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Renova For Sale

by Gary ~ February 1st, 2009

The Gazz-Man Shares 25 Things Renova For Sale, That You May Not Know About Him. Yeah, and maybe DON'T wanna know about him. But you're getting them anyway. Too bad, no prescription Renova online.

I was at the blog of Michel Fortin the other day and saw a really interesting idea he had about listing 25 strange, weird or bizarre things about yourself that OTHER people may find amusing or interesting. He said somebody had started this on Facebook or somewhere and had “tagged” him, Renova For Sale. I kinda made an association of this with Garry Parkes' brilliant thread on overcoming challenges and thought I'd give it a go. Buy Renova without a prescription, The so-called "rules" state that you also have to tag 5 people to get them to follow suit. I really liked the idea. According to others, I’m a strange, weird and bizarre person, Renova alternatives, so I thought I would give it a try. Here goes:

1 – I am a control freak Renova For Sale, . Freak being the operative word. Yep. Where can i find Renova online, It’s my way or the highway. Why. Because I have systems and controls for everything and I record everything and unless you have a better way – which I sincerely doubt – then you do it my way, Renova For Sale.

2 – My favourite TV serial show was Dallas. Oh, I just used to love it when Pamela Ewing (Victoria Principal) would look with those big almond shaped eyes at her husband Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) and say, Renova street price, “Oh... Bobby, I love you Bobby!” Only my hearing wasn’t all that flash. My Renova experience, Instead of "Bobby" I heard "Gary". Renova For Sale, And I would drool and have these amazing dreams and I think I'll stop right about there...

3 – Since I am on the subject of women – I have always adored the screen presence of Catherine Bell and when she was in that show JAG, I just used to marvel at how that tight shirt she wore fitted every contour of that marvelous body. I would always say, “That CANNOT be an off the rack (pun intended) shirt, effects of Renova. It has to be custom made.” Whew. I also think that Australian, former Miss Universe, Order Renova from mexican pharmacy, Jennifer Hawkins is one of the most naturally beautiful looking women in the world. I do admire the female form, Renova For Sale. (sleaze comments)

4 – I am incredibly pedantic. I have mentioned several times in my blog posts that I am a perfectionist and that it is one of my greatest strengths but, on the other side of the coin, one of my greatest weaknesses, Renova schedule. This sits hand in hand with point 1 above and it is a dangerous combination for any person to have. You wouldn’t want me for a boss. Renova For Sale, Hell, I don't even like me as a boss. I have been self-employed for many years. No-one else can handle me anyway. Where can i cheapest Renova online, 5 – Speaking of danger. This is something that I am normally loathe to speak of for fear of the chronic reactions it usually gets. I am a karate black belt. Not only that, I am a very senior karate black belt of some 40 years training, Renova For Sale. I train EVERY day – without fail – and I have reached the lofty level of 7th Dan black belt. I have also been awarded the title of Kyoshi (pronounced “Key-oshi, buying Renova online over the counter,”) which means Master of Masters. Pretty much, in layman’s terms, Doses Renova work, that means I am a serious ass-kicker (see PS below - no further correspondence entered into. That's it. Renova For Sale, I said it.).

6 – Moving on from that, I was once the body-guard of Tom Jones for his Perth performances. But that was way back in 1985, purchase Renova online no prescription. I have also performed body-guard services for other international, national and local performers. But I don’t or, Purchase Renova online, more correctly, won’t do it anymore. It’s crap, Renova For Sale.

7 – I love my puppalitos – my dogs. Every morning I lay on the floor and cuddle them and let them lick the sides of my face and ears. That’s pretty gross considering they have probably spent half the night licking their asses and wee-wee’s, Renova trusted pharmacy reviews. Hmm, maybe I should stop this. Renova For Sale, But I love them too much. They are my little buddies and they sit under both my office desks and follow me everywhere. Cheap Renova no rx, Incidentally, they are females. I think that makes it marginally better, but not much.

8 – I have the weirdest sense of humour, Renova cost. I have word association problems that nobody else even understands, Renova For Sale. So I can rattle off half a dozen puns or jokes that nobody else laughs at coz they just don’t “get it” – even when I explain it – and then they don’t give a crap anyway and I think that is even funnier. Bizzare.

