOT! I met so many wonderful people. I made it my personal mission to get around to as many people as I could (multiple times) just to say howdy, chat and see if I could help them out with anything.

    Maddi, I’ll get some pics and videos put up here just as soon as I resolve my bandwidth issues. I am VERY close to my maximum at the moment, so I don’t wanna push it until I get a few more Gigs attached to my hosting account.

    Thanks for commenting Nikki and Maddi! (I couldn’t resist pairing your names up – LOL!)


  26. Gary

    @ HeidiUNfortunately, the cabbie didn’t think much of me mentioning the snorkel and flippers. But… I think… (and I know I will probably get into strife for mentioning this but… ah, what the HECK! It’s my blog…) what really got me OFF-side with him was when he asked, “Should I get a towel for it?” and quick-as-a-flash I replied (without engaging my brain): “Maybe you could use the one on your head.” THAT was when things kinda went south in our relationship.

    That stupid thing we know as “political correctness” is not a big asset of mine.

    @ Vance – well, I’m glad I passed the test – LOL! Like I mentioned above, I really tried to weave my way around everyone as many times as possible but with the big number of people all moving all over the place that is rather difficult. I enjoyed the company of everyone and certainly enjoyed learning more about those I have been interacting with electronically for so long.

    Thanks Heidi and Vance.


    PS: You may note that I pretty much say and write what I think. Sometimes (eg the cabbie) that gets me into trouble but that’s me. Subtle as a falling brick. Well, at least everyone knows where I stand on things. LOL!

  27. Gary

    Ha! Jed – You sneaked in there while I was answering all the others. Yeah! A real pleasure meeting you too mate. I saw you doing a nice bit of “networking” at the bar that night – using Marc Milburn’s er… “introduction techniques” – LOL!

    Wait till you see the machine gun and Desert Eagle videos. I’ll try and get one on tomorrow.


    PS: I just gotta make mention of this… I have been HANGING OUT to get my Alexa ranking below 50,000 and today I notice it has PLUMMETED to 44,274! Woo-hoo!

  28. Gary

    Here’s a pic of (from left to right) Rodger Hyatt’, Stephanie Mulac’, me and Randy Koehler’ at the Mirage Casino’s Kokomos Bar – January 2010.


  29. Nikki

    Hey darls…

    Did you take fourdeen videos? Seeing Paula’s comment above reminded me even more of the fun that we had when we were out there last year…good times.

    Yes, will definitely be up for the next session – I did hear rumour of there being a UK meet up at some point – get your ar*e (UK spelling) over to the UK to share our cold miserable weather!! Though I can’t promise you all the ladies of the night over here – for some reason they just aren’t as prevalent here…

    As for adventures to foreign lands, count me in…

    PMW (WPT Twin with Queen Paula)

  30. Gary

    Darls! Nix. LOL!

    I think I took at LEAST fourdeen videos. Yep. It was fun back in may/June 2010. It was fun this time too. I met lotsa nice folks.

    Oh, I’m sure some of those LOTN would gravitate my way. I’m a magnet for them. LOL!


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  32. Dean Oram

    Hello Gary

    Had a great time In Vegas and was great to me you boys and girls.

    Glad I could show you how to shoot hand guns (LOL)

    I bet your glad to get home and play with your smoking shotgun.

    Just a warning to everybody, Gary was so happy while we were in the Gun shop smiling from ear to ear and wanting to go back for more!!.

    How comes our Favourite Barman hasn’t commented on your blog yet?.

    Speak Soon


  33. Gary

    Hi Dean – Oh, you NOTICED how happy I was at the firing range huh? You did pretty well with your shooting too. I was impressed.

    Oh yeah… ha, ha… the fatty boombar barman with the shitty attitude. He got told huh? I wasn’t putting up with that crap from him. Did you notice how his attitude improved the following evening? Some people just need to be informed that their garbage attitudes simply are NOT acceptable. He got told alright. Good and proper.

    There is more than one way to get a job like that done. I figured that confrontation wasn’t the best option. The best option was to EXPLAIN to his Manager that his actions were “unneccessary.” Maybe he’ll think twice in future before he serves that crap up to other people.

    Nice meeting you DeanO and hope to do it again soon.


