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Temazepam For Sale

by Gary ~ January 9th, 2009

Temazepam For Sale, Holy jumping Jehosephats.

I have just come off the bonus Webinar interview with Maria Andros, Temazepam without a prescription, Buy cheap Temazepam no rx, the “Video Marketing Queen” of the Internet. Powerful, online buy Temazepam without a prescription, Ordering Temazepam online, powerful stuff.

As usual, buy no prescription Temazepam online, Where can i buy Temazepam online, thank you Alex Jeffreys for organizing this. My head is still spinning, Temazepam no rx.

I realize, of course, that not everybody is a F500 member and therefore was not privy to this TON of information, Temazepam For Sale. What is Temazepam, Yours truly – me – took 8 pages of notes so I am gonna précis the information on this webinar. Naturally I will do so without going too crazy and without handing over, Temazepam treatment, After Temazepam, shall we say, “trade secrets” on offer to the 200 or so of the F500 who, Temazepam from canada, Fast shipping Temazepam, like me, availed themselves of this riveting information, order Temazepam from mexican pharmacy. Temazepam recreational, So, rather than waffle on ad-infinitum, Temazepam coupon, Order Temazepam no prescription, I will just bullet point SOME of this information:

As an intro to her credibility and authority in this SUBJECT Maria Andros said she:

  • * made a SIX figure income in her FIRST year of video marketing,

  • * has been invited personally by Richard Branson to attend a seminar, purchase Temazepam, Where can i cheapest Temazepam online,

  • * has 4,500 “followers” on Twitter, Temazepam images, No prescription Temazepam online,

  • * generated, in her FIRST 2 months online (started May 2007), where can i find Temazepam online, Cheap Temazepam no rx, an amount of $12,987, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Temazepam wiki,

  • * has over 500,000 people watching her videos, Temazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Doses Temazepam work,

  • * over 1,850 subscribers on You-Tube.

OK, Temazepam from canadian pharmacy. Order Temazepam from United States pharmacy, Have I got YOUR attention? Good. Temazepam For Sale, Coz Maria Andros sure got mine.

Here are just some of the many other pertinent things she said:

  • * Video has UNBELIEVABLE reach, generic Temazepam, Kjøpe Temazepam på nett, köpa Temazepam online,

  • * “Your mess is your message” (Clever… the Gazz-Man LIKES that!),

  • * People HATE to be sold to (can’t disagree with that!), Temazepam class, Temazepam without prescription,

  • * Either swim with the sharks or get eaten,

  • * Forget the recession – there are PLENTY of $ to go round!

  • * In video YOU get to be YOU, Temazepam reviews, Temazepam interactions,

  • * Never apologise for having passion,

  • * YOU can become a "celebrity" online and have your own TV station (Hello Mr Thomas Skavhellen, Temazepam natural. - over there at station WIDLAS),

  • * Build a loyal fan base of “prospects” who love you,

  • * Videos are “REJECTION FREE” (Gazz-Man: Good for the “shrinking violets” – and, believe it or NOT – I was one!),

  • * It’s not who YOU know, it’s who knows YOU!

Maria then went on to list the 7 Step Video Formula for $UCCE$$, which I won’t repeat here, for obvious reasons. Try space, for one.

She also went on to say:

  • * If content is king then keywords are queen,

  • * With video you can get to the FRONT pages of Google in as little as 66 minutes IF you know how. (Gazz-Man: Sorry, Temazepam For Sale. Another “trade secret.”)

  • * Maximize your strengths and LEVERAGE your weaknesses (Gazz-Man: Sound familiar. – Hello Alex Jeffreys!)

Maria then gave 11 ACTION Steps (Gazz-Man: See that word again folks?) which, unfortunately… yep, you guessed it… I can’t share here.

Well, with 8 FULL pages of notes can you IMAGINE the new information that I now have to act upon. That was just a very small SAMPLE of the information that was covered in Maria's presentation. Temazepam For Sale, Maybe 2% to 5%.

Heh…heh… something else – the Gazz-Man must be psychic (or psycho) coz guess what he purchased yesterday. Hint – it has a Carl Zeiss lens and a hard drive and a little panel that shows what is coming through the lens – oh… and a tripod. Go on – have a guess.

