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Cephalexin For Sale

by Gary ~ January 2nd, 2009

Cephalexin For Sale, Well, the Gazz-Man is at it yet again. He gets out of bed and walks into a room that he calls the "Parlour" - a room designed for thinking, a room of peace and tranquilty, Cephalexin canada, mexico, india, a room overlooking his tropical garden paradise, Cephalexin use, a room where he reads and thinks. So he walks outside to greet the day and do a few exercises and then it hits him...

.., Cephalexin cost. the PALM TREES. Look at them.

[caption id="attachment_372" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Gazz-Man's Tropical Paradise"]The Gazz-Man's Tropical Paradise[/caption]

Now, it may not be quite so obvious in the photo (taken this morning at approx 7.00am for this very thought that I wanna share with you) but.., Cephalexin For Sale. Where to buy Cephalexin, ... all the palm trees are of different size. Why, Cephalexin mg. They were all planted together. Cephalexin For Sale, They were all the SAME size when they were planted. Cephalexin long term, They have all been lovingly nourished and watered (the Gazz-Man LOVES his extensive collection of palms and ferns and cycads). They have all been treated EXACTLY THE SAME. And yet some are taller and thicker and far stronger than others, low dose Cephalexin. Some even look pretty puny and weak by comparison.

This has had the Gazz-Man stumped many times just thinking about why this is so, Cephalexin For Sale. Cephalexin street price, Many a time I have looked up from Hill, Frankl, Proctor, fast shipping Cephalexin, Maltz, Buy Cephalexin from canada, Helmstetter - a Phantom or Commando comic or two, even a rudie magazine - and just pondered why this is so. And this morning was no exception, where can i order Cephalexin without prescription. But this morning the Gazz-Man's brain made a connection... Online buying Cephalexin, So, here is what I think... Cephalexin For Sale, some palms just have greater internal strength. Some just have a NEED to grow bigger and stronger, where can i find Cephalexin online.

Now, Doses Cephalexin work, you probably know where this is heading, don't you. I mean, Cephalexin used for, the title really gives it away, Generic Cephalexin, doesn't it.

Why are some students of the F500 flourishing and why are some languishing. They have all had the same exposure to information, Cephalexin For Sale. Why?.., Cephalexin overnight. "why, Cephalexin results, why, why, Delilah?" (I have actually worked with the singer of this song but that can be a story for another day), rx free Cephalexin.

Right now, Buy cheap Cephalexin no rx, I wanna know if you are gonna be one of those big strong palms or will you settle for being a puny little one. Or maybe you are gonna be like the Gazz-Man's rare casualties - ie the palms that just say to themselves [shades of the Shadster here ;-) - some of you know what I mean ;-) ], "This is all too hard, Cephalexin without a prescription. Cephalexin For Sale, I'm checkin' OUT!" Dead palm. Victim. Buy Cephalexin no prescription, Casualty. Cut the bloody thing up. Get the dead trunk outa here, purchase Cephalexin online no prescription. I don't want it stinkin' up my vista with its dead leaves and stuff falling everywhere, Cephalexin For Sale. OUT. Online Cephalexin without a prescription, Will you still be part of the F316 or the F201 or the F177 or the F87 or whatever the "F" becomes when the fall-out happens and so many people decide it is all too hard and it just isn't worth it. And they go back to looking for the "push-button cure" to give them... dare I mention it again, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Cephalexin For Sale, ... the orgasm they want from doing NOTHING. Real brand Cephalexin online, (In my youth I actually used to know a few... well, um, herbal Cephalexin, I'll leave that thought right there - LOL!)

Are you gonna be an EXCUSIOLOGIST? (See my MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT in the Profit Pulling Project newsletter #2). Cephalexin pictures, You betta get that newsletter and read EVERY word of what I say coz I don't want YOU to be a victim here. Make sure you check Garry Parkes' blog often over the next few days coz he is almost ready to publish it, Cephalexin For Sale.

