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Zithromax For Sale

by Gary ~ March 22nd, 2009

Here is my third short motivational video - Motivational Moment Video #3 Zithromax For Sale, , obviously. I was very conscious of keeping this video under 10 minutes, doses Zithromax work, Zithromax from canadian pharmacy, which I think is breaking strain time for most people. Everybody is so damn busy, buy Zithromax online no prescription, Buy Zithromax online no prescription, me included. So, Zithromax mg, Zithromax duration, unfortunately, I had to chop some really funny stuff out, Zithromax used for. Real brand Zithromax online, If you are too busy to read my intro then just go straight to the video below...

If not, the video is in three parts:

The first part is my standard fare - I discuss an ancient Japanese samurai maxim that has so much truth - IF only people would realise it, order Zithromax online c.o.d.

The second part is a continuation of my inclination to feature "special" people who I have met on the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Course, Zithromax For Sale. Low dose Zithromax, You will recall that last month (yes. It was a MONTH ago!) I featured Lizzie "the Lizard" Dickinson, Zithromax results, Zithromax street price, daughter of Hilary "Hils" Dickinson for a little bit of humour. Well, Zithromax samples, Zithromax without prescription, this month I have targetted another female - a feisty one at that! Watch part 2 and p155 yourself laughing at the things I say about my lovely friend.

Part three is TGM (er, Zithromax trusted pharmacy reviews, Zithromax steet value, that being me) in action doing some nasty things to people - just a short series of clips. Zithromax For Sale, I thought it was in keeping with the "samurai maxim" - so you will get to see me do some things with a sword and poleaxe a few guys. Oh, Zithromax canada, mexico, india, Buy no prescription Zithromax online, it's all good fun (when I am the one handing out the punishment, that is), online Zithromax without a prescription. Get Zithromax, Never mind, I have been on the "receiving end" many times over the years, buy Zithromax online cod. Taking Zithromax, But... that was then.., Zithromax online cod. Ha, Zithromax For Sale. Purchase Zithromax for sale, And this is NOW!

Oh, you will hear water tinkling away in the background too, buy generic Zithromax. Order Zithromax from United States pharmacy, That is NOT me BTW. (Unlike some people we know who may have buckets under their desks during seven hour seminars - NO names mentioned!)

I am sitting in my living room with the camera facing an indoor atrium that contains a beautiful fish pond, Zithromax brand name, Online buying Zithromax, rockery and some palms and ferns and the like. It is situated in the centre of the house and is exposed to the open air, where can i order Zithromax without prescription. Zithromax For Sale, In other words, the house is built around an open air atrium. About Zithromax, I like water features and I have four of them at strategic points in and around my home.

I hope you enjoy this, Zithromax reviews. What is Zithromax, It took me AGES to shoot and render it then upload it.

If anybody doubts the value of video on their blogsite then KNOW THIS.., Zithromax blogs. in just over 24 hours this video has been viewed 2,170 times, Zithromax For Sale. Zithromax from canada, Note: The number of views is being regularly updated along the timeline in the comments below. If you are interested you can see the progressive views logged through the comments.


PS: I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you would not reveal my "victim's" name in any comments that you would like to make below, Zithromax maximum dosage. Let everybody else have the pleasure of watching it and getting a surprise at the identity - ESPECIALLY the VICTIM herself. LOL.

Zithromax For Sale, Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.


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78 Responses to Zithromax For Sale

  1. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary aka TGM,

    Thought I just popped by and just noticed your new post. Hmm… sounds MV3 is going to be quite interesting and I wonder whether my own personal hypotheses about who you will mention in MV3 is going to be right – hmm…. guess I will have to find out when you upload it tomorrow.

    Still have a wonderful weekend.

    Best Regards

  2. Gary

    @ Nigel – I think you will be surprised at who it is.



  3. Gary

    OK, while I am messing around with this video trying to get it to display properly maybe others might like to have a guess at who it is. Two clues:

    1) female
    2) feisty

    This may take a while to sort out, so amuse yourself. Let’s see if anybody gets it. Until I can get the video up and displaying properly I am not going to confirm or deny the identity of the “feisty female.” But I may make (silly) comments.


  4. Michael J Ottman

    Hey Gary, hurry up and get that video up so I can get motivated. I’m looking forward to seeing who your victim is. I’ve been out of commission this last week being sick so I’m ready to go for the week.

    Thanks for doing the videos and making them entertaining as well. I’ll be back tomorrow to see if it’s up. Man, I sure hope you don’t have to remake it.

    Take care my friend and we’ll speak soon,

    Michael J Ottman

  5. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi TGM

    Just thought I’d pop over before I hit the sack for the night and despite your message about the video not being available I did get it to work (2nd time around and with it stopping to load).

    Sorry I haven’t been around for a while – rather a lot of issues to deal with including a cat missing for 9 days, who finally returned yesterday with an injured tail (cat bites) and back leg (possible road accident). Still he seems to be getting better now, much to our relief!

    So your message – yes we do need to attain mastery of our art and reveal it in our actions. Sometimes that can be difficult to do and it certainly requires dedication. We try to do things well, but distractions come along and before we know it we have lost our focus. Sometimes those things are unavoidable, but we need to learn how to use our own talents, desires and experiences for both others and ourselves.

