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Buy Mazindol Without Prescription

by Gary ~ January 4th, 2009

Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Hello again. Mazindol australia, uk, us, usa, Today I have some very interesting statistics for you to look at.

I have analysed the 116 people on my blogeroo (blogroll - but I compare it to a kangaroo coz I use it to hop around from blog to blog, Mazindol samples, Mazindol used for, hence blogeroo) and the relative activity that I see from those people as I visit all the blogs. You see, buy generic Mazindol, Mazindol from mexico, I am one of those people who actually READ the blog owner's entry and then I skim read what others are doing and the comments they are making. Hence, get Mazindol, Buy cheap Mazindol, unlike so many others, I can tailor my comment to what the actual blog owner wants to talk about and GIVE value, comprar en línea Mazindol, comprar Mazindol baratos. So I have a VERY good idea of who is who and the personal traits of most of the bloggers, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Mazindol long term, I know who blathers in with a COMPLETELY off-topic blast of steam. I know who stays on topic, Mazindol mg. Buying Mazindol online over the counter, I know who the GIVERS are and I know who the TAKERS are. But, Mazindol forum, Where can i buy cheapest Mazindol online, above all, I know who is active and who is not, Mazindol alternatives. Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Like I said, at the moment of writing this post, I currently have 116 people on my blogeroo. Is Mazindol addictive, So, based on my observations on all the posts that I visit, Mazindol cost, Australia, uk, us, usa, I have categorised those people. Here are the results:

VERY ACTIVE - 19 people representing 16%
ACTIVE - 18 people representing 16%
OCCASIONALLY ACTIVE - 36 people representing 32%
COMPLETELY INACTIVE - 41 people representing 35%
WERE VERY ACTIVE BUT GONE STONE COLD - 2 people representing 1%

Now, online buying Mazindol, Mazindol dosage, what is this telling us.

Broadly, Mazindol description, Mazindol blogs, one third are either very active or active, one third are occasionally active and one third (actually a bit more) are either completely inactive or dead as a doornail with the project, where can i cheapest Mazindol online. Order Mazindol from mexican pharmacy, How AMAZING is this?

Have you ever heard the following saying. "Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen and some people ask 'what happened?'"

Most large groups of people can be divided into thirds, very much like that saying above, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. But it has always been my contention that every third can also be divided into sub-sets of thirds too, Mazindol steet value. Mazindol from canadian pharmacy, I don't want to get too over-analytical here but what is this sample analysis telling us.

OK, what is Mazindol. Effects of Mazindol, First a small rider - I haven't visited EVERY blog - well, some you simply cannot because they either don't exist, no prescription Mazindol online, Order Mazindol online overnight delivery no prescription, or if they do, they are just a name with a standard wordpress welcome text sitting in them, comprar en línea Mazindol, comprar Mazindol baratos. Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Next, I know that certain groups have formed and some people may be more active in one group than in others. Mazindol price, coupon, But, like I said, Mazindol dosage, Mazindol australia, uk, us, usa, I have visited a LOT of blogs and I see names (and "I see DEAD people" too. A small joke, Mazindol from canada, Mazindol pharmacy, folks, no nastiness intended).

So, extrapolating my findings here across the entire F500 (Fortunate 500) what does this tell us, statistically.

VERY ACTIVE - 80 people (16% of 500)
ACTIVE - 80 people (16% of 500)
OCCASIONALLY ACTIVE - 160 people (32% of 500)
COMPLETELY INACTIVE - 175 people (35% of 500)

Well, those are the statistical figures. But I can tell you all categorically that there are only 37 people either very active or active, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. So, out of deference to the above statistics, let's say that the top two categories (ie VERY ACTIVE or ACTIVE), which is some 160 people, is the sum total of people who are doing anything at all, what happened to the other 340 people. And if only 40 or so are really doing anything then why should I want to retain any more than those 40 on my blogeroo. Why would anybody. Dead wood is dead wood.

Do you agree or disagree with my observations and/or methodology? Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Also, one more consideration for you to ponder...

Now that the latest "BIG THING" has hit the web - Web Prosperity - with all its massive promises of great wealth for very little activity, I expect that even some of the active and very active members of this Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing and Mentoring program will have their attention side-tracked and their efforts split, diverted and diluted. I would expect that almost every occasional and completely inactive member of the F500 will race across there like maniacs to get that push-button cure that they so DESPERATELY crave and seek. Massive wealth for zippo! Yippee. "At last I've found it. My holy grail!" (And if anyone quotes that out of context.., Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. watch out. Bad-Gazza isn't bad for no reason.)

Me. Yeah. I'll observe this "latest opportunity." I may even join on the off-chance that it might be different to all the other MLM's that I have been in that have ALL crashed and burned leaving a trail of destruction and ruined lives in their wakes.

But just remember this Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, - BIG WARNING TO FOLLOW HERE - the push button, matrix, "we do EVERYTHING for you and will make you fabulously RICH" scheme is OWNED by somebody else. With a flick of a switch they can DUMP you like yesterday's dinner in your gullet (sorry for the analogy, but they can). In YOUR business YOU own it. YOU do. YOU.

Come on, bash me up. Tell me I am wrong with all this, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Convince me that I am reading this all incorrectly. You can sway me if you have a convincing argument. I can usually be talked around if somebody has a more compelling or accurate appraisal than my own of any given situation.

I welcome your thoughts on all of this. Over to you ...

Gary Simpson.

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81 Responses to Buy Mazindol Without Prescription

  1. David


    You know how I feel about this but I am going to tell you again anyway. I am following your advice and speaking out more and hopefully helping some folks along the way.

    I too have looked around and see the same as you.To be honest with you when Alex slowed the coaching down I was a little bummed and even lost some steam. But you woke my ars up and got me back to work. I am going to follow the people that are active as these are my future jv partners. When Alex Jeffreys completes this training I want to be in front of the line to promote his next coaching program. Like Garry Parkes told me the other day “don’t question why you are doing it just do it”. I paid Alex Jeffreys to teach me so why not just do what he telling me to do. I have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

    Joining this coaching program was not just a curiosity trip. I want to grow my business to a size that I will be able to never worry about retirement. We have a chance to do just that right now but it seems that list building and and affiliate marketing is not for everyone. (or maybe they know something I don’t know)

    I think it is not too late to get going but the clock is ticking as I have said before. I posted on my blog how to get access to my marketing video site today but have changed my mind. I want to make so easy that you will have no excuse not to go there and learn something.

    This is what you do;

    Go here;

    Put this in the form;

    User Id : student
    Password: coaching

    If you are here then you are in the right place. Come here every day as I do and get your daily dose of “get off your ars and get busy” motivation.

    Thank You In For All Your Help

    David Smith



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Gary

    Hi David – Thanks for the video keys. I went there yesterday coz I had a couple of hours and I was just so bored sh*tless visiting the blogs and talking to blow up dolls that I went over to educate myself with your incredible knowledge but… the video store was closed. DRAT!

    So, I did the next best thing and went into my living room and watched a silly video – “Get Smart” which my son gave me for Christmas. I think there was a covert message from him to me in his choice of movie.

    As Maxwell Smart says, “Missed it by THAT much.” Or, “would you believe…?”

    Thanks David. I KNOW already who my future JV partners will be – if they will have me. LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  3. Bernard Giles

    Morning Gazza

    yep still bashing away out here in Borat-stan though I did sign the papers to come here so there’s no complaints! Besides doing this gives me every other month off to focus more fully on making those first few dolleros from this venture…

    Glad to see you have similar reservations about the hype over Web-Prosperity in your comment in the previous post and you also hit the nail on the head in saying that moreover what this will do is distract a lot of people away from the core activity of building an organic presence on the net that will serve us for weeks, months and years to come. I can’t help but think the hype bubble will burst, some people will be rolling in it and others will be back where they started and several months further behind us.