So... anyone want to tell me what their thoughts are on all of this.

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65 Responses to Temazepam For Sale

  1. Ken Douglas


    My mind is still spinning! We were privliged to be present tonight. The effect of the information Maria gave us tonight will be like a turbo charger kicking in. On thing that occurred to me about some of the things she told us about getting our videos to the front in placements can just as easily be applied to the posts we write for our blogs or other written materials we want to get placed.

    Time for a bit of shut eye, well probably just lying and replaying the module in my minfd for a while as I begin to plan steps on how to utilize the gifts we were given tonight.




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


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  2. Gary

    Hi Ken – Yeah, me too. And I have got another bloody headache from those headphones.

    My take? BE BOLD and BE PASSIONATE.

    Thanks Ken.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  3. Thom Swartwood


    I agree with all you said. I was able to sit in on most of the call and then I had to go teach a class. What I was a part of was incredible. Can’t wait to get started. Can’t say I am the next Brad Pitt ;) , although I love the idea of being myself.

    Have a great evening.


  4. Gary

    Thom – Maybe you can be Seven Seagal instead! LOL!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  5. Dean Holland


    Gaaaaaazzzzz Maaaaaannnn ….

    Bro, dont my man, it makes me cry… I MISSED THE SESSION !!!

    Heres the little problem I have in some sessions, As I am not yet raking in stacks of internet cash I have no seperate office. My computer is in the bedroom.. Along with my partner who cannot sleep with me there bashing aware till early hours of the morning :(

    Looks like Im once again a pace behind !! DOH

    And when I am in the position of trying to make video too.. Double DOH

    LOL… Cant wait for this to be put in the members area

    So brother.. You got yourself a camcorder and tripod too !! .. You little copycat .. ha ha, well think we both have the tools to get the job done now right :)

    A little more practice for me and then video ahoy matey !!

    Good luck Gary


  6. Tommy McLaughlin

    hi Gaz, very exciting stuff, pity that i have been told i have the perfect face for radio ha ha ha ! cheers Tommy

  7. Gary

    Howdy Dean – Bummer dude. But you have to look after family and loved ones first. I’m lucky. I have a separate office with all the gear that I need to run my various businesses and I can isolate myself if necessary or look out over the entire family area. So I have the best of both worlds. But that was the way I designed it.

    Yep. I have been fiddle-farting around with my new camera. Jeez, whatever happened to the good old point and film days? Now there are so many damn buttons and a friggin’ paperback novel for instructions. I’m gonna try for a video to put on my blog this weekend.

    Hey! Wanna hear something funny? I was so tired after getting up at 2.30am this morning (mucked up the Webinar time- duh!) that this arvo I went down to my bedroom to have a rest. I took the camera and instruction book and started to have a read and a play with my new toy. Then the pupsters jumped up on the bed – which they aren’t supposed to do but aw… I let ‘em anyway.

    Next thing one of them starts slobbering all over my feet and toes and ankles. Yuk. It was all salivery and sticky but she loves me and I figure this is her way of showiing me that so, I managed to film it all. It is so gross and there is NO WAY that I would put that up on my site but it was disgustingly funny nevertheless. Dunno why I even told you that.

    Thanks for coming over Man of the PEEPS!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  8. Gary

    Tommy – Yeah, it was exciting. That is an old gag. I think every person in radio has used that one at least once – LOL. Hope my notes above kinda helped you. I could have written about ten folds in the screen.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  9. Paul Mracek

    Hi Gary…
    Great post…just short of content for me…unfortunately one of the ones who was on family duty today and couldn’t make it…
    Hey is Alex gong to put up the recorded version like he normally does..did that come up today?
    I dropped AJ a Tweet and asked him..but seeing you where on the call thought you might have some info and in the same time zone(basically)!

