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Zyban For Sale

by Gary ~ February 17th, 2009

Today Alex Jeffreys interviewed Andrew Fox in the (bonus) Webinar conducted for students of the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Zyban For Sale, programme. Real brand Zyban online, In the two hour interview I managed to take approximately seven pages of notes. Here is a series of points covered in that interview:

  • ~ List building is a simple process
  • ~ Build a list by joining give-aways
  • ~ Use scalability as the size of the list grows
  • ~ The money is IN the list but you need to know how to "monetize" it
  • ~ Build your list by giving away FREE resources
  • ~ "Crunch the numbers" - WHO is opening your email marketing series, Zyban from canadian pharmacy. Where can i find Zyban online,
  • ~ "Train" your list by becoming the "authority" in your niche
  • ~ Pick products that relate to your list
  • ~ Create a "buzz" around your blog
  • ~ Think about creating a pdf newsletter
  • ~ Give people a "bonus" incentive
  • ~ Don't try to sell ham sandwiches to vegetarians
  • ~ Recommend to your list, don't push
  • ~ Train your list to know WHO and WHAT you are recommending
  • ~ Analyse emails from other marketers to see what works and what doesn't
  • ~ Deliver value
  • ~ Don't supply poor quality, Zyban street price, After Zyban, out-dated, junk (CRAP) bonuses - it will detract from your offer
  • ~ Tell stories to "prepare" people to buy from you
  • ~ Have a "plan" to help people buy a good product
  • ~ Use videos sparingly so they do not become too "routine"
  • ~ Use short, buy Zyban from mexico, Zyban australia, uk, us, usa, sharp, snappy subject lines in emails
  • ~ Compare your emails for the best "open" rates
  • ~ Everything changes, purchase Zyban online no prescription, Where can i buy Zyban online, so stay in touch with new trends
  • ~ Be friendly but firm in emailing lists
  • ~ Make it easy for people to promote your products
  • ~ Pay 60% to 70% commissions to entice affiliates
  • ~ Create a product and get others to promote it for you
  • ~ Create a short report as a free list builder
  • ~ Twitter can be used for relationship building
  • ~ When people buy from you they can feel like they owe you a favour if you deliver lots of value
  • These were the main points of the two hour interview. I hope this smorGAZZboard helps those who were unable to attend, Zyban natural.


    Are you sick of the same old results, Zyban For Sale. Zyban reviews, Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

    "You cannot teach a person anything, Zyban used for, Is Zyban addictive, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
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    26 Responses to Zyban For Sale

    1. Ken Douglas


      Thanks for your post. The call took place while I was still working. Your summary will as always be helpful as I listen to the call. thanks again.


    2. Gary

      Hey Kenny – You don’t have much luck with the time of these calls, do you?

      Glad to be of service!




      The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


      Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
      Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


    3. Vince

      Hey Garry,

      Trying to get around to all the power blogs with some great news.

      Vince here,

      We have designed social media software to help every business on the internet such as marketers, retailers, service and membership sites.

      Read on – then – come to my blog and post a comment on how to get a hold of you. I want to keep in touch.

      My story below!

      Vince here,

      We are designing a new viral way to market on the internet. My partner jay is one of the top code writes in the world and he has helped me design something very special for every entrepreneur on the internet. This is not just for marketers.

      This new software will work with any kind of retail site, membership site, Service site – virtually any kind of site on the internet. Read below what it can do for you and your business…

      Free Version,

      My partner Jay and I (Vince) have been very busy designing a new software.

      This is going to be a very powerful way to communicate on the internet with all your friends.

      Example when you click on this icon your destination and url will be sent to the social media site.

      So if you are on a product page, squeeze page or website or blog and click on the icon – you will be seen by everyone you know and the url of the site you are on.


      This is were it gets really sweet,

      This is going to change the way people market and sell products on line.

      The Pro version will have all the features of the free version and more.

      You will be able to see all your friends, communicate with them and broadcast to them.

      You will also have complete stats of all your progress, sales, optins, leads, and percentages.

      You will be able to have complete control of your visitor and send them were ever you want on the internet and their friends will see were their destination is. We are adding more features everyday –

      Because we are one big marketing famly – I have talked jay into giving Alex’s students a very special offer when this comes out. still a few weeks away.

      Alex jeffrey’s and Andwer Fox and students will have the first exclusive marketing rights as a test. Then it will go live on click bank.

      I will keep you in touch,

      Vince Craine
      VMC Marketing

    4. Nikki

      Thanks for putting this up, I’m going to go back through your posts and every time you’ve done a summary of the calls / webinars I’m going to print it off – that way I can add structure to my own notes when I listen to the webinars in the members’ area.