    There’s an old Chinese proverb that a man who tries to catch two rabbits catches neither. I’m keeping my focus on Alex’s program and building our relationships in the F-500. I’m probably one of the ones that have slackened off so far this year, a load of topics to post that haven’t made it up into the blog yet, and a daily quote that hasn’t been daily so far this week. Biog exercise this afternoon after work to get a few days worth done in advance.

    So the stat’s are slowly but surely falling into a traditional parabolic curve. It’s still a bit back-ended yet but I’ll wager that more of the occasionally active will drift into the completely inactive and more of them will drop out completely until it’s a nice balanced bell shape curve! Pity as the potential of a tight 500 is enormous, but it’s likely to be very true. Still, there will be some fantastic relationships between those that remain active and support each other.

    Re Elizabeth, have known her for a while already. Top lady! Since Canberra International airport can’t be flown into from an international origin, I’m stopping off in Melbourne on the way into visit my sister and new niece there soon. If you’re lost for something to do for 30 min, take a look at her site and the interviews done on TV –

    Well back to it. If the IT guys ever send an internet usage report to my manager I think I’ll have more than a month at a time to focus on this business!


  4. Gary

    Hi Bernard – You can always tell your Manager that you were taking a break. I don’t think there is a Manager in the world who doesn’t know that their staff goof off on the computer at times. LOL!

    If I get a moment I will look at that site. Also, you and I and quite a few of the others know that this Web Prosperity thing could NOT have come at a WORSE time for this Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Program. Even worse is that this F500 will become a POACHING HAVEN for those who want to STACK their so-called downlines (I call them DRAINPIPES) with eager money-hungry, quick-fix, gold-diggers who seek only the push-button solution to everything. Just push ONE button and you will be RICH beyond your wildest dreams!

    It’s just another temptation – like a siren on an old-time sailing ship. Tie yourselves to the masts (like they allegedly did in mythology) those of you who are easily succumbed and tempted.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  5. Ken Douglas


    At the risk of being trite this was a great post. It is difficult to “bash” when you are in agreement. I was going to disagree with you computation of active and very active being 160 persons but then I read further and you neutralized the argument I was going to make that it would be difficult to be active or very active but yet be undetected.

    It is a mystery to me why someone would pay the amount we paid for Alex’s coaching and then basically vanish. I am frustrated by the amount of traffic through my blog but rather than give up I am working harder, looking for more to do to grow some algae on my oil rig. My nature does not permit me to accept failure.

    Like you I am “watching” Web Prosperity but there come a time when you must allocate your time and resources toward that which will provide the greatest return. My experiences with MLM have not been very positive in the past so it seems to me that staying the course with Alex will be the best use of my time and energies.

    Two other small items. regarding your joke …. I suspected you had a sixth sense…. the other….. if you have a couple of minutes I would appreciate your comments on my latest blog (other than the one promoting David’s videos). Thanks


  6. Gary

    Hi Ken – Jeez. You have been here a LOT lately. Thank you. Heh… heh… did you like the way I did that little “leave an opening” thing and then shut the gate? I thought some folks would like that. They would be thinking, “Gazza, I’m gonna say…” then they would think, “Damn!”

    I like this:

    “My nature does not permit me to accept failure.”

    I’ll be right over Kenny.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  7. Bernard Giles

    Ha…there’s taking a break and then there’s taking the proverbial…

    and yes, it’s come at a bad time in the coaching. Personally I’m kinda glad the coaching has slowed up a little as I can’t get access from here or even look at the saved video version of Mod 4…it’s so damned slow at 56kbps, so a little bit longer till the next module and I’m out of here and able to participate properly again.

    But I see numerous comments in other blogs disappointed that the momentum apprears to have been lost and some of these folks will be prime candidates for the next “upper” to come along.

    Whereas, I think here’s so much relationship building and learning happening at the moment that this pause is welcome.

    There is a lot to absorb and as I was reminded in another newsletter last night, success is far more likely when (among other things) we are properly prepared, and for me at least, that does take time.

    There is a lot to be said for just getting out there and taking action, but at some point stock has to be taken and consideration given to is it the right action? Many of us have taken massive action, now it’s time to refine and refocus into action that’ll contribute to building wealth and be in a good place when the next module is presented.

    ps…my next blog post will have a Boy Scout theme….dib, dib, dib…


  8. Ted Newman

    Mr Simpson Sir…How are you?

    Hi Gary,

    I came rushing over here after you had left your comments on my safety tips follow up…if only everyone would show the intelligence that you obviously have in abundance then this ‘world’ would be a far safer place to live in but like you said the ‘It won’t happen to me’ attitude will prevail and sadly there will be more victims of crime simply because of that attitude!

    I think your post ‘above’ regarding the statistical breakdown of your fellow members blogs and internet real estate is of great value to people…or should be if they actually take the time and read what you have compiled and not just skim over it.

    It’s like the old 80/20 rule that you can virtually take and apply to anything of value but in direct reference to the above it’s the 20% or so of people who are actually active that will get the results. It would be nice if we all could just grasp this concept and concentrate on the 20% part of the equation and not the 80% as it would be so much more productive.

    In relation to our ‘Oil Wells’ every person I have on my ‘Alex’s Army’ blogroll (and if you read this and I haven’t visited your site yet, I will get there eventually! ) has had a personal reply from me related to either what they have said after introducing themselves to me on my blog or I have read one of their own posts on someone else’s blog that I have visited.

    I really get pissed of with people who come to my blog and they just add ‘Nice Post…I’ve just added you to my blogrol please add me to yours’ Don’t they ever listen to Alex or to those of us who have been around a while and are trying to help, or are they just out to get hundreds of worthless links to their own blogs because when ‘the spider’ comes around and finds nothing but ‘Hey Nice post etc, etc,’ they will consider it spam and treat the site accordingly.

    I now personally whether rightly or wrongly don’t accept anymore of these comments as I would far rather try and add a little bit of value to someone who has taken the time to read some of my posts or made a great post themselves.

    I’m sure if I created a post along the lines of ‘Read this it’s important blah, blah, blah,’ and added in the text somewhere ‘If you reply to this post without actually reading it you are nothing but a wan**r so don’t reply with nice post or the like’ I would still get them….maybe I will actually do this sometime to check the stat’s ;-)

    Also I’m sure someone like you would be far more receptive to someone like me coming to you later and saying ‘Hey Gary I’ve got this great idea that we could work together on’ because I try and add value for other people.

    I wish all the students would realize that places like ‘Garyland’ are extremely valuable and treat them with the respect they deserve and not just to come here and ‘Pimp’ their own bit of real estate with useless ‘Nice Post’ comments, you and the others like you deserve far better than that.

    Time now to go and rest my one brain cell before I frazzle it out!

    Keep the great info coming Gary…for what it’s worth it’s certainly respected by me I assure you.



  9. Gary

    Hello Arkala Bernard – I just viewed an Alex Jeffreys short video in which he advertised the next training sessions as this coming Thursday and Friday at 6PM EST. Buggered if I know why they are on consecutive days. Seems odd to me. Something about a “bonus” guest, or something. They are both about traffic generation.

    What the hell type of computer do you have there in Borat-stan? An Apple Mac LCII? That was what I had 14 years ago. LOL!