Ponder these thoughts while you decide which palm you want to be like. I might just take a swim now, discount Cephalexin. That pool and the 100F temperature that is forecast for today is just too alluring. Cephalexin brand name, Bye for now...


PS: I did say in my "explanation" at the end of my "A New Year Begins" Cephalexin For Sale, thread that I was gonna ramp things up. In fact, I have just been on the F500 private members' site run by the very talented Mr Thomas Northrup and I have left a very strong comment there, Cephalexin without prescription. The first response to that came just minutes later from Alan, Cephalexin dangers, who said, inter-alia, "You're a straight talking guy, Cephalexin trusted pharmacy reviews, well done!" Yep. Purchase Cephalexin, So, if you wanna hear mamby-pamby, politically correct, Cephalexin schedule, bullsh*t designed to feed FALSE egos with garbage information then PLEASE - DON'T come here because you will be offended by me. Like I said, this is a NEW YEAR - more than a month has elapsed since this started - the HONEYMOON is over. This is my opening salvo for 2009. Have I upset you. I ain't apologising. Toughen up princess. Have a spoonful of cement in that coffee.

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48 Responses to Cephalexin For Sale

  1. Dave Dunn

    OK Gazzman, heres my theory!

    Some of the palms don’t get their roots as firmly planted when they start out.

    The stronger ones begin to absorb all the water first. Then in turn, as the stronger palms begin to grow, they overshadow the weaker palms. They block the light from their counterparts. They deprive them of precious energy.

    And as the poor little plams that didn’t get a good start begin to falter, the bigger and stronger palms simply ignore them and carry on growing. Absorbing all the water and all the sun. Eventually some of the poor little palms just give up and shrivel away.

    Some fight on, but never quite get the amount of water and sun that they so desire. The big ones simply stand proud. Proud that they got there first.

    Its tough being a palm tree. You can’t ask your fellow palm trees to share some water with you or to pass a bit of sunlight over. It simply goes on deaf leaves. In the Land of Palm Trees, its first come first served. Only the strongest survive in Palm Tree Land.

    Unlike the poor Palm Trees we have a community here and if people need help; If they haven’t got their roots as firmly planted; then they can ask.

    Because we are not palmtrees we can succeed. We have the power of communication and fibreoptic cables and laptops, not roots and soil.

    And if we don’t ask. Then we become like the poor dead palm trees. Firewood.

    Have I ‘shed some light’ on life in Palm Tree Land?





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  2. Dean Hohn

    Well said Gaz-Man, I could agree more! I also agree with what you said in the F500. Is it for the group or is it just a feel good hang out where people can go to waste time?

    It’s time to move forward and get our acts together! I know I’ve been struggling with several things of late, but you just have to put your head down and work your way through it.

    Once you have, you actually feel as though you’ve accomplished something of value and it then spurs you on to tackle the next objective.

    There is a bit of your lovely garden in all of us. We have strengths and weaknesses. The sooner we recognize this and either elect to spend time to strengthen those areas of weakness or outsource them the better off we will be.

    The main thing is to build your business on the strengths you have and address the weaknesses so as they don’t bring your business down.

    I’ve ranted on long enough Gaz so I’ll return to my house and do a bit more to steadily build on what I’ve created to date.

    Just keep rattling the cages and in the end, you’ll wake those that want to succeed.

    Dean Hohn

  3. Alan Neath

    Hi Gary

    It’s great to be here in Gary’s Garden cultivating and nurturing this growing debate about your palm trees and the green, green grass of home :-)

    Yeahh, i thought you would like that, anyway, as i called you a straight talking guy, and got praise for it, i do have a theory about your palms.

    I have it on authority, that allegedly, each morning at 7.05 am when you take your morning stroll around the pool and garden, running over the days plan ahead, some of your palms are wary, confused or simply plain scared.

