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Buy Nitrazepam Without Prescription

by Gary ~ January 29th, 2009

Internet Marketing Buy Nitrazepam Without Prescription, can be confounding, confusing, annoying and downright bloody frustrating at times.

Now this is gonna be short and sweet - something that the Gazz-Man is NOT noted for, Nitrazepam price. Taking Nitrazepam, I'm gonna give everyone the opportunity to tell me - and anyone else who cares - what your biggest issues are in Internet Marketing.

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60 Responses to Buy Nitrazepam Without Prescription

  1. Mark Austin

    Hey Gazza

    This must be the shortest post you have ever done, don’t tell me your lost for words, I could never believe that! lol

    I think the biggest problem faced when trying to make it in IM, especially the make money niche is INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!

    Unfortunately, the ‘gurus’, despite some sincere efforts, I think add to the problem. Too much info, too many strategies, too many options. Before you know it, your running round in circles wondering what it is you should actually be doing.

    But at the end of the day the blame for this stops firmly at our own door. We have all bought loads of products in our time only to move onto a new one. But the truth is not many people actually take action on what they are being told. In a 10 part video series they make it to video 5 and then they are onto a new course. I’m talking from personal experience here, lol.

    This is something I battle with all the time. I think the solution is to pick one area (niche) and focus on that solely until you make it work. Once you have done that you can pick another.

    The other main problem I and I’m sure most others face is traffic generation. This is key to the whole process and yet probably the most difficult aspect. Again information overload can get in the way of us achieving our goals. So many methods and so much conflicting advice.

    The solution is again, just pick a couple of methods and focus on those.

    The ‘making money’ niche has to be one of the hardest to crack, especially if you not actually making any money, lol.

    Persitence and belief in ourselves is the best tool available to us…use it!

    All the best



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  2. Mark Austin

    whoops, should have proof read that before pressing submit, few mistakes in the! Esp, last line, persitence??? Of course I meant persistence, lol

  3. Gary

    Of course you did Mark.

    Anyway, Mark, the Gazz-Man is NEVER lost for words. Just thought I’d give you poor buggers a go for once. LOL!

    Did you scrape my Lamborghini Mickey Thompson Indy 500 tyre marks off your driveway? I’ll come and take a look tomorrow.

  4. Dean Holland


    Dean is about to let RIP …..

    I HATE .. and I do mean HATE ….

    Celery !!!!!! Oh yeah, and rice pudding !

    Dont EVER .. ever ever ever offer me celery YUCK !!

    Besides that I like to think Im a happy guy hehe

    Hey G-Man .. How the heck are ya brother ?! Now that a tincy wincy post for you aint it !!

    Is the G-man running out of steam ?? Has he dried up and is in search of his fellow entrepreneurs to run the ship for him ???

    Ha..Ha I think NOT !! We know the G-man better than that… Good post man, I like it !

    So down to business, what really ‘Ticks’ me off with IM.. Hmmmmmm

    1 – People that expect the success and wealth to come to them ( bit ironic, this was me last year )

    2 – People that complain it isnt happening and move on to the next thing ( Again that was me )

    3 – People that dont realise the opportunities they have, even when its right in front of them ( I fear this may be some of the f500 )

    Hang on… Am I saying I hate my old self ??? LOL .. Well I guess so, but Im different now.. I think we all are right ??!!

    Well there you have it G .. A little tension off the Dean’s shoulders and man did I need it … The BIG blog relaunch is a matter of days away… Testing times my friend, testing times

    See ya soon brother


  5. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    Well short and to the point…!

    I totally agree with Mark, so I won’t repeat that.

    But my pet hates are:

    Downright Lies! Enough said.

    Poor presentation, layout & spelling (better make sure I proof read this properly!) I can’t help it but I really think that if you are presenting something to the public you should make the effort – after all they are our potential customers and although a lot of people will not notice or mind, there are still a huge number who do.

    We have spell checkers and proof reading and if you know it is not your forte – ask someone who will do it for you!! (I’m happy for anyone to ask me for assistance with that.)

    Every Word Starting With A Capital Letter. That is OK for a short heading but not for complete sentences. If all capital letters is shouting then capitals at the beginning of every word must be raising your voice!

    Lots of blingy, flashing lights, arrows, wows! etc. I can make my own decisions, thank you and if I get lots of this when I log onto a site I am far more likely to click off again that to read what it has to say.

    Being bombarded with too many emails. Yes when I opt in I expect to get some information sent for my attention, but if I haven’t responded after a couple of emails am I likely to if you send me 20? I’m more likely to unsubscribe. Lol.

    So I guess what I am saying is that being of a certain age and gender I like a bit of quality and care, otherwise I am highly likely to switch off from the message, no matter how good it is.

    These things are perhaps a bit more indivdual and nitpicking, but the first impression is always important.


  6. Hilary Dickinson


    Whilst writing this comment I have burnt the tea (slightly), taken my son to footy training, been talking to my husband about his day and coping with a laptop with a slow connection which keeps hanging up as the main computer has crashed again.

    Then just as I was waiting for it to submit I noticed a spelling mistake! See I’m human too, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me :) See if you can find it!!

  7. Nikki

    Hils – Individual – last sentence – sorry!!!

    I am going to answer this post properly, but I just had to add my quick comment on completely agreeing with you on the spelling, punctuation & grammar issue you raised above – if people can’t even get those basics right, then why would I trust them with my business?

    Going to leave it now and write a proper response (probably full of typos now I’ve made my position on that clear!).




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  8. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary-okay, I’ll bite:

    Let’s dig a little deeper-shall we? Let’s take a look at Internet Marketing undressed, and see if we still like the reflection in the mirror…

    First-Not all internet marketers are my friend. If you are emailing me everyday hawking your wares, don’t pretend that you like me or even know me. Wow, he knows me cause he’s got my first name in the title! Do you come over to my house for dinner? Do you send me a birthday card? Do you let me borrow your car when mine is in the shop? Then, come on we’re not friends. Friends don’t sell to friends. I don’t believe anything any one says to me, if I know a sales pitch is to follow. Internet marketers are friends with other internet marketers, so they can talk about how best to shear the sheep again. Yes Virginia, people are really that gullible…

    Two-How to deal with the moral dilemma knowing that the product that you’re trying to peddle, is not really the tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain. But ya gotta sell it-Marketing that stuff like it’s going to curb global warming, bring world peace, and abolish hunger all with one download.

    Yes, I know, there are a lot of wonderful people out there selling a lot of wonderful products. But ask yourself one question-What would you do if the “newbie ocean” dried up? Who would think that your product is so wonderful now? With so many products in the internet marketing niche, it’s getting to be like a pyramid or ponzi scheme. You sell your stuff to someone one step below you, and then they sell the same stuff to someone one step below them. On and on and on… That’s what makes the IM world go round.

    They say that direct sales is the “second” oldest profession in the world. Come to think of it, there are many similarities to the first!

    Then what the heck am I doing here you ask? Trying to learn the business of online sales and then provide real value to someone, and not necessarily in the IM niche. Am I not supposed to say these things? The IM Guru isn’t wearing any clothes! Oh my!

    How’s that to get the real party started?


  9. Nikki

    Well, let’s see. Actually, I don’t know where to start! Very unusual for me.

    However, so far (recently), my experience of IM has been a very positive one. This is because the new breed of IMs are open and approachable. Before I was looking into IM, I was looking at Life Coaching as a potential career path for me. From that, I got on several mailing lists, and in fact that’s what introduced me to Alex Jeffreys in the first place (in a round-a-bout fashion!).

    Anyway, while back in the life coaching field, I had one of these many emails promising me the world, and I had a question. So I emailed the person (who shall remain nameless), and I heard absolutely NOTHING back from them. Why would I want to invest in someone’s programme when they can’t be bothered to answer a simple question or even get their support team to answer it for me? That lack of personal interaction killed any hope they had of ever getting any money out of me.

    I knew if I gave it a minute or two then ideas would appear! Right, things that annoy me (you’ll be sorry now!)

    – The tone used when you tell people you can’t afford their latest money-making scheme. I’ve read too many patronising emails that have the whole ‘yes, it might be expensive, but what is it worth to you in the long run’ type comment. Or ‘don’t you want to give yourself the best chance’. That kind of thing. Listen, if I tell you I don’t have money to spend, it’s because I don’t!! Much as I love investing in myself, if the money isn’t there, it isn’t there! I don’t have a rich family to go and sponge from, I support myself. Therefore my bills come first at the moment so that the roof stays over my head. Too many of these so-called gurus forget what it is like to be in the real world.

    – Using my name too much in promotional emails. I really don’t need things like “Hi Nikki, I hope you’re well Nikki, listen Nikki, I’ve got this great new product. Nikki, you won’t believe what this can do for you.” etc etc. I know it’s nice to have your name occasionally mentioned, but we all know it’s down to the autoresponder and isn’t actually a personal email at all, so don’t push it. It just annoys me.

    – People hiding behind fancy names, titles, and claims, and not showing that they are also a ‘real’ person. All too often we’re sent a load of hype that is exactly that – nothing of any substance to back it up. Luckily we know what to look out for and can therefore just delete it, or observe why it doesn’t work for us (i.e. why we then don’t buy from it), and learn from it.