9 – I am prone to amazing, Renova maximum dosage, fantasmagorical, rants and when I am on one people just sigh and find reasons to go somewhere else until I settle down. This sometimes erupts in my writing where I can micro-rant, mini-rant, completely rant, where to buy Renova, sermonize or even pontificate if I feel strongly enough about something I am passionate about. Renova For Sale, Or angry about.

10 - I love to read books and usually devour a couple of novels per week, though not lately – LOL. Renova treatment, I have a massive library that contains not only novels but also hundreds and hundreds of technical books and motivational books. Back to pendantic for a second. I initial the last page of every novel, date it and assign it a score from 1 to 10, according to how much I liked it, what is Renova. I know… anal, Renova For Sale.

11 – I have also written many books. I have over a dozen e-books and manuals that I have written. Plus many more partially completed. Order Renova online c.o.d, I have also completed a 200,000 word crime thriller, as yet unpublished.

12 Renova For Sale, – I like chocolate. I also like eggs but I don't like beetroot. And you can beat an egg but.., order Renova online overnight delivery no prescription. ( I am so naughty!)

13 – I am an absolute exercise nut and like nothing better than to sweat like a pig during and after aerobic and weights training.

14 – I once met Chuck Norris at a karate studio. He is a lot smaller than me but that’s not too difficult as I stand at just under six feet and weigh around 265 pounds, Renova For Sale. I should be in the WWE. Renova brand name, 15 – Speaking of which... I love watching the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events and the madcap gimmicks that these incredibly talented people get up to. This is a fantastic study in branding. Renova For Sale, If you want a lesson in branding your material then go there. My favourite "personality" wrestler is, or was, Renova mg, "The Rock." He is a laugh a second that guy. So bloody funny. My favourite "technical" wrestler is Bret "the Hit-Man" Hart.

16 – I hate text messaging and only just tolerate Twitter, Renova results, which I think is one of the dopiest names ever invented. Twitter. DUH! In fact double duh!

17 – I have never used an Automatic Teller Machine and never will, Renova For Sale. I think they are crap too.

18 – My best friend, my first sensei (karate teacher), where can i buy Renova online, Warren King, was killed in a motor cycle crash in 1980. At that time, Ordering Renova online, he and I were having a blazing disagreement over something really stupid and I told him to go and "get effed." I have never forgiven myself for that coz I never got to tell him how sorry I was for saying it. Even almost 30 years on, I think of him all the time and hope that his spirit is soaring. Renova For Sale, His teaching lives on in me. When I die, the first thing I’m gonna do is find him and tell him how sorry I am, buy generic Renova.

19 – I am a terrible practical joker. I hide things on people and then, when they have been driven crazy with frustration looking for them, Renova australia, uk, us, usa, I replace them while they are not looking. I also change people’s book marks – all that sort of sh*t. I know it is childish but I love doing it, Renova For Sale.

20I value true friendship above all else.

21 - I am rarely motivated by money alone. There needs to be another carrot to get me interested, real brand Renova online. In many ways I am a lone-wolf. Renova For Sale, Although my favourite animal, without doubt, is the tiger.

22 – I am a complete bastard to engage in word debates (Or maths debates, for that matter). Renova dosage, I can pull words out of my arse that most people have never even heard of. I also contort and conjoin words and generally murder the English language if it suits my purpose to do so. But most times I try to write very correctly and in good syntax. When I am on a roll, I can easily produce 5,000 to 10,000 words in one sitting, Renova For Sale. My ACTION Planner e-book was written in 5 hours flat. That is 72 pages, buy Renova online cod.

23 – I am relentlessly ruthless when I am chasing something that I want. For instance, after major surgery to correct an injury I performed 330, Renova long term, 000 specific exercises to strengthen the limb and yes – I charted and documented every one of them.

24 - I was a weakling as a kid Renova For Sale, – a real milksop “Mummy’s boy” who used to get the snot and sh*t beaten out of him on a regular basis coz I was small and a late developer. My family wasn’t wealthy so I made a set of weights out of some old jam tins filled with rocks and cement, with a metal bar running through the middle. As I got bigger and stronger I used to wire bricks to each side for extra weight. When guys would hit me they would hurt themselves, herbal Renova. Then it was my turn. LOL, Renova For Sale.

