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Buy Acyclovir Without Prescription

by Gary ~ February 11th, 2009

Buy Acyclovir Without Prescription, Hello,

Well, I finally got it done... Real brand Acyclovir online, Amid a flurry of mis-haps - dogs barking, phones ringing, Acyclovir dosage, Doses Acyclovir work, jet aeroplanes roaring overhead, batteries running out, Acyclovir dangers, Acyclovir pictures, interruptions, troubles editing and rendering the video on my computer - I have FINALLY completed a video, Acyclovir recreational. After Acyclovir, Here is my Motivational Moment Video #1. I have planned a series of 52 of these short Motivational Moment videos, where can i order Acyclovir without prescription. Acyclovir alternatives, Hopefully, now that I have done the first one, ordering Acyclovir online, About Acyclovir, they will get easier to do.

I haven't uploaded it to You Tube yet, Buy Acyclovir Without Prescription. I'll get around to that, buy Acyclovir no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, I just wanted to get it up here first before I go to the gym. Click the link below (2 min 25 sec):


OR just watch the short video directly below:

I hope you like it, Acyclovir from canada. Acyclovir blogs, Watch for my little "surprise" at the end. Buy Acyclovir Without Prescription, I was gonna delete it then I thought... nah, taking Acyclovir, Online buy Acyclovir without a prescription, my friends are so used to me doing this thing...


PS1: My thanks to Paull Hamilton who gave me some good advice via email and on his instructional video - which I watched about a dozen times, buy Acyclovir from canada, Acyclovir use, pausing at appropriate places along the way. Thanks Paull - you video king you, Acyclovir class. Acyclovir for sale, LOL.

PS2: You will probably have to let it buffer before viewing it, Buy Acyclovir Without Prescription.

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"You cannot teach a person anything, Acyclovir natural, Where to buy Acyclovir, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
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66 Responses to Buy Acyclovir Without Prescription

  1. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Well looks as though I’ve nipped in quick and I’m the first to post!

    Well done on getting your first video up and running. It was like that for me the first time, on top of everything else it seems so complicated but as you, I persevered and got there in the end. It is definitely worth it in the long run.

    You just need to get it embedded properly (which is easy) and then next time it will be so much easier.

    It’s great to see you in ‘real life’ as it were and I am sure if you have 52 of these short videos lined up everyone will benefit from the messages you put out.

    Well done Gary and as always what you say in the video is a gem. In fact it is associated with the great post Paull Hamilton has made over at his site and which you and quite a few have commented on.

    Catch you later


  2. Tommy McLaughlin


    Ha ha ha !! Love the ending Arnie PMSL !!!

    Can only echo Parkesy, great to see and hear you in the flesh (so to speak)

    Looking forward to the next 50+ vids

    Keep up the good work, love the study too ;-)



  3. Nikki

    Watching it in silence is all well and good, but I need to evict everyone from the office so I can enjoy the volume as well. I did catch the bit at the end – all I can say is, just wait until I do a vid – I’ll do the same for you!!

  4. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Excellent video , I look forward to your continuing series. It was great to see the “Gazz Man” in action.

    All the best



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  5. Gary

    @ Garry – Thanks mate. Now what was that you were saying about me being “apprehensive” about doing a video? I tell ya what Garry that made me determined to get the damn thing done and prove to you that I was not. So, in a way, you kinda accelerated my need to do it. I’d been putting it off coz I knew it would take a long time and it DID! I had every hassle imaginable in almost every phase of it. But here it is!

    @ Tommy – You liked that little bit of silliness from me did you? Well, I can assure you that all of my friends are thoroughly sick of me doing that. Once when I was in Bali I did it when I was trying on shirts in the Mata-Hari department store and a lady was so amazed that she went and got all the other women and they all stood around me and wanted me to keep doing it. Now, Gazz-Man, of course declined… pig’s bum I did! That was just a small flinch.

    @ Nikki – Oh Nix! Will you darls? Will you REALLY do that? Huh? Huh? Huh? That would really titillate the Gazz-Man and er… every other bloke on the planet I reckon. LOL!

    @ Nigel – Well, I shot another video down at the gym tonight with a bit of “action” but I’m thinking there might be a bit too much action in that one. Plus I don’t wanna be the male version of Maria Andros doing the Truman Show. Yesterday I watched a video of her “karate chopping” her forehead to get rid of a migraine. She mentioned it on Twitter so I took a look. I messaged her back and said if I did that I’d bloody-well KILL myself. She never replied, so I guess she didn’t think it was all that funny, or maybe she just didn’t get the joke.

    Thanks for your replies.


  6. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Well it was certainly worth the wait,the end cracked me up ! The end reminded me of a stag do in Palma a couple of years ago, that involved a gentlemans club a lot of beer and tassles !

    Cricky Mikey Gary, I knew you were well read but your study looks like the national archives for Australia! Really looking forward to the other 50 or so videos.

    You could kill two birds with one stone here, motivational moments and pectoral gymnastics for beginners.

    I did a search on Google keywords and that keyword phrase has a total of 16 searches a month, I think you have a killer product on your hand, lol

    All the best,


  7. Gary

    Paull – I want to thank you personally for getting me over that “hump.” The format had me stuffed. I wasted half a day on that and was ready to slam my fist through the damn keyboard (it’s just about buggered and I need a new one anyway).

    I left that bit in coz I just kept laughing about how damn outrageous it was. When people see that (for real) for the first time they really don’t know how to react. Buying beer across a bar is always “interesting” if I am in a silly mood – as I was today. I was just so relieved at finally getting it all done without the incessant barking of the dynamic duo. Seriously, those two pupsters of mine were making things VERY difficult for me. They mucked up so many takes.

    That bookshelf is only about 30% of my library and most of it was out of the view of the camera. There are many more books that you don’t see and all those shelves are stacked two deep. So you can double what is in the video coz you only see the first row. There is another row sitting behind – all in alphabetical order by author surname and then in order by title. And there are many more books in my other office.

    Thanks again.


  8. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    As I said to you before, any time. Obviously Ken played a big part in the making of the film, although I did not see any mention in the final cut, petty !