    – I’m going with Hils here on this one. People that can’t spell, or use punctuation & grammar properly. I’m not so much referring to SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar) on blogs as these are a more casual form of communication; but on sales letters, brochures, ebooks, etc then I think it’s vital. If you have difficulty with this, then get someone to check it for you first! They laugh at me in my job in the real world for this because they know I’m so pedantic about it, but in my opinion it reflects poorly on the person or organisation if they cannot even get that correct. We’ve had promotional literature sent through to us with our company name incorrectly spelled. Er, if you can’t even spell our company name properly (it’s only 7 letters long – no excuse!), then why on earth would I trust you with our business?! Likewise when people email me at work. My work email is made up of my name, so why then in the text of the email do you spell Nikki so many different ways?! It’s right there in front of you!

    – Assumptions. I know, here I go again. As if I haven’t already gone on for long enough. Assumptions and presumptions about people are just not appropriate! An example of this was when Gary was having his blog redesigned, and referring to Linda as Q. About 95% of the people that then also mentioned Q automatically referred to her as male. It was interesting to see how people’s minds were working, even if subconsciously.

    – I’m going with Dean’s points 1 and 2 above. Taking them one at a time, naturally. People that sit around expecting success & wealth to come and find them. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen! Sitting around daydreaming won’t get you anywhere if you don’t convert those dreams into goals! (Guess I should listen to myself occasionally!).

    – Dean’s 2nd point – people that don’t have any staying power and run at the first sign of difficulty or things not happening. Signing up to this course doesn’t guarantee you success. Putting everything from this course into proper structured action however is a lot more likely to get you what you want. Likewise, when something doesn’t work or doesn’t go your own way. Grow up! Get a pair! We’re all old enough and ugly enough to realise that when things go wrong, it’s just one step closer to success. But too many people just give up then – they let negativity overtake them and control their thoughts, feelings and emotions. One of my best friends is like that – every time he has a problem, I’ll suggest a solution or a way around it. So he finds me a new problem, or does that old ‘that’ll never work’. Drives me mad! (Why are we still friends?! Hmm.). It’s completely opposite to the way that I think.

    – People that expect you to have all the time in the world to dedicate to this. Look, we’re all busy. The majority of us have full time jobs and are trying to make this work in our spare time. However, we all need time off! There will be evenings when you get home having been on the computer all day for work, and want a break rather than getting on the computer at home to start working on this business. So yes, while I’m fascinated by all of this and want to put lots of time and effort into it, I do recognise that I need to take a break occasionally. We aren’t yet at the ‘work for one hour a day and make millions’ stage. Although I know it’s coming!

    – People that get annoyed when you show your human side. No, we aren’t all going to be stiff-upper-lip-professionals (I can say that being English) – we are a community here which means we have to have time for fun & entertainment as well as the serious stuff. The team that plays together stays together in my opinion. It’s all a very important part of building up sustainable relationships

    – which brings me to my next point. (Are you wishing now you hadn’t asked for my thoughts?!). Reciprocal relationships are the very foundations of this business, and in fact of most businesses. So don’t treat me like I’m stupid and you’re the expert. Luckily I haven’t had much of this within the F500, although there have been a couple of moments where I’ve had to consider whether to defend myself or just walk away. I have to stress that this is a complete rarity though, as on the whole everyone has been extremely helpful to each other and I know that some really strong bonds have been built.

    You’ll be pleased to know at this point I’m having to leave the office, so will submit this before it crashes the Gaz-Man’s system (not that it will crash now Linda’s been in there!).

    Seeing as I’ve gone from not thinking I had anything to say, to filling up a huge section, I definitely think it’s time I went home!

    Leaving the soapbox now….until next time!


    PS Apologies in advance for a) the length, and b) any spelling mistakes that might have been in here – despite my pedantic nature where that’s concerned, leaving the office & going home is my priority now!!

    [SIDEBAR from Gazz-Man: Sorry Nix for interfering with your post but – if you stop apologizing for your length then so will I. I just simply could NOT resist that. We can only imagine what the retort will be… Oh dear! Looks like I have really done it this time. So sorry everyone – NOT! Kevlar helmets and flak-jackets ON! Inbound…]

  10. Ken Douglas


    I will be short but maybe not so sweet and I appologize ahead of time for any spelling errors( I was once told that an intelligent person should be able spell any word at least 3 ways :) )

    1. I dislike the squeeze pages that state an offer will end in “X” number of hours, days etc. but are still being promoted well past the stated deadline. Also, promotions that will only be offered to the first “X” number of takers but after a week the number is still the same. Either these offers are false advertising or the product is so poor that no one wants them.

    2. I also hate the impression that the “gurus” are an elite group who simply take turns promotings each others new product launches. I seem to get untold numbers of e-mails from a variety of marketers, all promoting the same product with the exact same email. Only the name has been changed to benefit the sender. they could at least show some originality.

    3. The “Internet marketing” niche is a bit like a merry-go-round, selling a product to teach someone to sell a product to teach someone to sell a product to teach someone to sell a product to teach……. you get the idea.
    Granted the techniques can be applied to other areas but not many of the gurus are interested in spreading out into other areas.

    That sums up my biggest complaints.

    BTW I referrenced your “NO LIMITS” post in the latest post on my blog.




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  11. [Q]

    Let rip? Okay… but you asked for it.

    I’ve been in “marketing” since 1979. Online since 1995, fulltime since ’97.

    In the early days, there was a glut of “how to make money on the Internet” products being hawked out there. They made a lot of money for those selling them. Not so much for the people buying them.

    People eventually figured out that you make money by selling products or services, and Internet marketers noticed that the “make money” cash cow wasn’t giving milk like it used to. Lists were less responsive, so they needed a new strategy.

    So they started selling “internet marketing skills.” How to get traffic. How to SEO. How to convert. “How to” became the new battle cry. That and JV!!

    Problem is, too many of these people have never sold anything BUT “how-to” products. Too many of them could not make a living using the same skillsets they’re selling.

    I remember one dude selling a Google secret backdoor blah, blah book some years ago. Sold like hotcakes. HUGE launch. Later, the shrieking started. People were getting booted and banned from Google. Oopsie. It was blackhat. But it sure did sell good. Man, that was an awesome launch.

    Dude disappeared for a while, but came back later and found a new crop of people for the next product launch. I’ve seen a lot since ’95.

    I have spent over a decade applying online skills for clients. Finding the right keywords. Building the websites. Doing the copywriting. Learning SEO to get the traffic. I have sold everything from coffee to candles to roof repair to vitamins to books to a plumbing video and then some.

    I’d like to say that I don’t “get” the whole internet marketing scene… but I do. Because, you see, if there’s people out there that want to buy coffee or candles or soap or a new roof – I’ll market to them. And I’ll do it very well. Likewise, as long as there’s people who want to buy dreams, there will always be people willing to sell them.

    Just because it’s my pet peeve doesn’t mean it will change. It won’t.

    Demand drives supply. Always has. Always will.

    Okay, getting off the soapbox.

    P.S. You might enjoy my blog post today. You must be psychic.

  12. Thom Swartwood


    I agree with everyone here when I say… Wow… Never realized you had it in you. Great post and some really great responses.

    First off I DO like Celery. I like taking walks in the rain, and spending time with my family. I love teaching and have a passion to see others comitt, and succeed when they felt they were not capable.

    I agree with Hillary, I Hate People That Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence. My boss does it all the time.

    I do not like being treated like a child and told how great that person is and how I am suppose to just follow along and do what they say. I also am sick of all the email out there trying to tell us that by sending one email we are going to be rich, or that it is easy working only 2 hours a day we are going to become millionaires.

    I dislike the people who peddle products that are old, regurgitated junk have not worked in years. I really hate those guys on TV who tell us by buying and using their shortcuts program for only 39.95 how we are going to become rich overnight, and they use well endowed (sorry if I offend anyone) beautiful women to make us forget that we have a brain so we purchase just to make them rich.

    I dislike my email box. Actually I really hate my email box. It has become filled (I know it is my fault) with junk emails, unrealistic claims and get rich schemes on a daily basis.

    I know I will can go on, although I have to get back to my new hire class and keep them learning :) .

    Thanks again Gary for the post.


    P.S. Gary I am in the midst of writing my first E-book, would you be willing to read what I have so far and give me a critique. If you don’t have the time that is fine. Just asking a writing pro.

    Thanks again

  13. Gary

    @ Dean (let it all RIP man!) – Yeah, what you speak of is utter impatience. Over the years I have learned to be patient.

    Oh I could slam my blog with all manner of products that I have created but the time is not right. And when the time is right it will be a gradual introduction. I have about 12 e-books – some free, some not free and several Master Rights to other people’s products.

    Looking forward to the new blog dude – come back and tell us all when it is up and running.

    @ Hilary (one L – take the “L” out of LOVER and it’s OVER – sorry but… NICE info) – The bit in the bracket was my quick comment while I was out. Now that I am back – lovely, considered post. I agree with ALL you said. I HATE lies too.

    Just let me pick up on one little thing. There is a guy who emails me about three times a day. He drives me NUTS! But I am gaming him without him knowing. You see ALL of his massive number of emails go into a folder for me to do something with. I may even email the folder BACK to him. Tell-the-man once, don’t tell-the-man twice or tell-the-man three times…

    First time: “ooh look, today I picked a booger!” Second time: “It was such a lovely booger.” Third time: “Do you wanna know what I did with the booger?” That is about the standard. He tells me EVERY Goddam thing he does. And he sells every Goddam thing for ALL his 100’s of so-called “good friends.” It’s maddening. However, supposedly, this guy is extremely successful at Internet marketing. YOU work it out! LOL!