25 – I am a collector of samurai swords and ancient Japanese and Okinawan weapons of war. Collectors of this weird stuff are called hoplologists. So, I guess I am a hoplologist.

26 - I think the best rock group the world has ever seen is Slade and, IMHO, Noddy Holder (lead singer) has the greatest rock voice of all time. Renova For Sale, I also like Wizzard, CCR, ELP, ELO, Carolyn Mas, Judith Durham, Yanni, and, of course, the old hound dog himself, Elvis. I have visited Graceland and stood at the foot of the grave of the great man. Then I went mad and spent about $400 on trinkets and mementos. Lisa Marie Presley must love me. I also like many other bands and singers – too numerous to list here. Oh, and I adore Phyllis Nelson’s version of “Move Closer” (see my music and lyrics thread)

I know I said it was 25 but I break the rules on everything, Renova For Sale. Think of it as a “bonus,” or maybe further torture – LOL.

My tags are Mark (Mr Smarty-Pants) Austin, Thom Swartwood, Denis Caron, Nikki Stephens (I can hardly wait for this!), Garry Parkes, Renee Olsen, Hilary Dickinson, Harry (Hazzard) Harris, Paul Hamilton and (she will hate me for this – but I don’t care - tee-hee) Linda Caroll.

Yeah, I can’t count either. I know the rules said five but, remember, I break the rules on everything. Renova For Sale, Go to it folks – whang your list of 25 on your blog then come back here and tell us when you have done it. If you don’t wanna do it then that’s OK... Scaredy-bear.


PS: If anyone wants to ask me about any of this then I’m happy to talk about anything except number 5 and if anyone uses that title (it is only relevant in the circles in which I move) then I’ll let Bad-Gary loose. The only reason I even included it was because those bloody RSS feeders are displaying me all over the bloody place and I have no way of getting the damn pictures and info back. Curse those damn things, Renova For Sale. That is as much as I will say on the matter.

PPS: Just for the record, various family members and a close friend helped me compose this stupid list in about five minutes. They could have gone on to 50 because of my quirkiness in so many things but we let it drop at 30 and I cut it back to what you see here. If you wanna do a list then try that.


  1. Linda Caroll

  2. Hilary Dickinson
  3. Renee Olson
  4. Paull Hamilton

  5. Nikki Stephens

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"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
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Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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56 Responses to Renova For Sale

  1. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    I think anyone who has had dealing with you over the last few months will already know most of your personality traits, reading your comments are pretty much a dead giveaway as to what and who you are.

    I have to agree with you 100% about your sense of humour and your word association. There have been occasions when I tried to understand what you were getting at, and failed miserably =O)

    As men we are poles apart in our personalities, I never rant even on occasions when I should, I tend to use reasoning to get my message across.

    Anyway off to list my top 25 on my own blog !

    Speak later.


  2. Gary

    Paull – Do it mate. A damn good rant is good for you. It gets all that pent-up frustration out and then you can start afresh. And find something else to annoy you – LOL!

    And what’s wrong with Poles? I have some very nice Polish friends. Now I AM being silly. Do you think I am too obscure at times? Hmm, maybe I’d better be more obvious.

    Hey, great stuff that you are also gonna waste a massive amount of time doing this crazy thing. I actually found it quite fun. My family and friend really went to town. I had 20 topics up before we knew it. We were p155ing ourselves laughingat what a dork I am.

    I really wanna see what other people come up with – especially Nikki. God, maybe I better get her to send the damn list to me first for a bit of “technical support” – make that editorial censorship. LOL!


  3. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    Yet another great post.

    I now understand why you left that mini-rant on my blog about PayPal.

    Everything is alot clearer now.

    I can’t wait to find out if the others will respond to your challenge after being ‘tagged’.

    What’s so great about your blog is you never know what you are going to post next.



    P.S. I’m up for being ‘tagged’ along the line at some point. Got to keeping pushing that comfort zone, experiencing new things and growing personally. That’s the MAIN thing I’ve learnt from this journey with Alex Jeffreys and the rest of the Fortunate 500 – and I’m so glad I took the jump, because life can be amazing. Especially when you help each other to succeed.



