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Rivotril For Sale

by Gary ~ February 22nd, 2009

Rivotril For Sale, Well, here it is - my Motivational Moment Video #2 [4 min 40 sec]. Rivotril samples, So, what is it about, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Where can i cheapest Rivotril online, In short, I discuss a tremendous piece of wisdom from the world's most successful investor - I figure he probably knows a thing or two or three.., where can i find Rivotril online. Buy Rivotril from canada, I am sitting in my GAZZebo on the level just above my swimming pool. You can see and hear the water cascading into the pool from the two gargoyles that sit on top of a structure (to the left in the video), buy Rivotril without prescription. You can see the endless greenery of my tropical garden too - I mean, why the hell would I want to go to any tropical resort when I have built one of my very own, Rivotril For Sale. Rivotril coupon, Huh.

The shade kinda darkens my face a bit but the audio is fine, Rivotril forum. Order Rivotril from United States pharmacy, There are other things to see in the video too. Can you see the bottle of plonk hanging up behind me, buy Rivotril online no prescription. Rivotril For Sale, When I partake of a nice red wine I like to lynch it up and hang it from a prominent position as a trophy. Get Rivotril, That was a Pepperjack Shiraz, a nice little drop if I do say so myself, Rivotril canada, mexico, india. Where can i cheapest Rivotril online, You will also see "Lonely Street" - another little trophy that I brought back from Graceland, Memphis, comprar en línea Rivotril, comprar Rivotril baratos, Buy cheap Rivotril no rx, Tennessee. That is just ONE of many dozens of trophies I brought back, Rivotril images. Rivotril photos, Like I said before Lisa-Marie Presley probably loves dills like me - LOL! "Thank ya verra march Gazz-Man!" ... as she walks down Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills, looking for a pair of shoes costing more than my entire FN GAZZebo, Rivotril For Sale.

Also in the video is a little something for our friend the Purple Minxy Witch aka Her Royal Purpleness aka Nixster - aka Nix - aka the Purple Blog Queen - aka (as James Woodfield decreed) Her Royal Magentasty - unfortunately it is not of the desired colour but, buy Rivotril no prescription, Rivotril without prescription, hey, I was thinking of her, taking Rivotril. Rivotril coupon, What a day it was - sun shining, birds singing, kjøpe Rivotril på nett, köpa Rivotril online, About Rivotril, a light breeze (with a gust of wind at the end) - ahh, so nice, cheap Rivotril no rx. Rivotril treatment, The exact opposite of what my friends in the Northern Hemisphere have been experiencing - snow, rain, Rivotril recreational, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, freezing temperatures - LOL. (*suffer* - the Gazz-Man is SO thinking of you...)

Finally, Rivotril for sale, Rivotril alternatives, a little message at the end for Lizzie 'the Lizzard" Dickinson, daughter of Hilary (Hils) Dickinson, buy Rivotril from canada. Rivotril For Sale, Just wait little one - the Gazz-Man gets revenge. Doses Rivotril work, Hope you like this.


PS: Now the obvious question that you might be thinking - IF you have seen Motivational Moment Video #1 is.., Rivotril overnight. Rivotril gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, "OMG, is he gonna do that flex thing again?" Well Paula Brett, my Rivotril experience, Purchase Rivotril online, what do you think. You seemed to be rather amused by it. And Paull Hamilton (thanks for your video tuition over at your video intructional website), you even referred to weasels or, was it, Hammo-sters, Rivotril For Sale. And Lizzie Dickinson - the LIZZARD - will the Gazz-Man perform those gymnastics or pretend to read a book again. There are two sections that you may like to watch rather closely. I can see Linda Caroll going *sigh*. But, what happens. Well Garry "Parkesy" Parkes Rivotril For Sale, gave the Gazz-Man a bit of "advice" on that. I am just SO good at taking advice - NOT. Watch and find out. LOL.