    My computer is driving me insane today. I normally use Firefox as my browser of choice but, at the moment it’s having a bit of a hissy fit, just keeps locking up and freezing. I have defragged, checked the antivirus and checked all the registries for problems and they all came back clean and a ok, so I have decided to download Google Chrome and see if that solves the problem, as I need to reply to comment made on my blog and it’s a bit embarassing the fact that I can’t !

    I chuckled to myself about you book collection and how you catogarize everything in alphabetical order and by author etc, obviously this refers to number 1 in your list of personal habits !

    I need to get to the gym a bit more, because the only way I could replicate your pectoral gymnastics would be with the help of a couple of ferrets down my shirt front !

    Speak soon,


  9. Linda

    And you tell me *I* have an accent? lol

  10. James

    Hiya Gary

    Great to see your long-awaited video on the web.
    Excellent stuff, and I think the series is a brilliant idea.

    Thanks, too, for inspiring Nikki with an idea for her video…
    Don’t quite know what to make of her reaction to yours, though; hope she’s OK. No ‘glad you got it up'; nothing about it being just the right length. Mind you, she does sound busy – perhaps we should just give her time to gird her loins!

    It made me feel better to see all those books, as well. My wife tells me I’m not normal. “Why do you have to have books in every room of the house?” she asks. Actually, that’s an easy one – it’s because they won’t all fit in one room.

    Best wishes


  11. Debbie

    Hi Gary,

    Well done! When I opened it, it came right up, no problem. I’m sure you’ve read the little “Fish” books which are all about boosting yourself up and boosting morale in others. I used some of their stories when I did coaching. Your topic made me think of them, and of course, was dead on.

    Was great to see and hear you live, so to speak. Personally, I think you should include your “ending” on all your vids. It could be your signature, kind of like Carol Burnett pulling her ear! (and yes, as Nikki said above, we can do that, too!)


  12. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    Congratulations on producing and starring in your first video – of many I’m sure.

    Is that your only party trick?

    I thought I had a lot of books until I read your secondary comment above – double layered and indexed too! Blimey!

    You don’t do things by half, do you.

    Can’t wait to find out what you’ve got in store for us next.





    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
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  13. Gary

    @ Paull – ‘Ken Hell did indeed make an impromptu appearance. There is nothing worse than when all your interruptions come in one sweeping hit right when you are really trying to get something done. I have been known to answer the phone by saying, “Make this important coz if you don’t there’s bloody-well gonna be trouble.” Then I get to laugh my OO’s off when whoever it was just clicks off. Unfortunately, once when I did this it was my mother. Dear oh dear!

    Chrome is actually very good. I switch to it if IE gets upset – like with Garry Parkes‘ recent problem. The trouble with Chrome is that I get far too distracted with all the windows I can open and save.

    Regarding those books – most of them have been initialled on the last page with the date and a score out of ten. The GOOD ones have several notations. Beat that!

    Paull, there is SUCH a brilliant line I could use involving “ferret” but – and I am laughing so much I can hardly type this (and have to keep correcting my keystrokes) – plain decency just won’t allow me to say it. So you know how bad it’s gotta be. But you can guess. (Oh, I just typed something and deleted it – LOL)

    @ Linda – You DO have an accent to me – and I find it very engaging. I had a friend once, Norma (dec’d – GBHS) and she was Canadian and she always called me Ger-rey, just like you.

    While I am on accents, when I was in the US I had this lady say to me, “”Honey, I have NO i-dea what you just said but would ya PLEASE say it agin.” I got that a lot in every state that I went to – California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee (home of the great man) and back to California. I had to laugh in California coz I did some teaching and participated in a seminar there and I overheard a few guys ask my friend, “Whar’s this gar from?” THAT, to me, was an accent. So, it is all relative. But I know that I have a very strong Aussie accent to others.

    @ James – OMG James! Don’t encourage her too much. A riot will break out on my blog – LOL! She has been rather restrained lately. But I’m sure it won’t last too much longer. As for “girding her loins,” well… I better not comment on that. To do so would get me in a world of trouble. There’s a lot I could say, mind you. As the purply one would say… sitting…on…hands…until…feeling…subsides. Actually, the last three words were mine. When she says that it always cracks me up coz I know precisely what she wants to say.

    Regarding books – you know something James? That tells me a lot about you. People with big libraries and all…

    @ Debbie – Debs, I didn’t think I was THAT spontaneous. Then again, given the right stimuli… well, maybe I leave that alone right there too. You really think I should do that? I drive everyone NUTS over here – sometimes I do it without even thinking of it coz I like to stretch and flex all the time. But it was very deliberate in the video. I thought for a sec about doing it then it kinda just happened anyway and the dopey look on my face sorta says that. What I am saying is that I was thinking about doing it and while I was thinking it just happened – if that makes sense. Spontaneous reaction.

    When I went to edit it I sat there and pondered deleting it but in the end I didn’t coz it’s just me and I have been self-restrained for too long on the Internet. (some thinking… “God help us!”) Plus I remembered Paull Hamilton‘s blooper out-take section where he was whispering to his friend ‘Ken Hell and I just found that SO damn funny. I really laughed at that and I played that bit back several times. Even now I am giggling as i type just remembering it. So, at the risk of making myself look like a dill, I left that bit in. I figured if people didn’t like it then they would soon tell me.

    Now, the fact that some of you girls are contemplating such a move… hmm… here’s what I think – get together and do a composite video then send it to me and I will decide if it is suitable for putting onto the web. Now I can’t be any FAIRER than that! SOMEBODY has to do these things. It may as well be me *sigh*. (like that Linda?)

    @ Dave – You said…

    “You don’t do things by half, do you.”

    No. I don’t. I reckon that if you are gonna do something then you do it to the best of your ability. But I also prescribe that your best yesterday isn’t your best today. I am always seeking to improve everything by learning and then doing. And one of my favorite sayings – the one I run with on Twitter – is “it’s better to wear out than to rust out.”

    I regard my books as my “friends.” I have a massive library that extends all over the place. One day I am hoping to convert a large room at the back of my house into a dedicated library with wall to wall book shelves. It is such a peaceful room and I read there quite often. It overlooks that pool and palm area that I showed a picture of some weeks back.

    Thanks for all the comments.


  14. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    Well, I managed to view the video before I went back to work after lunch – but it made me late tut tut!