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    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  4. Gary

    Hey Dave – I’m not supposed to do this but I AM a rule breaker so… TAG!

    I’m hoping this will go viral throughout the whole F500 group and that we will all get to see some “interesting” things about each other.

    Mate, Paypal – UGH. You’ll set me off again. Nuh, I’m not gonna do it. They are probably close to banning me anyway after what I said. But I’m sticking to my guns. I have their stupid emails repeating my questions back to me like parrots. DUH!

    Oh look I said I wasn’t gonna do this but

    DAMN IT! How’s this? I tell this dude on the PAYPAL WHELP DESK that I have tried to get the button working 10 times using all different settings and things. Do you know what the dill said to me? He said – DUH - “try it one more time and check your settings!”

    Well suck me dry and call me dusty!

    I couldn’t believe somebody with even half a functional brain would even consider such a stupid comment as “support.” Jeez. I just about did my na-na.

    OK. Mini rant over. Thanks a LOT Dave for reminding me!


  5. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    What did I say about your obscure word association ! I can´t waste to much time on this but, I asked my daughter to help me and she´s already up to a list of 100 personality disasters, don´t you just love em !

    As you say Nikki´s list will be a very interesting read =O)


  6. Gary

    Paull – Personality disasters! Love it. Looking forward to that. What about the number of effenhells in the out-takes of the videos? That was SO funny.

    Oh, yeah! I hope Nix falls for this does this. It’ll be a scream.

    Here’s a few:

    Hates oysters…

    Hates seafood…

    Loves purple…

    Detests spelling mistakes…

    This is gonna be FUN!


  7. Kyoshi Gary dared me | Linda Caroll Website Design Blog

    […] you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This is to humor Kyoshi Gary, who tagged me and said “If you don’t wanna do it then that’s OK… Scaredy-bear” Scaredy bear?  Go ahead, […]

  8. Linda

    Really… I’m not that interesting… But I’m not a scaredy bear, either.
    Sorry about the meta title. Heh, heh, heh….

  9. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    Been at a junior chess competition all day (my son is the Suffolk champion at his age group (currently U-14) for the 3rd yr running – so I suppose you can say I am a proud mum (again!)

    Tagged me huh?! Just wait for the things I can come up with!

    Heh, heh!- but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening as I’ve got to work all day tomorrow – that is if this snow we are getting from Russia doesn’t get too deep and I can still get into work.

    The roads were slippery 4 hours ago when I came back from the chess. Hope there aren’t too many accidents.

    Well some of your things I think we had worked out – Slade, ranting, language, women, martial arts, dogs etc but automatic teller machines?!?

    And Dave – I agree with you wholeheartedly about pushing boundaries and the support of the F500. I would never have got this far without it (and I’ve still got a long journey which I’m really looking forward to travelling!)

    Goodnight for now – I shall go and cogitate on what information I shall divulge and what snippets I shall still keep to myself. Hmm!




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  10. Gary

    @ Linda – Like I said over at your own 25 revelations, which incidentally, was of UNbiblical proportions, YOU will be the only one who even remotely gets away with that. Hmm, there is an element of Bad-Gary concocting something in his dastardly mind. His cage is rattling (I can hear it) but I’ll chuck him a Mars bar and try to distract him. Settle him down a bit.

    @ Hils – Proud mum again. You go for it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that at all. So you have a budding Kasparov on your hands huh? (Just tying in with the Russian snow drift comment – that’s sort of like the word association thing working that I mentioned at #8 above)

    You had the “women” thing “worked out.” Hmm, that’s a bit of a worry. What do you mean?

    Hils – give us some juice huh? That was a massive “over-share” from me above and I still dont know if it was a real good idea. But it WAS fun.


  11. Linda

    Gets away with what? lol

  12. Gary

    As IF…?

  13. Ken Douglas


    Great insights to an interesting personality.

    Many of your revelations were things many of us have already perceived but many were also new and interesting.

    It is also interesting to observe similarities and differences between personalities.

