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Buy Soma Without Prescription

by Gary ~ January 19th, 2009

Buy Soma Without Prescription, Hello everyone,

Well the time has finally arrived...

... I want you to meet the creative genius behind the Gazz-Man's most amazing blog, Soma results. You are about to meet "Q." But first, Soma recreational, why did I name this person Q. (There is ALWAYS a "but first," isn't there?).., order Soma online c.o.d.

If you have been watching over the last week or so and reading my blog then maybe you know that I chose Q because, indeed, Q is the code name of James Bond's technical boffin in the movie series, Buy Soma Without Prescription. I thought that was pretty cool. Where to buy Soma, However, Q also stands for question. So, australia, uk, us, usa, in the way that I think, Soma pics, having two alternate meanings was rather delightful. You will notice that quite often I operate on several levels at once rather than just the obvious.

All along my aim was to take the focus off the person's identity and put the focus squarely onto the WORK that was being done Buy Soma Without Prescription, . This was deliberate on my part, buy Soma from mexico. You see, My Soma experience, this would allow you to see the incredible transformation that has literally taken place right before your very eyes at this blog...

Yes, the changes have been rapid, discount Soma, extensive, Order Soma from United States pharmacy, very visual and well, in a word... STUNNING, buy Soma without prescription. But that is my friend Q, Buy Soma Without Prescription. Everything that Q does is the same. Soma duration, Q also stands for QUALITY. And if you are clever enough to get Q to work with YOU (shades of Alex Jeffreys there!), then you will experience exactly the same thing. It is quite an experience to know that you have such a reliable EXPERT in your corner with you, online Soma without a prescription.

Already there have been several "EXPRESSIONS of INTEREST" that have been made by some people (saw yours too Ed on the old thread - hmm, Soma without prescription, a little rhyme - and it will be registered) and identified in the blog as such. Buy Soma Without Prescription, Q has been monitoring these. But it is still not too late to hire the creative genius of my friend.

I want to tell you that design work of this quality is VERY rare, Soma use. In fact, Soma from canada, you just WON'T get it anywhere else. Why. Because NOBODY in this caper (coding and designing) has the brilliant mind of this person, Buy Soma Without Prescription. The cost elsewhere can run up to around $2, Soma over the counter,000 with all the technical gagetry that I now have on board here. Purchase Soma online, I am not paying anywhere near that figure. Further, I have negotiated a FANTASTIC rate with Q for members of the F500 if you want some of this wonderful work done yourself, Soma gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

No. Buy Soma Without Prescription, Just to set minds at ease, I am NOT receiving a cut, commission or anything else for doing this. Soma without a prescription, That is NOT how the Gazz-Man operates. The Gazz-Man would not do that without telling you up-front coz that is the sort of person I am. Unlike some people who have NO HONOUR and will do anything for even small amounts of money I would NEVER do such a thing. My self respect s too good for that and I indeed have a conscience, Soma forum, unlike some. Fast shipping Soma, To that end, many of the members of the F500 know that I have already given of myself - freely, willingly and without riders, Soma overnight, favours or expectation of ANY BS "I owe-you-one" type conditions. Nobody owes me anything for anything that I have done to help them here, Buy Soma Without Prescription. Rx free Soma, It has been my gift and gifts do not come with conditions attached - at least NOT from me they don't.

So, here is the deal (take it or leave it)...

.., Soma no rx. as soon as the comments here reach the magic number of 100 (as in 100/100) which is how I rate my friend's work then - and only then - you will meet Q. Soma dosage, Now, I will not be counting any comments deliberately designed to bump the comment count up. Buy Soma Without Prescription, If I detect that (and I can assure you - the Gazz-Man, like his friend Q - has powers of perception) then I will discount that comment.

So, Soma images, what can you comment about. Kjøpe Soma på nett, köpa Soma online, Well, what do you like about this blog. The design, canada, mexico, india, the feel, Soma mg, the name, its transformation, the colours, Soma steet value. Or, Where can i buy cheapest Soma online, maybe you would like to comment on the other side of what makes this blog work - ie what I write about, my style of doing things blah... blah.., Buy Soma Without Prescription. You see, generic Soma, I am very proud to say it is now the total package. Soma street price, This has very much been the result of a symbiotic relationship (JV) of two minds coming together to create something that NEITHER mind by itself could achieve. If you go back to one of the early comments I made about draft horses (LOL!) a couple of threads back then that is what I was strongly hinting at there (I'll get it and drop it in the comments area below a bit later).

So, what is Soma, you can comment on pretty much anything. It's up to you. Buy Soma Without Prescription, Over to you.

Do you want to meet Q.
Well that will be up to U!

(I love doing sh*t like that... LOL!)


PS: If you think my occasional swearing - masked as it is - or my references to, er, "other matters" from time to time is a bit over the top then here is your opportunity to rap me over the knuckles. Whether I take any notice of you, of course, is entirely another matter. LOL, Buy Soma Without Prescription.

PS2: You may also register an "EXPRESSION of INTEREST" in this thread if you wish. (That is all you have to do - just say "EXPRESSION of INTEREST." As before it is only an expression. You will not be held accountable if you change your mind after talking to Q. But please, Q is avery dear friend of mine and has been for many years. Buy Soma Without Prescription, I would really appreciate that you do not mess around with Q's time as it is most valuable. As good a friend as the Gazz-Man can be he can also be rather capable in an adversarial manner. And he is very loyal and protective of his friends (and Q is a very dear friend)... if you get my drift. The BEST bit about all that is that YOU get to choose. Good-Gary or Bad-Gary. I know both of these guys really well (DUH!) and I can tell you who I would MUCH rather deal with - LOL.

PS3: Click on the banner below for some awesome information on how you can grab your lifestyle:


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Trackbacks from: Buy Soma Without Prescription. Buy Soma Without Prescription. Buy Soma Without Prescription. Soma steet value. Get Soma. Online Soma without a prescription.

157 Responses to Buy Soma Without Prescription

  1. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-Man

    For once I am the first to comment – just about to close down for the night.

    As I have often said this blog has quickly become a place to find information , support, common sense and humour and the cameraderie of those who meet here is a testament to your guidance and hard work.

    Thank you!

    I think what Q has done here just shows what is possible with the know-how and inspiration and it reeks of quality to even those who didn’t see the old look.

    I have spent some time this evening looking around for information on how to do things on my blog, partly because I want to know how to do them for the future because I like to know how things work (sometimes!).

    But I know that if I and others like me are not going to fall too far behind others because we are still struggling with the basics, we need to outsource so that we can concentrate on other activities which will eventually earn the money.

    So good on you for finding and using the expertise of Q and so generously offering his help to us.

    As for the blog itself one comment I have is that using a font with serifs can make reading a little more difficult particularly for those who have dyslexia or other reading problems. Something I learnt a while ago on one of my dyslexia courses.

    Maybe ask Alex what he thinks about that?

    Anyway, must hit the sack – I’m taking my mum to the seaside tomorrow – she has never been to the coast in January.

    The forecast for tomorrow is bright, breezy and cold. I’ll need to wrap up warmly (unlike you!)




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  2. Gary

    Hi Hilary – Well you were indeed very quick off the mark. I have only been tinkering with this post for the last hour or so. Hmm… I note, with interest, your comment regarding serifs.

    Serifs for those who are not sure are the little upright bits attached to the letters, supposedly to make them easier to read. Most notably they are evident on the letter S. It is easier to see on the larger letter below (which is “Times Roman” – a CLASSIC serif font)…


    Now compare it to the classic sans-serif font of “Arial.”


    See the difference?

    I also note that virtually ALL newspapers use serif print rather than sans-serif, which means without the squiggly bits.

    Personally, Hilary, I prefer sans-serif fonts like Arial but that is just me. I like the clean look. My aim here is to create a look that most people find easy and MOST people are strongly conditioned to reading newspapers. So that guided my decision. (Until Q read that I preferred Arial and then – SWOOSH – Arial it is now! LOL!)

    You are a good girl looking after your mum. I spoke about this many poosts back wherein I stated (and quite proudly) that I give BOTH my Mum and Dad a kiss when I greet them and when I leave them. They need to know that I love them and this is a very quick way to show it. They did enough for me when I was a kid (and a bloody bugger of a kid too, at times, until I got my life together at age 14 and started studying something worthwhile that got me very, very focussed on being the best that I could be). Down off soapbox.

    Thanks for being the first to comment here.


    PS: Only 98 more comments and Q walks out the door to say hello to you but it won’t be Q any longer.

  3. [Q]


  4. [Q]

    97… (heh)

  5. [Q]


    Should I keep going? Or you want to rethink this idea? LOL

  6. [Q]


    Anyone else know how to count?
    Dang.. phone is ringing. Back shortly. ;)

  7. Gary

    Oh! I see… Q wants to play huh?

    “Now, I will not be counting any comments deliberately designed to bump the comment count up. If I detect that (and I can assure you – the Gazz-Man, like his friend Q – has powers of perception) then I will discount that comment.”

    Come on Q, play fair.


  8. Gary

    OK, OK, OK Q – I know I have over-cooked this cake to your liking but you should know me by now, as indeed all my family and friends do. After all, I am the master of the overkill. Even I acknowledge that!

    When I go for something I put on my kevlar helmet, flak jacket, steel capped boots, all accoutrements, an M16 blah… blah… blah and that is just to swat a figgin’ fly – like that mongrel thing that was whizzing around my head a couple of days ago. You should see the surface area that it ended up… well, hold that thought. Let me just say, it wasn’t too pretty.

    Now, I gotta ask you… does this remind you of another place where we did battle a few years ago? And I think that is why you started all that 98, 97, 96, 95… stuff back there. Correct? So we are just doing a little payback here, huh?

    Nix – Ha, ha, ha. Nice try darls.


  9. Ali Viljami

    Hi Gary, Q and all fellow students

    I will hang around here waiting for the disclosure and help little with adding comments. I’m looking forward for a videopresentation of Q made like the intros for the Bond movies.

    If I should say something about your blog I would like to have a total site map of your whole blog if it’s not too much work. (Myself have no sitemap at all)

    When choosing a larger font size in Firefox the columns placement changes. A few may want to change to larger font size. Good if it possible to fix.


  10. Gary

    Hi Ali – Q has included a site map. It is up there in the header.


  11. Ali Viljami

    I upgraded to latest firefox and now the font size is ok. Latest firefox version zooms instead of resizing the fonts, clever.

    Sorry for bothering about these small details, but good thing is this is one more comment closer for the disclosure.



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  12. Gary

    Hi Ali Glad it is working OK for you now. I won’t be counting this as an “excess” comment as I believe you are acting in good faith. However, please don’t come back to ask the time or how to spell FIREFOX or something like that – LOL!