  34. Collette Jones

    Hi Gaz

    Sounds like a fun trip, wish I could have been there!

    Looking forward to seeing the videos… though it sounds like the ones you won’t be posting would be veeeeery interesting.

    Pity you didn’t have your video handy when you met Lisa the p*rn queen :-)

    Talk soon


  35. Gary

    Hi Colls – gee you were FAST off the Twitter starting line! I only just put that tweet out – LOL!

    Indeed, we all had a wonderful and very interactive and informative time. Er… some of the “ladies of the night” wanted to get even MORE interactive – like the one that um… licked my face. Maybe she was a dog in a former life. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr-uff! In fact, that one was rather pretty and her perfume lingered on me for ages.

    I may indeed post some of the more “interesting” videos – especially the booby pec dance. Now THAT was interesting. But the guns… the guns were what I got excited over – LOL!

    Um, just on Lisa the P*rn Queen – and Parkesy will back me up here – I WANTED to video what she was saying to us but she declined. She chickened out. No wonder too!


  36. Pete Williams

    After reading this post, all i can say is that i’m jealous that i couldn’t be there.

    I signed up for coaching with Alex less than a week ago (MWA 2.1) so by the time i knew about this event, it was already happening.

    Hopefully i’ll get to meet you all at one of the next events (aslong as i make enough money to get there).

    Glad you all had a great time!


  37. Lisa (NOT the P*rn Queen)

    When you posted this, it was the first time I had ever seen your site. I can see why your Alexa ranking is getting better and better!
    Y’all are crazy! Havin fun and saying anything that comes to mind! Especially the towel comment! Had me laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes!!
    I can’t wait to see the videos y’all took and I will subscribe to everything you have! Great site!! Glad I found it!! (or you found me!!)

    Thanks again!!

    Lisa<<<Good Christian Girl =)

  38. Mohamed Hammad

    Hey Gary,

    It looks like you had a blast in Vegas!

    I feel terribly bad because I wasn’t able to come, but I am sure I will come next year if there is an event!

    Thanks for keeping us updated about the Vegas meeting.

    Mohamed Hammad

  39. Gary

    @ Pete – yeah, that’s entirely understandable that your timing wasn’t good. I am sure there will be a next time. But, in the meantime, get around the blogs (as you have done here) and make yourself known. And also on the MWA forum. It helps a LOT when you meet others in person if they already know you pretty well electronically.

    @ Lisa – the GOOD Christian girl. I like to make people laugh Lisa – even if it is at my own expense. The world today is so FULL of precious, easily offended, negative, false people and the politically correct morons who serve that culture and inspire all of that lunacy. I’m NOT one of them.

    Thanks for the compliments on my blog. ANYthing could happen here and so long as I am not hurting people I shall continue to be out-spoken, risque and have strong opinions for everyone to read and comment on. I know I cross the line at times but if people don’t like that then they always have the option to stay away. But the opposite is true. People flock here. I often have 1,000 to 2,000 visitors a day. And, as you can see – the PROOF is in my very low Alexa ranking – currently 44,274.

    @ Mo – DUDE! With all that cashasaurus you made at Christmas time you shoulda been there. It ain’t like you can’t afford it – LOL! I am certain that people would have wanted to listen to how you made all that money so quickly. Well done again on that. Maybe we shall see you next time.

    In reference to your comment:

    “It looks like you had a blast in Vegas!”

    We SURE did – in more ways than one – ie the SHOOTING RANGE. That was so much fun. So many guys used a firearm for the first time and they had a selection of machine guns and a BIG nasty handgun as their initiation. I reckon they will be driving their family and friends mad with the stories. It was great fun to set all that up for them.

    Thanks for commenting Pete, Lisa and Mo.


  40. Paula Brett

    Gary, if you don’t send me that video, you’re in big trouble, mate. Puuuuurlease, I really want to see it. I keep looking at the other ones, remember, the interview ones in the bar. Only 4 people have seen them… you, me, Nix and Parksey, so you have no fear whatsoever of them `getting out’, I can assure you. Do send it PLEASE!

    I know, I can’t believe that we keep missing each other on Twitter. I did give it a miss for a couple of months cos all the spammers were totally doing my head in, but they seem to have made it easier not to be bogged down by it all now, thank God

    Speak soon daaarrrrrhlink – and you’ll be glad to know the wheelchair has been oiled, at least fourdeen times; the tiara is still at the restorers; the eye and breast are as well as can be expected!