    They are not sure if they are watching Good Gary or Bad Gary, and this causes stress, stress leads to disease, disease leads to death, then again, maybe, you have a bloody big dog than come around a cocks a leg up the poor palms ?

    Life is full of mysteries and challenges, and the struggle for survival is universal for palm trees and the F500 lesser spotted, hardy annuals of the internet highway !

    This article may be recycled as genuine natural organic compost for palms.


  4. Gary

    Hi Dave – Excellent theory! But can it relate to people? You said, “It simply goes on deaf leaves.” To that I would say, “If they are frond of each other they should help.” Jeez, please… NOBODY get me started on this! Thanks Dave. I agree with you.

    Hi Honsy – Thanks mate! Meatloaf reckoned, “two out of three ain’t bad” but you gave me TWO out of TWO. Woo-hoo! You are 100% correct about individual strengths and weaknesses. We all have them. Just on the cage rattling… don’t do that to BAD-Gary. He broke free a few nights ago and caused carnage across Blog-Land. And now Nix has gone MIA. I’m a bit worried for that poor little sweetie. Nix, are you OK? Check in when you reach your new destination.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  5. Gary

    Alan! – That was so awesomely funny man! There are SO many lines in your post that I could go absolutely berserk with but…

    … in a rare moment of self-restraint, I am gonna say nothing. You are very clever and I really like witty stuff like that. I will keep my eye on you dude!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  6. Ken Douglas


    I think your comments are well directed. However, we must not be too hasty in judging both the palms or students. While all of the palms(students) appear to be equal at the time of planting this is probably not the case. Some of the palms will have come with a better developed root system ( experience in internet marketing) which will permit them to adapt quicker to their new environment. And while you have treated and nourished the palms equally the micro-environments surounding each plant will effect the degree to which it flourishes. As you have no doubt noticed your palms will vary in their rate of growth. The tree that appears to be tallest and thickest today may not be the tallest or strongest 1, 2, or 3 years from today. Does this mean that one is more or less healthy than another? Certainly not.

    In the same manner the students of the F500 will vary in their rate of development. It will take some a period of time develop their skills (just as the palm must develop it root system before it can thrive above ground) but they will ultimately be successful. The key for success is something much deeper than the outward appearance. It is ultimately that internal drive, which you called the need to grow bigger, that will determine the successes and failures.

    I for one admit that I am spending time presently developing my root system. My best developed skills to date are googling YouTube and entering “how to….” but as Dean expressed I will “work my way through “and ultimately begin to thrive above ground. I may not grow into the tallest or thickest palm in your garden but I will claim my position!!

    Btw, I have looked for your comment on the F500 site but have been unsuccessful in my quest.


  7. Gary

    Hi Ken – A most excellently presented viewpoint. I am still watching the studeys, as no doubt many of the more experienced members of the F500 are. I don’t really care about their talents much. I am watching the enthusiasm and the hunger for knowledge. Some of the newbies have been outstanding in this regard. Give me a hungry NOVICE any day over a slack CHAMPION.

    Regarding the palms… they were all planted some 20 years ago. I have watched them grow steadily over the years. I think I know which ones are the developed ones and which ones are the runts. (If you click on the pic and size it up you will get a better view.) And it has puzzled me for many years why some that are growing right beside others and which get EXACTLY the same water and nourishment are just so under-developed. I can only conclude that (with the palms) it is some genetic difference. Dave Dunn put forward a plausible theory.

    But you know what I am doing here, Ken, don’t you? I am trying to ENCOURAGE all the ones who have been struggling and generally slacking-off to get a wriggle on. Some of them have done so little when you do a blog cruise. I fear that if they get too far behind the main pack then they will be discouraged all together and probably think… “ah, what the heck!” and just quit. I have seen it all before in MLM.

    Not quite sure what you are saying there on the F500 so I can’t comment other than what I said IN the F500 members’ area.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  8. Ken Douglas


    Re F500 comment: When I went looking for your comment it was not yet showing on my comments screen. I have returned, found your comment and expressed my similiar sentiment.

