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Modafinil For Sale

by Gary ~ March 16th, 2011

Modafinil For Sale, If you read this and understand what I am saying here you will save yourself a LOT of money but even better - you will save yourself a lot of time. And time is worth more than money. Money can be re-earned but time cannot. Once it is spent it NEVER comes back, Modafinil description.

Oh, Online buy Modafinil without a prescription, you'll also reduce your frustration too.

Brace yourself, this is kinda long.., Modafinil from canadian pharmacy.

In my opinion - and in the opinion of many others it would seem - last year in Internet marketing was a year that many of us do NOT want to see repeated, Modafinil For Sale.

I’ve dubbed 2010 as the Year of Internet Marketing Deception. Rx free Modafinil, So many HORRIBLE “products” – if you can call them that – were launched with all the hoopla and fanfare of that infamous Paris Hilton sex tape of a few years ago.

All of these products were accompanied by truly MIND-BLOWING (no pun intended with the aforementioned paragraph) sales pages where ugly witches were dressed up and made to appear as though they were Cinderella. I refer, Modafinil dangers, of course, Modafinil price, to those who I have begun to call SHAPE-SHIFTERS. In other words very unscrupulous so-called “copywriters.” Since when did copywriting involve LYING? Modafinil For Sale, Huh.

Look, it’s ONE thing to be creative in describing something, buy Modafinil from mexico. It’s an entirely DIFFERENT matter when all manner of LIES are told to make it appear as if it is something that it definitely is NOT. Where can i order Modafinil without prescription, So many of these truly HORRIBLE products exist for ONE REASON ONLY - and that's NOT to help you. It's to line the pockets of the beasts who create them (ie the IM vampires as I call them) and the denizen hordes of intellectual retards who jump on the bandwagon hoping to siphon off some of the cash and prizes by promoting all this sh*t (they would be the IM zombies).

So, with 2010 being by FAR the WORST year ever in IM for deception and just OUTRIGHT LIES, most of us who really try to help other people by creating quality products and/or promoting products of worth, take a deep breath and hope that things will get better.., Modafinil For Sale.

And then along comes the absolute HUMDINGER of them all - a disgraceful thing called “Stripped Down Profits” – which THANK GOD has since been taken down amid a frenzy of fury, buy Modafinil no prescription. Clickbank closed it down for TOS violations. Order Modafinil no prescription, SDP says it "SOLD OUT." Bull (cough) sh*t.

With reference to this MASSIVELY deceptive launch Jeremy Kelsall, over at the Warrior Forum, Modafinil schedule, said:

"If I had a broken down 1982 Ford Pinto I wanted to sell, Get Modafinil, but listed it in Craigslist as a 2011 Lambo, I'm sure I could sell it all day long. It's easy to sell things if you are as deceitful as you can possibly be...”
Modafinil For Sale, True. And that is the EXACT premise behind most of these so-called "big launches." They simply lie about the product and what it does, Modafinil australia, uk, us, usa. For so many of these IM vampires and zombies that is their business model. Buy no prescription Modafinil online, Lying to you.

Incidentally, Jeremy also did an excellent video exposing this SDP garbage, buy cheap Modafinil no rx. You should go and watch it (I’ll give you the link further down) – it’s so damn funny but, at the same time, so damn SAD to see how LOW some people have sunk in their quest for the almighty buck, Modafinil For Sale.

Concerning all these DUD products and associated launches - here is what I believe has happened:

A bad (read that as utterly useless - ie it is a DUD) product gets launched but is described in the sales copy as something that it isn’t. Purchase Modafinil online, Because the sales copy is so deceitful and so deceptive, the trash sells. The usual gaggle of unscupulous marketers out there put their hands up to their chins and say: “Hmm, australia, uk, us, usa, isn’t that interesting?”

So, Buy Modafinil without a prescription, they push the boundaries of their “push-button lies” out even further with even more incredulous claims. And on and on it goes. Every vampire launch becomes more and more outrageous Modafinil For Sale, – all pushed along by the promise of bigger and bigger “prizes” for the zombies - things like trips overseas, plasma TV’s, computers, wads of cash (often in excess of $5,000) etc etc.

Incidentally, taking Modafinil, I have grave doubts that any of those prizes actually get “won.” I contend that they are simply "shared around" or maybe the top "prizes" don't even exist - they may be just bait to lure in all the mid-level marketers with some false hope. Online Modafinil without a prescription, Far too often the so-called "leaderboard" gets gazumped on the last day by one of the usual suspects.

Very little surprises me now when it comes to these scummy marketing cartels. Those in the KNOW all support each other in their "Thieves' Paradise."