  13. Nikki

    The more observant of you will have noticed that there was the promise of a rant in one of my posts on another page. Despite the tone of a few of my comments, I do actually have quite a decent brain behind all of this front. (Gaz-Man, that’s for you!).

    Now, for quite some time here, Gary has been telling us that he was going to get an expert in. Someone that would completely revolutionise his blog, and get it SEO’d as if it had been on Pimp My Ride. Although so, so much better.

    We can see the work that’s been done on it now. The look, the layout, the customisation. Behind the scenes there is so much more that has been happening, so what you see is just the very tip of the iceberg. And we all know what powerhouses icebergs can be (do I need to tell you the story of the Titanic?!).

    Gary has very generously offered the F500 the opportunity to utilise the expertise of this person, and even at a special rate. We can all see that they can walk the walk as well as talking the talk – the statistics on Gary’s site speak for themselves.

    Now, on this site, on Garry’s (Parkes) site, and various others, I have seen people commenting about Gary’s expert.

    (Deep breath as here comes the ranting part)

    What’s with the assumption from practically everyone that Gary’s expert is male?! Throughout the majority of comments that I have seen on various different sites and throughout the thread above, there are continually references to Q as male.

    Now, I don’t know whether Q is male, female, animal, plant or mineral.

    BUT – and it’s a big but (not like Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song “I like big butts and I cannot lie…”) – what’s with the assumptions?! Why oh why does an expert in this field get the automatic association of being male??

    Are we in the year 2009 or have I missed a trick??

    The most obvious comment I can make on all of this is that surely anyone with half a brain can see that as this work is happening so quickly, efficiently, and with the minimum of fuss, it just HAS to be a woman?! PMSL. I couldn’t resist adding that in while climbing back down from my soapbox.

    Ok, deep breath, back to the Purple Minxy Lair to calm down again.

    But – there is a lesson here to be learned. Assumptions can be dangerous things. Bear that in mind.


  14. Ali Viljami

    Ok, Garry, but those are only for the blog posts or? I would also like to have your hints and tips even if you see them clearly at the top.

    Maybe having your post map in bullet points, easier for the eye to seperate the posts.

    Anyway I like your blog, thats way I am still here, but I have to go now. Interesting content, but negative for me is the massive text amount.


  15. Gary

    @ Ali - Well, I could always have blank pages – LOL. There is so much here you can stay for as long as you want or leave whenever you want. The Gazz-Man offers a smorgasbord, a pot-pourie, an a-la-carte experience. Just have as much as you want. Better to have too much rather than too little (oh-oh).

    @ Nix – Hmm. Interesting observations Nix. Very interesting. Please disregard last sentence to Ali. Please?

    All I can say to that is ha ha ha.


  16. Stephen Bray

    Just taking a break from my 40 websites in 60 days endeavour, (got 4 up so far), aiming for 100 by the end of the year plus a few other goodies ;-)

    Anyways the purple minxy witch has been tweetering and got me over here adding to the list of comments so that you’ll review the mysterious ‘Q’.

    Good luck to you mate.


  17. Harry Harris

    GAZZA –

    You know you the man (and your Elvis is second to none!)

    for me it’s been great to see the progression of the siten from the basic to what it is now…thank you also for including me in the list of Gold Performers – touched and honoured! (a lot of peole say I am touched but few say honoured!)

    Great stuff as always!


  18. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Drum roll,

    Wish I could insert an audio clip to the sound of the Bond theme music here. Seems so appropriate.

    So if your guru is Q does that make you M?

    Watch out I fancy Q wants your job M and will take over your blog and make a bid for world domination, or at the very least F500 domination.

    Watch over your shoulder, the world of espionage is full of shady characters and double agents, LOL.

    Then Q would be the new M and you’d be FA (can I say that on your blog :-).

    But then M is a woman in the Bond movies, but she used to be a man when Sean Connery played the lead !! (All very confusing this gender swapping :-) But then this is probably a good thing as in Nikki’s rant above we shouldn’t automatically assume anything.

    So M, Q, he , she, Who knows its a mystery for now, but like all good Bond Movies they all have a cracking ending. And we only have about 80-ish comments to the finale

    Garry Parkes

  19. Gary

    @ Stephen – I am still amazed at how you are gonna manage 40 websites. Are you gonna build ‘em then flog ‘em off or something?

    @ Harry – Hey! We have everyone here – Elvis, Q, M, FA (who or what is that?). No probs Harry. I reward people who do the right thing. There are so many who want to short cut and deceive others. I actually saw that happen this morning over here in Perth and I just shake my head and wonder why people do it. To me, it’s like cheating in patience. Who is deceived in the long run? The cheater! I just don’t see the point.

    @ Garry – Hmm. Read all that twice and I am still confused. Is that payback for my Tom Jones offering on your blog last night? To be honest mate I read all that SEO stuff and was amazed at your critical analysis but reading what others said was kinda just throwing stuff everywhere and I just got hopelessly confused. Hence, that junk I wrote. I did it just for a bit of topography. Relief. Thanks for the reciprocation and is FA the FA Cup or does it stand for something else? Let me think.

    Thanks for coming folks. Q is just tidying up a few loose ends with Mr Obama at the moment but will be with us soon – LOL!


  20. Nikki

    That was quite an impressive rant on my behalf above!

    Gaz-Man, I’ve been popping around to various blogs to spread the word that comments are needed here before the identity of Q is revealed (and then I may need to eat my words above – but – it’s still an important point that I raised IMHO!).

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  21. Mark Austin

    Hey Gazza!

    I go away and look what happens! Wow man. The blog looks fantastic, there is a new smarty pants on the block, not you, the mystery Q of course, lol.

    Been back a few days but I think my brain must be held up in customs as I’m not back in the swing of things yet. Will be relying on you as always for a kick up the a*se if I don’t get in gear soon, lol.

    Speak later



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  22. James Woodfield

    Hi Gary,

    I see that I’ve kind of missed the boat as far as reviewing your marvellous “Time in Motion” Action Planner e-book is concerned, and that you’ve already got some very good testimonials for it.

    I’m afraid I’ve spent far too much time working on ways to do what you’ve just done: improve the design of my blog. I felt it was a priority, if I was to do my visitors justice, but I had no idea that it was going to take me so long! It’s all very well allocating time to a task, but I must admit that, because I just didn’t know what was involved, I got the time-budgeting all wrong.

    However, if it hadn’t been for the approach described in your Action Planner I would have fallen even further behind.

    The principle of recording interruptions in order to analyse and eliminate
    time-wasting elements is very powerful, and probably essential if people want to improve their productivity. And who doesn’t?

    The application of the Action Planner is by no means confined to internet marketing, or even to people who are working for themselves.

    Office employees, students, farmers, craftsmen, service engineers – literally anyone can benefit from it, particularly because using it doesn’t even require a computer!

    Congratulations, Gary, on coming up with such a great product, and all credit to you for giving it away!

    I also have to congratulate you on your new blog; it’s just great. Stylish, professional looking, informative, authoritative, entertaining and easy to
    navigate. What more could anyone want?

    It was evidently a master-stroke getting ‘Q’ involved, and that was obviously down to your vision and drive; but unless you’re being over-modest, the result is certailnly a triumphant example of the power of synergy. Well done.

    All the best,


  23. [Q]

    Come on Q, play fair.

    I do play fair. I could have just clicked through your blogroll, left comments, and signed my name as [Q]. When they looked in their comments, they’d see my domain. Come to think of it, that might have been funny.

  24. Gary

    Nix – You have been reading too much of my ranting and raving and you are catching my disease. Next you will be sermonising, pontificating and stentorianising. BTW – you will see the root of that word in Garry Parkes Profit Pulling Project Newspaper #3.

    Nix, I searched for a better word and there wasn’t one – you know the thing that anchors trees. Just sit on hands and humm that song. Hey! Did you get to listen to “Australia” by Gyroscope, and if so, what did you think?


    Oh who was that? Oh hi Q! Oops in one door, out the other. Busy. Busy. We have had a busy day today sorting certain things out.

    [Sticking head out door and yelling: “NOT FUNNY Q!”]

    Oh God, now what have I started? I know what this is about. Years ago we were on a forum together playing “hang the man” and Q was trying to make the game last and I was just picking every letter that I knew would hang the man and everybody was getting upset with me for stuffing everything up. But I was having FUN! Remember that Susie-Q?

  25. Gary

    WOW James! Thank you! Gee. That was nice. I’m so glad that people are getting a lot of use out of those Action Planners. Everyone who has used one has said it has helped them.

    and Q… you gotta be pretty happy about this bit from James…

    “I also have to congratulate you on your new blog; it’s just great. Stylish, professional looking, informative, authoritative, entertaining and easy to
    navigate. What more could anyone want?

    It was evidently a master-stroke getting ‘Q’ involved, and that was obviously down to your vision and drive; but unless you’re being over-modest, the result is certailnly a triumphant example of the power of synergy. Well done.”

    I am. Thanks again James!


  26. Garry Parkes

    Oh Gary,

    You need some sleep mate.

    M is the big boss in the Bond Movies.

    He used to be a man in the early days of bond (Sean Connery) but now HE is a woman played by Dame Judi Dench (who was actually born same place as me, but I digress and I don’t want to do that as I might lose you again Gary :-). So sorry I confused you Gary.

    Now I know it’s the Movies and not real life so I can see how you could get confused but let’s try and keep up Gary, LOL. Even in real life though, you have cross-dressers and even men who become women and even one who has a baby recently. Now how did I get here, where is this leading, Haven’t a clue. I think I’ve been possessed by the Purple Minxy Witch.

    And FA is F**k *ll !!! which is what you are left with if Q takes over your temple and dis-robes you as it were.

    Bet that’s as clear as mud now. If I can help you anymore old Daly-Lama please ask :-)

    Garry (the sane one, though that is open to debate after the above!)

  27. Nikki

    Garry – good, glad to see that the Purple Minxy Witch has been having an effect!! Corruption of the innocent is one of my favourite things ;)

  28. Gary

    Which TEMPLE mate? THE temple or MY temple. Coz I have only had 2 hours sleep in the last 48 so I’m feeling a little the worse for wear.

    Oh! That FA! That’s like my mate Ken Hell.

    Actually Garry, do you know something? Underneath all my clothes that I am wearing – and all I have on are a pair of footy shorts and a t-shirt coz it is still 30C over here in the oven of Perth – anyway, underneath them I am totally nude! Now you just had to know that didn’t you?

    Hey, Garry, all BS aside… have you decided when the 3rd edition of the Profit Pulling Project is coming out?