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  10. Ken Douglas


    I was actually more interested in your response rather than “pimping” for an endorsement but do appreciate both.

    Also I am off center again and back to the left……pretty good considering that a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even pronounce HTML.

    I guess I am attracted by the algae I find here. It has helped me to grow bolder.


  11. Bernard Giles

    Oh bugger…where’d you see that video? I’d been on Alex’s site this morning and didn’t see any reference to the next modules or to a video. Mind you if it’s on Utube, that’s blocked on the work browsers anyway!

    Work internet speeds are bad enough, but when I’m able to hook into the local network from a friends place in town it’s only 56kbps speed. You can get up to 510kbps apparently, but she hasn’t splashed out on that extravegance yet! It is like the dark ages and work blocks loads of sites, particularly social networking sites…

    Hmmm…will need to work out if I can get to a phone and computer at 4am here…thanks for the heads up!

  12. Gary

    Hi Ken – I KNOW you weren’t pimping. I just saw a lot of merit in what you said and I stated that. I always give credit where it is due and I thought you deserved it. And when I think somebody cuts across my boundary of normal decency I’ll give them a whack too.

    Be bold Ken. The world needs boldness. It is full of wimpy so-called leaders who are nothing but highly paid puppets. Look at our Australian Prime Minister.

    I certainly hope that President-elect Barack Obama gives that country the leadership that it has been craving, and it once again becomes the super-power that it deserves to be. I have a lot of personal friends in the US who I visit from time to time. They are all WONDERFUL people and I love them all very much like they were my own brothers and sisters. (No political discussion now please. That’s it. That’s all I’m gonna say. Zip.).

    Hi Bernard – I will try to email you the link. Not sure if you will get it though. But don’t worry. I will throw a precis up for those who miss it.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  13. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Yep, spot on. Something we’ve both been highlighting for a while now. And agree with Ken – I struggle to understand how people can pay to get mentoring and then do nothing. And I mean do nothing – not even take the first step and get a blog off the ground. Around half appear to have not even done that.

    So in a way I think extrapolating your stats actually paints a more positive picture than probably is really the case as applying the breakdown of your stats for your blogeroo to the whole F500 is been overly generous. So rather than 160 (32%) been categorised as very active/active I think it is more likely ONLY the 37 (7%) we already know about. I think the 7% is closer to the truth, which is truly appalling but unfortunately a reflection of our ‘gimme it to me now society’.

    However, on a brighter note over the last 2 or 3 days there are a few more people who have introduced themselves over on my blog. But I fear that, with the time of year when people make new commitments and resolutions that if the missing ‘others’ don’t get their act together soon then they never will. A missed opportunity I feel, which they will only possibly realise in the near future when they see the core of the F500 go on to be successful. I will be one of them, I know you will and I know many of the other active participants will as well.

    I’ll email you a bit later. (an hour or two) …

    Garry Parkes

  14. Gary

    Hi Garry – Indeedy. Well that makes a bunch of us coz I’m stuffed too. I just don’t get it. Don’t make it too late for the email bro’ – I’m on my third rather generous JD and coke, or should I say coke and JD – a rarity for me but I have worked so bloody hard this last couple of weeks that I am indulging myself. So I may be non-compos-mentus later – LOL!

    Gazz-Man (hic… burp)

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  15. Gary

    Oh… hi Ted – I didn’t see you slip in there. You must have had the cruiser in silent approach mode – no lights, no siren.

    Ted, you are my kinda bloke. You tell it how it is and if people don’t like then… NEXT! I am pretty sick of how pathetic mainstream society is today.

    I would dearly love to tell some stories from another part of my life that I want to keep private for a bit longer. It would make you laugh. But many would see it the wrong way. Suffice to say, for the moment, that I train trainers who train people like those involved in your former occupation. Hence, my knowledge in what you wrote about over on your blog is rather extensive. And that is where my power base is centred. Maybe later.

    Anyway, keep telling it like it is. I enjoy it. LOL!

    Regards Gary – and sorry for not spotting you sooner. These dashboards seem to have a mind of their own with regard to the order of public presentation.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  16. Gary


    Let’s all form a JV

    We sell 500 places to an Internet Marketing Mentoring programme at $500 per head. That is $250,000. We collect all the money, waffle on for a few weeks, bore everyone sh*tless, wait for 450 people to bugger off to look for the NEXT big thing and then we REFUND the remaining 50 their full payment of $500. We could even give them an EXTRA $500 each for their trouble (let’s say technical or logistical “difficulties”) for a WIN-WIN-LOSE outcome!

    Let’s face it, the ONLY ones who will lose are the ones who were gonna lose anyway!

    Here is my model:

    Cash received = $250,000
    Less cash refunded = $50,000

    Balance to pocket = $200,000 (divided by the number of JV’ers)

    How’s that? Because, except for the exceptional value that Alex Jeffreys has delivered to EVERYONE here who will listen, that is pretty much what has happened in this instance.

    I am now looking for 3 other JV’ers to split $200,000 to make a cool $50,000 each for FA in approximately 1 month. We could do this six times per year and make $300,000 EACH! Piece of p*ss! Easiest money we will ever make and NONE of the 450 on every occasion would be any wiser.

    Woo-hoo! I have found the HOLY GRAIL! Who is in? LOL! :-)

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  17. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    A very intelligent post. I find it both staggering and at the same time quite sad that such a high percentage of the orignal F500 haven’t managed to even get to first base yet.

    Why would anybody want to dilute the workload we already have and introduce a pile of egyptian stones into the equation?

    As you quite rightly point out, you have no control over the system ,and I for one cannot imagine having my focus broken by something that is so intangible.

    I would also imagine knowing Alex as we know him now, will be extremely saddened at the lack of progress by certain members of the group, given the fact that he has gone way over and above what would normally be expected of a ”mentor”.

    He has laid the basic foundations for us in such a clear and concise way and given the fact that there are so many active blogs that if help was needed surely all they have to do is ask for assistance.

    It has been patently obvious that during the webcasts you can see the diverse levels of expertise but I still cannot understand why there should be a problem with so many members getting started.

    Going back to a point I made in a previous paragraph, I don’t believe for one moment that inactivity can be put down to lack of experience, or technical knowhow. I fear that its the ‘magic button’ syndrome. Surely people are not that naive to think that this project will pump money into their accounts by doing jackshit!

    I for one, am well outside my comfort zone, but loving every minute of it.

    I would urge any members who are struggling to go to Garry Parkes site, look down the list of members, and look for their area of expertise, try to find a member who obviously understands the problem they are struggling with and ask for help.

    A little bit more work, but surely this is a better option than just squandering the fabulous opportunities we all have.



  18. Gary

    Thanks Paull – but as you can see – the JD and coke is having a deleterious effect on me – re: MY SUPER-DUPER JV PROPOSAL above.

    Anyway, are you IN? We could make a bonzari amount of dollarios from this!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  19. Paull Hamilton

    Sorry Gary,

    Crossover comments.

    Your dammed right I’m in !! I can talk for hours about nothing, so let me loose !!!

  20. Mark Austin

    Hey Gary,

    That’s the best JV offer I have had so far, count me in. The JD & coke mentoring program, it’s a winner! LOL

    Interesting stats there and matches your original esitmates a few posts back.

    As Ted has says above, it’s the 80/20 rule and applies to all things so those stats don’t suprise me. If anything, as Garry points out they are probably a bit generous.