      I do find it very helpful, so thank you for doing this…


    5. Gary

      @ Vince – That sounds interesting. It was a bit confusing but I think I get the general gist of it. I’ll be over later to learn more.

      @ Nix – Good idea. Quite a few people have told me that they are doing that. The notes that I provide are pretty much in order of presentation too so if you triple or quadruple space them then you will have room to add your own bits and pieces in between.

      Always glad to be of service to you my dear.


    6. Nikki

      Seeing as you’re so very generous with your service, I felt it only right to thank you for it!

    7. Erwin Chua


      Cool bullets. :) Will definitely give a lot of us some pointers to refer to. :)

      All the best!


      Erwin Chua

    8. Posts about Internet Marketing as of February 17, 2009 | The Lessnau Lounge

      […] […]



      The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


      Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
      Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


    9. Christine Howard

      Hi Gary,

      Many thanks for posting the summary of the call as I always miss the calls. So iys is good to have a few pointers while I wait for it to appear in the members area.

      Best wishes

    10. Gary

      @ Nikki – Thank YOU my dear! What for? Well… just being you. You add a lot of spice to my blog. I enjoy it and I am sure that MANY others do too. Thanks for your email too – much appreciated.

      @ Erwin – Glad you find my summary helpful. I think bullet points are the way to go with these summaries – easy to read and get the gist of what happened.

      @ Christine – You too Christine. Thanks for leaving you comment. Many don’t. I appreciate it when others, like you, take the time to do that.


    11. Stephen Bray


      You’re the best note taker in the business. Indeed I’m going to print off your summaries and laminate them :-)


    12. Dave Riley

      Thanks for this post Gary.

      I missed the call last night (looking forward to the final module tonight) so this is really useful for me to catch up.

      Great site Gary.

      Keep up the good work.


    13. Gary

      Heh Stephen – I wouldn’t “laminate” them as I think these notes are fairly ordinary. I found it difficult to take them coz Alex Jeffreys and Andrew Fox were tag-teaming so much. It was difficult to keep up and to annotate who said what coz it was travelling so fast. But I do thank you for your complinent.

      @ Dave – Your first time here, I think. Apologies if it isn’t. It’s hard to keep up with what goes on here sometimes. Are you cold? You look kinda blue.




      The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


      Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
      Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


    14. Hilary Dickinson

      Hi Gazz-Man

      Thanks for this. I had to spend 3 days instead of 2 trying to sort out my aunt’s house, so was unable to listen in last night.

      Just trying to get through things so that I am ready to listen tonight.

      Will try to get round to your comments and Nikki’s mega comment on my blog as soon as I can.


    15. Gary

      Hi Hils – I suppose you know what I’m gonna do with the Lizzard, huh. Hope you don’t mind me nick-naming your daughter that. Just to let everyone else know, I have shot the Motivational Moment Video #2 and Lizzie the Lizzard cracks a mention in part 2 of it. Yes, this is a two-part MM, recorded outside this time at the palatial abode of the Gazz-Man complete with lush scenery and with the sound of water cascading into my pool in the background. I did it just to make you lot in the Northern Hemisphere jealous – LOL! No, I didn’t – well sorta. It is just such a beautiful setting that I wanted to do it there.

      Regarding Nikki Stephens – WOW! What an explosion on your blog. She really went OFF huh? I love to see such passion in people. That was a rant most worthy of the best that I can do. Great stuff and she even had an “intermission” in the middle that made me PMSL and ROTF. It was so funny. Very witty stuff! I encourage everyone to get over to your blog, Hilary, and read ALL the wonderful comments that are going up there – inspired, of course, by a certain somebody here – LOL!


    16. Hilary Dickinson

      Hi Gazz-man

      Yes I’ve seen what you’re doing and Lizzie did ask me. Having just listened to Alex saying that the 40 yr old son of someone (didn’t catch who) was like a kid in kindergarten despite having been to business school, because he hadn’t had hands on learning.

      This is really what I feel is so important and I now need to sit down and do some real planning. Then I can really start to move forward so I shall be doing lots of picking of brains around here! Watch out it could get messy…!

      Anyway, thanks for supporting Lizzie in this, she really loves the comments she’s getting and I think it is great that I can get her started now with support from others.

      I see that Parksey is going to get his son started tomorrow, so this second route is getting going. They’ll be catching us soon!

      Great to see Nikki’s rant. I’ll have fun replying to that when I get the chance.



    17. Gary

      @ Hilary – I know what you and Alex Jeffreys meant. I read somewhere, many years ago, that the “average” person OUT of their own area of expertise operates at about the level of a grade 7 Primary School student. I never forgot that and I have observed people ever since and I believe it to be very close to the truth.