    Folks, I have an absolute treat in there this time – wait for it… a 3,000 word article. Now I know you’ve OK’d it, Parkesy, so, what did you think?

    And I believe her “Royal Purpleness” is in it too.


  29. Gary

    Oh, oh! Just give it a minute…

  30. Nikki

    Oh, oh! Just give it a minute…

    …that’s what they all say…

  31. Garry Parkes


    Working on it now, ready for tomorrow’s release (fingers crossed).

    Nix, has just offered me a real treat over at my blog. Just had to pop back over here to take advantage :-)

  32. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    I am wondering who Q is I did see an initial link on your blog to someone , who I can not say or reveal ….

    I am unsure if this is Q or should it be M ?

    Anyways, I may well be interested in the SEO etc and possible redesign at some point …..

    Not in a hurry for it but traffic is the name of the game ….

    Might even get a wediing photo on a new blog of me in a skirt (kilt!)

    Nikki, don’t get too excited of me in a kilt fishnets and a top hat !

    Now there is a sight for you all to imagine ha ha ha


    Tommy ;-)



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  33. Garry Parkes


    I think Nikki’s attentions will be else where mate. She’s giving me some close attention to help me get over my fever;-)

    Do you allow them sort of practices to be followed in your temple Gary?

  34. Nikki

    The Purple Minxy Witch is always abreast of the various options on offer, so don’t worry, your offers and suggestions have been noted.

    Tommy, come on now, you know fishnets & top hat just don’t go with a kilt. You decide what goes from that ensemble.

    Garry, I’ll be there in a moment. Make yourself comfortable in the meantime…

  35. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hi Garry,

    Yes Nikki looks looks great in her nurses uniform ha ha ha ha

    First Class Care indeed …..

    Right need to stop right there the ‘temple’ is a sacred place of blogging …

    ha ha ha !

    Take a benylin day Garry ;-)



  36. Ali Viljami

    Sorry being booring.

    I trying to find a WP theme but have not yet found what I want and then I thought about Q.

    Is it possbile to order standard WP themes from Q? (I will make spec about font etc. Images and design can I also do myself if not Q have special offer)

    Gary, how come that you’re blog post ends with .htm? Is the database generating htm files? Are there any benefits with the .htm files or is it only due to the coding?


  37. Becky Carter

    Hi Gary,
    I must say its a lovely improvement over here- how professional! Obviously Q is an expert in her field (that was for Nikki).

    Thanks for your kind comments about our video over on our blog, I must say I am surprised you have not completed your video yet, there must be a good reason, what are you plotting!!lol

    I feel since I have completed the video I have renewed enthusiasm in this, I know that oil rig hopping is definately the thing to be doing but I do sometimes find it hard to know what to say, as Alex has said add a valuable comment to other peoples blogs but most other bloggers know much more than I do so how do I add value?? Would you say that any comment was better than none or if you don’t have anything useful to say don’t say anything at all?

    all I know is that I am having a bast doing this and 7/8 weeks ago I didn’t know what a blog was so our progress is OK I think.

    Anyway, well done on all the improvements you’ve been making and I will look forward to your video!


  38. Nikki


    Go see the comment I’ve just left over on Tommy McLaughlin’s blog…it refers to the comment you had made previously on there…

    For those that haven’t seen Tommy’s video yet, go over to his blog and watch – Alex Jeffreys – This Is Your Life. Honestly, I was laughing so much I was crying!

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  39. Nikki

    How weird. I typed a comment, hit submit…and it disappeared!! :(

    Now I have to remember what I said…I can remember it was complimentary about Tommy’s video on his site…

    Something along the lines of:


    You need to pop over to Tommy McLaughlin’s blog to read the comment I’ve just left there – it relates to the comment you also posted there.

    For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, go to Tommy’s blog to see a brilliant video – Alex Jeffreys – This Is Your Life. Honestly, I was crying because I was laughing so much…

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  40. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi Gary,
    Your Time In Motion planner has made a huge difference in the quantity and quality of my work. I’m accomplishing more in less time and that’s the idea.

    As for your blog, the appearance has taken on a remarkable change thanks to Q and yourself (for direction). The content was always great and is a resource we are all grateful for.

    Signing off with “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST”


    PS really looking forward to your video, I’ll be the one making popcorn!

  41. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    Congratulations on creating such an excellent resource to inspire and motivate not only the members of the F500, but also any other aspiring entrepreneurs and people willing to take control of their own lives and their own wealth creation.

    I read in one of your previous posts about an e-book called the “Power of Choice” which you wrote. Where can I get a copy of that e-book?

    I also wanted to ask Q (or anyone else) whether they have the solution to a problem I have about changing the text on the PayPal orange button that comes up after a succesful payment has been confirmed. At the moment anyone buying access to the videos from the PPP will be confused as to how they get to see them.

    I’ve contacted PayPal and they said they’d contact me via e-mail. Nothing so far back for them yet. So if anyone can help me please leave a comment on my blog.

    Thanks for all the inspiring posts and everybody else’s comments.

    To your continued success,


  42. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    I just worked out that all I needed to do to get a copy of your e-book the “Power of Choice” was to subscribe to your newsletter, which I have now done.

    I’ve also just downloaded the e-book and just read it. It blew me away.

    What an inspiring and thought provoking read. I suggest everyone take advantage of Gary’s generous offer and download this amazing short story.

    It will DEFINITELY make you think about your life and the choices you make.

    I will be purchasing your other books in the near future to continue my growth and learning.

    I shall also be recommending this e-book to all my friends and my future customers.





    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  43. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Wow… things are flying round here, 2 days offline from my own blog to make videos and man, I’ve missed a lot here. Anyway, I can’t really say much about your blog as I already commented it about it a few days ago on a previous post so instead: Here’s what I’m going ot say and that is:

    “For those who haven’t used Gary’s Time In Motion planner, I seriously urged you too, as I’ve not found it exceptionally useful, and most importantly it helps saves me time and is also of major convenience compared to my old method which involved post-it notes and a Flip chart on an A1 white board. Let’s put it one way, it’s also helping keeping me on track for my next 12 ebooks launches and videos for this forecoming year of 2009!!!”

    Rightey ho Gary, I best get back to my next video – it’s gonna rave right through the group with laughter when I finish it – lol

    PS: Say hi to Q for me and give him/her my best regards

  44. Hilary Dickinson


    I’ve done it!

    I’ve finally got my very first video done and uploaded onto YouTube. Wow what a learning curve, but I’m really pleased that I’ve improved upon what I have done so far – bit like this blog really!

    I’ve had some fun and games with it and I haven’t embedded it yet in my blog (I’ll read Ian & Becky’s post tomorrow to see how to do that but I’m too tired now) so the link is on my blog post (dunno if I can put it here?)

    I’d really appreciate some constructive comments – I know it’s not perfect, but I’ve got it going!

    Now I can go and look at all the other videos.

    Had a great day at the coast with mum – we’ve decided that we are going to get her to the coast every month this year and she can put the photos in an album.

    That’s what comes of living in the middle of the country for most of her life – she didn’t get to see the sea that often.

    Back to work with my students tomorrow…


  45. Vince

    Hello Gary, Vince here,

    Please read this Huge Special Announcement – and post a link to my blog.

    I don’t want anyone to miss out on this.

    I have worked out an incredible gift for you –
    and all of Alex’s members – read on…

    I now have the resale rights to CamStudio witch is now Camtasia, This new recoded Internet Marketing Version is bug free and works just as good as Camtasia witch cost 300.00.

    Soon you will see a new sign up form and video come up showing you this new software and I am giving it to all of Alex’s members for FREE.

    Why am I doing this…

    I am doing this for two reasons, First I want to help everyone out their and show them I really have some great value on my blog and second I feel that 90% of the members cannot afford Camtasia so this will be a great way to build a new list of all the members.

    I also noticed you have a video on how to use this software witch I will post on my blog.
    Check out my post and you will see this is a new recoded up to date version with all bugs removed and special features added like fash out put videos in firefox and now you can redirect to a URL after the video has finished.

    On top of this I also package together a 70 plus page ebook on how to get more traffic to your website or blog as a bonus. This is a must read. Some really great strategies and techniques you can use.

    Now this is only going to be up for a short time for all the members to get it. Then it will be taken down forever as I am selling it on the internet.

    So Please Scream this from the roof tops because anyone that gets this new software
    will now be able to teach fellow students anything they know though video and bring more traffic to their blog or website.

    This complete video software comes with a step by step pDF file that shows you exactly how to install and run the software. Once installed you will love it.


    The Give-away pages are all set and all I have to do is flick the switch. The video will be up soon with a sign up form. Check back soon. Thanks Vince

  46. Garry Parkes

    Hi Hilary,

    Just watched your video and posted up a comment for you on your blog and on my own. Well done.

    I’m sure Gary wont mind if you put the link up here. It’s certainly not pimping anything. I think if it adds to the content of a blog then that’s fine. It’s when people come to a blog for a rare visit and just put up a one liner ‘Hi’ then a load of links saying check this out is when it is unacceptable.

    Anyway better get back to the PPP#3 that I am hoping to get out later today. You’ll all love this issue. It’s biggest yet and with a great piece from Gazza. (We’ll I have to say that as I’m on his blog! Otherwise he’d just edit my comment and put what he’d like in, LOL)

  47. Gary

    @ Nix – I’m usually good for at least … a good … laugh!

    @ Garry – What EXACTLY was the offer? And… will you honour it. And if it is a repeat prescription then it could be honour, offer, honour, offer and so on.

    @ TommyQ will be here soon. Just waiting for a bit of timing to happen with regards to Garry Parkes latest Profit Pulling Platform newsletter #3 (which is a cracker and has a slightly PURPLE colour in some of the pages). Then I think that Q will arrive right on cue. Then people might have to queue to speak with Q. Until then it will all remain on the QT. OK? ThanQ – LOL!


    PS: Anyone do any more Q jokes? This announcement was brought to U by the letter Q.

  48. Gary

    @ Garry – You asked:

    “Do you allow them sort of practices to be followed in your temple Gary?”

    – YES! In the dungeon with all the rats! Actually, there is this special room, just off the inner-sanctum and it has a purple door and it smells of musk and, well, even just talking about it makes me want to go and… pay my respect.

    @ Nix – I love the way you stay a breast of things. Thanks for answering above in my absence.

    @ Tommy – Was that blogging or flogging?


  49. Gary

    @ AliQ will indeed have special offers. Just watch this thread for the announcement. It isn’t far away now. Just a couple of planets need to align and Q will be with us.

    Now, I think you are talking about permalinks. There is a short code that you need to paste in your dashboard. Go over to Tommy Skavhellen‘s blog and watch his 1st video. That will give you the answer you need.

