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Tramadol For Sale

by Gary ~ April 14th, 2009

One of the best things that you can do in your Internet Marketing activities is to establish a presence that makes you and your material instantly identifiable Tramadol For Sale, . I'm talking, of course, fast shipping Tramadol, about BRANDING or creating a "style."

To have an instantly recognisable persona or logo or style will set you apart from the millions and millions of other wannabes out there. Tramadol brand name, You will notice that I have, over a period of time now, been using two "brands, Tramadol used for," so to speak. Ordering Tramadol online, I refer, of course, to "TheGazzMan" on Twitter and my blog here which I have branded as the "Temple." You may think this is corny or ostentatious of me, Tramadol canada, mexico, india. I don't care. Branding works. When people hear of the "Temple" they know what it is, Tramadol For Sale. Cheap Tramadol no rx, And when they hear my alter-ego name they know who I am too. Or soon will.

I refer also to Nikki Stephens who has established herself as the "Purple Minxy Witch" residing at her "Lair of Temptation." Yeah, comprar en línea Tramadol, comprar Tramadol baratos, it's outrageous and funny and clever, Tramadol coupon, all rolled into one. And that is what branding is all about. Go and have a look at Tramadol For Sale, as Nikki rolls out her new look blog - purple, of course.

Moving right along.., where can i find Tramadol online.

Love it or hate it, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, one of the most brilliant examples (IMHO) of endless branding of "personalities" and events can be seen by watching the WWE - the World Wrestling Entertainment.

In a world full of endless negativity the WWE provides entertainment to millions of people who are desperate for an escape from the constant threats and warnings and danger messages being sent out by so-called "TV news" stations, radio stations and newspapers, Tramadol mg. They are all feeding the masses with what I call - well there are no other words for it - endless negative CRAP! And I will have a LOT more to say about this very soon. So, watch out for it, Tramadol For Sale. Online buying Tramadol, So... BRANDING... what can we learn from the WWE, Tramadol pics. In my opinion - PLENTY.

Let's look at the facts:

1 Tramadol For Sale, - Every WWE event is sold out. Order Tramadol from mexican pharmacy, 2 - The WWE is watched by millions of people on pay per view TV
3 - WWE wrestlers and personalities are unbelievably popular
4 - WWE merchandising is a multi-million dollar industry


Well, it's deceptively simple - personalities and story lines, Tramadol pictures. Entertainment. No prescription Tramadol online, So, let me ask you this... in your Internet Marketing are YOU entertaining, Tramadol For Sale. Coz if you are BORING then you will be like every other dead leaf falling from the tree, order Tramadol online c.o.d.

In the WWE, Tramadol recreational, the personalities are bizarre and the story lines are even more bizarre. But it WORKS. People EAT it up, Tramadol long term. The happenings at the WWE are outrageously rememberable Tramadol For Sale, .

Let me provide some well-known examples (and favourite "characters" of mine):

Hulk Hogan - the "Hulkster" as he is known is probably the most loved and iconic figure in the WWE of all time. Purchase Tramadol online, He is a massive man with long blonde straggly hair and a matching zapata style moustache, wearing bright yellow wrestling tights and boots to match. He most often wears a red t-shirt that he rips off and throws into the crowd prior to his "matches, Tramadol use," sending members of the audience scrambling to retrieve it. Where can i buy Tramadol online, In his day, Hulk Hogan drove the crowds wild by taking on the biggest, baddest foes and getting "beaten up" by the likes of 7'2" Andre the Giant, cheap Tramadol, 7'0" Big John Studd and the 500lb 6'4" bald-headed, Tramadol blogs, baby-faced, King Kong Bundy. All of those names mentioned all had their own personas and were known as "heels" - that is, wrestlers who were "bad" and who the crowds loved to HATE, Tramadol For Sale. (so there was passion!), Tramadol results.

Each of these wrestlers also had their so-called "signature" finishing moves too. After Tramadol, Hulk Hogan used to have the "leg drop" where he would jump in the air and come crashing down on his opponent with the back of his leg. This, of course, Tramadol trusted pharmacy reviews, was after taking a terrible beating. Tramadol For Sale, Then he would just rise up, shaking his entire body, apparently impervious to pain, Then it was his turn to do the beating up which would almost always finish up with him winning by using his TRADEMARK move of the leg drop. Discount Tramadol, Hulk Hogan, via the WWE's marketing arm, would sell everything from bandanas bearing another trademark term "Hulkamaniac" to plastic figurines to watches to towels and even mugs and cups - anything and everything, buy Tramadol online cod, in fact. What is Tramadol, The "Rock" - Perhaps the most outrageous "trash-talker" that the WWE has ever had. His "interviews" were full of ridiculous comments, banter, Tramadol photos, rhymes, Is Tramadol safe, sayings and quotes. He would often throw his head back and cry out: "If ya smell what the Rock... is cookin'!" with his tongue waggling all the way through it, Tramadol For Sale. I have to say, buy Tramadol from canada, that used to make me laugh every time coz it was so utterly ridiculous. Tramadol treatment, And the crowds would be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for him to do it too. They LOVED it.

