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Lawyers - Beating a Path to Your Bank Account.

Lawyers. The way that universities and colleges are churning them out you would think that we do not already have enough of them. Look in your local yellow pages. There are thousands of them. They all need work. Where are they going to get it? Disputes, of course.

What happens when you have a dispute with somebody and neither of you can resolve the issue with the other? Well, usually, one side calls in a lawyer. You know what that means, don't you? Yes. The other side also has to engage the services of a lawyer.

That is right about the time when things get rather nasty. Here is what happens...

Lawyer A acting on behalf of Person A sends Person B a threatening letter. Person B then engages their own lawyer, Lawyer B. Lawyer B then contacts either person A directly or Lawyer A with a counter-threat or counter-claim.

Now, depending on the maturity of Person A and Person B, the matter may be resolved. However, once the lawyers go "toe-to-toe" both Person A and Person B can be assured of one thing. Both will find themselves spending massive amounts of money as their lawyers both fight it out on a "legal" level.

Legal counsel does not come cheap. At several hundred dollars per hour or several thousand dollars per hour plus expenses plus incidentals plus tax, the final account could make your eyes water.

I was charged $78 (plus 10% tax) on a legal bill once (under the heading of "postage and petties"). That was on top of several thousand dollars for "professional fees." When I queried that relatively small amount I was informed that it was for photocopying. The document in question was approximately 100 pages. I could get 100 photocopies for as little as 8 cents each almost anywhere - about $8 (plus tax). Work that out!

Divorce lawyers are perhaps the most insidious of all. When a relationship breaks down and both sides want to hurt the other then it will cost them both dearly. Just look at the very public divorces that we see played out in Hollywood. Our news reports are full of all the sordid details. One that springs readily to mind because of its ugliness is that of Sir Paul McCartney of Beatles' fame and his split with Heather Mills.

Mediation is a much better option, though lawyers would disagree. Both sides can sit before a mediator and work out their differences. In that way they will not have to spend vast amounts of money on lawyers purely for the satisfaction of getting "even." Think about that before you decide to get legal help.

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