    Sounds like just what I need to get moving..
    Had family around from all over the world for last 3 weeks and not been able to do too much..would of been shot by “She who must be obeyed!”…

    P.S: by the way thanks for the note you dropped to me after talking to Coleen a few weeks ago…I know I have been slow..went thru that already.
    I hear you are into MA as well..Coleen mentioned and I see the pic on the site. I have been training for close to 20 years and still teach and train!
    Was over in Europe in April doing some certification training with Russell Stutely (PP fame).. Would be fun to catch up and chat some time when we can make the times meet…

    I look forward to catching up soon.

    Best regards…Paul

  10. Gary

    Hi Paul – Good to see you back. Heh! You don’t expect me to put all the juice here do you? I was just giving a brief overview to whet the appetite of those members who wanted a quick summary of what happened.

    Yes, Alex is going to put the recorded version into the members’ site as he usually does. He did say that he’d been up 48 hours in a row without a sleep so, maybe, he just went straight to bed before he renders the tape.

    Hmm… “she who must be obeyed” is a familiar catch-cry around these parts. What do you think, the one who I affectionately call ranunculus? Got an opinion on that.

    Oh, she did huh? You are based in Melbourne Paul, aren’t you? You would be familiar with Australasian Blitz magazine I guess. Check out the latest edition Volume 23 No 1 pages 66 through 70 for a feature article I wrote. I’m a regular contributor to that magazine. And if you look at the top of page 70 you will see a photo of me giving an achievement award to Professor Miranda during a speech I gave for him at the Adelaide Hilton Grand Ballroom attended by some 400 people.

    Catch you later. Thanks for stopping by. Ill try to pay you a return visit soon.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  11. Garry Parkes

    Well you’re quick of the mark firing that post off again.

    A few of us have been banging on about videos for a while. It was even featured in the first issue of the free Profit Pulling Project Newsletter and I’ve seen first hand from the stats how powerful it is but I’ve only just been scratching the surface.

    I took loads of notes too of what talked Maria about. She is so enthusiastic isn’t she and can’t wait to start implementing some of the ‘tricks’

    I’m in and out a lot today but managed to get the video up on my site. Hope you all enjoy it.

    Garry Parkes,

  12. Guy

    Hey Gazz-man!

    Great post there my friend, while not divulging too much information but just enough to wet peoples apetite (you’re cruel ‘-)).

    So I guess this weekend it will be time for your close up with Mr Demille :-)
    Glad to see that you’ve got your camera equipment in place including… a tripod! Now we just need to put our thinking caps on and think of a good way to shine on camera for 2009!
    I bet Maria doesn’t have a problem with that – did you see her in her vids yet? She’s a scorcher!!!!


  13. Nikki


    Lessons for video hmm….why do I feel that could be particularly useful for me?!

    Oh, and I promised I’d *try* to behave…my bad…

    Like you I’m a prolific note-taker, so once I can get some time alone on the internet (might have to go visit the parents again! ;) ) then I’ll be catching up…


  14. Gary

    Oh hello Mister Parkes – I have just watched your brand new widget video with your terribly aristocratic British voice. I say… top work old chap. Yes, It was a jolly fine show with Maria today and I do say it was rather spifflicating information. Was it not? Well, thank you awfully much for gracing us with your presence here today and I do hope you will visit again soon.

    Anyway old chap. Tally-ho… and all that.

    Mister Simpson

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  15. Gary

    Guyster – Howdy dude. Yeah… heh… it was cruel, wasn’t it? Kinda like giving a kid a candy bar and then when they reach out for it… snatching it back.

    Actually, Guy, you inspired me to go and have a bit of a perv… I mean look! I watched a bit of her at the Steve Irwin Australian Zoo. Er yeah! Not bad. Pretty good. In fact, yeah… rather scorching. Oh… but look who dropped in Guy. The heat just got turned up. It’s Nix. Now we’re smo-kin’.

    Um, am I doing this to people here?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  16. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    WOW – Awesome post and yep she got my full attention too which, you’ve guessed it… I’ve also subcribed to her video marketing queen coaching course waiting list. And yes you are defiantely psychic, you must posess some inner foretelling wisdom.

    Talk about jotting notes, I’ve just blown my jotter pad yesterday – either my writing is bad or I must fill the page with something useful.