The Rock also had other equally recognisable crazy antics like the "raised eyebow", is Tramadol addictive, which he dubbed "The People's Eyebrow" and endless talking about his genitals which he would refer to as the "strudel" or the "Rock's package." After drawing attention to that area he would then admonish the interviewers and camera people for looking at it. Tramadol For Sale, It was so ridiculously funny. The Rock - Dwayne Johnson - was by far the funniest wrestler of all time and he has since gone on to star in many Hollywood movies.

The Rock's TRADEMARK finishing move was "The People's Elbow" where he would poleaxe his opponent in the centre of the ring, use his feet to shove the hapless opponent's arms together, remove his elbow bands and throw them into the crowd and then commence a ritual of moves that saw him race from one side of the ring to the other jumping over the opponent up to four or five times. Then he would fire his arms and legs out in all sorts of vertical break-dancing moves like he was having an epileptic fit and finally drop the elbow on the opponent. This eventually happened after this massive amount of showmanship - which the crowd always went absolutely crazy over.

Triple H - Hunter Hearst Helmsley - One of the greatest "champions" of the modern era of professional wrestling, Tramadol For Sale. Also known as "The Game" with even a song written for him along with dramatic music and a light show that he would enter the stadium to. It would only take a few bars of the song to be played for most of the 1000's of people in the stadium to rise to their feet as one.

Triple H wore his HHH brand on the backside of his wrestling tights. After strolling into the stadium and "threatening" various members of the audience he would jump up onto the apron of the ring, turn to face the screaming fans, douse his hair with water from a plastic bottle, gulp some and then spray it out in a mist at the cameras. Tramadol For Sale, Triple H almost always wins every match against all comers. He manages this by using his own signature move - the "Pedigree" where he traps his opponent's head between his knees, lifts their shoulders and then drops his knees and his opponent's head into the canvas, supposedly knocking his opponent senseless for the pin.

There are many more examples of "branded" wrestlers, their managers and other support staff who use instantly recognisable personas, music, outfits and signature moves to TRADEMARK themselves.

Love it or hate it the World Wrestling Entertainment industry has been exciting crowds like nothing else for over 25 years now - ever since its first "Wrestlemania" event. Wrestlemania XXV has just been and this entertainment phenomena just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Now I make no comment nor do I want any about the allegations and proof of drug taking and all the deaths of these wrestlers over the years, Tramadol For Sale. My commentary here is all about BRANDING and TRADEMARKING of individuals.

I invite your comments and I would be very pleased if you would pick a wrestler that has annoyed, amused, delighted or disgusted you and tell us a little bit about why that is so. You can describe outfits, traits, signature moves, outrageous sayings... whatever. But let's keep the comments to the purpose of this post please - BRANDING Tramadol For Sale, .


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54 Responses to Tramadol For Sale

  1. Branding - Internet Marketing - Lessons From the WWE

    […] Original post by Internet Marketing Temple of Learning for Newbies […]

  2. Robert Mergupis

    You are so right about branding, I give you a great one here, Jesse Ventura was a villian, colorful and very successful inside and outside the ring into politics and author. Who knows where all this branding will take him, or anyone if they apply it right!

    To your success
    The Master Builder
    Robert Mergupis

  3. Gary

    Hi Robert – YES! Jesse “The Body” Ventura was indeed another brilliantly branded wrestler. He went on to co-star in movies. Probably the biggest was as “Blaine” in Predator – a great movie BTW! I think he was the Guv of Mineasotta for many years.

    I used to love his gravel voice, the trash-talking he did (utter nonsense, most of it – LOL) and all the threats and taunts and his feather boa. And also the way he would strut around doing pose downs. Too funny. Oh, and the ridiculous paisley leg tights he usually wore. Great memories of a brilliant character.

    Thanks for posting about Jesse Ventura.


  4. Curtis G Hutson

    This article is a very good use of comparison. The WWE is the best example of branding in the world.

    Everything about wrestling depends on one branding technique or another. The wrestlers, the sponsors, even the individual shows, ie…Maonday Night Raw, Teusday night ECW, and my fav. Friday night Smackdown.
    This is a lesson in “multiple branding for MAX effect”

    My brand “Goldvein” has been on the net in one form or another since 1996. Which brings me to another well known brand, AOL.
    They are pioneers of the customer friendly internet by way of what used to be a pay to use community.

    Goldvein now offers many different products and services with more to come. Part of the money earned at the Goldvein goes directly to Larry Jones and Feed the Children. Something I have been involved with since before the internet.

    Sorry if i rambled here a bit but this article is a 10+ for me because Branding is of the utmost importance for anyone doing business anywhere.

  5. Curtis G Hutson

    Great comparison. The WWE has many types of branding going at the same time. The wrestlers, the 3 weekly shows to name a couple.

    Personal branding should be top of the list especially on the net.