    @ Nikki – Agreed, if they cannot get the damn spelling correct in their flagship materials then how can I trust anything else they may be peddling? ie how ACCURATE is their product gonna be? Spell-checkers and proof-readers are freely available if you are deficient in those areas. Personally, I never use a spell-checker or a proof-reader. I do it myself as I think I do a better job. But if you know you are shite at speeling and grammer then FIX it! (Everyone, don’t bother – it was deliberate… LOL!)

    @ Denis (OMG!) – Bite? Gnaw, tear, chew, spit out. That’s what I want. Denis, I gotta say – I am really enjoying your writing. You use so much sarcasm and cynicism and I just LOVE it. They say it is the lowest form of wit. But I disagree. I think it is the highest form.

    You said:

    “They say that direct sales is the “second” oldest profession in the world. Come to think of it, there are many similarities to the first!”

    Man, I just had to highlight that. Very witty.

    @ Nikki (like BLOODY-HELL! – WOW!). This is what I want – JUICE! You are a real RANTER when you wannabe. I LOVED that too. There is so much in that post. I could comment on every part of it. But I particularly enjoyed and agreed with what you said about excessive use of names.

    Over here we have several outlets that demand to have your name BEFORE you can but a frikken ice-cream. Well, here’s a tip. Never ask for the Gazz-Man’s name if he only wants to buy a FRIKKEN icecream. Coz the reaction is gonna be bad. Jeez, buying an ice-cream is now like taking out a mortage. They wanna know everything about you – your name, your bloody zip code, your damn age, height, colour of eyes. It’s all for their demographic and marketing research. What next? Sexual preferences? This madness has gone over the top.

    Now, whenever these fools ask for my name, rather than give them the big sermon, I just say Xavier or Aloysius. And when they ask me to spell it I just tell them to key it into their dopey register the best way they can. Then I watch them like a hawk to see if they spit on my ice-cream. The Gazz-Man does not like this emerging, use your name four times in every sentence bullsh*t. I agree Nix. It is a pet PEEVE of mine.

    And Nix, well done on the gender biz but give some credit to the Gazz-man here who cunningly introduced very manly pursuits at the very beginning of that “Q” thread to throw everyone off the scent and psychologically lead everyone astray. Do I apologize for that? No. It was an exercise in creative (make that deceptive) writing and a test for me and a lesson for you.

    Go back and read those opening gambits and you will see what I did and HOW I did it. And you can too. All it takes is an ability to “steer” your reader and be careful as you go. Gee. And here I am doing one of the WORST things possible – being deceptive. Not really. I was guiding my readers and thereby allowing everybody to see what a talented lady can do. That is, cut it with any talented guy – which you ALL thought it was – except Nix. Oh, there’s way too much to say here. Maybe another time.

    @ Ken – heh… heh… Ken! Another falsity is exposed. The false “scarcity” issue. “Gee, I only have 67 packages left… make that 61. Duh! It’s digital. There are INFINITE numbers. That doesn’t cut it with me either Ken. But… whoa! WE are experienced. The average Joe and Josphine believes it, sadly. And that is why it works so well. I NEVER use that. I think it is false. But i would use a time restriction. To me, that is far more sincere. Great points Ken. Good stuff!

    @ Linda – Yep. When I ask for it – sock it to me. LOL! Been over to your blog Linda and left yet another monologue there. I encourage others to go and read and post there too.

    Regarding “Internet Marketers”…

    “Problem is, too many of these people have never sold anything BUT “how-to” products. Too many of them could not make a living using the same skillsets they’re selling.”

    Very true. Many of them ONLY sell “how to” stuff. And that is pretty false. At least we know that Alex jeffreys has had a pretty good grounding in selling “real” goods on E-Bay. That should give people some comfort knowing that.

    You also personally know that I sell a range of motivational materials and other stuff and the till does tick over with regular Clickbank cheques (checks). But I want to raise the bar and sell more – faster. And that is why I enrolled in this course.

    @ Thom – I had to laugh at this:

    “… and they use well endowed (sorry if I offend anyone) beautiful women to make us forget that we have a brain so we purchase just to make them rich.”

    I was on Twitter last night and I was doing the “follows.” I noticed one really pretty woman and yes, she was as you described. Naturally, being a male of the species, I thought… “I’ll just check you out.” So, I followed the links and it was to a Blackberry phone company. No worries. I came back to Twitter and recommenced “following” then – wow! Another hot mamma! So, I did the same. Guess what? Blackberry phone company. Now, I like to think I’m pretty sharp on the BS radar. So, I smelled a scam. Again, I returned to the “follows.” Now, I went on the hunt for any hottie in a state of undress with those assets that you described Thom. And I found several more.

    Guess where they all led? Yep. The SAME Blackberry phone company. So, some SCUMBAG is using MULTIPLE aliases to “con” the “little-heads” into following his crappy scam. Guess what I did? I went back through all those women and blocked the whole damn lot of them. Then I went onto Twitter and did a general SCAM ALERT. I HATE that sort of a con.

    Guys, go through all the Playboy and Penthouse looking dolly-babes and delete the whole bang lot of them IF they lead to Blackberry phones. I also challenged the person behind this garbage to DM me – Direct Message. But I haven’t had anything.

    Twitter is great to say hi to friends but the level of abuse and spam there is UNbelievable. I am gonna be UNfollowing a lot of idiots there soon. Go and have a look folks. Idiots are instantly recognizable. They spam like there is NO tomorrow. Is this good marketing? Hardly! It is IDIOT marketing. I do hope that person DM’s me but for his sake he’d better not.

    Mini rant over!

    Thom – email me about your e-book – and I also have another matter that I need to talk to you about.

    You people are getting me into one of those moods…


  14. Hilary Dickinson

    I LOVE celery and raw carrots and raw sprouts – always have some in my lunchbox…

    I don’t think there is another comment here I disagree with. Looks like we are all pretty fed up with the same things.


    P.S. as an aside my name only has one ‘l’ in it – I’m not like Hillary Clinton. I was brought up believing that it was one ‘l’ for the female name and 2 ‘l’s for the male name and surname – but that doesn’t seem to work. We must all be rather mixed up!



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  15. [Q]

    P.S. Nikki, thank you for the assumptions paragraph. The [Q] thing was kind of fun. : )

  16. Gary

    Just reserving another spot here coz I think this thread might take off. Ha, ha… might?

    Hi Hilary – OK messed with the name spelling above – sorry. I agree with you. There is a feast of information here. But we are NOT the TARGET market. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming onto the internet every day. That is both good and bad.

    Good in that there are MORE potential customers. Bad in that there are now so many MORE competing sites for everything. I remember when I first started with my very first VERY ugly, very crappy website that was a template site with all sorts of cruddy and cumbersome templates that I tried to work around. It was a disaster and I was fleeced $3,500 for it. It was never gonna work but I was sold the “dream” at a seminar where it all sounded SO wonderful.

    I was even told that some guy was selling tumbleweed and making a fortune. Another was supposedly shovelling up cow sh*t, putting it in an oven, varnishing it, cutting a hole out of the centre, inserting clocks and selling the whole shebang on the internet. Me and about 250 other people sat goggle (not Google) eyed at that.

    The truth was, it wasn’t cow sh*t. It was bullsh*t! But I still paid $3,500 and there was a line leading out the door doing the same. SUCKED IN!

    THAT company was eventually banned from entering Australia due to the MASSIVE complaints to Australian Consumer Affairs bureaus in EVERY State. They were also banned in their own country in about 40+ States of the US. So, what did they do? They renamed, re-badged and just did it all over again. At last count they were up to name number eight or nine. THAT is NOT the way to do business.

    Anyway, as I said… when I first got online there were around 4 million sites. I just checked my Alexa ranking today and now there are 20 million sites. That DICTATES that you now need to be better than ever, offer massive benefits and BE DIFFERENT! So, HOW do you BE DIFFERENT? Easy! BE YOURSELF!

    Hi again Linda – re my comments above and Nikki’s on your true identity. I’m glad it was fun for you. It was a NIGHTMARE for me – LOL!

    Keep ‘em rolling in folks. VENT!


  17. Angela

    Hi Gary,

    Good to see and hear refreshing comments about how we really feel. Can’t say there is one post here that I disagree with.

    I’ve always been able to do what I set my mind to which is why it really (I promised myself I wouldn’t swear) frustrates me beyond belief at the block between my own ears! This IM thing is really giving me a tough time.

    In the off-line world I loved my work, and if there were difficulties I always found solutions. Now I’m taking care of an ill family member and getting this off the ground. Feel like a big fat albatross with no damn wings.

    Sorry for venting, but you asked!

    PS – I know, I know … these things take time …. :(

  18. Gary

    Hi folks,

    Wow! What a thread! Marvellous stuff, simply marvellous!

    I was just over at Linda’s blog and read some really interesting comments she made on this particular subject. Naturally, the Gazz-Man – being, of course, the Gazz-Man, could not resist the lure and (wait for it Linda… I KNOW you just LOVE it when I quote myself! Heh… heh… so do I! LOL) posted, inter alia, this…

    “Diamonds and gold on the internet are very, very hard to find. So, when you do find them you tend to want to stick with them and tell everyone else. True quality is seriously very difficult to find.”

    Stop laughing Linda Caroll!