Now, buy Modafinil without prescription, we are seeing total RUBBISH being promoted so deceptively that ANYTHING GOES. It’s just getting worse and worse and worse, Modafinil For Sale. Herbal Modafinil, The lies and false claims are now the norm rather than the occasional boil on the bum of Internet marketing.

Back to the big-kahuna of them all. I mentioned the name before but in case you missed it – Stripped Down Profits, where can i cheapest Modafinil online. Basically, Comprar en línea Modafinil, comprar Modafinil baratos, some F-grade acrtress calling her self "Hayley Milano" tried to make people believe that she used her “skills” as a stripper and a temptress to blackmail some cocaine-snorting IM guys into revealing to her how to make millions online with just the push of one button. Modafinil For Sale, Like DUH.

There were allegations in the shape-shifter's copywriting of cocaine abuse, sex, Modafinil pharmacy, blackmail – you name it. Modafinil maximum dosage, Very, very SLEAZY stuff.

EVERY claim made in the sales page was a lie – the story, the product, effects of Modafinil, the accompanying pictures – all lies. Modafinil reviews, And they were proven to be lies by me and many others. It was a disgrace.

Here’s a few choice comments about it from the Warrior Forum:

Mark Bradley said:

“If people keep on buying this sh*te then the predators will keep on producing it.”

Steve Wilkins said:

“I am still not sure who is worse, the people who produce this crap or the ‘trusty’ gurus who promote it to us!”

Cris Cato said:

“This is why it's so hard for people to appreciate what we do as internet marketers because of crappy systems like this, Modafinil For Sale. We already know that there is no software out there that will make you rich with one, Modafinil from canada, two, Canada, mexico, india, three or eighteen clicks!”

John Reed said:

“That, in my book, is not something that should get past Clickbank authorisation, order Modafinil online overnight delivery no prescription. It's a fabricated pack of lies - put across as being facts. Buy generic Modafinil, I resent being ‘pitched to’ in such a blatantly untruthful way, and I will (am) unsubscribing from those that try to send me to it.”

Julie McElroy said:

“Who is going to fall for this. And I am not easily insulted as well - I was not insulted by the sex stuff - if you got it flaunt it, Modafinil price, coupon, but the way she put women in a "bimbo" light and that if you just flaunt your stuff you can get people to sell their dirty little secrets. And just insulted as an honest IM - this makes the IM world look like a complete JOKE!!”

Writetale said:

Modafinil For Sale, “whoever purchases this hairy banana will undoubtedly become frustrated, fail, and tell all their friends that internet marketing is crap.....(the seller effectively killing two birds: eliminate competition and make a lot of $$$ for themselves in the process)”

Jeremy Kelsall said:

“The thing that pisses me off the most is that when products are advertised like this, it makes it harder to sell ANYTHING on the internet - ANYTHING. Modafinil without a prescription, Not only internet marketing products, but ANYTHING. You can't go to a forum, cheap Modafinil no rx, or anywhere else where people hang out anymore and not see threads and discussions about people being ripped off, cheated, and scammed...and the kind of advertising that we are seeing lately perpetuates that.”

Mark Thompson said:

“I really would like to see someone or some agency come down hard on this. There are just no redeeming factors to it, despite what some people in this thread are claiming. Clickbank need their knuckles rapped for even allowing this in the marketplace. Affiliates really deserve to have all their subscribers give them the bird and unsubscribe, Modafinil For Sale. And the vendor needs to feel the full weight of the FTC.”

Ravenjade said:

“The truth is nothing on it was truthful. Nothing worked… Nothing here was above board. It was all crap.”

I could go on and on because when I looked last there were 184 very heated comments made about this. Oh, here is what I said in one of two cracks I had at it:

“Well, I've already have one go at exposing this garbage but it seems as though a couple of people here are willing to argue the point that there are redeeming qualities in this hideously deceptive and downright bloody awful dog of a sales letter.”

If you want to punish yourself by reading any more about this woeful SDP thing (er... make that STD) then here is the link at the Warrior Forum:

http://www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/343673-stripped-down-profits.html#m2V9SqunXcz1mtVq Modafinil For Sale, There have also been many, many blog posts and videos made lambasting SDP and this style of grand deception.

Here are just some of the places where you can see honest marketers criticizing this nasty stuff:

Dan Thompson’s blog:

Omar Martin’s blog:

Julie McElroy’s blog:

Mark Thompson’s blog:

So, is this the last we are going to see of the 2010 style Internet marketing deception. Probably not.