    @ Becky – Thanks for the visit and comment. I have indeed watched your vidoe and thought it was nice. Yours was the one that started with the river scene, if I am not mistaken or forsaken or whatever.

    You said:

    “Obviously Q is an expert in her field (that was for Nikki).”

    Yes SHE is (just for Nikki too!) LOL!

    Talking of the Purple Minxy Witch herself – Nix – Indeedy I have watched Tommy McLaughlin‘s video and I PMSL and ended up ROTFWML. It is hilarious and EVERYONE should watch it. Too funny!

    Gary – ploughing through all the replies… onward!

  50. Gary

    @ Theresa – Thank you for your wonderful compliments. Yes, I am very proud of this site – thanks to a certain somebody.

    You also said:

    “Your Time In Motion planner has made a huge difference in the quantity and quality of my work. I’m accomplishing more in less time and that’s the idea.”

    Yes, I have had so many positive comments. It is a BRILLIANT resource to keep people on track but…

    … 80 % of them DON’T have it. I can’t understand it.

    My first video will be a send up of myself. I figure if I make a fool of myself first up then anything after that will only get better. It will be a little “examination” of my office. I would have said orifice if you had been Nix – LOL!

    Oh, now there is an armada of one liners available…

    Good to see you have an EoE in for Q. You will not be disappointed.

    @ Dave – Hi. Those compliments are very kind of you and I thank you sincerely for them. You said:

    “I just worked out that all I needed to do to get a copy of your e-book the “Power of Choice” was to subscribe to your newsletter, which I have now done.

    I’ve also just downloaded the e-book and just read it. It blew me away.

    What an inspiring and thought provoking read. I suggest everyone take advantage of Gary’s generous offer and download this amazing short story.

    It will DEFINITELY make you think about your life and the choices you make.”

    Dave, the story in that book has actually “blown” a lot of people away. Me included. After I had written it in a furious frenzy of hand-writing I sat back and wondered what had happened. Then I typed it all up myself, packaged and loaded it onto my site. That was baout 2003, I think. Since then it has been downloaded countless times. Every so often I get the most wonderful emails off people from all over the world. Some are included in the book.

    I can only surmise that this is what happens when one becomes truly inspired. And I was on that day. I couldn’t believe that I had written it. Arguably, it is probably my finest piece of work to date, though I do have several other works that are pretty close. IMHO there is one small paragraph in the PoC that nails the meaning of life. You will know it when you get to it coz it literally takes your breath away. And to be able to do that with mere words alone is a very powerful thing. I am glad that story was channeled through my mind as I am very proud of it.

    @ Nigel – Hello my young friend. You said:

    “For those who haven’t used Gary’s Time In Motion planner, I seriously urged you too, as I’ve not found it exceptionally useful, and most importantly it helps saves me time and is also of major convenience compared to my old method which involved post-it notes and a Flip chart on an A1 white board. Let’s put it one way, it’s also helping keeping me on track for my next 12 ebooks launches and videos for this forecoming year of 2009!!!”

    THANK YOU! And if it helps you to write 12 e-books in 1 months then how good is that!

    @ Hilary – Hello my dear. I checked yesterday and didn’t see it up. Will check back as soon as I clear committments here (if ever!) and scope it out and leave you a comment. Thanks for being a regular here – LOL!

    Also, don’t be silly! OF COURSE you can come here and put your link up. We want to see it. That is NOT pimping as Garry Parkes has already explained. Don’t be afraid to do that here. I just get snappy when the boneheads drop half a dozen nonsense links in 6 lines of “comments.” You are MORE than welcome any time to promote something that you are excited about the rest of us seeing. Otherwise, how would we EVER know about what anyone else was doing?

    @ Vince – Thanks for that great offer Vince. I will be over for the booty ASAP!

    @ Garry – Thanks for echoing my thoughts to Hilary mate. Also… editing YOUR comments on my blog – interesting. INTERESTING! Hmm, but then you would get me back – LOL!


  51. Gary

    Reply Coming

  52. [Q]

    for Ali… when you view the video on permalink structure, it says to use this: /%post_id%/%postname%.htm

    the “post id” creates the appearance of an extra tier which is not beneficial with regard to how search engines view directory levels. For seo purposes, it’s more effective to use:




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  53. Gary

    Thanks Q – already helping the PEEPS!

  54. [Q]

    @ Gary…. it’s cold and dark down here in the dungeon this morning. Not complaining or anything. Just saying.

  55. Nikki

    Q, thanks for popping over to the Lair of Temptation, your presence was much appreciated.

    If Gaz-Man’s got you in the dungeon again then why don’t you pop back over to mine? The Purple Minxy Witch always looks after her visitors…

  56. Gary

    Q – If you need a cuppa tea just pull twice on that thick rope in the corner. It leads up to the bell tower.

    I used to have a guy up there to ring it on the hour every hour but he slipped and hit his head on the bell. He lost his balance and fell all the way to the ground. Killed himself!

    There was a big crowd there when the police arrived and asked who he was.

    Someone in the crowd said, “Dunno his name but his face sure does ring a bell!”


  57. Nikki

    Gaz-Man, if it’s got to the point that you’re telling jokes like that, then I think you also need to come over to the Lair of Temptation for some recurring treatment.

    I did see your note to Garry above, and I was most amused by the concept of repeating the honour, then offer etc. The thought of that (along with my vivid imagination) had me smiling…

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  58. Nikki

    PS – I thought it was 1 ring for tea, and 2 rings for…well…how can I put this politely?!

  59. Gary

    Nikki – not Nix no more? OK. Nikki. I LOVE that joke and there is another bit to it but I am waiting for somebody else to swoop in and tell it.

    Never say that the Gazz-Man eats EVERYTHING on the table. He does have some good grace. Some!

    Um, regarding your PS

    Yes, you are quite correct. In the Ancestral Home of the Gazz-Man ONE ring of the bell is indeed a call for tea. The timer allows for two minutes before the second ring. So, first ring is kitchen duties, second ring is boudoir duties. Often, as you can imagine, the first ring is deliberately ignored due to the Gazz-man’s superior abilities in creating pleasurable experiences.

    Now, in the dungeon, one has to pull the rope twice to set up the pendulum action for a SINGLE ring. Hence, two tugs…

  60. Nikki

    Ah, I see. Thank you for the clarification. Just so that I know how to respond. What about tea brought to you by a Purple Minxy Witch in just her feather boa & high heels?

    Nix (yes, still going with Nix! Or Nik. Or Nikki. Or The Purple Minxy Witch. Or She Who Must Be Obeyed.). So many names to choose from!

  61. [Q]

    Dude, maybe two tugs’ll do ya, but on my planet, we do things differently.

    Now stop falling into your own #3 trap.
    Hey, they’re your 20 rules, not mine.

  62. Nikki

    Q – that’s primarily because I am the mistress of providing distraction (both to myself and others!). However, I multitask, and work while corrupting other people…

  63. [Q]

    Nix, isn’t whipping them into shape more fun?

  64. Nikki

    Q – indeed it is, and I do own a 6 foot whip…although I like to make them work a little harder to get that kind of reward from me!!

    Mistress Nix

  65. Gary

    Q – I can assure you that I am NOT just a two tug type of guy. Three, if you don’t mind! And on your planet in a galaxy far, far away things are done somewhat differently, I believe. As I understand it, there is no gravity and hence no friction. And we all know that on this planet we need friction to make things “work.”

    Now… take your protein pill and put your helmet on… and please, stop being distracted by the Distracting One, and get back to work building my Inner Sanctum – woo-hoo-haa-haa-har. The Gazz-Man is planning a special retreat equal to anything that the Minxy Witch has in her Lair of Iniquity.

    Gary – the Dalai Lemur Lama from Lima who rides a Llama.

  66. Gary

    Mistress Nix – if you served tea in only a pair of high heels and a boa then the Gazz-Man would remove the boa but request that the high heels remain ON for the duration of the (tea drinking) performance. And when the Gazz-Man’s thirst was slaked he would then take you on his knee and give you dicktation.

    BTW – All kidding aside here – I got to read your nice article in Garry Parkes Profit Pulling Project newsletter #3 and thought it was FIRST CLASS Nikki. Well done!

  67. [Q]

    I am wondering what all this has to do with Alex Jeffreys Internet marketing or Alex Jeffreys coaching? Is it an Alex Jeffreys marketing retreat? I don’t think Nix has Alex Jeffreys in her lair.

    Nevermind me. Just tending to your KWF. It’s all about Alex Jeffreys, you know. LOL



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  68. Nikki

    Yes, but…

    The Gazz-Man is planning a special retreat equal to anything that the Minxy Witch has in her Lair of Iniquity.

    …your special retreat won’t be able to offer the most important part of the Lair – and that’s me!!!

    (Well, apart from when I’ve popped over to visit of course…)


  69. Nikki

    Damn it – typing too quickly and getting overexcited. Gaz-Man, could you fix for Nix please? Thanks sweetie!! :)



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  70. Nikki

    Thanks for fixing my mistake, you know how excitable I can get!

    And also thank you for your compliment – there was a little nod to you in there (end of the first paragraph) that I thought you might smile at.

    I’m more than happy for the boa to be removed, as long as you aren’t using your hands…and then once your thirst has been quenched, you can indeed do as you said above. It would be my pleasure.


  71. Thom Swartwood


    Wow go out of town for one day and all heck bresks loose. Sorry I missed the launch of this post.

    I don’t know if I did this or not….. “EXPRESSION of INTEREST”

    The SEO portion is particularly helpful and fasinating. I really am starting to understand how it work (not that Google doesn’t change the rules all of the time). I have All in 1 SEO on my site I have to do a better job of using it.

    Thomas’s column is also great. I am really going back to that one and getting and using the tools he talks about.

    Gazz-Man of course great as always. I want to thank him and you here for the kind words. I am trying my best to be a part of the excitement and everyones success as best I can. Not in your league… YET…..

    Thanks again for all of the info. I have to get this up at my place. I make this promise to you.. It will be up before I go to bed tonight.

    Thanks again


  72. Thom Swartwood


    I am so sorry about the wierdness of my last post. I was writing here, had a Ahh… Hah.. moment, went over to Gary Parkes place. I downloaded the new issue of Profit Pulling Project, really became engrossed in it. Then wanted to get my thoughts to him.. as well as you and was on the wrong site.


    I want to really thank you for the kind words Gary. You have my word that I will do what ever it takes to live up to them. When all who really want to succeed, succeed, I want to be there and have them say… Wow that Thom, he really helped.

    (sorry about the run on sentence) :)

    I have a question for you, I really don’t want to post it here, do you mind if I email you with it?