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"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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38 Responses to Rivotril For Sale

  1. Stephen Bray

    Well wot an incredible production . . . no sheep, of course ;-)

    . . . but jolly well done none the less.

    I did drop over to Lizzie’s blog the other day, and noted that she has you listed along side her Mum as a cool character.

    Naturally I asked if you are her grand-dad, but then explained that I was just joshing :-)

    Gary I hope you enjoy your swim.

    Were I to think seriously about my heroes right now I would have to have you on my list.

    Keep well and prosper.




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  2. Gary

    Ha, ha – Stephen – you are such a case. That is Aussie lingo for “good fellow.” No sheep. No cows. No animals. Though I can be a bit of an animal at times – LOL!

    Well, you see Stephen – even at such a tender age the young “Lizzard” can recognize coolness. I mean who am I to argue?

    That swim actually took place the other day. I have had this video “in the can” for about 3 or 4 days.

    “Were I to think seriously about my heroes right now I would have to have you on my list.”

    Now I KNOW you are joshing! LOL!

    Stephen are you thinking about this big shindig in Las Vegas with the Alex Jeffreys crew? We will DEFO have to get together for a beer or two or maybe more, or maybe a Jack Daniels and coke, or something. Whaddya think? The GazzMan will exercise like hell to accommodate such toxins passing through his system without long term effects.

    I have already promised a “warmer-upper” to Paula Brett of a VODKA coz I want to cash in on at least ONE of those damn “x” things that she keeps chucking my way. Pauls, darls, you gotta stop that stuff coz the Gazz-Man is just so good at nuance and “reading the play.” Just a little peck on the cheek will be OK Pauls as I know Mr Brett would not be all that amused at my ridiculous forwardness in this matter.

    Actually, we can make it a “friendly” handshake if that is more acceptable to you but, if I were you, I’d stick with the “x”. LOL! Oh dear, I can talk some cr*p – LOL! PMROTFL, as usual.

    I have already promised the ever so lovely Minxy Witch a lovely cup of brew – what a cheapskate I am – they are FREE! LOL. Oh Nix, maybe a nice quiet 330ml bottle of beer in a side bar. Do you drink beer? Probably not. Oh dear. That may amuse you somewhat.

    Actually, Braysie, back to you dude, I gotta tell you – I was in Santa Barbara last year at Fess Parker‘s (you know – bloody Daniel Boone – TV series from like WAY back – I can hardly even remember it!) hotel on the Cabrillo Highway there and I stopped in for a glass of beer and really small glass of vino and the bloody waitress jabbed me US$35 and then had the AUDACITY to say to me, “Plus a 10% tip.” Like WTF! I got about $10 back out of a frikken $50 note. No wonder the guy owns half that mountain range up there where Oprah Winfrey lives. Jeez!

    Anyway, Braysie, get to Las Vegas and I’ll buy you a beer and then YOU can buy me one and then I’ll buy you one and then you can buy me one and… well you get the idea – LOL!


  3. James Woodfield

    Hi Gary

    Sorry about the previous post, if it survives as anonymous…
    A slip of the fingers and it was uploaded before I knew it!

  4. James Woodfield

    Hi Gary

    OK, I’ll try and get it right this time!

    Well done! Another fine and concise piece of inspirational advice.
    And a nice plug for Lizzie, too, whose blog I visited a couple of days ago.

    Thinking of the reaction to the first video, don’t be concerned if your
    audience appears to be focussing on trivial details. We’re all listening as well as watching, and have great regard for the value of what you say.

    Having said that, here are a couple of trivial details…

    Beethhoven’s a great choice, but many might think, inappropriately, of the
    Second Movement as the “Suicide Scherzo”, thanks to Walter (now Wendy)

    Carlos’s title for his synthesizer version, which was used in the film “A
    Clockwork Orange”.

    Also, given the loud sound of running water in your video, I think it was a
    great idea to take a leaf out of Nikki’s book and include a toilet break; but
    a couple of seconds really isn’t long enough!