    To read my full reply to Linda’s tasty offering just hop over to her blog and have a read. Yeah… yeah… I could have posted my FULL comment right here instead of just a little “snippety-snip” but then you wouldn’t get the juice of what Linda wrote. So, teleport yourself – and while you are there check out some of the other new threads she has just put up. You can learn a lot. I always do. And that is the name of the game – learning from each other!

    And, Linda, maybe I do have some psychic ability. I dunno. But I do know that when I was much younger I had the ability of premonition. I used to have VIVID deja vu experiences and it frightened the hell out of me. So, I consciously pushed it away from me. But I still have these little “interferences” every now and then – like I can usually tell if somebody is in trouble or unsettled. Yeah… OK… I’m not a Jedi… yet! LOL!

    [SIDEBAR: I might talk about that in a thread one day but you might all think I am a kook. Or, should I say, kookier? LOL! Seriously, I can tell you some stories there that would stand your hair on end, including one that I am sure saved my life one night. The “voice” was talking to me BIG time that night and I have lots of proof and witnesses who can back me up on that one. Having mentioned that – PLEASE don’t go off-topic now.]

    Anyway, maybe later. For now… MORE rants. MORE big, long, beautiful, articulate, Juicy-Lucy RANTS! I am LOVING this and so many people – IF they are smart – are gonna learn a LOT here!

    Keep it coming… full spleen stuff. Let fly. Gimme a full flurry. Do your worst! I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Get it ALL out! LOL!


  19. Linda

    I think I like Denis. Great post to ‘get us started’ as he said.

    Re: the “friends don’t sell to friends” thing. Can’t speak for men, but women do. Tupperware parties, wine parties, lingerie parties… women have done that forever.

    The difference with *some of* the internet marketers is that they have their inside circle where they plot their launches with all the precision of a military attack and then laugh together about how much the peons spent on the latest rollout. Then they start planning what to hawk next. That’s not how friends treat friends.

  20. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Right not many things really annoys me about IM as I take the view, I can always unsubscribe, just leave it to be caught in the spam folder or delete if without even opening it if I really must.

    If I choose to take the step of opening an email, reading it and then click on the URL then that is my choice to do it. I don’t have anyone else to blame. I must admit since the Alex Jeffreys course I have been doing this less and less as I am really focusing on one thing now.

    But the things that do, well not necessarily annoy me, but I think are just total b***ocks is the scarcity thing that has already been mentioned or the ‘fake’ countdown. Do these Internet Marketers think we are idiots or something? Duh, I’ve run out of ebooks and can’t possibly copy another one for you. Yeah, right! Now in some case there has to be a genuine limitation on things, and that is fine, but when it is a digital product … well there credibility goes down straight away with me.

    And another one that gets me, is when you click to leave a page and then some ‘Live Assistant’ pops up and a real ‘live’ (NOT) chat windows opens up and they start chatting. Often a glamorous looking lady (Sorry Nix, but that’s just a fact as they know their target audience is typically male!). Have you ever tried typing something back to them? Well, for some reason they ignore you – can’t think why can you? They then go on to offer you a once in a life-time discount of $10, 25% off, whatever, but you must click now as it won’t be repeated. Well guess what – go back there again and you get the same deal !! They want to employ some better ‘Assistants’ as they have a very short memory span – a computer assistant can do a better job then them, LOL.

    So that’s about if for me.

    Very interesting ‘reveal’ you made about yourself over at my blog Gary. Look forward to the ‘outing’ :-)


  21. Gary

    @ Angela – Hi. Nice to see you here. You may wanna revisit what you said in view of the fact that I added so much content above your comment since you made it. I knew this thread was gonna be a bolter so I have been “inserting” interim replies as I go just to “reserve” space. I have then come back in and added back into the content.

    You said you :

    “Feel like a big fat albatross with no damn wings.”

    I had to laugh at that. I got a visual and I think we have all felt like that at times.

    @ Linda – You like Denis huh? Maybe it’s the Fu-Man-Chu mo! Actually, the D-man is starting to warm to the task. I reckon with a bit of encouragement and a modicum of inducement he could become a FIRST CLASS RANTER.

    Yeah! You women have your parties and then hand the blokes the damn bills. Or there is a mysterious entry on the credit card and when one has the audacity to ask all you get is a one word reply – “TUPPPERWARE.” How the hell can you spend $341 in ONE HIT on plastic containers? Ever heard of FREE empty plastic ice-cream containers?

    @ Garry – Thanks mate. You reminded me of another thing that gives me the heebie-jeebies. You read a sales page that is as long as a dunny roll (like this thread) with 70 testicle-monials and 6 videos of Clive Nerk and Nancy Boogalari and 4 other HIGHLY credible folks like, Wazza Fozzdike, all saying how it revolutionised their business and improved their sex life by 37.642% and you reach the end – complete with 24 BONUS items only to reach the start of the price discounting – not $297, not $197, not $97 or even $67 BUT just $37 and you go to click away then…

    WAIT! Don’t leave! Here! have another $10 off – NOW ONLY $27! That REALLY galls me. Especially if you were trusting (insert the word dopey there) to part with the $37!

    And thanks mate – I was trying to keep my “out” remote – like AWAY from my TEMPLE!


  22. jeffrey dibble

    Hi GazzMan,

    Ho!Ho!Ho! Gazzman Lost for words. You want us to run the show for yeah big man. Are you going to retire bro. Nah! I don’t think so. Since your blog been super charge to the max, I am sure you will be shouting here, there, giving us more of your no nonsense, damn you post.

    Okay, let’s see. I am lost for words here not that I am totally happy with IM but most of the gurus.

    – F@#$%&* the F@$%8 LIARS. This so called gurus promised you star and moon but just want your bloody money. All they have to do is ask and not give me some nice packages with no substances.

    -Bombard with Too much e-mails after opt-in. Got to agree with Hilary. As I am approaching 40 golden year, all I want is good quality and value information and product (Offline or online). I don’t mind with the e-mail but not those senseless e-mails. I will hit the unsubscribe the first thing I see the bull.

    – Too colourful, flashi, arrow, directions, on and on with whereabout makes me sick to my stomach. Get real. I expect to be treated as an adult and not being order like a slave, puppy or some stupid kid. Worse still. Being treated as dummy. Even newbie deserve upmost respect.

    There you go. Enough ranting and shouting or cursing. Glad you did this post. Okay, back to tweeting with you, bro.

    Talk soon.


  23. Nikki

    I thought of a couple of other things last night that also annoy me – be grateful I don’t have the internet at home at the moment or this blog would have had even more entries from me!

    Ok, so, where was I. Ah yes.

    Ebooks. How many times have we fallen for all the flashy hype, paid our hard-earned money, and then got some piece of crap that a 5 year old could have put together?! The front cover should reflect the contents, not be polar opposites! If I buy (or download a free) ebook, it’s because I want to print it off and read it. Often that also means me drawing all over it to highlight relevant points when I come back to it, or putting those sticky tab things in it for ease of reference.

    Now, WHY can’t people format a book properly? I want chapters, I want page numbers, I want a contents page. I want chapters to start on a new page, not somewhere halfway down a page. I want a decent legible font. Just because ebooks are easily published, doesn’t mean they should be thrown together like no-one cares! If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. It all comes back to my previous point about SPAG – professionalism is key and I’m afraid image is a very important part of that (yes, I know, I do sound like I might be contradicting myself slightly!).

    I am not going to be impressed or recommend an ebook if it doesn’t please me aesthetically – I know content is king, but if I can’t focus on the content because I’m being annoyed by the poor presentation then there’s just no hope.

    Now I can’t remember the other thing I was going to mention, so instead I shall add my thoughts on some of the other comments above:

    Gaz-Man – not everyone can handle such length, so I felt it was only fair to apologise to those that may yet need some training in such matters. I’m sure you can understand that issue!

    Thom – you said:

    “I do not like being treated like a child and told how great that person is and how I am suppose to just follow along and do what they say”

    Absolutely! That’s what I was getting at in my initial missive above. I get quite irritated at anyone trying to control me or telling me that they are ‘better’ than me. I had enough of that as a child, so I’m hyper-sensitive to that kind of treatment.
    You also said

    “they use well endowed (sorry if I offend anyone) beautiful women to make us forget that we have a brain so we purchase just to make them rich. “

    One of the oldest tricks in the book! Perhaps I should give up on IM and just sell myself instead. No, that isn’t meant to sounds quite as conceited as it does, but if you saw some of the comments that I get then you’d forgive my statement.

    Hils – my mum is Hilary as well and she gets loads of people trying to spell it with 2 L’s. Got a lot worse once the Clintons were in the White House (i.e. all the publicity around Hillary).

    Gaz-Man – somewhere above you said

    “Get it ALL out!”

    Really? You think people are ready for that?!

    Garry – regarding your comment:

    “Often a glamorous looking lady (Sorry Nix, but that’s just a fact as they know their target audience is typically male!). “

    Oh I know, and no offence taken – as Denis pointed out, it’s very similar to the oldest profession in the world. S*x sells (asterisk so that the spammers don’t get wind of it & send Gaz-Man all sorts of nonsense). But this brings me back to the comment I left over on your blog and have mentioned above – on the internet, most people are used to seeing these images as just a ploy to sell products / goods / services – so am I at a disadvantage by being young & female? Will I be dismissed as ‘just another pretty face’ (sidenote from me – those that dismiss me or think of me as ‘just’ anything will be swept up along with all the other crap that lives on the internet and binned – I am not here to waste my time with such people).

    Ok, so I knew I had a bit more of a rant in me! Whoops.

