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Buy Lormetazepam Without Prescription

by Gary ~ December 3rd, 2008

Buy Lormetazepam Without Prescription, Holey-moley. Lormetazepam recreational, I've been up since 4.30am answering blog questions before the Alex Jeffreys Module 2 Coaching Webinar. How awesome was it, Lormetazepam results. Lormetazepam interactions, Lots of info that's for sure.

I really feel like Alex is working so hard to make this a success for everyone, Lormetazepam pics, Where can i order Lormetazepam without prescription, himself included. But the thing that I am cementing in my mind is that here AT LAST somebody is giving the newbie and/or the "puppy" marketer as he calls them some REAL guidance (ie do this - then do this - fix this - then do this type stuff) And that would be SOMETHING that few others do, Buy Lormetazepam Without Prescription. Actually, order Lormetazepam online c.o.d, Lormetazepam treatment, make that no-one.

I've lost count of all the damn "I will tell ALL" e-books that I have bought over the years, buy cheap Lormetazepam no rx. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Most of them are about as useful as an ejector seat in a submarine.

Anyway, what was the key thing that you got out of it with respect to your own personal circumstances, rx free Lormetazepam. Lormetazepam used for, Regards

Gary Simpson

PS: Great to hear so many people on the Q&A session at the end too - and a few that have left their comments here as well. Lormetazepam pictures. Australia, uk, us, usa. Lormetazepam long term. Buy Lormetazepam from canada. Doses Lormetazepam work. Lormetazepam price, coupon. Lormetazepam natural. Lormetazepam without prescription. Lormetazepam steet value. My Lormetazepam experience. Purchase Lormetazepam for sale. Buy Lormetazepam online no prescription. Online buy Lormetazepam without a prescription. Lormetazepam canada, mexico, india. Generic Lormetazepam. About Lormetazepam. Online buying Lormetazepam hcl. Online Lormetazepam without a prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Lormetazepam online. Herbal Lormetazepam. Lormetazepam australia, uk, us, usa. Discount Lormetazepam. Buy cheap Lormetazepam. Lormetazepam overnight.

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60 Responses to Buy Lormetazepam Without Prescription

  1. Chelsea

    Hey Gary!

    Thanks for the comment.

    Wow todays module with Alex was short and sweet. It seemed really powerful! He certainly spends a LOT of time with the Q&A though hey? I mean thats great, but man it must take a lot outta him! lol…I dont have access to audio so I cant ask a question, so I was annoying him with text messages all night, and honestly I didnt think that they went anywhere (ddint think he got those). But then he emailed me after the module, and here its like 3am his time, and he was like umm…yeah got your email hows it going. lol…too cute! I was pretty thrilled that hed email me after all that. It just goes to show how sincere and what a down to earth guy he really is. I hope that I can be half the marketer he is. I mean, this guy is just at the tip of the iceberg. We got it good, because in 2 years this guy wont be charging $500 he’ll be charging $5000..thats how i see it anyways!!

    Oh by the way haha, what did you mean by Can’t seem to paragraph on this panel. Im glad you pointed out an issue thats exactly what I! But I wish I wasnt so ignorant, lol….Im just not quite sure what you meant :)



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    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Gary

    Hi Chelsea,

    Glad you enjoyed the seminar as much as I did. Cute – yeah, thought you’d like that.

    What I mean’t by the comment I left at Chelsea-land was that I was unable to hit the enter key on your blog to create a new paragraph. That’s why it all ended up in one big blob.

    I like to paragraph a lot and put lots of white space around my text for ease of reading – just like I did here.

    I just wanted to alert you to a possible problem.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  3. Coleen

    Mate…what security code???? I have no idea what you are talking about??? where do i turn it off?

    Yes, thank you I did fix the problem. For some reason, when I hit publish my computer was not reading my signal. I ended up switching computers and working from my desktop.

    You see I have 2 computers running so that I can work on one and pull up webistes and stuff on the other.

    Scones hey!!! Now they sound good…!!! You do know I’m going to hold you to that one day don’t you!!!

    Thanks for letting me know about he security thing… If you would be so kind as to explain how exactly I turn that off, it would be fanatstic Gary, because I genuinely don’t know.

    Keep dreaming mate

  4. alex jeffreys

    hang on … why am i on and the blog post is being wrote by gary,

    am i that tired ???? – wft is going on here ???

    im really on 100000000%

    anyway before my head blows off ????? great post and im glad you enjoyed the webinar tonight,

    @chelsea – i wont be charging $5,000 in 2 years – it will be in about 6 months :) LOL

    @Coleen turn that BLOODY security code off, ive been having WAR with it for 10 mins, i just wouldnt give in .. but i sware,

    gary how did you beat it ?

    i refreshed and tried a number of times (ggggggggggggggggrrrr)

    anyway @ Coleen here is your blog comment … i TRIED to leave you,

    my my my … havent we got ourselfs a little miss writter here huh !!!

    im sat with my feet on the desk thinking i wanna read more, you are really going to have a fantastic readership and some close followers trust me,

    I just checked a few other blogs out and found some great student writters,

    hey module 3 im putting together some contests, so BE READY !!!

    to your success

    Alex Jeffreys

    ps like garry said – turn off the security code

  5. Gary

    Hey Alex,

    Do you sleep?


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

    PS: Without this PS this is my SHORTEST post ever! LOL!

  6. Mark Austin

    Hey Gary,

    How you doing? Wouldn’t suprise me if the q&a was still going on, had to call it a night at 1.40 as it looked like going on a while.

    Having said that, didn’t sleep much, man by head is buzzing.

    Up to 4.30am ans blog q’s….whos the tech go now then! :)

    All the best,

  7. Gary


    Get your computer geek friend that you wrote about to look in the “source code” of your page and find the script then disable the bloody thing. It is driving us all mad. No wonder Alex dropped your message here. His eyes would have probably been bloodshot and propped open with matchsticks.

    I can’t read the damn things at the best of times. Makes leaving posts on your blog a REAL pain!

    Just in case you dunno what I am saying it is the random code that you have to plonk in before your page accepts a comment. It’s supposed to stop harvesters and trawlers – insidious robot scrapers trawling sites for email addresses and the likes for use in spam attacks etc.