    All the best,


  5. Gary

    Oh James! Maybe it is the nth Jack Daniels that I am imbibing this evening – I usually reserve the weekends for such stupidity when I can exercise like a maniac – but I am finding so much amusement in what everyone is saying here.

    In among the garbage that I go on about there are moments of gold. I know that. But my natural tendency is to be somewhat playful, bordering on silly. I do hope that doesn’t over-shadow the “message.” I don’t think so but there usually is more commentary on the junky side of what I do.

    The truth is… I need to be over-the-top just to keep myself from being far too serious. Life is too short to be too damn serious these days and to me, it seems to be getting out-of-control with the press and the way that they just promote the heck out of death, destruction, loss, bad-fortune, negativity, economic downturn, people losing jobs, share prices collapsing, terrorism, bird-flu and all the other UTTER CRAP that they w*nk on about. I am over it!

    I much rather come to the internet to get my jollies. And my blog is a place where I can offer all sorts of things and interact with so many good people, such as your good-self James!

    The TV and newspapers and radio are just so full of grief. They turn me OFF!

    So many of our colleagues are talking about Nikki, the purple temptress, and I know why. She is also providing a lot of entertainment with her unique brand of (sometimes – make that OFTEN – ribald) humour. It is such a relief from the hum-drum of everyday negativity.

    I sense a NEW ORDER coming. I can see – in the not too distant future – that stupid TV, radio and newspaper media outlets and their incessant reporting of NEGATIVE SH*T, will become irrelevant. Only the old fogies are sucking that rubbish up.

    That “toilet break” thing that Nikki said on her MASSIVE rant at Hilary Dickinson‘s blog made me laugh so much. It was so damn amusing. She is very clever.

    James, I need to get over to your blog and reciprocate. You have been here often and I do appreciate that. In fact, I am on my way over NOW!


  6. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    You’re on a roll now.

    I think communicating and saying a message via video is certainly a powerful medium. I’ll get it loaded on my special motivational page as soon as I can.

    I think your message is an essential and necessary component of success. If you surround yourself with negatively and think negative thoughts then it has exactly that effect on you. It drags you down, de-motivates you and ultimately kills off any dreams you may still have. Why shoulder that burden when like you say you always have a choice? It all comes down to what choices you make and the thoughts you have about any given situation.


    PS. Hey was that the wife ringing the bell twice at the end ? ;-)



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  7. Paul Livingston

    Hey Gary,

    Sorry man, but I couldn’t watch this. The background
    noise of the falling water made it impossible for me
    to hear very well.

    It had a real high pitch on my machine, drowning
    out much of what you were saying :/

  8. Theresa Mayhew

    So, you’re in the movies now Gazz! Lovely yard and thanks a bunch for rubbing in the part about your weather. My husband declares every year that we should visit Australia in the winter.

    On to your topic: Our hero’s do tell a lot about us and how we turn out. Not having hero’s says even more.

    PS Thanks for letting us know about Lizzie’s site. Just returned from reading her posts and leaving comments.

  9. Thom Swartwood

    Well done Gary,

    Another great motivational moment. The quote you stated is a good one. I also like a quote from a gentleman named T. Harv Eker who says give me 5 minutes with you and I will tell you how much money you will make in your lifetime. He does this by asking you only a couple of questions, and from those he can tell you what you “money blueprint” is. I find it interesting stuff.

    Thanks for stopping over at my place and commenting on my little classroom issue. I wrote you back with an update.

    I will stop over to Lizzies blog and drop a hello for you.

    BTW I thought the book thing in your first moment was showing how profound you are :).

    Have a great day.


  10. Lizzie Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man, no sorry i meant Cool Gazz-Man!
    I’d just like to say thanks for mentioning me in your video, much appriecaited :). I think the video was really good!

    Personally I don’t actually have a certain hero, there are many people I look up to in life and think “wow I wish I would turn out like that!” but there is no-one that I want to follow completely. I want to do things my own way instead of following others and making their mistakes again. Theres nothing wrong with doing the things that they did right and the things they did wrong do it better. But I want to be better, too learn from everything they do adnd to do it a whole lot better. Everyone should fufill their pottential!

