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Vardenafil For Sale

by Gary ~ November 29th, 2008

Vardenafil For Sale, Hello,

Welcome back. Buy Vardenafil from canada, Well, this afternoon I spent a few hours swanning around all the Alex Jeffreys inspired blog and web sites, where can i find Vardenafil online. Vardenafil treatment, I gotta say I was mighty impressed. Some folks have put in a power of work, Vardenafil dangers. Australia, uk, us, usa, Some of the sites I visited were wonderful. And some people have some amazing technical ability, Vardenafil For Sale. One young fellow who is only 16 years old - Nadav Saltsman at - has done a really nice video to help people set up their Wordpress Blogs in just a couple of minutes, purchase Vardenafil online no prescription. Vardenafil steet value, Really helpful Nadav - well done.

There are people out there with obvious skills and I have made notes on them - just in case I need some advice later - LOL, buying Vardenafil online over the counter. Vardenafil natural, (It's all in my journal). Vardenafil For Sale, Anyway, there is a buzz about the Alex Jeffreys internet marketing mentoring program (hint). So, cheap Vardenafil, Vardenafil without prescription, does anybody think they know what is happening here? I reckon I do. But I'd like to see a few other people tell me what they think first, Vardenafil over the counter. Cheap Vardenafil no rx, Go on - tell us what you think. I'll come back later and tell you what I think, kjøpe Vardenafil på nett, köpa Vardenafil online.

Have a stab or an educated guess - it doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with me, Vardenafil For Sale. Vardenafil images, I could be wrong. Or somebody else could have a better explanation, Vardenafil without a prescription. Vardenafil samples, Regards


PS: I left 14 comments on the various Alex Jeffreys inspired blog and web sites this afternoon - all targetted to the specific site that I was on at the time (no copy and paste stuff from me - no way!). So don't be shy here, Vardenafil forum. Vardenafil no rx, OK. hmm.., what is Vardenafil. Vardenafil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, this PS is the 2nd hint. Get Vardenafil. Vardenafil from canadian pharmacy. Vardenafil used for. Vardenafil coupon. Is Vardenafil addictive. Online Vardenafil without a prescription. Vardenafil blogs. Vardenafil alternatives. Vardenafil dosage. Vardenafil australia, uk, us, usa. Vardenafil dose. Order Vardenafil online overnight delivery no prescription. Vardenafil no prescription. Vardenafil from canada.

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Trackbacks from: Vardenafil For Sale. Vardenafil For Sale. Vardenafil For Sale. Vardenafil photos. Australia, uk, us, usa. Vardenafil without a prescription.

24 Responses to Vardenafil For Sale

  1. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hi Gary, on my cellphone at moment, thank you for comments about my blog. I am not part of any mentoring program. I am watching all that is going on with Alex’s program. I will bookmark your blog. Cheers Tommy



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  2. Gazza

    Thanks Tommy,

    Like I said, it’s pretty frenetic at the moment. I’m losing track of who is in the Alex Jeffreys mentoring program and who isn’t.

    I reckon it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  3. Anthony

    Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog. Nice to see another member of the coaching program getting it going. As for what I think its about? I’m not sure I know, but I think that we’re continuing the buzz surrounding Alex’s program, which in turn links us to him. Eventually our blogs will get indexed and we will all come up in searches for Alex Jeffreys coaching. That was my stab at it, I’m sure there is a bigger picture than that involved. I’d love to hear what you think?

  4. Nigel Yip

    Hi Gary,

    Firstly, thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog and for being the first person to do so. And yeah, I totally agree with you that Alex Jeffreys webinar was very good. As you may have read in my blog, I certainly learnt more in 2 hours with Alex Jeffreys that I have during my 3 years at university. I shall certainly bookmark your site and add you to my blogroll of that’s okay with you.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you and here a toast to ‘exciting times and future success’ for us all who have enrolled on Alex Jeffreys coaching program.

    Best Regards

    PS: Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Garry

    Hi Gary,

    Intriguing post.

    Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. You mention “that I know how to do this, don’t you?” and put that winking icon in (don’t even know how to get that in a post, lol – my limit is a smiley icon :) ), but I really am new to all this. I must be along the right lines though if someone of your obvious experience thinks I am doing well. It really does encourage me and I look forward to learning more as Alex’s course proceeds. I’ve already studied your site and picked up a few tips which I think will help further !!!