    The “source code” can be viewed by going to the top LH item on your browser marked “view.” Pull it down to where it says “source” and open that tag.

    What you will see will be the HTML code for your page. Any coding geekozoid will be able to spot that little piece of script in about half a nanosecond and then know where to go to SMASH it.

    Outsource dear.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  8. Gary

    Hi Austin,

    What was the BEST thing in Module 2 for you?


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  9. JT Martin

    Man I feel sorry for you guys (and gals) in the UK. Us folks in the USA really appreciate it though. If Alex started any earlier in the day, I would miss part the start of class.

    By the time I get off work and pick up the kids, I barely make it home in time to make the start of class. Today I missed the first 15 minutes. Good thing it will be in the members area.

    I got to take my hat off to Alex, he is really going out of his way to make every one happy. I know I am. The coaching really kicks ass so far. I have a good bit of experience so I am a little impatient to get to the more advanced modules but I have still learned a lot of valuable stuff.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Gary.

  10. Gary

    No worries JT,

    Got you in my blogroll too.

    Hey, I’m in Oz and I had to get up at 4.30am today just to get ready for it.

    What was the thing you got most out of Module 2 JT? I’m trying to get some feedback here on the benefits people are receiving.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  11. Nigel Yip

    Hi Gary,

    Hope all is well, I’m currently on blog hour so I trying to visit as many blogs as possible. Lol, Coleen has been giving your rave reviews to me about yourself especially about your support and this tea n cookies thing lol.

    So re: your question
    what was the key thing that you got out of it with respect to your own personal circumstances?

    Well actually, the fundamental key thing I got out of Alex webinar lecture last night was that:

    “you don’t have to be good at everything, you just need to be good at something and take maximum advantage and leverage of it. Everything else can be outsourced!”

    It’s true, and it works hand in hand with my current direct mail order business opportunity magazine which I run by the side of this and have been running for the past 2 and 1/2 years. My asset is that I like writing about new business ideas I come up with or have explored. Plus I also love making displays adverts and leaflets for clients. So since March 2007, I have been outsourcing my mailing to mailing firms who do all my magazine distribution for me and I get mailing list companies who send me mailing list which I pass onto my co-publishers who then also distributes for me but at 50% commission. So yeah I can pretty much relate to that.

    Right, I’ve got a long day ahead of me as I need to get this PPP set up today and start driving traffic to it. Wish me luck as I’m going to get this PPP site up and running within 3 hours and that should do it.

    All the best

  12. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary

    Glad I only have to stay up late, would find it hard to get up at 4.30am, i’m not a morning person!

    Some feedback on last night:

    Was really pleased outsourcing was covered, it’s not something I have done yet and I was in the 40% worried about it. Not sure really and not going to spend too much time thinking about, just gonna do it.

    I know there is no way I can do everything and I suppose it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone. What’s the worse that can happen and more importantly what would I lose by not taking action. So it’s all starting to sink in, KOTOBOT, planning, focus etc.

    Btw, following Alex mentioning Rich Dad/Poor Dad I have made a couple of books re success available for download in my post this am. You may have them but take a look.

    All the best, Mark

  13. Gary

    Howdy Nigel,

    Excellent post, my friend.

    Yep… leveraging and out-sourcing. I have ALWAYS been a great leverager but I gotta admit I’m also one of the 40%ers that Mark writes about above.

    Heh… heh… good old Coleen has been sayin’ nice things about me huh? Shucks! Well, my very healthy ego tells me that I Just must go and see what she is saying. She’s a bit slack on the tea and cookies/bikkies though. I can smell ‘em but I haven’t got to taste one yet. LOL!

    Mark, I hear ya dude! I’m the original in-sourcer. I know… I know… I gotta change my attitude.

    I have read all of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and although I think he has wonderful knowledge in them I DETEST with a passion the way he puts his REAL Dad down in favour of his “corporate guru” (there’s that doggone word again!) Dad.

    My Dad was a very hard-working butcher and I LOVE my Dad for who he is, not how much money he did or didn’t make in his working life. I’m 52 years old and I still kiss my Dad (now 84) in public – and I’m damn PROUD to do it too. And I don’t mind telling the whole world that right here. And if anyone ever had a problem with that then… well… I won’t go into that…

    Anyway, I do tend to get side-tracked a bit.

    Books… my home is choc-full of them. I have so many of them that I could easily open a second hand bookshop. I have almost every classic motivational book ever written – Maltz, Proctor, Hill, Clement-Stone, Frankl, Helmstetter. And I have not only read them – I have STUDIED them. I could go on… and I usually do. But I’ll cut it there.

    Thanks Nigel and Mark. You guys are much valued in Gary-land.

    Regards to U both.

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  14. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary,

    Calm down my friend. I maybe wrong but I think the whole rich dad/poor dad is fictitious and just a story to make a point. Parable of the ungrateful son, ha, ha. Not 100% sure, but I that’s what Tony Robbins said.

    Thought I better let you know, you might meet Robert when you reach the top and he probably wouldn’t appreciate a smack on the nose :)

    Total respect for what you said about your own dad, top man!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog btw


  15. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your comment to me on Dean Holland’s blog (it was about not searching for a domain name until I’m ready to buy in case someone buys it first & tries to rip me off).

    Question to you all – what’s better, having a ‘name’ for your business (e.g. Mark’s post above, his is, or being a person (e.g.

    Thoughts please!



  16. Will Lim

    Hi Gary,

    I really respect you for respecting your dad so much. I wonder if I can do the same or not, I barely see my dad nowadays as we are staying in different city.

    Talking about outsourcing, I really think I should start practicing it. I can’t get my mind away if I’m not doing the work myself but now I know I must change that attitude.

    It’s fun reading at your site. :)



  17. Gary

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry man, that’s just the way I feel. I can hold two opposing thoughts on the same thing. I think Robert Kiyosaki is a fabulously talenter writer and marketer (if you read his story – ie velcro wallets). His books hold great knowledge but the underlying theme of his real dad being some sort of financial dum dum, to me, was highly irritating.