  24. Linda

    Gary…. *sigh*

    You women have your parties and then hand the blokes the damn bills. Or there is a mysterious entry on the credit card and when one has the audacity to ask all you get is a one word reply – “TUPPPERWARE.” How the hell can you spend $341 in ONE HIT on plastic containers? Ever heard of FREE empty plastic ice-cream containers?

    Maybe in your world. lol. In my world, I have never had a bloke to pay my bills. Maybe in another life, but certainly not this one. I have out-earned every male in my life, including my Dad, since I was 18 years old and seem to attract the sort of blokes that want to hand me their bills. Kind of goes back to what Nixxie said about assumptions, hmm? lol



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  25. Nikki

    Linda – I agree with EVERYTHING that you have said above! Any parties etc I go to, I pay for. Any fun things I choose to purchase at these parties – I pay for. In fact everything in my life – I pay for. And like you, I have never had a bloke to pay my bills. Guess intelligence comes at a price!


  26. Gary

    Jeez Nix – You’re going OFF! Loving it. Er, maybe terminology needs adjustment – LOL! But I do like leaving segues for you…

    Hoping, of course, that the Gazz-Man’s ACTION Planner is of the desired quality to please the discerning eye of the Nixster, considering all 72 pages took a whopping 5 hours to write. (Hint!)

    On another matter…

    “No, that isn’t meant to sound quite as conceited as it does, but if you saw some of the comments that I get then you’d forgive my statement.”

    OK. OK. OK. I retract the 163 emails I sent you last week and the 74 I have already sent this week. Plus my 235 twitter messages, including the 69 DM’s. Plus the 16 hand-written letters and postcards. And the three videos. Oh, and that recording of me dueting with Phyllis Nelson… “Move clo-ser. Move your body…” I apologize. Do you forgive me?

    Linda – Well… I was speaking from PERSONAL experience about what happens around this little neck of the woods. In other words, all the surprise entries that I get on my CC with the bland statement like, “Oh! Yeah! Forgot to mention it. Can you fix that up?” To which I say, “Sure thing honey buns, you just go out and find more things to hang in your 95% of the walk-in wardrobe coz you’re down to your last 57 pairs of shoes and your 38 handbags are looking really boring.” (*snickering to self*)

    Then, when I wanna go out to buy something REALLY important such as a cartoon (Oz lingo) of amber beverage I gotta pay cash coz the CC has melted.

    It’s tough being me.


  27. Nikki

    Darling, your stuff is of the highest quality (I typed ‘stiff’ first! Oh dear! Freudian slip methinks). You don’t need to apologise for any of your stuff, as it’s been a real pleasure. For both of us.

    (Could I make this sound any more suggestive?!)

    Decorum (yes, I do have a little) prohibits me mentioning here some of the comments that I receive from other people – but nothing that you have said or done has been taken the wrong way (NPI!) – and I’ve loved every minute.

    Ok, so I’m sitting here laughing as I’m typing this!

    PS – Yes, your Action Planner was very well formatted and clear & easy to read – so it passes my inspection! As for other things passing inspection…well, I might just need a closer look… ;)

  28. Gary

    The Gazz-Man is indeed pleased that he is having this effect but his own INCREDIBLE modesty (yeah sure!) prevents him from saying any more here so will revert to email number 75 for the week… (continued in private)…

  29. Gary

    @ Jeff – just cleaned out my spameroo folder and there you were man. But I let you out. Sorry if it was cramped in there. You were shoutin’ and we couldn’t hear you. And that’s why you’re out of order in the list of replies. Sorry. I need to check that damn thing more often.

  30. Denis Caron

    Oh Gary, Gary:
    You know that I need no encouragement what-so-ever in order to spew out a rant. Au contraire-It’s more difficult for me NOT to rant about something. I’ve really been holding back most times. After all, these comments are public. You should see how many times my wife just rolls her eyes when I get going-That’s what my poetry is for-

    Hi Linda:

    You THINK that maybe, perhaps, possibly you might like me? I’m not sure how to take that? Thanks, I think? Only kidding…

    The difference in the issue of friends selling to friends is the familiarity between people, and the frequency of said sales. If people are already friends and then some selling goes on, okay that’s cool. But even that can get old as well. There have been numerous times when my wife gets that dreaded post card in the mail about another jewelry or kitchen aid type thing party and she bemoans the fact that this person is having another party. If too many of those post cards arrive in the mail, then that person becomes the friend to avoid at times for she is abusing that friendship.

    The same goes for internet marketers. If I’ve never personally communicated with a marketer, let alone ever met him, then we’re really not friends. They are using the term “friend” instead of “anonymous buyer” (or worse). I get a great chuckle when I get the email with the heading- Dear (Insert Name) in the heading. Screw up-Wow, that makes me feel so special. Like everyone’s saying-It’s the frequency of the emails.

    The following comment is for all the emerging F500 marketers out there…Gary Simpson has an ebook, called “Time In Motion” that he requests your email before the download. We have corresponded and commented many times over the course of the last few months and I’d like to think that we’ve become friends. But, I have yet to receive an email from him hawking anybody’s product. We’re in the same group! We communicate with each other because we have forged a real bond between us. If/when he does email me, I WILL open it, because of our friendship. He’s probably emailing me because this is something that I should take a look at. Linda is now here among us because of her friendship with Gary. We are getting to know Linda and we will benefit as well. There’s no abuse of friendship going on anywhere. (Don’t worry, Garry Parkes-you’re in the “good” group too. I do open yours.).

    But for everyone else, Take Heed-We are all still students of Alex Jeffreys, so do not lump me in with all the others that have signed up for your product, and try to “sell” me something. To already impersonalize this student relationship while we are still taking this course together, will just get me to unsubscribe from your list forever, because you’ve already become one of “them”. Even though we are students together, but have never personally communicated, then we are not friends. I’m a very solitary type person. I don’t need “artificial” friends to boost my self esteem. So do not send me an email about some affiliate product you’re hawking or get me to come to your website because you want to sell me something under the guise of friendship. Ain’t…gonna…happen…


  31. Gary

    Denis – I laughed at the way you strung those last three words. I got it – very clever.

    God, I go on mad rants around here (house and office) all the time. I went on a LUNATIC rant a couple of weeks ago about what some sh*thead at an insurance company did with one of my policies. It was just so PATENTLY unfair and I got jabbed big time! And I was told to like it or lump it. I’m still not letting that go either. If that dipstick thinks they got away with it then… think again dipper.

    I will argue over 50c if there is a principle involved. But I will willingly give money to people who need it. Remind me to tell you guys some time about the old lady tramp on Hollywood Boulevard that I gave money to. The look in her eyes was priceless but it wasn’t the money, it was what I said to her.

    Anyway, I think a recurring theme from a LOT of what is said above is that we can become very offended by the tricks people use to TRY to get under our guard to filch our money off us. That is the offensive part – the con-artistry and insincerity.


  32. Mark Mooney


    What a great post it certainly got everyone talking one thing I hate is ALEX JEFFERIES

    I bet that’s stopped you in your tracks Gary, but it will make you read my comment.

    I hate him because he is responsible for getting you lot involved in Internet Marketing which means there is now even more competition, as pointed out by Denis, I don’t think the Newbie Ocean will ever dry up but the people selling to it will continue to increase, making it harder for those people who simply think that throwing an e-book together will make them an online millionaire.

    Of course I don’t hate him I will probably be joint venturing with him in a few months. I hate him because you are all his students and not mine, he did the one thing we all strive for as Internet Marketers he got you all to talk about him, make videos promote his List Building course, almost everyone in the IM world knows him now, the guy is a genius (I HATE HIM LOL!!).

    I will keep this as short as possible, but I like Linda’s comment, similar to her I was mainly involved in selling tangible products, and still do very well promoting High Street products. However the one thing there will always be a market for is INFORMATION or should I say KNOWLEDGE and people have paid for that since caveman Harry wrote on his cave wall “how to build a fire”, and charged an entrance fee.

    I am sure that we are familiar with the great depression of the 20’s and 30’s the one industry that continued to prosper was those that provided information. The problem we all face now though is that you have got to get good at it. So my message to you all is “be good be great be clever”.

    Good Luck to you all

    Kindest Regards
    Mark Mooney

    P.S. If some of this is not grammatically correct “I don’t care” some of the most successful entrepreneurs are (dsylexisc) dyslexics

  33. Linda

    Mark – you’re right about dyslexia and successful entrepreneurs. In blog comments, meh… whatever. In books and products, that’s what proofreaders are for. When I see a product that has not been proofed, it makes me wonder if the writer is really as successful as they’d like us to think. Surely, if they were, they could afford a proofreader?

    Denis… lol. You do so know how to take that. (Oh…. and, you’re right about too many party postcards = pushing one’s luck)

    As Mark points out, people have been selling information since the dawn of time. I have no problem with that. I’d like to do some of that myself.

    Thing is, if I’m going to pay for flight lessons, it would be kind of nice if the person teaching me could actually fly a plane. There’s an awful lot of people selling “how to make money online” information when they have never made any money online.

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king? Is that how it works? lol



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  34. Nikki


    You said:

    “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king? Is that how it works? lol”

    No, but it’s how most men work.

  35. Gary

    Simply must reserve myself a vantage point here. Very amusing Nix.

    Coming back now (@ 7.00am Feb 1st, 2009) I would like to think that Linda did NOT set that up for you but, when two very clever female minds get together, who knows what may happen?