    Your comments about Paypal remind me of the current problems I am having trying to register another domain with Hostgator. I was on the live support chat with the sales tech and he acutally suggested one of the solutions to resolving problems their system was having with errors in preauthorizing my payment was to register my domains with someone else.I hadn’t even began to rant. Oh well.. another of my pets peeves illustrated again….there is no excuse for poor customer service….

    Sorry for heading off topic….

    Like I said a great post. It will be interesting to follow those you have tagged.


  14. Linda

    Ken… just a little tip, and hope you don’t mind. It’s better (for you) if you register your domains somewhere. and are good. Not that there’s anything wrong with hostgator – they’re awesome. But if a natural disaster or meltdown ever happend at a host, you’d be totally stuck. If your domains are registered elsewhere you can point them to a new temporary host and be back up in hours. : )

  15. Gary

    Hi Ken – thanks for saying “interesting personality.” That was nice. My family and friends would say something more like “head case.” – LOL!

    Ugh, Kenny, why do all these blasted companies have such TERRIBLE NoHelp desks? All they wanna do is get you off their books ASAP. All you are is a stat.

    Paypal had the audacity to ask me to fill in a “customer satisfaction” report. I filled it in alright!

    It sure will be interesting to read CERTAIN replies. Not giving anything away here – NO-OOOO – but a certain person who has a predilection for the violet hues is gonna be a POI, as the coppers say – Person of Interest. LOL!


  16. Nikki

    Damn it! I had written a post last night that I was going to use, and now I shall have to scrap that to think of some interesting things to share with you all! Grr.

    Sod it, I’m going to put my original post up anyway as that’ll then give me some time to think of the clean version of the list above!


  17. Gary

    She’s in the house! I mean… TEMPLE. Nix – we are all REALLY interested in what your Royal Purpleness will bring to this event.

    Now, take your time darls. Get it just right. You know how big I am on taking time and getting things just right. And in the meantime we shall mosey on over and see what delights you have in store for us.


  18. Nikki

    Working on uploading my existing post at the moment. It’s snowing here, so I’m distracted by the prospect of a snowman.

    “You know how big I am on taking time and getting things just right. “

    Yes. You know it, I know it, the neighbours know it.

  19. Gary

    Those damn neighbours. Are they complaining about the noise AGAIN?

  20. Nikki

    Jealousy is a terrible thing. I feel sorry for them really.

  21. Gary

    I think we can see the way your 25 revelations are heading – LOL!

  22. Nikki

    That’s the problem. I’m trying to write a clean version. You have no idea how hard that is ;)



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  23. Nikki

    Go and read my latest sensible blog post while I’m trying to think up a civilised version of this list!!

  24. Gary

    Re: Your penultimate post. The Gazz-man could hit something out of the ball park with a certain comment but will refrain…

    OK. Off to your bloggie to have a bo-peep.

  25. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Very enlightening post there Gary.

    I’ll have to get around to putting my 25 up now that you’ve tagged me. Sounds a bit like at school playing ‘tig’, LOL.

    Won’t get chance to do it today as playing catch up as not able to do anything over the weekend as busy with other things. I’ll pop by again soon.


  26. Gary

    @ Garry – Just get it done when you can. No rush. It really is a LOT of fun – especially if you get the family involved or friends or both as I did. I tell you what – it’s a bit of an eye-opener the way that THEY perceive you.

    When I asked they were all chiming in with stuff like, “YEAH – You are REALLY bad at that!” I was laughing my head off. I know I am a complete Nazi with so much stuff. I just can’t help it. LOL!


  27. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary,

    If I see “mr smarty pants” used with my name one more time, do you know what I’m gonna do?……..Well nothing actually, your are a black belt after all, lol

    Thanks (i think) for the TAG, I have laid out my plan for the week and for a change really want to stick to it, lol. Want to do some major work on my blog and SEO/Traffic stuff so like Garry, I will get round to it but you may have to wait for it.

    Looking forward to tonights module, my first ‘live’ one since Dec, man it’s been a long time!