    I’m just reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. It’s a book I have meant to read for some time, but with my focus on financial literacy at the moment (see my blog for details) it just seemed the right time to read it. This was particularly true when I read that we will discover what is required when we are ready for it. I really feel that this also applies to our dedication in mastering the art which is right for us. We have to truly want it in order to achieve it. We can’t all be a Richard Branson, but we can be a master in our own rights and in our own areas if we work at it and allow ourselves to use our talents.

    As for your victim – well I’ve seen your comments about a certain beverage (or two)! I’m sure that she will be delighted that you’ve focussed on that… lol. You mentioned one or two other things about her – I agree that she is a talented and fun lady!

    Now are you trying to check to see if we are watching properly? You’ve been adding that twitch again (twice), but that opponent (twice) wasn’t even trying to fight back – what sort of a contest is that?! I’m sure that your victim could do a better job!

    Thanks for another mention of Lizzie (the Lizzard) by the way – she’ll appreciate it, though we need to add a new post to her blog. It is Mother’s Day today in the UK and she made me a lovely cooked breakfast this morning as well as gave me a great card and gifts. She’s a super daughter to have.

    I have a new post about communication, so if anyone fancies leaving me their thoughts about communication, I’d love to hear them at Thanks!

    I’ll try not to stay away so long next time…


  6. Hilary Dickinson

    Just sent a long comment but it seems to have disappeared – possibly because I put a link in it?

    I managed to see the whole video so I know who it is but I won’t say!

    Thanks for the smile on a Sunday evening!


  7. Gary

    @ Michael – I’m trying. I have to go out for half the day so I can’t even begin to do anything until much later. I may have to re-render the entire video. Damn! I do try to add some craziness and humour – which probably destroys all the good work at the beginning of the videos – but, hey, something for everyone.

    @ Hilary – Thanks Hils – you’re a good scout. Was the video lagging at the time you watched it? It was when I uploaded it – both times. Made it a real PAIN in the A** to watch. I was so disappointed coz there was a fair bit of humour in the second bit.


  8. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    The video wasn’t lagging whilst it was running – I just had to keep waiting whilst it loaded. When I refreshed the page, you had taken the video down again, so now I know something other people don’t, he he!

    I don’t know if my other comment has gone for moderation (or if I didn’t get the link in it quite right). If you don’t find it I’ll make it again tomorrow.

    Must get some shut eye now before tomorrow’s students and a visit from my friend – so we’ll be off to a local garden if the weather holds.

    Good night!


  9. Gary

    @ Hilary – Hmm, so it was displaying OK for you after it loaded, huh? Hmm. Maybe it is my computer. OK. I’ll try to reload it and get it back on here. Perhaps people can tell me if it is working OK for them. When I watched it the lip synch and gestures versus the voice made me look like an epileptic marionette!

    Now, regarding your comment:

    “Now are you trying to check to see if we are watching properly? You’ve been adding that twitch again (twice), but that opponent (twice) wasn’t even trying to fight back – what sort of a contest is that?! I’m sure that your victim could do a better job!”

    Hils! He attacked me FIRST! The fact that I poleaxed him and pounded him over and over again was just his BAD LUCK! LOL! Seriously, the first counter-strike is enough. I was just showing off – as I was with the “twitch.” PMSL.

    Like I said, there’s a little somethin’, somethin’ for everybody in that video – motivation, education, stupidity, humour, violence… hmm, FAR better than the evening news which is just full of negative CRAP!


  10. Dave Nicholson

    Hey Gaz,

    Loved the video mate, would love to see you and XXXXX sparring, I could referee it if you set it up! ;-)
    As long as there is a bar nearby anyway! :-)


  11. Gary

    Hi Dave – thanks for coming over. Stuff the sparring – we can joust verbally – AT THE BAR!


  12. Nikki

    Will be watching later – but just thought I’d poke my head in here for a little wander around. I’m good like that.

  13. Dan Briffa

    that was an AWSOME video Gazz, your my number one motivational guy!

    Can you be my master Sensi, i am Daniel Son… hi yarrrrrr !!!!!

    Xxxxs gunna love that vodka part!! lol

    Speak Soon Gazz

    Dan Briffa

  14. Gary

    @ Nix – Don’t miss TGM misbehaving in Part 2 and getting nasty in Part 3 – LOL!

    @ Dan – Oh Briffs! You make me laugh. Wax on, wax off!


  15. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    I didn’t see a problem with the video, it loaded perfectly ? It only needed a few seconds to buffer then it started to run perfectly.

    All the best,


  16. Gary

    @ Paull – Thanks Paull. I was on your site into the wee hours of yesterday morning trying to figure out where I was stuffing things up in the editing. Thanks to your great tutorial I soon figured it out.


  17. Nikki

    I shall be watching it with interest, don’t worry!

    I’ll just have to wait till the opportune moment…

  18. Adam

    Video is working great for me, and I had a good laugh at the vodka bit.

    One thing is for sure – don’t mess with TGM!

    You look quite a bit more menacing in your new Twitter pic as well… :-)


  19. Michael J Ottman

    Good job Gary, now I gotta go visit your victim of todays video and check out their blog. I’m sure I’ll see you there causing all sorts of trouble especially if they threatened you with physical harm.