    Anywayz, I have recently put a new post up and I would appreciate it if you had a look. I read your one about heros, but I didn’t want to reply because I haven’t got one. But I think its was very good and ‘motivational’! But yer, great job on the video, thumbs up!

    Lizzie A.K.A Lizzard

  11. Lizzie Dickinson

    Just a little note too saysory for all my terrible spelling mistakes! I forgot to read through and check it, silly me! Never mind, I will do next time. I just wish you could edit your own comments on other peoples blogs :(. I know you can on yours but the person your sending a comment to might not see it, which is annoying!
    Never mind!



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  12. Lizzie Dickinson

    Okay, I am so sorry this is the third comment in a row! Even in the above comment my spelling was wrong! Grrr!
    Anyway another note to say thanx for all the people who could be
    bothered to go and have a look at my blog, thank you all of you!
    Well thats all, untill next time (which I promise wont be in like another minute!) Au revoir!

  13. Gary Simpson

    @ Garry – Well, IF I was on a roll, now I am on a stroll coz the motherboard on my main computer died in the ar*e overnight and it is gonna cost over $1,000 to replace it. I am therefore on limited ability (I know, me – limited ability – ha effen ha, ha, ha…). To top it all off I have a major tax return to do that is gonna get me fined to the sh*thouse when it gets there late. So, I am off to a FLYER this week, huh?

    I can’t even get my geekosaurus out here until at least tomorrow and I have emails by the hundreds already on my old computer that I cannot access – nor any email addys, or anything. So, the Gazz-Man is like an angry gorilla ATM! I hate this effen laptop BTW – no matter how careful I am it just keeps mucking my typing up – it is WAY too senstive – or I bash it way too hard.

    I am therefore at about 10% RAT-POWER capacity until my big computer gets fixed.

    I DEFO HATE these effen touch pads.

    Gary (not happy – in the slightest)

  14. Gary Simpson

    @ Paul – NOT being able to watch my video may be to your advantage – LOL. Seriously, it must be something to do with your computer. Nobody else seems to have had any trouble and I have watched it on several computers and in several formats – ie Google and Viddler. The water is loud but my voice comes over OK. Sorry.

    @ Theresa – Glad you detected my little jibe – LOL. I LOVE your snow BTW. Um, one of my “heroes” is the big fella – Arnie. Figures, huh? LOL!

    @ Thom – As you can see I am severely hampered here so I will check out what you said when I am fully functional again. Glad you liked my MMV#2.

    @ Lizzie Lizzard – All that crazy stuff at the end was for you lovie. Glad you appreciated it. You will now be a star – probably for all the wrong reasons – LOL! BTW… I know you can speel reely gud.


  15. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gazza,

    Sorry to hear about your computer problems.

    “I am therefore at about 10% RAT-POWER capacity until my big computer gets fixed.”

    That probably brings you down to still above most people’s level in terms of productivity. !! You’ve got your Action Planner that keeps you way ahead of those that have choosen not to take advantage of the free download. Their loss.

    Hey, glad to see you’ve joined me in the JVV community. Did you like the video I’ve put up on my latest post about it or haven’t you managed to see it on your reduced capacity laptop yet?

    It is crucial surrounding yourself with the right peer group and thoughts as you talk about in your MM#2 video that I now have up at my site too. I see the JVV community as potentially a great meeting ground.


  16. Gary

    Hi Garry – I WISH!

    Funny you should mention the ACTION Planner. I went to the printer today and printed 3 more off. While I was sitting at the traffic lights I was flicking through the e-book and I was just amazed that more people weren’t downloading it. You know what I think Garry? I think that a LOT of people are SCARED to use this eBook for fear that they may succeed. The old self-sabotage routine kicking in!

    “Ooh gee, I can have an e-book that virtually guarantees that I will complete a project – I better NOT get it!”

