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Zen Garden > MLM - Why Most People DO NOT and WILL NOT Make More Money Than They Will Spend - Part Eight

SOME MLM's and SOME legs of certain MLM's have hidden agendas that are sprung onto you when you reach a "locked in" level in the business. Not everything is as it seems and certainly NOT as it is presented in MLM. Read on to learn more in this, the final part of what will undoubtedly be a very controversial 8 part expose on MLM.

SOME MLM's and SOME legs of certain MLM's have hidden agendas that are sprung onto you when you reach a "locked in" level in the business. That is when you could be pressured into joining something extra like the big-pin's church!

You are TOLD in no uncertain terms that you will not be able to proceed any further in the business until you take religious tutoring and accept Christ into your life.

What is a "locked in" level? ...

It is one of the first or second levels of "leadership." Enough to ensure that you have done plenty of work and have a fair bit to lose if you fall out of favour with the UPLINE.

You are summoned to a meeting where several big-pins will "counsel" you on your perceived heathen ideologies - but you are not informed of the subject matter BEFORE you enter the room. The devil is talked about and you are made to feel as though you side with Beelzebub - even if it is patently untrue.

Many big-pins will also single you out with glassy eyed stares when they make comments from the stage concerning such matters. Some minions might even make a casual glance in a certain person's direction when the pressure is on for that person to "come to the front" and accept Christ into their life.

Another technique that the big-pins use is to quote passages from the Bible on stage - particularly when they are about to make changes to the system that favors THEM with even greater profits (ie changing the bonus structures).

The exploits of Moses leading the lost was quoted often in the main MLM that I was part of.

The point I make is that perceived non-believers were made to feel inadequate and "unwholesome." Mind you, the king-pins still accepted manna from the great unwashed swirling masses. That was NEVER an issue.

I make the point that this may not happen in all MLM's but it sure did in the ones that I was in - very large MLM's with a parade of very big pins all ascribing to the same doctrine.

So, what happens when reality does not meet expectation...

Now, this can happen anywhere - in any business or organization (even in a church congregation!) - but it's FAR more prevalent in MLM.

What happens when an opportunity is presented as one thing then, when a critical mass is achieved, it is switched to something else, particularly if that "something else" happens to benefit the king-pin or big-pins? This is classic BAIT and SWITCH.

In other words the masses are sold on an idea then that idea is manipulated into something completely different to suit the organizer or organizers.

Also, what happens when people who have been blindly following a leader on pure faith and that leader lets them down? How does one handle the feeling of being duped? Betrayed?

Sometimes, a person who appeared to be a very charismatic "leader" turns out to be something far different from what he or she portrayed. How do we deal with that?

Referring back to my earlier comments on religion, why is it easier for false gods and prophets to use scripture to dupe people?

Remember the "Jonestown massacre" in 1978 where almost a 1000 people followed their "messiah" to death? How does it happen?

Why are people so gullible?

In MLM, a sponsor and his or her upline will tell you all the good stuff. It's only when you have been in it for a while that you come to see the truth. And what you thought you were getting into can often turn out to be something completely different to what you were promised or initially thought it was.

So, if you find yourself in an MLM that seems to twist and turn the more you investigate it, what do you do?

Do you:

  • (a) just go inactive and hope some other people will do all the work for you (a popular choice)?

  • (b) quit on principle?

  • (c) put up with being lied to and manipulated?

  • (d) perpetrate the secrets to newcomers and treat them the same as you were treated?

  • (e) become a lone wolf and tell people up-front all the bits that the big-pins want you to shut up about?

This is the dilemma that you will face in MLM. Unless you are sponsored by a lone wolf, or have one in your upline, then you are gonna get the rug pulled out from under your feet at some stage and you will sit and scratch your head and wonder...

"What have I got myself into?"

This series on MLM is dedicated to all those people who are yet to experience Multi Level Marketing. All 8 parts are devoted to telling the truth and exposing the false promises that are made.

If you know somebody who is contemplating joining a MLM or network marketing opportunity then you can direct them to these articles. At least then, when they have been promised millions and they end up bailing out with a big debt, they will NEVER be able to say that they were not forewarned.

Remember no matter how skewed or biased you may think these comments are, they are backed up by more than TEN YEARS experience with MLM.

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Gary Simpson is the author of nine books covering a diverse range of subjects such as motivation, self esteem, affirmations, self defense, wealth creation and much more. His many motivation and success articles appear all over the web.

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

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