      Heh! Messy? Look at this place! I cause a commotion everywhere I go – LOL!

      I think it’s great that the kids are wanting to learn this stuff but I do have a proviso – they need to operate in their own environment after they get started and they ALL need MAXIMUM supervision.

      I almost hate to say this but… there is great evil out in cyber-land. Predators are everywhere. I think one of the RULES is FULL supervision – and I mean FULL! If I had an “under-age” child interacting with WHOEVER (you really don’t know who is lurking or hiding behind a MASK) then I would be excessively protective.

      My # 1 rule would include FULL access to the blog at ALL times and I would be reading all entries to detect any hint of the disgusting creatures who attempt to lure children. Some of them are so damn cunning.

      I don’t even want to mention the p*d*ph*le word coz it attracts a wave of useless effen disgusting spam. Seriously, these LOSERS need to be shot IMO.

      So, my rules would be:

      1 – FULL parental access at ALL times
      2 – daily supervision of ALL entries in and out
      3 – child to inform adult if any “strange” or “weird” comments are made
      4 – NO details to be given out over internet on age, location, school attended, email addy, cell phone, bithday or anything else that would enable a p*rvert to track a child. Basically NO personal details AT ALL!
      5 – Record the IP address and email addy of ANY person making comments of a s*xu*l nature and report it to the forensic police.
      6 – Ensure that youngsters do NOT engage in ANY comments that involve “adult” material – and that includes HERE coz I will sometimes engage in innuendo and random comments bordering on stupidity that I should know better. (But it depends on my mood – LOL). And I swear a bit too (eg above) but I try to contain it and “code” it anyway. But that’s just me.

      Nikki Stephens makes some excellent points in her e-book that she wrote on your site!


      PS: I know that you and Garry Parkes and Denis Caron know all this stuff BUT… I also know that the last people that children often listen to or take notice of is a mother or father. So, if an “independent” person as credentialed in self-defence as I am says it, then there is a good chance that such rules can be enforced – sort of like “web 2.0 social proof” Just tell them that the Gazz-Man agrees with YOUR rules and send them here if they get antsy with it. I’ll set them straight in about 5 seconds, well, maybe 5 minutes – LOL!

    18. Internet Marketing Email » Blog Archive » Alex Jeffreys Interviews Andrew Fox - Internet Marketing ...

      […] Gary placed an interesting blog post on Alex Jeffreys Interviews Andrew Fox – Internet Marketing …Here’s a brief overviewHere is a series of points covered in that interview: ~ List building… Alex Jeffreys Interviews Andrew Fox … […]



      The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


      Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
      Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


    19. joe

      these things are only making the sellers money people without grades cannot make you rich they cant be experts stay away.

      i know off of th ebest a /f and its bull !!

    20. Gary

      Joe – I am struggling big time to understand what you are saying here but I figure that you are being negative about this thread. If you come back will you please articulate your thoughts so that I can understand them properly.



    21. Matt Wolfe

      Awesome Post Gary! This is some really great advice. List building is one of the things that I have really been struggling with and it is probably the main reason that I joined MWA 2.0. This is a great little synopsis and I can’t wait to watch the actual video tomorrow morning.


    22. Gary

      @ Matt – Thanks for the nice comment. Still buggered by what Joe said directly above. WTF was he going on about?

      I believe that people’s attitudes are hardening greatly about being on lists. That’s because so many people push crap at them. Some of the so-called “valuable content” and e-books that I have seen are trash. Most e-BOOKS are really poorly cobbled together e-pamphlets.

      Catch you later Matt. Thanks for visiting.


    23. T. Owen

      Lead On Gazzman!

      Very helpful to begin our own listening to the interview with your notes, and the comments of so many others here at your blog.

    24. T. Owen

      We appreciate you sharing this with us GazzMan, the valuable comments from others at your blog that followed it as well! :-)

      Great implementation of what we just learned today from Rich on Rapid Learning Acceleration, as Founders Club founders.

      Excellent to be leveraging Action-able awareness and learning like this with each other.

      Together, or not at all.

    25. Andy Michaels

      Hey Gary,

      Many thanks for that post. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the bonus call yet but you’ve made a cracking “tick them off” list there that I can use.

      I’d also like to ask you a question r.e your blog. How much success do you have with having several opt-in forms on there? Is that a decent tactic to use? I wasn’t sure about having too many on mine but will re-think.

      Best Regards


    26. Glenn

      Hey Gazzman
      Thanks for this post. Getting back in from work I am now getting ready to listen to the Andrew Fox Bonus and am going to print off your blog to help use as a crib sheet. With this I can compare both sets of notes and learn some more.

    Leave a Reply