    So I have to report that I started to watch it again when I got home. I had Lizzie with me and she fell about laughing, so we didn’t get to see it all, but I’ve just finished watching it in full. I’m not quite sure what set her off because she never saw the end…

    Yes, these moments need to be short and pithy, so well done on getting it finished under difficult circumstances.

    Just a thought – could you raise the tripod or whatever you used for putting the camera on a little bit. I did just feel that you were looking down a bit (not deliberate I’m sure!). I know it gave a good view of the ending…

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one with books double layered in alphabetical order. This is true both of my own books and those I sell on Amazon. Need to sell a few more though, before my floors sag too much.

    Just watching a programme about Samuel Johnson and his dictionary (after Stephen Fry and a progamme about the Gutenburg Bible and printing) – much better and more interesting than the depressing news.

    I was hoping to write a new post this evening about my route forwards and I’m going to ask for some help and ideas. That didn’t quite work, so I’ll let you know when it is ready.


  15. Gary

    Hi Hils – Good on Lizzie. If I made her laugh then that is good. I am glad that she had a release of endorphins. For the purpose of gelotology, I’d be interested to know what set her off, especially if she didn’t see the grand finale. Maybe she just thought I was a d*ckhe*d – LOL! Tell her that I want to see HER in a video so I can get my own back!

    My brief outline about the difficulties was just that – brief. I gave a fuller account over at Paull Hamilton‘s blog. There was a point where I was so annoyed with the intensive and extensive interruptions that I literally exploded and yelled out a very naughty word. That was actually good coz it shut the dogs up straight away and they were more than willing to go to their room and stop annoying me. They don’t like it when their “daddy” gets upset. But it was good for me too coz I needed to release some frustration and that did it perfectly. I should do it more often.

    Regarding the tripod – I had it at maximum setting. I was conscious of the whole “looking down thing” but I dismissed it when I thought about Tony Robbins who is close to 7 feet tall. How could you NOT look down at that height? I will take that into account for future productions though. Maybe I’ll sit behind a desk next time (then I won’t even have to wear trousers).

    Let us know when your new post is up. You can come here and tell everybody. I don’t care – OPEN invitation. The only thing I baulk at is self-serving links that lead to sales pages and any more than one – they get slung into my spam-arrester anyway.

    Glad you liked the vid! Tell Lizzie she is a little devil.


  16. JT Martin

    Hey look, it’s Arnold Schwartza….who?

    Can’t be the accent is all wrong.

    Just kidding Gary, congrats on your first video. I love the message. I just recently finished reading “Think and Grow Rich” a month or so ago. The power of positive thinking and auto suggestion are really quite incredible.

    I don’t have near as many books as I used to. They became victims of a divorce. My “x” was an avid reader too. It’s just as well because I don’t have the space to house them anymore.

    I would think twice about the no trouser thing if I were you. There is no telling what you might be tempted to “flinch” at the end of the next video.


  17. Gary

    JT – Believe it or not I do a pretty fair impression of Arnie’s voice. I respect this guy a lot for what he has achieved in his life. When I was in California I bought a few “Governator” T-shirts, large ones, of course.

    Think and Grow Rich is a powerful book. I would encourage anybody to read that. I’ve read it probably 3 or 4 times. Pretty much you can pick it up and read just a few pages from anywhere and still get a lot out of it.

    About your other comment… actually, that is what I was referring to in something I said elsewhere on this blog that I self-censored (unusual for me).

    You must be pretty damn good with that guitar. Every time I see you… you are playing it.


  18. Ken Douglas


    Great video. I like the idea of double stacking the books. All I need to do is get my wife to see the value…LOL.

    I think a series of videos such as this is a great idea. In addition to using the ending as a signature move. You could also consider continuing to wear the white shirt unless your alter-ego feels the need to expound upon a subject then you could swith to black….. :)


  19. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    I just knew my comment in my email would stir you into action and get you to do a video :-)

    And I guessed you really wasn’t apprehensive – just kept putting it off because of the amount of time it would take. But now after my little ‘encouragement’ it has served its purpose and for everyone’s benefit :-)

    Is it OK if I download it and then upload it onto my site so that it can be streamed better? I know you say at the end of the video you can share the video, but just wanted to know if you are OK with me directly loading it onto my site.

    I’d be able to do it pretty quickly and it would allow people so see it a lot easier while you get around to loading it up properly on a video site. Anyway just let me know.


  20. Gary

    @ Ken – Mate! Don’t even ask her. Just DO IT! What’s she gonna say, “Oh gee, I don’t like that Ken!” Here’s your answer – “TOUGH. I DO!” LOL! Good luck with that. Come back for marriage counselling after you put a big bag of frozen peas on your black eye.

    Ha, ha, ha – the “signature” move – like the Rock’s “People’s Elbow,” or Hulk Hogan’s “Leg Drop,” or the Iron Shiek’s “Camel Clutch,” or Triple H’s “DDT.” Oh, I could go on and on about signature wrestling moves. Now we have Gazz-Man’s pec-flex. Actually, I’m gonna be a real d*ckh*ad for telling you this but one of my nick names is, in fact, “Pec-Man.” I can’t believe I told you lot that. I just know it will come back to haunt me. I can think of one certain person who will use it.

    @ Garry – Yep. I just kept sliding the production of that video back but when you made that comment in your email… mate (deep breath)… that was like waving a red rag at a bull. Seriously. I thought, “That bloody Parkesy, I’ll frikken-well show him!” Seriously, it dented my pride a bit – not in a bad way, of course. But you stirred me into action and I just wanted to get that done at any cost then. That’s why I cracked it big time with the dogs coz every time I got everything set and was ready to start, those little buggers would just go off. And then I had EVERY other interruption to contend with.

    The weird thing was – it appeared to me as though EVERY damn thing was conspiring in a very concentrated way to stop me. But I just wouldn’t let anything defeat me. I simply cut through them one by one until they were all eliminated. Short of that jet crashing on top of my house I wasn’t gonna let one more thing hold me up. And I got it done. In the end perseverance won the day. I could have just as easily given up. But, in the back of my mind I had that comment from you sitting there. So… THANKS coz without that I probably would have delayed it yet again, as I had done several times before.