    Re the palms: Having worked my way through school being employed in a nursery I have seen the variation which you describe and agree that it is largely genetic ,however, I have also seen many micro-environmental factors play a part in development even when plants appear to be in identical settings. Sometimes it can be someting as simple as a root being blocked by a stone and forced to grow in a different direction.

    I do understand what you are saying. I just wanted to make my point to prevent someone from thinking that just because they were not moving as fast as Garry, Dean or some others they were going to be considered a “weak palm”. I had intended to support your position just in a slightly different mode of expression.


    PS How about including me in your blogrol? even the last position would be fine….lol

  9. Gary

    Hi Ken – I will most certainly add you to my blogeroo. I’m sorry, it’s just that it is almost a full time job updating it all the time. I really do my best and try to attend to that at least once a week. To be honest, there are people on my blogroll who really shouldn’t be there. They have never come here despite 2 and 3 visits from me. I am considering removing those people because the roll is way too big anyway. I don’t mind reciprocating but some people just won’t do the work.

    Ken, I wasn’t wanting everyone to emulate Garry or Dean or myself or some of the other big-hitters out there. I just want them to overcome inertia and START to get ACTIVE. Hence, all these different messages I am throwing out trying to “connect” with them in a mode of communication that they “GET.” Maybe we have an inactive horticulturist or arborist in our ranks. Who knows?

    I know we have already had one very talented gentleman quit. I was rather upset about that coz he was a good fellow and had a lot to offer. So, I know we are already at a maximum of 499. In a perfect world all 500 would come through but the world is not perfect, neither are its people. Neither am I. I am just doing my best to REACH OUT and encourage people in whatever way I can. If that means I need to give people a nudge then I will do it. But, really, I think I have been pretty tame.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  10. Garry Parkes

    Well Gary,

    Another fine post. You just keep surpassing yourself all the time.

    I just hope as you ramp it up in 2009 you don’t blow away some of the smaller palm trees, LOL. I really do hope that your words are getting across to people and some aren’t reading them the wrong way. You’ve made it a point (as I have) on several occasions what we are attempting to do and I think inroads are slowly been made. It looks like we may have a few new seedlings that have started to sprout over at my place over the last few days. They’ve made their first posts, possibly to do with New Year’s Resolutions and all that and committing to the journey ahead. They are very welcome.

    Ken, I understand where you are coming from saying we don’t all start equal. We all will progress on different timetables, but and here’s the BIG but, approximately half of our palm trees (circa 250) are just a seed in the ground and very soon will about to get totally blown away by the wind (lack of commitment and desire). I know it sounds harsh but that is the reality I’m afraid. You see, yes we have all started from different points in terms of abilities but if after about 6 weeks of just laying in the sand (start of the coaching programme) they have made no attempt to take root then they will just wither away and die before they have a chance to even form some roots and take hold. I’d love to be proved wrong, but, using a different analogy, if you ‘lead a horse to water’ and it doesn’t drink then, well I guess we all know what will happen. I guess as some consolation, that ‘dead horse’ may become fertiliser to the growing palm trees so they provide some purpose!! Now I’d rather see a field of sprouting seeds choosing to aim for the sky rather then a dead horse.

    Garry Parkes

  11. Gary

    Thanks Garry – How weird is this? – I was just over at your blog leaving a comment at the same time you were here. Thanks for backing me up mate. You KNOW what I am trying to do. I want everyone to get in on this. The horse analogy is an oldie but a goodie. I usually back those sort of horses in the Melbourne Cup.

    Seriously, I don’t want to offend ANYONE. I sure would like somebody to come up to me three years hence and say, “You know Gary, I was on the verge of quitting that Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Course and something you said made me hang in there and this year I just turned over $500,000.” How awesome would that be? That could happen you know. And then they could take me out to dinner and ply me with a fine red.