It’s probably going to take a legal body like the FTC to SMASH everybody with a sledgehammer and that will destroy Internet marketing for EVERYBODY – thanks to the schemers, scammers and deceivers who I call shape-shifters, vampires and zombies.

We can only hope that those whose prime concern is to fill their pockets with money by ripping-off naive people get what they deserve.

Online (and offline) your reputation is the ONE thing that is precious above everything else, Modafinil For Sale. These guys are destroying their credibility and reputations with every devious action they take. They are now being named and shamed all over the Internet and decent people are unsubscribing from them in their droves. Hoo-ray.

I hope 2011 is a turning point for Internet marketing. Sadly there will always be crooks in every market but a repeat of the monumental deceptive tactics employed all through 2010 would be a disaster for everyone. Modafinil For Sale, Keep your wits about you and DON'T believe every statement made by some slick copywriter. Not all is as it seems.

Trust your instincts - if it looks like dog poo and it smells like dog poo then... really, you DON'T wanna taste it just to make sure. 2 out of 3 should be good enough. SAVE your money for something decent, Modafinil For Sale.

Look, let me provide a bit of balance to this unusually negative post from me - there are some really good products out there. All you have to do is find them. [I feature some in my monthly TEMPLE Talk newsletter and you can be 100% assured that if it makes it into TT then I have bought it myself and found that it does what it says it does and it is USEFUL - see the image of TT up on the top LHS of this page]

My best advice - don't give up hope, just stay vigilant.

Feel free to comment...


Modafinil For Sale, Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.


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29 Responses to Modafinil For Sale

  1. Collette Jones

    Hi Gary

    Well said!

    It’s such a shame that some internet marketers have stooped so low that they are willing to lose the respect of their subscribers in their efforts to eke out every last dollar by promoting these types of products.

    We have all heard that if you want to succeed online “the money is in the list”. Well, throughout 2010 I have unsubscribed from so many of these lists because of the deceptive tactics and outrageous claims I was being subjected to.

    But this can benefit the honest marketers who I know ARE still out there…

    As my inbox is no longer being bombarded with endless offers by these marketers, the lists that I have remained on (such as yours :)) now get my full attention, so when they recommend a new product, I will still consider it.

    I think this quote says it all…

    “The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.” ~ Zig Ziglar

    Talk soon


  2. Gary

    @ Collette – THAT was an excellent quote. Very apt. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. John Fuller

    Hi Collette and Gary,

    Liked your comments!

    I also find myself spending far too much time having to wade through unwanted promotions that have no value to me whatsoever. Like you I unsubscribe to many lists and much unwanted material.

    Last week even three of my trusted sources who I have purchased from in the past, were promoting another Guru’s material which in turn required the usual opt in.

    Three trusted Gurus all trying to promote the same fourth Guru’s material and the cycle of never ending emails continues.

    All the best

  4. Gary

    @ John – thanks. It’s OK if they are promoting something of value but… if it’s dog poop – and a lot of it certainly IS – then you just feel so betrayed. I made a decision right from the start that I would NEVER abandon my values. And ever since I started this blog in November 2008 I don’t believe I have done that.

    This blog is a DECEPTION FREE ZONE where I just give info straight up – no gilding the lily here and DEFINITELY NO shady BS.


  5. Paul Klein


    Well said, and well done.

    I’ve always appreciated your helpful posts and information.

    It truly has been a long haul of crap being slung by unscrupulous money thieves. I agree that perhaps it will be the heavy FTC hammer that smashes this trash. Thus the rest of us will have to work around the debris.

    Keep up your great work!

    Best always,

  6. James Brown

    Hi Gary,

    First and foremost, I’m a copywriter. It’s very sad to see the copywriters who agree to write the type of sales letters that promote this products. It’s also really sad to see some really well respected IM’s using copy and paste emails to sell this crap to their lists.
    I sent a few of them emails and told them point blank, stop selling junk and stop using the same email that 9 other IM’s have just sent out. Some of these boneheads, do not realize or care, that many people subscribe to a dozen or more lists due to the freebies.

    I think you will see a change in 2011. You are the third person to tell exactly how you feel about the scams and crap being peddled. Because of good guys like you, eventually all the b.s. artists like Jani G will have to leave the internet marketing arena.


  7. yuichi

    Yes, there are thieves wherever you go. Internet marketing is no exception. We’d better recognize the tide as thieves finally get equipped with Online marketing know-how.

    It is like Yakuza has got equipped with the financial scheme during 90es right after the bubble. I saw it and you’ll see same thing in English world.

    Would mafia start enough to prepare for the viral virtual world to fish cash for the years to come? It would be. And the irony can be that they may come up pretty nice products. After all they have plenty of money to invest, right?