    Actually I put up a post on my site this morning as several people of asked me how I have generated the traffic. Honest, answer, as you’ll see from the post is not 100% sure exactly but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

    Right here is my inexperienced guess at what is going on. I think there a lot of people who are interested in Alex Jeffreys and haven’t necessarily signed up with the course. They are following along and looking in to see if this is the “real deal” with a view of getting in at a later date if they read “proof” of some success stories, or pigging backing on the information posted on our student sites. This is somehow viral in nature and feeding on itself hence generating a buzz, but this is where I don’t understand how. I’m sure as I learn more that, I will get to grips with it, but until then I will just continue to do what I’m doing.

    So am I close? Are you going to let us know at some point what you think is happening? I’m certainly bookmarking your site for frequent visits as I can tell I can learn from someone like yourself. Appreciate any feedback you have either via comments or email.

    Bye for Now,

  6. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary,

    I’m in Alex’s coaching too, what do I think about it? Excellent! There was so much in mod 1 I can’t wait to see whats coming up.

    Will be checking back for your thoughts! :)

    All the best,

  7. Becky Carter

    Hi Gary,
    Great blog, another student of Alex with so much experience! It makes me feel such a newbie!! Myself and my Dad are taking on this mentoring together.
    I do love reading these blogs though because they contain invaluable information for us. I have added you to our student blogroll and we would love you to pop over and tell us what you think, we have just got our blog up and running.
    Good luck and roll on next tuesday.

  8. Alex Jeffreys

    Hey Gary,

    great blog mate im really excited to see you position yourself and i know its going to make you alot of money as you continue to build your online business … and thanks for checking out my sites,

    we have been busy making sure they do what we planned for them to do,

    it’s going to be exciting for me to speak with my social media expert friends and work out how we can interlink all of the students blogs so we can drive you MAXIMUM traffic to give you an extra boost,

    I know my friends in the game will be excited to help me help you,

    well done and i’ll keep a close eye,

    to all of your success

    Alex Jeffreys

  9. Gazza

    A big howdy to everyone,

    I’ll respond to individual comments in the order above.

    First – Anthony…

    … yep. You are correct. Well, in my opinion anyway. This “buzz” will be picked up by the search engines. The fact that we are all linked on a common theme will strengthen that configuration and we will have formed a hub. Think of it as a bike wheel with all the spokes radiating out to the different websites and blogs with the Alex Jeffreys mentoring Program at its centre.

    Second – Nigel…

    … thanks for stopping by. I am glad to leave positive comments on other websites where they are warranted. You might be getting me confused with Garry Parkes – he’s a 2r Garry. I’m a 1r Gary. So, I have been trying to leave my full name when I visit other sites now. (I think there are a couple of Deans now too – this could get confusing).

    Third – Garry (the 2r Garry)…

    … you are doing a stupendous job on your blog. It is very advanced – much more advanced than mine – LOL! Yes, you are on the right track as indeed was Nigel (see comments directly above). I agree with you that there are a lot of “lurkers” out there watching and reading these blogs. They will have seen the excitement and positive energy. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of buzzards circling (Dean Holland will know what I mean here) – waiting for the whole thing to collapse. I’m gonna make a separate post about that today before I put up my experience (#3). These sad individuals are everywhere, unfortunately. They are the cancer of all things good. I’ll stop now but you can expect a harangue from me later.

    Fourth – Mark…

    … thanks for stopping by. Keep coming. I’ll get over to your neck of the woods shortly.

    Fifth – Becky and Ian…

    … I’ve already been over to your blog and left a comment. Hope it wasn’t the one that crashed when I tried to submit it – one of them did. Damn computers have a habit of doing that! I’ll check on that later and re-submit if so, or say something new. Great to see you and your Dad tag-teaming. I like the idea of that – sharing the responsibilities. Hope it all works out well for you and it becomes a bonding experience between you.

    OK. This post is getting WAY too long. Hmm, I see Alex Jeffreys himself has been here. Be back in a flash to respond.