    Thanks for coming over Garry. You know I always like you coming here.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  12. Dean Hohn


    I think we’re all overlooking one basic thing. On the law of averages, you will be lucky to get 30% participation in any of these courses. People sign up and then realize it’s not all laid on for them and they actually have to get off the backside and put in some effort and learn.

    As soon as they hit that, they’re gone like a shot out of a gun! Never to be seen again. In one way I’m fine with that because they will also be the one’s crying wolf about not knowing how to to this and do that, which will wind up being a burden on the people that generously offer them help.

    Quite honestly, I have never worked with this large of group before that is so willing to share and help each other out, the way everyone has to date here.

    I feel privileged to be part of the group and I say we help those that want to learn and grow and let those that don’t want to, go their own way.

    The other thing we have to consider is that some people are afraid to succeed. This may well be a factor in the non-participation as well. I really don’t know.

    We can encourage only so much and I personally feel everyone has put in a might effort to date, and a few above and beyond.

    Gaz-Man, you’re a friggin bad influence on me! :) I come over here to visit and I end up letting you wind me up and I start ranting! It’s time I get off my soap box and go home. Gee I feel better now though :lol:

    I need some advice with downloading DVD videos from a Camera Disc so I can use it in Camtasia. For some reason it’s saying there is no codex.

    OK, I of to see if I can sort this out. You would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall here with the rants I’ve been having with this video!

    Dean Hohn

  13. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Yeah, we must of been typing our comments at the same time on our respective sites. Great minds think a like and all that …. or is it fools seldom differ. (I think a few readers here may opt for the latter one, LOL.),

    Glad you like my ‘World Tour’ idea. I’ve already made a few ‘official’ visits already and got my passport stamped. Though I think I’m stuck in customs somewhere. Natives see me has some sort of hero and want to take my autograph and picture !!! So knows when I’ll get to visit your place in an ‘official’ capacity.

    Just managed to type this comment in internet kiosk in some airport lounge so doesn’t really count towards my stats.

    Garry Parkes

  14. Mark Austin

    Hey Gary,

    EXCUSIOLOGIST – I like that and will be using that in the future, you know how I love to steal of you, LOL

    Not going to get into any lenghty palm tree/gardening analogies as you know I think along the same lines as you.

    Alex always uses the statistic the 99% of people trying to make a living online fail, when it comes to success in general, maybe it’s more like 90%.

    When reading some of the books you have mentioned recently this is stated in nearly all of them. Sadly, it’s pretty much a universal fact.

    So I suppose we shouldn’t expect your palm trees (oh go on then, 1 palm tree related reference, lol) or students of this, or any program, to all achieve success. We are all fighting the 90/10 rule but as you always rightly point out, the only thing keeping anyone for being in the 10% is themselves.

    I have no idea how many the F499 will eventually become, it would be interesting to know how many blogs there are now. The last poll Alex took was 60/40.

    What I do know is that all though we all have differnet degrees of experience and talents, the same opportunity is there for all of us.

    We just got to take it!

    Thanks for your emails btw, great stuff and I owe you man!

    Speak soon

  15. Gary

    Hi again Dean Thanks for the extra info. Yeah, I expect the F500 to at least halve over the next month. Sad but some people will see the task too great for the expected payoff. Whoever wants to go the distance will naturally be welcomed by the core group. I’d like to see as many as possible front up but I know from my days in MLM that there will be too many passengers.

    Parkesy Jeez mate. I just spent half an hour answering your friggin’ email and you’re here again. LOL! I DO like your zany world tour idea. It’s very clever. Watch out for those sniffer dogs. Actually, we’ve just been out to the airport to collect our son. He’s been in Melbourne on a “love mission.” ;-)

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  16. Gary

    Heh… heh… Mark – Good stuff. The palm analogy was just to illustrate a point. When it hit me this morning and I made the connection between them and the F499 or whatever it stands at, I had to dash inside and get the digital camera, take the shot and then upload it here. It just made so much sense and then the words started to flow and I could hardly type fast enough to get it all out. I could have said a LOT more but I am trying to cut back on being too wordy – and HELL it is hard.