  8. James Z

    Nice article Gary,

    As someone who gets hundreds of IM pitches each week, I get tempted by the push button software claims but the Stripped Down Profits one seemed fishy to me.

    The girl named “Hayley” did not seem to be IM savvy and there was not even a hint of evidence that she could prove her story. I am not surprised that it was all made up but I was surprised that it had such high gravity on Clickbank, meaning many people got scammed on this one.

    Is it possible that a bunch of guys (the insiders)_ are creating new pages each week and swapping the creator story and traffic software while following the same sales page template? Every page looks similar and when sales dry up, they just make up a new story and new website.

    Why are the top marketers allowing this scammy behavior to go on? Maybe we need to create a self policing body to protect the public.

  9. Gail

    I received several emails promoting Stripped Down Profits. One of them said this:

    “I don’t usually say this, but this is some REALLY clever marketing…

    (promotion link deleted)

    Go there, and you’ll see three things…

    1) An interesting backstory which helps the audience to trust the seller and feel “part of the experience”

    2) A great offer to match the audience’s goals (usually to make a ton of money fast, with very little work)

    3) An attractive young lady to keep the audience’s attention (maybe too much)…

    And although there have been some mixed reviews about the product itself…

    … The seller of this product has got their marketing strategy dead on.”

    I thought to myself “This is outrageous. Is this where IM is headed? I’ve had enough!”

    I then sent each of those marketers an email. To the guy above, I said

    “I totally disagree with you,

    I saw this a couple of days ago. OK, so it’s “clever” but it’s totally bad marketing. It’s preying on people with lies, lies, lies.

    I checked out who owned the site and it’s a guy (name withheld) who also runs a hosting company.

    The FTC would see this as borderline false advertising.
    One button? Pull the other leg!

    I wouldn’t encourage this kind of marketing although I’m sure it will do very well, sucking in a lot of people who probably won’t admit to buying it.

    Anyone who emails me promoting this garbage will lose me from their list.

    Sorry mate.”

    I then unsubscrtibed to all their lists. I hope that anyone else who got this crap will do the same. Unless we all make a stand against this garbage, it will continue to thrive.

    I also got another similar promotionn but instead of the sexual undertones it was based on how some guy stole a CD (containing real secrets to making easy money) from a guru in a bar at a seminar and had it analysed and recreated by a programmer. It was obviously a tall story.

    My intention is to create a site debunking all this stuff. NOW is the time for all decent marketers to revolt and stir up the FTC. What the hell are the FTC doing about this sh#t? Apparently not much.

    Let’s have an online PROTEST “MARCH”!

  10. Chuck Bartok

    Thank you again for your candor.
    I was appalled at the degree of deception when I came on-line 6 years ago and it seemed to get worse.
    I believe that the speed of Social media may nip more of these shady deals in the bud before to many are hood-winked.
    But as always the Buyer need to exercise due diligence and spend time in research…
    Which is so much easier on-line.

    Keep up the good work, I appreciate you and enjoy sending others your way

  11. Gary

    @ Paul – Thanks for saying that. I try very hard to give value to others.

    @ James B – obviously you are a REAL copywriter and not a shape-shifter who turns into an IM vampire or zombie at the smell of money. The guy who wrote that SDP “sales page” (and I KNOW who it is) should hang his head in SHAME. I agree, what is it with these guys? All they do is take TERRIBLE “swipes” then just copy and paste them. That, in itself, shows how bloody lazy and corrupt they are – they don’t even craft their own email or personalize it in ANY way. They just use as is. And I gotta say – I saw all the subject lines and text for the SDP swipes and they were ALL abominable. NONE of them were sincere. NONE! And…

    … regarding that person you name above – I have seen some of his junk. It’s atrocious.

    @ Yuichi – I really don’t think too many of these guys have ANY talent at all. They just plagiarize. It’s copy, copy, copy. For most of them that is all they can do. They are, for the most part, completely talentless.

    @ James Z – thanks mate. That SDP site was a lie from start to finish. I think you are correct. The IM vampires and zombies are just using the same bullsh*t over and over again and changing the cover. Just wait till I mass release my zombie and vampire reports. I’m close to doing that. In fact, I might just add a couple of banners below to foreshadow what I have coming up. I’ve just had it up to the eyeballs with these types and it’s way past time that we arm ourselves with stakes and just flush them out of IM. I’ll supply the stakes for everyone – I’m just sharpening the points now.