    Your Dad is your Dad. My own father never had the knowledge or the opportunity that has been availed to me and sometimes, when I talk to him, I have to “tone down” some of my successes coz I know they (my parents) just find it difficult to comprehend the things I do.

    I reckon that, unless your Dad is some sort of criminal, you should be proud of him. Without a Dad you wouldn’t be here. (Just making a general statement on this point – obvious as it is).

    Anyway Mark, I feel really strongly about these issues and if I ever did meet Robert I could have a civil conversation with him and tell him how I feel and we could walk away friends. I don’t dislike him at all. I just don’t like the undercurrent in his books – brilliant as they are.

    Thanks for the comment about respect. You are welcome here any time my friend.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  18. Gary

    Hi Nikki

    Heh…heh… Nikki, I saw your email address in my control panel and I had to smile – very intriguing, my dear. Still smiling at that one.

    Nikki, you are very welcome. Just for the others (and for you, of course) I will give you a bit about my experience with searching for domain names to use.


    Do NOT bung in a whole heap of your prime candidate names into some domain name provider. Don’t do it unless you have picked out the name you definitely want and you have your CC in your hot little hand ready to make the purchase straight away.

    Let me tell you what happened to me. I had a red hot name that I wanted for a website. I plonked it in to see if it was available and it was . I then went away for a day and came back – BOING – name no longer available. Damn! Damn! Damn! I was really annoyed. How was somebody able to think of that name in the space of less than 24 hours and register it before me? Damn!

    That name AND my 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices had taken me a week to decide. So, I went to put in choice #2. What?!!! That had also been taken. So had 3 and 4.

    I smelled a rat!

    So, what did I do? I made up 10 really stupid names and did a search on all of them. They were all available. I left and came back a day later and guess what?… They had all been taken.

    I made my suspicions known at an IM forum and heaps of people swarmed in and said they had experienced the same thing. This was about 2 years ago.


    What I do now is do all my initial searches just on my own browser. I chuck the proposed name into the URL field and – if it is taken – I get a website or a “parked” site come up. If it is not taken I get a “dunno what you were searching for message” notice. LOL!

    Now, Nikki, I remain totally unconvinced as to one way or the other regarding domain names that are your name or something else. Most people here have used their own names and that is OK. But what if your name is John Smith or Mary Jones?

    If you write good content and you have your title tag and meta tags in place (something I initially overlooked here in my madness to get this blog up and running – another tip for newbies) the search engines and ‘bots will crawl all over your site. I am now getting more hits on this blog than a second hand dart board.

    So, the question is moot. It’s up to you Nikki. What do you prefer?

    I know all the SEO folks will probably disagree with me but they all disagree with each other all the time anyway. They are like economists. They are all right and all wrong.

    But here are my tips, based on my fairly extensive experience:

    1 – definitely go for a dotcom name rather than dotnet or dotanythingelse. People’s brains are totally conditioned to dotcom everything. You will lose people if you do not use dotcom – LOTS of them.

    2 – don’t be too cute or too smart. This applies to me more than anyone. Often, the things I think are really clever… no-one else gets or appreciates. My own family tell me this ALL the time.

    3 – don’t be too long. My own domain name borders on this. For instance, I wouldn’t have NikkiLovesAlexJeffreysInternetMarketingCoaching. Too long. People are lazy. And it will definitely inconvenience you if you have to keep typing that – AND – there is massive scope for error. (On that point, I’m gonna say something to Will Lim in a minute.. so there will be more there)

    4 – Whatever you choose, it’s up to you. People will always come if you are offering great text.

    Having said all that… Write your 10 best names out on cards and keep shuffling them around from 1 to 10. Once you get the order to your preferences, start punching them into your browsers URL field on your computer – NOT a domain name provider – not until you are ready to buy anyway. Then just go down the order of your list if your 1st choice is already owned by someone else.

    Sorry if this is too long. I wanted to cover a few bases for you.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  19. Gary

    Hi Will

    You say it is fun reading my blog. THANKS! I really appreciate that. I do try to go out of my way to provide decent commentry and a bit of humour along the way.

    I know what you mean about outsourcing.

    Will, I am so glad that you are now WillLim and not Willlim. WillLim is so much more visually understandable. When I was at your site the other day I was almost gonna say something about that but I held back coz I didn’t want you to think I was some sort of wise guy being critical.

    Hmm… I’m just wondering something here. Maybe I should collect up all my posts on these sort of topics and house them on a certain page of my blog so that others can access them easily.

    At the rate I add content they will easily get buried and lost.

    What do you guys think?

    Will, since you mentioned that you live so far away from your Dad, can I give you some advice?


    And this goes for others too. If you live a long way away from your parents… CALL them once a fortnight. It ain’t gonna kill you. And they will appreciate it so much. Tell them how much you love them. You don’t have to be gushing.

    Just before you hang up the phone say “love you Dad” or “love you Mum.” THAT will give them such a boost. No one says that anymore coz we are all so damn busy. Busy, busy, busy. Too busy for parents? (Not talking only to you Will – just in general).

    You see… right now you have a CHOICE. There will come a day that you won’t. Think about that folks.

    Ring your Mum(Mom) and/or Dad. Do it. No excuses. It only takes 10 minutes a week or fortnight! Be a caring son or daughter. Let them know.

    Maybe I should open a site – LOL!

    Regards to all and… CALL YOUR MUM AND DAD. Come back here and tell me you have done it. Go!


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  20. Nigel Yip

    Hi Gary, (and everyone else on this blog post)

    I was just popping and notice your wonderful caring post. You should start an agony uncle service or something lol or as you put it a site. I’m sure you would probably be inundated with letters and advice request. Jokes aside, I totally agree with you that everyone should really at least make the effort/ phone call and keep in touch with their parents.

    I mean after all, (this is to everyone as well) they were the ones who concieved and bought you to planet earth, Unless you just so happen to be one of those people who hate to admit this and believe that you exploded out of an asteroid which landed on earth many centuries ago, then shame on you.

    I also understand that sometimes, it maybe hard for you to forgive them especially if there was a bad child hood experience involved, however you have to ask yourself, is it worth wasting energy and getting yourself all psyched up and stressed in hating, holding a grudge or simply not talking to them? It’s certainly a lot of wasted energy that could have gone to doing something more productive.