    I will be away for a week from the 8th so don’t add me to the ‘were active but stone cold dead’ figures if you visit my blog during that time. I’m alive and still roaring! LOL

    Planned the 8th as the webinar was supposed to be the 6th…

    So I will have approx 10hrs to listen to when I get back!

    Speak to you later!
    P.S. Should have those questions ready before I go so will email you for your opinion if that’s ok!

  21. Dean Holland


    Aloha brother… You know what I just once again had a slight feeling of throwing my guts up ..

    …Followed by a feeling of shame

    …quickly followed by a sharp twinge of sadness

    AND WHY ???? ( And I know Im gunna pi$$ off some peeps here )

    This talk of this new web prosperity thing or whatever the hell it is… IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE !!!

    Has this coaching program taught these people nothing ??

    Heres what I suggest those people do right now

    1 – log into the students members area

    2 – Go back to lesson #1

    3 – Watch the entire lesson once again.. Maybe twice if you have to !

    4 – Ask yourself WHY after only weeks of being involved in Alex’s coaching are you joining another ‘push button’ for big wealth crappy idea ??

    HUH ?? HUH ???

    Am I missing something ?? Maybe its me.. I dont know

    Am I going crazy ??

    Ok, i’ll stick by my guns…. Im NOT crazy, Im NOT missing the point

    In fact I think Im learning quite well, at least I know more now than before I started this coaching

    Sorry to rant on and as I said above I know that those involved in this new program thing will probably not come to my blog anymore or listen to what I say but I just thought US.. The F500 were better than that !!

    I can hand on heart say that it has been some time since I even looked at one of these new ‘systems’ or mlm schemes or any other way of making money online

    I thought we were building our OWN businesses right now ??

    Ok.. Im calm.. Think happy thoughts Dean

    Haaaaaaggghhh.. Thats better :)



  22. Gary

    To Paul and Mark and Dean – these are ALL funny comments from you guys – probably because I have been imbibing the giggle juice here but…

    … even with four “liberal” JD’s on board I am still firing. I just think everything is funny now.

    Paull, your comment makes me laugh. So, you can talk too, huh? My family reckon I talk WAY too much. But I am always trying to share with them things that I have learned during the day. Most of the time none of them could give a continental anyway.

    Mark – SP – you make me laugh too man. You are a funny dude. I am gonna have to meet you in person one day. You can “work” a joke for what it is worth. That is why I left that silly post on your blog. I knew you would “get it!” LOL!

    Deano – NO dude. You are NOT going crazy. The thing that disturbs me is that several emails are claiming that Alex Jeffreys is encouraging us all to get into this Web Prosperity thing. Can you call him and ask him if it is true? I somehow doubt it but, then again, I don’t know who this D’Archangelo guy is. I have never heard of him and I have my eyes and ears open big time.

    Great stuff guys. I might even have another one – cup of tea this time. Jeez this JD stuff is like rocket fuel. I have had to go back and touch up all my typing and normally it is flying and very accurate.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  23. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary

    Just been to the YIP mans blog and I am sending emergency aid!

    I told him…

    The last thing you need now is the big GAZZA SLAP… Good or bad Gary, that’s gotta hurt…ouch! LOL

    Cheers! You on JD number 5 yet?

  24. Gary

    Mark – One day I will tell you some things that will mortify you.

    What is the Yip-Man up to? I was a bit worried about the young fella today – talking in tongues and whanging on about cryptic messages of F in 13. Christ knows what that meant! I went over there and tried to get to the bottom of it. I dunno. Maybe he was having a bad day. We all do sometimes.

    JD is FINISHED at 4, I think. Oh, hell, I dunno. I’ve been using the same glass. But about 4 inches of the amber fluid is gone from the crystal decanter I poured the bottle into. And I am a bit blunt right now. Seriously, I shouldn’t even be typing this stuff. I have to correct my spelling so often. I just said oftem. Duh!

    Anyway, I have to proof read something now and I am about 50% proof myself. Dearie, dearie me. Hey Mark! Wanna get on a space shuttle and come over? We could play cards. I am very good at euchre.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  25. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for raising such an excellent point about the need to actually take ACTION.

    I cannot believe the statistics myself.

    Why would so many people not take ANY action at all. It amazes me!

    I myself have been somewhat mis-led by some of the major UK ‘gurus’ as to the amount of effort required, before getting any return on investment (of time and effort, not alone money).

    However, I can still see how once things start to work, momentum will be created and big changes will follow. This IS THE way to our financial freedom and take control of our own finances.

    Dean Holland’s experience so far is proof enough – even though he has the extra exposure from Alex’s ‘Guru’s Dream’ e-book.

    But that to me proves just how EASY it is! You just keep moving forward, adjusted your actions, based on feedback from your efforts – and success is inevitable.

    Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who failed 7 times before becoming US president.

    I guess ALOT of people want it handed to them on a silver-plated spoon.

    I look forward to may be being considered a JV partner with all the ACTIVE members of the F500 and creating additional wealth for all involved.

    Showing what can be done with alittle focused and consistent effort.

    Thanks again Gary for writing this post.

    I find your writings inspiring and very entertaining.

    If you get a moment, I’d appreciate it if you left one of your valuable comments on my blog sometime.

    To our success,


  26. Gary

    Hi Dave – Thanks for your nice comments. I will certainly come over and pay you a visit. I try to reciprocate with as many people as I can. But it won’t be tonight. I am finding it so hard to keep my eyes open – maybe something to do with 4″ of JD’s. I shouldn’t have done that. Silly boy. I hope I am making sense here.

    Dave, I think Thomas Edison was reported to have found 1,000 ways NOT to have invented the incandescent light globe. He kept trying. So did Ford with his vehicles and, more recently, Bill Gates with his computers.

    Anything good rarely comes easy. Yet that is what so many people want – INSTANT everything. Instant gratification with no effort, no pain and no internal growth.

    What these people fail to realise is that everything can be taken away from them with a push-button system BUT… if they have knowledge and understand principles then they can ALWAYS re-build.

    I’m just gob-smacked at those statistics above. I did the exercise this morning for my own edification and it was quickly apparent to me that this needed to be shared. I hope people can see the positive side to it rather than dwelling on only the negative.

    Thanks for coming by Dave and I will certainly pay you a visit – most likely tomorrow morning.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  27. Adam

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve been out for the holidays with my family (for a much needed break!) but I am catching up with everyone’s posts– you bring up a very good point as to what Alex has called the 99 to 1 principle or 80/20 or whatever you want to call it–but basically are the F500 going to be the 99% of people who keep whipping out their wallets for the next “big thing” and never make a dime online, or are they going to be the 1% who actually IMPLEMENT the things we are learning (and in many cases, already know!) I know I have been working on my own goals for 2009, and I have a list of things I need to implement now that I am back from the holiday break.

    When it comes right down to it, Taking Action is the main that differentiates us all.

    I have also had a few ideas along the lines with the real power of the active members of the F500 and the true power that we do have to do JV’s and work on projects together.

    We can truly funnel the synergy of this group into something bigger than any one of us are alone.

    I’ve got a bit more catching up to do here on your blog and on the others, but it’s good as always to be here in Gary-land. :-)


  28. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hi Gaz-Man,

    A Belated happy New Year ;-)

    Liked the post, considering I was one of the ‘unfortuate’ 500 ha ha ha !

    Blooming window keeps frosting up as try to ‘peek’ in ….

    As with everything there will always be people who do not take action..

    But that should not bother those who are taking action … as I used to say when I was in Sales and Marketing ….

    “You write your own Cheque” in other words I am responsible for my own actions and results ….