    I hope you know I want to make the kind of impact you have already made. Just need a little help and guidence from my friend and mentor the

    I hope all who come here take advantage of your expertise, your integrity, your friendship, and your willingness to help.

    Gary when you put together you coaching plan (and I know you have one in you head there) ;) Please let me know… I am there for you, as student, as helper, as confidant, as friend.

    Thanks agian for everything.


  73. [Q]

    For Thom: RE:

    The SEO portion is particularly helpful and fasinating. I really am starting to understand how it works (not that Google doesn’t change the rules all of the time).

    If you really watch Google closely, you’ll notice that the “changes” are because of blackhats and hacks that find holes through which to get lesser quality sites ranked high. So they see how they achieved it, and make a change to prevent it.

    The things Google LOOKS FOR has not changed for years. They want the best sites (per keyword) to rank at the top. That’s never changed.

    [That was actually Q looking after me while I was taking a lea… um, while I was doing something. ThankQ! I have so been wanting to do that here!]

    And Thom… you are most welcome. I will be learning things off you too my friend. It is not all one way traffic, though it can appear that way sometimes. Without the wonderful people who come here and inspire ME, this place would be a ghost-town.


  74. Gary

    OK folks, I have had it. I am so tired now. It is 1.25 am in Perth, Western Australia and I have done this far too often this week.

    It was important for me to be able to get my article in Garry Parkes’ Profit Pulling Project newsletter #3 out ASAP. The reason will become evident shortly.

    And thank you Garry Parkes – you moved hell and high water to get that done today, as did I. Thanks mate!

    I hope everyone liked what I had to say in my “Tiger” article. I felt there were some things in it that somebody had to say and since I am never short on words (eg 3161 in that article), I just decided that I would do it. Well… someone had to put their OO’s on the line and come out and say all that stuff, didn’t they? Might as well be me – the verbose, prolix, loquacious, wordy one himself. (Not to mention tautologist extra-ordinaire)

    And Paula Brett, sorry for dropping that really long and ugly URL on your lovely blog but now you will know why. I do respect your opinion and I know you would have taken one look at what I did and you would have gone, “Euuw! &*#@# that damn Gary Simpson!” LOL. I did it for a reason and I kinda held my breath while I was doing it, hit submit and tore off your site before you could slap me. I hope you are smiling now and won’t hold it against me. Then again..

    Gotta get some zzz’s.

    Oh and Q if the counter goes over 100 before I get back – wait! Do not de-frock, uncloak or reveal yourself until I get back from my somniferous slumber. I really need this sleep after getting so little in the last two days and then going out to the gym for 2 hours tonight. That just about did me in.

    Nighty nite all.


  75. Gary

    I will reply to all comments to this point tommorrow but keep going in my absence. Looks like Q gets identified tomorrow, huh?

  76. Thom Swartwood


    Thanks for the info. It just seems that things change a lot. People are on top and then disappear. Still a newby when it comes to SEO and google. Working on learning more and more.

    Thanks again,


    and if this is the venerable “Q”, can’t wait to meet you in the flesh (so to speak)

    Have a great day

  77. [Q]

    Venerable; from

    impressive or interesting because of age, antique appearance

    Sigh. Just can’t get any respect. I blame Gazz.

  78. Nikki

    Q, if you need me to get the whip out, just let me know….

  79. Mrs Renee Olson

    EeGad Children,

    There is sooo much stuff here. You have me flittering around that it’s taken me an 1 1/2 hours just to get to the bottom of the comments. I haven’t even gotten to some of the real juicy ones Like Garry’s and Nikki’s.

    So let’s see what I can remember. Gary and my butterfly, Nikki, paid me a visit that I just couldn’t ignore. So I come here to take a peek and I find myself surrounded with great conversation. All of which is leading to the identity of Q! Or M.

    I must admit with great sorrow I lost my place at the top of the comments due to my human need for sleep. You see I was here on Monday night (my time, could be the wee hours of tuesday) and had the opportunity to comment after Hilary and the “Gary and Q” comments that don’t count. I had to forfeit because I didn’t think I could put together a GOOD comment.

    Didn’t someone ask about comments earlier? Should we comment and run? (Even if it’s a weak one) Or should we wait till we can respond more coherently. Humm? I have mixed feelings because I want you to know I was here, but I don’t want to cheat you.

    And well much time has past and my comment response is still all over the place. So I will try to reel it in.

    I want to know who Q is.
    Yes I’ll be at Nikki’s before I go to bed.
    Yes I will read #3 PPP newsletter and see Garry too.
    Yes I need to see Thommy’s 1st video.
    yes there are a few more things to do.

    So my friend, what are your thoughts on the comment issue? You always have so much to say. What do you think of others who haven’t much to write or the time to write?



    ps. I almost forgot about the fonts. I do prefer Arial or Verdana. This is something I will have to think about as far as the comfort zone of readers

  80. [Q]

    Think he’ll notice?



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  81. Ali Viljami

    Thanks Q, Gary and all for answers and comments

    Ok, I will wait and see what Q have to offer in blog production. I have got some proposals from elance. It seems to be good but you never know before you see the product.

    Gary, I got little scared about your motivational moment in PPP3. What I remember most was that you wrote “it is fair bit longer than earlier articles..” But it was not so long for being a Gary content. I maybe learn to read if hanging around.

    I read my first book this summer in 10 years. I have not been able to read because I only fall asleep after a few pages..Now the power is back.
    (the book was B.Y.Q.Y.J)

    Thanks for all great value at all fellow student blogs and in the PPP newsletter. I have only scratched the surface so far.

  82. Gary

    Ha! As if!

    The Gazz-Man notices EVERYTHING! – as he is a veritable FONT of information in his own right and misses nothing in his own insatiable quest for knowledge.

    Lovely as this is, it now makes my reply to Hilary above inaccurate and that is something that must now be revisited and fixed.

    So, Q, are we staying with “arial” or “verdana” or whatever it is, or are you gonna try and be a tricky-dicky with me and change it back to “times roman” or another serif font?

    I can adapt readily to either and that is a Gazz-Man trait – he can adapt quickly and come from another angle (hope the purple one doesn’t get to see such comment but fear the worst – LOL!) to attack – as he readily demonstrated to several poor souls over at a certain gym in Perth, Western Australia, during the evening just spent.

    SIDEBAR: It is so cool to have an alternate “identity” and speak of oneself in the third person – LOL! A certain master writer – one Nelson deMille – taught the Gazz-Man (there he goes or I go again – LOL!) that little trick.

  83. Gary

    PS to comment above… heh… heh… think I wouldn’t notice that OTHER little detail did we? Hmm. I just refreshed and spotted it immediately.

    Very tricky Q but I am completely up to the ruse – LOL! Even though I am of this planet and you, I think, sometimes are not!

  84. Ali Viljami

    easier to read

  85. Debbie

    Hi Gary,

    I may just be making it under the wire of that 100. To be honest, I always thought your blog was well made, but it certainly does look great now. When you first mentioned “Q” I immediately thought of James Bond, too.

    You mention here and in Parkesy’s newsletter about all the “behind the scenes” stuff Q has done, so I’m very interested in what that’s all about. So this is my “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST”.

    Also wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your “rant” in the newsletter. There certainly are several of the group who have positioned themselves as leaders in their areas of expertise. Was it Thom who said he had experience in leadership development? I’ll have to go to his place to double check. If so, I may have some things for him!

    Growing grrrr,

  86. Gary

    @ Ali – Yeah, I think it is easier to read too. Plus it just looks cleaner and uncluttered – just how I like things to be. A neat and orderly mind is a very powerful “tool,” so to speak. Thanks for your opinion.

    @ Debs – Hope you don’t mind me being so informal. My sister-in-law is “Debs” or any one of a number of variations that I give her, such as “DeBurgh,” or “DeBrett” and a number of other zany permutations of her name. She doesn’t even take notice of it any more – unless I excel myself with something very witty, to which she will roll her eys, shake her head and mutter, “I don’t know where…”

    Anyway, thank you for your compliments. Your EoI has been highlighted for Q.

    Oh – yeah! My rant! That 3,161 worder in Garry Parkes‘s Profit Pulling Project newsletter #3 was a goodie huh? A little bit of tyre-pumping for the ladies from the Gazz-Man coz the Gaz-Man recognises talent and likes to nurture it to allow pussy cats to flex and stretch and grow into fledgling BIG cats and then into full-sized tigers and tigresses. And, just on that score, we have a mighty Bengal tigress prowling the Gazz-Man’s blog as we speak. In fact, her paw prints are everywhere to be seen.

    But the Gazz-Man wants more tigresses in his pride – not that he is permutating that in any sinister way, mind you. You see, there are several really big (male) tigers and the numbers need to be balanced up a bit in my mind (oops just slipped out of third person – so I’ll stay out – LOL) by bringing on the tigresses, so to speak. This mighty bengal that I speak of will certainly teach her new “cubs” a thing or two, or three, or four… Her roar cannot be ignored.

    Yes, Thom knows what he is doing and I have every faith in him making a mighty roar of his own.

    Love that low guttural growl I just heard there Debs. Thanks for flexing and exercising those vocal cords. You are making a statement.

    Grrrr back.

    Oh, look at that! It almost spells my name! LOL!


    PS: Yeah I know, I know Parrkesy. Go on. Say it! I know you want to – LOL!

  87. Nikki

    Hey Gaz-Man,

    I thought you’d be asleep?! I don’t know how you cope with such little sleep, I love being in my bed…(oh, ok, so the 2 aren’t necessarily related… ;) )

    I’ve been having positive feedback already about my article in the newsletter, I’m feeling rather proud of myself! As I said over on Garry’s blog, it’s thanks to you both for encouraging me. I had never really given much thought to what skills I have (no, not those, I’ve known about those for years!) that I could contribute, but with your support I’m discovering that writing is something that I really enjoy, and that I’m half-decent at!

    That, and causing endless amounts of trouble and entertainment…hey, it’d be rude to waste a mind like this on boring stuff!

    OK, it’s gone midnight here, think I’m turning into a pumpkin or something as I’m rambling now – what did I just say about my writing?! I’m ruining the illusion now!


  88. Gary

    Nix – pulling a latey, are you?

    Nikki the REASONS that you are getting such positive feedback are as follows:

    1 – you wrote a short but very interesting article (as opposed to Gazz-Man monoliths of biblical proportions – LOL),
    2 – your subject matter is of great benefit to newbies,
    3 – you have excellent writing skill – which you already know coz I have told you so in emails on several occasions and…
    4 – well, let’s face it – you are UNIQUE and that makes people interested in you (especially those with two thinking centres – ie half the population – people like me! LOL!)