    My advice is why not, just let it go, forgive them and just put it to the back of your mind. Life is too short to hate or hold a gudge against anyone and make the best of what you have now and appreciate your friends and family, because when the going gets tough and life sucks , they are truly the ones who will come to your help and support you, no matter what happens.

    Hope that made some sense and they are my own views so I didn’t intend to offend anyone, If I have though, then I an very sorry and I apolgise in advance.

    All the best

  21. Gary



    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

    PS: That asteroid thing had me pi**ing myself laughing.

  22. Nadeem Ahmad


    Oh. Goodness I’m so new to this blogging thing. I didn’t realize that so much emotion can be involved in blogging. Yes of course it is a means of communcation but good gosh! It’s so powerfull!

    And for the real, you had me teary with the parental guidence thing. And I can totally relate. What people have to realize, (and this is what I realized) that this world is not meant to be perfect, hence neither animal nor human is perfect.

    It’s not that simple that our parents did the bunny hop and 9 months later we came flying into this world. But aside from Nigel’s astroid theory (thats a great one Nigel), we are all born into a piece of a puzzle that we didn’t really have a choice in.

    Who our siblings are, who or how our parents bring us up is all something we have to live with. I’m sure you will agree though, there are many adults that aren’t the greatest of parents. They have issues that might stem from their childhood and become a part of their character or personallity. And indeed in some form or another it gets passed on to you.

    So the real question is – HOW DO YOU LIVE ABOVE ALL OF THAT?

    Three things:

    1) Forgive and forget.
    2) Look, (and always look) for the good in people.
    3) Never hold anger inside.

    What the heck and a fourth:

    4) Always have and ask for patience.

    Allah (God) in his infinite wisdom has created us, and as our creator He knows how much pressure our shoulders can handle. In life, (and this is what I do) just remember that no matter how difficult the struggle, you’re going though it because Allah knows that you can handle it. If it was any more or any less, you wouldn’t be where you are.

    PHEW! 5 Tons of my mind. Gary open a can of worms. Sorry if I upset anyone, it is indeed a very tender subject. I wish and pray that every person sees, lives and enjoys their life with their families to the fullest.


    Nadeem Ahmad

    P.S. I really wanted to write about Alex Jeffrey’s course. Ha! I’ll get to that in my next post. And I’m in sincerely appology if I’ve upset anyone with my words.


  23. Gary

    Howdy Nadeem,

    How could anybody criticise what you said? It was spoken from your heart.

    No apology required at all Nadeem.

    I’m proud of you for saying what you did.

    All the best…

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  24. Gary

    Oh, and Nadeem…

    “It’s not that simple that our parents did the bunny hop and 9 months later we came flying into this world.”

    I forgot to mention how amusing I found that bit.

    Regards again

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  25. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Just popping by on my blog hour again. Glad to see you enjoyed my random wacky astroid idea, and it’s good to see that your blog roll has grown again along with the other numerous wonderful comments as well.

    Just wondering, how’s the profit pulling platform going as I’ve popped mine up yesterday within the hour and was just wondering do we put our blog’s website address or our profit pulling platfrom domain name instead? I’ve put my Profit Pulling Platform adress but was just wondering what you and everyone did as it’s been nagging me this morning in the back of my mind.

    Best Regards

  26. Rick

    Hi Gary

    Totally agree with everything you put in this post about Alex, and I’m with you on buying loads of the crap that’s been out there over the years.

    Most of it will give you some information, but to me it seems as though they are holding back the stuff they know you need, probably in-case you make it and won’t buy any more of their products or recommends.



    PS: I’ve added you to my blog roll.

  27. Mark Austin

    Hey Gary,

    How are you today?

    Just been reading Coleen’s latest post. Sound’s very interesting, so when do you we get to find out what you are planning? :)

    I do admire how much time you put into your replies to comments, fantastic work my friend.


    Nigel – It’s your blog’s address (or any site of yours) you place in the book, spk soon

  28. Will Lim

    Hi Gary,

    I think it’s a good idea to make a new place to store these topics. It gives me strong feeling when I’m reading them.
    This weekend I will call my parents. :)



  29. Gary

    Hi Nigel

    …man, I haven’t had time to upload the platform yet. I have seen a few people have and WELL DONE to them. Some are even reporting good traffic and sales. I have just been outrageously busy with my external business and, of course, acceding to the numerous requests of the Finance and Social Minister – aka the wife.

    I did enjoy the asteroid thing. Humour makes the world a much better place – especially these days.

    Nigel, it’s all about story-telling. take a look around. Coleen Cook is presenting herself as teacher’s PET and has a wonderful story happening over there. It’s a real set up (class snitch) but it is working. I am entertained whenever I drop by and always try to be “in character” with her storyline. Well done to Coleen for recognising the entertainment value angle so quickly and theming up for it.

    Also, check out Harry Harris’s bizarre Star Wars theme he has going over there – again, highly entertaining. Even Alex has signed off a few times as Han Solo. I’m putting myself forward as Gary-wan-Kenobi – before he got old and fat and short and grew those ridiculous ears… ie when he was a handsome Jedi Knight (LOVE Star wars) Anyone want to take me on over there for the role?

    …”many things to do I have…”

    BZZZZT – that was my light sabre coming on! LOL!

    See the entertainment? It makes people want to come back to see what is happening NEXT. It’s “stickiness.”

    Thank you for your very nice comments Nigel. I appreciate them very much. Find a niche and get into it. You will be a magnet for visitors.


    Gary Simpson
    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  30. Coleen

    Gee Wiz, you are always telling me off for something!!! and you are meant to be one of my best friends in Class!! ha ha ha

    Lots has been happening at your place (blog)….I really love your comments about your family….I agree with what you say.. Nadeem has also taken your thoughts to heart I can see… I am with Nadeem. It is important to forgive and forget. Just as Nadeem says, God knows our limits and he never gives us more than we can bear although it may seem that way at times….

    Nadeem…what a beautiful soul you have my friend…Next time we get together for tea and cookes with Gary come and join in the fun…we can talk about soulful things if you like…

    Thanks for your notes on getting a .com domain mate. It all makes sense to me….okay, so I actually got something!!! ha ha ha As always it is worth coming to your place to share notes. You are such a handy friend to have Gary!!!