    Any hoos, I have just made a new post on my blog, and would welcome any opinion you may have ;-)



    p.s. – loved the blogroll ;-)

  29. Gary

    Hi Adam – Yes – ACTION – that is what it is all about. I, too, am watching who the good prospective JV partners will be.

    Hi Tommy – Well, Tommy, you know my thoughts on you not being in the F500. I want you IN and I have made representations on that issue – several, in fact. But that is all I can say publically.

    Thanks for stopping by guys.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  30. Guy

    Hey Gazz-man!

    It’s always a pleasure to read your posts and I’m sure you’d agree as night follows day in every business venture there are likely to be fall outs along the way, it’s just a shame that its a massive 2/3 of the F-500 considering Alex Jeffrey’s has put in so much of his time and effort to get us all on a roll.
    I have placed a few posts on the ones which seem dead (yes, I see dead people too ;-)) in the hope that perhaps we could revive some of them and get them back on the AJ track, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Plus, since its the Christmas period I guess there are excuses aplenty for people to put things off for the holiday period but of course it makes it that extra bit harder to get back on the AJ wagon but I’m sure his next module will give people that required boost that’s needed.
    I also agree with Dean H. instead of rig hopping like we should we tend to project hope and listen to too many sales pitches and lose focus of what we are meant to be doing in the first place. But hey, each to his one, right?
    Anyway, I’d like to suggest that you, my friend, should start video blogging your posts. that’s right matey! You seem to inspire quite a few of us out there on the F-500 list and I’m sure, in fact I’m certain that you’ll be an even bigger inspiration once we get to see your mug on the screen ;-) Plus, it will save you all that time and effort of having to type your long, lengthy and motivational posts :-)
    Just a thought ;-)





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  31. Gary

    Hi Guy – Thanks for your kind words. Videoing some material is something that I have had in mind for a while now, especially since I have seen the success that people like David Smith, Paull Hamilton and Garry Parkes are having. It is the way of the future with this Web 2.0 era.

    Do you have any knowledge on what cameras give the biggest bang for the buck? I’d be interested to know. I’d like to know what makes and models other people are using.

    Thanks again Guy. Just knowing that I can help others with words of encouragement is gratifying to me.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  32. Warner


    Interesting observations. It is way too easy to get distracted. I did join web prosperity because I think it is a good set of tools. Since most mlm has no usefull or not over priced product I think this will be ok. It got me out commenting more blogs so that is good just in itself.

  33. Gary

    Howdy Warner – Nice to see you here. Yeah. I am in two minds. Part of me says DEFINITELY no. The other part says, “What if?”

    I have reached senior levels in several MLM schemes and EVERY ONE of them has collapsed because of pure, unadulterated GREED by the founders and their coterie of sychophantic admirers.

    I’ll be interested to see what others say when we find out more about it all. But when I looked it was just a guy standing in a massive empty room with a big “Tara” style staircase disappearing upstairs. It was kinda weird. I dunno what to make of it all yet. So I am holding back to see.

    They say that 40,000 people have now joined. Joined what? Maybe I am just dumb but I don’t see what all the super-excitement is about. Of the 40,000 at least 37,000 will be will be thrill-seeking, opportunistic, fly-by-night, junkies just going for a ride to who-knows-where. So, I am watching with interest.

    Thanks for stopping by Warner. I have seen your posts on this elsewhere and I know you are also proceeding with great caution, as are many others.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  34. Ted Newman

    Hi Gazza-Man,

    Your JV idea seems like a winner from the very start…after all no-one has ever come up with a concept like that before have they?…well maybe not as clearly as you outlined in your plan above.

    At least the ‘punters’…most of them will be ‘punters’ won’t they?…surely they won’t believe that you are going to give them something of value that they can actually go out and practice and perfect to make their businesses grow!!!

    ‘Hell No’ we can’t have that can we…our fellow punters…sorry partners…sorry about that I’m always getting my P’s mixed up…it’s an age thing you know!…will gladly part with their $500 to find that instant package that will bring them wealth beyond their dreams!

    I can just visualize some of them now…picking up the phone to their travel agent…’Find me a beach with palm trees where I can sit with my laptop and make money because this time tomorrow I’m going to be RICH!!!!!!!!!!’

    As an aside Gazza-man haven’t you got a place like this already?…maybe we could all come round with our buckets and spades and build that beach just in front of those palm trees of yours…then get a photo together put it on the website and show these punters…sorry partners…there I go again with those P’s…their very own private beach where they can come and make money without having to do any work!

    Hell that sounds so good I don’t want to be your JV partner…I just want to pay you the $500 straight up…just let me know where to send it! ;-)

    Have I passed your ‘We collect all the money, waffle on for a few weeks, bore everyone sh*tless,’ entrance exam ?

    Kindly let me know ASAP…I can’t wait until tomorrow to become rich!

    Please don’t think I’m taking the iss…there I go again, I told you I had trouble with my P’s…I just want to listen to your words of wisdom and it will all happen automatically for me I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Your JV partner in waiting

  35. Gary

    Heh… heh… Ted – Man! I p*ssed (or should I say *issed?) myself laughing at that. If it wasn’t so sadly close to the mark the whole thing world be ridiculous. Well, it is riduculous but you know what I mean.

    And – yep, come around, Ted, and we can play in the sand and sit in our deck chairs and show everybody how two SAVVY Internet Marketers make zillions while we just have fun, fun, fun.

    So you’re in the JV with me, huh? I think Parkesy and Mr Smarty Pants will make up the rest of the JVP. OK guys – Let’s do this. It’s money for JAM!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  36. Nikki

    Hey Gaz-Man,

    Really quick comment to let you know I’m still in the land of the living and I’m now back online (sort of) – new blog post will be going up shortly, so let the mayhem continue!!

    Come on, you’ve missed me, right??


  37. Gary

    Oh-oh… psssssssssst everybody… Nix is back!

    I hope she doesn’t read through the last two threads and sees all the little references I have made to her. Could be interesting, to say the least. LOL

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  38. Nikki

    See, now you’ve said that I’m just going to *have* to go and read your previous posts instead of getting on with my work! Just uploaded my new post as well, so I’m doing quite well this morning!


  39. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Thanks for checking my blog so often during the past turbulent one of them weird moment few days that I’ve been having and thanks again so much for all your supportive comments.

    And yes I wil agree and make myself accountable and folow your advice of not fallling back to that ‘state’ again.

    All the best

  40. Gary

    Nix – Ha ha. Made ya go and look, didn’t I?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  41. Gary

    Nigel – You are MOST welcome. You have friends here.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  42. Nikki


    Indeed you did, and I had to laugh at your last comment on there (previous thread) which I also left a note about – it was the idea of me running, or more appropriately, not running…all good!

    Bet it’s been reasonably civilised here without me around corrupting things…


  43. Gary

    Nix – Yeah, the vision I had of that event was VERY disturbing. It’s been hard difficult to keep my mind on the job.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  44. Nikki

    I aim to please…

  45. Mark Austin

    Hey Gary

    What have you done to me man. I was just over at Garry’s site leaving a comment and before I knew it I was going into a rant! LOL

    Managed to regain control just in time!

    Who’s in my head….

    Is it good gazza or bad gazza, lol

    Hope the hangover wasn’t too bad :)


  46. Gary

    And your aim is bang on target. LOL! (I do wonder what others make of all this!)

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  47. Gary

    Mark – MAN! Rants are good! They purge the system of negative build up (oh-oh).

    Which Gazza? Any Gazza you want.