    Do I understand you correctly about going to Vegas or are you just trying to scare todays victim or should I say, guest?

    If you are going to Vegas, I better brush up on my ninja skills that I obtained by watching too many martial arts movies. LOL

    Thanks again for putting my ad on your blog. I’m almost ready to roll, probably by the end of the week, “I hope.”

    Michael J Ottman

  20. Nikki

    “A legend in my lunchbox”

    Oh dear.

    You’re obviously well-acquainted with your sword…

  21. Gary

    @ Nikki – an opportune moment huh?

    @ Adam – yeah, that stuff about the vodka was funny. Just watching it back even I laugh at the bit where I am smelling it. I really cannot stand the smell of it. So, I could never drink the stuff. Euuw! Then again, some people reckon they like to “glug” it. I guess that all started in the Gulags – voddie glugging in the Gulags.

    Rather than just menacing – more of just a menace, I think. LOL!

    @ Michael – that “incident” happened quite a few weeks ago and we have since “twittered and made up.” I have offered Alex Jeffreys to run a couple of short self defence classes early in the morning, though it’s probably not a good idea to get all hot and sweaty before a seminar.

    No probs about the ad – I always give credit where it is due and you certainly deserve credit for all the excellent work you are doing with your e-book covers and banners and Twitter backgrounds.

    @ Nikki – I am very attached to my sword.


  22. JT Martin

    Hi Gary,

    The video is playing fine. Once again a very nice motivational nugget. I liked the rest of the video as well, especially the last bit. Nice moves.

    “How is it that you can here the grasshopper at my feet old man?”

    “How is that you can not?”


    My favorite show of all time.

  23. Gary

    Hi JT – Thanks for the compliment. Glad the video is playing OK now. I’ll take the notices down about the troubles I had later on, or modify them.

    Ah, you are referring to Kwai-Chang-Caine asking Master Po about the grasshopper in the TV series Kung Fu. I have the entire series on DVD. I love the eastern philosophy in that show.

    My favourite episode was one where all the monks were sitting in front of a stage watching a woman do a very modest (by today’s standards) strip show or erotic dance.

    One of the senior monk masters turned to Kwai-Chang-Caine and asked, “How do you feel little Grasshopper?”

    To which he replied, “Uncomfortable… (gulp) master.”

    That cracked me up. I’d have been thrown out of the Shaolin Temple on the spot if I’d answered that question. Too funny.


  24. John Halderman


    First, the video loaded fine – for me the picture quality was not the best.
    . . . maybe it was all the ‘sipping’ you were doing adjusting your props during all the takes you did. I thought I heard your wife in the background, “Gary, those were full an hour ago!”


    Good stuff as usual, you are developing quite the variety show.

    I agree with you on your motivational moment poinit. One of the greatest values of getting good at anything is in how it can transfer into all other areas of life. Some allow those skills and traits to become benefits filtering through all aspects of their life, and others don’t get it. But isn’t choice that great pivot factor in the human condition.


  25. Gary

    Hi John – Thanks for your nice comments. I agree that the picture quality is a bit grainy but I understand that this can be improved by inserting some code or something. I think Garry Parkes was discussing it with somebody the other day over on his blog.

    Incidentally, Parkesy has FINALLY upgraded his blog. Go and check it out! Really… he HAD to do it just to try to compete with my TEMPLE (Onya Parkesy! You know I love stirring you).

    Ahh, you have mentioned CHOICE John! Yes, one of my favourite subjects. We CHOOSE to do everything, or not. Hope everyone has read my Power of Choice e-book. Though I know many chose not to. Sad. They could learn a lot from that book and it could be just the thing to light their fuse, so to speak.


  26. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Another great video. Seems as though your victim (sorry Star Guest!) has gone awol, lol.

    You certainly mixed it up there with a bit of everything.

    And, Gazza the stats for the video are fantastic. Is that all on Google Video or have you loaded it up onto loads of other sites via Tube Mogul?

    Yep, finally got the Blog updated. I had it on my list of things to do for a while and felt the time had come. Seems a very positive response to it. Few things I still need to tweak but nearly as I want it.


  27. Gary


    When I woke up this morning at around 7.00am I was rather surprised to see that my video above had been viewed 751 times. I thought, “WOW! That’s pretty cool.”

    But, now, ten and a half hours later, it has been viewed 1,311 times!


  28. Gary

    @ Garry – Howdy dude! You must have been posting at the exact (well 1 minute apart) time as me. How uncanny. We must be the “X-men!”

    Yeah, I wish my guest would surface. Maybe she has gone into hiding. Or maybe she has gone… underground. Everybody seems to be going underground these days. Personally, I don’t wanna go underground until I kick the bucket. Then I couldn’t care less.

    Yep, I thought I’d give everybody a “smorGAZZbord” of my wares.

    To answer your question. Nope. All done via Google. I did load it onto Viddler as well but I uploaded the Google version here, as you can see above. Tube Mogul just doesn’t wanna work for me. I waste FAR too much time frigging around with it and it always seems to reject everything so, to hell with it. TGM is too busy to stuff around with dopey things.

