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Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription

by Gary ~ January 10th, 2009

Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription, Well, Alex Jeffreys has done it yet again. This morning's (Perth, buy cheap Carisoprodol no rx, Where to buy Carisoprodol, Western Australia time) webinar entitled "Traffic Tornados" uncovered many gems on how all the Alex Jeffreys' students can generate traffic.

Here are some of the salient points of the seminar, Carisoprodol blogs. Buying Carisoprodol online over the counter, (Note: I cannot possibly put everything here. Where you see GS, purchase Carisoprodol, About Carisoprodol, well, that is my little side comment)


  • Build your business around FUN, Carisoprodol dangers. (GS: OK, I can almost guarantee that most people will MISS this MASSIVE point),

  • Take ACTION, Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription. Online buy Carisoprodol without a prescription, Keep failing until you win (GS: Ditto above comment),

  • Do NOT pimp yourself (GS: ie don't bust into other people's blogs and forums and start blabbing on about what you are selling - show some DECORUM), Carisoprodol street price, Carisoprodol description,

  • People ONLY want to visit your blog if you leave value in your comments (GS: this is on your own blog and also when you comment on other people's blogs),

  • Don't get it RIGHT just get it GOING.


  • Twitter is all about relationship building - NOT "pimping." (GS: Pimps and spammers get dumped, Carisoprodol online cod, Cheap Carisoprodol, so why even do it. It's just DUMB!), Carisoprodol wiki, Doses Carisoprodol work,

  • Traffic techniques are SIMPLE but not necessarily EASY,

  • A BLOG "pre-conditions" people to trust you, Carisoprodol without prescription. Where can i order Carisoprodol without prescription, (GS: Show yourself as a real person - look at all my pix etc running down my RHS column),

  • Visit Andrew Fox on for some great tips and ideas.

  • If you TELL somebody something they DON'T CARE but if you DON'T TELL people then they become intrigued.



  • Google's facilities such as allinanchor:(insert name or website), Carisoprodol schedule, Where to buy Carisoprodol, allintitle(insert name or website) - find out what the competition is doing and who is linking in - this is for competitive intelligence analysis,

  • Yahoo's facility such as linkdomain:(insert name or website) - again for competitive intelligence analysis, Carisoprodol photos, Buy Carisoprodol without a prescription,

  • - use to search for traffic rankings and linkbacks to sites (GS: I have been using this site for years and it is a GREAT resource)

  • - use for press releases (this site "blasts" to 100's of sites)

  • SO OBVIOUS but... WATCH the 21 videos of "List Building with Alex."

  • - this is the 19th most popular website on the net with a HUGE traffic throughput

  • - 52% of all traffic online is now video traffic, Carisoprodol for sale. Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription, Video listings on YouTube can show up in minutes on Google. Carisoprodol brand name, (refer to blog thread on the Internet's "Video Marketing Queen" Maria Andros)

  • - investigate this site for video marketing


You need to learn to GIVE before you can RECEIVE. How many people are trying to TAKE your money, Carisoprodol online cod. Carisoprodol duration, Most people are doing it all WRONG. Make a difference, Carisoprodol maximum dosage. Be different, Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription. Rx free Carisoprodol, Stand out by GIVING. Drive traffic and build your own BRAND, Carisoprodol schedule. Order Carisoprodol online overnight delivery no prescription, Sociall media is the NEW way to bond. A good relationship with people will eventually lead to sales, Carisoprodol canada, mexico, india. Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription, Well, there was WAY too much in this Module to do it justice but those comments above were some of the main points I made from my 8 pages of notes in this two and a half hour webinar. Carisoprodol pictures, Oh, I'll leave you with this thought:

"People like to BUY but they don't want to be SOLD to."

Best Wishes

Gary Simpson

NOTE: This thread has been thrown up in a hurry, cheap Carisoprodol. Carisoprodol overnight, I know it's rough. I'll come back and edit and format it later, Carisoprodol results. Carisoprodol over the counter, Just wanted to get this up for you quick. Low dose Carisoprodol.

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47 Responses to Buy Carisoprodol Without Prescription

  1. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    Great to also see that your multitasking as well whilst on Alex’s call. Will you be adding more info to this post? And yes the traffic generating techniques that Alex has unveiled is some serious top notch info.

    Right speak soon



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Makes at least 3 of us who have been multitasking while the webinar is on. Me, you and Nigel, LOL. Oh. Plus loads of us on Twitter!

    I’ve been doing a lot of Twittering while it’s been going on. Built up my followers from 100 to over 300 while the call is on !!

    Hey, Gary when are you going to get on Twitter. You miss a lot of us interacting while the session is going on for a start.

    Come on get into the modern world, LOL !


  3. Gary

    Heh… heh… you guys! I was still typing from my notes, decided to refresh and – voila! – you two fellows were already here. Awesome! And TOO FUNNY! I got a bit of a shock when I saw you had both commented.

    Multi-tasking. Yes Nigel – And yes I have already added more content since you saw it last. I’m actually still listening to the Q&A. Betty is talking to Alex as I type this up. I hope I am making sense. LOL!