    Gary (Gazza)
    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  10. Gazza

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for taking the time to come over here and make a personal post. I see you have been to several of the blogs and made comments. That is empowering for those site owners – further proof that you care and know what you are doing.

    For other readers here…

    Alex said – and I quote – “…im really excited to see you position yourself…” Yep. That is what I have done.

    Alex also said – quoting again – “… my social media expert friends and work out how we can interlink all of the students blogs so we can drive you MAXIMUM traffic…”

    See folks? I was correct. This is Web 2.0 social media in action.

    These blogs and sites are the basis of a hub. The search engines will LIKE this. Keep blogging. Let’s make the hub strong. This will draw others like a magnet. Good for us – very good for Alex.

    The wheels are in motion.

    Er… like I intimated before… it is also attracting the buzzards (and some of them have extremely foul mouths. Dean knows what I mean). I’m gonna comment on that in a separate post soon but I will NOT give the buzzards any links. They can have their pity parties over where they belong – at their carrion sites.

    Thanks again Alex for stopping by.


    Gary Simpson
    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

    PS: And Dean – you were a perfect gentleman with those buzzards. I was very proud of the way you handled them. Don’t let any of them put even a chink in your armour.

  11. Dean Hohn

    Hi Gary,

    This is the Dean from down under! Hey mate, I want to congratulate you on an excellent blog! I’m finding it fascinating to have a look at what everyone else is doing on their blogs.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this is just the start of good things to come!

    I’ve spent a good while reading the various material from Alex and it’s refreshing to be working with such a straight shooter that is willing to share his knowledge and secrets.

    I look forward to following you as we progress. If you get time drop over to my blog and let me know what yo think. I’m always open for suggestions as to how i can improve it.

    Cheers, and well done
    Dean Hohn

  12. Gazza

    Hi Dean (Hohn),

    You’re an Aussie too, huh? G’day mate.

    Yeah, this is getting really interesting.

    Dean, I’ve been over to your site. I’ll check it out again later – after I’m finished posting my BUZZARDS and SEAGULLS piece. I have something really important to share with this because our detractors are already squawking and trying to poop all over us.

    But for now, I tagged you in my journal as a guy who… hang on… what did I write next to your name? … Google expert.

    I see your talents Dean.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  13. Nadav

    Hi Gary,

    Nice blog!

    I’m happy my video was helpful :)
    I’m working on a few more so be sure to revisit my blog once is a while…

    Best Regards,

  14. Gazza

    Thanks Nadav,

    I’ll come back to see what else you are doing. I’m impressed with your expertise and your tenacity for one so young. Keep going.

    Best Wishes

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  15. Will Lim

    Hi Gary,

    To be frankly, I don’t really know what happen. All I focus now is keep thinking what value I can provide to help people and learning from it at the same time. I guess that might become a culture for Alex’s students – help people! :)

    If you need any help be sure to let me know. I’ll try my best to help ya. :) Helping each other makes our learning faster.

    Best Regards,

    Will Lim

  16. Gary

    Hi Will,

    That is the spirit – to pull as a team for collective success.

    We are forming a circle of trust (apologies to the film “Meet the Parents”) and a ring of confidence (apologies to Colgate).

    Thanks again Will. I was over on your blog and active in it this afternoon.


    Gary Simpson.
    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  17. Tracy Moore

    I love on the comments to this post… very educational and the fact that we are all creating a buzz is very COOL!! Interlinking all of our blogs is super Web 2.0 I’m sure!! Alex and his team are on top of things!!

    I have my blog up now… my 1st one ever like many of us!! And need to get on the ball with providing valuable free content so that I can build a list. That is what I’m looking very forward to, is learning how to build that list!!! Do any of you already have a list?? I don’t, and I could just kick myself. I’ve been online for over 10 years now, and I’ve tried SO MANY things, and failed miserably. But all that time, I could have been building a list. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat!

    I’ll see you all tonight on Module #2.


  18. Gary

    Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for stopping by and making a comment.

    Yep, like I just mentioned to Nadav over on my Module 1 thread, I identified the POWER of a webring very early on as a method for strengthening the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching.

    That is what HE wants and he is giving us what WE want, so why not make it easy for him to get his name out there in the search engines… heh, the way we are going we will crash his server.