    My fav is the Undertaker. The over-all look he presents along with the name is a very memorable brand. Then there is the thing with the eyes turning white as he removes his hat and the part where he brings up the house lights with his arms.
    His new finishing move is called Hells Gate and usually ends with his opponent bleeding from the mouth.

    Fantastic entry Gary
    Bravo from a wrestling fan

  6. Richard

    Bang on TGM! Although I am not a fan of wrestling anymore because most of it is just too ridiculous, I however cannot argue about it’s popularity or the fact that each wrestler indeed is his own brand.

    The more off the wall, eccentric or funny his brand is, the more popular he gets. Earlier I said “anymore” because I was a huge fan when it was WWF back in the day. I loved Jake the Snake (His brand/trademark was obviously the snake) and the Warrior (his was his facial makeup, his outfit and his voice!). They all had SOMETHING unique and different about them.

    I guess my point is like you said “in your Internet Marketing are YOU entertaining? Coz if you are BORING then you will be like every other dead leaf falling from the tree.”

  7. Branding - Internet Marketing - Lessons From the WWE

    […] News Sources wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOne of the best things that you can do in your Internet Marketing activities is to establish a presence that makes you and your material instantly identifiable . I’m talking, of course, about BRANDING or creating a “style.” To have an instantly recognisable persona or logo or style will set you apart from the millions and millions of other wannabes out there. You will notice that I have, over a period of time now, been using two “brands,” so to speak. I refer, of course, to “TheGazzMan […]

  8. Curtis G Hutson

    Great job Gary. The comparison is right on. The 3 weekly shows are brands themselves along with the personalities.
    My all time fav is Undertaker. He has a very memorable brand.
    His new finishing move, Hells Gate, usually causes immediate tap-outs.
    He is also now 17 and 0 at Wrestle Mania.

    Blessings on your success
    Curtis G

  9. Gary

    @ Curtis – Thanks for the 10+ rating you gave my post. I hope that was out of 10 and not 100 – LOL!

    The Undertaker was one of the wrestlers that I was gonna mention in my opening post but didn’t – only to save space. I’m so glad that you did. He has a creepy persona and all that black outfit and death stuff just adds to his creepiness. I remember when he used to have the coffin and the ashes in the urn held by that fat little guy called Paul Bearer. See? Even the assistants had branded names and roles to play to add to the fans’ enjoyment.

    I agree with you about the rolling whites of his eyes. That is a great trick and it looks so evil in close up on TV. Great branding indeed.


    PS: I know you had trouble posting these and I do appreciate the three attempts you made, so I have left them all in. It was my spam arrester. I get horrendous amounts of spam due to the popularity (*he* says) of this blog. It’s true though. They got stuck in there until I spotted them and let them out – LOL! Sounds like a WWE “Cage Match!”

  10. Branding - Internet Marketing - Lessons From the WWE | WWE Fan

    […] post by Internet Marketing Temple of Learning for Newbies […]

  11. Gary

    @ Richard – Thanks for the comments. You said:

    “The more off the wall, eccentric or funny his brand is, the more popular he gets.”

    That is just SO true. And I think that has also contibuted to the many mishaps over the years as wrestlers constantly try to outdo one another and take their daring to new levels. One such event was the death of Owen “The Rocket” Hart who fell from a glider prop to his death. As you probably already know, he was from the famous Hart family of Calgary, Canada – a brother to the fellow who I think was the best technical wrestler of all time – Brett “the Hitman” Hart. He was fantastic and could do it all. And he always had those bright pink wrestling tights and the long, black, greasy hair – very distinctive.

    Jake “the Snake” Roberts with that python in the sack and the Ultimate Warrior, who always used to run like Fred Flintstone (ie on the spot without actually getting anywhere) were also wonderfully and very uniquely branded individuals of the WWE.

    So Richard, I’m glad you agree that we must NEVER be boring in Internet Marketing – always entertaining or educative – preferably BOTH. Being boring is the #2 biggest sin on the internet IMHO.


  12. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Yes, you guessed that WWE is not really my type of entertainment, so the names you mention mean nothing to me. (Sorry!)

    However, I do remember, when I was growing up, the wrestling on a Saturday afternoon on British TV. I think my dad used to watch it because he knew how much his three daughters disliked it!

    But what you say about branding is true because I still remember the names of some of those wrestlers – Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy spring to mind. I also remember the utter idiocy of the moves and how fake it all seemed to me. All preplanned moves.

    But the crowd seemed to love it.

    So branding – I would probably think more along the lines of the advertising campaigns on the TV. The children seem to know every word of every advert and can sing along to the ‘songs’. Yes important you get out there and known over other brands.

    I don’t want to be quite like that but I have been thinking about my own brand and site revamp for a while so any suggestions greatfully received.


  13. Gary

    Hi Hils – Yeah, I didn’t think you’d be a wrestling enthusiaist – LOL!

    But see? Even you remembered Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. They were two JUMBO guys. The funny thing is – most people know it is all pre-planned and a giant con but they watch it ANYWAY!