    Love ya

    QPofTL (WPT Twin with PMW)

  41. Gary

    Queen Pauls – How can I refuse a direct order from our Queen.

    Yes, there are only 4 people who have seen that video. Thank Goodness! Now EVERYBODY is gonna wanna know what it is about. So, pre-empting that I am just gonna say this…

    It was me and Paula and Nikki being totally silly telling a ridiculous story about how a truck crashed through the wall at the seminar (totally false, of course) and injured Paula (eg she lost a leg and an eye… and a breast – er, that was my idea and then Nikki was talking about sharing one of hers with Paula, which if you know either lady is really bloody funny in itself) and then me crapping on about worker’s compensation. But our language leaves a fair bit to be desired and we are telling a few “in house” jokes that – while hilarious to us at the time (and to me even now) – may not be so well received by others coz we were just going off about whatever came to mind and everything was a fair target that day. Hence, to preserve what little is left of our reputations, it ain’t gonna be shared.

    But I am trying to send it to you two and my computer is telling me the file is too big to send. So, I’m investigating how I can condense it into something smaller. It’s 207MB. Any ideas?

    Pauls – oiling anything fourdeen (in-house joke) times will obviously get it loosened up.

    Oh, these acronyms…

    And – Twitter – UGH! yes, I FULLY agree. There was a period there where I just became incensed at the absolute garbage that people were thrusting at everyone. I got so sick of that nonsense about “what M&M color are you?” and “what mafia family do you belong to?” and “what Michael Jackson song are you?” 1,000’s of morons were sending it and it made me become totally disillusioned with the collective “mindset” – if you could even call it that – of the DH’s pumping that crap that I just left Twitter to sort itself out.

    One thing I cannot stand is the herd doing herd things. One DH starts that garbage and the rest of the herd thinks that it’s clever or something. IT AINT CLEVER! It’s just so DUMB! To me it defines the vast number of people who were doing it as DH’s!

    I’m slowly warming back to Twitter again but – Jeez! If people continue with that nonsense then you won’t see me for dust.

    Mini rant over. Thanks Pauls – I’ve been wanting to get that Twitter detritus off my chest for ages. And speaking of chests… were you able to claim anything for your MASSIVE loss? LOL!


  42. David Walker

    Hey Gazz,

    Wow, what an awesome round up of events!

    (and, I actually read all of it this time – not just the emboldened bits!!!)

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you at last having spoken online for about the past six months and you are way too modest – you are a LEGEND (I don’t think there is anyone commenting on here who would disagree!)

    Hopefully we’ll get some opportunities to work on some stuff together this year and that we can meet up again at some point (3.0 next year?)

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog, but I have a long way to go before I am hitting your kind of numbers!

    Speak soon.


  43. Randy (MountainMan)

    I had a blast! Gary, it was a pleasure to meet you and Gary Parkes as well.

    I’m still attempting to recover (no, not from drinking – had very little of that actually). Just the trip, all the hikes that were taken through the hotels and the sheer energy drain of just being there in Vegas and meeting so many good people.

    Hey who posted my mug above? :)

    All in all, I had a lot of fun and also managed to learn a few things.

    Hope to meet up with you again soon Gary.


  44. Gary

    @ David – Heh… heh… I remember that. Normally you just read the emboldened bits. LOL! Well, I don’t blame you Iron Chef. It’s near on impossible to read all these blogs, emails, forum entries etc etc.

    LEGEND is made up of two smaller words – leg and end. What we find at a leg’s end is precisely what somebody just called me in an email. A disgruntled (and sad) subscriber just called me an “asshole.” Nice huh? So what you said just balances out that person’s nastiness. [BTW I just told that person to UNsubscribe. Who wants somebody like that? I certainly don’t!]

    I’ll tell you David, when you have a bit of a profile there are a lot of green-eyed monster types who become diseased with jealousy. Thanks for the kudos but my feet are firmly on the ground. Remember that song with the words: “One day a diamond, the next day a stone” ? For every lovely compliment I get I also get about a dozen really nasty name-callers. But that’s OK. It’s easy to see why there is a 95% and 5% split between unsuccessful people versus successful people.