    You like EXCUSIOLOGIST huh? Well, EXCUSIOLOGY is a subject in a course called FAILURE 101 and you will get to read all about it in the Profit Pulling Project newsletter #2. I know Garry Parkes probably won’t mind me fore-shadowing that. Most readers don’t come here anyway. I know how many do from my c-panel logs. So, it’s no biggie.

    Regarding the emails – just glad to help a fellow F(n) with “n” = how many we have left. Like I said above there will be an atomic fall out shortly. Oh, can you apologise to Cally for me. I mistakenly called him Mark McCall in that email. I should have said Mark Call. Duh! Your project has a lot of merit and I will be watching it closely.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  17. Ken Douglas

    Gary (and Garry),

    It appears that one post will get both of you…lol.

    Please don’t take my comments in the wrong way. While it may appear that I have taken exception to you respective comments, I want to clearly state, that is not the case. Gary, my nature is to say things then do damage control.To date I have been a bit like the “Good Gary”. While it is admirable to try to not leave anyone behind, If someone chooses to specialize in EXCUSIOLOGY rather than to apply themselves that is their choice and they must take ownership for the negative results. While I am quite willing to help anyone, I have found that you cannot force them to accept help and benefit from that help. Will it be Dean’s 70% or Mark’s 90% that allow themselves fall to the side, only time will tell. What I do know is that it will be those who have the “fire in the gut” that will remain. Some will progress faster than others but if the fire is there they will succeed!

    Garry, I also understand your seed/horse example. In my off line career as a healthcare provider I see this happening every day. Patients complain about their circumstances but when presented with very simple solutions they choose not to act. In fact, at times, they use their choice of failure as a badge of honor. They want to say “see I told you it wouldn’t work”. Unfortunately, I fear that many of those students who have failed to act have the same motivation. In their inner self they want the quick fix, push button success. In short thay are “talking the talk” but unwilling to “walk the walk”.

    Those of us with the fire to succeed will in the end stand as Gary’s tall thick palms. There will be times when we may need to ask for help and there will be times that we will be giving the help. We will not all end up with the same appearance because we are not clones but we each will be strong and healthy.

    Sorry to rant. There must be something in the air here in Gazz-Land that encourages free thinking.


  18. Gary

    Hi Ken – You can rant here anytime you want. In all three visits here you have made a lot of sense. You are right. Some people will actually be very happy that they will not be able to make this project work. I know somebody who would REVEL in it.

    I have a person who is very near and dear to me and who I love very much who almost always starts off every sentence with “I can’t” or “I could never.” Can you imagine how infuriating that is to ME? I reckon that is a big factor in why I am like I am.

    Your example in healthcare is very good. You only have to look at all the fools smoking (that comment is sure to be a winner too) and all the complete NINCOMPOOPS taking mind-altering drugs to see that there is something very wrong with the fundamental thought processes of some people.

    Keep ranting Kenny. I love strong opinions and while I may not agree with them (which I do with yours, so far) if I can see the genesis of where a person is coming from then maybe it can make me a little smarter myself when it comes to the psychology of knowing what makes people tick.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  19. Anthony Arias

    Hi Gary

    You hit the nail on the head as usual and I appreciate the straight talk. In fact it motivates the hell out of me for some strange reason.

    With the Holidays behind us and the New Year ahead of us, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and do something with what we’re learning here.

    Not only that, we can’t wait to be hand fed information like babies. We have to delve out on our own and learn how to do the things that will lead us to our goals. Which for me is to create a profitable business and add a substantial amount of money to my bottom line and give me the freedom to leave my day job if I so choose.

    That can’t be done by sitting and watching the achievements of others. It takes action and implementation. It takes a well thought out plan that you start on immediately. Not later or tomorrow, Now!