    Mr Jeffreys is really cool isn’t he? He reckons I ROCK so there…calling me Teachers PET!!!

    Did you check out the new girl, Christine. She lives at

    Your talk about books was sending me crazy…..I just looooove books!! My fav is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill…Old, Tattered and Totally Worn, but I still keep reading it. I also have an audio of it which I listen to quite often.

    My other favourite is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattle…that is like my Wealth Creation Bilbe…I also have that on Audio.

    Lately I have been getting in to Audio E-books. The one that Mr. Jeffreys know in Class last week….Tim Ferris’s The 4 Hour Work Week…well i have that on audio as well except i need to find a converter so that I can download it to my phone and listen to it whilst I am working during the day…..apparantely it’s a really awesome book.

    I started listening to it on my computer and the tone and style of the book is lightherated and humorous….that Tim Ferris is a man after my own heart!!!

    I wanted to also say thanks for letting me know about the other Gary’s link… will be fixed….

    I see that Mark has been to my place (blog) and has read my post about your Secret….!!! I swear, I never said a word Gary!!!! I just left a mesage for you like you told me to!!! …… ha ha ha ha

    You are having such a wonderful impact on our Fellow Students where their parents are concerned… It is something that warms my heart considering I don’t have parents. If I did I would spoil them rotten.. Unfortunately my Dad died when I was 15 and my Mum died when I was 23.


    Never become that caught up in life, that you don’t have time to call your folks and tell them you love them.

    Don’t forget ‘Blogroll Call’ for Fridays class. We can get together after Class and share notes….I’ll bring a Chocolate Cake so stop whinging. If you don’t want to come to my place I can come to yours!!!.. ha ha ha

    Okay, best keep going….I’m still doing my homework.. Silly internet wend down halfway through. I’ve got my domain name, hosted it, already had Aweber and Pay Pal so I have to get the rest done.

    Now, I’ve paid you some attention….are you happy!! ha ha ha

  31. Gary

    Howdy Mark,

    And thank you to you too. Yes, I do put a LOT of time into my topics and answering the many wonderful replies. I figure if somebody was nice enough to leave a post then I should reciprocate in kind.

    I try to get around as many of the sites as possible but it is becoming increasingly difficult with all the new blogs springing up AND with all the rest of the modules and learning that has to be done.

    I reckon teacher’s PET, Coleen, is probably busy, busy, busy right now bashing away at the keyboard so she can tell all. Coleen was nice enough to email me first and ask “Can I tell ‘em yet…huh, huh, huh? Can I? Huh? LOL! … just playing along with Coleen’s alter-ego there.

    Actually, I set it all up when I created this blog here in the first instance. I just never told anybody. I saw the value in what Alex Jeffreys was doing and I aligned myself with it 100%. And I think I know where he is heading with all this. Everything is going according to my initial thoughts. Sorry to be so “cloak and dagger.” Oooooohhhahahahah.

    But now I am ready to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Everyone will benefit from this. In fact, I know they already are coz I have checked links with the SE’s.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  32. Dave Dunn

    Hi Gary

    Saw Coleen all excited so I came over to see whats going on? I’ve created a blogroll as well and I’m slowly going around adding everyone i’m coming across. I was a bit late getting my blog due to numerous technical issues, but better late than never eh?


  33. Gary


    First up… you are gonna call your parents. Excellent! And don’t forget to tell them that certain something just before you ring off. I guarantee they will sit there and be filled with pride.

    Yep, separate to my little Easter Egg revelation sitting silently on this blog I intend to create a resource page for some of the many issues that I have covered all over the blog sites. I have been dropping hints and tips all over the place – like a police horse on patrol. Euuww! Good for the garden though. And so many people are asking the same questions. So, I’m gonna create a resevoir of, what I consider to be, important items.

    God knows when I will get the time but it is on my to do list! And I want to put it on my “did” list.

    I have been at this website game for many years and I have made EVERY mistake in the book. And I have been conned by every shyster and trickster and outright thief in cyber space. That is where you can commit the perfect crime – BUT, you only get to do it for a MUCH shorter period now with Web 2.0.

    Glad you like Gary-land.

    Come back next week and tell me how it went with your folks.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  34. Gary

    Hi Rick

    Gee.. didn’t see you there for a moment.

    Yep… CRAP, CRAP and more bloody CRAP. the internet is full of it. I remember saying to a friend a little while ago that if you get rid of all the scams and the bullsh*t and all the spam and then all the porn then all you would have remaining would be a husk of what is on it now.

    And Rick… your comment about part-truths is RIGHT ON brother! (shades of Hulk Hogan there). Most of the charlatans or quasi-gurus only tell you a piece of the action. It’s like getting a jigsaw puzzle in a box with stacks of pieces missing. Conveniently, they don’t tell you the VITAL bits.

    That is why I am so praising of Alex Jeffreys – he’s giving the meat pie and the sauce, so to speak.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  35. Gary

    Yes Coleen

    So, it WAS you I heard on the Q&A of Module 2. I thought it was.

    Sorry to learn about your folks.

    There are three essential books that everyone should read – IMHO. Actually, I’ll only mention one of them for now coz the “peeps” as Dean Holland likes to call us all have enough work to do.

    If you read “Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz you will certainly learn a LOT about peeps and why they do what they do – and why YOU do what you do. I know it is a DUMB name but this is one book that I rate a 10/10. Totally priceless in its wisdom. Gee… wish I’d written that one.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

    Hey, snitch (Coleen) did ya see that spit ball I chucked up on the ceiling?

  36. Gary

    Hi Dave,

    That is GREAT. The extra links on everyone’s blogroll will criss-cross like a spider web and make this web ring SO strong.

    I’m actually surprised that NOBODY has noticed anything yet. And it’s right in front of everybody’s nose EVERY time they come here to Gary-Land. LOL!

    Look harder folks.

    Thanks Dave.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  37. Gary

    God! I’ve gotta get some sleep. I have been so busy answering this blog but it has been great fun interacting with you all and sharing some insights with you.