    Your blog is an up-and-comer. I see great merit in what you are doing over there (follow David’s link folks). You are following the same path that I did. Soon you too will have the low Alexa Ranking and 1000’s of people crawling all over your blog. Just remember that with BIG numbers also comes a good share of haters, flamers, abusers, critics and snipers whose PRIME INTENTION is to take you down to a lower level where it makes them feel far more comfortable.

    Thanks for the visit and the comments David and – just out of curiousity – where did you eat last night and how was the food? LOL!


  45. Gary

    @ Randy (Macho Man) Koehler – As with David above it was also a distinct pleasure finally meeting you too Randy.

    Didn’t the time go quickly?

    I posted that pic of us. I thought it was a good one despite the lesser quality to what I would have liked. I might trim it up a bit later (IF I find some time – which means that it will probably stay as is – LOL!)

    The BEST thing about attending events like this is the networking. Remember I said to you that your belief and enthusiasm would soar after going to Vegas and meeting so many like minded people? I reckon it has, huh?

    Anyway, I learned a few little tricks as well. I just need to implement them now. We had a great bunch of people in Las Vegas. Glad you really liked it. You should have come out to the shooting range. Now that WAS a blast – in more ways than one!

    I know you got stuck in Houston on the way back home but spare a thought for me. From where I live, I have about 24 hours IN THE AIR each way, plus stop-overs.

    Thanks for visitin’ Randy. Talk later on Skype maybe.


  46. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazza

    Long time no speak… Glad to hear that you lived up to your reputation again in Vegas!

    I’m looking forward to the next set of videos, can’t believe that some people didn’t want to be part of them – reputations to protect I suppose.

    I’ve been rather low profile myself over the past couple of months but as I am no longer employed for “operational reasons” I now have to take the consistent action I know I need to take. Must start using your Action Planner properly as I know that will help to keep me on track.

    Like Alex Jeffreys is going to spend the next 90 days detoxing and working on his business – now is my time to do that too. Just check up on me occasionally and make sure that I’m taking ACTION not just reading and thinking. I know what to do – now I have to just do-o-o-o it!


  47. Gary

    Hils – hi darls. Gee, that sounds serious – “operational reasons” – is usually a lie for some other reason. Sorry to hear that but… maybe it is a blessing in disguise. One door closes…

    Regarding the videos, well I have some hooters – literally (wink, wink) – of videos. I just need the time to get them all up here. I reckon I might just drift them in over the next few weeks. There were so many pics and videos taken. The net will be flooded with them soon. And there is one that I really hope does not get put up where I am doing a paper trick for Dean Holland’. Oh dear – a few drinks can be embarrassing. Then again, my “reputation” was shot long ago – LOL!

    I think a LOT of people know what to do but finding the time and then the big barrier – PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE – is what stops most.

    Thanks for visiting Hilary. Next time? Vegas?


  48. Rob Brooks

    Hey Gary,
    I was one of the lucky ones because after I came back from a meal I saw you and Garry P going head to toe with Vegas Lisa. Because there was such intense conversation going on my inner voice told me to leave you guys alone.

    Thanks for filling in me later on the details. There something about you that made her take up the Gazz-man challenge.

    Great meeting, seems like everyone is getting into work overdrive from what they learned.

  49. Christine Moreno

    Hi, Gary, Kevin and I really enjoyed meeting you in Las Vegas and to have a chance to get to know you. What an interesting man you are!! Wish we had more time, but those were a couple of crazy days, to be sure!!! And what a crew you hang with! OMG!

    Lots of fun! Hope to keep in touch together!
    Our best,
    Christine Moreno and
    Kevin Silva

  50. Gary

    Brookesy! hey nice to see you in Vegas again. Er, not sure if “head to toe” would be the correct terminology – though she was pitching for a bit of that action, I’m sure.

    Your “inner voice” served you very well Rob. I still cannot believe the way she inveigled her way into our presence and then changed the conversation in the way she did. Parkesy and I were astonished at the words that came out of her mouth. And not only the words but also the way that she said what she said. OMG! Yep. I do tend to attract all sorts of people. I guess it’s coz I’m prepared to talk to everybody and not ignore people.