    Nix you are damn quick. I’ll give you that. I find that when I know you are prowling I almost have to re-read every sentence for inintended double-entendres. And then, of course, there are times when I just leave such a segue rather deliberately. So – ha, ha – it keeps you guessing too. Did he mean that? Will I walk in? Will I hold back? This is just too funny. I was gonna say thrust and counter-thrust. Oops, I just did.

    I hope others find this tete-a-tete stuff as amusing as we obviously do. Here and there – eyes roll skyward, a wry smile, an inward breath, a smirk, a sigh, a shake of the head. Maybe even a look of disgust… (oh this was loaded. I wonder what will come of it? I can hardly wait.).

    Gary ;-)

  36. Garry Parkes

    Hey Denis,

    “Don’t worry, Garry Parkes-you’re in the “good” group too. I do open yours.”

    Glad to hear that Denis !!

    You raise I very good point about some of the F500 who are already sending out emails to others in the group trying to sell things to us via affiliate links. To me it’s just not on at all. Yeah, you can promote things on your blogs but not via emails please.

    The emails I have personally sent out to the group is those about the free “Profit Pulling Project Newsletter” that many of us are contributing to, but never in any email would I try to sell something to the group, but I do need to send the emails to keep people informed about the newsletter.

    However, do you see the problem we all have here and which has been bugging me for a while? What happens after the course? And I don’t mean it’s open season for selling, as I most certainly will NOT be doing that as I have a longer-term plan. What I do mean is already my list (as well as others’ lists as well, I am sure) have a significant number who are not part o the F500. How are we going to overcome that dilemma without upsetting some of the friends we have built up along this course?

  37. Mark Mooney

    Linda – you have hit the nail on the head, a good majority of people selling the concept of making money online have only ever sold a product on how to make money online, by simply applying the CUT & PASTE method.

    About 10 years ago I was teaching students how to send email, now it is common knowledge, building a list and creating a Blog, cloaking affiliates links and getting targeted traffic will soon be commonplace, these people will soon have to re-think their whole strategy. Just look how many info products are now on the market. Newbies must be taught the marketing concept and the theory of the product cycle. And be aware that FAST CASH SOON RUNS OUT.

    Best Regards

    P.S. Great Post Gary it get everyone thinking.

  38. Gary

    @ Garry – Good point. That is something I am also VERY conscious of. Many of the F500 are now interlaced on various lists of mine. I may have to put a F500 rider in the body of the emails I send. Either that or delete them from Aweber. Dunno. But I whatever I do I don’t wanna pitch to the F500.

    @ Mark – ALL cash soon runs out if you don’t keep replacing it. LOL. Glad you are finding this thread interesting. I have a great bunch of commenters here, and prospective Internet Marketers will learn a lot here. Ahem… so might some of the so-called “gurus.” The age of the uneducated newbie is coming to a close. There’s far too much information out there now and the social networks can make people savvy pretty quickly. If only, of course, they ask.

    Therefore “Information Marketers” need to get better and DO better to win the confidence of their prospects. That is what this is all about.



  39. Denis Caron

    Hi Garry:
    I intentionally added that sentence about you, for you. That was not a cloaked comment directed to you. I’m not good at cloaking anything. I do open your emails because they inform-the newsletter, your video (great video on Twitter by the way-bookmarked and my source of reference). But I think any of the students who have students on their list will find that it’s skewed and will have a crappy open rate. That’s because we’re all in somewhat the same place. We should be on each other’s affiliate list-the shepherd list, if you will, and not the flock list. I’m sure that Mike Filsaime, or any other guru who knows Alex’s personal email address isn’t inundating him with emails everyday to sell him something- Because they’re all shepherds. It may take the manual task of purging the F500 from any “common” list and putting them on a separate list. I don’t think that it would be a strong active list with students on it anyway.

    Yea right, it’s easy for me to say, I can do that task in two seconds. (Let’s see, move that one name over to this list. Now with the one name left, I’ll have a 100% open rate when my mother opens her email)…


  40. Linda

    Mark… Thanks! Cut and paste is a quick and decent technique if I know that what I’m lending my name to actually works and is viable. Where people run into trouble is when they don’t know enough to know if what they are promoting is viable. Often, if a program turns out to be bogus, their reputation falls along with that which they were hawking.

    Gary… (and Garry)…
    Re whatever I do I don’t wanna pitch to the F500

    That one is food for thought. If *I* wrote a new book, wouldn’t you want to know about it? If you wrote a new book, wouldn’t *I* want to read it?
    It makes me think that the real problem is how we define “pitch.”

    If you define “pitch” as “promote any old internet junk” — then sure, you don’t want to “pitch” people you have a relationship with. But if you toss the word “pitch” into the internet junk phrase pile and replace it with “keep in touch and let you know what I’m doing…” it’s different.

    Here’s a little tip. Put a brother or sister or other respected relative on your list. Never forget they’re there. It will change the way you speak to everyone. The hype disappears and the humanity emerges.

  41. Gary

    Hi Denis – Message received. This is a difficult subject and you have mentioned many fine points. I think Linda has completely nailed it with her reply below yours so I will defer to that but temper my comments with reference to what you said – that is, carry the conversation through to Linda.

    Hi Linda – As above. Your comments are entirely appropriate. I would have no difficulty with that procedure. I have already shared some of my e-books with F500 people at no cost or obligation because I wanted to. It is the relationship and the appropriateness that counts.

    In most of my dealings with people these days I refer to “Time, Place, Circumstance.” If I get a good or bad fit with that set of criteria then that is what dictates my decision. Obviously, I don’t always get it right. Nobody can because we are dealing with physical, mental, emotional and (dare I say this?) spiritual entities at the other end. It only takes a disturbance in one or more of those facets to misinterpret the offer and we have conflict. Cases in point – see ALL the disturbances above – most of which are a result of the poor Time, Place and Circumstance decisions of the “offer makers” – not to mention ulterior MOTIVE.

    This is a VERY complex area of Internet Marketing and he or she who gets it correct and who has a great offer to make will WIN! In fact, the best outcome is a win for both sides – good information for fair payment or fair payment for good information.

    Good information is what EVERYBODY wants because it allows us to advance in specific areas of our lives. Conversely – and you touched on this above too – BAD information HURTS us.

    Am I getting too technical here? I am just brain dumping what comes to mind after having read all of the above and blended it all together and added my own touch to it all.


  42. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    Just been catching up as I went to London last night and saw Derek Jacobi in Twelfth Night. It was a really enjoyable performance and much of it had the audience in fits of laughter.

    It has given me thoughts for my next blog post so I won’t say too much now, but Shakespeare was an information-giver in his day and had the connection with his audience. This is what we need to work towards in our day and age. (Though of course we can’t all be Shakespeare!)

    In the end how we all deal with what we are doing depends on our own honesty and integrity.

    If we only do what we know to be honest and true to ourselves, then we are doing what we can to keep our input and presence in the IM world clean.

    We cannot force others to do it too, but we can show another way and if they choose to see and follow that, all well and good. If not, we cannot let ourselves worry too much about their actions (though the consequences may disturb us and we may have to do something about it).

    So, let us make good working relationships and friendships in a place like this, amongst like-minded people. Together we can be stronger.

    We won’t rule the (IM) world, but we can make the part of it that we are in a so much better place to be. After all if it is not a good place to be, why would we want to be there anyway?

    Sorry if this is a bit ‘high-brow’!


  43. Stephen Bray


    I don’t think you needed to apologize for writing such a short post here ~ Christ man your replies are posts in themselves ;-)

    My pet peeves are bonuses, that are worthless such as e-books that state the obvious. I’m not keen on products that promote ‘Secrets’, which turn out to contain information that most of us know.

    Once in a while, however, you come across someone who really does let you know how they conduct their business, and make money on-line. I have only recently started having any success and the trick I used was simply to invest in a couple of higher ticket items.

    That said, there’s a lot to be said for your approach, which is to provide quality content and make it uniquely yours. Sometimes you remind me of that other famous Gary of Internet fame, I refer of course to, the late, Gary Halbert a roue if ever there was one, but someone who spoke volumes and gave a lot of stuff away for free.

    Gary Halbert was a huge fan of another Gary, but I think maybe this is becoming a comment about the value of being yourself and doing things your own way, rather than beginning every paragraph with ‘Amazing’, ‘At Last’, ‘Unique’ and ‘Secret’ ;-)

    Give me a day, or so and I’ll maybe write more on ‘The Three Garys’ on my website.

    Go well,




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  44. Linda

    Hey Gary… RE:

    Hi Linda – As above. Your comments are entirely appropriate. I would have no difficulty with that procedure. I have already shared some of my e-books with F500 people at no cost or obligation because I wanted to. It is the relationship and the appropriateness that counts.

    Okay… but that’s not what I mean. lol. Let’s remove IM from the equation for a minute. Let’s pretend that I make soap as a hobby. And let’s say the soap I make is awesome… made with fair trade ingredients, non-allergenic, and it makes your skin feel awesome. And I donate 20% of my profit to charitable causes. Would you buy my soap? Would you want to know when I have a new product?

    Certainly, you would not expect me to keep you in soap – free – forever because you’re my friend, right? But you might want to be supportive of what I’m doing and buy my soap – and tell others about it – because we ARE friends and have shared values.

    And that’s the crux of the matter. Shared values and ethical products. The only time we should have to worry about whether we’re telling friends about what we are doing commercially is a) When our pitch sounds like a used car salesman who’s having a slow month….. or b) When we’re selling crap.