    A lot of the views have been directly from conversations and “REtweets” at Twitter. I pumped it along a bit today coz I noticed that every time somebody mentioned it there were a heap of views and a lot of people accessing my site. So, me being the devil I am… a little disguised self-promotion was indulged in.

    GREAT look at your re-vamped blog Garry – take all that BS from me as a compliment. I’m just egging you on – LOL!

    Gary (oh, I mean TGM!)

  29. Paula `Pauls' Brett

    My, my, Mr. Simpson, what a BIG weapon you’ve got lol!

    Whilst I’m extremely flattered that I feature in your video, I am a little disturbed to learn that you think about me when you’re in the shower! I do hope you’re not developing an unhealthy obsession. Do I need to bring a body-guard with me to Las Vegas?

    And I think that the gentleman doth protest too much…….. about how you have nothing to fear from the Paula Power Punch? All that macho male posturing and prancing around in your PJs, waving your unsheathed sword around …. smacks of a chink of insecurity to me. Hmmm? ;-)

    And what IS that water noise in the background, are you having trouble with your cistern. It made me want to rush off to the loo!

    Seriously, thanks for the plug to my blog, Gary (although there is a hyphen between paula and brett). And I’m honoured that you consider me to be a good friend :-) Our meeting in Vegas will be………. interesting (and, no doubt, boozy), LOL!

    Pauls x

  30. Gary

    Er… Paula – Hi! You finally followed the jungle drums to the TEMPLE, huh?

    Jeez, you said:

    “My, my, Mr. Simpson, what a BIG weapon you’ve got lol!”

    Well, er… yes! I may have a bit more to say about that below…

    I’m telling you the ABSOLUTE truth there Pauls. I WAS thinking of you while I was taking a shower and your comment above made me wonder if somehow you were able to get a spy camera in there. [PMSL]

    “Do I need to bring a body-guard with me to Las Vegas?”

    What? DUH! That’s a bit like who rules Caesar when Caesar rules Rome? I AM the friggin’ body guard!

    The next bit is far too much information – I KNOW – but I don’t wear PJ’s.

    Pauls, you are the 3rd person who said they needed to rush off to the loo at the sound of my fountain in the background. Some random on Twitter said that and so, I think, did Tommy McLaughlin. What is wrong with you people? Ah, I get it… the power of auto-suggestion.

    Bugger! Yes – indeed you do have that hyphen in your URL. I wrote the bloody thing down but in my mad rush I must have just forgotten it or failed to read it properly off my cheat-sheet. Anyway, I got your Twitter addy correct and there has been a fair bit of discussion on Twitter about your good self concerning this video, though whether I have raised your profile in the manner that you would like is HIGHLY debatable. Anyway, what do they say? Any publicity is good publicity.

    “And I’m honoured that you consider me to be a good friend Our meeting in Vegas will be………. interesting (and, no doubt, boozy), LOL!”

    Well, Paula, you are a good scout (or brownie – or whatever you have over there in bonny London). I do mean that! I am always “baiting” you on Twitter and you play along and we have a bit of fun there when sometimes it is so dreary. And then that brings other folks into the chaos and banter between us.

    But seriously, I dunno how you can drink that stuff that you say you like – you little “voddie glugger.” I reckon it’s like something they would use for fuel in a NASA rocket. I wasn’t kidding when I said the smell of it makes me puke. After you’ve had a handy half-doz or ten in Viva Las Vegas let’s just shake hands or *wink* at ten paces before we say good night to each other! [PMSL – again]

    Thanks for coming over (I was gonna say “coming across” but given the above innuendo… hmm… it just didn’t seem the right thing to say – not that it has EVER stopped me before. But, hey, this is MY blog not yours or Twitter) and adding to the fun here. I’m sorry for stuffing up your URL. I could go and edit the video but if you saw the trouble I had editing and rendering it I think you would understand why I just ain’t gonna do that. But I will do this:

    Hey everybody! Paula Brett ‘s blogsite is Go and visit her. She writes a load of bloody nonsense some GREAT stuff and has no decent LOADS of GREAT information there. Or you can catch Paula on Twitter at

    Gary (TGM… the Gazz Man and all the other various stupid names I have)

    Update at the moment of the Paula Brett counter-strike —> 1,410 views.

  31. Nikki

    Compared to your other vids? How many views have they had? Just being inquisitive. I’m like that.


  32. Gary

    Been trying to get Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing package but all the servers have crashed. Here I am been sitting here for 3/4 of an hour @ 2.00am to 2.45am in just my underjox and his servers are unable to cope with the traffic. Oh well…

    Anyway, on the bright side I have now had 1,464 views of my Motivational Moment Video #3. AWESOME huh? Off to bed for me.


    PS: Nikki, I will have to check that for you by digging through my stats. Will have a look later on and try to come back with the numbers. Good question! Should be an interesting comparison.

  33. John Halderman


    Yea, I grabbed a copy of the Butterfly, what a fiasco!