    Hi Christine – Wow! You found your way here. I’m impressed. So nice talking to you and Kevo. Pity we didn’t catch up later after having a few good long chats at Mike Filsaime’s event at the MGM.

    I was wanting to sit next to you guys in the MGM’s buffet (ie the one that Iron Chef David Walker’ HATED – and told us all every 2-3 minutes… a little joke there Chris. Hoping the IC will read that and laugh) but everyone scrambled to the tables in a disorganized manner.

    “Interesting man!” Well, I have been called a lot worse than that. LOL! So THANK YOU. As you can see, I’m pretty much the same here as I am in person. WYSIWYG.

    Yep. We mix with a GREAT bunch of very diverse people. Meeting and mixing with all my cyber buddies is something that I enjoy very much. It’s a big sacrifice in time and tolerance (not to mention money) for me to get to these events from where I live but I believe it’s worth it. And I got to meet you and Kevin too, so that was a nice bonus.

    Thanks for commenting Rob and Chris. Feel free to come back and share the lunacy here any time you want. Sometimes I even make intelligent observations and comments. LOL! And there IS a bunch of great free stuff here that you can have if you want. Just look at all those e-books I have written!


  51. Paul Wilson

    Hey Gary,

    Blimey, been lying low for a coupla days to get over my jetlag (hangover … lol) and there’s been all sorts going on over here!!

    Nice overview, I think “Lisa” was hilarious. I’m sure she put you into shock for a couple of minutes ha!

    Great to finally meet you, I will look forward to the next time … MWA 3.0??

    Take care mate,


  52. Gary

    Hi Paul – all hell can break loose here when I get on a roll. I’ve been neglecting pumping this blog for a while but now I have heaps of ammo (just staying with the theme) to attract big mobs of peeps. LOL!

    Did you HEAR what she was saying to me and Parkesy? OMG! I thought my ears (or my brain) were deceiving me. It did take me back a step but I recovered. LOL!

    Yeah, nice to meet you too Paul. And mate… what about the machine guns? Huh? How damn good was that?



  53. James Howard

    Hey Gary,

    Wish I could have made the trip, sounds like you had a blast again.

    Sounds like you had a rough time getting there but also sounds like you more than made the most of it.

    Hope to make the next trip.

    Talk soon,


  54. Paul Wilson

    Man, those guns were freakin’ awesome!!

    hmmm, we didn’t go driving cars because we were a bit hungover, so we decided to go shoot some guns instead … :-? Could have been a bit scarey. LOL!

    Talk soon mate,


  55. Gary

    @ James – we DID have a blast – in more ways than you might imagine. Wait till you see the videos. Too bad you missed out on it this time James but… there’s always a NEXT time. See you then, huh?

    @ Paul – Ha! You LIKED the guns huh? Trust me to lead all you guys astray. But I saw the smiles and excitement on your faces. It was something you will never forget.

    Yep. Pass was too p155ed to drive but NOT to fire machine guns. How stupid was that? LOL!

    I gotta admit Paul, I was pretty concerned at the lack of security at that place. If a nutter had’ve walked in he could have done a LOT of damage before he got stopped. That was why I was watching those guys we didn’t know like a hawk. Plus, dunno whether you noticed it or not but all of those instructors were carrying side arms.


  56. Gary

    Hi folks,

    I managed to get the first of my little video shares up and running. Here I am at the Las Vegas shooting range having a few shots of the .50cal Desert Eagle handgun. Wow! This big unit packs a punch. Check it out:

  57. Anthony Smits

    Hey Gary

    Woo, what a blast. I guess if you do get your wish for a move from Vegas it will have to be somewhere that has guns – fast cars and trikes are passe now…

    And thanks for the advice to carry your own towel when taking a vegas cab in case the locals won’t share…

    It was great meeting you, Aussie I look forward to the next adventure. And thanks for all your help online..


  58. Gary

    @ Anthony – BLAST being the operative word. LOL! Somehow, I think Vegas is the place everyone else will favor. I can’t see that changing. Damn…

    Re towels: Ha ha, I was wondering whether I should have said that or not. Oh well… it’s been said now. To me it’s not WHAT is said it’s the WAY that it’s said. I was only trying to have a joke with the guy. I was the one with the wet feet from his swimming pool cab! Not my fault if he has no sense of humor.