    Oh dear! More pressure tomorrow – Module #3!

    Thanks a LOT to everyone!

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  38. Coleen

    And you are meant to be my best friend in Class… Well I’m considering dropping you cause you called me a ‘snitch’…After all I’ve done for you..Yes I did see your spit ball and it was disgusting…!!! A typical boy thing which girls don’t liike….If you wanna be my friend behave yourself.

    I’ve been visiting our Fellow Studens for the past hour letting them know about YOUR secret and here you are telling stories aobut me!! Well, I’ll be…. Your just jealous becaues I am Mr. Jeffeys PET!!!

    Anywa, here’s the preview of what I have dropped around few sites for your reference!!! Hope you slept well Clever Class Clown.

    I thought I’d drop by to see what you were up to…Thanks for the info on the book..I have taken note of it…!!

    Now odn’t say I don’t keep you in the loop or include you in the fun!!! Don’t forget BlogRoll Call is at my place (blog) on Friday after Class….anyway here’s the lastest Gos….

    Oh Man, is there some big stuff happening at my place (blog) tonight. You know my friend, Gary Simpson…well boy has he got a secret to share.

    I was talking about it earlier today with my Fellow Students, but I couldn’t say much cause Gary is like…my best friend in Class….!!!

    Anyway, he knew that I was absolutely bursting to tell his secret so he said I could. You know what boys are like. .he probably thinks ‘cause I’m a girl that I can’t keep my mouth shut…well, I showed him…I never said a word!!! Well sort of!!!!…

    Don’t tell him I said so, but he is really lucky I’ve done him this favour. He always telling me off and then he even complained ‘cause he said I hadn’t been to visit him at his place (blog) and that I hadn’t taken along tea and cookies.

    Well, I showed him I tell you….!!! I dropped over AND I took a Chocolate Cake with me…home baked, I might add…so he couldn’t say nothin!! Then he goes and tells me off again!!! Can you believe it…Oh well I guess that’s because he’s my friend.

    You know what else I did to him…I made him real jealous….Mr. Jefffeys reckons I ROCK and he didn’t like it so he called me the Teacher’s PET….!! Ha ha ha I’m better than you Gary!!!

    Anyway, there’s a party happening at my place to find out his secret so come on over right now and find out what the hoo ha is all about!! It’s a blast I tell you…..lucky I like him!! I got Riahhnon playing along with Chris Brown and Akon is lined up as well. If you don’t like my music I also got Madonna. Then again you might prefer Human Nature or something else. I dunno!!! ….Me…….I looooove Chris Brown… Anyway bring your favourite CDS along if you like.

    I think we’re all having a sleep over after Class on Friday if you want to come along. Des still wants to have a party at the pub in Dublin but that’s not gonna be until after Class has broken up..!!!


    ps. you still haven’t said where you live….???

  39. Gary


    Gee, I was just about to hit the sack and you drop in.

    Incidentally, your last post with the link is sitting in my control panel. It won’t budge. I think I know why. It doesn’t have an email address. I’m just watching it to see if there is a qualifying period before it comes through – like an experiment. You know, like when I lit that magnesium ribbon in the chemistry class last year and just about burned the school down. gee, those fire trucks are REALLY COOL huh?

    I got the cuts for that too. But I got the Deputy Principal back for whacking me so hard…

    I sneaked into his office and put a streaming porn video up on his computer screen and then, as I was leaving, I said to his Secretary in the other office, in my DEEPEST voice,… Miss Phillips, will you come into my office please?”. Then I bolted. You shoulda heard her scream.

    Now the former Deputy is our Gardener and I smile at him every day.

    Frivolity aside, I live in the city of the 1992, 1994 and 2006 AFL Premiers. I reckon you might too. Don’t you read your emails.


    (Naughty) Gary
    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  40. Coleen

    You heard what Mr. Jeffreys said….email has to be closed…..!!! there’s so many of the damm things I try not to get caught up in them.. I skim them for work from my clients and that’s about it at the moment…

    This Blogging is keeping me snowed under I tell you!!!

    It’s all well and good for you to laugh about what you did last year!!! YOU are obviosly forgetting that I got into just as much trouble as you did and I didn’t even do anything…..except be your friend!!! ha ha ha

    You are a shocker…you never told me about what you did to Miss Phillips…poor woman.. I’m really wondering if I want to be your best friend in class….it might be best if I drop you Gary!!! ha ha ha

    You were so mean to the Deputy Principal…no wonder he’s the gardener now!! What do you expect after the story you cooked up about him!!

    I know exactly where you live….I been doing a little research Mr. Simpson!! Very nice….you are a man of many talents… I don’t think I would like to meet you in a dark alley….Martial Arts hey…..And A black belt to boot…you have to be after all of those years. My youngest son did Martial Arts for a number of years, however he had to stop under doctors advice….he was very upset…halfway to black belt..mmm.. Just getting him to his lessons 3 times a week was a major commitment on my part I’m telling you!!…. I’m gonna warn all the girls to be careful of you!!! ha ha ha

    I was spot on when I said you are the Clever Class Clown…..what I want to know is how on earth are you dominating the rankings. I googled my name and Garry Parks has come up 1 and 2…BUT…. my name is prominent in all of your posts along with his when it comes to Alex Jeffreys.

    Come on buddy…you gotta help me get those rankings….it’s got me tossed how garry parkes is holding my rankings when I key in my very own name…you are meant to be my best friend in Class so make yourself useful.

    This little snitch knows how to sleuth so you’d better be careful!!! I might just hop a plan and land on your front door with tea and cookies!!! There’s no point talking to me about football…it’s not my thing…you’d better talk to the other boys about that…..

    I must say, I am very impressed with your writing credentials…when Alex Jeffreys Class of 2008 has broken up, do you wanna get together and give me some lessons in writing….considering I am a ghostwriter!!! All advice and lessons will be greatly appreciated from my best friend in Class!!!

    See ya
    ps. Don’t forget “Blogroll Call” otherwise Mr. Jeffreys will mark you as missing and you will get cuts for ‘wagging’.
    pps…..I’ll cover for you if you wag……as you usually do!!!