    Anyway, I don’t know about you, she has definately inspired me to go over blown on my blog by creating the longest blog post I have ever date since the blog first started.

    Plus I will create my first proper video where you can all see who I am now for the first and hopefully not the last time and no I don’t have the looks, so please do not put any mirrors or even point or place your new camera anywhere near when you view my video which I shall upload later this weekend.

    All the best Gary and speak soon – keep them post coming and I look forward to seeing your video – please pm me or drop a comment on my blog when you have uploaded it.


  17. Gary

    Hi Nixster – just thought I’d add the “ster” this time like the Guyster above. You are a bit of a ster-er after all.

    Nix… if you’re gonna make one of those videos I think we better brand it “X” for xtra information. ;-)

    Should we behave tonight or just let it happen? We’ve actually been a bit naughty lately and some of the PEEPS have made a few little whispers. Like Denis doesn’t wanna let us on his train alone. Maybe he thinks we’ll get off-track. Every chance, I’d expect.

    Anyway, getting back ON track… yes I took lots of notes, as you saw above. I’ll let everyone in on a little Gazz-man secret too. This is so cool. And ONLY the Gazz-man would think of doing something like this (coz he is pedantically challenged) …

    The Gazz-man inserts timelines along his notes so that if he needs epexegesis on any salient point all he has to do is timeline the video and he narrows his search parameters down to a finite possibility. Did anyone understand that high-tech Gazz-Talk? How about you Nix? I’m trying to conceal the true meaning of our cyber-trysts. How’d I go?


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  18. Gary

    Hi Nigel – Please go and check your blog. I shot over there to see what you had and all I got was a headline banner. It seems to be the same problem that Denis Caron has been having coz it looked the same.

    Nigel, when you see the Gazz-man in video form what do you think he should wear – casual, suited up, kevlar helmet and flak jacket? Whaddya think mate?

    Nix, love, please… just stay away from that one. The Gazz-Man must present a decent image for the PEEPS of Blog-Land but I’ve already told you that the Gazz-Man might send you a secret embedded signal, so watch for it – LOL. This is gonna be way too funny if I do that. A secret message like Agent 86 to 99. (And no playing around with those numbers either. I just KNOW what you will be thinking).

    Now, Nigel, what IS that new e-book of yours about? And what the Dickens was the last clue the F and the 13? I’m still scratchin’ my head over that. I’ve got splinters in all my fingertips to prove it too.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  19. Nikki


    I am a paragon of virtue!

    And I wasn’t thinking anything about your agent numbers above – although please may I be 99 as I like the number 9? (And no, there’s nothing to read into that either!).

    As for us behaving tonight – that depends – do you need a rest?

    The comment re making notes with timings made perfect sense to me – I have been known to do that as well. Although nowhere near as eloquently as you!

    Having read your reply to Garry, I shall also be off polishing my English accent…although I’m not Northern, but then I don’t sound particularly Southern either…although I guess other people will have to be the judge of that.


  20. Gary

    Nix – I think our poor visitors may need a rest. Hey, how come none of this ever erupts on YOUR blog? Your pretty purple blog.

    So, you understood all that Gary-Speak? Gee, now I am impressed. I thought you might consider it floccinaucinihilipilification. Yes that is a real word. No I did not need to look it up in the dictionary. Yes I am showing off.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  21. Nikki

    Then I shall behave.

    It will be quiet and civilised here, and I apologise for offending anyone’s eyes.

  22. Gary

    Well you CERTAINLY don’t offend my eyes!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  23. Nikki

    Thanks – I meant my apologies for my comments that may have had a slight hint of inappropriate-ness about them.

    A quiet and subdued (and behaving) Nix

  24. Nigel Yip

    Well Gary

    You won’t have to scratch any more longer as I will be doing an video for my next ebook so not long to wait – here the main clue – it’s to do with membership sites and you may have already seen the graphics out there? It’s dereived from a PLR product except I’ve added a twist of my own into it and yeah thats about it really

    As for F and something with a 13 in it – it’s basically, I’ll be the 13th person to a certain act, for example, if somebody writes an ebook, I going to make sure I’ll be in the 13th person to do and I’m planning on that if I have any eBooks of anything I want to share with everyone which I think is important, critical or simply just life changing moment etc.., I will do it on the 13th Month of that month hence why my first video will be uploaded for all to see on the 13th of this month. And also my eBook I hope to also launch it on the same day –

    I will be posting a blog post nearer that day and will be asking opinions from people about it – it going to be a debate on whether I should it give it Free to AJ Students of not?