    If we’re selling good stuff, and we’re selling with principles instead of “pitch” – it should not matter if friends are on our list. If I had a list filled with friends, I’d be proud, and I’d feel like I’m doing something RIGHT.

    Now all I need is a list. lol. 14 years online and I don’t have one. Too funny. (and I do make soap as a hobby. lol. It’s not a fake example)

  45. Sarah

    You made a comment on my post about me not leaving comments. I thought I had left you some before but if I haven’t, I have figured out why. I click on the link to add my comment then get totally caught up in reading all the others. By the time I get to the bottom I forget what I was planning to say, it has already been said, or I don’t feel like I have anything of value to add. I don’t like making posts just for the sake of it as it seems like I am fishing for reciprocation. I’m really just trying to learn.

    Now, what the heck was the question?

    Oh, my biggest challenges are finding the time to balance my online interestes with my day job. I want to visit all the blogs and leave comments but I can’t seem to find the time. My friends are already mad that I spend all my time with my computer.

    Also, I am having difficulty finding a niche market. I don’t know what to focus on, or how to decide. I want to develop my own stuff, but what???

    Thanks for the offer of help by the way.

    P.S. One more, sometimes I get overwhelmed by the volume of stuff on all the blogs. So much information!

  46. Denis Caron


    Thank you. Bravo, Yes, that’s it! I do want to know what my friends are doing. I am a loyal friend down to the core. I will back an honest friend until our last days on this earth.

    I am also a man of my word. I don’t say something unless I mean it. We are talking about moral values brought into a place where essentially there do not have to be any (I’m not saying none exist. See, I’m getting better). It’s a lot easier to tell someone something if you are not looking at them face to face. I’m old school. My life in the physical business world has always been customer oriented. You know your customers. You have a relationship with your customers-And you respect and honor that relationship. For many online marketers, people (since there is no face behind a credit card number) look like a body with a dollar sign attached.

    I also loved what you said previously about “humanity” emerging. It really got me thinking about this whole business.


  47. Gary

    @ Hilary – Old WaggerDagger was indeed an information “giver” in his day and was rewarded for his ability. Alas (getting right into it now Hils – LOL), he has far greater fame in death than he ever did in life. And that is something that attracts me to this caper in a big way. I know my time on this earth is very limited – BUT – if I create something worthy enough my name will be immortalised forever. That is a VERY COOL thought to me. Look at the likes of Shakespeare himself, Freddie Mercury (I know it wasn’t his real name), Beethoven, Mozart (all the great composers), Albert Einstein, James Dean, Elvis Presley – oh, I could go on and on ( and usually do – I know!). But there is an attraction in that to me.

    We can’t rule the IM world

    ??? Hmm. Well, we shall see. I KNOW what you mean Hils.

    Glad you had a great night in London. Wish I could have been there. It sounds awesome. And… on my blog you just be yourself Hilary. Don’t worry about being too “high-brow” as you put it. I love the diversity of character and opinion here. As I mentioned to Alex Jeffreys in an email – I have the “thinkers” here and that is exactly what I want.

    @ Stephen – Now, don’t even get me started on “bonuses.” OK. I’m started. Put bluntly, UNLESS they are “related” and complementary to the main thing I want – I FRIKKEN HATE THEM. Most of them are USELESS junk that just waste my time anyway. And, if the damn offer was worth the money, why on earth does there need to be 14 bonuses? 14 DUHS there alone!

    Ah, but here’s a little gem – what about the “good value” SURPRISE unadvertised bonus? Huh? The little “prezzie” that comes with the purchased product. Now… THAT I like! It’s all in the way it is done.

    Heh, heh… you said:

    “I don’t think you needed to apologize for writing such a short post here ~ Christ man your replies are posts in themselves.”

    Braysie… you should know by now – I can’t help myself! LOL! I’m like a dog with a bone.

    On Gary Halbert – yes he was a great copywriter, marketer and all that. However, towards the end of his career, he seemed to become embittered and his writing, I believe, started to show that trait. I went to his site several times and was pretty disgusted when I saw him referring to people as sh*tweasels and the like. I thought it was unnecessary and highly offensive. Like, if you don’t know somebody, how can you call them a sh*tweasel?

    Oh, I’m not saying I’m a damn saint. I call people who p155 me off all sorts of things. But there is a difference. My abuse is targetted because somebody has deliberately gone out of their way to upset, annoy or irritate me in a most foul manner that offends my honour. I like to think I treat everybody very decently but sometimes that decency just doesn’t get mirrored. In fact, some people are damn lousy and they go out of their way to eff-up everyone else’s day. That would be an occasion when I may refer to somebody as a sh*tweasel, or the like – probably a hellof a lot worse, in fact – but not just anybody who was landing on my web page looking for information. I thought that was wrong of him to do that. I can remember an email exchange with Linda Caroll from several years ago that we had about this very matter and concerning this very person.

    In any case, I appreciate your sentiment very much and I will look forward to reading your article if you decide to write it.

    @ Linda – Hi again. As if you and I have NEVER had this conversation in private via email – LOL! Now I am gonna make you laugh. You quote me and I quote you (like the two Walt Disney chipmuncks). You, my dear, said:

    “And that’s the crux of the matter. Shared values and ethical products. The only time we should have to worry about whether we’re telling friends about what we are doing commercially is a) When our pitch sounds like a used car salesman who’s having a slow month….. or b) When we’re selling crap.”

    I laughed at that coz there is an even WORSE possibility… a used-car salesman style pitch that DOES promote crap. No “or” just an “and.” I found that very amusing – then again, I have a weird sense of humour, and I know that you do too. So, you will probably find it funny too.

    Linda, let me be serious now for a moment. I know a lot of people who are very clever and very talented who DO NOT have a list. And here is where the FRUSTRATION comes – the money is all in the relationship with the list. But if you DON’T have a list, how much money can you make? OK. I know that not everybody is motivated by money but…

    … try telling that to the grocer, or the gas station attendant, or the utility company, or anyone else for that matter coz they ARE motivated by money and if we have no money then they have no goodies for us. So, I am thinking now that a list is a “handy” thing to have. For many years I never had a list either. In fact, I wrote a whole post about it.

    @ Sarah – Indeed, information overload is a common denominator among all the F500, me included. There is SO much to know and even more to do. Just look at the damn time I have spent here today trying to catch up with all the comments. I am gonna have to ease back or find a better method. Coz something is gonna give soon – most likely my sanity – LOL!

    Now this blog is a nuisance to so many people. I know that. It has SO much information it is ridiculous. But I’d rather give way too much than not enough (oh dear… I just had somebody flash into my mind – and now I am laughing). Sorry Sarah, I’ll get back on track.

    You ask about what niche you should move into – What are YOU interested in? What do you know a heck of a LOT about? What do you have a great passion about? What do people come to you for when they want to know something? ie what do you have “specialist” knowledge in? That is where your niche lies. Somewhere in the answers to those questions.

    @ Denis – You sound a lot like me in those comments above. You’re not stealing the Gazz-Man’s scripts are you? LOL! Of course not! You wouldn’t steal anything. Just like I wouldn’t.

    I’d just like to add to what you said (like as if I could resist just for one sec) by saying that criminals use the internet to commit the perfect crime. They don’t have to rob banks with guns anymore. Well, the smart ones don’t. They just sit behind a keyboard, anonymously, and steal from other anonymous people. How much more perfect could it get?

    Regards to you all. I do appreciate the time and thought that everybody used in making these most excellent comments.


  48. Linda


    Thank you. Bravo, Yes, that’s it! I do want to know what my friends are doing. I am a loyal friend down to the core. I will back an honest friend until our last days on this earth. I am also a man of my word. I don’t say something unless I mean it. We are talking about moral values brought into a place where essentially there do not have to be any…

    Good points. And thank you. I’m of old fashioned ethics myself.

    Thing is, I think everything falls into the category where there ‘does not have to be’ ethics. How many people cheat on their spouse? Steal from their employer? Lie to their family?

    Everywhere humans go, there they are. And not all of them have ethics. I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘business ethics’ – I think there’s just ethics.

    I do think one thing the Internet amplifies is the number of people that recommend bad things with good intent because of lack of knowledge. They hear of the latest/greatest plan/blueprint/technique and see the results and are quick to slam up a page with affiliate id… when too often they do not know enough to know if they are recommending something good, or not.

    I cannot even count the number of people who lost their life savings buying into a well hidden ponzi scheme because the sales page convinced them that it’s a life investment plan and they didn’t know enough to know who to ask or how to do due diligence. If they tried to ask questions, they were asking the first in, who did make money, so they got good feedback. So, they quickly got in line to jump off a cliff financially.

    The same thing happens with Internet Marketing schemes. There was a huge company in California that talked white hat. Talk is cheap. They were black hat. When they went down, they took hundreds of small businesses with them. Moms and pops, who’d paid thousands, booted out of Google and banned. They had to have their sites rebuilt from the ground up before they could request re-inclusion. They were just sick over it. Suing the black hat was no resolution, they’d filed bankruptcy.

    When it comes to Internet & technology lack of knowledge often blurrs the line between bad ethics, bad advice and bad choices. Trust becomes of paramount importance. Which is, of course, why internet marketers use social proof so abundantly. It allows them to “earn” trust artificially. That’s basic psychology. What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Everywhere humans go, there they are. The good, the bad and the ugly. : )



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
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  49. Gary

    @ 10.17 pm (computer time) Gazz-Man is gonna take his puppalitos for a walk, come back, have brekkie (LOL) and then get stuck into answering these comments. (It’s 7.17am in Perth, Western, Australia – home city of the Gazz-Man).