    You are correct – some songs have a jingle that just gets in your head. Even our friend the PMW has trouble getting certain songs out of her head and she has witchcraft to deal with such things. For example… now sing along Hils…

    “By the rivers of babylon, there we sat down
    Ye-eah we wept, when we remembered zion.

    By the rivers of babylon, there we sat down
    Ye-eah we wept, when we remembered zion.”

    Now, who sung that? Was it Boney M? I wonder what that referred to. Does anyone know?

    Anyway, the wrestling is the best study ever of branding.


  14. Nikki

    Purple Minxy Witch here from the Lair of Temptation

    Funnily enough I agree with you on the whole setting-yourself-apart-by-creating-a-brand thing. Wonder why that is. I also agree with the whole problem of being boring – I’m afraid my DNA just doesn’t allow too much sensibility in the world of the temptress, so there’s always randomness going on in my life.

    Did you know that Hulk Hogan has his own reality TV show now? Something like ‘Hogan Knows Best’? So he’s still benefitting from that brand even outside the world of WWE.

    I’m also aware of the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) – but more so from his films like Welcome To The Jungle with Sean William Scott [Stifler to those that know American Pie] and the legend that is Christopher Walken; and Walking Tall (think that was the one with Johnny Knoxville). He’s like Steven Seagal without the pomposity (er, having to have the lighting ‘just right’ across his eyes when filming – go on, watch a Seagal film [which I have to admit I do enjoy sometimes!] and look at the thin shaft of light that is always across his eyes in his scenes.). The Rock isn’t afraid to laugh at himself, and so that makes him more appealing to the general public.

    Too many people take themselves too seriously these days, and it just kind of ruins everything. That’s my semi-humble opinion anyway!

    Anyway, I am digressing slightly…although as I am still referring to branding then you can’t moan at me for going off-topic.

    Incidentally, thank you for the plug above – notoriety is just another one of my methods for world domination!

    Soon the presence of the Purple Temptress will be felt everywhere (mwah-ha-ha-ha!).


  15. Gary

    Nikki – Always delightful to have your random presence in the Temple. You are most welcome for the “plug”… so to speak.

    Yes, I did know about “Hogan Knows Best.” I have seen several of those shows and they always make me laugh. I have also seen the home that he lives in and it has come at a very high price when you look at how the Hulkster is now almost a cripple from taking all those hits and blows in the ring. Hmm, that didn’t quite come out the way I meant it. LOL!

    That Stiffler character makes me almost cry with laughter. He is a total idiot.

    Now, the Rock, he is one clever dude. The only thing I find unappealing about him is his silly tattoos. Then again, it ain’t like I have to watch him every day, huh?

    Um, Steven Seagal… having a lot of knowledge and experience in martial arts I think I will decline to comment other than to say he really overdoes the tough guy stuff and the “mother f****r” comment! That really irks me even though I swear myself.

    Semi-humble? Huh? Nix! What is wrong lovie? Go hard next time. Nice evil laugh to end with though!


    PS1: Stock up the Lion Bars. Start NOW!

    PS2: I see you chose to ignore those song lyrics above. Hmm.

  16. Linda

    Good post. Before people start to build a brand, it’s also important to consider whether the image/persona they are building is applicable to the field they hope to attain success in. For example, the persona of “Big Willie the Womanizer” might not be suitable if William hopes to be a world class marriage counselor respected by both genders. Likewise, the persona of “Katie the Sex Kitten” might not work so well if she’s a financial analyst that wants to be taken seriously.

    The process of “branding” goes back to Pavlov’s studies with dogs and conditioned response. Likewise, the brand we build is part of creating a conditioned response in people. That’s an important element. : )

  17. Gary

    Linda – I got a great laugh out of your two examples. Both of those names could be trademarked into the WWE. Well said!

    Still laughing – Big Willie. Indeed.


  18. Nikki

    Surely to a certain extent we can have different brands in separate fields though? Just a thought…

  19. Nikki

    …yes, I know, me again.

    I understand that Mr Seagal is extremely knowledgable in the field of MA etc, and I completely appreciate that. However, the point that I was raising was that in the film world he does tend to take himself very seriously, as you can see from the interviews that he gives. Mr Johnson however understands that to have a wider appeal, having a more friendly approach & being willing to have a sense of humour are important.

    But then I would imagine that all comes down to your priorities and how you wish to be viewed by the public.

    Something to think about there…although it may be a little too late for me who is somewhat notorious in my definition.

    Still. All adds to the fun of life!


  20. Articles about Internet Marketing as of April 14, 2009 | The Lessnau Lounge

    […] […]

  21. Lizzie

    Nice too see you’ve got a new post up!
    It is very interesting, but to tell the truth I didn’t read it all! Mainly because I have absolutely no interest in WWE and I got the message quite early.
    Now I need you to be honest and others who know me and my blog, do you get bored looking on my blog or is it interesting, what can I do too improve and am I boring?
    Please reply truthfully!