    No hangover from the JD’s last night. I was very naughty drinking about 4″ of JD’s from the decanter and blogging. As you are probably aware, I am likely to say ANYTHING at the best of times but with that giggle juice in me I had to be very careful. I checked everything half a dozen times and the edit option got a fair workout, I can tell you.

    Mark, now I gotta go over and see what you said. I’m in the middle of doing something for the great man too. I do love rants and sometimes the odd sermon – LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  48. Nikki

    Ha ha ha ha – I would hope that everyone else just enjoys our little bit of frivolity intertwined with slightly more serious conversation – I’ve certainly missed it over the past few days!


  49. Gary

    Innuendo, inmyendo.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  50. Nikki


  51. Gary


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  52. Nikki

    Depends how naughty you’ve been!!

  53. Gary

    This is going very Austin-Powersish again! BE-have!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  54. Paull Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    The camera I use is a JVC Everio. The reason I chose this particular camera is because it has a built in hard drive, so no tape, and because of this it makes it very easy to transfer the footage to my hard drive, and I love the word easy !
    The hard drive holds up to 37 hours of footage at low res or 7 hours in high definition. The cost was 300 euros, quite reasonable I thought.

    All the best,


  55. Nikki

    Yeah, sorry, I’ll behave myself now (although I have to ask where the fun is in behaving!).

    Interesting stats that you’ve put above, I wonder what Alex’s views on us all as a group are? Are we what he thought he’d get, wanted to get, or is he disappointed?

    As for this other thing that’s going around, I’ve completely missed out on it due to my lack of internet access. Not sure I can be bothered to go looking for it, I already have a million and one things to do and I don’t need to go reading a load more hyped up stuff. I’d like to know what other people think though.


  56. Ken Douglas

    Hey Gary,

    Just a quick note from my daytime job… I love the JV idea and potential! My only sugestion would be to ramp things up and go for one big payday. Rather than repeating the venture make the enrollment open then later when we come up with another “next hot thing ” we can use the large numbers of suscribers in our first venture as an additional marketing ploy…… Just a thought.


  57. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    Just re-read some of the comments in more detail and most certainly count me in on that SUPER DOOPER JV OFFER, as I’m currently planning to upgrade my shamble little canoe (business structure)at the moment and turning it into a super-dooper blingy catermaran once we finish this mentoring course and so this JV would certainly tie in most fittingly before I set sail and provide some good added power.

    All the best

  58. Nikki

    Oh, Gaz-Man,

    I’ve just seen your post over on Tommy McLaughlin’s blog – I’ve installed the OnlyWire stuff on my blog, so just for once I might be able to help you (rather than everyone else always helping me as I’m so new to all of this!).

    What’s this – a useful post from me?! Whatever next…


  59. Becky Carter

    Hi Gary,
    Well it worked, you tempted me over here with your stats. I have to admit to being a bit of a numbers girl.

    I wouldn’t like to imagine which catagory you put me under, not that it really matters I suppose. I do find it strange that so many people it seems haven’t got much further than setting up a blog.

    Although obviously we have got much further than that I have definately taken a back step over chrimbo. I don’t feel bad for that there just aren’t enough hours in the day with small kids and they are what matters at christmas.

    We are all taking steps foward but we are just at different levels to start with. Like, I am super happy with myself today as I have worked out how to embed a video on my blog. Im sure a lot of you could do it in your sleep but this was major for me. So maybe not an obvious active step but at my level it was giant!

    Anyway while I’m in my productive frame of mind I better go oilrig hopping.
    Heres to a prosperous 2009 for ALL of us.

  60. Gary

    Hi Paull – Thanks for taking the time to come here and answer that question I asked you on your blog about cameras. I wanted to know because your videos and also JT’s look very good.

    Nix – I have always been interested in stats – 36-24-34 – all those sorts of number type thingys. Seriously, if I am able to look at sets of numbers then I can usually pick a trend (eg as above – the OPENING comments on the thread here). I am always looking at my c-panel to see what is going on. I know how many views I am getting on different subjects and I can see how many people answer, so there fore I can determine the lurk value and I know how much interest there is in relative posts. Did that make any sense at all? Oh, and I like it when you MIS-behave. You spice things up and titillate the readers, so to speak. LOL!

    Kenny – I read somewhere – forget where – that the REAL smart operators don’t go in for the quick kill, they bleed their victims over and over again until they have all their blood – LOL! Or words to that effect. I think it was Vladimir somebody from Transylvannia. (v v)

    Good on you Nigel – Good to have you BACK. I have been checking over at Nigel-Land to see how your canoe is floating. It had a big hole in it the other day but I see you have now patched it up and you are floating quite well. I will be looking forward to seeing the larger vessels as they develop (In-house banter between Gary-Land and Nigel-Land)

    Nix again! You know how much I like to see you here and I paid you a little visit at Nix-Land last night but I see you haven’t been back home yet. So… where you been girl? Yeah, Nix, if you could give the Gazz-Man some easy instructions on “onlywire” I’d be MORE than grateful.

    Whew! I’m through them all. Thanks for making all those great posts folks.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  61. Guy

    Hi Gary,

    The first two videos I’ve done where filmed and edited by a colleague of mine who used a professional Sony HD camera although saying that there is no need to use professional equipment since the size that its shown on you tube, viddler or any other format is normaly pretty small.

    I am planning on using a mini DV camera for my next video and I guess, now adays, everyone out there whether an amateur or connoiseur owns one or know someone who does. So once you’ve shot the vids of yourself (make sure the sound is good – that’s actually more important then the visuals themselves) and done your close up for Mr Demille ;-) its time to transfer the footage onto your PC via a fire wire cable which connects from your camcorder onto your computer (you can get the cable at any electrical dept).
    And download it onto your free software which I trust came with your PC:
    The Windows Movie Maker.
    Just follow the guide which comes with it, you’ll probably need to spend a couple of hours playing around with it to familiarize yourself with the software – easy peasy really – and once your happy with the way you look and sound, upload it onto your blog.
    I have recently come across a pretty decent website which gives free video tutorials on how to make…videos of course! The website is:
    So get video blogging my friend and I’ll surely see your name in the blogosphere lights very soon ;-)



  62. Lea Burke

    Hey Gary

    Just read your post on the activity of all the students in AJ program and couldn’t agree with you more.

    I unfortunately got started late and have gotten my blog up and I am extremely excited of the opportunity here.. I have gone through a couple of other coaching programs and I can honestly say that Alex IS going to over deliver..

    Getting us all together as a group and working as a team will make this so much more successful because hopefully we are all there to support and help each other.

    If you get a chance, I would hope you could visit my blog..I plan on offering and contributing when and where I can!!!

    Enjoy reading all the comments…keeps me motivated.

    Talk soon

  63. Gary

    Gosh. Dontcha just hate it when that happens? Here I was answering my visitors and while I am busy beavering away answering them (and adding my usual smart*ss little quips along the way) in pop some more. Good to see you guys.

    Becky and Guy and Lea – I have read all your comments and I will return after breakfast and attending to some urgent off-line business to make a proper reply. I just wanted you all to know if you are checking back that I am on the job but busy elsewhere this morning keeping other people happy with me and keeping the off-line business ticking over like a charm.

    Thanks and like General McArthur… “I will return.” Or like Arnie… yeah, you know! But I just can’t resist saying it, so – “Ah’ll be back!” Looks like it could be one of those days at Gary-Land. Again. LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  64. Dagmar

    Great site, it’s just too much reading for me.