    I did like the video that you put up but using this laptop is a bloody pain and the touchpad on this thing is HOPELESS! So I am just doing the bare minimum ATM. I’ll comment when I get my preferred keyboard and machine back up.

    Thanks for putting the MM video #2 up at your site. I do appreciate that.


  17. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gazza,

    No worries about me putting your MM#2 up on my site. As well as the post I’ll put it on my main page dedicated to the Motivational videos as well, when I get around to it.

    Hey Gary, how does your Top Commenters widget work? I think there is something wrong with it as it is only showing us two !! Or is it only there to show the Top Garry Commenters, LOL


  18. ImOscar

    I’m sure you’d prefer to read a reaction to the video’s content, but I’m still hung up on the weather. Remember, some of us still haven’t put the snow shovels in the garage!



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  19. Gary

    @ Garry – Computer back up – grrr. Don’t wanna talk about it. I sent you an email anyway – LOL!

    What’s this… “when I get around to it” business? LOL!

    It only works for Gary’s the ONE “R” versions – LOL! I dunno. I think Linda tinkers here, there and everywhere. Seriously, I dunno – AND… I don’t care. CONTENT Garry CONTENT. The GazzMan is BIG on CONTENT, small on widgets and other BS – so long as the main ones work – LOL!

    @ ImOscar – Yep! You’re right. I was being really MEAN doing that. LOL! Thanks for stopping by.

    Motivational Moment Video #3 is being planned now. And I am considering doing a little feature… OH DAMN! I’ll make a separate post below to tell everyone so it stands out a bit (oops, having said that I wonder where “you-know-who-is?” LOL!)


  20. Gary


    I have been thinking about how much fun the second part of the Motivational Moment Video #2 was. It gave Lizzie “the Lizzard” Dickinson a nice bit of attention plus it is there for all time so, hopefully, it will be an ongoing source of visits for her.

    Unfortunately, the lighting was shizenhouzen so the little notice I held up was unreadable. But I did mention the Lizzard’s URL several times and her three posts (nice linkback Lizzie – oops I made a mistake – oops I made ANOTHER mistake – LOL!) are clearly here for all to see. You’re alright kiddo.

    BTW – thanks to those people who responded and paid her a visit. I appreciate it and I am sure Lizzie does too. Come and tell us LIzzard – and don’t forget to post twice! Or thrice! LOL!

    Anyway, that leads me to my next point… I am seriously thinking about doing little features like that in future videos in this series just to help out fellow students with a bit of (in)credibility and traffic.

    I have somebody in mind as my next “target” – LOL! Initials PB. After threatening (playfully) to punch me (oh dear. THAT would work, huh?) I think it’s the least I could do.



  21. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    Well I thought that it was about time that I made my own comment, now that your computer is back up and running!

    I really appreciated that message – just need to get my son to watch it too.

    I was discussing with Lizzie about who our heros are and the one thing that came out of it was that we are all human and all make mistakes. With so many of the people we thought about there were things we liked and things we didn’t like about what they had done.

    But that’s OK because it means that we can make mistakes too as long as we learn from them (‘Fail Forward Fast’). Boy, do I make lots of mistakes – but it shows that I am still learning and still moving forward.

    BTW that will be the topic of my next post which is currently under construction – I’ve had a pretty hectic time of things over the past 10 days or so…

    Thanks ever so much for giving Lizzie a plug – we really appreciate that. And thanks too to those who have visited her and left her some comments.

    When we knew that you were going to include her I asked her to put up a new post, so that people who had been to her site before would see some new content.

    When I checked it for her before she posted it I was amazed at the quality of what she had written – all I had to do was to spot the spelling mistakes for her.

    I didn’t help her to write it – everyone else did!

    She has been reading around various blogs and comments and has picked up the ways in which people write (young people are like sponges – we just need to make sure that they are soaking up the good stuff).

