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Zen Garden > Success Interview - Elvis Presley "Interviewed" by Gary Simpson

Success "interview" with Elvis Presley using a selection of his song titles.

Gary Simpson: Elvis, let's get straight into it. We're talking about success. Can you tell our readers how you became so successful?

Elvis Presley Sure Gary. Well, first, I guess, some folks would just say I got lucky. But the truth was I had a burning love for what I did.

Gary Simpson: So, you found out early in life what you wanted to do?

Elvis Presley: Yes sir. Finders keepers, losers weepers. That's what I always used to say. That's not to say fame and fortune was always mine. No sir. I lived on the edge of reality for quite a while before I became the guitar man. Before I got my mojo working I was just a humble truck driver from Memphis Tennessee. Then I worked real hard and realized the impossible dream. Along the way, I slipped, I stumbled, I fell. But it's a matter of time. I guess you could say eventually I went from rags to riches.

Gary Simpson: So, once you realized what you wanted from life you went for it with everything you had?

Elvis Presley: Welcome to my world. I didn't want to wait for the twelfth of never, that's for sure. Papa used to say "there's gold in the mountains" boy. I believed him. So, why wait? Tomorrow never comes. Ain't no good bein' tutti fruiti. My mama used to say that. God bless her soul. Then she'd apologize and I'd say "that's all right mama."

Gary Simpson: That's good advice Elvis. So, you always knew that you would be successful?

Elvis Presley: Amen. It was always on my mind.

Gary Simpson: Any regrets Elvis?

Elvis Presley: Now, don't be cruel. I don't like to dwell on those days when I had the GI blues in Germany. And I never been to Spain. I regret that too. I try not to think about those things too much coz they get me all shook up. They can send a guy straight to the Heartbreak Hotel. Really, I'd rather talk about the good times.

Gary Simpson: Elvis, I didn't mean to upset you...

Elvis Presley: It's OK man. They're only memories. That was yesterday baby. I can always patch it up. If you dwell on negatives, baby, that's when your heartaches begin. Do that and you'll work for the big boss man forever.

Gary Simpson: Sorry.

Elvis Presley: Man, don't think twice, it's alright!

Gary Simpson: Thanks Elvis. Can I ask you briefly about the internet?

Elvis Presley: Hmm. Sometimes I think it's the devil in disguise. I mean, there's a lot of suspicion out there from all those suspicious minds. But, personally, I'd be prepared to give it a shake, rattle and roll. I guess seeing is believing. Life isn't just easy come easy go. It's about getting the fire down below.

Gary Simpson: Well Elvis, you have given us some wonderful insights into your positive thoughts on success and your sensational career as a singer and a movie star. Any final words?

Elvis Presley: All I can say is that I didn't get from a Jack to a King by being some Johnny B Goode. I put the blame on me. I did it my way. If you believe 100% in the wonder of you then you will eventually succeed. Don't worry about hard luck. You've gotta follow that dream and say "I believe." And if you recite the Lord's prayer every day then you too will get to sing your unchained melody. Then, when you've done that, it's fun in Acapulco or viva Las Vegas baby - all the way.

Gary Simpson: Thank you so much for your time today. These have been wonderful insights into your success. Thank you Mr Presley.

Elvis Presley: No. Thank you Gary. God calls me home now. Thank ya very much!

Final Note: This "interview" was a lot of fun to research and write. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. It was done as an exercise in the concepts behind successful thinking. It's not a sleight on the memory of the late, great Elvis Presley. I loved his music. I still do. He was a consummate performer and, from all accounts, a very compassionate and generous man. In my opinion he reached the epitome of success. Hence, his selection for my "interview." As you can see, I have embedded many of his song titles in the words. Many are well known. Some are a little more obscure. Can you find them all?

About the author: Gary Simpson is the author of eight books covering a diverse range of subjects such as self esteem, affirmations, self defense, finance and much more. His articles appear all over the web. Gary's email address is Click here to go to his Motivation & Self Esteem for Success website where you can receive his "Zenspirational Thoughts" plus an immediate FREE copy of his highly acclaimed, life-changing e-book "The Power of Choice."

Gary Simpson is a 7th Dan karate master who teaches self defense, motivation, self help and wealth building to students around the world through home study courses. You may reprint this article as you include this author credit and an active link to his web site.

Finance - Self Help - Motivation - Self Defense - Personal Growth

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