    Hey, Garry, when you do whatever you do to that video to make it open on your site, can you tell me. I just haven’t had time to investigate it. So, if you tell me then I can save some time. Also, the whole You-Tube thing. I haven’t investigated that either. So, just do it and THANKS! I’m gonna ask Paull Hamilton too. So, between the two of you I will just cheat my way through and save lots of time. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!


    PS: It has hit the Century again today and I am desperately trying to replace fluids after a big exercise session – beer!

  21. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Video up on my site now on a special page dedicated to Motivation and your “Motivational Moments” series ;-)

    Motivational Moment Video #1

    I put something up of how I did it. It’s easy Gary. Take you about 15 mins

  22. Gary

    Hi Garry – That WAS quick, so it has to be pretty easy. I’ll check it out.

    Now you KNOW there are gonna be at least 50 of these things – nice content for you but nice exposure for me too. Net result? A win-win! Well done.


  23. Garry Parkes


    Yes it is win-win all around.

    When it comes to the motivational and self improvement sort of material, I am only an amateur so more than happy to include your content on my site to others (myself included) can benefit.

    I read loads of stuff like that and religiously try and apply it in my own life but when it comes to getting it across to other people, well you’re the man :-) You’ve immersed yourself in it for a lifetime so why shouldn’t you be?

    By sharing stuff amongst ours (and others blogs) we create a synergy where everyone can benefit.

    On top of that how could I not get your party trick up for more to see :-)




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  24. Gary

    Hey Garry – Just noticed something… you know those smiley face thingies that you like to use… :-) I’m thinking that is what chucks your posts into moderation. Try not using them and let’s see if that makes a difference.

    Ah synergy – I do love that word. I’d love to slap it down on a TRIPLE word score in Scrabble.

    That… er… “party trick” seems to have stolen the show – LOL!

    Thanks for creating my own Gazz-Man page on your blog. I’m very touched by that. In fact, it has given me an idea. I should warehouse all your PPP newsletters in a similar way. Tell me how you would prefer that to be done.


  25. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary,

    Nice first video mate and another 52 to come, not a Lambo production yet more like a Ferrari (had to get that in, lol)

    Haven’t had your word doc arrive in my inbox yet, did you receive my email?

    All the best

  26. SH*t, I’ve Turned Into @Alex_Jeffreys !!!

    […] Motivational Moment Video #1 – Internet Marketing Amid a flurry of mis-haps – dogs barking, phones ringing, jet aeroplanes roaring overhead, batteries running out, interruptions, troubles editing and rendering the video on my computer – I have FINALLY completed a video.  Mail this postSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “SH*t, I’ve Turned Into @Alex_Jeffreys !!!”, url: “” }); […]

  27. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary:

    I’m unable to view the video! Can’t get it. I use Firefox-it won’t let me view with that, so I have to download it to desktop. It then reopens in Windows Media Player (I am running Windows) and I get audio, but no video. If I open it to view with Media Player-same thing-audio, but no video. I’ve tried many times. And you know, with that accent, I’m going to have to lip read what you’re saying. For us Yankees, you and Garry, both, shall we say, have a wee bit of an accent.

    It doesn’t seem that anyone else is having any problems.


    PS Cute smiley face in the footer…

  28. Dean Holland



    The Gazernator ….

    Brother, welcome !!

    Great to meet you mate, I think the pleasure is truely all ours.. Especially the ladies right :)

    Good on ya man, keep them coming !

    Surprised I didnt see you comment on my little motivational outburst over at my place !!?? Thought that would be right up your street

    Well good to see ya keeping um up… and down.. and up lol

    Great video !!


  29. Tommy McLaughlin


    I know slightly off topic, but congrats, Alex has announced all the winners of his comps ….

    You did win the Google Comp and a big $1000 on its way to you or Linda …

    Brill Matey ;-)



  30. Lizzie Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-man!

    So you want to know why I laughed so much, eh?
    Well, all it was really was the way you stood with that book at the begining and just casualy said hi. I’ve seen so many people do that sort of thing on videos and there all *geeks* (and I wouldn’t exactly class you as a *geek*!). Especially looking at your picture you’ve got on your header, it makes you seem very, how shall we put it, firm. (Not that that’s a bad thing!)

    I have also seen your *Grand Finale*. It was, interseting! Yet funny! It definitely says alot about you. In a good way that is, coz i’m nice :)!

    One thing I have to say is, you won’t be seeing me in a video anytime soon! I don’t do video’s. For a start i don’t know were to start (okay that sounded a bit repetitive, but I couldn’t put it another way, just shows my minute extended volcabulary. There we go some posh words for you!) and I always look so stupid ona video. Besides we haven’t got a descent video camera so that’s my excuse!

    I’m hoping to write a new post soon, but I’m not sure what to do it on yet. Any idea’s would be appreciated, hint hint!

    Lizzie :)

  31. Gary

    @ Mark – It’s coming mate. The Students of Alex wordo-doco was promised to you by the end of the week but it ain’t the end of the week yet.

    Mark, I had that bloody video to do which soaked up almost a whole day, then I had something very time sensitive to do for Mr Parkes and a whole bunch of other things. Parkesy knows I have it coz I was selectively reading bits of it to him over a VOIP connection last night. In fact, I was just tidying it up to send when he called.

    You’ll have it soon Mark and it’s a scream. I have made it even more hilarious – especially the bit about Maria Andros. There is some decent information in amongst all the madness of “Sabre-Tooth tiger hunting” etc etc. Now I know you are probably saying to yourself, “WTF?” But you gotta remember, Mark, you are dealing with the Gazz-Man here and this will be most unlike ANYBODY else’s “interview.”

    @ Denis – Gee, I don’t know why you can’t see that video of my Motivational Moment #1. I’d be interested in your comments. Garry Parkes has it up on his site now. Maybe if you go over there you could see it. To find it, just have a look at the tabs at the top of his page. He’s given me a SPECIAL page on his blog. How damn cool is that? A Gazz-Man page at Parkesy’s blog!

    @ Dean – I was reading all that fabuloso stuff at your blog Dean when I had a system crash. Then, when I got everything back up and running I just didn’t get around to getting back. But I will. I was about 2/3rds the way down all the comments. I think you wrote a fantastic opening piece and now I am watching you Deano. You are moving in on the Gazz-Man’s thunder. Don’t get too damn good or I will have to elevate my efforts. LOL!