    So do keep encouraging her in her journey. She is looking forward to interacting with other young people (we are watching the development of the young Parksey blog!) as well as with anyone else she can learn from.

    So thanks for your message and for being an ‘encourager’.


  22. Gary

    Hi Hils – It is definitely a piece of great wisdom that Warren Buffet imparts. You see it over and over again, especially with young adults. But even with old adults. Wrong crowd = certain disaster. It’s just the time component that varies, according to how bad the infuence is.

    How many times do we hear those fateful words: “He/she fell in with the WRONG crowd.”

    You are most welcome and so is Lizzie. She is indeed a very savvy little writer. God! I hope she doesn’t take on some of my traits. LOL!



  23. Michael J Ottman

    Thanks Gary for the invite and I know I should have been coming to your blog long ago. You are right that everybody needs to work at their own pace for we are in no kind of contest at all.

    I have read all of the responses to your video and have also subscribed to your action planner. As a missionary some years back we used a similar planner to make appointments and keep track of daily tasks. I am glad you produced this as it helps to put accountability in front of you.

    As I reflect on who my heros are and the message you gave, I realize that I need to constantly surround myself with positive like minded people. I remember telling my boys that if they want to play good basketball, then they need to be playing kids that are better than them.

    I let them know that if they were always better than the kids they played with then they would not be challenged and they wouldn’t get any better. I really believe success comes from playing with those better than yourself.

    I don’t intend on wasting your time by asking you questions that I can find out for myself or asking you to do something for me. Yes, I read the end of your daily planner and I love it.

    We can though all help each other by giving without being asked and by placing value on individual efforts. I really appreciate you noticing my work and hope to be more active on your blog. You seem to be a well rounded individual whos life and work have a great balance.

    You might also want to consider podcasts of your motivational moments so people can listen on their mp3 players. It seems the future of blogging is moving quickly in this direction where people can grab the audio, video, or pdf version to suit their needs. Just a thought anyways.

    If there is anything I can do for you Gary just ask. You don’t realize it but you’ve already given me more.

    Michael J Ottman

  24. Gary

    Hi Michael – Thanks for stopping by after our “Twitter” exchange.

    If people don’t understand that then – here is an explanation… is a place where many people hang out and trade 140-character sized bits of information (much of it patently useless), wit, humour, camaraderie and sometimes even insults – though I haven’t seen much of the latter. Mostly it all seems fairly cordial. Quite a few of the AJ F500 interact there.

    I mentioned to Michael that everyone needs to progress at their own pace after the Alex Jeffreys course in Internet Marketing has now officially ended. Everyone came into the course with a different set of skills, we all learned various things – some specialised, some generalised – and we have all finished (hopefully) with a greater appreciation of what can be done and what each of us NEEDS to do to succeed. As such, we are not in a race with each other but a progressive development of ourselves.

    Yes, the message that I was trying to deliver in the MM#2 video above was one of positive association with like minded people. That is very much a part of why these seminars and conferences work so well.

    Michael, what you said is so true. It is difficult to get better unless you interact with people who have skills greater than your own. I remember reading a book about (the late kung fu master) Bruce Lee written by Alex Ben Block. In it, the author said that Lee would seek out those who he knew were superior to him in certain things, he would then learn what they did, then practice and train until he was better than them.

    So, you liked my little concept of “tasking” huh, Michael? Yep. It works. The time thieves soon get the message and move on like vampires to new hosts. LOL! It’s a little section that i added into the back of my “Time in Motion” ACTION Planner, which I see you have downloaded. Good for you!

    Heh… heh… Michael, I have to laugh and shake my head. You said:

    “You seem to be a well rounded individual whos life and work have a great balance.”

    Thankyou BUT… the KEY word in all that is “SEEM.” Yes I have some things totally under control but I also struggle with many things, mostly emotional issues. That may seem strange because of the image I project but it is true. Like everybody else, I have many flaws. But I try not to highlight them. I actually like to try to work on them but emotional issues are the most difficult of all to get under control because they are pretty much a part of body chemistry. I could refer you to the page on music and lyrics… I literally broke down typing one of those posts. And here is me saying I try not to highlight these things – LOL!