  22. Gary

    @ Nikki – Yep, the comparison you make with Messrs Seagal and Johnson are very good. Two VERY different personalities presenting themselves. And I know who I find the MOST entertaining. But, then again, I love humour and The Rock has one of the fastest wits going round.

    @ Lizzie – What? No interest in extremely muscular men performing all sorts of acrobatics in very tight tights? Hmm. Well, maybe in a few years…

    Sorry, getting off subject (actually ON subject) with you. OK. To answer your question – TRUTHFULLY – I mentioned this to you some time back Lizzard. But here goes… you simply must and I repeat MUST answer people on your blog – just as I am doing here. The last few times I looked you would just leave comments dangling. People would go back to get a response and there weren’t any.

    What I am saying Lizzard is this – people like the interaction. Reply to them, make comments on their comments. Appreciate them for taking the time to come to your blog and say things. I don’t think you are boring (in fact, far from it) but I do think you need to be more interactive and appreciative of your visitors.

    You wanted the truth. You got it. Hope I haven’t offended you. If I have, my apologies. But what I said will definitely help you.


  23. Gary

    ~~~~~~~ A THOUGHT PROVOKING QUOTE (#002) ~~~~~~~

    “There is something great about everyone – IF only they would find it.”
    – Gary Simpson.

    Comment – Yep. This is an original. I was just over commenting on Mike Litman’s blog at and… oops… it just slipped out. I believe it. I truly think that everyone has greatness within them but, sadly, some will NEVER find it coz they will NEVER take the time to look. It’s pretty much what my “Power of Choice” e-book is all about. [refer here:

  24. Lizzie

    Fortunatley no you havent offended me. Infact when I read it i was laughing a little cause I knew it was true!

    Yes, No intrest what so ever in “extremely muscular men performing all sorts of acrobatics in very tight tights” because its all faked and its just toned fat. No offence to anyone who likes it, but its a load of rubbish!

    Ha, I’ve just noticed that I always reply to comments backwards! Just like our printer that prints the last page first and the first page last, but fortunatley not the words cause that would be sooooooo annoying! We’d have to buy a new one, with money we don’t have!

    Okay, why am I rambeling on about our printer?! You were wrong I am boring! Welldone to all those who actually read that bit, I’m amazed! You must have an interest in printers or maybe not, I dont know! Lol.

    Anywayz I have nothing more too say, well I do but not interesting stuff! So I better leave you folks alone now!

    Untill next time…
    The Lizzard

  25. @TheGazzMan RT - Twitoaster

    […] @TheGazzMan RT… […]

  26. Gary

    @ Lizzie – Well, that is good that I haven’t offended you. So often people ask for an HONEST answer and when it is given – and they don’t like it – they become offended.

    I don’t expect you to like the WWE. The WWE was just a forum for me to make observations about branding. That is one of the arts of writing – to draw two disparate subjects together and join them for effect.

    Oddly enough my printer blew up last week and I had to buy a new one. That was about three days after the fax gave up the ghost so I had to buy one of those too.

    So, you think you are boring huh? I disagree. I think you are quite captivating in the things that you say on your blog. But I will say again that your blog will be far more “magnetic” if you do what I have done RIGHT HERE and reply to people promptly, or reply to them full stop. That will make them come back.

    And as you may know, it is easier to keep a “customer” (blogger) coming back than it is to go out and find a replacement. Over to you Lizzard, if you want to reply.


  27. Lizzie

    See, I do come back!

    Your printer blew up! PMSL! Ha that bit made me laugh!
    Grr I’m doing it again, printer!
    Except I didn’t when I was sending Nikki comments… hmmm….
    Maybe my printer doesn’t like you! Shame really, It’s missing out on a lot of fun!

    I have just been sending comments to everyone on my blog list (well nearly everyone , cause there were a few problems with some people sites!) so I am trying to do as you suggest. Unlike when I’m talking to Nikki I do pay attention!

    The Lizzard

  28. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Well I can tell that it is the school holidays the Lizzard has time to comment, meanwhile I seem to have too much to do with the change in the routines!

    Actually I feel a bit guilty reading your reply to Lizzie because I know that I haven’t replied / posted on my blog for some time. I ‘ve been promising myself that I will get a new post done this week so I’d better do that tomorrow.

    I’ll let you know when it is done and then I had better make an effort to reply to comments promptly. It’s spending the time getting Twitter followers (1600 now) that has taken my attention elsewhere!

    Be back tomorrow!


  29. Gary

    @ Lizzie – My printer blowing up made you laugh? Ugh! It didn’t make me laugh! I was desperate to print something out when it happened too. Then I had to waste several hours going out, selecting a new one, buying it, getting distracted at shops (I know you women love shops but I don’t – I only shop out of necessity, not pleasure like you).

    Hmm, you don’t pay attention to the Purple Minxy Witch? That could be at your peril Lizzard. The PMW might turn you into a frog. If you feel like you are getting a croaky voice then the transformation will have commenced. Especially if you start reading comments and find yourself muttering “read-it, read-it, read-it.” LOL!