    Being involved with this group has gotten my mind working again, coming up with new ideas. Now is the time to get them going, whether they involve the teachings of Alex Jeffreys or they have to do with another aspect that I want to add to my business. I look forward to all that 2009 has to offer. Thanks for opening up my eyes Gary.

    Happy New Year
    Anthony Arias

  20. Gary

    Hi Anthony – You said:

    “You hit the nail on the head as usual and I appreciate the straight talk. In fact it motivates the hell out of me for some strange reason.”

    Well, Anthony, hearing stuff like THAT motivates the hell out of me! So, here we are motivating the HELL out of each other – LOL!

    I am starting to see a bit of a trend in the replies to my last couple of posts here at Gary-Land. Can anyone else see it? It is both in quantity and quality.

    I’ll come back later and mention it again if no-one else does. I may be wrong but another half dozen replies from some others should see it firm up in my mind.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  21. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    Firstly Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009!!!

    Hmm… Palm trees, I hear your discussing about and you question of which one am I? Well, I don’t consider myself as one that would fit into any of your named categories. So count me as a half-past dead palm tree as I do participate although not as active as I would like, I’m certainly not a weak of feeble one either nor am I am a strong, tall one either as both these don’t fit my profile anyway.

    So I guess being an awkward person I am, you will have to invent a half-past dead one as I’m sure there are quite a number of students out there who would like to be more involved but in life unlike palm trees which simply grow, drink water, photosynthesise, some produce fruit, and then repeat the process, humans well, our lives are much more complicated and unpredictable, just the eating process is a lot more complex. I mean you don’t see palm tree walking down supermarket aisle or driving cars, do you? hehe

    Anyway, I think if you really had to put me in a category – count me as a dead plank palm tree. Unable to accept that, think of me as a cactus instead. I can either flower or be prickly when I want to and my roots are long and shallow close to the surface which means anyone can easily dig my roots and unnerve me. Which some have already done!!!

    Just before I go, another point I like to make is that I’ll probably the be one with the “F Something with number 13 in it somewhere” and Sorry, I don’t drink Coffee!!! Ha

    Best Regards

  22. Gary

    Nigel – Howdy man! HNY to you too and to Anthony above who I meant to return the well-wish to and forgot at the last sec.

    Heh… heh… Nigel I have seen both of your “sides” – GOOD-Nige/BAD-Nige – LOL.

    But man, you have floored me with this…

    “I’ll probably the be one with the “F Something with number 13 in it somewhere”

    Now that is either too fabulously cryptic or just so bleeding obvious that I just don’t get it. So, now seems like as good a time as any to unleash one of the Gazz-Man’s rip-snorting words that he has been holding back (I did say I was gonna do this in my last post for 2008)…

    Nigel – some EPEXEGESIS please!


    PS: You show good sense not drinking coffee. I don’t know what the fascination with all this coffee BS is. I reckon it looks like “bowl” water after a diahorrea dump and it smells pretty much the same and people DRINK it? Euuuw. It’s poison.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  23. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-man

    I was about to go to get some shut eye, but thought I couldn’t without my daily fix here. What was it you said about me reading your mind and putting my picture on your post? You’ve just done that with your reply about smoking, drugs etc and people saying ‘I can’t’!

    What is it they say about great minds (or madmen?!)?

    Anyway I don’t have any palms in my garden (though I used to have plenty of Eucalyptus trees when I lived in Cyprus – always shedding their bark everywhere…).

    I enjoy gardening and I do know that some seeds need a period of dormancy before they start to sprout and I think that although we need to realise that not all the students will reach their full potential, there may be some for whom this was just not quite the right time or the right conditions.

    You could stay that starting this course in the run-up to Christmas was madness – one of the busiest times of the year. Yet it turned out to be ideal timing for me as I had just given up a job (read the first post on my blog).