    Michael I have indeed noticed your work. The background you did for Parkesy’s Twitter page was outstanding as was the cover that you did for his Profit Pulling Project newsletter. I was very impressed with all of that and I know Garry is pretty over the moon about it too. So, at the risk of embarrassing you a little (the Gazz-Man ALWAYS recognizes talent and gives credit where it is rightly due)…

    Go to Michael Ottman‘s website and check out the wonderful graphic design work that he does!

    I have indeed been considering podcasts. I have a great friend in Florida who gets more than 10,000 downloads to his motivational and business podcasts every month.

    I will be over to your site later on Michael to have a look around and to leave some comments in reciprocation.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and add to the value of this blog. I appreciate it very much.



  25. Nikki

    Right, this blog has been far too sensible for far too long. Therefore I felt it only right that I pop over to spread some purple mayhem.

    Gaz-Man, you said:

    “I have already promised the ever so lovely Minxy Witch a lovely cup of brew – what a cheapskate I am – they are FREE! LOL. Oh Nix, maybe a nice quiet 330ml bottle of beer in a side bar. Do you drink beer? Probably not.”

    It’s a very kind offer, but I do find I can’t handle too much beer. Not without the proper preparation anyway. I’m also not very fond of the taste. Perhaps I could persuade you to go as far as a cocktail?

    Or I’ll just stick to the tea – I know I can handle copious amounts of that.

    As per usual I haven’t been able to watch your vid yet – will get to it this weekend though, so then I’ll be able to comment on the video itself.

    The Purple Minxy Witch



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  26. Gary

    Ah Nix – I was wondering when you would arrive with your random purpularity. You know that you are a very purpular person here.

    Hmm, can you handle ANY beer? Surely a 330ml bottle wouldn’t overload your delicate tea-inspired system? OK. A cocktail. May I enquire – I just KNOW this is a bad idea (LOL) to ask – which particular bevvy you may wish to imbibe? Would the initials be SOTB by any chance? Remember, there are NO beaches in Las Vegas but there is plenty of sand, coz the whole place is built on a desert.

    The vid, this time, may be somewhat disappointing for your Royal Purple Sparkliness. I will – of course – look forward to your analysis of my performance. And you may give me a score, if you wish. LOL!


  27. Nikki

    I’m quite sure that your performance will be legendary; after all, that is what we have come to expect from you.

    As for the beer – well, it’s been a while since I drank beer. Had some interesting experiences at university with it, so since then have refined my tastes somewhat.

    The cocktail – I shall refer you back to my list of ‘things you didn’t know about the Purple Minxy Temptress’. Yes, SOTB is my favourite cocktail, although I am quite happy to experiment with other flavours. It all depends what is on offer at the time.

    Nix from… – well, you know where…

  28. Gary

    Ah… I am being graced. TPMW is prowling around.

    I must say Minxster – self praise of course being the absolute LOWEST form of praise that one can possibly have – that my performance in the gym tonight was rather good. I can always tell when I am at a reasonable level of performance – LOL!

    Maybe you need to drink the best beer – Sapporo, followed by Asahi, followed by Kirin. IMHO, the Japanese make the very best beer. They also make a damn good whisky too called Yamazaki. In fact, I pretty much like most Japanese things except two – Japanese food and sake. So, even though I would have made a pretty decent samurai had I been born in that era and in that place, I would have eventually died of starvation and boredom, coz all my ronin warriors would all be p155ed and I would be stone cold sober. Now THAT is random thinking. It hardly even makes sense to me – LOL!

    Perhaps I may be able to offer you a forbidden flavour – something exotic from the bar of the Excalibur (hotel, that is). The Excalibur… in fact – ALL the hotels in Vegas are like Disneyland. I remember Caesar’s Palace had a most surreal disposition. The roof is painted sky blue with clouds and even at night it seems as though it is day. And the massive Trojan Horse, several stories high, must be seen to be believed. Then there is the Bellagio Hotel with the water and light show that you can just stand and watch for ages.