    Hi Garry – Wow! You have tripled your twitter following while you have been on the webinar. That’s amazing. Garry, I have been slack about that. I (foolishly) took the advice of somebody who is supposed to be an authority on on Internet Marketing (a well known guy who wears really colourful shirts) and he pretty much bagged it as a waste of time. But that was a while ago and it just stuck in my mind. I’m gonna check out twitter and see if he has re-considered his position.

    I have to say, Garry, I have been spending a lot of time bringing my soon-to-appear SPECIAL GUEST up to speed with this F500.

    Oh Paula Brett has just joined the conversation. Now I am listening to Paula and Alex chatting on about Mark Joyner on twitter.

    Thanks for being so quick off the mark you guys!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  4. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Talk about information overload, the past two webinar modules have literally blown my head apart and now I just need to dash around my tiny office box room compiling my head back together – anyway, great to see the extra added information, yes certainly we have ot first give in order to recieve – and FUN, what fun? I can’t see how I can mix FUN with this at all, so your guarantee is already safe.

    Well at least Alex did say that we don’t need to concentrate as much on blogging which I guess is going to be a relief for many.

    Right cheerio

  5. Gary

    Nigel! – You are back AGAIN! Gee. Well Nigel, regarding the fun… have you been following me and Nix on some of these threads? We have had fun!

    I agree with you that we are in information overload.

    Cheerio to U2.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  6. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    You have to get on Twitter mate regardless of what this other give says, I feel. It’s a big part of building you ‘brand’ up and getting your name out there. There’s no quicker way to do it.

    >Nigel – I don’t think Alex has said don’t concentrate on your blogs – in the end that is where you will be directing them to so don’t negate them.

    I’m very tired now. Sounds as though could be last 5 mins of webinar. Hey, Gary I’ve written a ‘script’ for my up and coming blockbusting video for the competition. It’s going to be great, even if I say so myself ? Best thing I’ve every done a mile. Watch this space – well actually watch my space (or should I say YouTube)

    Night, Night


  7. Gary

    Thanks Garry – You know I trust your judgement (despite all the goofy “wars” and challenges and craziness that flies back and forth between us for the entertainment of everyone). I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be a TWIT! I just have SO much to do, it’s crazy. I’m trying to get a video done this weekend. I was gonna try and do it tonight but the Minister of Fun and Entertainment (MOFE=WIFE) has other plans – like going out to dinner.

    OH! Garry! I just noticed something! WOW! What a quick learner you are! There’s NO URL after your name. Well done dude. You followed my lead after I followed Paula Brett’s lead and then Alex endorsed it all on his webinar. It does make sense and I thank Paula for setting us straight on this coz it will hold us ALL in good stead when we visit lands far and wide.

    I’m still listening to Alex and Paula nattering away in the webinar. The’ve been going back and forth for over half an hour and it’s rather interesting listening to them bouncing ideas off one another while I type all this. I hust hope my multi-tasking produces something coherent LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  8. Ken Douglas


    I had to miss the module tonight because of family(MOFE… I like that term.. may I plagerize?) stuff and reading your post has made me eager to listen to it as soon as Alex has it available. It sounds like i better sharpen my pencil.

    I agree with Garry you need to be a twit. It is great just to follow lines of conversation and once the F500 starts the same type of lively banter which is present here on Twitter, it will never be the same. Non f500 folks will be flocking to our blogs to see what we are all about!


  9. Valerie Davies

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    Great to be back here. I visited the other day, and was about to leave a comment when I was called away to attend to some family matter and that was it. You’re always in poll position, or certainly not far away, on just about everything and it’s always such a good read. I might have to give up all the gos mags because I don’t have time for everything.

    I love this post because it’s such a good summary of what was covered that I can refer to this rather than sort through my notes. Hint, hint, everyone else. Gazz-Man is listening in at a civilised time and posts so quickly that those of us who are fighting off the sleepy man will be better advised to go to bed and come straight to this blog when we awake.

    Well, it’s not so much the problem with the sleepy man because if you are on the webinar you couldn’t be a serious student of Alex’s if you didn’t feel fired up with all the great content and great comments. For so many of us Brits it’s that we can’t stay up until 2am, 3am, 4am because of the commitments later in the day. Fantastic, Gazz-Man, that you are good for something extra beyond your usual wit and wisdom and bonhomie.

    I’m pleased that we’ve had the discussion about the urls after the names. I have been wondering about that. Newbie that I am (and was even more so when I started a few weeks ago), I only recently realised that the link is built in automatically with the name at the beginning, so I realised there is no need for the signing off to have the url. I think I have the right end of the stick here, yes? Another example of things that newbies will do through ignorance, and those who want to “pimp” their site, as Alex says, will do deliberately.

    I’m still awake because Traffic Tornados has set up a mini tornado in my brain, so I posted on my blog, and left this comment. Keep up the good work, Gazz-Man, and thanks. I’ve missed you as I didn’t make time to turbo hop as often as I did before. My turbo machine maybe doesn’t work as well as yours. You seem to get round to many blogs, and very quickly, as I see Gazz-Man here, Gazz-Man there, and almost Gazz-Man everywhere.


  10. Gary

    Howdy Ken – Hmm, that inspired me even more about twitter. I am just so screwed for time with everything else I am doing plus the MOFE (and, yes, you can pinch the term – LOL!) is always organising the social calendar and robbing me of big blocks of time. Then, when I get home full of food and “beverages” she tootles off to bed and I have to sit here for hours just trying to get on top of things. But a twittering-TWIT I am commiting myself to being.