    So, in deference to your remark, you are more than “half-decent” at those skills. You are very decent at them and I need to watch out. Coming from the self-proclaimed doyen of verbiage you may accept that as a distinct compliment.

    I think you are a tiger arousing – and you certainly arouse the tiger in me (just had to say that for whatever reason – I guess just to stay with your “theme” – LOL).

    You are most welcome to any and all help that either Garry or I give to you. I know how the other Garry thinks and I reckon I can safely say that on his behalf. Garry Parkes is a man that the Gazz-man is proud to hang with, anytime.


  89. Nikki


    Visiting the parents hence the 1am internet access! Going to go to bed soon though, all this excitement has got me tired. Or it might have been the drive here where it was raining, dark, and had loads of surface water on the roads so I was forced to concentrate.

    Addressing your points above – oh, so you mean there are occasions when shorter can be better than longer? I may have to rethink my options.
    As a newbie myself, I was just trying to think of things that I found useful once they were explained to me. So you can be sure that I will have some other articles to contribute – Garry will get sick of me at this rate!

    I know that you have praised my writing in our emails, and I have been (and am) very grateful for that. The fact that other people are also appreciating it and finding something useful from it is the icing on the cake. It really does give me a feeling of validation, which has sometimes been lacking in my life.

    Uniquely special! I know what my brother would say to that! I agree though, I would say that I am certainly different from some of the other people on this journey, and that in itself is a bonus as it sets me apart from others. Not always for the best of reasons, but I would much rather be known than unidentifiable. Being appreciated for the whole package is an extremely welcome relief!

    Grr! Yeah baby!! <– that was for the tiger & arousal comment above ;)

    Nix the Tigress

  90. Nikki

    self-proclaimed doyen of verbiage

    No, no no…it’s “The Illustrious King Julian (or in your case, Gaz-Man), Self-Proclaimed Lord of the Lemurs, etc etc, Hooray Everybody”




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


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  91. Gary

    Hi Nikki – I was wondering why you are still around at this time. Now, I’m gonna be serious with you just for a moment. OK? Then we can go back to being silly. So, here goes…

    * * * * * * *

    I detected very early in the piece that you had something. I wasn’t sure what. And no, it wasn’t that “other” thing. I am usually rather sensitive and aware of who I am in the presence of. Many, many years of training in my chosen field have given me an acute zanshin, to quote a Japanese word that I am very fond of using (even though right now it is the first time I have used it here on this blog).

    In some respects it is like Darth Vader when he says of Luke Skywalker, “Hmm, the force is strong with this one.” It is just something that I intuitively detect and it often works the other way too. I guess what I am saying is that I have some radar capablilty – LOL!

    People with strong “latent” talent (ooh look at those two words in conjunction – how marvelous and it just slipped out) are the people I gravitate to because these are the people who I like to be near and also the people who I can synergise with to make both halves greater than they were before. IF that makes any damn sense to you at all. It is very difficult to explain and even I do not fully understand it.

    Over where I live I have helped created tigers who now prowl in their own territories and who are now rather formidable in their own rights. That is my mission here on this journey. It’s easier in person but able to be done cyberially, nonetheless. You are a good example.

    You now have a “project” and I strongly believe that if you do it right then it will make you a LOT of money. Ooh, that puts the pressure on a little bit, doesn’t it?

    Set yourself a time table (ACTION Planner? Hint. Hint!) and chop into it piece by piece and BE CONSISTENT. No mad activity one day and then leave it for a few days and then more frenetic activity then slacken off for a week. NO! That is a SURE-FIRE way never to complete it. SET A TARGET, write a PLAN and be merciless until you EXECUTE the plan.

    When I go for something I am relentless, ridiculously relentless. In fact, almost possessed.

    You chip away at it EVERY day/night whatever – even if it is just a couple of hundred words – even if they are rubbish. Just do it coz you can always edit or even delete (I rarely do this BTW). I will put up a whole thread on this some time in the future to help others.

    * * * * * * *

    OK, the serious bit is over. We can now go back to being stupid, but Nix – get some sleep. I have worked myself to a bloody frazzle this week and it isn’t good to keep doing that. I should know much better but I have been in some wild moods this week and have been rather creative myself, so while the adrenaline was running I was running with it. But what goes up, must come down (now I am waiting for the salvo that will come with that- LOL). And it always does with a big thud. I need to rest up to avoid being dull and listless for the next few days.

    Go to sleep. Good night and sweet purply dreams, or blue ones or whatever – LOL.


  92. Nikki


    I imagine it has something to do with recognising that there are those that wish to be taught, but only by the right people and in the correct way. Respect is hard to come by in my world, I don’t give it automatically or easily. You however have more than earned it. Whether that means anything to you is anyone’s guess, but I have a feeling that it will. As you pointed out – the force is strong in that one. I would say that applies to both of us.

    Don’t worry, going back to my devious self now…

    And it always does with a big thud.

    I would expect nothing less from you!!

    Purple dreams of success await me…as it’s 2am I think I shall go to bed now.

    Night sweetie :)


  93. Nikki

    Stop editing your comments once I’ve already replied to them!!

    And yes, I do have a project, or 2 in fact (they interlink!), so it will be really good to give myself some focus. I’ve recommended your Action Planner again today while I was replying to comments on my blog, so don’t worry, it isn’t far from my mind!

    When I go for something I am relentless, ridiculously relentless. In fact, almost possessed

    …I’m sure we were talking about that in a slightly different context in our emails… ;)

    The Purple Minxy Witch

  94. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary:

    You call your behind the scenes creative genius “Q”.

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet.”

    Perhaps you should call him/her Rumpelstiltskin? For “Q” is the sorcerer/sorceress that will soon be spinning your blog into gold…

    Please put me down for an “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST”. I’m changing my whole blog over-new theme. It’s going to be very cool-Although no national holiday, royal ball and trumpet fanfare like your transformation- More like my five-year-old running through the house with a kazoo…


  95. Gary

    @ Nikki – Sweetie? Huh? You need to see me in person – LOL! “Purple dreams of success.” Yes. I think so. I DEFINITELY think so.

    Thanks for those nice comments BTW. I do appreciate them. Often all the reward i seek is a thanks but these days some people cannot even bring themselves to do that. In fact, they will take from you until the point of exhaustion on your part and when you decide to slow down or stop through lack of gratitude they will then abuse you. This is the mark of a very shallow person and they are best avoided.

    Now… Nix, I am editing my text coz I think of better things to say and add as I correct the spelling and add html and you are TOO darn quick off the mark with your replies. I probably do not have the accuracy of your typing ability. I have to slam my thoughts down coz the brain is working far too quick for the fingers to keep up and that is when mistakes creep in. And I HAVE to fix them!

    @ Denis – Now I have BLOKES writing poetry on my blog? Egad! I hope that was for the ladies D-Man as I know you put regular gasoline in your limosine, if ya get my drift. Like… I have been to your blog and read certain material. Otherwise, I would CERTAINLY be going there immediately to pick up any hints on offer. Whew!

    Back to matters of more appropriate portent. You said:

    For “Q” is the sorcerer/sorceress that will soon be spinning your blog into gold…

    There is no doubt that Q has put on a spectacular visual display here for people who have watched the transformation AND has also given this blog a very powerful and penetrating force field. For that I am extremely grateful and this has accellerated my ability to reach out to others stronger and faster. But never forget Denis that this is only part of the equation.

    In fact, I was just over at fellow wordsmith, Michel Fortin‘s blog and (Q is gonna bag me for quoting myself AGAIN here – finds it rather amusing does the Q!) I’m gonna copy those words and bring them back here coz they are very pertinent to what you said. Coming up…

    * * * * * * *

    “From Gary Simpson
    Hi Michel,

    As a long time reader of your great blog here, you will know that I do not always agree with everything you write – but damn near close to everything – LOL! And this is no exception.

    You always make a lot of sense and you usually back your claims up. And you don’t mind sticking your neck out either. I like committment to a cause and a bit of grunt, so I come here fairly often, even if it is only to read and pick something up. I usually do and just add it to my own arsenal, so thank you.

    Just on the subject material above…

    I have a ridiculously long headline that I am running on my blog ATM and it is working gang-busters. Mind you, the entire blog is now completely out of control with many 100’s of comments. I can no longer keep up with replies. Not bad for a blog that only came on-line on 27 November 2008. (even if I do say so myself – LOL).

    The one thing that I would like to add to what you said above is that emotion-charged writing that is full of verve will ALWAYS attract an eager crowd, especially in the current very negative environment we are being reminded of at every turn by our marvellously negatively inspired media outlets.


    Gary SIMPSON”

    * * * * * * *

    Now, the FOCUS of all that, of course, is the LAST paragraph because that is a lot af what I am “teaching” here. Soon I will release a perfect example of that hich has had people from all over the world completely enraptured. And, YES, I wrote it and, NO, I have no idea how I did it.

    Good to see you have an EoI in Denis. Yours was the blog theme that I really liked UNTIL I saw this incredible one. Plus, I know you have had some problems with bits of the theme.

    Regarding the trumpets, drums, fanfare etc, etc, etc – that is just ME going off. Q actually is far more reserved and I know gets somewhat embarrassed by it. But I have backed everything up and soon all will be revealed. And those who are smart enough will follow this person who is a close accomplice of the Gazz-Man and has been for many years.

    Anyway Denis can you kazoo “Fanfare for the Common Man?” coz since the very first time I ever heard that piece by Emerson, Lake and Palmer it has stood the hackles up on the back of my neck as though it was written for me personally. And if I am ever struggling with anything I just play it in my mind and I am good to go.

    Then again, a kazoo huh? Er, don’t bother. LOL!


    PS: You could do yourself a favour by going over the Michel Fortin’s blog to learn from him. He always has good copy for you to read.

  96. Paula Brett

    “And Paula Brett, sorry for dropping that really long and ugly URL on your lovely blog but now you will know why. I do respect your opinion and I know you would have taken one look at what I did and you would have gone, “Euuw! &*#@# that damn Gary Simpson!” LOL. I did it for a reason and I kinda held my breath while I was doing it, hit submit and tore off your site before you could slap me. I hope you are smiling now and won’t hold it against me. Then again..”

    LOL! You’re right. I thought “why you, %^%$£$&^%(*!” a and I was half way over here to deliver a Power Packed Paula Punch after hitting the delete button, when I decided I’s better get the hell over to Garry’s place and see what you were going on about!

    You’re forgiven! I loved your piece. Very motivational and, above all, authentic. I particularly loved the `monkeys and bananas’ section which I believe is essential for everyone to take on board ;-)

    You’re a straight-from-the-hip kinda guy, Gary, which suits me fine and I hope you continue in that vein ;-)

    Take care


    P.S. The blog is looking splendiferous and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your coup with Q!