  41. Dean Holland

    Hey peeps… ( LOL ) that ones for you Gary

    This place is going crazy now :) Great blog matey

    Not been well so only just managed to watch the training module.. WOW eh ?!

    Gunna get going on this as soon as I get away from this crappy work place !

    Will let you know how it goes


  42. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    Firstly, glad you like my email address! I do have a more civilised email but this is the one I use for all my day to day stuff…makes things more interesting!

    Secondly, I phoned my brother last night and my mum the night before, so I had done what you had said before you even said it!

    Thirdly – what, you mean I can’t have NikkiLovesAlexJeffreysInternetMarketingCoaching ??? Oh that’s just not fair!! Perhaps I’ll go for NikkiHasAnInterestingEmailAddress instead?!

    It was more whether to go for my name as my address thing, or whether to make up some sort of name – but as you say, people will know who I am (I’m good at making an impression!) so my name should be fine…(although as I had put it into Hostgator it may have gone now!).

    We shall see!

    Thanks for all your help…


  43. David Smith

    This is really a busy place. I will have to start dropping by after each module to see whats going on. I know how to install a blog but don’t know anything about blogging.

    I am more of a techy type of guy. I am going to have to go find about this blog rolling stuff. But to answer your question, what I got out of the module was the process flow of the platform. Sounds so simple now but before I didn’t get it. I had the files edited and uploaded before the call but didn’t understand it until after the call.

    I have been having trouble being patience waiting for the next call. Now I will just stop over here and hang out, If you don’t mind.

    Thanks To All The Group and Gary


  44. Theresa Mayhew

    Hey Gary,
    Thanks for visiting my site and inviting me over!

    I sure appreciate the tips you offered. Currently I’m at
    a friends house for a few days without my laptop so am
    feeling a little lost.

    I’ll check back in and see where I can help and learn. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to be involved in Alex Jeffreys marketing course. I not only get to align myself with a generous expert, but I’m meeting up wonderful people such as yourself.

    I loved that Alex kept the class to an hour and then spent much time answering questions. I’m in the chapter on eliminating distractions in 4-Hour Work Week, so I am seeing that he really is practicing what he is learning and teaching.

    All the best,
    PS as soon as I figure out how to add a blogroll I’ll put your site on it.

  45. Gary

    Hey Dean… man of the PEEPS.

    Gee that makes me laugh.

    Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies on these blogs and some are developing such good themes (like “branding” themselves).

    You’ve come down with some awful bug have you Dean? Hope you get over it soon! For the sake of you and your “peeps.” See, ya got me doin’ it.

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog – don’t want to make it TOO compulsive otherwise none of us will get anything done.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  46. Gary

    Hi Nikki,

    Glad I could help you with a few ideas. I’m considering putting some of those tips up at a special page on my blog coz I see them come up pretty consistently as I go from place to place – blog to blog.

    We have a real diversity of knowledge from the bloggers. For instance, I just got a very nice private email from Austin Delaney about technical issues with “follow” and “no follow” tag/link instructions and I will investigate that later. THANKS Austin! (There is ALWAYS something that we need to know, huh?)

    Back to Nikki… glad you called your bro and your mom. Family should always come first.

    I like to mix things up here and introduce little topics as they pop into my head as I am inspired by others through their comments.

    This will be the place where the “PEEPS” can come and find things out about a range of issues – a bit like a lucky dip. No-one will know just exactly what to expect from me but I will ALWAYS try to be helpful and have a positive message to offer. At least… I hope to.

    Thanks Nikki. I do like that email address – LOL! (Check your blog internals for Nikki folks – if she has commented on your blogs you will see what I mean!)


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  47. Gary

    Hey Coleen

    We have to stop meeting like this!

    I see you have been spying on me.

    Just a couple of quick comments. My blog wasn’t showing up in Google and I was perplexed. Then I found out why… meta tags in the page HTML. When I did that it released a bucket of spiders and they crawled all over everything.

    Oops… just for others who may not know… spiders and ‘bots are the colloquial names for the various Google, Yahoo and other search engine bits of technical wizardry that go out and “investigate” pages and return their results. That is how things get indexed and ranked.

    So, check meta tags. Tech dudes will explain it better. Maybe Austin Delaney can come back or maybe do a special page up on his blog that is not too technical for “newbies” (almost hate that word as much as g…g… guru) to follow. There Austin! Just gave you a mission, my man – LOL! That will have newbies (and me) flocking to your TECHIE page!

    What we ALL need to realise is that everyone is at a different stage of technical knowledge on everything. So we should all try to keep it simple.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

    PS: The Deputy deserved it and “Miss Phillips” later went on to star in the “movies.” Her stage name is now Buffy Curve.

  48. Gary

    Hi David

    … aaaah! A techie. A “go to” guy. that will make you extremely popular around here.

    I am marking you down in my journal along with Austin Delaney.

    Guys! Another techie – David Smith.

    David, treat blogging as you would a conversation – keep it on topic, answer questions, ask questions, add a bit of humour here and there and hey presto! You are a blogger. Copy some of my techniques/madness – LOL!

    Yes, the flow chart. Your eyes have been opened. Me too!

    Thanks for stopping by and being part of the crew.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  49. Gary

    Hi Theresa

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate them very much.

    I have to say that I have not encountered one angry, insincere person in this entire Alex Jeffreys Coaching Clinic. Everyone is so positive and cheerful and helpful – UNLIKE many forums and blogs where they all try to outdo each other with smart-alec insults.

    The blogroll is easy Theresa. Don’t let it beat you.

    Play around behind the scenes. Briefly… get behind your “dashboard” (assuming you have wordpress – this is your private side) and go to the tab MANAGE and then the sub-tab LINKS. That is right where you want to be to add links. Then just experiment to see what happens on the public side of your blog. You’ll get it. It’s easy!

    Thanks again Theresa.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  50. Gary


    I wasn’t gonna do this here coz the thread is getting ridiculously long… but your comment about indexing had me intrigued.

    Do this:

    Go to Google and type in these combos…

    Gary Simpson + Coleen Cook

    Coleen Cook + Alex Jeffreys

    Alex Jeffreys + Gary Simpson…

    …or any combination thereof.