    All the best

    PS: Well hopes that demystified for you and no I don’t seem to be getting any problems at all – it’s viewing fine on both xp, little brother’s vista machine, internet explorer and firefox – thats is really weird although last night I did have some problems as when I posted my new blog post, it lost it in cyberspace for me and so I had to restart my pc for the 5th time before it viewed properly and finally written up the new module 5 review

  25. Nigel Yip

    ^13th day of that month lol -

  26. Gary

    A slight hint. Oh.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  27. Nigel Yip

    Oh as for your wardrobe, re the video day, just be casual or wear whatever you usually wear everyday – after all Maria did say just be yourself, just like what you tell us to do as well.

    So yeah, casuul is great if that’s what your style is all the time, or if you really want to impress then maybe suit, – I would stay off the kevlar jacket and flak jacket? I know a person who would suit that image and that would be Mark Austin since he has been named as tone of hte ‘Special Forces Man’ hehe

    How about doing another vid too for bad gary.. as well or maybe have snippets between the both like a duel back and forth, hehe just a crazy random thought there.

  28. Gary

    Nigel – When I went to your site it wasn’t displaying properly. I’ll take another look…

    … Nope. All I am getting is that banner about Andros Jeffreys. Nix, can you take a look and see if Nigel’s blog is displaying properly?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  29. Gary

    Hey Nigel – You are so right about Mark Austin. I was actually thinking that myself. I was only kidding about the flak jacket for me.

    The Good-Gary versus Bad-Gary could be an interesting concept. I could do something with that. Might have a bit of a think about that – a bit of cutting in and out. Hmm. Like the forces of good versus the forces of evil. Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader type stuff. Oh, now I’m encroaching on Harry Harris‘s stuff so I won’t do that. Just typing out aloud.

    Just on that – has everyone sent Harry Harris that picture/gravatar he was after so he could do his video?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  30. Nikki

    Hi Nigel,

    At Gary’s request I’ve popped over to your blog – I see nothing except your header, and the title of your blog entry – I’d do a screenshot but obviously I can’t post it here. Once clicking on the post heading it doesn’t load anything or change anything.

    Viewing it through IE7 as I’m at work – don’t know whether that’s what you’re using Gaz-Man?

    Incidentally your About Me page is working, although still nothing in the RHS sidebar (not sure if you usually have stuff there?).


  31. Nikki


    Just looked back at your About Me page, and the RHS siderbar had eventually loaded (RSS feed etc?).

    Still nothing on your main page though apart from the title to your blog entry.




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  32. Nikki

    Siderbar? Typing too quickly and not paying attention. Or Freudian slip and I meant cider bar. Who knows.

  33. Nigel Yip

    Hi Nikki and Gary,

    Thanks to you both for helping out – I really don’t know what has happened here – will investigate it pronto as I don’t like the sound of things – anyone any ideas?

    Is there a glitch with wordpress or maybe a virus spreading around?

    Best Regards

  34. Gary

    A TRIPLE Nix attack. WOW! Three of you in a row and I am having trouble with just one most of the time – LOL!

    Yep, re: Nigel’s site – that is EXACTLY what I got Nix, in IE6. I just wanted to say that coz it rhymed. Here’s the poetic form:

    Twas what I got Nix,
    in IE6

    Thanks for doing that. I thought it may have just been my browser. I’ve got Chrome too so I’ll take a look through that in a min.

    So, how was that Nix? now I am writing poetry for you – somewhat better in class, I might add, than that vicar thing I sent you in the email LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  35. Nikki

    But not quite as much fun!

  36. Nikki


    Had a thought – have you got your permalinks set up? That might have something to do with it?