  97. Gary

    Sorry Paula,

    I knew you would be angry with me but the Gazz-Man’s heart is very pure even if his brain gets addled at times with overwhelming enthusiasm. I hope you understand my motivation for doing that now. But there is MORE on the way and it all ties in and I reckon you are gonna LOVE what I have cooking here. And it ain’t far away now.

    I am almost ready to roll the red carpet out…

    Heh… heh… “a Power Packed Paula Punch!” NICE alliteration – and I know you meant it that way to tittilate me. Er, I do fear though that it would be NO match whatsoever for the Gazza-slap. That came out at the gym last night and there are some hurting bodies around the place today. Then again, the Gazz-Man would NEVER slap a lovely lady.

    Yeah, I was actually laughing myself when I dreamed up that “free-banana-monkey” business (LOL). I sit in front of the keyboard at times and just laugh like an idiot at the zany, crazy sh*t I come up with sometimes. MY family are sure that I am losing it.

    I am indeed a “straight-shooter” Paula – a real Wyatt Earp – and it gets me into a HELL of a lot of trouble. Always has. But I’m not gonna change. I don’t think I could if I wanted to.

    “Coup with Q!” Cute Pauls.

    So, I am forgiven huh? Whew. That IS a relief and I sure am glad I covered my back on that one.

    Thanks for coming over Paula. Make sure you come back soon coz the fireworks and the big announcement is only hours away.

    Like I said, I am just about ready to roll out the red carpet …


    PS: I am gonna make my headlines a lot shorter in future – LOL!

  98. Paula Brett

    I’m probably as fond of words as you are, Gaz, dahhhlink! And if my words titillate one or two along the way, then so much the better ;)

    Whilst I understand that you’re confident in the power of a well-placed Gazza-slap, don’t fall into the trap of underestimating the power and stealth of a silky smooth Paula Punch!

    You covered your back very charmingly, you sly old dawg, you! Just the thought of you laughing like a drain, insanely at your desk whilst you write is enough to keep me coming back…… :0




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  99. Gary

    Ah you are back. I NEVER underestimate anyone or anything – LOL!

    I have an idea for a video of some of my antics and all the junk in my oiffice that I find amusing, though some is rather ribald and may have to go on a “R” rated video. I guess it will have to depend on my mood on the day. Anything can happen in my orifice …office – LOL!

    Glad I am back in your goodies. I don’t fear men but powerful women, well… heh… “Pauls” (LOL) – I think we’re good!

  100. Gary


    Well, I’ve done some heavy duty repying to folks here and a bit of nice sucking up to Pauls to get me in her goodies again (“silky smooth Paula Punch” – I’d actually probably like that! LOL!) so, I reckon it’s time for a bit of levity.

    This guy walks into a pharmacy and asks, “Can I get v*agra here?”

    Pharmacist: “Sure you can.”

    Guy: “Could I just get it right across the counter then?”

    Pharmacist: “Well, I guess if you took 5 or 6 pills at once you might be able to.”

    I just heard some tool on the radio tell that and then laugh himself stupid. And so did I.

    OK. It’s getting close to showtime so I have to go and add up all the legitimate comments then subtract all the frivolous ones to get a score.

  101. Garry Parkes

    Morning Gary,

    Well come on de-robe Q.

    I’ve just got to my computer. Not even chance to read the comments yet but.

    This is comment 101 by reckoning.

    So we want Q, we want Q, we want Q …


  102. Gary

    @ Mark Austin – Sorry mate your comment – about ten feet up this bloody comment column – got stuck in moderation with a couple of others. I only just saw it – gave them the flick and you the tick – LOL!

    So did you have a good hol? Where did you go?

    Yep. Now who is the smarty-pants, huh?

    Do you like my new Lamborghini? Wanna race in that Ferrari of yours? V8, isn’t it? OK. I’ll be fair mate. I’ll shut half my pots down and then I’ll have the same as you. LOL!

    Trash talk. I’m good at it Mark…

    I’ll catch you soon mate.


  103. Gary

    Hey Garry – I know you are impatient but my friend is resting. It won’t be long now. In the meantime, I have about 30 feet of comments for you to read. Oh and my JOKE!


    Q will grace us soon. Be just a little more patient. Um, I might still go and subtract some “don’t count” comments yet. LOL!

  104. Tommy McLaughlin


    Here is an intersesting one ….

    Did you now that 12.225% of Stats are made up on the spot !!



  105. Gary

    Tommy – I actually think that is 50% understated – LOL!

  106. Nikki

    You’ve got our pics back again! Yey!

  107. Gary

    Hi Nix – Yep pix back online. The countdown is on…

  108. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Seems like your massivley busy over here, just with comments – how is the video coming along? I feel like a decade since I last visited here but you did say that not to add extra comments just to bump up your post counts so that it reach 100 which is when we get to see Q.

    Anyway, hope you are well and speak soon

    Have you got the Alex Jeffreys Dance urge?

  109. Gary

    Hi Nigel – it’s all gonna happen here VERY SOON!

  110. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Just thought I’d pay a visit while I planing my next Video “Dominating Twitter”.

    Don’t want to miss any fireworks, LOL.

    I’ve heard of a countdown but we’ve gone into a reverse one here. Instead of 10 …. 9 …. 8 ….

    we are counting up form your 100 take-off level – or did you decide to exclude some of those comments?

    … Nix look what trouble you’ve got us into … we don’t even know when blast off is now :-)


  111. Harry Harris


    Two Irishmen on a plane

    Mick: If this plane turns over, will we fall out?

    Paddy: No! We will always be friends!

    Just passing the time till greatness happens here!

    Great buzz and well done!

  112. Gary

    Well Garry, that’s because EVERYONE is on such different timelines here – we have you and Nix and the crew in the UK (just after midday) and me and a few others over here in Australia (9.18pm) and “my friend” in Canada (just after 7.18am). So it is VERY tough to manage – especially via email.

  113. Gary

    Harry – That avatar is so you… from a galaxy far, far away – LOL!

  114. Garry Parkes

    Yep, I worked out Q was from Canada..

    He/She/Whatever (just to keep Nix happy :-)) left the comments over at my site and you can tell from the IP address.

    Bit of of ‘spying’ on Q there.

    I think it’s George Bush – He’s looking for a new Job now.

    God help you mate :-)



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  115. Harry Harris


    Hmmmm…gotta fix that!


  116. Garry Parkes

    Hey the Avatars are back.

    Love you Q. I prefer them.

    What about a comment count number down the side now?

    And a button where you can get room service inn this place …

  117. Gary

    @ Garry – You ARE a ninja! LOL. VERY good mate! I am impressed. GB – he has done enough damage! Go Obama!

    @ Harry – That avatar is a shocker – like your joke – LOL!

  118. Gary

    Garry – you said “Love you Q!” That could be construed as rather un-manly mate, surely! Why would you use such terminology? Bewildering.

  119. Garry Parkes

    My avatar is best :-)

    Only say that to wind Gazza up.

    We don’t want an appearance of Bad-Gazza today though.

  120. Garry Parkes

    Ok, Ok, Love it bit much, I don’t ‘bat for the other side’ if that’s what you are implying. Nix can vouch for that ;-)

    Anyway, Like Nix said don’t assume anything.

    As the common saying goes Don’t ASS-U-ME anything otherwise it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

  121. Gary

    Parkesy – DUMP that bloody Eye of London. I just poked it on my screen. Did you feel it?

    Whoa! Speaking of the Purpley one who bears whips… where is she? Out to lunch I will bet, getting sushi or some other horrid offering. Well we know she doesn’t like oysters.

  122. Garry Parkes

    Must be your ninja powers.

    I did!

    Well take that, you bully.

    Fighting, in-house, fighting in-house, or should I say temple.

  123. Gary

    OK. NO more fighting in the temple!

  124. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Sounds like you need a time machine to help out and yeah thank God, I’ve got a lot to be getting on with too- otherwise the grand oscar red carpet waiting around to take a snapshot of who Q is – may be just too unbearable.

    PS: Have you got the Alex Jeffreys Dance urge? Lol!!!

  125. Gary

    Well Nige – The HUGE problemo I have here is trying to manage three KEY world time zones. It is horrendous.

  126. Gary

    Where is the Purple Minxy Witch when I NEED her?

  127. [Q]

    Good morning! So.. now what? lol

    I’m kidding.

    Want to see something neat?

  128. Mark Austin

    Hey Gazza

    Was wondering what happened to my comment! Will race you anytime you like buddy, you leave from oz, me from the UK and we will meet half way!

    Man, 107 comments on your thread, you have turbo’d your blog. Nearly emailed you yesterday for a bad gazza kick up the butt, lol. Was struggling to get back down to some work but managed to drag myself to the pc and put up a post this am. Not quite roaring yet, more of a meow but will be back on track soon, lol.

    Speak to ya later!
    p.s. most of the pre interview q’s are ready now so I will let you pass your critical eye over them soon.

  129. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary:

    As the excitement and anticipation grows to a near fever pitch, I’ve got a little cryptic message for you, ’cause I know you’re a great lover of such merriment…

    The only advice that I can give you, is what my father once said to me. He said, “Son, when you find yourself after the wedding and before the lady with the purse, you’d better be more concerned with keeping your butt away from the dragon’s fire…hmmmmmmm


  130. Gary

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Did you like that? Coming from me?

    Well, that’s about as formal as I get – LOL!

    Finally… the moment you have ALL been waiting for has arrived.

    You are now about to meet a very dear friend of mine.

    Q is somebody who I have worked with for many years.

    I know you are all dying to meet my friend and many of you have expressed interest in having work done on your own sites.

    To that end I have negotiated a VERY special arrangement for you all.

    So, I would like you all to say hello and interact with my friend…

    LINDA CAROLL – the lady (yes) behind all the magic here at the Gazz-Man’s TEMPLE.

    Hi Linda!

  131. [Q]

    Hi Gary…. and I’ve gone and changed that page…
    Hope you don’t mind what I said about you there. lol

  132. Gary

    @ Mark & Denis & Garry – feel free to say howdy guys! Linda is a real fine lady and she doesn’t bite… unless you upset her – LOL!

  133. [Q]

    (must remember to log out before I comment. I could put words in Gary’s mouth. lol)

  134. Mark Austin

    Hi Linda,

    Nice to finally meet the real brains behind the blog! Don’t worry about putting words in Gary’s mouth, there is plenty room, lol Sorry Gary, you know I love you really!


  135. Gary

    Mark – Settle down buddy. You know how potent my words can be. Yeah, you’re OK SP.