    But more important, I though you might be interested. Today in the local paper was article about the venerable Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin, the highest-ranking figure in Chinese Zen Buddhism, making his first visit to the US, right here in Sacramento, CA

    Here is the article,

    and some video they had,


  34. Gary

    Hi John – I agree. The Mike Filsaime Butterfly Marketing re-launch was rather disastrous. I got up at 1.30am after only going to bed at midnight. Then I sat there for 2 hours waiting, waiting, waiting.

    I know these things are heavily subscribed but THEY knew that and I would have thought that they would have their servers cranked up to cope with it all. Like… they were saying that 50,000 people were waiting for the FREE offer to go live. So what did they expect?

    I was Skype messaging with Garry Parkes at the time and he was having difficulty even getting the live feed, so I was messaging him about what was going on coz at least I had that.

    The whole thing kept crashing and what most amused me was one point where Mike Filsaime muttered, “Ugh, I’m gonna ruin my day completely in a moment by going to the WF (initials only) to read what they are saying about this.” That made me laugh coz I know that the vipers and stingrays there would be LOVING the fact that he was having so much trouble. Unfortunately, many of those people are so jealous of others that they have the same colour hue as Shrek. There is a lot of hate in some of those people – ask Dean Holland how he was treated there. I warned him about that place but he found out for himself.

    Anyway, it was rather disturbing to see the number of UTTER IDIOTS who were messaging the live feed with disgusting comments, including swearing at MF and abusing him when they were lined up for something FREE that he had formerly sold for $1,997. Maybe they were some of the people who had formerly paid full price for it. I dunno.

    The behaviour of so many of those people was appalling, including certain affiliate types who seized the opportunity to slam link after link into the message feed. At one point MF got fed up with them and named some of them and said he would ban them and cancel their affiliate links if they didn’t stop doing it. Greed, greed and more greed.

    Sadly, this generous event was flawed from the start and it certainly brought out the very worst in some people.

    On the other matter… thanks for the newspaper link. I read it. And I watched the Shaolin Monk video – most impressive. Very different to what I do. The guy with the chain-whips was very impressive with his skill and athleticism.

    Thanks a lot John. I appreciate what you did there in informing me of this.


    PS: Update on views of my Motivational Moment Video #3 featuring Paula Brett —> 1551

  35. Gary

    Timeline – Update on views of my Motivational Moment Video #3 featuring Paula Brett —> 2200

  36. John Halderman


    Yea I watched some of the ticker parade below the live pic of Mike and his crew. It’s interesting how defensive people are of what they have chosen to believe. Created a little “sideshow’

    I had a real rude awakening a few years ago I thought I would participate in some forums in Craigslist, particualarly forums for self improvement and spirituality. Brutal! I don’t mind having a lively conversation about matters of thought and belief, but in there it was more like a constant battle of ‘one-upsmanship’ and ‘best put downs’. The negativity strewn about in a ‘spirituality’ forum was at a vicious level with some of them.

    But, I guess if one of the human races greatest contribution throughout history is to kill in the name of religion, what should I expect.

    However, I do think mankind is growing, at least some! But we don’t always see it.


  37. Gary

    You know what it boils down to John? Some people have no decorum and NO class. Those people were supposedly there to receive a free package that had previously sold for $1,997. They were getting it for $30 or $40 and yet they still became furious. I saw one guy whinging about the EXTRA $10 that he was being charged for freight to New Zealand. Unbelievable. If I get people like that on my lists I just go and delete them. Poof. Goneski.


  38. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    I think that I am glad that I didn’t even try to get the Butterfly Marketing. I simply don’t have the time to look at that at the moment and from what I have read it wasn’t running to plan. Perhaps I’m being cynical but I expected it to be like that – it always seems to be the case with these big launches.

    Anyway I had got fed up with all the emails with the affiliate links about it and as I’m so stubborn I decided that I wouldn’t be part of the hype.

    I’m much happier doing my keyword research from Linda’s first unit (only just had time to make a start on it). I’m having some diffiuclties finding words with a decent level at the moment, though I have got one at nearly 66%.

    I’m looking forward to Linda’s next unit – I just hope that it is at a time I can make it – Thursday is my busy teaching day.

    Anyway I’m still doing lots of research on financial literacy, including some through Rich Dad coaching. Lizzie has been enjoying playing the Cashflow eGame this evening, so I need to catch up with her now (as usual!).

    Bed calls now so I hope to be involved with you all in the call tomorrow.


  39. Gary

    @ Hils – yeah I felt the same way as in… NOT another thing to look at, investigate and distract me. I know exactly what you are saying. Then I thought well, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    I was thinking about my delays and reluctance to do my third Motivational Moment Video. And look what that has done. It’s been extraordinary!

    Glad to see that Lizzie the Lizzard is taking such an avid interest in learning about the ways of money. I have heard that Robert Kiyosaki‘s Cashflow game is pretty good. next thing you know the Lizzard will be a financial genius in her own right and who will she have to thank for that? YOU Hils!

    Oh, BTW, you will be VERY interested in my next book review and so will the Lizzard. Watch for it and if it isn’t up here in the next week… gimme a nudge.


    PS: I am also looking forward to Linda’s next module and meeting up with all you good folks on Skype.