    @ Tommy – Thankyou. To me, it’s not the $1,000 prize, it’s the recognition that I , or I should say WE (ie me and Linda Caroll) reached the Mount Everest summit and drove our flag in to say we had been there. Actually, if Garry Parkes hadn’t been so observant I don’t think anybody would have known, including me. So I really want to thank him for that. THANKS AGAIN PARKESY!

    I have since slipped back in the rankings to about #25. Unfortunately – for me – Google Australia does not update any more than about once a week. This is a massive site and at the rate that content gets added to it my efforts get somewhat diluted unless I dedicate special time to it. I slammed some SEO stuff into my blog a couple of days ago but Google hasn’t picked up on that yet. It has, however, spidered all the other sites (temporarily) ahead of me. I have a few good techniques (white-hat, of course – none of that black-hat stuff used here) that I am still yet to use. I’m just holding that in abeyance at the moment – for my own reasons.




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


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  32. Gary

    Lizzie – How are you my precious? So, mumsy (that’s Hilary folks) has enticed you to come to the ribald blog of the naughty Gazz-Man and make a comment has she? Well, my dear, I hope Hils has explained “certain things” to you coz this site does, at times, contain “occasional” references to… hmm… shall we say… um “adult themes.” (Having said that it will probably go to #1 of your favourite websites for you and your cyber-friends – DUH! Good one Gazz-Geek.)

    Ahh, so that’s what sent you into hysterics, huh? As Maxwell Smart (get Mum to explain that) would say, “The old fake-reading-of-the-book-routine.” Very perspicacious Lizzie. You caught me out!

    So, the *Grand Finale* was “interesting” huh? But it was alright huh?

    “One thing I have to say is, you won’t be seeing me in a video anytime soon! I don’t do video’s.”

    “I don’t do videos!” Well, I don’t DO Kentucky Fried Chicken either darls, but you won’t get out of it that easily. So, here’s the deal… the Gazz-Man wants to see you sitting at the table doing your homework – let’s say calculus or integration or one of those other really “useful” life-enhancing activities – and then you can look up and say… wait for it Lizz-ster… “Oh, hi! I’m Lizzie Dickinson. Blah…blah…blah… And then at the end you can say, “Oh, and I think the Gazz-Man over at is soooooo cool.” Sorry, I mean’t “kewl.”

    You could also, if you want of course (and why not coz it’s probably true), say something like, “The Gazz-man is such a hunk.”

    [Now I gotta admit I am PMROTFL at that coz you have probably just poked your fingers down your throat for a quick puke – too funny!]

    Being serious (sorta)…

    OK. You want a topic huh? What about writing about the totally dorky, freakozoid things you see people do on the Internet. That should get your friends chirping.

    Thanks Lizzie. I’ll drop over and see what you are up to. Thanks for coming by and sharing in my ridiculous humour.

    Gazz-Man over and out.

  33. Gary

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ WOW! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I just took some time out of a very busy schedule to check this out:

    Wow! This is Hilary Dickinson’s “little” daughter. It blows me away. Go and have a look for yourself. Here is a little lady with a HUGE future. I am SO impressed.

    Have a look and drop her a short note of encouragement. Some of the “big kids” can sure take a leaf out of Lizzie’s book.

    I’m so glad I took a look. It filled me with pride to see this. Now the Gazz-Man has more fuel to keep going higher himself.


    Gary Simpson

  34. Mrs Renee Olson

    Well hello chest and a wink…. still rofl

    and I don’t mean running on four legs! This is actually my second time here. I had to come back to make sure you did what I think you did.

    I have to agree with Linda. You do have a strong accent. Ever consider subtitles for us Americans?

    Now I’ve been underground for a little while making my changes and starting a new direction. As always, I come here for some great ideas as well as to share my finds. My find for today comes from Susan Livingstone. She put up an awesome post on finding your niche. Her specific details on clickbank ROCK!

    Gary, I appreciate the message, but how do you expect me to concentrate. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

    Can’t wait for the next one…


  35. Gary

    Hello Renee – Yes, I agree with what you said about Susan Livingstone’s post. I have had her “Tweet My Blog” page open since yesterday coz I want to congratulate her on making such a great post. I’ll get to it soon.

    Renee, I guess you MAY find this difficult to believe but I can do that flex individually or together and I can keep excellent time to music. In fact, I have the radio on in the back ground and I just kept time to about 30 seconds worth in the middle of answering you. It was Coldplay’s “When I Ruled the World.”

    “I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own.”

    Now, think about that – LOL!


    PS: Back to some semblance of intelligence – glad to see you got the permalink code installed on your blog – and Hilary too.

  36. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Great talking to you yesterday Gazza.

    Following up on Denis’s problem with seeing your video I initially had exactly the same problem but then it seemed to sort itself out eventually.

    For those who are having similar sorts of problems, like Gary says it is over at my site under a special page tab, titled ‘MOTIVATION’ entirely dedicated to Gary’s up and coming video series. So one way or another you should be able to see the great man !!


  37. Garry Parkes

    Whoops Gary,

    Forgot to mention, just to reemphasize what Gary said earlier, go over and visit young Lizzie’s site. Hilary, you must be very proud of here :-)

    One of my sons, Aaron, (aged 11, well 12 in April) say he’d like to get a blog running but I’m not so sure about letting him do it at such a young age. Have to have a think about it.


    PS. Gazza this 2nd comment also serves as our ‘test’ that we spoke of yesterday :-)

  38. Garry Parkes


    Well what do you know Gary – that test seems to prove it.

    I’m really surprised.

    For all those that are confused. I’m sure Gary will enlighten you later.


  39. Gary

    Oh Garry – “Great man” really! Thanks but save that until I do something that really deserves it – like in a decade from now. Keep on like that and I’m gonna need a crane to lift me out of my office coz my frikken head won’t fit through the door. Nice mate but I am still very much a “work in progress” in all this – just like everyone else. I do have certain “special” skills but then so do many others. And I am just as admiring of them as some of them MAY be with me. I’m just here to help those who want it. Many don’t so, in effect, I am completely useless to them. Having flushed all that…

    Garry, hook young Aazza up with the Lizz-ster in their own little network. You and Hils can monitor it and they can get all their little friends involved. Jeez – IMAGINE where they will be when they turn 18! They’ll be leaders without peer. Man, that is exciting to the Gazz-Man. Do it Garry. Let him have it.