    I have been negotiating and working behind-the-scenes with a number of people to bring some real value to my blog. I have been hinting about some major changes and some big things that I have planned. Right now, a lot of that unseen stuff is preventing me from really ripping this thing to pieces and getting done all the things that others are managing to do.

    Does anybody else kinda feel overwhelmed with activity right now? I don’t mind admitting that I do. I have so many projects on the go and behind-the-scenes stuff happening. And that is just in this arena. I am also trying to run off-line businesses and I sit on two Boards, one as Chairman and one as a Director. Neither are paid positions and BOTH take up a lot of time and effort. Then people stuff me around by mnot reading Minutes or being prepared and wanting to d*ck around with p*ssant things and they wonder why I get lousy with them. Sheesh! But expect that many of the F500 are in the same boat.

    My early mornings and extremely late evenings that go to sometimes 1am, 2am, 3am and even beyond are all necessary at this early stage of proceedings to keep on top of things. KOTOBOT!

    I needed a break a while ago so I went outside to that beautiful but under-utilised swimming pool (pictured on my “Palm Tree” blog) and just flopped into it for half an hour. It’s around 85 degrees Farenheit today. Suffer all you folks in the Northern Hemisphere with snow and freezing temps. Sorry. No I’m not! :-) What goes around comes around.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  11. Gary

    Hi Valz – Thank you for your much-appreciated comments. I often just flick over to your site, have a swan around, add up your comments and see that it is still all moving ahead for you. They are the occasions when I don’t post ie when I just have 30 seconds or a minute to spare. I wish I had more time (see reply to Ken above).

    Valz, I have also been keeping an eye on what others are saying about you and I am really pleased by what I have been reading. I believe you are using your considerable education to assist Mark Austin and Mark Call with their project. I didn’t know that fact about you but I could tell you were a clever cookie. That’s why I spent some extra time on your blog when you were getting it started. I knew you’d be able to make it fly with a good start and you have. So congratulations!

    This entire project is about teaching people how to fish for themselves. But some folks seem to want to just be served up fish on a plate at every meal time. That isn’t how it’s gonna work. Eventually, those doing the fishing will leave the village in their canoes and out-riggers and those who cannot fish will be on a diet of berries and nuts until they return. That is part of the reason why I am doing these things that will be revealed a little further down the track. I want as many of the F500 to come on this journey as possible, so, to that end I am bringing in some special outside talent. And it will be talent with a capital T. It doesn’t come any better. I can assure you all of that. Things are almost set. Just wait. It’s all about timing. You’ll see.

    Valz, your last couple of sentences … hang on… I’ll get ‘em …

    “My turbo machine maybe doesn’t work as well as yours. You seem to get round to many blogs, and very quickly, as I see Gazz-Man here, Gazz-Man there, and almost Gazz-Man everywhere.”

    … well, they made me laugh. It reminded me of the Purple Pimpernel. Now I am showing my age. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  12. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary and Garry

    Re Garry’s reply, yes I know we still have to concentrate on our blog but it will be slightly less compared to the previous weeks where we literally had to keep blogging on traffic and Well done Jim for winning it.

    Though now from yesterday webinar it seems like to we need to shift our focus more on building that all important mailing list, support, fans, followers, using all of the various traffic strategies Alex has been telling us and not to forget the two competitions he’s lined up for us all to have a good shot at it.

    Maybe I’m just looking at this wrong way – I’m open to suggestions so fire away!

    Anyway, Gary, when will you be on twitter? Seriously, it a bit weird and a bit mad and I still don’t understand but hey it cool, why? I dunno how, but I got a few extra subscriber using it, so When you do twitter, drop us all a note, I’m sure there’ll be lots of people waiting to welcome and speak to you more.

    Keep them wonderful blog posts coming

  13. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    I´m mighty impressed Gary a 4 hour webinar edited into a bite size chunk, you da man. I am suffering major overload at the moment. I´ve got 0´s and 1´s pouring out of my ears !

    I hope science hurries up with the cloning programme of homo erectus,
    as I could do with three of me to keep up with all the to do tasks that need attention.

    Anyway cracking post again, keep it up,


  14. Thom Swartwood


    Once again thanks for the overview. I had to work last night so I too missed the call. I am very much looking forward to seeing it online. Even if I am on the call I like to go back to the site and relisten to the call. I have listened to all of the calls over and over to pick up things I missed the first time. I also like to listen to the interactive sessions to get again pick out the gems I can use.

    I watched Garry Parkes video yesterday and I have now added those to my site. Working pretty well. I still have a little bit of work to do on it.

    In some ways I am a techy and I like to make things work on-line. I have been learning lots about WordPress as well as other programs I will be offering for free on my site very shortly.

    Thanks again for the update. I really need to hit it hard this week and keep up with all of you.


  15. Ken Douglas


    I definately can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed!! My MOFE says that I cannot do something half*ssed. I sit on a board that is in the midst of hiring a new executive director for a group with 30,000 . I am sure you know what kind of chaos that can bring. In the middle of everything I find myself coming up with new ideas that i want to use in this marketing gig. The calm right now comes from our shared mutual interest.