    @ Gail – Interesting backstory? LOL! It was just a MASSIVE fabricated lie. Attractive young lady? I’m afraid when I see things like the way she was portraying herself the ugliness of it just turns me off. I’m sure the FTC would see this as a complete fraud. Maybe somebody from the FTC should go and read the OUTRAGE over at the Warrior Forum and on so many blogs that have joined in the collective shout to consign this rotten site to where it belongs – in the bin. In fact, Clickbank dumped it. How it was ever approved in the first place is a disgrace in itself. BTW, I think the protest march is happening.

    @ Chuck – my pleasure. I hate this sort of rubbish. It just gives the entire industry halitosis (rotten bad breath for those who may not know the technical term). Social marketing is indeed a weapon against this sort of thing. Word spreads fast across the Internet now. Hence, my constant catch-cry that REPUTATION and INTEGRITY is the most valuable asset you have. Fortunately, these IM vampires and zombies are destroying theirs every time they try to scam people.

    Thankyou all for your support.


  12. Gary

    Here’s one of the stakes:

    and here is the other:

  13. Tony Clingan

    Hi Gary

    This carries a lot of weight when somebody like you says it, the market has become full of this kind of junk and it is damaging everybody because people are becoming more cynical about products in general

    The lies have just become bigger and if you break down most of these products they just use everyday methods anyway, the sort of thing that produces short term traffic spikes, they certainly in the main don’t have any new ideas and one I saw recently was using an idea that would get you into a lot of trouble if you also have genuine sites

    I have said this for a while but Clickbank are as much to blame because they keep allowing the same group to basically take the money and run and they are just joining in the party and riding on their coat tails

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  14. Peter Davies

    Hi Garry

    Great post as ever – you said what needed to be said.

    I saw this and also a review pulling the whole thing apart. I have said time and time again that people should only purchase products that fit into their overall plan as the ‘shiny object’ syndrome is never going to make anyone rich.

    Another problem I have seen which goes to the root of this is the many ‘coaches’ out there often encounrage people to take two or three products and fuse them together thus not really coming up with anything original that solves a problem that hasn’t already been solved.

    A thousand or so $ for a clever copywriter who puts a lot of effort into telling a crappy story and hitting the right buttons without actually telling you what the product is and your away.

    It needs to stop and Clickbank need to start vetting products more thoroughly.

    Most of my Marketing is now going to be reviews outside the IM niche – I intend building a new IM Review Site and only promoting anything once I have seen it and written an article about it. That means making a lot less $ but who cares?

    Id rather make a modest amount and understand what is being promoted than pimp all sorts of crap and have people hate me.

  15. Gary

    @ Tony – thanks for respecting my stance like that. A couple of months ago I thought for a while that maybe I should just join the 100’s – make that 1,000’s – of people in the various Skype channels – who seem to think nothing of raping and pillaging others. It seemed to be the way to get ahead. Then, after I slapped myself, my conscience screamed NO! That is not the person I have ever been or EVER want to be. If I cannot make a buck honestly and decently then… I’d rather starve. TRULY. I will NOT prostitute my principles for anything. My honor will not allow me to stoop to those sh*tty levels.

    Yes, CTR’s are way down, people are definitely more cynical and so mistrusting now. It’s getting harder and harder to make honest sales. I’m not the only one to say that. But WHO can blame the skeptics?

    I now get so many abusive emails. Maybe I just have a lot of scammers on my list that hate my stance against all that they stand for. Some even call me a scammer and I have NEVER scammed anybody in my entire life. EVER. And I would ABSOLUTELY defy ANYBODY to have the OO’s to come out publicly and give even ONE instance where I have done that.

    CHALLENGE – if ANYBODY out there thinks they have ANY evidence to the contrary then BRING IT ON. Put your OO’s on the line. Do it here in a public shooting match.

    That’s how bad things have now become – ie when decent people who only want to help others get rounded up with all the scumbags and labelled accordingly. The vampires and zombies and their evil shape-shifting copywriters have f*ck*d everybody over so many times. Now, nobody believes anyone or anything. It’s disgusting.

    I agree that CB holds a lot of accountability for what they have allowed. I was genuinely SHOCKED that they permitted this HIDEOUSLY ROTTEN SDP site to operate using their platform. Last year they also allowed that IDIOTIC 16 year old girl site too – and there have been so many other examples.