    People can say whatever they want to me so long as it’s said with a smile and the tone is friendly. Way too many PRECIOUS people in this world. In fact, today I was listening to some Irish guy who is trying to ban all Irish jokes coz he finds them personally offensive. What a dill.

    The THOUGHT POLICE are invading everyone’s rights to free speech and free thought. It’s nuts!

    Thanks for visiting Anthony. Nice meeting you too.


  59. Tom Harvey


    Great account and video of the gun range is awesome – makes me even sicker that I missed the trip this year!!

    Seen a lot of talk on Twitter and Facebook and quite a few peoples pics and absolutely gutted that I missed the opportunity to hang out with you guys and share a fair few drinks along the way. Sadly couldn’t shift some work commitments but no way thats happening next time…..

    Hope 2010 continues as its started….


  60. Nikki


    Hmm…so last time we had a video of you potentially naked in a spa in Vegas, and now we have one of you with a loaded weapon in your hand that you then proceed to fire…

    I just can’t help myself, you know I can’t resist a little innuendo!!


  61. Gary

    @ Tom – the shooting range was even more awesome than the small snip you see here. A lot of the 11 others guys that I went with have their own videos of us firing the machine guns. We had such a GREAT time.

    For most of them, it was the first time they have ever used a firearm. And to do it with M16’s, the .50cal Desert Eagle, MP5’s etc it was just an experience they will NEVER forget. And WHO led them astray… GazzMan, of course. LOL!

    Um, the “experience” in the Kokomos Bar at the Mirage Casino was pretty interesting too. I’m in two minds as to whether I will put that video up of my new-found friend and I doing our “pec dance.” LOL! You HAD to be there. But the video is rather interesting. I might put it up… whoknows. She could only sue me…


  62. Gary

    @ Nix – what a PLEASURE. Yes, that would be “potentially” naked. Hey! I have ANOTHER video of me in the spa down at Busselton in the South-West of Western Australia – taken a couple of weeks ago when I went down there for that wedding. I haven’t put it up here coz… well, ONE video of me in the spa is probably enough. In fact, probably MORE than enough!

    You and your innuendo…

    Well, I like to hold big weapons in my hands. I could go on but Lizzie the Lizard might be reading and I really don’t wanna corrupt her (more than she probably already is, I spose).

    Thanks for coming over on your broomstick. Is anything happening at the LAIR? I might pop over and take a look.


  63. Rob Bradley

    Hey Gary,

    What a great guest list and account of Vegas (APART FROM THE FACT YOU MISSED ME OUT!!) ;-)

    But I don’t blame your recall…it was always going to be difficult to compete with the memory of the ‘pec flexing competition’ between you and that lovely lady at the bar :-)

    Was great to meet you and I look forward to the next time.

    Take care GazzMan

  64. Gary

    Ahhhh – Rob – I’m so sorry. I KNEW I had missed some folks out.

    Maybe you shoulda said compete with the mammary of the “pec flexing competition.” LOL!

    Sorry mate. I do recall you well – despite that distraction. You went out with Alex and bought those outrageously priced shots of whisky or something, didn’t you?


  65. Julie - Inspired to Write

    HA! So that is what “Marketing with Alex” seminars are all about! Machine guns and dirty women! LOL Great story and yep, there are ALWAYS stories when one goes to Vegas!

  66. Rob

    Hello mate,

    Thanks for stopping over at my blog and no worries for missing me out!!

    It’s very rare that a Yorkshireman will part with his cash for something outrageously priced – I’m sure Parkesy will back me up on that one ;-) but if opposite the Bellagio fountains on a terrace after a blast of a few days in Vegas isn’t the occasion to splash out a little, then I don’t know what is.

    Take care mate and hope to speak soon.


  67. Richard Moloney


    Having read the above comments I am even more sorry now that I was unable to make Vegas this time.

    You should have told the cabby to drill some holes in the floor to let the water out, or to plug up the leaks where it was coming in.

    However for most of the year he probably doesn’t see any rain.

    One of my resolutions for this year is to be there next time.and if It is at all possible I will be.