    Spk soon

  28. Mrs Renee Olson » Blog Archive » I Am Woman by Helen Reddy

    […] a saying… “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide” From Gary Simpson. Ok I know, I know. That last part about Gary Simpson I just threw in because he’s called me out […]

  29. Gary

    Hello Mr Sma… Oh Hi Mark – OK. I won’t say it again, unless you do something REALLY clever and impress me again. Oh, you show such excellent judgement too but my friends need never bother about any of that stuff with me. Only aggressive fools and boofheads who try to hurt other people would ever see any of that. LOL!

    Well, Mark, this tag is only fair. Your “Students of Alex” questionnaire took me a LONG time to do and quite some time to type up. A fair bit of it is in “Gazz-Man” persona and I have tried to make it witty and funny while also answering all those damn questions. I will have it ready for you very soon. I hope you like it.

    And I hope your readers understand the little devices I have used to inject that humour and don’t take it as me being SERIOUS. There is a rider at the end to explain myself if people don’t “get it.” Hope that allays any concerns they may have that I was actually kidding with all the third-person admonishments etc. Then they might be inspired to read it a second time just to get the joking bits in the right way.



  30. Mrs Renee Olson

    Hey Gary,

    Got my 25 or 26… But I just realized I didn’t tag anybody. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

    Hope you like my aussie girl. Tell me if the music link doesn’t work.


  31. Jason


    Great job through the keyhole!

    note to self – never get into a fight with Garry :)

    Best of luck

  32. Thom Swartwood

    As always great post Gary.

    As Garry said above, I will have to put together my list. I have already talked about quite a few of them here and elsewhere.

    I agree with you on #3,#10,#14 and #20

    I disagree with you on #15 and #20.

    If you ever want to know why on #15, I would like to have that discussion. :)

    I believe in #20 the most of all. True friendship is hard to find. I do value your friendship Gary.

    Thanks again for giving of yourself


  33. 25 things you did (or didn’t) know about Hilary | List Building for Newbies

    […] Gary Simpson got me on his blog This is an idea that he picked up from Michel Fortin’s blog and the Gazz-Man has come up with […]



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  34. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    This must be one of your new whizzy techy things – I get here and find that my news has preceded me from my blog – I’d better watch what I say in future!

    Anyway, I thought I’d finished my list last night before Alex’s session, but my computer wouldn’t let me post it.

    Probably a good job because I changed a few things today – couldn’t give away all my secrets at once now could I?

    I have tagged five people and left them comments on their blogs, though some of them might be a touch busy at the moment.

    So coming back here to say “Mission completed, sir!”

    As for working out the women thing – well I probably haven’t got it all worked out but I saw that you agreed with some of Michel Fortin’s list (I wonder which ones ;) ) so that doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I could let you in on a little secret… Hmm, but then perhaps not! I think #9 on that list is the most important (and vice versa actually).

    Well, must go and get some other work done – I’m trying to do the 90mins productive work – I’m afraid it can’t be uninterrupted unfortunately.


  35. Gary

    @ Renee – Hi. You are on my list of visitations Rens. I have managed to give everybody a whole pile of completely unneccessary work to do here – including myself. Don’tcha just love hair-brained stuff like this? Still, I think it allows others to see that we are indeed real people with real strengths and real weaknesses – and real weirdnesses too – LOL!

    @ Jason – You must mean Garry Parkes. You are right. I don’t wanna get into a fight with Garry either!

    @ Thom – I’d really like to know your thoughts on the WWE (#15 above). I think I know what you are gonna say. Would it be the greed, the money, the anabolic steroids, the premature death of these athletes? That is indeed the very NEGATIVE side and not one that I admire at all. I was more speaking of the massive crowds these events pull and WHY they are able to do it. And that has all got to do with the brilliant BRANDING. But, please, tell me. I am really interested in what you have to say. I hope I haven’t gazumped you too much here but I am very aware of that part of the WWE.

    Also, check out #20. You have it as a positive and negative. Was that a 50/50 stance or just a typo?

    “True friendship is hard to find. I do value your friendship Gary.”

    Thanks Thom. I know it sounds corny and “Ghost”-like but “ditto.” LOL!

    @ Hilary – Indeedy! I have eyes and ears everywhere – woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Nothing escapes the notice of my monks at the TEMPLE – LOL! Now, was that #9 on MY list or YOUR list? Not sure. I will come over and make sure your homework has been done, give you an elephant stamp and then put you under “mission complete.” LOL!