    On the other hand, when I wanted to put up a simple sales page with a very honest product they made me apply twice because I had some miniscule wording that they said the FTC would “frown upon.” I said something like – “you should easily be able to make your money back by purchasing this” and they DEMANDED that I change the wording. Then…

    … EFF ME! They allow this SDP GARBAGE through. I was so dismayed and appalled by that. Clearly…

    DOUBLE STANDARDS in the EXTREME! And it took 184 really strongly negative posts on the Warrior Forum and a tirade of abuse on so many blogs for CB to ping them for TOS abuse. I REALLY do NOT get that! I can only surmise that CB will allow almost anything if there is a big enough commission payout – and THAT is very, very sad. In fact, it is appalling.

    So there – Tony – you revved me up all over again – a rant within a rant.


  16. Colin

    Absolutely spot on…Great post

  17. Gary

    @ Colin. Glad you liked it. It actually pained me somewhat to write it. I much prefer to write about positive things.


  18. Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

    Gary, you must have watched a lot of B movies as a kid 8=) I like the shape shifter name.

    I’ve seen you and now others talk about getting the FTC involved. Well, I doubt that it would stop these guys. The anti-spam doesn’t stop them from sending spam. In fact, spam has gotten worse (and more creative).

    The only thing that will stop the vampires is for people to stop buying their crap. Completely stop. The same is true for email spam, blog/forum spam, telemarketing, scam artists, etc.

    The best things we can do are to be vigilant ourselves, educate as many people as we can and stand tall on our integrity.

  19. Mary Coon

    Gary and the others who have commented as well,

    Thank you all for standing up and being counted. I have been screaming things like this for some time now and it is encouraging to know that I am no longer alone.

    There are comments above from all stating that getting the FTC involved is the way to go. I have found that we would be cutting our own throats as honest marketers because we are then talking government (who is more shady than that?). What we would do is bring the wrath of the FTC down on the heads of the easiest targets (the honest marketer) so that lazy government officers could fill quotas. It would become easier for them to seek out a (new?) reason to target someone willing to stand up and be counted than to seek out the ones lurking in the dark. Hell, maybe the lurkers could then just add a graft payment to the mix to keep their Sh*t allowed while honest marketers are run in fear.

    As you can see, this is not necessarily the way to go.

    There is something that can be done and it is gradually starting to happen. What we MUST do for the sake of the IM world is stand and be counted (there is strength in numbers), mass unsubs (will help some), STOP promoting their avenue (Clickbank – reason stated below) until the offending warehousing has been taken into accountability, start naming names of the offenders, make the public aware of those within the cartel and other blatant lies, and be willing to remain honest while cleaning up our piece of the world.

    If we will not stand to clean our piece of the world, how can we expect others to clean theirs. I personally have grandchildren that are not within my sight to watch out and care for. Would I want my legacy to my own family to be so tainted that they are at risk? Hell, No!

    By sitting on our laurels and not uniting against the purveyors of this trash we are silently giving our own backing to it. The time is no longer “Now” it is long past and should be remembered as “The time is immediately”.

    As for that blatant lie product, I wonder if Haley even really exists. There are marketers that are so unscrupulous that they have now started using many aliases to avoid being caught.

    I said I would give my reasons for a total ban on CB until they clean up their act. The proof for this reason is very easily found. Go to the CB marketplace e-marketing section. Choose to list the choices by gravity (which we are told is what determines if they are top sellers – bogus in every form, more in a minute on that also). Notice when you do this that the first 10 products listed (all very high gravity) all contain words like: fast, free, sniper, and there are more than these 10. We already know there are not one-button solutions to marketing, no free rides, no fast way to drive “real” traffic (since that is up to the minds of the rest of the world and not up to us), and so much more.

    Now for words such as sniper, pirate, crusher — fellas watch your OOs and everyone watch your young daughters while chaining your vault to your inner thighs for security purposes.

    Most of these products are from the critical “mass” cartel of liars and cheats. Most are worthless rehashes that give no truth or value. Now for the final proof of CB gravity. We are led to believe that it means that there have been xxx number of specific successful sales in a given time period. We are sometimes even given the piece of the truth that states the number represents each marketer only one time. Truth of the matter is that it represents each marketer (once) who has had one or more successful sales within that week. Nothing wrong with that in its appearance but not reliable to gauge whether or not to sell the products as an affiliate. The corruption lays in different directions here and I can give a few reasons why I choose not to promote anything on CB until the trash is removed.

    1. CB makes money for each product submitted to them for affiliate promotion and a commission from every sale. Shall we say the money remains at the top, fellas? Sounds like MLM to me. Does the Stripped Down Profits debauchery suggest possible graft or extortion tactics being used within or on CB to allow such irregular products when all products are supposed to “meet their standards”? Hmmm….. Double standards as you so clearly stated, Gary….