    The videos we don’t get to see will probably be the best ones and if someone doesn’t like them being shown they should not have taken part in them.

    Lisa at the bar should not have been given the choice to appear or not, but her reasons for not wanting to be in one was probably because you didn’t offer to pay her.

    Richard Moloney

  68. Peter Davies

    Great time by the sound of it – and dirty women? I cant believe I missed out on that one!

    I sure hope there will be another one 6 months or so that I can hop on board!

  69. Singing Steve

    Hey Gary,

    The prize fighter Marvin Hagler legally changed his name when an announcer refused to introduce him as Marvelous Marvin Hagler. So I may change mine to Singing Steve legally…but I’m not Steve “The Singer”…

    Just a minor correction. But I had to prove that I really am an Opera Singer many times to you folks.

    Anyway…thanks for a brief one on one about adswaping, I’ve been putting it into action and will be continuing this from the great contacts I met at Alex’s gracious event.

    Here’s to Tra la la ing.

    Singing Steve

  70. Jean Shaw

    Hmmmm, Gary Simpson – suave, debonair and sophisticated , or just plain desperate?

    I’ll opt for the first.

    I realise trawling the casinos, eating, drinking and having fun is a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, and you do it so well!

    Great to finally meet you in Las Vegas – am no longer intimidated by your powerful size and presence. (Nikki’s not the only one who can’t resist innuendo!)

    Thanks for the compliment by the way, and for your help.

    Maybe we’ll meet up at another workshop some time in the future, but like you I hope it’s not in Las Vegas.

    Let me know when you’re free for the interview.

    Take care


  71. Theresa Mayhew

    Hey Gary,
    Sounds like you had an entertaining trip; giving as much as you got, I’m sure. Glad to get the notice of your post.

    I’m in the middle of treatment for cancer and look forward to getting back to online business. I’ll be starting over when I’m well enough to sit long enough.

    Take care,

  72. Gary

    @ Julie – Hi. Yep the “Marketing With Alex” events are always preceded and ended with all sorts of socializing. Hmm. Maybe I could have re-phrased that better. Anyway, it’s the networking that makes it all so much fun. You can sit in a classroom for days (and we do – and the guest speakers are always great) but it’s the friendships that top the whole thing off. There are so many wonderful people who go to these events.

    “Inspired to Write” huh Jules? I KNOW that feeling – as you can see – LOL! You may be interested in my new e-book – almost ready to “hit the stands.” It’s called “How to Write the PERFECT STORM of an E-book.” You can see the cover artwork up there on the RHS column. Mike Ottman did it. I met Mike at the first event with Alex and he has done my e-covers ever since. He does a nice job and he’s a good guy so I have no issues using him over and over for my e-book covers.

    @ Rob – Aha! That is where you were. There’s an overhanging balcony across the road. I wondered what it would be like to sit up there. I’ll have to check it outr if I go to Vegas again – I reckon there’s every chance of that. LOL! I got a bit of a shock at the price you paid for those drinks. What was it? $150 a nip or something outrageous?! Hope it was good. What was it Louis the XIV or something?

    Again, sorry for missing you out mate. I rectified it in my opening post with the inclusion. I’m sure I have missed others too. I have a very good memory but with so many people flitting in and out it can be difficult even to meet some people. Glad to meet you.


  73. Gary

    @ Richard – make the decision NOW mate. When the dates get announced just go and book your flights and accommodation. I know I keep saying this but the interaction with other like-minded people and the BELIEF that you will get will inspire you to greater heights. Plus, you can JV with some of the others. On that score – watch out for something special soon.

    My goodness, I have a video of me and a lady who really put on a bit of a show for us. I’m in two minds about putting it up because I don’t want to embarrass her – not that I think it would but it could compromise her in some way. She wasn’t one of THOSE women BTW – just a good sport out having a good time with her 3 friends. And then she met me…

    So, like you said – the BEST videos don’t go up but… there are plenty of others that I have. And all of the guys who went shooting with me filmed heaps. That was a HOOT!

    @ Peter – I think these will probably become an annual event. I’d like a new location but everyone else seems to crave for Las Vegas.

    You WILL be there next time Peter. Coz, like Richard above, you won’t be able to stand it any longer. Especially with me and the others posting these teasing comments and videos. Start saving your money now.