  16. Ken Douglas


    just hit the submit before i was finished…lol

    A word of warning. Too many posts on your part about your swim and warm temps could have a major negative impact upon my psyche as I am watching a 1/4 + inch of ice cover everything. And once the thin fiber of my mental stability snaps the resulting havoc will be your faoult. Is that a burden you are prepared to bear?…..LOL

    One other bit of trivial irony. Last nights module was titled “traffic tornados” and whle I am trying to catch up the movie Twister is on….


  17. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz Man

    Thanks for this precis. It is succint and peppered with your usual dose of common sense.

    I have to admit that I am struggling with fatigue today after two late nights – crawling into bed at 3am and then getting on with daily life – an early night is called for!

    Two amazing sessions with so much information – I can’t help it, but I have to keep telling people about what I’m doing because I feel so fired up about it. I told one of the organisers at my daughter’s stage school today and he said he would go and have a look at my blog so I’d better make sure there is some updated content! It’s just a shame that I can’t keep up with all I want to do. I just need to keep planning and working.

    I might still be a tortoise, but I’ll get there eventually – and maybe before the hare!

    ‘Does anybody else kinda feel overwhelmed with activity right now? ‘

    You bet I do! But it’s worth it.

    In the not too distant future I’m sure that I will look back and see how far I have come. I’m determined to be one of those who moves forward, even if I’m not where others are at the moment.

    It’s interesting that many of those who are furthest on in this journey are male or had already got online businesses running or both. Not surprising I suppose, but for those of us who are in neither of those categories it means that we are having to work even harder at the moment. But I know it will get easier or at least change to it becoming (un)consciously competent.

    I’ve been trying to write a new post on my blog for a couple of days, but I think I will be better leaving it until my brain is in better order tomorrow.

    As for Twitter – I was tweeting last night during the webinar and although I didn’t get 100 new followers I did get another 10 or so. I’m learning, but I can see that it is one of the ways to move forward.

    Anyway must go and give the guinea pigs some more hay to snuggle into – their water bottles keep freezing up in this weather, then an early night.

    Will speak comment (and post!) more sensibly tomorrow.


  18. Thomas Skavhellen

    Hi Gary!

    Thanks for a great resume of the webinar. Maybe you need to send me your notes too. I didn’t get to attend to this one since i had a gig on a comic club this night and for some reason I always end up getting free drinks at the bar after a show. Not too bad.

    Been working on my blog and my business goals lately and will go back a start posting now so everybody’s getting updated.

    Talk to you soon buddy, take care!

    – Thomas Skavhellen

  19. Gary

    Well, howdy!

    I really do need to get this “Twitter” thing happening I guess, so I’m going into practice for it here…

    @ Nigel – Thanks mate – as you can see, I’m getting into the groove. Just practicing my technique. Thanks for the compliments too.

    @ Paull – Amen bro’. I think EVERYBODY is well and truly massively overloaded. I am at breaking point myself and I have very high capacity. Thank you too for your compliment.

    @ Thom – Yep. I like to get these overviews up quick so that people who don’t get to see and hear the Webinar live can at least see where it all went. I don’t need to watch them again in full as my notes are very comprehensive and all time-lined. Thank you too!

    @ Ken – Well I am provocative – LOL! What do you expect when you come here? I like to aggravate and educate. Ken, you, me and everyone is overwhelmed with information and things to do. It will all settle down though. I checked in the Member’s Area and we only go to Module #7. Thanks for 2 posts!

    @ Hils – You made a very pertinent observation above. The F500 IS male dominated. Not being sexist but just stating a fact. I noticed that several weeks ago. This is a reflection of the entire IM industry. We are a sub-set of that larger set. Thank goodness for you new girls and the Paula Brett‘s and the Maria Andros‘s of this world huh? More on that later.

    @ Thomas – Where you been bro’? I’m looking forward to seeing that fabulous new look of yours. Got it happening yet? I’m gonna take a look later. Glad you found my summary useful. Thanks for stopping by.

    Well, how did I go? Would I be a good twit?

    I actually feel like I gyped you guys. But I fear that this is gonna be how I need to regulate my time as I move into stage 2 of my planned 4 part fleshing out and muscling up of this blogsite. I’m just flipping into that about now. So watch for new developments here over the next couple of weeks. To the observant ones who READ my replies and notices and little side-bar remarks you will see that I have been fore-shadowing this ever since the new year began.

    Anyway, I do send massively detailed emails to people behind-the-scenes. Some of you KNOW that because I have been interacting with you away from general view on a variety of issues related to F500 material.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  20. Gary


    As so many of you know I have a serious side and a not-so-serious side and plenty of both examples is on display here. One thing that I am very serious about is writing. I study it. I practice it and I have been told by virtually everyone who reads my work, e-books, blog posts etc that I am pretty good at it. And that makes me proud because it is something that I want to be known for.

    Anyway, I was over at Andrew Fox’s “Follow the Foxy” (what a bloody name!) blog a few days ago and “Foxy”, as he seems to like to be known, was challenging everyone to write a post that would attract enough attention that he would award a prize. I can’t even remember what the prize was but I thought to myself, “Heh…heh Gazza – you will have this in the bag my boy!” (not that I really wanted or needed any other software or videos or gizmos coz, like you, I am simply avalanched with stuff right now).