    I enjoyed your statistics post. It doesn’t surprise me at all, in fact I knew
    all this myself just by doing lot of visiting of different student sites. I
    suspect half of us are still not up and completly running. It all takes time
    and there is some learning curve. We all try to learn and do the blogging
    ourselves plus I look at the the 2 weeks of Holidays as near write-off for most of us. Family afterall comes first, especially for us women this is the busiest time in the entire year.
    So lets be more optimistic about the future of rest of the group. I also suspect that many are still stuck at different stages of technical problems, like myself.

    One step at a time!

    Also, most of us have a 9-5 job, like myself.
    Then, many of us have family priorities when we get home, so there is really only so much we all can do. I wish we would have the modules/session once a week, not twice a week. I presume it is too fast pace for most us.

    The results are in our BLOGS and your STATS.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by on my blog opening day.


  65. jeffrey dibble

    Hi Garry,

    I feel a bit guilty here. A big smack on my head to wake myself up. This is provoking post you put up here.

    Okay, I will put myself active on other activities and in the category occasionally active for checking out the other students blogs.

    One of my main goal this year is to be take massive action on checking out all the blogs of F500 and leaving my comments.

    Thanks for this post.


  66. Gary

    Hi, I’m back. I had a lot of external duties to attend to today. First, my daily exercise, then a nice swim, then some things that HAD to be done in my workshop, then some work matters to attend to, then a few errands to run, then some more work, blah, blah, blah… and so on and on and on it went for most of the day. People are so demanding of my time. THAT is mostly what I am trying to get away from.

    I have a three part plan to free myself from WORK. Parts one and and two have already been executed. Part three I have been working on now for quite some time.

    Righty, heighty, ho…

    Becky – Nice to see you here. I haven’t been to your blog for a while now. Last time I visited you had changed the theme and it was all very nice and colourful with a fair bit of activity happening. I was seeing your name around Blog-Land all over the place… then I stopped seeing it and I wondered why. Good to see that you have worked out that pesky video stuff. I went out and priced one today while zipping around in my travels. Isn’t it good when you LEARN something NEW and ANOTHER piece of the puzzle falls into place? I like that feeling too!

    Guy the sword! As in Guy’s word. Remember I said that many weeks ago on your blog? Video transmissions are on my list so, in the future, you will not only have to suffer my words but also see and hear me yapping away. My goodness! Thanks for that link Guy. I will check that out coz I’m gonna need all the help I can get. But the Gazz-Man is obsessively persistent. LOL!

    Hi Lea – Great to see you here. Thanks for telling me that my blog is motivating you. That is the whole intention of it and I use a big bag of tricks to do that, not that I have used them all yet. In fact, far from it. If you keep coming back you will see all sorts of things unfold here. I will certainly visit Lea-Land. I don’t think I have actually been to your blog yet, so I am looking forward to seeing what you’ve got cooking.

    Thanks Becky and Guy and Lea for coming here. The more people that do just give me more ammunition to fire which is gonna help everybody in the long run, me included.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  67. Gary

    Dagmar! – Hello! This is my lucky day – lot and lots of new victims… I mean visitors – LOL!

    Dagmar, I hear what you say. Most of us are busy outside Blog-Land. I run a business and I try to split my time all over the place. I know how frustrating it can be when EVERY darn thing keeps getting in the way. And then people DEMAND your time. I know. I cop it – a LOT.

    I think the trap that far too many Alex Jeffreys students fall into – and I see this all over the place – is this… I see a FLURRY of activity then nothing for a week or two, then another mad flurry. IMHO that is NOT the way to do it. It has to be consistent. Even if it is just 15 to 20 minutes per day. I like consistency. Consistency builds habit.

    I would defy ANY person to say “I don’t have 15 to 20 minutes EVERY day!” That is just an EXCUSE ! I’m not talking directly to YOU here Dagmar. I’m generalising. That is why I love it when people make comments like you have coz it allows me to take that subject and run with it for a bit.

    So, consistency is where it’s at. EVERY person here can give an extra 15 to 20 minutes EVERY day simply by delaying going to bed or getting up a bit earlier. It’s not that difficult.

    Thanks for coming by Dagmar. And I will visit you as soon as I clear some more committments.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  68. Gary

    Jeffrey – You may have inadvertently hit upon one of my most potent techniques. Yes, I AM provocative. Deliberately provocative. I really do like it when people are forced to THINK. You see, and again, as with Dagmar above, this is not directed personally at YOU, most people just don’t do it often enough. Think. “Think deep penetrating thoughts.” Bob Proctor says this ALL the time. That is something I gained from studying his material. Think. You know something? We are a lot more intelligent and powerful that what we believe ourselves to be.

    Jeff, as I mentioned in my reply to Dagmar, consistency is where it is at. If visiting all F500 blogs is your goal – like that machine of a person Garry Parkes on his “world tour” (such an excellent idea – bugger you Parkesy for thinking of it – LOL!) – then CHUNK IT DOWN. Don’t try and do 100 in a huge stint and just wear yourself out. No. Work out a time period and chop it into manageable chunks. Divide it up with a plan then execute the plan – by being consistent.

    I went to a seminar once where this guy asked a really stupid question. He asked, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer was, “one mouthful at a time.”

    So, Jeff, well done in recognising my provocativity here. I sincerely hope that people do not mis-read that for arrogance.

    Jeff, thanks for coming by and again for allowing me to go deeper into areas that would otherwise just be another rant from me. This is interaction. This is good!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  69. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Just picking up on your comment to Jeff about my ‘World Tour’. You definitely have to chunk it down. Don’t make it your key goal as well, as there are other more important things to do that will get a better return on your time. As an example, I’m just fitting it in with my other stuff and plan on doing it over a couple of months as I want to add value to the comments I post as well, not just one-liners for the sake of saying I’ve visited – that’s not what its about. Btw, Gary I’ve not paid you an ‘official’ visit to Gary-Land yet (doing this virtually :-) ). I think I’ll have to get a lot of inoculations done before I venture her for ‘real’ and get my passport stamped.

    Yet again Gary, first out of the blocks to reply to my latest post. You get a Gold star! So you think I’m going to get in trouble for it???? Never really occurred to me that, but we shall see. I won’t be changing it though after all the thought and effort I put in to deciding the best way to approach it.

    And just one more thing before I get back to my blog and get ready to field off the attacks, LOL. – Re. your reference to the video auto-playing. I’m going to get around to putting a poll up about what people feel about it. I think as it’s only a 30-second video the benefits far outweigh anything else. But after I get the Profit Pulling Project Newsletter out tomorrow I’ll address it.

    Garry Parkes

  70. Gary

    Gazza Parkes – The machine himself. I used to get a lot of gold stars on my student report cards and elephant stamps and giraffe stamps. I was such a little suckhole. Now I am just the opposite. Something must have happened to me along the way. LOL!

    You’d better get innoculated for dengue fever, rabies, hanta virus, ebola virus, bird flu, small pox, chicken pox, Bad Gary pox. This place has a lot of dis-ease, if you get my little play on words there.

    About your AUTO-play – that’s OK if you only visit Parkesy-Ville once a week. When you do it a couple of times a day… man, that just gets REALLY irritating. Except, of course, when it was my “Wanted Movie.” Then it was REALLY interesting!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  71. Mark Austin

    Hey Gazza

    Thanks for the comment and I will get over to Valerie’s site before I depart…

    Need that break mate, you have me ranting again. Obvioulsy not in your class, but I’m learning fast! LOL

    With you on the auto’s driving me crazy!!! Like you, I visit often and if I hear that tune one more bloody time….