    2. The numbers game — one successful sale per marketer. Sounds great and innocent right? Let’s examine this more closely shall we…

    Mastermind meeting of 2 in the cartel (fictitious conversation but very possible):

    X: I have a just paid someone to create a worthless product copy and made a flashy new cover and hyped up name that I want to launch.

    Y: Well, you are a member of the cartel and right now we are promoting “Z’s” product and next month we are slated to do “B’s” and “L’s” is the following month. That will work out great because we will have three months to super-hype the pitch for this rag. Will let the rest of the group know when I get home.

    X: Gee, that’s great. Pass that joint. Where’s the damn waitress with the beers. Just a couple more things. My Mazza is out of town for the summer with its rightful owner and the Lambo has been impounded for DUI, what am I gonna use for the launch?

    Y: Okay, honey that’s enough of the lap-dance. You get your face on the new product, but right now we have more junk to figure out. Now, let’s see… my neighbor drives a Mercedes (not a good color though) and my uncle has a Beemer. I think “F” may be available with his… Oh, sh*t that’s right, he was borrowing one that was parked in the driveway across town. There’s something for you, use that house in your ads. Got to be worth a couple million anyway. Gee, hope the damn cops don’t ticket my beat up Ford truck cause I took out a couple guardrails on the way here today and now I only have one headlight. Speaking of headlights… come ‘ere honey, want to get your face on our next big marketing campaign?

    X: Well, I have to have all the swipe files for all those launches so I can send more crap to my huge lists that are mostly fake. I have 250 fake aliases and IP addresses to send from so it will look like a bazillion people are promoting them to make them a hot product in CB. You buy from my aliases and I will buy from yours, then we can also buy from our own aliases driving that gravity through the roof so the suckers hop on board to make the real sales for us. Don’t forget to get the rest of the cartel in on this, too.

    Y: You got it man. I gotta go, see you at the party later. Didn’t realize it was almost noon. See ya.

    X: Yeah, see ya. Gotta get home before the wife catches me in here. She’s still mad at me cause we are living in my mom and dad’s basement.

    Back to the list:

    3: I do not want my name associated to anything remotely like any of this. I guess that is the best reason I could possibly have.

    The ball is now in everyone’s court. I think I am going to go make this into a newsletter/article and send it out to warn others. Count on some backlinking from me Gary as this is to important to just let lay their waiting for others to sweep up.

    Thanks for speaking out.

    Mary Coon


  20. Ken Harthun

    Thanks, Gary, for another excellent set of observations on the state of IM. I couldn’t agree with you more. Mary, an excellent rant!

    I disagree with a total boycott of CB. For one thing, it won’t work; for another, there are many honest marketers with products there in other niches besides “make money online” and those people would be harmed without cause. There are also many honest marketers in the MMO niche who have excellent products.

    This is a very hot subject that we honest marketers tend to get very passionate about. The real solution is to just continue to call the Zombies, Vampires, and Shape-shifters out and expose their lies. We have already started that idea in motion and as you know, there is one thing that cannot be stopped by anyone: an idea.

    Let’s keep this one going.

    Ken Harthun
    The Internet Marketing Geek

  21. James


    I’d like to expand on one of your thoughts you had mentioned:
    “True! And that is the EXACT premise behind most of these so-called “big launches.”…
    I also feel these launches are based on the shoddy products you mentioned, but more to have people grab the 95 upsells they’ll be getting hit with and even more so to grow their list and sell, as Jeremy Kelsall called them, their Skype buddy’s “1982 Ford Pinto”.
    I am fully willing to support anyone who makes a watch dog site before I have to take the time and do it myself ;-) Wait, why don’t I make a motion to nominate Gary? All those in favor…….. I! Seriously though Gary, get going on it and I’ll help you anyway I can!
    That product directly relates to “Russ’ Story” on my easyaffiliatemarketing blog and I’ve had it with those programs.

  22. Gary

    @ Bill – LOL! I do watch a lot of movies, in fact. Lately, watching what is going on in IM is like watching horror movies all day long. “Shape-shifter” just seemed so appropriate since I had already categorized the Vampire and Zombie sects of IM.

    I really don’t want organizations like the FTC involved. They will just apply the blanket to everybody and the crooks will just work around them. Then the blanket gets bigger and bigger and bigger until EVERYTHING is illegal – even for the good people. That is how governments work. And when everybody is then technically breaking the law they fine people. That is why all these morons need to be stopped.

    Standing tall on integrity is an excellent way to operate. Thanks Bill.