  40. Gary

    To answer the Purple Minxy Witch’s question above:


    Without committing a great deal of time to getting this 100% accurate, my server logs are telling me;

    Motivational Moment Video #1: 509 views (since 11 Feb 2009 – ie 43 days)
    Motivational Moment Video #2: 242 views (since 22 Feb 2009 – ie 32 days)
    Motivational Moment Video #3: 2242 views (since 23 Mar 2009) – ie 2 days)

    So, what does this tell me? Hmm.

    Fact #1: My “pec flex” occurred in #1 and #3 but not #2
    Fact #2: I promoted #3 on Twitter.

    Well, I guess that’s it! It’s conclusive. The pec flex is definitely the deciding factor. And if you believe that then I have a bridge that I would like to sell you. PMSL.

    Twitter folks. It’s Twitter! People are talking about it on Twitter.


  41. Renee Olson


    It’s seems that I missed all the hoopla for BFM 2.0, but I still got my copy.

    Ya know, I’m really tired of the get it now… There’s only X copies… or whatever the pitch is because it always seems to be available long after the supposed cutoff. I really dislike the email that says there’re only X copies left. I can go back to that email a month later and it still reads the same thing and I can still get it.

    I must admit there was one PLR offer that was quite slick. It read that there would only be 50 copies and the starting price was like $7.95. The price was suppose to go up $1.00 for every purchase. Of course, I delayed my purchase and when I was ready to purchase it cost me $30.00 something dollars.

    I’m glad I got my copy of BFM, but I’m more glad I wasn’t part of the mess.


    Love #3 :) My son, Brian, can’t wait to use a sword like you.

  42. Gary

    Hi Renee – I haven’t seen you for a while but hopefully we might be able to say hello to each other on Linda Caroll‘s training call tomorrow – still not sure of the time on that. Hope you got my email and went to her site to register for it. If it’s as good as the last one it should be excellent.

    Yeah, the whole scarcity “issue” amuses me when we are talking about DIGITAL copies. They are UNLIMITED! So it all seems rather daft to me. Then again, it seems to work.

    The other one I like is this little gem… “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t tell my Accountant that I am selling it at this LOW, LOW price.” Everytime I see that I just roll my eyes and think “DUH!”

    I’m smiling at your PS there – just tell Brian if he trains hard every day for 30 or 40 years then he’ll be able to do that no worries at all. LOL!


  43. Nikki

    So I asked a useful question for once then! I am impressed.

  44. Gary

    @ Nikki – In fact, it was a VERY good question and it was something I should have done without you prompting me. It still took me about 1/2 an hour to get all the figures.


  45. Nikki

    Sometimes working to get figures is well worth it though, don’t you think?

    Gary: I rather like the aesthetic appeal of the figure 8, vertically and horizontally.

  46. Nikki

    Completely off topic – but I caught a bit of the film Addams Family Values last night. Reminded me about the whole Morticia & Gomez thing…


    Gary: Hmm, dunno what happened here. These comments just seemed to “appear” – a bit like you “Tish.”

  47. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi Gary,
    Great video and fun to see you in action. Very impressive, but don’t let it go to your head, ha ha.

    I thought I was signed up to your RSS feed, but I don’t get the notifications when you post something new. I’ll try to fix that.

    I had to run out of the house and planned to get back before the BFM opened. I watched the feed for a few minutes and then came back a few hours later and was able to place my order. What a trip. Don’t know when I think I’ll have time for that, but at least I’ll have it to refer to.

    Looking forward to Linda’s call today. Talk with you then if you’re still up.

  48. Gary

    Hi Theresa – I can assure you that no matter what I say or how much mucking around or cra**ing on I do that my feet are firmly planted on the ground – especially in THAT part of my life.

    Yep, I am interested to see what comes in the BFM box.

    Linda’s call today was sensational – made a LOT of sense. The people who missed out – for whatever reason – MISSED OUT! I’m gonna send an email to everybody who was on the initial email list.


  49. Theresa Mayhew

    I can tell you’re a down-to-earth kind of guy, just couldn’t help kidding you a bit. Hope you don’t mind too much.

    Great talking with you a little on the call today. Love that Linda has a formula for us to follow. That makes the difference.


  50. Gary

    @ Theresa – Yep. I am a straight-shooter. If I say something in seriousness, I mean it. I don’t BS people when it comes to telling them what I think they NEED to know, not what they WANT to hear. BS’ing people just isn’t me. And it has got me into a LOT of trouble and will probably continue to get me into a LOT of trouble.

    Hmm… along those lines I have just sent out the email that I said I would (above) – so this is very timely indeed. So, thanks Theresa for allowing me the opportunity to explain myself a bit here.

    Some people will probably be upset with me for saying what I have in that email. I don’t mind. I can take a sh*tload of punishment – much more than I should at times. But I can handle it. I am never phased by FAIR criticism of anything I do coz I KNOW who I am. I know what is in my heart. But my biggest failing in life has always been that I want things for other people more than what they do for themselves. Ha! One day I will learn. One day…

    Incidentally, Linda had some mighty fine things to tell me about your KEI ability and I want to CONGRATULATE you on your “new venture.” I am so bloody skint for time I may have to engage your services myself.



    PS: Chuck me another snowball. I probably need cooling down anyway.

  51. Theresa Mayhew

    Okay, here goes that snowball. . . . splat. Hope that did the trick to cool you off a bit.