    Well, I finally have got down to here (8.48am – computer time and 5.48pm Gazz-Man time), after sitting in my office chair with wet bathers for a couple of hours while I jump in and out of the swimming pool coz it’s BLOODY HOT here. I know, I know. You lot at the top of the planet are snowed in and freezing cold. Sorry.

    Linda, much of the converstaion here has been about how we should be treating each other in Internet and Information Marketing and there have been dozens and dozens of very fine points made. And a fair bit of humour too. I have laughed at a lot of the comments made, serious as they are.

    I guess we need to realise that we are all human. We all mess up from time to time. But you can only really mess up when you are actually doing something. The more we do, the more chance we have of mucking up. It’s like Alex Jeffreys teaches in his coaching – “fail forward.”

    One of my greatest strengths is also one of my greatest weaknesses. I am a perfectionist. You know that. I recognise that. I get bagged for it all the time. It costs me time and money – ALL the time. So, I need to find a balance there. I find it VERY difficult to give anything less than my best performance (NS) in anything coz I reckon if a job is worth doing then it may as well be done properly.

    I have said many times on this blog and others and in emails that I am more concerned with what people have in their hearts than what they have in their heads (within reason, of course) because a brain can be educated but if a heart is dark then that is generally a trait that is carried through life. We all know evil people. And we all know good people who make bad choices and decisions.

    I have a rule of thumb when somebody does something that I don’t like. I look at what that person consists of. If they are evil and they do something evil then it should not surprise me and I know that I need to protect myself from them. But if somebody is a good person and they do something bad or stupid or without thinking too hard before pressing the “go button” then I can handle that. I may not be pleased with what they have done but it doesn’t stop me from being their friend or loving them, so long as they don’t make a habit of doing such things, that is.

    We just need to work out who we can trust and who we like and why. That’s what I do. Just another 2c worth to add to the other 20,000c that I have deposited elsewhere on this mammoth blog.


  50. Linda

    Sorry to hog this conversation. lol

    if you DON’T have a list, how much money can you make? OK. I know that not everybody is motivated by money but…
    … try telling that to the grocer, or the gas station attendant, or the utility company, or anyone else for that matter

    I have 2 kinds of customers. The ones that say “I need my site designed or redesigned” — and the ones who afterward say “thanks, now I need seo and/or marketing” and then sign on for ongoing monthly work. Some of my clients have been with me 5-10 years. New clients come in through old ones. A lot of them haven’t ever even seen my site. lol. So, I haven’t needed a list. But, if I want to sell products… then I WILL need a list. lol.

  51. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Right here we go, my time to vent some bile, but where to begin ? I think it will be easier to list my grievances below in order of annoyance.

    1, the cutting and pasting of stock sales promotional material. Sorry Linda but this one annoys the hell out of me. Maybe outside the IM niche you can get away with this but, on the run up to any of the major daily launches that seem to be hitting our inboxes, you get the main man followed closely by all his minions pushing the hell out a product all using the same stock text.

    As it’s already been pointed out in this thread the day will soon arrive when the IM niche will hit a point saturation, so surely would it not make better sense to spend five minutes or so rewriting an email, giving yourself at least half a chance of standing out from the other sheep.

    2. Stephen Brays comment about bonuses. I have yet to receive a bonus Ebook that did not find it’s way very quickly onto my digital hearth along with my digital firelighters.

    3. the way some marketers feel the need to insult my intelligence with scarcity tactics, please do me a favour !!

    4. I know the next one will ruffle a few feathers. The way some members of this student body are using it like their own private mailing list. The last thing I need is a fellow student trying to hawk some product to me, when no more than an hour earlier I had thrown the other five or six versions of the same sales pitch which I had received through a more appropriate channel onto, yes you guessed my digital fire.

    5. PLR products. Now this one for me is a real doozy. I know that there is really nothing that’s new hitting the IM niche at the moment, so obviously the information that’s out there is pretty much the same, it just comes dressed in different clothes, some in a ball gown and others in a baggy tracksuit.

    Today a really good friend of mine got a slap on the back of the head for wasting $77 on a product that was dressed like a prom queen. He came to me earlier to show me his latest purchase and asked me what I though, the slap came straight after viewing video number 1.

    The product which won’t be mentioned appeared to be firmly marketed with the newbie in mind (you know the type of product, earn $$$$$$$ whilst you sleep) Anyway video number 1, buy resell rights to a few products, don’t spend to much time rewriting the content, change the header if you want, the slap came when I read about the seven most common mistakes that people make when selecting a “profutable” product to market, and all this from a product that was dressed to the nines !

    I was not angry with my friend, he knew no better. What annoyed the hell out of me was the fact that the subsequent videos I watched in this product where all obviously cobbled together from other sources, different people talking and totally different styles of video player.

    Obviously he is going to get a refund as soon as he can, but how many poor saps will buy this heap of crap thinking that it’s the best thing since sliced bread !

    I truly don’t know what the answer to this problem is, but as a somebody who want’s to start earning a living from promoting affiliate products as well as my own, it’s a worrying prospect as to where descent products will be sourced.

    I read a very interesting article from a guy called James Jones (Micro niche finder fame) and he seems to think that a lot of newbies in the IM niche will be middle management types who will take great delight in ripping to shreds anyone who try to flam them for a quick buck, I hope that day comes sooner than later, hopefully leaving room for the people who are prepared to go that extra mile for their clients..

    On a personal note Gary I think if you wrapped up all you comment threads and put them into a pdf format you would have a $97 product on your hands, at least you would be able to sell it with the knowledge that it was quality content throughout !

    All the best,


  52. Linda

    Paull… RE:

    1, the cutting and pasting of stock sales promotional material. Sorry Linda but this one annoys the hell out of me.

    Oh lordy, that one drives me crazy. My comment wasn’t saying it’s okay. I was being tongue in cheek and wasn’t clear. I’d been commenting back to Mark that a lot of people selling “how to make money” products have never sold anything BUT “how to” products and don’t have a clue. I used the phrase “copy & paste” loosely…. in reference to the fact that a lot of products are shoddy and cobbled together with copy/paste. Much like the product your friend just bought.

    As for marketing pieces, if I read the same letter twice, I unsubscribe from anyone that’s sending that piece out. I figure anyone that can’t take the time to write their own letter or review isn’t someone I want to be reading.

  53. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Linda,

    Sorry about that, just taken my foot out of my mouth :O)




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  54. Linda

    Paul, no need to say sorry. I tend to shove both feet in my mouth now and then. lol

  55. Gary

    @ Linda – You can “hog” this conversation as much as you want. You are a person who is very knowledgeable in your craft and therefore a person who should be listened to and taken notice of. I enjoy reading what you say and I’m sure lots of others do too.

    But what? You don’t have a list? Well, neither did I until a couple of years ago and even then, I only promoted my stuff to it a couple of times. And, yes, I made sales. Lots of them. Now, you would have thought that would have wised me up huh? Nope. I still didn’t wanna sell to them. In fact, I had a lady email me once – I’m sure I wrote about this in my thread on “lists” – and said, “Gary, how come you never try to sell me anything?” I thought about that and the only thing I could come up with was, “coz I’m a d*ckhead.”

    After that I made a lot of sales when I “tested” the list. In fact, even without promoting to my list I get regular Clickbank cheques and I have only been scammed twice – people who did a chargeback about one minute after they down-loaded their product. But I believe that Clickbank monitors these people and bans them if they make a habit of screwing vendors.

    @ Paul – You are so funny. I could have a field day with so many of your comments. I love the way you express yourself at times. The ball gown and baggy tracksuit – I p155ed myself laughing at that.

    Paul I am seriously considering creating an e-book out of all the information here. It really only echoes what I have believed for so many years. But it will probably be a freebie for the purpose of list-building and I would ask every person if I could quote their comments, give full attribution and a link back to them. I have already thought of a really sensational title for it. And I will probably get “guru hate mail” for it. Hmm, maybe I could write it then put it up for bids – whoever pays me the most can ban it. Now there’s an evil thought ;-)

    Um, I’ll just leave it at that and you two can banter back and forth between yourselves for a while. Have fun!


  56. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    McCartney by any chance ???


  57. Gary

    Hi Paull – Very amusing mate (that weak humour could get you “banned” from a lot of places but never from here). The REASON that Paull wrote that witty comment will change soon. So, I will explain. This blog is moving faster than I can keep pace with (ie I’m “on the run” here) so I am reserving spots in the thread to do that.

    I had headings to remind myself and I had the names of those who I am gonna have a reply for ASAP. Those names were Linda and Paull, juxtaposed together. Hence, Paull’s offering of McCartney. As Santa would say, “Ho, ho, ho!”

    Now, I have warned people before never to pick wits with a total nit-wit so, Paull, please look through my reply here and put the (bracketed) words in apostrophes together, in order. What do you get?

    I have so much of this stuff waiting in the Wings. I just hope it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. If it doesn’t then by George, one day I might even be a star.


  58. Denis Caron

    To All:

    I’ve decided to write THE authoritative ebook on internet marketing-it’s going to be called:

    Internet Marketing-Private Information and Studies for Social and Educational Development.

    And what would the acronym be?…




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


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  59. Gary


  60. Gary

    Is anyone else getting bored with this? I am. Let’s kill it. I wanna move on.

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