  36. Gary

    This just came into my inbox and being a sentimental bloke I thought I would put it up here for the benefit of YOU!

    “If you’re angry with a loved one, hug that person. And mean it. You may not want to hug – which is all the more reason to do so. It’s hard to stay angry when someone shows they love you, and that’s precisely what happens when we hug each other.” – Walter Anderson.

    Hope you take notice of that, particularly in view of my #18 above. I gotta say though, I’m not a “huggy” kinda guy when it comes to other guys. I’m really not into the traditional American “good buddy” hug. A handshake will do just fine with me – LOL!


  37. Hilary Dickinson


    That was #9 on Michel Fortin’s list ;)


  38. Gary

    Hi Hils,

    Gotcha. I don’t think he would mind if I copied it across here. If he does, I’ll remove it:

    “9. The most sensual, sexy, and attractive part of a woman’s body? Her brain. Having an intellectual conversation really turns me on. (Now you know why I married my Soul Mate, Sylvie Fortin. She’s a genius!)”

    I can identify with that.


  39. Jeff Sargent

    Hey Gary,

    I was going to comment about #5 but I will respect your wishes and not.

    Man, I hate to say this but you sound a lot like me. Or should I say I sound a lot like you. No matter how you look at it, it sounds like we are both very opinionated people. Sometimes my big mouth gets me in trouble. It seems to have a mind of it’s own. I tell it to stop but it just keeps on talking.

    I can sum it up in what I’m all about very easily just by telling you what my wife of 31 years calls me. “Mr Perfect”, and she’s not saying that because she thinks the world of me(of course she does)but because I don’t think I am ever wrong. Sound familiar Gary.

    Jeff Sargent

  40. Gary

    Hi Jeff – I can relate to what you said.

    I don’t mind answering questions about #5 in a private email if you really want to know something. I just don’t want to say any more about it here.


  41. Did you know Gary was once arrested for fornicating with a Cow?

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  42. Wendy Wood

    Hi Gary

    Just read your list – oh boy, more than quirky, no 10 was very funny. And seeing as you started this, I wondered if you could pop over to my blog when you get a moment and read my list and comment if you wish. I was tagged by Renee, lovely lady, and have yet to do my five tags. Anyway, thanks in advance.

    PS Feel free to tell me what else I should have on my blog to make it look better.




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  43. Gary

    Hi Wendy – So you liked my book rating scoring system huh? Yep. I dunno anyone else that does that.

    Renee certainly is a lovely lady – AND, she is good at keeping a secret too. LOL!

    I will come over at your request and see what you are up to. Be over soon.


  44. Brad

    Speaking of chuck norris…..

    Chuck Norris isn’t afriad of the boogey-man,
    the boogey-man is afraid of Chuck Norris…


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  47. Heidi Passey

    Hi Gary,

    I was tagged by Glenn. I just finished my 25 things about me post.

    I love my dogs too. Dixie cleans our ears and sleeps in the bed (with her head on the pillow I might add). LOL I wish she would lay under the desk though when I’m working, she seems to think that that’s the time to bring me ALL of her toys.

    Take Care, Heidi

  48. Gary

    @ Brad – Oh, oh… don’t get me started on Chuck Norris jokes! Like what is underneath Chuck Norris’s beard? ANOTHER FIST!

    @ Heidi – Yep been over and had a squizz and left some “pertinent” comments. LOL. Oh, to be a dog… what a life my two have! “Daddy” sees after their every need.


  49. Nikki

    Ha ha…

    Chuck Norris doesn’t actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

    (TGM, isn’t that the same method you use?!)


  50. Gary

    PMW – er, you must have been reading a certain comment I made on a certain forum recently to come up with that comment…

    Have you heard that Chuck Norris is suing CNN? Yep. He’s claiming breach of copyright. He says that Law and Order are his right and left legs.

    And I saw a really amusing “Chuck Fact” on Twitter the other day…

    Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups. He does Earth downs. I thought that was pretty funny.


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  52. Rob Willis

    Makes for an interesting read, as well as a great challenge.
    I have just finished my list of 25. It can be much harder than you think.



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