    I’d send you some gingerbread cookies if I had your address, but they’d probably be hard as a rock by the time they arrived in Oz land.

    Anyway, I’m working on some content and pricing for my new site and it should be up and running soon. I have the url and will be using Linda’s hosting service . . . so I’m committed to doing this.

    Thanks again for making the connection with Linda for us all.

  52. Gary

    @ Theresa – SPLAT! Right in the moosh! LOL. (of course, I could have easily evaded it but I do need to cool down – besides it’s damn hot over here in Oz today – supposed to be 35C, or thereabouts!)

    Committment! That’s it. Well done.

    … and my pleasure. I LOVE watching people succeed. Maybe I need to look in the mirror a bit more.


    PS: 3674 views of Motivational Moment Video #3

  53. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Thanks for the motivational video number – certainly cheered my day up when I watched up. – The VKD bit was certainly most amusing and I wonder whether one is allowed to take alcohol onboard a plane, especially if it is not bought from the airport duty free stores?

    On a different note, impressive demonstration of your martial arts and sword fighting skills – I think some of us may have to pack some extra protective gear in our suitcases should we decide to attend the meet in Vegas.

    Oh and apologies if I’m hi-jacking your blog – my cocktail is now ready and is currently in the process of being slowly dripped served over the next few months with some rather interesting posts lined up in store for all.

    All the best

  54. Linda

    I don’t BS people when it comes to telling them what I think they NEED to know, not what they WANT to hear. BS’ing people just isn’t me. And it has got me into a LOT of trouble and will probably continue to get me into a LOT of trouble.

    Sometimes what you think Joe *needs* to know, and what I think Joe *needs* to know, and what JOE thinks he *needs* to know are 3 different things. And yet, no one is BSing. Perspective is a funny thing.

    I figure if I do what I do and just be authentic, the people who like what I do will join along…. and the people who don’t like what I do will go find someone that they’re more attuned with. Si?

  55. Theresa Mayhew

    Linda: It’s that old adage that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. That’s why it takes 100 people to find 10 that will follow through.

    You did an excellent job on the call yesterday illustrating how our beliefs hold us back and how to overcome them. Love the formula and look forward to next week’s class.


  56. John Halderman


    You are so on it about perceptionn. The only way a person can react to anything is based on their perceptions. Perception is the human experience, we really are not capable of anything but. We can change our perceptions, but cannot exist without them. It’s a management issue! The key is to identify perceptions that don’t serve what we want, and alter them. Of course this means we must know what we want . . and know that we cn change them.


    I understand the government of Australia has put a bounty on the heads of toads, or are they frogs. Are these creatures near you? Would you put me up if I came there to safari? I’m a toad hunter from way back!


  57. Gary

    @ Nigel – Yeah, I had a lot of fun making that video. Er, then a LOT of hassle rendering and uploading it. Still, it has done wonders – 4,065 views in just 4 days. You know you can always come here and tell everyone what you are up to.

    @ Linda – Yep. I can’t fault your comment. What I was referring to was that I would never lie to somebody to make a financial or other gain coz I don’t do that sh*t. And sometimes when you tell the truth (from your own perspective) the “truth” isn’t appreciated. Like…

    Woman: “Does my bum look really big in this dress?”

    Man: “Er, well, um…”

    Woman: “It DOES, doesn’t it?”

    Man: “Well, I really like that other…”

    Woman: “Are you saying I have a FAT ar*e?”

    Man: “All I’m saying is…”

    Woman: “You ARE, aren’t you?”

    Man: “Actually, what I am saying is…”

    Woman: “LIAR!”

    Man: “All I am trying to say is…”

    Woman: “What? What are you trying to say?”

    Man: “What I am trying to say is…”

    Woman: “That does it! No sex tonight!”

    Woman storms off.

    Man scratching his head mumbles to himself: “I think you look really sexy in that other dress.”

    OK. Stupid example. Sexist. Sure to draw fire. Sorry, couldn’t help it. Just having fun with a bit of creative writing – something that I miss lately.


  58. Gary

    @ Theresa – in karate it takes about 100 beginners to find ONE person who will have the dedication, committment and effort to push through to become a black belt.

    @ John – Excellent comments about perception. I was fascinated watching the live feed and text streaming happen at Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing launch during the week. People’s perceptions showed negative or positive bias and I could virtually tell who would be successful and who would become (or already was) just another negative, embittered individual. It was written all over their comments – same on a certain forum. I will be having more to say about this soon.

    You must be referring to that curse – the cane toad. Some idiot introduced them into the NE of Australia and they bred to absolute plague proportions. The eat and poison everything and they leave a trail of destruction in their path.

    I am in the SW of Australia but these things are on an inexorable march and it is predicted that they will be in Perth within 12 months or so. NOTHING seems to stop them. If a dog bites one then the dog dies. That is how much deadly poison they excrete through their skin. Nasty creatures.


  59. Nikki

    Creative writing…hmm…I’m sure that I saw some from you the other day…now, let me think….

    (sitting on hands PMSL)

  60. Gary

    @ Nix – Oh yes. I can be VERY creative when I am in the mood.