    So, I was happily wading my way down the blog posts reading a fair bit of dribble and a few pleading “I want to win this coz I am a good person and I deserve it” style junk comments. All the way down I was thinking to myself – “Foxy you are about to get Gazz-Manned here” and I was thinking of my usual tangled-licorice word-monstering offerings and which little scheme and theme I would use. My mind was concocting several angles and I was smiling inwardly to myself. And then I hit Thomas Northrop‘s piece…

    Well, my jaw dropped and I just thought “WOW! Gazza, this guy has already won it!” Do NOT even attempt to compete.

    Seriously, I was in awe of what he wrote. It was themed, witty, clever, full of educational undercurrent, highly topical, just brilliant. It had EVERYTHING. Man, I was gob-smacked. I was about to just read to the bottom and then click away and go straight to Thomas’s blog to congratulate him (which I did later anyway) but I thought no. This piece of pure genius has to be praised right here. On the spot. On Foxy’s blog! And then I went and told Nikki Stephens (Nix) during a private ( :-) – all you lot who think we are having a cyber-affair) email exchange and Nix (bless her) had the good grace to go and praise it as well.

    I gotta say, I don’t mind smacking somebody in the head when they really irritate me (Bad-Gary) but, equally, I am more than happy to do just the reverse when the occasion arises (Good-Gary). And this truly was one such occasion!

    I have written on a number of blogs about how incredibly impressed I am by what Thomas did and I was so sorely tempted to copy it when I first saw it and paste his piece right here at Gary-Land as an example of creative writing at its finest but I didn’t because I wanted to see how this would all pan out without too much of my meddling interference, plus I wanted others to go over to Follow the Foxy to read it for themselves.

    I was also gonna post a copy of his piece here today just to hold it up as an example of what can be done with pure WORD-POWER but it is probably far better for you all to go to Foxy’s blog and see it there for the first time because you will see just how brightly it shines (As Alex Jeffreys says… “time to shine in 2009″) in comparison to every other comment made in the comp and there are some other pretty good ones as well. But this one, in my opinion, and also in Foxy’s obviously, is the KILLER entry.

    IMNSHO, this is PRECISELY how you need to position yourself to be seen. So, go and take a look at it in all its glory. You will NOT be disappointed. I have just been to Thomas’s blog and posted the following comment just to let him know how impressed I was:

    “Ahoy Thomas!

    CONGRATULATIONS! Ye scurvy sea-dog.

    I KNEW you would win Follow the Foxy’s competition the moment I read your very witty nautical piece over on his Follow the Foxy blog. Mate, or should I say Matey, that was a BRILLIANT piece of themed writing, as I have stated here on another thread and also on several other blogs. I was raving about it! Seriously!

    I admire wit and talented writing and that piece of yours had it in spades. Sincerely, I couldn’t have done a better job myself and that is a BLOODY tough thing for me to admit. I know when I have been out-gunned. I saw your Jolly-Roger pirate ship sail by, unload a volley of canon-fire all over the hapless SS Foxy, and so I tacked away on another bearing without entering the scrimmage myself. (Well, only to heap suck-holey praise all over you – LOL)

    But watch out now my man. I have you in my sights and what you did will only serve to make me strive harder in the future.

    Most seriously – well done for a great example of the standard of writing we should all be aspiring to!

    Gazz-Man signing off.”

    I’d like to encourage you all to go and congratulate Thomas. What he did is a wonderful example and it contains everything that each of us should be striving to achieve in our respective quests for attention on the Internet amid all the “noise” and wannabes who will never be. You will learn a LOT by studying this post and doing what I suggested – go to Foxy’s blog (link above) and then Thomas Northrop’s blog. This sort of talent simply cannot be ignored. Let Thomas know what you thought. For your convenience, here is his link – Thomas Northrop.

    Well done Thomas, you have served notice!



    Gary SIMPSON.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  21. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Well done for been the first to spot this from the crow’s nest (carrying on the nautical theme, LOL)

    I’ve already posted a congratulations over at Thomas’ blog. It great news for him but also great for all the students of Alex Jefferys that some of us are already navigating a course beyond the ‘waters’ for the Fortunate 500 of the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Course. Hey, listen to this as well – he’s written an article for the new edition of the free Profit Pulling Project – a fellow contributor as you Gary). How awesome is that. Is everyone in the ‘crew’ seeing how the knock on effect of these small things all starts gaining momentum here? The viral nature of the internet is truly awesome. Let me just spell it out for those that are a bit bleary eyed from drinking too much rum last night

    – Thomas gets recognised on, of all people, Andrew Fox’s blog (a true giant amongst the Internet Marketing community). Great for Thomas,
    – This give extra kudos to Alex Jeffreys and as a consequence indirectly all his coaching students,
    – Thomas is a contributor for the free Profit Pulling Project Newsletter which will no doubt have a knock on effect and rapidly increase the circulation (yet again).
    – This is great for me (extra exposure), the fellow contributors (eg. Gary as an example) plus all the other students who are featured through the past issues and future ones. (As a reminder there – have you starting promoting the next one to get valuable exposure in the ‘Roll of Honor’ in the next Issue. This proved to be exceptional exposure for Paull Hamilton following is last fantastic contribution to the last newsletter).