    OK. Here’s the BIG REVELATION. For some time, many of Garry’s posts were getting trapped in my spam arrester. Now, I know that anything that has an external link will go there for me to approve. But quite a few of Garry’s were getting stuck. And I have been watching this to try to figure out why. Now I know and here is why…


    Every time Garry uses one of these emoticon things my Smiling Spam Assassin comes in and goes – NOPE! And he gets quarantined. Told ya Garry!

    Nice talking to you on VOIP last night dude!

    Gary Simpson

  40. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    Thanks for being so supportive of Lizzie. She has been struggling a little bit with where to go next on her blog (following lots of us I think!).

    She is great to have around on this journey and I really want to help her too. I want her to learn about these things now so that she is well ahead of everyone else as she gets older.


    As Gazz man says let Aaron do it if he wants to. Lizzie is the same age as him, so yes it would be great if they wanted to have a junior version of what we’re doing – in fact they would probably overtake us as they learn so quickly!

    Lizzie started off with her own free site at Moonfruit, but she had to have advertising on it. For the sake of 10 dollars for her own domain name and then putting it onto my Hostagtor account, she now has her own site with the freedom to post what she wants (of course with some moderation by me).

    Thank you to all those who support her – it’s a boost to me too.


  41. Gary

    Hilary – My pleasure. If they taught this stuff at school instead of useless junk then our kids would not be sub-servient to the system. Oh…oh…


    The REASON that our so-called “Education Systems” teach such useless junk is to keep the masses under control. You see, a dumb population leads to a poor population and a poor population is controllable. Just what politicians and governments like – crumb peckers.

    Now Hils I know you are an educator so don’t take this the wrong way…

    When I went to school I learned so much effen useless junk – history (half of which was BS), calculus, integration, differentiation, an equation for calculating the gravitational attraction of two heavenly bodies, s=ut +1/2 gt (squared). All junk. I still remember it and I have NEVER used it ONCE.

    I was NEVER taught how to read a Balance Sheet, how to read a Profit and Loss Statement, share trading, how to balance a cheque book, how to write a report or an Executive Summary. No. I was taught junk. My best education comes from self study.

    Our school system is a DISGRACE in Western Australia. Very talented teachers are leaving the system in droves because the system is so fundamentally flawed. Our dopey politicians went on a junket to find the WORST possible system that has FAILED MISERABLY in every country where it has been implemented and brought that TRASH back here. It is called Outcomes Based Education – OBE. I call it Open Both Ends coz it is like when you have bug in your guts and you are either spewing or pooing and you don’t know which end should go on the frikken bowl first.

    The teachers are being forced to teach even more rubbish and student report cards are now only allowed to say “positive” things. A, B, C, D and F are now replaced by “Johnny is a very popular boy among his peers and can express himself textually.” That CRAP.

    Parents have NO idea what Johnny does at school coz it is all written in parameters of double-dutch. Preparation for University or the work force is NON-existent. The kids these days cannot do simple mathematics or write properly. Watch any young person on a check out these days. They are hopeless. If the cash register did not tell them how much change to give then they would not know. And they kart evin speel.

    We have even had the ridiculous situation where some kids were given a pass in a musical instrument but have never ever actually played that instrument. But they can colour in pictures of it.

    I even have a close relative who obtained TWO University Degrees but NEVER read a SINGLE book in ANY subject at ANY semester.

    Oh, I could go on but I think everybody gets the message. Rant over!

    So, Hilary, I am all for teaching our children what the stupid bloody education system will NOT.

    We don’t need a generation of dim-wits inhabiting the earth. We already have a sub-culture of mindless, drug-crazed zombies walking the earth just marking time to an early death while living a totally useless existence. Jeez, I could go on about that too. But I won’t. One rant is enough. LOL!

    So, that’s my viewpoint.


  42. Heather Martin

    Hello Gary,
    I can’t wait for the next one…well done…and yes I was laughing at the end. It is so true about the law of attraction. It’s a simple concept but not always simple to follow…it takes a lot of re-training your thoughts and mind.
    I also noticed the books…wow…I think you have more than our local library.
    I just read your comment above about the school system, I so agree. It’s the same here in Canada. They are passed through school, they aren’t taught the basics. They use calculators so they don’t have to learn how to do math. No life skills. Oh well, don’t get me started…trying to stay positive. Sorry, I just don’t have much good to say about the school system!
    I’d better get back to doing some work.



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  43. Christine Howard

    Hi Gary,

    Great video Look forward to the others. I myself try to remain positive but with a lot of negativity around me it is not always easy.

    Best wishes

  44. Gary

    @ Heather – I enjoy making people laugh. I do some outrageous things at times and have people in stitches but it makes me feel good to do that. Everyone is so damn serious and we live in such – as they KEEP effen saying on ALL the media – “troubled times.” I have begun to detest that term with a passion.

    There was one occasion in Bali where I did something so off-the-planet that people, including me, virtually collapsed with laughter. In the end we were all in such a mess and our faces and stomachs were so damn aching. My friend videotaped it too but there is NO WAY that I would show anyone else. It was very rude and even today just the mention of it with my friends sends them all off.

    Just to give you some idea, I was imitating somebody that we met by the pool earlier in the day. It was a man and his wife and they were WAY too old to wear the bathing “costumes” that they had on and it just grossed everyone out. And I turned it into the biggest joke of all time. I am even laughing as I type this. I might get the tape out later and watch it. LOL!

    Heather, I have NOTHING good to say about the school system. It certainly isn’t an EDUCATION system any more. It’s a child minding centre. It prepares the children for one thing only – serfdom. I believe it is a deliberate attempt by our bastard governments to DUMB DOWN the next generation. I could RAIL on about this forever but I think one rant is enough. Probably MORE than enough for most folks.