  74. Gary

    @ Singing Steve – as Maxwell Smart would say, “Er… sorry about that Chief.” I hadn’t met you before so I wasn’t really sure what your name was. Were you the guy who Alex invited across from Mike Filsaime’s event at the MGM? I heard the singing BTW – many times. LOL!

    Steve, if I have the knowledge, I am always willing to explain concepts to people. I have a bit of a passion for that as Stephanie Mulac correctly identified when she made that nice comment about me from the stage. Thanks again for that Stephs!

    @ Jean – you are so funny. It was a pleasure meeting your hubby Malcolm (in the middle) too – a real English gentleman.

    Now, I sure hope you have that email overload thing sorted out! Did you see the number that I came back to? Sheesh! There was NO WAY I could read all of those. It’s impossible. I just skimmed and scanned. Oh, one thing that may help you… I have a folder called “USEFUL INFO.” If I read something I want to learn about later then I just chuck it in there. Um… there are a LOT of emails in there but the advantage is they are no longer in my face and I can return to them when I have a lull in activity. [<— laughing at that!] Your innuendo comment is amusing. I get that a lot. I may have the fire-power of a battleship but I rarely, if ever, use it. I’m more like a cruise ship. I just wanna have fun most of the time. Life is far too short for being over-serious. The interview. Yes. I can get to that in early March. I just have a bit too much happening ATM – both online and offline. Gary

  75. Gary

    Trees – oh honeybunch… I had no idea you are suffering health issues. That is distressing. I’m SO SORRY to hear that. But I know how positive you are. You will defeat it. I’m gonna send you something Trees.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  76. Theresa Mayhew

    Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and especially the email with attachments. I sure appreciated hearing from you.

    All the best,

  77. Theresa Mayhew

    Here’s something I say to myself every day.

    “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”


  78. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    Glad to hear that you had another wonderful time in Vegas and I hope all is well. Btw thanks again for sharing your experience with all of us including all those who will and may visit your blog, and especially the fun parts with regards to the firing range, the desert eagle’s and mpk-5’s, he women etc… and of course there is one question that I really like to ask… if you don’t mind? How did you cope or manage to tune out the kid’s screaming?

    The reason I’m asking is that I’m sure there must be a lot of parents or people out there who may find it useful, come a certain similar situation and who know- maybe you could write an ebook on the topic. Just a thought really.

    Anyway, take care and all the best

    PS: Glad to also hear that the Christmas card arrived safely – and your welcome!

  79. Mike

    Hi Gary
    Sounds like a good time was had by all. One of these days I’ll make one of these AJ events.
    Blog looks great. I was involved in Aikido some time ago and enjoyed that.

  80. Gary

    Hi Trees – my pleasure darls. I do hope you can overcome this illness – and QUICKLY.

    Hi Nigel – We had a good time in Vegas, that’s for sure. I write these reports to allow those who didn’t go to get a sneaky look at what REALLY went on.

    Ugh! The kid – there was NO way to tune out his screaming. All of us just had to endure it. Unfortunately, I had to suffer a similar trip travelling from Adelaide in South Australia back to Perth in Western Australia late last year – but that was only a 3.5 hour flight. That kid screamerd the ENTIRE trip. Thank God that was only 3.5 hours! I know they have problems equalizing pressure in their ears. I blame the dopey mothers. They just don’t have a clue. And you cannot tell them what is wrong with THEIR child.

    Thanks again for the Christmas card.

    Hi Mike – I’m sure there will be many more opportunities to network at a future Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing event and other marketer’s events. That side of it is always a highlight for me – just getting around and talking to the various people who I interact with online. It’s great to meet these people as most of them have the same ambitions and mindsets. Well… MOST of them anyway.

    Thanks for the compliment on the look of the blog too. It’s taken a fair bit of effort to get it looking this way. I’m still not 100% happy with it. It’s a work in progress…

    Ah, aikido – the gentle art. I have done some of that myself. Most martial arts are good IMO.

    Thanks for visiting Theresa, Nigel and Mike.


  81. Information Marketing Expert

    There are a lot of seminars that come through Las Vegas where I live. Most of them are pitchfests.

    I’d recommend that you come to a FredInfoBootcamp. Check out:

    Cheers to your success!

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