    And the whole vicious and viral circle starts again! And all down to using what Alex Jeffreys teaches us.

    Climb onboard the boat for the journey into uncharted waters. Who know where it will lead but there’s sure to be treasure around!

    Garry Parkes

  22. Gary

    @ Garry – Hope you don’t mind but I’m practicing for twitter. Plus I have already written about this extensively on a number of blogs including yours, Foxy’s and Thomas’s. Thanks for adding to it Garry. This is a big achievement and it shows others what can be done when you “brand” yourself and stand out – in this case by thinking differently to everyone else.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  23. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Just been to thomas´s blog to congratulate him, a very worthy winner as you say.

    I need to pose a question to you Gary. It is with regards to traffic, or in my case a distinct lack of. Since before first webcast on traffic generation I have allotted 2 hours per day to go oilrig hopping and generally trying to drum up a steady flow of traffic to my blog.

    I took on board everything that Alex has taught us and implemented a few techniques of my own but as yet bugger all in the way of a traffic tsunami that I´d hoped for, more like the trickle from a prostate strangled urethra (sorry for the graphic picture, but having a medical background that was the image that immediately sprung to mind =O)

    My traffic stats are abysmal. Some days I barely reach fifty uniques ! I try to post at least once a day if possible and I would hope that the posts have enough useful information in them to give people a reason to come back for more, but apart from a select group (yourself and Nigel included) nothing.

    I have to admit that I probably spread my wing a little early than most and neglected to post within the group as much as I probably should have, do you think this may have some bearing on my present situation ?

    If you could impart any of your accumulated knowledge in this area I would be very grateful,

    All the best,

  24. Gary

    @ Paull - That seems odd. However, I have been to some people’s blogs several times and left extensive comments and they have NEVER come to Gary-Land, nor have they even bothered to acknowledge anything I said on their blog. Anyway, that’s their bad luck because I won’t waste time on “dead” people. I want living, breathing souls – LOL!

    What I have found is that you need to hit the active blogs and hit them hard. Demand a response. By that I don’t mean in the literal sense. What I mean is make yourself seen several times and force the blog owner, out of common decency, to reciprocate. Many people have done that here. They have virtually demanded that I reciprocate by weight of their own comments here.

    I always try to reciprocate to everybody who lands here but I am not going out of my way now to conjure up “new” people. Not now. I have served my time doing that – and at a GREAT time expense. I did at first but I just don’t have the time now.

    I’d suggest thumping 4 or 5 blogs several times. I think you may be spreading yourself too far and too wide. You cannot be EVERYBODY’s best friend. There just isn’t enough time. Besides 3/4 of your effort will be wasted on people who are “Lost in Space.”

    Remember the 80/20 rule – it’s no different here.

    Also, Paull, be strong in your opinions. I have just been twittering extensively with Paula Brett. She congratulated me on the strong tone of my blog as she sees it as being authorative. As she said, some people will love me, some will hate me. But they will ALL come and see what their favourite blogger or their favourite d*ckhe*d is saying.

    You have a great blog and it is very informative, especially on video material. Try the above for 3 or 4 days and if it doesn’t work then come back and I’ll see what else we can come up with.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  25. Paull Hamilton


    You never cease to amaze me with your ability to lift my soul ! I will do as you say and ¨thump¨ a few of the main blogs with a few pithy comments, and see what that brings.

    Thanks again for you pinpointed retort,


  26. Gary

    @ Paull - Gee, that was unexpected. Thank you. I really think it is the “squeaky wheel get’s the oil” type thing. Also, I’d do a quick round to see who else has a common interest – ie videos.

    Paul, one other thing – get a gravatar. If you don’t know how or where hit Valerie’s blog and do a little search. She has some good advice on that. I think people respond much better when they see a face – not a STUPID eye thingy – like somebody we know. LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  27. Ken Acton

    Hey Gary,

    Thought it was about time I stopped by again. I’ve not been around for a while as I’ve been busily oil rig hopping outside of the group as Alex advised. It seems to be paying off to some degree, I have acquired a little page rank!

    Despite that, I’ve decided that I’m neglecting things here too much and will spend more time on other members blogs as time allows. Got to get the balance right.

    I marvel at your energy and writing prowess. You’re doing a fantastic job here. I will have to visit more frequently.

    Keep up the good work.

  28. Paull Hamilton

    copy of reply from on my blog

    Bloody hell Gary !!!!!!!

    Your right. The main reason I made the first post sticky was because as you may remember I was pointing to an Ebook I had written (and that was the only reason it was at the top, me vain, heaven forbid =O)

    Obviously Now I need to let it slide down the table a bit, but hells teeth if it brings me regular traffic then I don´t care a jot where it is positioned !!

    The second post was there to promote Alex´s Ebook ,but now I´ve made a video optin box to promote the book, again it does not need to be sticky.


    Thanks ever so much for taking the time and interest to help me with this problem, I had actually started to doubt myself (Angry Gary you´r more than welcome to slap me around a bit for that last comment =O)

    I know I´ve got a bit of a mountain to climb now, but now it´s on with the crampons and grasping icepicks in hand I will climb back up this sucker !