    @ Christine – The only way you are gonna stay on top of the negative is if you block it out at every opportunity. When people start talking that SH*T just raise your had and say politely, “(Name), I’m sorry but I can’t afford to listen to that.” Watch their faces drop when you flag that you don’t want to entertain their pity party. Do it a few times and they will get the message. Then they will begin to prefix their junk with, “Look Christine, I KNOW you don’t want to hear this BUT blah blah…” To which I reply, “YES. You are 100% correct. I don’t want to hear it so please don’t tell me.” It’s only RUBBISH anyway and you won’t miss out on anything. That’s for sure. All it does is junk your mind up with their negative crap.

    Maybe you need to start associating with more positve people. I have a fantastic story called the “Power of It” that I would be prepared to dig out and send to you if you are interested. Up to you. Email me if you want Christine and “it” will be yours.


  45. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary:

    Well I still can’t view the video here, don’t know why, so I went uptown to Garry’s blog and watched it there (thanks Garry). Well there you are!!!

    Great video, but it did leave me a bit confused-I just wasn’t sure of the message that you wanted to get across. Motivational moments with a laugh? Okay, could be a “Deep Thoughts” with Jack Handey kind of thing…

    To Garry and Hilary:
    I have a son who is going to be 14, and now he is getting interested in a blog to make money as well. He’s watching and learning from me now. We’ll have a new community of our children who will be the next generation of internet marketers.

    Waiting for the next motivational moment-Can you do that move with your butt cheeks as well?


  46. Gary

    Hi Denis – Yeah, I am pondering that myself. The “flinch” certainly has got the attention. The message may have been lost. I dunno. I guess people take notice of what they WANT to take notice of. For instance, many people have commented about my books in the background.

    Now Denis, since you asked… yes, and other body parts as well (eg thighs, lats, triceps… I’ll stop there.)

    I really like the idea of the kids getting started but… they need a LOT of guidance. If it were my child at that age I would watch them like a hawk and I’d limit the time they spent here coz I throw everything in the mix and that could lead impressionable minds astray (if they haven’t already drifted of their own accord). So, I’m giving fair warning of “adult themes” at times. Which is just another way of telling them to come here and SEARCH for all the “rudey” things.


  47. Bobby

    Helloooo Gary! Nice Video mate! Your “Titty Dance” at the end gave me a great laugh! Thanks!

    Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve had much to attend to… family issues. Be back soon.


  48. Gary

    Hi Bobby – Glad it gave you a laugh. I seem to be able to give myself a “lift” whenever I feel so disposed. LOL!

    Take care of yourself mate – you know what I mean…


  49. Mrs Renee Olson

    Hey Gazz,

    I would think you still had kids in the school system. American schools don’t rank any higher then you described. My 3rd and 4th grader are being allowed to use calculators. Not all the time, but often enough. to make the hair on my neck stand.

    My nephews tell me they don’t have to learn how to write in cursive because they will never use it in life. All they need to know is how to sign their name. I think I will hand write my Will and if they can’t read it, they can’t have the treasures I leave behind.

    The problem in our schools lies more in the parents stripping the schools of their means to discipline effectively. Our faculty spend enormous amounts of time concentrating their efforts on making sure that everything is fair. I can’t wait for Junior High. In Junior High my kids will actually get to play a game that involves the concept of winning and losing. Can’t wait for that. You’re always a winner until you’re 12. What a concept.

    Serfdom! Bullseye.

    I am a crusader for my children and I don’t care what my school thinks of me. I have high expectations for my children. They will read, and write proficiently. They will also know their basic math facts without a calculator. They will know how money works. (That includes how to make change in their head).

    Using the Internet is a way of life. Even more so, for our children. I’d rather have my kid in front of the computer blogging than eating a bowl of cereal loaded with dyes and preservatives not to mention the sugar.

    There is one problem with technology and kids today. It really hurts their social skills. Sure they can text a mile a minute, but when they are physically together they don’t know how to communicate and interact. You can see the akwardness. All I can do is put my hand under my chin to hold my mouth in place. It’s actually quite sad.

    I would be interested in the “Power of It.”

    Oh yes, my response to your response: Not Thinking! LOL

    And Gary, you are so right about the negative drain on people constantly bombarded by the bad news. Folks listen to Gary! Put earplugs in if you have to, but if you listen to all that crap, it will eat you up. You will be ruled by fear. Take action to protect yourself and your families and ignore the rest.


  50. Gary

    Hi Renee – Thanks for the back up! LOL!

    Yes I think it is ALL ABOUT SERFDOM! The ruling class – the politicians – want all the worker bees slaving their hearts out for 40 or 50 years to pay big taxes to keep the useless ones (pollies) in comfort. We now have what I call “generational” politicians over here – father and son (eg GWB sen & jnr in the US) or father and daughter or mother and son or mother and daughter. It is nepotistically SICKENING. It also ENSURES that the son or daughter is even MORE slippery and wily than the parent as they have seen how the system is manipulated and get “advice” from above. Sickening! Ugh! Gotta get off that subject.

    Regarding the socially aloof “new” generation – I have seen them in action – favourite words are “maybe” and “whatever” if you are LUCKY. Most often it is just a type of pig grunt. No please or thank you but a barrel of abuse if they don’t get what they want NOW!

    OK. Just found the Power of It. It’s in word doc format. I’ll send it over.

    Thanks again Renee and … how is that video coming on? Just… er… interested… LOL!


  51. Important - What do we tell the children? | List Building for Newbies

    […] may have seen the comments on Gary Simpson’s blog about both the educational system and also whether we are teaching our young people the things […]

  52. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    As you can see I have just added a new post about what we are teaching our young people.

    This has been prompted by all the comments here and I would really love it if you and everyone else could give me their thoughts and opinions on this really important subject.

    I know that many people have grown up children, very young children or no children of their own. Some of the F500 are young people themselves.

    I would really value comments from everyone about this.

    I will be away for the next couple of days, so I apologise that I will not be able to reply straight away, but please leave me a comment about this. I will get back to everyone when I return.



  53. Gary

    Hi Hilary – Heh! I think my thoughts on this are VERY clear.

    Children today are being DUMBED DOWN and DE-MOTIVATED by PATHETIC “education” systems that politicians have adopted after seeing their complete FAILURE in other countries.