  37. Gary

    Er, yeah… the Vicar was quicker and slicker and all that. LOL

    Message to Nigel – I viewed your site in Google Chrome and it came up as it should – what a HUGE post. It went on forever. Golly, I’ll have to make my next one a super-monologue.

    Nix! Excellent suggestion. Who said you were just a pretty face?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  38. Nikki


    I’m never ‘just’ anything…and there are a few brains in here somewhere among the depths of depravity masquerading as my mind…


  39. Gary

    Oops bad me. Sorry ranunculus. Do I get any points back for calling you a buttercup?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  40. David Smith


    The show was great! I have lots to do this weekend now. I am going to go pick a camera this weekend and start playing around with it.

    By the way my blog got hacked last night and is gone. I will be trying to get things back up and see what I can salvage. I had to remove everything as it was showing some distasteful text on my home page.

    I guess some people need to get a life. If I could only track these people down, this is my business they are playing with.

    But hey last nights call was great and I will be moving forward.


  41. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    I know, I must have waffled somewhere and yep, I’ve done a a lot of googling and have tried a few different themes, some work fine – some don;t

    I have also seen quite a few people also with similar probs as well – however no proper fixes – hmmm… is it IE8 that maybe cuasing an issue or maybe it;s time I changed my theme despite firefox works perfectly fine and so does Chrome.

    Btw, Nikki, thanks for your help and suggestion, I’ve double checked my permalinks and they are as they should be when I first set them, this is really strange.

    I can only come to one conclusion and that it must be a wordpress bomb or a viral attack on my site although it does sound quite silly – this is wasting my time as I was hoping to get my video done this afternoon before I help out at parent’s shop

    Anyway speak soon and thanks again Nikki and Gary for your help!

  42. Nikki


    My comment above was for those that don’t know me as well as you – I know you wouldn’t make that kind of mistake…


  43. Nigel Yip

    Hey David

    I echo you with simialr issues – hope you did a full back up and can restore from it. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Best Regards

  44. Kath Ibbetson

    Hi Gaza
    (that WAS a footballer where I come from).
    Fantastic post as i wasn’t able to get to the session last night and have to wait for it to be online. I therefore can’t wait for you precis.
    To echo Nikki’s question from Garry’s blog wher is the F500 site. I’m sure I should know this as I’ve seen it before but I should be a member and suspect I’m not. HELP

  45. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Sorry for semi-hijakcing your post as a tech support blog, right I’ve fixed the problem now so it should be okay in Internet Explorer.

    Now i would seriously advise this to everyone and thats is

    If you do what I do i.e. type your blog post in MS word (incase pc crashes or suddenly decides to do something stupid), chances are you will be copy and pasting it from word to the wordpress text box area.

    Now if you simply copy and paste, what you don’t know is that wordpress randomly places a loada random jibberish code which
    basically throws up error for IE users, Firefox viewers won;t notice this at all.

    To overcome this issue, just copy/cut and paste as usual, but before you save, switch to hmtl view and get rid of all the codes before your introducing line. i.e. the hi everyone, hello etc…

    Then save it and you should be all fine.

    Best Regards

  46. Gary

    Gee David – I’m real sorry to hear that. Last week I was under massive assault by p*rn and p*dophile and l*lita and be*stial*ty spammers. Overnight I got hit with 103 spams. And that was after removing 50 or so from the day before. These morons deserve to have their front teeth knocked in.

    Get the camera David and occupy your mind with that. You’re a savvy guy. You’ll be back on track soon I expect. Let us know how you get on.

    Nigel – I am sure that some of these sites have bugs in them. Look what happened to David. Damn! I detest idiots who do this stuff. What is the point? I just don’t get it. It’s like that baby scribble that some people call grafitti. I don’t get that either. Just total wanton, vandalistic destruction of other people’s property.

    Nix – it was me who said “just” and that was unjust. Like that?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  47. Gary

    Oh hi Kath – I saw you come through the dashpanel and then I lost you. There you are!

    Is that Gascoigne or somebody I read about? Isn’t he supposed to be a BAD-boy?