    @ Hils – We can’t do everything! I know what you mean about feeling “guilty” but our time is so limited and there is ALWAYS so many things to do. Every day it seems as though you get a few things done and MORE things land on your plate, so to speak.

    Remember my post about feeling inundated? Everyone is requesting us to watch a video, read an e-book, respond to something. Just do what you can Hils.

    Regarding Twitter – that can SOAK up a lot of time. Good to see you are progressing to that magical 2,000 number of followers. Once you get there you can just concentarte of adding up to 10% at a time.

    @ Readers in general – just remembered another of my favourite wrestlers – Lex Luger. He didn’t last all that long but wow, what a body that guy had. I still remember the way he was introduced over a period of weeks until he “burst onto the scene” defeating anyone and everyone. Actually, there is a lesson in the way he was introduced so I’ll continue below.


  30. Gary

    ~~~~~~~ WWE Wrestler – Lex Luger ~~~~~~~

    Yeah, OK… So, I’m revealing a rather intimate knowledge of wrestlers and the WWE here. I know… I’m more than a little interested. OK, I’ll admit it… I’m a fan. LOL!

    Lex Luger – I found it very interesting the way that this character was introduced. Over a period of weeks viewers were shown glimpses of this guy doing various poses of body parts. It was always accompanied by an announcer commenting on his chest, thighs, pecs (LOL re Motivational Moment Video #1 – in-house joke) etc.

    What they were doing, of course, was what Internet Marketers call the “Pre-Launch Buzz.” Everybody wanted to know who this new guy with the super body and “bad” attitude was. And when he finally arrived into the ring – amid much fanfare – he didn’t disappoint. Now that is where some IMers fail – too much hype and too little value.

    So there – another example from the annals of World Wrestling Entertainment history. They really do it so well. And like I have mentioned above you can learn a lot about BRANDING from the WWE, corny and false as it is.


  31. Michael Lin

    loved this post. branding couldn’t be more true than the WWE. Stone cold steve austin would be another great example from the WWE.

  32. Gary

    @ Michael – Yes! I should have mentioned him. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is indeed one of the new breed iconic figures in the WWE.

    Portrayed as a “bad-ass” good guy he often drives into the stadiums in huge pick-up trucks. Bald-headed and wearing a leather waist coat he has the “signature” move of a so-called “neck-breaker” called – wait for it – “The Stone Cold Stunner” – more BRANDING!

    The other thing that Steve Austin is famous for is climbing up onto the ropes after he has won his match (which he does 95% of the time) and opening up several cans of beer – which he calls “whoop-ass” then guzzling them, spilling the beer all over the place in the process. Crazy stuff but the crowd seems to love it. SCSA also has his own music as he enters and leaves the stadium.


  33. Lizzie

    I’m sorry, It’s just the thought of a printer blowing up seemed quite hilarious. But when your trying to use it must be really annoying.

    Actualy today I was trying to scan something on to the computer, but because it’s Vista you cant use the buttons on the printer and ahh! Then my dad was fixing it for me and going on about how I should get Vista and blah blah blah, trouble is he thought it was hilarious that I couldn’t use the scanner but it was very annoying. So now I know how it feels (kind of!)
    Speaking of which I’m not doing the printer thing again, Yay!

    A frog?! And I thought I was random! I get the little joke though, that’s probaly how you thought of it, did it all backwards like my printer! Printers, what wonderfull things!

    Untill the next time something happens with printers

    The Lizzard

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    […] […]

  35. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Hope you are keeping well, been a long while since I last visited.

    BTW Great post with some exceedingly good points about branding. Really like the way how you tied “WWE” and the various wrestlers into the post, whilst also not losing the focus on what you wanted to tell us all about.

    Speak soon and have a wonderful weekend

  36. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hey Gary,

    Think I must be getting old, I do remember the Undertaker and Shaun someone or other and Vince the owner …

    As you remember, the wrestling in the UK was ‘Big Daddy’ ‘Giant Haystacks’ ‘Mick McManus on the program ‘World of Sport’ on a Saturday Afternoon in the ’70’s & ’80’s …..

    Did the WWE not have to rebrand from WWF after a Copyright Infringment Battle?

    Keep the good posts coming ;-)

  37. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Well must say as I’m not into wrestling, the names you quoted meant absolutely nothing to me. Could have been written in a foreign language, LOL, but of course that is irrelevant and the message came through loud and clear.

    If you can entertain and educate at the same time while telling a story then you are doing extremely well. Your post Gary, manages to do all three, so well done!

    Oh and well done on breaking through the 10,000 followers on Twitter – you must be doing something right on many fronts.

    Catch you later,


  38. Gary

    @ Lizzard – Now think about this my dear. Methinks all that “hilarious” stuff is probably a Freudian slip. Let me explain:

    “A Freudian slip is when you mean one thing, but you say your mother.”

    @ Nigel – thanks for the vist Nigel. Glad you liked my little sojourn down the WWE memory lane here. You have a nice weekend too.