    All the best,


  29. Denis Caron

    Hi Gary:

    You’re right-Thomas’ post was a masterpiece. Being from the USA, I could never have come up with such a theme. But it did take me forever to find it…

    If I may-For all the challenged (like myself), go to, Fox’s post is-Five Golden Rules For Getting Rich In 2009, Thomas’ post is 12/30 @3:07 PM.

    Go there and read it for a lesson in creative writing. Then, like I will do next, go to Thomas’ site and let him know what you think. This is big!

    Gary, as always, you have once again unselfishly given of yourself to extol the virtues and talents of another. Even if you don’t win “Mr. World Internet Marketer 2009″, you most definitely will win “Mr. Congeniality”.

    Also, I believe that my site issues have been resolved.


  30. Denis Caron


    I just went to Thomas’s site-he now has a post about his gargantuan feat. We must have been writing at the same time. So no need to to go digging at Fox’s. Just go to Thomas Northrop’s site.


  31. Ken Douglas


    For Paul and anyone else wanting to create a gravitar with a minimum of effort. is a good place to go.

    It will take you through the process step by step in just a few minutes.


  32. Ken Douglas


    After my last comment I got the idea that a common site for tips for help with tthings like the gravatar and the html comment I made previously might be helpful. As a result I have created an additional page on my blog where I will list sites I have found helpful as a “newbie”. I will invite other newbies and vets alike to relate sites for me to add that they have found helpful as a newbie and also to post a question about help they may need. Thanks


  33. Gary

    @ Ken ACTON – Yes you must get the correct balance – as in EVERYTHING! Heh… heh… You “Marvel at my writing prowess!” Really? Keep talking like that and I’ll be all over you like the ebola virus – LOL! Seriously, thank you!

    @ Paull – A HERO? Gee! Save my ticker-tape-victory-home-coming parade until we see if my suggestions work. It was rather obvious to me. BIG HINT to everyone – this is why we need mentors and advisers. Not saying that is the case here, far from it. But a FRESH set of UNBIASED eyes can often detect things that we, ourselves, are totally blind or oblivious to. Trust me Paull, you would never want a Bad-Gary Gazza-Slap. A Good-Gary Gazza-Slap is different. That is just a wake up call and a feather duster in comparison – LOL! (PS: This is really FUN talking about myself in the 3rd person).

    @ Denis – Heh, heh! I am definitely NOT gonna go out looking to buy a hat today. First of all I won’t even be able to get out the door! I’m one of these crazy folks who actually LIKES helping others. I get a kick out of using my mind to help people. It actually makes ME feel good. “Mr Congeniality?” Ditto my ebola virus comment to Ken above – just change Ebola to Hanta – LOL! Thanks Denis, I do appreciate your sentiments. I just strongly believe in building people up so they can be all they are meant to be. Soon I will unleash a short e-book here that I wrote in 2003 and, when you get to read it, you will sit down and just think… “Holy Jesus!” Just wait a little longer. You will see.

    @ Ken DOUGLAS – Yep. That is the place to go. But people were having trouble there and I know that Valerie Davies helped a few people through with the process, so her site is also a good place for info on this. Thanks Ken, I had to do what I did with the surnames so it wasn’t confusing for everyone. Your “Resource Page” would be very useful and I would use that. Good idea!

    Thank you all.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  34. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-man

    I see you’ve finally got onto Twitter then. At least that was one thing I manged to do before you!

    Still trying to move forward wherever I can. I’m a bit more in control of my faculties today, but have had family matters to deal with so not much new on my blog today.

    I did manage a new post last night – I think it makes sense?! about the Profit Pulling Project newsletter Issue 2.

    However I did have a couple of comments from Ken Douglas that he left me after seeing my earlier comment here. It prompted him to leave a post on his blog about finding success and being a newbie.

    I couldn’t agree more with his post so do go over and take a look – he speaks a lot of sense. I want to be ‘whelmed’ not ‘overwhelmed’.

    Right – getting ready for a new week – time for a new plan methinks, so off to ponder and prepare to pounce (well I like the alliteration!)


  35. Gary

    @ Hils – Howdy! Yeah, I got onto Twitter – it is too damn addictive and time wasteful for my liking. You can get lost in that activity. I see little tweets and I start getting all chirpy, chirpy, tweet-tweet (remember that song of a similar name?).

    Nice little technique you used there Hilary – the THIRD PARTY ENDORSEMENT. Well done! That makes Ken’s blog tantalising for the rest of us to see what YOU found so interseting. Can everybody see what this does? Also look at my endorsement of Thomas Northrup above. His site is now littered with… “After reading Gary Simpson’s blah… blah… blah…” Now what does that do? Anyone wanna answer that? There’s a big TIP in this for fellow blogger comrades!


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  36. Ken Douglas


    Thanks for your kind words.


  37. Thom Swartwood

    Good morning Gary,

    Stopped by to say hey and to let you know I made my first video over the weekend. I am uploading it to YouTube as we speak. I came over the other day and read your post, I really got the idea I wanted to get a video created to see if I could do it. I went over to Nigel Yip’s place and wow does he have some great info. I downloaded his “lights, camera, action” e-book and went to town. I really have to thank the both of you for 1 getting me to give it a try and 2 for having the information available.

    Have a great day.

    BTW.. I also have it up on my site, if you get a chance and want to check it out that would be great. I can use some feedback and help.

    Thanks again,


  38. Gary

    @ Ken – No probs Ken. The Gazz-Man always recognises talent.