    Kath, I haven’t been over to Garry Parkes much coz Nix has been entertaining my affinity for playing with words right here at Gary-Land. But I see she must have been “sneaking” across to Parkesy’s while I have been “negotiating” via email all evening here with a very BIG surprise guest at Gary-Land who will soon make a debut appearance. I hope that will happen anyway, as this person is a celebrity and will be an ASSET to everyone in the F500. Can’t say any more just yet.

    Anyway, God I can get side-tracked! … Kath I could post the addy here but I think I will play it safe and just direct you across to Thomas Northrop‘s blog. You’ll get in from there.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  48. Nikki

    Woohoo! Nigel I can see your blog post now!! So whatever you did sorted it out. I tend to write my posts in Word, then copy & paste into Notepad before then pasting into WordPress, as Notepad removes all formatting automatically…

    Gaz-Man – liking the play on words there :)

  49. Gary

    JUST doing my best to JUSTify what I had no JUSTification to say about you.

    Oh, you will be sorry if you crank me up on this stuff. I need to get to bed anyway. It’s 12.37am here and we have Module #5 at 8.00am my time.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  50. Nikki

    Have a good sleep, and have a good weekend as if you’re asleep soon then you won’t have to put up with me again until Monday (it’s 3.41pm Fri afternoon here now).

  51. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry I didn´t come back to you straight away and thank you for the comment you left, things are bloody manic here at the moment.

    You said you got a new camera, what did you opt for in the end ?

    I am having a real problem today staying focused on the job in hand. I see so many opportunities for video advertising, the diversity is endless !

    I think it´s time for my Ketamine jab, maybe that will slow me down a bit..


  52. Kath Ibbetson

    There’s something going on with you and Nikki here maybe you should have a privae blog !! Yes Gascoine was/is a bad boy but naybe you can live up to that !

  53. Gary

    Hi Paull,

    I bought a little Sony DCRSR45E. I had a pretty good look at all the models and got a fair deal off the salesman. I didn’t need anything lavish so I settled on that. Cost me $860 by the time I bought all the extra bits and pieces.

    I only intend to shoot short 2 min videos. I have a plan (as you may expect) and a mountain of material. I’ll try a couple of dummy runs this weekend – IF I get the time. I gotta learn how to use the thing first.

    My biggest hassle is NEVER reading instructions. The instruction booklet is like a Mills and Boon sized novelette. Why don’t they ever do Executive Summaries? Half the crap on this thing I will never use, I’m sure.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  54. Gary

    Hi Kath – Do you think that Nix and I may have a few lurkers out there reading our little comments? Somehow, I think there could be. Like I say, ANYTHING could happen here…

    In fact… something pretty big IS gonna happen here pretty soon. Keep visiting.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  55. Vince

    HI paul, Vince again

    I’m not sure if we met yet.

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    I tried to do a video, this is going to take some practice, not easy talking to a camera LOL.

    Read what I did to cause a frenzy on my blog,

    Well after a lot of twisting of arms I was
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  56. jeffrey dibble

    Hi Gary or bad Gary,

    You sure know how to turn and twist leading us with keep comin’, keeep comin’ then bang! what’s that again…

    Kath, you are right. There is definetely something going on between bad Garry and Nikki here and we love to see if bad Garry will put up the privae blog.

    Funny as it seems, i think you need to get another blog up just for the guys.

    Okay, i think Maria Andros rocks.


    P.S. No offence.
    P.P.S. Really no intention on my part to offend you. I am sure you are the good Garry.

  57. Nigel Yip

    Hey Nikki –

    thanks for checking my blog out again

    erm.. yeah it was to do with the code issue – guess I should have used notepad.

    anyway speak soon

    and Gary, you know what, I’ll speak to you in a few days time.

  58. Internet Marketing for Newbies » Blog Archive » Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Course Module 5 - Traffic Tornados!Gary Simpson's Internet Marketing Blog

    […] Internet Marketing for Newbies Gary SIMPSON’s Internet Marketing BLOG – information, inspiration, stories – LEARN here! « Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys – Guest Speaker on the Bonus Module – Webinar Featuring Mari… […]

  59. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Top purchase, you can´t really go wrong with Sony equipment. You think you have problems with the instruction manual. As you may know I live on the island of Mallorca (Spain) and they very rarely print manuals in English (but then why would they).