    @ Tommy – That could have been Shaun Michaels – aka – the “Heartbreak Kid” whose finishing move was a side kick to the head of his opponent called “Sweet Chin Music” (something that I rather like myself, actually – LOL). Or, it could have been Vince McMahon‘s son, Sean, who is a dweeb IMHO.

    The WWE indeed had to relinquish its former WWF brand as the World Wildlife Foundation was able to prove that it had the rights to that brand acronym (lol Nikki). And that is an excellent point Tommy – and one I overlooked. When creating a brand it is best to do a search to see if you are “infringing” on an already trademarked brand name.

    @ Garry – Well I am astonished. Like Corporal Schultz you know “nuth-think” about wrestling? Man, I thought you had culture – LOL! Oh well, glad you liked my observations on branding – that was the whole point.

    And yeah, thanks for the compliments of getting to 10,000 followers on Twitter. Coming from a guy who has 19,000 or thereabouts ATM himself, I appreciate that.


  39. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi TGM,
    Great post! Even though I’m not a fan of wrestling some of the names are familiar, which proves your point about branding. You don’t have to follow the product to be aware of it if the creator of the brand has done a good job of promoting their brand.

    I agree with Linda about creating a brand that reflects your product or service. That’s what I’m doing with my new site. Even though the banner is not up yet, I’m working on the image and content.

    Your comments to The Lizzard are a helpful reminder to the rest of us to interact with our readers. They honor us with their presence and leave a comment, so it’s only common courtesy to respond and just good business sense to encourage the conversation on your blog.

    BTW, I’m still not getting emails when you have a new post. I’ll look into that, cuz I don’t like missing out on the beginning of the conversation here.

    Theresa, The Keyword Angel

  40. Gary

    Hi Theresa“The Keyword Angel” – Now THAT, my dear, is sweet. Very nice branding. Does that mean that your new site is “Keyword Heaven?” If you like that then please, by all means, use it.

    Thanks for your nice comments, several are very pertinent, so I will re-quote them (bit of a change from quoting myself, huh Linda? LOL!)


    “Even though I’m not a fan of wrestling some of the names are familiar, which proves your point about branding. You don’t have to follow the product to be aware of it if the creator of the brand has done a good job of promoting their brand.”

    EXACTLY! And it proves my point, doesn’t it?


    “Your comments to The Lizzard are a helpful reminder to the rest of us to interact with our readers. They honor us with their presence and leave a comment, so it’s only common courtesy to respond and just good business sense to encourage the conversation on your blog.”

    Indeed. That is precisely what i was pointing out to Lizzie “the Lizzard” in particular and everyone in general!


  41. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi Gary,
    Ooh, I like that . . . Keyword Heaven, but it’s actually KeywordAngel.

    Congrats on getting 10K followers on Twitter! I just read an email from JT who says he devotes an hour a day to his twittering. I’m sure it will pay off for you both. I’m still working on getting to 2K.

    See you later,

  42. Gary

    Hi Theresa,

    I was thinking more along the lines of YOU being the Keyword Angel and your SITE being Keyword Heaven.

    A bit like how I often sign-off TGM@TEMPLE & Nikki signs-off PMW@LOT, maybe you could “work” in “Keyword Angel@Keyword Heaven.” I am rather interested in this entire branding thing and have been for quite some time.

    Just some random thoughts from TGM – LOL!


  43. Anthony Arias

    Hey Gary,
    I haven’t been around in a while, but that’s a story in it’s self. Let’s just say that I was running and jumping into everything that came my way. I lost focus on the real way to build a profitable online business.

    I see you’ve lost no steam, I love your post on branding. It makes a lot of sense, and the way that Vince McMahon does business and how he brands his wrestlers is nothing short of amazing, and a lot can be taken from that.

    Just wanted to tell you that I’ll be checking back here frequently and want to spread the word that my blog is back, with a fresh start and a clean slate. Hope to see you over there soon.

    Anthony Arias

  44. Gary

    Hi Anthony – Indeed it has been a while since I have seen you around the place.

    You mentioned:

    “I was running and jumping into everything that came my way. I lost focus on the real way to build a profitable online business.”

    I believe a LOT of people have been doing that. I have even fallen into that trap myself. I was reviewing what I have been doing the other day and I am convinced that I have far too many things that I am trying to do – most of them badly. I need to refocus too. So your comments on that are timely indeed.

    The jungle drums of Internet Marketing are always beating. Somebody ALWAYS has a sure-fire method of making money on the internet and they have – for THEM!

    You simply cannot indulge in every damn thing that gets promoted. The “offers” and “you MUST look at this” that come into my email box are astounding. Over Easter alone I deleted 3,500 unopened emails. Yep! You read that correctly – 3,500 odd. Then three days later I deleted another 1,200 odd.

    I don’t even have time even to READ them let alone understand them, click on links and watch 30 minute “appetiser” videos or read 120 page e-books. I just don’t. I would need a dozen people to do that – working full time.

    Right at this very instant I have 653 emails in my delete folder – UNopened – ready for trashing after I give them one final sweep to see if there is anything I am interested in. So, I know EXACTLY what you are saying there Adam.