  23. Gary

    @ Mary – WHEW! Yep. I actually went to CB yesterday and did a gravity check and your observations above are SPOT ON. What you just said was precisely what I thought when I went through the top 10. CB is indeed part of the problem because they allow so much of this GARBAGE to be “approved.” They must just “look the other way” when they know certain “marketers” have their usual junk to offer. Greed rules everything. After all these years Gordon Gecko is still right.

    Great comments Mary.


  24. Karen

    Hey Gary,

    Well said, this is terrible, especially for the newbies they don’t know which way to turn, thank you so much for speaking out and letting us know, and thank you for being the compassionate mentor that you are.


  25. Gary

    @ James – I really don’t have time to do it. I prefer to create products that help people. that’s my niche. I just get so fed up sometimes that I need to vent. But I’ll support anyone who wants to do such a thing. I think Andrew hansen’s blog is going down that line. He HATES all this deception and lying too. So, there are a LOT of people who are SICK TO DEATH OF DECEPTION.

    Very sarcastically, I just commented on one of the many Skype channels that I am in that Lying 101 is the FIRST lesson of Internet Marketing. Sadly, that is pretty much the truth.


  26. Gary

    ~~~APOLOGY ~~~

    Sorry to some people – your posts got caught up in my spam folder. I didn’t know they were there but I have rooted them all out now.

    I’ll get to replying to you guys ASAP.


  27. Simon Dodd

    Hey Gary,

    Good to see you back here, great post as usual! I really hope things can be cleaned up this year, I know some people like yourself are working hard to at least name and shame these guys and I have heard talk that clickbank are looking at how they can help as well so maybe we can clean it up together before the need of an FTC hammer!

    Maybe we can flood the market with high quality products so the cr*p gets buried!!

    Thanks again


  28. Peter Davies

    Hi Garry,

    Great post as ever – I came across that stripper thing as well, not that I purchase anything unless it fits into my own strategy.

    These people are of the same category as the low life time share sellers we encounter in spain and the canary islands on our holidays.

    This could be elimated by 2 simple things.

    1. People latch onto the decent marketers who tell you as it is and ALWAYS do their homework before purchasing anything.
    2. CLICKBANK needs to become more vigilant in vetting any product that they process – something that would take probably no more than half an hour to simply check that any product does what it says in the sales literature.

    So OVER TO YOU CLICKBANK, what are you going to do about this?

  29. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    Sorry to crash your party, but like a moth to the flame (or newb to the latest product launch)…You know I just can’t resist.

    Sleazy Internet Marketers, my favorite topic…

    Is it just a coincidence that guru rhymes with screw you?

    Did you know that PLR really stands for pretty lousy reading!

    Anyway, what I find most interesting/hilarious is that everyone loves to grumble/mumble/rumble about the fact of the amount of slime in IM, but then stay in it (I’m talking about marketing info to marketers and not products to an end retail customer). Folks spend way too much time trying to right the wrongs of IM. That’s not your job.

    Here’s the steps you should take concerning all the trash…Look-Chuckle-Delete-Repeat-Forget-Move On-Make Money. Don’t waste your time on garbage that isn’t productive. How will “tilting at windmills” help to make you money? People KNOW what IM is like, so why does it shock ‘em when a truly smelly hunk of crap gets stuck in the toilet bowl and won’t flush down? Then everyone just stands around profusely pontificating pertaining to the prevalent putrid problems and complains about how bad it stinks.

    This is IM – A newbie munching, credit card crunching, gut punching business. Welcome- Why are you (“You” in the general sense and does not personally mean you, Gary. You’re one of the good guys) here? You really, really need to ask yourselves EXACTLY why you’re in IM and what you hope to accomplish. If all you do is solicit newbies to sell IM Info crap to other newbies, then you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. It’s the IM Ponzi scheme. As long as there’s someone below you to sell to, it all works. But the question is – Are you really providing any real VALUE to your customer? Don’t BS yourself or anyone else. Does IM need-you? Or are you just one more mighty mini guru leading the newbie-lemmings over the edge?

    People also complain about the number of emails they get – Just unsubscribe or block all but your most trusted three or four. Everyone is so afraid that they’ll miss the next coming of “The Greatest Product Ever Sold”. You won’t miss anything. There’s nothing so innovative that you’ll truly miss out on the latest and greatest. If you have to, visit the WF every few days and look through the product reviews-you’ll get a good sense of what’s out there. Then you’ll be able to focus on what you really need to do.

    Whoops, Gotta sign off. Lost track of time. To Be Continued…(perhaps)…

    I’ll end here, so you’ll all have time to get out your rope, pitchforks and torches and come find me…(HINT: I’m in the tower).


    For transparency purposes: I began in the IM Info field (like everybody else) and have since moved to niche product marketing.

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