    @ Thom – I checked out the video. Great stuff. Also, very pleased that our very own Yip-Man has such a helpful e-book that enabled you to do all that. I have it on my desktop waiting for me to make the move to video. I WAS gonna have a crack on the weekend but events over-took me. It’s still on the list.

    Thanks guys!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  39. Dean Holland

    Mr G-Man

    Hows it goin brother ? ?

    Man ever time I drop by here the place is just lively as hell .. Yeah !!!

    Man, I just cant believe how far we have all come.. Amazing huh :)

    I remember being at that seminar feeling like a lost sheep, thinking I had done everything I could to try and make money online .. HA HA HA

    Then again I also remember ( Just ) being in the bar with Alex and some other high rollin internet guys drinking lager all night feeling like ‘the man’ just looking how these guys live !!

    I want that… Now I see it actually happening to us.. 2009 what a year its gunna be !

    Here’s to us… The new class of 2009 .. Hip Hip.. Hooray !!

    Keep up the great work G


  40. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Glad to see you were the first to comment on my ‘blockbusting’ video for the competition. Even, if I had a laugh at your expense in it, LOL. Just think the person I took the most p**s out of was me though – oh and possibly Alex, LOL!! Really enjoyed doing it but won’t be doing another for a while as I need to start focusing on other things as it took an awful lot of time.

    My Internet connection today is going absolutely appallingly slow. I’ve got a 20Mb connection but feels like its running like a modem connection at times which is very unusual. Need to start getting around and doing the ‘oil-rig hopping’ as that took a back seat over the last few days.

    So the what/who/when is this wonderful ‘TOP GUN’ you have announced going to start doing the business? I always knew you were a very nice man (grovel #1), the best in all the F500 (grovel #2). One of the best looking as well (yuk, can’t believe I said that, but there’s grovel#3). If only we were all like you (Grovel #4). Well that’s surely enough to move up the pecking order isn’t it? Well isn’t it????

    Can’t write anymore as I’m grovelled out, LOL.


  41. Gary

    @ Dean – Deano, guess what? I have completely filled a 140 page exercise book with 2 line entries on what I have done with my blog. Each page has around 10 entries average, so that is 1,400 separate things I have done since I started on 26th November 2008. That’s just 48 days and look how far I have come!

    @ Garry – Well, Gary, what can I say? Your video had me thoroughly entertained. I laughed all the way through it. The opening scene with the air guitar was a riot. And the bell (see Gaz-Man’s comments on the BELL at Parkesy’s blog) – good to see you have been taking notice of the Gazz-Man. Explain to your Mrs Parkes how the set-up works. I’m sure she will be pleased. Now, the grovelling, hmm, I need more. Oh, WHO is my TOP GUN? Just you wait and see!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

    PS: Why are you including that URL after your name still? Habit?

  42. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Just got home after delivering a boat to Palma. I left a comment for you on my blog this morning, but if you didn´t have a chance to see it, here´s the info you asked about.

    Yep I agree a lot better, It´s so strange though the fact that the bloody thing was staring me in the face for such a long time, wood for trees and all that !

    HaHa the computer was screaming nooooo moooore I canne take it Captain !

    The site I found for the favicom was

    Dead easy to use very similar idea to the avatar.



  43. Adam

    Hey Gary,

    Great overview and wrap-up of another marathon session! I’m waiting for them to post the video in the member’s area so that I can go over all of it again, but this is a great summary!


    P.S. Welcome aboard twitter–I really like your twitter flash script on your home page, and I decided to change mine over so it looks like yours too–very cool!

  44. Gary

    @ Paull – ah, the value of simply asking somebody else huh? And thanks for the favicon info. I had heard the name before but for some reason it escaped me. And thanks for the link too. I checked it out. Will probably do this myself later – good for branding.

    @ Adam – thanks for your compliment about the summary. I take pages and pages of notes and it makes my summary so easy. Then I can share it with others. You like my twitter flash script huh? Yeah, I like it to but I fear it is slowing my page down a bit. I haven’t seen any others like it – YET!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  45. jeffreydibble

    Hi Gary,

    I will follow your advices here and implement some of it to my blog.
    You are right when you said you need to give before you receive. The more i follow your posts the more i think you are going to be a saviour to the online communities. Give, give, give and give more. That’s is the meaning of life.

    Way to go, bro.

    Talk soon.


  46. Ross

    Saw you mentioned Alex Jeffreys in your post. Im looking for his coaching students. Email me back if youre in the group. Thanks, Ross The Boss



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  47. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gazz-Man,

    Just wanted to post a quick comment after the query you left on Paull Hamilton’s blog about music copyright.

    Isn’t Paull doing well with his video production skills. Amazing talent – someone to watch there for sure!

    I’ve recently been involved with ‘Mind Movies’ and they are creating videos on YouTube with copyrighted music and placing a credit at the end of the video for the music supplied. Not sure on the legal aspect – but it’s a thought to consider – maybe.

    I’m loving your work Gazz-Man. And hope you put that article together about ‘Positioning’ in time for the next issue of the Profit Pulling Newsletter.

    Could you also write one on the correct way to comment on blogs to avoid pimping your self and your stuff – I’m still alittle confused about that.

    To your continued success,


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