    My Spanish is ok but when your trying to figure out something tech and it´s written in Catalan it is a right pain in the rear !!!


  60. Nikki


    Have you seen Kath and Jeffrey’s comments? What do you think? Is the world ready for the Nikki & Bad Gary blog?!

    Oh, the fun we could have…. ;)


  61. Bj maslin

    Hi Gary, I listened to Maria. Coincidentally I was working on an e-book with tips and guidance on making a video. Still might do it although she covered a lot of the points. I had a few others but basically the same message.
    Anyway, just want to say hello and intro myself.

  62. Lesley Morgan

    Hello There Mr. Gazz-Man,

    Always a riot going on over here! If I am having a down moment, I chase you around on all the sites to see what you are up to minute-by-minute (is there more than one of you running around? It would seem there has to be!)

    This video thing is going to cost me. Have a Flip camera, but now need to figure in the cost of some Botox. Guess I will also have to get out of my jammies too. Oh!!! I just thought of a “good reason” to go shopping!!

    Looking forward to your video debut….


  63. Gary

    Ooh, seems I have missed a couple of answers on this OLD thread. Heh! It’s 2 days old – LOL! OK, I gotta be quick…

    @ Vince – Howdy Vince. I’ll be over to get those videos. Thanks mate. I heard you on the Webinar Module #5.

    @ Jeffrey – Now come on. If I put up a PRIVATE blog it will be … private. LOL! Yes, Maria Andros was very informational. No offense at all. Have you seen Bad-Gary yet? No? Well you don’t actually SEE that guy much – LOL! Just havin’ some fun.

    @ Nigel – You are always welcome. Glad we could help you on that little techie issue you had.

    @ Paull – Deary me! I wouldn’t like an instruction book in Spanish. I’m having a hard enough time with this one and it is (supposedly) in English. And, yes, Sony is a good brand. That is why I chose it. Hmm – branding!

    @ Nix – Darls… you know I REALLY enjoy our PRIVATE emails TOO much. And that picture you sent of the landscape, that was just AWESOME! I love the rolling hills on the horizon. That landscape looks so inviting. LOL

    @ BJ Maslin – Hi BJ. Glad to make your acquaintance. So you are a video afficionado too, huh? Looking forward to seeing your stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ LesleyMR Gazz-Man? That was very formally informal. LOL! I am starting to see a LOT of you. Love that smile. Hmm, is there more than one of me? Depends who you ask. I know of three but only two have made an appearance at this blog so far. Botox? From squinting? – LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by folks!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  64. Thom Swartwood


    Had to stop over and say… I’m still laughing. Finished watching Garry Parkes video. Absolutely great stuff. I can not get over how ingenious and creative that man is. I loved the part about you… :)

    I have a question… I asked Garry so I am going to ask you also. How much time a day do you put in on your online business? I am having time trouble. I plan what I want to get done each day I don’t seem to get it all done. There is so much to do and I don’t feel like I am getting it all done. I told Garry I had a chance to hit the web at work today, saw that he put the video up but could not watch it, we are not allowed to have Flash at work. I had to wait to get here to the school to take a look… Now I am comment 70 something. Same here.

    Sorry about the whining.

    I do want to thank you for all of your help. I posted over at Garry’s that between the two of you, you really are an inspiration to me.

    Have a great night




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  65. Lori James

    Hi Gary,

    Maria Andros was such an inspiration to me! I knew I should start doing video, but I really didn’t want to, so it would have stayed way down at the bottom of my list…until Maria spoke on the Bonus Module!

    Since then I’ve made 4 videos! And, to my surprise, I found out how much I LOVE doing videos! My first one looks like it’s my first one, of course! But there is a noticeable improvement every time I do another video. It’s awesome! Maria actually gave me the courage and the “push” I needed, and now I’m getting addicted.

    By the way, I just started using my “Time In Motion” planner, and it’s really a great time management tool So, thanks, I really needed it!

    Take care,


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