  61. Linda

    Woman: “Does my bum look really big in this dress?”
    Man: “Er, well, um…”
    Woman: “It DOES, doesn’t it?”
    Man: “Well, I really like that other…”
    Woman: “Are you saying I have a FAT ar*e?”
    Man: “All I’m saying is…”
    Woman: “You ARE, aren’t you?”
    Man: “Actually, what I am saying is…”

    See, it’s the “er, well, umm” part that gets you in trouble. Men almost always stammer before they tell a fib. lol. Telling the truth isn’t the problem. The problem is lack of savoir faire.

    See, instead of the er, well, umm part, you need to immediately say honey, that other dress makes you look like you belong on the red carpet and the center of playboy because it makes you look HOT… this dress is a nice enough dress, it just doesn’t do your body justice in the same way.

    How’s THAT for creative writing. LOL.

  62. Gary

    @ Linda – well you see the “er, um” part is definitely the hiatus before the storm. You KNOW that men can only walk and chew gum at the same time – MAXIMUM. By the time the answer is formulating it is TOO late.

    But – face to face it is the NON-verbal interaction where the guys have the advantage. It’s the look. The look says it all.

    And that is where I have ALWAYS maintained that email is decidedly anti-male. PMSL.


  63. Nikki

    Linda as always, spot on!!

    and Gaz-Man, yes, we’re aware that multitasking isn’t really an ability that a lot of males possess.

    Surely the answer to the whole thing would have been to appropriately compliment the woman in the first instance when she had the first dress on, then she wouldn’t feel the need to try the second one on!

    Or in fact, the woman should just do as I do, and not care what other people think!!


  64. Ann Marie Dennis

    Hey Gary,

    great video, really cute and I love the sword work to. I’ve been consumed by other activities the past few months, thanks for motivating me to get back on board and create a video. I’m heading to the Whitsundays in a few weeks…perfect backdrop for a first video?


  65. Gary

    @ Nikki – you care what other people think. We all do. Incidentally, nice to talk with you on Skype this morning (evening for you) – you GIGGLER!

    @ Annie – Thanks for the compliment. You gotta make a video and the Whitsunday Islands will provide many wonderful backdrops. OK… here’s why I say “you gotta make a video.” My Motivational Moment Video #3 has now been viewed 5,705 times. Awesome huh?

  66. Gary

    Just checked my server stats – Motivational Moment Video #3 has now been viewed 6227 times!

  67. Nikki

    Indeed…and I was laughing a lot…but then I feel I had good reason! Not least because I was talking to Crocodile Dundee….

  68. Gary

    Nix – As Mick would say: “I reckon you’re an alright sheila.”


    PS: BTW – just checked the stats on my Motivational Moment Video #3 – 6601 views!

  69. Stephen Bray

    Gary I just love your motivational moments. One moment you are being languid to the sound of a urinal and the next you’re jumping around like a screaming banshee with ants in his pants :-)

    Of course I know about all that kind of motivation, ‘er indoors is up at dawn thrashing around with a wooden sword too.

    The point you make in your video is serious though. Excellence doesn’t come through mastering one discipline it arises from within by mastering the self.

    Don Juan in the Carlos Casteneda stories talks about the problems caused by self importance. Truly it doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail at this, or that, what counts is that with each action you become more impeccable.

    Wow I’ve made a comment here and not mentioned sheep once!

    All good wishes,


  70. Gary

    @ Stephen – Well, I could say that the urinal sounds were from p155ing myself laughing in the second half of that video.

    Ah, so you have somebody practicing kendo or kenjutsu… is that what you are intimating?

    Braysie, you’re a star with some of the stuff you say…

    “The point you make in your video is serious though. Excellence doesn’t come through mastering one discipline it arises from within by mastering the self.”

    Very ZEN-like! Well said.

    You did say imPECcable, didn’t you? PMSL!

    And EWE didn’t mention sheep. Can’t RAM it down our necks every time, huh?


  71. Paula `Pauls' Brett

    “So, what does this tell me? Hmm.

    Fact #1: My “pec flex” occurred in #1 and #3 but not #2
    Fact #2: I promoted #3 on Twitter.”

    Or perhaps it was cos I was in No. 3 ;-) Only jesting with ya


  72. Gary

    Pauls – THAT’S IT! It was staring me in the face all the time… It’s YOU!


    BTW – 7737 views!

  73. Paula `Pauls' Brett

    [blush] :-)

  74. Gary

    Well, lookey, lookey here:

    Motivational Moment Video #3 has now crashed through the 8,000 view mark. In fact, it has now been viewed 8,046 times.


    PS: Pauls… stop pretending to [blush]. You know ya LOVE it!

  75. Jean

    So that’s what attraction marketing is all about then?

    Great video – certainly holds the attention.



  76. Gary

    Hello Jean – Gee I FINALLY got back here to respond to you. My time is SO limited at the moment. Demands and requests coming from all points of the compass.

    Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoyed making that video. I was laughing myself stupid and had to cut some of the silliest stuff out – lest people would think I was a complete idiot and the entire message would be lost.


  77. Motivational Moment Video 3 Internet Marketing Temple of | garden statues

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  78. JT Martin

    I’m not sure about YouTube holding its appeal much longer, but I may be wrong.

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