    Traci, (hmm, interesting – you have two different spellings!) I will come over to Tracy/Traci-land and give you a kick start with a comment. And I will load your details into my blogroll. By doing that you will get immediate backlinking advantages as a LOT of people are coming here now. It’s like an ant-farm – LOL!


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  19. Adam

    Hey Gary,

    Great blog.

    I’m in Alex’s coaching group too. Alex has some great stuff huh? I’ve been working with him for several months now on a one-to-one basis before he opened up his official coaching program, and he and I have been in Rich Schefren’s coaching program together. I’m really excited about the stuff that Alex is teaching us.

    You’ve got a great blog here–I love the webring idea, and I think the blogroll and social/community aspect is critical.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help you

    I’ve got some great videos on my blog that you may enjoy about getting some techniques and tips I’ve learned to get free traffic.


  20. Gary


    I’m definitely gonna pay you a visit later. Just answered your comment on the “HINTS & “TIPS” thread.

    “I’m in Alex’s coaching group too. Alex has some great stuff huh? I’ve been working with him for several months now on a one-to-one basis before he opened up his official coaching program, and he and I have been in Rich Schefren’s coaching program together. I’m really excited about the stuff that Alex is teaching us.”

    Really? That is GREAT news. More proof and credibility of Alex for the rest of us.

    Free traffic? Oh yeah. EVERYONE wants that. I’ll be over.

    I saw the power of the webring/hub building very early on in the piece when I observed the quality, tenacities and the talents of the various people who had been attracted here. That’s when I said to myself “this is gonna go somewhere” and I jumped in all guns blazing. Well, I have a few secret weapons I haven’t revealed yet – LOL!

    We have some real workers, some great talent and a sprinkling of heavy-hitters. That is why I have been blitzing the blogsites and encouraging people to get ACTIVE. Build the solid foundation – the hub – and then up goes the tower. (Fortified with ICBMs in strategic locations – ready for the inevitable invasion – LOL) Coz, as sure as I’m typing this there will be those who are planning our demise. It’s human nature for some to want to murder, rape, pillage and destroy. Let ‘em come.

    Thanks for the compliment about my blog. I sincerely appreciate it.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  21. Vince Craine

    Hello Gary Just wanted to say hello,

    I think Alex Mentoring program is amazon, His dedication
    to his members is unreal, 5 hours last night – what other marketer
    would give that kind of time to his students. This is becoming a huge community like SMARTS was. We have a lot of talented people in here.

    Please check out my Blog –

    Read my story,

    what i am goiung to do is give-away over $10,000.00 dollars in software and knowledge – be one of the first to comment on my blog and sign up for my list.

    Talk to you soon- Vince

  22. Gary

    Vince – Howdy. You sneaked in here. I see you are “The Vinsta.” I like that. Dunno what SMARTS was. Is it still going? You said “was.”

    I can see this going on and on. Jeez, $10,000! Are you crazy, man? That sounds humungous. I’ll be sure to come and check it out.

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  23. Deborah Benjamin

    I am blown away! Iam also in Alex Jeffreys mentor program and can’t speak highly enough about him and his mentoring style along with commitment!

    When I said I’m blown away though that was for you…I will be learning a lot from you, I’m sure! I do have a question about Blogroll…how is it done?
    To general a question? You seem to have extreme energy both mentally and physically. Very impressive my friend! I’ll be sure to check back with you soon!

    When you get the chance I’d appreciate your checking out my blog and getting your comments…I am a newbie, it’s that simple!

    Enjoy the weekend and thanks for so many ideas!!!




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
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  24. Andy Beveridge

    Hi Gary, I think I can see alex’s plan. He trains 500 hundred of us to the point where the a percentage of students are experiencing large amounts of traffic and building healthy lists. Then he releases a top end product with us acting as affilates. If we all sold just one then Alex would be a very rich man.
    Hats off to him, because we will have a blueprint for life. Mind you I don’t think that i’m one of the better students, because I can’t even get my list building platform up and running. I intend to outscource all the tech stuff, but can’t do that with my product for obvious reasons.
    Love your site by the way, so much info on here.
    I did a link to your site on my blog a few weeks ago and would be gratful if you would include me on your blogroll.
    All the best Gary
    andy beveridge

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