    Thank you for leaving the Lair for these most auspicious visits.

    Gazz-Man – well, you know from where too! The TEMPLE!

  29. Nikki

    Prowling. I like that. Yep, I’m prowling around causing trouble and mischief. Look, that’s my natural state.

    The hotels in LV sound really interesting! I think I’ll be such a tourist taking loads of pics and being most fascinated by all that I see before me.

    As for these other beers – if you wish to take it upon yourself to educate me then I shall gracefully accept. Although I may have to pre-warn you of the consequences of too many beers, particularly if in quick succession. I’m much better off taking my time to slowly savour them.


  30. Gary

    Nix – Trouble and Mischief could be your middle names – LOL!

    Nikki TM Stephens – like a Trade Mark. How apt.

    Las Vegas is certainly a place of wonder. You will see everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – there.

    Nix, you know it is always recommended to take such matters nice and slowly in that regard. No good ruining yourself on vacation as you will only pay for it the next day.


  31. Nikki

    I’ve just watched your vid – with sound and everything (I know, how exciting) – so now I know what you sound like!

    Right, I’m off to do some of my infamous prowling…catch you soon…




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  32. Gary

    Nikki – Oh… I was about to say, “How exciting!” LOL! Well, not really. Just kidding. Now you know what I sound like, huh? Does it put you off? PMSL!

    Go and prowl huntress.


  33. Nikki

    The first thing that sprang to mind (and I’m sorry for this) – Crocodile Dundee! Oh, I know I’ll probably have to pay for that comment…particularly when you hear me. Hmm.

  34. Gary

    Very funny Nix! Well, I only have one thing to say about that…

    “That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife!”

    BTW – Did you notice that orange thing in the top LH corner of the video? That is a witch’s hat. Sorry if it ain’t all that obvious. That is what I was referring to in my opening comments.

  35. Nikki

    Oh! See, now I’ve had to watch the vid again just to look for the little prezzie for me in there. My hat is black, didn’t know you could get orange ones.

    Come to think of it, surely I should have a purple one?

    Or maybe that would be more appropriate for you…

  36. Gary

    @ Nikki – Well I guess if you can get black witches and white witches and well, you are THE Purple Minxy Witch, then you can probably get orange witches. LOL!

    A friend of mine nicked it (I was gonna say Nixed it) and gave it to me coz I have a collection of street signs and bus stops etc that I have collected over the years and displayed in my back yard. Dunno why – just seemed like I good idea to have a few weird signs then people started to add to my collection. I even have a bus stop. Oh, I already said that. Duh!

    I actually rather like the colour purple but… since it is your special colour then I will let you have it. Oh, and while I remember… that meeting that I spoke about on Twitter that I said I was gonna chair (remember that?), my colour will defo be purple. PMSL.


  37. Nikki

    In my second year at uni we managed to gather quite a good collection of roadsigns, traffic cones, etc etc. In fact I would sometimes be brought them as presents or souveniers from drunken nights out. Happy days.

    Oh yes, the meeting you mentioned that you were going to have to chair. I hope that the chairing of the afore-mentioned meeting goes extremely well for you, and that you manage to cover all the ground that you have proposed. I’ve been to a few too many meetings where there is unfinished business left on the table, but I’m sure a man with your expertise would get through all the agenda items and then some.

  38. Gary

    Nikki – ha… ha… so you used to collect street signs too, huh? Too funny!

    I’m sure I will have a great meeting – though I’ll probably have to wear a suit for the occasion. Oh well, no matter. I’m sure that we will get through the huge agenda.

    I like to think I am a pretty good chairman and that I give everybody a fair go. I think that is the basis of all meetings. When I chair meetings I like to get everything done and leave no stone unturned, so to speak. I know that there will be one other person there who will appreciate my efforts but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


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