    I cannot be 100% sure but I think the weight of my Battlestar Garylactica (LOL!) is forcing the search engines to be aware of the linked sites. This will only get stronger as I beef up this blog even more.

    I did it with some of the more unusual names in conjunction with my name and they are showing up. When I add some more functionality to the coding (Re: previous info from Austin Delaney) it will really push things along.

    I just gotta get some time and figure it out.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  51. Austin

    Hey Gary;

    I’ve added a new post to my blog called ‘what the tech?’. If anyone needs help with hair-tearing blog/hosting/tech frustrations, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply (without the tech babble).

    Great to see so much activity here :)


  52. Gary


    Fabulous. LOVE the slogan!

    I will DEFINITELY be over to LEARN from you.

    We have some real experts in their own fields here. This is very powerful for us all as a TEAM!


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  53. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    Now I shall have to go and comment on EVERYONE’s blogs just so that they can also laugh at my email address!!

    I’m kind of stuck at the moment as I don’t have the internet at home, and work in an open plan office so can’t even sneakily watch the vids in my lunchbreak. I can’t wait for the MP3 versions of the modules to be uploaded in the members area, as at least then I can download them and listen at home! At the moment I’m being held back (through my own fault, I know), so my interim solution is to go and see my parents next weekend, use their internet, and study like a madwoman all weekend so that I can catch up and FINALLY get myself a web-presence.

    So no doubt next weekend (not this one, don’t worry, you’ve got time to go and hide) I shall be full of questions and probably irritating everyone as you’ll all be a lot further ahead than me! It’s only a matter of time though…then I’ll have caught you all up (with your help!).

    One quick question Gary (or anyone!) – you mentioned above about:

    “If you write good content and you have your title tag and meta tags in place (something I initially overlooked here in my madness to get this blog up and running – another tip for newbies)”

    ….so….how do you get your title tag and meta tags in place?

    Right, I’m going off to drink tea and leave you in peace now – though I’ll be back again soon!!



  54. Gary

    Ugh Nikki

    That is a very difficult question to answer. You really need to know where to go, what to look for and how to insert the HTML coding into the source code for the index page. Gee, it’s hard to describe succinctly without using geek-speak.

    Here’s a better idea…

    Go to (I hope I got that right – yep). Print out the 4 pages. Read them and learn what they do. Then, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you get a geek to do it coz if you muck it up your whole blog will not display or display incorrectly. Therefore…

    … before anyone gets carried away with changing or deleting or inserting HTML in the index pages they SHOULD copy the entire HTML page and drop it into a word doc. Then if they mess it up they can retrieve the HTML from the word doc and re-insert it as it was BEFORE they changed it.

    Nikki, it is really quite technical but to a geek it would be like eating weeties for breakfast. Do you know a geek?

    I know you are probably even more confused now. Sorry. It’s not an easy question. Maybe I’ll get Austin Delaney to come over or David Smith. These guys are techies (not geeks, sorry guys).

    I’ll see if they can answer it better than me – which they will. But anyway, READ those pages to at least understand what these pieces of code actually do. Then you can start to understand it.



    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  55. Austin

    Hey Gary;

    I AM a geek – no shame – LOL

    re: tag, a plugin I recommend to everyone on a standard wordpress set up is is ‘All in One SEO Pack’.

    Over on my blog ‘Niche Weapons’ I’m going to start a series on useful SEO plugins that I use to rank well in Google.

    I’ve got to go out for a good few hours now but will get on it soon as I’m back and post a link here.

    Have a great day!

  56. Gary

    heh…heh… Austin… you can call yourself that but I didn’t want to.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  57. Coleen

    Thanks for the useful info Gary…Cols the Queen Snitch now knows exactly what you have been up to…

    I expect that the fact that my wordpress blog is loaded with SEO Plugins has helps as well…..I am now ranked NO.1 for my name alone!!!

    I did as you said and I come up every time.

    Thanks for your sincere efforts in asisting me to rank so quickly…I know you have played a huge part in this, so I guess you are my best friend in class after allll…thanks Gary!!!

    I’m off to visit Austin now….now, don’t get jealous!!! ha ha ha


  58. Gary

    Hi Coleen

    I am very happy for you. I have been watching your listings in Google and elsewhere and I know your rankings are on the way up.

    Yes, I helped you but in doing that I also got benefit and I am dominating many search criteria.

    This is a clear case of people HELPING one another.

    Folks, I have a bet on with Coleen. We have been role playing at her blog – access it via my blogroll and you will see how just 2 people can pull together for a joint benefit.

    I’m playing a spoiler, a meanie and I have bet that she cannot get 30 people to her blog to save herself. It’s quirky stuff. Go and have a look.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  59. Coleen

    So you are my best friend in Class afer all…!!

    I was seriusly thinking about dropping you Gary Simpson.

    Thanks for sharing your hard earned hours of homework with me….I am very forutnate and can now say with absolute elation that I am ranked No. 1 in Google under my own name and that my name has sprung up like a proverbial weed all over the internet!!!

    You will be forever remembered Gary Simpson for the sincere suport that you have given me as my best friend in Class….I just wish you hadn’t put that gum in my hair!!! I even thought I would bake you another cake!!!

    My mum was shouting and me, and she said your banned from my place, (blog) becuase she thought she was going to have to cut of my bright orange plaits and then she wouldn’t have been able to put bright pink ribbons in my hair. She reckons that my ribbons match the freckles on my cheeks.

    Lucky for you Gary Simpson…..anyway, she was all happy that she got the goo out of my hair so she took me shopping for new multi-coloured striped stockings to go underneath my short skirt.

    See ya Gary Simpson…I still like you alot, so I suppose I wont drop you after all..




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  60. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary,

    Another day and I am back to haunt you again, it’s not me, it’s you in my sub consious mind, lol.

    Thanks for more advice. ‘Your denonating here dude’ did make me laugh.

    The 3×5 cards is a great idea. The feedback so far has been fantastic and I have a list of 30 topics that people want covered, in addition to those I want to include!

    I am working on putting them in a logical order and that’s where I will put your suggestions to use.

    If this goes well and I get that lambo, you can have the first spin in it. It will be rainbow coloured to match your excellent volumes idea:)

    Speak later

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