    See what you are doing to me! LOL

    Left my thoughts for Gary, and if your reading this mate…please, please, please turn it off!

    Speak soon Gazza, I should be chilled when I get back but i’m sure you will fire me up again.

    Keep roaring dude!

  72. Gary

    Yo Mark – Have a good vacation. You deserve it. Hope the Q’s are coming on good for the “INTERVIEW” that you and Mark Call are doing. I’ll be interested to see what you have come up with and… if I don’t like your questions.. well, you know me, I’ll just say something like, “Now, having answered that, let me also say this… blah, blah, blah.” And I’ll waffle on with something I wanna talk about.

    Don’t worry Mark, I’ll turn you into an A1 ranter.

    ROOOOOOAR. It’s getting more of like a zoo here every day! LOL!

    See you when you get back dude!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

    PS: The reference to Valerie above is for Valerie Davies who is asking a really interesting question over on her site about www prefixes versus non-www prefixes in the URL’s. I’ve made my comment but it would be great if we could get a dozen or so ideas on all this.

  73. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary

    Have been to Valerie’s and left a comment…oh, yes…bloody smarty pants again, I have seen that on quite a few sites now…LOL

    When it comes to your interview, I’ll let you write your own q’s! LOL

    See you soon!

  74. Gary

    Hi again Mark – Oh goodie. I will go and see what wisdom you have imparted on this topic. You and Smithy and Tommy Gun Skavhellen and JT and Austin Delaney are the guys I listen to in matters such as these. If any two of you agree then that becomes a FACT in my mind. But individual comments are also pretty good.

    You know that “Mr Smarty Pants” is a term of endearment.

    Jeez, you’ll be sorry if you hand over ANY control to me. LOL!

    Now, nick off and go on your vacation.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  75. Coleen

    Well well well.

    A girl goes away for a break and look what’s going on at your place!!! Not to mention everywhere I’ve been tonight, you’ve been before me!!

    A terrific JV opportunity, statistics that really leave a lot to be desired considering it’s not really that hard to DO SOMETHING!!! and you at it full steam ahead Gary Simpson!!

    Well, good for you. I visited Angela as you asked and I got her mixed up with Valerie which was a bit of a hoot, but never mind.

    Anyway, I am back in full force now so it will be interesting to see what the coming month brings our way Gary.

    Tonight I have moderated and replied to comments, written up an article, written up a post and done a stack of other things, so the next thing wil be to pay a visit to all of my friends out there in blogging land. Breaks are great, but as I said to Nigel, catching up is a killer.

    It’s evident that you have been working hard as usual. In all sincerity, it really is a credit to you Gary.

    Take care and I look foward to the coming year as we share adventures and swap stories. Oh, by the way, I published a post and an article if you are interested, in conjunction with Garry’s forthcoming Issue 2 of his newsletter tomorrow.

    See Ya

  76. Coleen

    Hello, it’s me again

    I didn’t even leave and gee wizz what did I see!

    Talking about statistics, activitiy and go getters. Why thank you Gary Simpson for your acknowledgement of my efforts on the Gold Roll as you call it!

    You must be my friend after all and I thought it was all systems go with Nixxie Pixie.

    See Ya

  77. Gary

    Coleen – Where have you been? I must have checked your blog about 30 times in the last week and nothing was happening. I thought your cat must have taken a turn for the worse, or something.

    Thanks for the compliment. Yes… I have been working like a Trojan right through the break – even on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. I just put in a few hours here and a few hours there – whatever I could spare mostly early in the mornings and late at nights.

    Thanks for looking in on Angela. I went to her blog so many times after her impassioned appeal to Garry Parkes on his blog but I just couldn’t get past her gate. That was when I rounded up a bit of a posse of females to help her – you and Val and Nikki. Maybe I should check back but I did leave several posts asking her to come to Gary-Land if she wanted my help. Haven’t seen her yet. So I’m not forcing myself on her.

    Anyway, good to see you back on deck. I really thought you had fallen overboard in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, or something. LOL!

    Regarding Nix… ;-)

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  78. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz Man

    The statistics don’t surprise me at all. I know from experience that not everyone will take action or continue to do so if they start.

    My morning meditations so far this year have been about perseverence and some people have it, others don’t.

    But then when the going gets tough, the tough get going…

    Now about that JV thing – Yes please! can I come and sit on your beach too? I have to say those pictures of men posing beside their flash cars really do nothing for me – substitutes spring to mind…;)

    I did add my name to the list to find out about this fantastic wealth thingie but only out of curiosity and I certainly don’t like being bombarded with how many people have signed up etc etc.

    As I said in my New Year post I need to focus and stop multi tasking as it doesn’t always get more done and that is the same with all these opportunities. Unless we focus, work hard and get through the learning curve and difficult times we ain’t goin’ nowhere!

    I’m focussing on what I already have – not what someone else is promising me. After all, that’s all it is a promise. I have something tangible now.


  79. Gary

    Hilary – I couldn’t agree more. I know that Parkesy has signed up for the tools aspect of it alone. And that makes a lot of sense. But I am wondering about what restrictions will be placed upon those tools.

    I am also keenly waiting to see all the “qualifiers” to the MASSIVE wealth compensation income streams. Sorry… promises. LOL!

    I figure that there are gonna be a LOT of very disappointed people when they realise that they won’t be able to push a single button and out spits $100 notes from their hard drives or DVD sliders.

    Regarding the cars – ahh, that’s just boys with their toys. I reckon good on ‘em.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.



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  80. Coleen

    Never you mind trying to butter me up Gary Simpon. Winking at me like that over Nixxie Pixxie…..she’s my friend you know. If you don’t believe me ask her! She came and visited my site.

    I too, wasy busy working away Christmas Day, Boxing Day BUT NOT New Years Eve!! This year I was invited to a very lovely formal sit down dinner around a swimming pool that is done out in Grecian Style….so i decided to accept the invitation! I mean, who wouldn’t…

    I know what you mean about an hour here and an hour there so’s to speak. My mind tells me that ‘I must do something every day’ because that is consistency, persistency and action in action which adds up to results at the end of the day, wouldn’t you agree Gary? I wonder though, after thinking about your comment on the latest buzz to hit the internet with the site that the two Marks are promoting, how I will fair with ‘split focus’ as you put it.

    As of this week I am not only back in full swing with one business but 2 and tonight I won yet another client who wants an e-book ghostwritten!!! Do you have any suggestions as to how you think I can manage my time more effectively so that I can seriously cut down on the ridiculously long hours I work and still be able to keep up with my commitments to Alex Jeffreys Course and a Marketing Mentoring Course?

    Currently I am considering a Virtual Assistant and a person to work on building links for me as a way of leveraging my time…. what are your thoughts here Gary considering you are a person that liked to do ‘it all himself’?

    No, I didn’t fall overboard, but I have been extremely busy working away behind the scenes and, as I said, I took a short break from online activities.

    One thing I really like is the way your blog is organised with replys to comments being in the correct threads….how do you do that? My tech connected a plug-in today that Austin Delaney told me about so that from now on my threads should read ‘comment’, ‘reply’, ‘comment’, ‘reply’, which I think will be much more orderly.

    I don’t know Gary. I think we could go on forever tweaking our websites and to be honest with you mate, I want to refocus on getting my Corporate Website finished so I am planning to wind up the ‘tweaking’ on my blog within the next couple of weeks.

    Anyway, I really must get some shut eye. It is now 2.45am and I am back at work in a few short hours.

    See Ya Cols

  81. Nigel

    Great information thanks heaps

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