    In Western Australia, we have a THING – and you can ONLY call it a thing – called the “Outcomes Based Education” system that was foisted upon us by a former so-called Education Minister. The teachers cannot implement its gross stupidity, the parents absolutely HATE it and everybody who knows anything about it detests it with a passion. But the BIGGEST LOSERS are our children. It is demented, backward dross and the sooner we get rid of it the better. But, of course, there are forces at work here that are running very counter-productive to the future aspirations of our children and it won’t be easy to GET RID OF.

    My Motivational Moment Videos, my website and my blogsite OPPOSE the DUMBING DOWN of anyone. All people have to do is spread the word and get others here to see what is on offer. And there will be a LOT MORE on offer here soon as I move into Step 3 of my 4 Step plan.


  54. Lizzie Dickinson

    Heya just popped round to see what’s going on,
    I see a few of you have been talking about me behind my back, hmm…
    Well it’s all right seeing as it’s nice things :).
    You are all rather nice.



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  55. Gary

    Hey Lizzard – That’s my new Gazz-Man name for you BTW. Some of the special people get nicknames so DON’T complain. OK? When the Gazz-Man gives you a nicky then that is GOOD!

    Now, Lizzard, just ask Mumsy if it would be OK if I say something about you in the MM#2 video. Maybe in a bonus “after section.” It’ll go something like this: “Lizzard Dickinson of reckons that the Gazz-Man was faking reading that book in MM#1 and she cracked up coz she thought it was so false.” Or something like that.

    Now just remember Lizzard – B4 you say, “Hell NO!” that the Gazz-Man’s MM videos are bound to get a cult following [there’s hardly anything surer than that] as the series develops and , as they say, … “Any publicity is GOOD publicity!” Think about it kiddo and come back to me before I am ready to do the shoot – maybe tomorrow. So don’t drag your bum on the reply. OK?

    On that score, I am thinking about giving people a little boost in this series with a “plug” from TGM. Maybe one every second MM video, or whatever. Depends if TGM is feeling in a generous mood on the day. Usually he is.

    Gary (TGM)

    PS: I notice that I am in the category of “cool people” on your blog. You are so right!

  56. Lizzie Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-man,
    Sorry it’s a bit late I wasn’t on for that long yesterday, tbh I got a bit bored ’cause not much was happening!
    Thanx for the nick name (Thumbs up!). Sorry I’m used to having all my emotions that I have on msn!
    Anywayz I’m sure mum won’t mind if you do put me in your video :), I know i won’t!
    I’ve just sent her a text asking her but she takes forever to reply ’cause she’s probably very busy! I’ll send you another comment when she texts back.
    Lizzie A.K.A Lizzard!

  57. Lizzie Dickinson

    Seems like mum doesn’t mind.
    Just to let you know she’ll be coming back tomorrow so you can speak to her then :).

  58. Gary

    Lizzard it is then. Glad you like my little nickname coz that’s what I used in the Motivational Moment Video #2. It’s all finished. Just waiting for the right time to bring it on here. Maybe the end of the week.

    Gazz-Man – “Cool” Gazz-Man

  59. Lizzie Dickinson

    So its Cool Gazz-Man now is it? Okay!
    Yes I agree that you should wait till the end of the week to put it up.
    Nothing more to say..
    Lizzie, no wait Lizzard!

  60. Niche Marketing for Newbies

    Tons of useful info here – will grab your feed!

  61. Gary

    Oh Lizzard – What have I created here – a MONITOR Lizzard, I think. Maybe even a Komodo.

    Well, you were the one who called me “cool,” weren’t you? Just wait little lady. Wait until the Motivational Moment Video #2 – you’ll see!


  62. Hilary Dickinson

    Right mum’s back now!

    So this is what goes on whilst I’m busy elsewhere – I even saw something about you being Lizzie’s grandad. Eek what does that make me then?!?

    I’m fine about you linking to Lizzie – we just need to increase our workrate and learn a few more things so that she and I do not get overtaken in this.

    Will catch up with all the comments soon.


    P.S. There was no reply at Noddy Towers!

  63. Thom Swartwood


    I love your motivational moment. It is a great idea. I have to admit I had the same kind of idea. I actually have a video that I put together last weekend that I did not get a chance to edit before I left for Texas. I have been thinking a lot about what I wrote and I cam to the realization that what I know the most about is Teaching Principles, The Sales Process, Management, Leadership, Motivation, Goal Setting, Time Management, and of course the Martial Arts. To tell the truth many of the other things on this list are because of the Martial Arts. I have come up with an idea to do Podcasts (both video and audio) that deal with these subjects. I have put the first video podcast together and will be launching it next weekend. Once again Gary you are an inspiration, to many and to me also. I will email you when I post.

    Thanks again for all your help


  64. Gary

    @ Hilary – yes, while the cat’s away – NOT calling you a cat BTW!

    “So this is what goes on whilst I’m busy elsewhere – I even saw something about you being Lizzie’s grandad. Eek what does that make me then?!?”

    Frightening isn’t it? I’m gonna smack Stephen Bray for saying that – LOL!

    Did you really go past Noddy Holder‘s home? WOW! Is he knighted? If not, he SHOULD be!

    @ Thom – ALL of what I know now is directly attributable to the same origin. Did you know that the great samurai of the past were also VERY skilled in areas such as poetry, musical instruments, painting, prose and a vast array of other talents? Quite simply, all they did was take mastery of one art and apply it to another.

    Thanks for your kind words. I am looking forward to all that you do.

    Thom, I know I said this once before but… NEVER ever feel as though any of it encroaches on anything that I do. I was simply the first of the F500 to theme my blog in this manner. I have zero to feel threatened with by you or anyone really. Nobody will ever be me nor will I ever be anyone else. Though I would dearly love to have some of the skills of some of the others.

    The Internet is limitless in opportunity.


  65. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Is the next MM#2 coming out soon then? You’ve built it up a bit so when are you going to let rip?

    Of course, I will put a post up on my blog about it plus a link from my special Motivational Page.


  66. Gary

    Hi Garry – INDEED – Motivational Moment Video #2 is already in the can – ready and waiting. I have just been biding my time to unleash it on an unsuspecting community – woo-hoo-ha-ha – LOL!

    Thanks Garry – and nice to chat with you and the other guys last night.




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