    The way that Vince McMahon (owner of the WWE) BRANDS his business is outstanding. The characters are audacious, the story lines are incredibly convoluted and highly unbelievable but millions of fans all over the world EAT IT UP! I know some VERY intelligent people that watch and follow it closely.

    I shall come and have a look at your blog soon.

    Thanks for visiting and in the words of the Beverley Hillbillies TV sit-com…

    “Y’all come back now, y’hear?”


  45. Michael J Ottman

    Gary, the branding post is awesome. I remember as a youth Jake The Snake Roberts because I loved it when he would dig out that Python and put it on his victims.

    Also, I used to have some of the action figures and I wasn’t even a wrestling fan. My sisters boyfriend when I was 13 took us to see a live event and I’ll never forget Roudy Roddy Piper and his bagpipes.

    The WWE is great at giving each character a theme, look, and signature move that helps to brand them. One great thing to mention is that they just couldn’t create a character with just anyone.

    They had to look at the personality, abilities and special talents of each individual before they could come up with each one of their own brands. If we each focus on what is unique about ourselves, then we can create a brand that is entertaining and also very informative.

    I’m quite interested to see what we all write about after we see each other in Vegas at the end of May. Even though I haven’t met you all face to face, your blogs and branding give me a good idea of what to expect.

    On a business note Gary, I have live so even though it’s not perfect is live. Go and get your ecovers and minisites done people and thanks Gary for pushing me in this direction. Your wisdom is much appreciated.

    Michael J Ottman

  46. Nikki

    Right, seriously, this isn’t funny now. Everyone is being far too peaceful & quiet today, and that just won’t do. Some of us have reputations to maintain, but how can I do that when no-one wants to play?!

    A rather disgruntled PMW

  47. Gary

    @ Michael – Isn’t it AMAZING the antics that these wrestling ENTERTAINERS get up to? Jake “the Snake” Roberts was indeed one of those guys who is very rememberable. He was a big, tall guy with stove pipe legs covered in green tights that bore the symbol of snakes. He had long greasy hair and would always carry this bloody python in a haversack to the ring. He probably would be banned from doing that in today’s nerdy, politically correct, oh-so-damn precious world because:

    (a) the snake would pose a health issue,
    (b) the snake would pose a safety issue,
    (c) the snake would undoubtedly be on some “endangered species” list etc etc.

    Rowdy Roddy Piper was also a brilliantly branded character with his entourage troupe blowing bagpipes to announce his arrival to the ring in his tartan skirt. Then he would grab a microphone and rev up the crowd with maniacal rants designed only to make people hate him. And… the people “fell” for it – hook, line and sinker! The other thing about RRP was that, at only 6’1″ or thereabouts, he still took on the much bigger wrestlers who towered over him and outweighed him severely. He was a great CHARACTER.

    Michael, you are most welcome for the “push.” I am glad to be able to “shove” quite a few of the Alex Jefferys team in certain directions from time to time. One thing I am NEVER short of is ideas – only the time to do them all myself. Therefore, I am more than happy to toss all sorts of ideas all over the place. You have an inate talent. I saw it, that is all. What you are doing is all your OWN good work. And I am happy to assist and promote your ability.


    PS: Michael – I have just been across to your new site and it looks GREAT!
    Well done!

  48. Gary

    @ Nikki – well, you can always count on TGM to “play.” I’m always up for a game or a tete-a-tete in the word arena.

  49. Nikki

    Michael, you said

    “If we each focus on what is unique about ourselves, then we can create a brand that is entertaining and also very informative.”

    Well, I can do the entertaining bit, but as for being informative…? Don’t worry, I’ve got a nice batch of potions brewing in the cauldron…just waiting for the opportune moment to unleash a few of these things on the world!

    TGM & where have you been when I needed someone to play with?! I had to resort to playing with my….hang on, this isn’t the time or place to say that kind of thing!


  50. Gary

    @ Nikki – I reckon you’d be one of the star attractions in the WWE. I can see you now in purple “ring attire.” – PMSL!

  51. Nikki

    Oh dear. The PMW does not wrestle with people. Why would I wrestle when I can just stun people into submission?! PMSL.

    (sings) “I put a spell on you….”

  52. Max

    i really love watching WWE and i am an addict of wrestling. may idols on WWE are batista and john cena. -

  53. Mrarthritis7

    i always WWE on cable TV and i am a big wrestling fan ever since i was just a kid -

  54. Matt Pattinson (copywriter)

    Great article! Like you say, there’s so much to be learnt from the branding beast that is the WWE.

    When you distil the more successful wrestling personalities down into their individual branding components it’s easy to see how they fit together to form one cohesive brand.

    Hogan obviously helped elevate the industry into the global phenomenon we see today – his trademark all-American sentiment making him a household name.

    I came across this post after writing a similar one myself earlier today. My post is Bret Hart centric and taken from a copywriter’s perspective. So for those who are interested check it out here:

    Thanks again, very enlightening


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