  136. Ali Viljami

    Aha Linda you are here, it was no one at your home, but I met your dragon

    It was a warm meeting



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  137. Ali Viljami

    wow first time my I see my avatar , Q magic?

  138. Garry Parkes

    Hi Linda,

    Move out of the way Gary, Like to introduce myself, LOL.

    I bet you’re both glad your ‘outed’?

    You’ve done some fantastic work over at the Temple here. I’ve already posted over on your site to say hello. I can’t believe it was me who gave you the inspiration for your idea. I’m going to go over my blog from yesterday with a fine tooth comb to work out what I did. I have this effect on people, LOL.

    Why doesn’t these great ideas come to me though instead of bypassing me and going to someone else ;-). I’ll have to give them a good talking to. Oh no, I’m starting to sound like Gary – talking to myself !!

    Anyway, glad I could be of service and looking forward to getting to know you in the ‘flesh as it were’


  139. Garry Parkes

    Hi Linda,

    Me again.

    Just popped back to your site and my comment hasn’t appeared!!

    Has it gone int moderation of have I lost another one in cyberspace and have to re-type it all again? :-(


  140. Gary

    Garry – Yes I am very relieved to get this done. I had MASSIVE logistical problems trying to pull this whole thing together.

    You have no idea the pressure I have been under trying to manage it on so many different fronts (well, maybe you do – you have the newsletter to organise) – the article for the girls in the PPP#3 to pave the way, getting that done in conjunction with you (thanks mate – you were so good there), organising three completely different time lines to co-incide (UK, Australian & Canadian), keeping the “chatter” going while Linda was getting ready. And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the dozens of emails to and from so many different people – none of whom knew I was doing anything except handling their own personal issues. I’m buggered.

    Anyway, it has all come together as well as I could have expected, considering all we had to interact with was email – VERY cumbersome for this sort of thing.

    BTW – I have the very best conversations when I chat to my alter-egos. At least they friggin’ UNDERSTAND me! LOL!

    So, ladies, I’m addressing you now

    I have paved the way here for you in the Profit Pulling Project newsletter #3 with my article on tigers and tigresses. Remember my words…

    “I would back a female Bengal Tiger any day of the week against any number of male wolves out there.”

    You now have a FANTASTIC role model and leader to follow and interact with. Linda Caroll is the equal of ANY male personality here. And I do mean ANY! Trust me, I know. I have known and admired Linda for many years and we have worked together on many, many projects. I have never failed to be completely amazed by the quality of her work and neither will you.

    Linda will be your guide and mentor. Please be patient because, although she is super-talented, after all, she IS only ONE person. And the needs are many here at the F500. You can learn a LOT from this lady so if she tells you something then study it and get yourself up to speed for the next thing she may tell you.


  141. [Q]


    Thanks Gary. In case anyone missed the link, you can click the Q to go see some neat stuff.

    Garry… there was a huge blaring warning in my admin screaming porn alert. So, I took out the stuff that was melting the filters (whew) and approved the rest. Hope that’s okay. I saved the deleted bits for when I could use a pick me up. Made my day, so thanks!! LOL

  142. Nigel Yip

    Hi Linda, (& Gary as well)

    So your the one behind all this technical wizardry with Gary’s new blog and how he runs his covert operations like Swiss Clockwork.

    Well, I like to say you did a Fantastic job with Gary’s blog and I have checked your blog out too – those results you posted are extremely impressive.

    And yes Gary, you did do quite a good job at obscuring Linda’s identity.

    Speak soon

  143. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    I knew it was Linda aha !

    How because I am an observant little sausage and her design link was at the bottom of the template initially when you changed over ……. did not want to reveal ‘Q’ but gave the clue maybe it was ‘M’ ie- a woman …..

    On an other positive note, thanks for the post on my blog …..

    Again, you have provided me with hope …..

    Because now I know you’re cannon is still firing your ammunition with no misfires or problems!, then I know that I will have nothing to worry about with my cannon in the future ….

    I have heard that sometimes that a cannon could fire too soon, thus spoiling the party !!!????!!!

    I have a bit to catch up with you though almighty Gazz-Man

    Cause my cannon only gives a small boom or bang …..


    As always you are a guiding light to me ;-)


    Tommy ‘ten gun’

    You are a

  144. Nikki

    The Purple Minxy Witch is now here!

    And there’s a big fat I told you so in it regarding my long post at the top of this thread!

    *does victory dance*


  145. Paula Brett

    Ha, the big reveal…. lol!

    Have to admit, like one or two others, I already spotted your link, Carol, at the bottom of Gary’s blog initially.

    Great work you’ve done, I’m excited to read more ;-)

    Take care


  146. Hilary Dickinson

    Finally got to the bottom of the comments via a trip to Linda’s blog, as I had some catching up to do.

    I’ve already left my comment for Linda about this tigress’s lair and enjoying the thrill of the chase.

    At the moment I might still be a tortoise, but those feline feelings are definitely surfacing.

    Must be because whenever I watch our cats (one of whom is a tabby) I’ve always said that if I had to come back as any creature it would be as a cat in a good home.

    Eat, sleep and play – what more could you wish for?!

    Anyway I enjoyed your article in the PPP #3. Thanks for giving us a plug – we all have our part to play and I’m sure that there will be many who rise to the surface as leaders as this journey continues.

    I will be back to comment more later, but as I was so tired yesterday from working into the wee small hours I had to have a zzz and didn’t get onto the computer. I’ve still got to get my video embedded into my blog.

    By the way the YouTube link is

    and if you’d like to go and leave me comments at my blog or rate it on YouTube that would be great.

    Saw a student today who would really benefit from your Time Management Planner, so I’m going to print if off for him if that’s OK.

    Must go and fill mine in…


  147. JT Martin

    Hi Gary,

    Here is my official “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST”.




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  148. Mrs Renee Olson

    Helloooo Gary,

    Are you doing the “Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh what a relief it is” dance. That’s a commercial for Alka Seltzer, the stomach reliever.

    You made it and I had great fun.

    Thank you. I’ve already been over to Linda’s place. I never had a clue, so it was really a lot of fun.

    On a serious note… When I come here and type, my computer drags. I do have a lot open, but it seems to be more noticable here than when I’m at others blogs. Now I will have to observe that detail more. I’ll get back to you.


  149. Paull Hamilton

    Captain Pugwash here,

    Hi Gary, Just got back and obviously you where my second port of call after the loo !

    Wow I seemed to have missed an awful considering I’ve only been away for a few days. So I see the mysterious Q is a beautiful lady, in my minds eye he/she had wire rimmed glasses and wild white hair, how wrong was I !!!

    Pleased to be home. the weather on the first day was wonderful apart from a couple of ”Twisters”, well water spouts really but you have to add a bit of drama now and then don’t you ?

    Tonight I think will be an all nighter as I want to get the first tutorial video up on the blog tomorrow. I will be posting a video on how to use Windows movie maker, and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by using the footage of the trip. The only problem is the language, shall I say it’s a lovely shade of ” Blue”, so it’s going to be either a 10 minute film with lots of bleeps or a 10 second film with a U rating !!

    Anyway must get on, lots to do.


  150. Clayton Moore

    Wow Gary!
    I stopped by a while back, and after reading PPPV3 today I popped in, and noticed the fantastic changes right away. What a friend you have in Linda.
    I jumped over there and expressed interest in the upcoming offer.

    Being one of the newbies in the group, I’ve spent most of my time getting a handle on all things blog but I have enjoyed your writings, here, at Garry’s, and the F500. You are a terrific writer, major contributor in our class, and an inspiration to all whether admitted or not.

    Before December my last bit of creative writing was in English, class of 79. This was a big hurdle I was avoiding at first and it was reading up on you, Garry P, Coleen, Alex and others that got my Royal Canadian Fanny Perpendicular in gear. I expect to be rough at the edges for a long time to come but at least I am moving forward.

    Thanks for letting me ramble a bit and for what looks like a great Action Planner.

    PS: I did my first Digg using Tip #5 Post Magical “Art” of Blogging.
    Great Tips by the way, read through them all.

    The Marketing Canuck

  151. Gary

    @ Linda – You are more than welcome.

    @ Nigel – It was damn tough pulling that deception. I don’t like doing that sh*t but it served a purpose. Glad you remembered it is my blog (& Gary). Jeez!

    @ Tommy – That certainly sounds like a gigantosaurous CANNON!

    @ Nix – Yeah, yeah – big FAT told ya so to you TOO!

    @ Paula – Good to see we are stil mates after that stunt I pulled on your blog. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you stormed away from that blog. Too bloody funny. I knew you would be furious with me. LOL! But we’s good again, isn’t we?

    @ Hils – My pleasure to give all you ladies the recognition you all deserve. It’s just unfortunate that I couldn’t list everyone. I just didn’t want it to look like a damn telephone directory. Seen the video. Very good. Left comment over your way. Action Planner is free and good to go anywhere.

    @ JT – You are on the list and Linda is aware of your email to me. Expect contact soon.

    @ Renee – That’s probably coz this site is a behemoth. Dunno. Get a better computer that can handle my blog. LOL!

    @ Paull – I mean Cap’n Pugwash. You mean you took a p155 BEFORE you came here? Jeez! The bloody cheek of some people! Looking forward to that video instruction coz I wanna make one and I am a virgin with that. So, I need whatever help and advice you can give.

    @ Clayton – That was a wonderful compliment and I thank you most sincerely for it. Um, almost to frightened to ask what your “Royal Canadian Fanny Perpendicular” thing is> No. Nup. DON’T want to know, thanks! Glad you like the Action Planner.

    Regards to you all!


  152. Clayton Moore

    Hi Gary!
    Thanks for that.
    I gotta tell yah anyway.
    Royal Canadian Fanny Perpendicular is a term I remember from long ago that is a fancy way of nicely saying:
    “rear end”
    or Atlantic Canada where I come from:
    “me arse”
    I have also heard it is where Ausralian Corporal Punishment is performed.

    I voted thumbs up for Alex and I’ll throw up a post back to yours.
    Alex Jeffreys scam eh!


  153. Gary

    Clayton – Oh I see! In Australia a “fanny” is a female sex organ of the nether regions and well, perpendicular… I just kinda threw the two together and came up with um, well, you can guess. LOL!

    Thanks for the explanation.


  154. lyncbynctredy

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  155. Bev Brossy

    Hi Gary,

    Thought this should be on your blog as well but couldn’t find the appropriate place. ,

    Very well done, Gary, on attaining the #1 google spot and ousting Alex Jeffreys – you definitely deserve it – you have given so much support to so many people – and no small feat to oust anyone from his own #1 spot. I have no doubt that the $1000 you give to Linda will come back to you a thousand fold.

    Very best wishes, Bev

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