    However the timing has meant that I haven’t quite got as far as I would have liked to, not through lack of trying but through things that just happen. I’ve spent the past couple of days making a posh dress for my daughter to go to a party tomorrow night. I promised her last month that I would do it – she has chosen the pattern and the material and helped in whatever way she could.

    I was not going to renege on that promise – my family are too important to do that. It is about sorting out our priorities and those can and do change – we just need to be flexible.

    So sometimes people will chose the pattern and the material and help where they can, whilst accepting that more help comes from others. (I’d put myself in this category at the moment)

    At other times the seed will be sown, but the conditions aren’t right for it to flourish just then. We do not know if it will sprout at a later date, but it is not for us to judge, just to be here to help and support wherever we can.

    We should also thank those who help us too. So I’m saying thanks Gazz-man for having a space where I can feel free to comment, to get help (thanks for the advice re the spam – I installed Akismet as suggested) and generally enjoy the conversation of good, like minded people.

    Sorry I’ve mixed my metaphors, but it’s getting late, it’s freezing outside (literally – the frost is all over the ground and one of my cats is out there). Oh and I’m still not on your blogroll – you naughty Gazz-man you! I think I’ve written more on this blog than I have on my own…

    And the trend?

    There are those who do, those who are unable to and those who just can’t be bothered.

    I know where I want to be.


  24. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    In regards to your question it’s both, and WOW, thanks for sharing that insiders secret to coffee … I always wondered why my friends keep hyping to me about it and why “* bucks” coffee is so special hence why I often see people would even queue outside to get a cup of the stuff even when it was pouring with heavenly showers.

    All the best

  25. Gary

    Hi Hilary – First a BIG apology. I thought you were on the blogeroo. I dunno. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I will unashamedly admit that there are a lot of people on there that you deserve to be way in front of. I try to do this once a week but as soon as I get off answering you I’m gonna do it immediately.

    Oddly enough I am seeing some comments from people saying “please take me OFF your blogroll” as they are fearful of the big Google KO punch.

    I whole-heartedly agree with what you said here:

    “…I was not going to renege on that promise – my family are too important to do that. It is about sorting out our priorities and those can and do change – we just need to be flexible…”

    I was beavering away last night and had to stop mid-sentence almost to go and pick my son up from the airport. I got a bit annoyed but on the way I reasoned, ‘WHOA! Gazza, settle down you dynamo. What the HELL are you doing this for in the FIRST place?” and the answer came back… “Your family you D*ckhe*D!” So, yep. I agree 100% with you Hils!

    You also said, inter-alia, many other good things this:

    “…At other times the seed will be sown, but the conditions aren’t right for it to flourish just then. We do not know if it will sprout at a later date, but it is not for us to judge, just to be here to help and support wherever we can… “

    What concerns me is that it is getting VERY close for some of the most active ones of the F(whatever) to BUST OUT of the hive. Many of them… me, Deano, Mark Austin, Parkesy, Tommy Gun Skavhellen, David Smith, JT, Vince Craine and others too many to name individually are ready to get outa here and cause some damage elsewhere.

    The fact that many of these guys are still putting in a HUGE effort within the hive is testament to their wonderful nature to help so many others. But it will soon be time to “Hit the road Jack.” I know that Alex wants this. He wanted it BEFORE Christmas but there are too many good people around here that just won’t abandon others. Plus the holidays intervened.

    However, having said that, their attention will well and truly be focussed on the cyber-horizons very soon. Some, like me, are already dabbling. However, we always come back to help others who are struggling. But soon it will be every man or woman for himself and herself and some of us just won’t have the time to keep coming back. That ASSISTANCE TIME is NOW but so many are doing zippo.

    Thanks again Hilary for a most well thought out and reasoned comment.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  26. Gary

    Hi again Nigel – well, come on man. Don’t leave me in suspenders!

    Regarding coffee… smells bad, tastes yucky and I reckon it is BAD for your health. However, there is always something to be learned from totally stupid things like smoking and drinking coffee. And that is…

    … if enough people keep telling everybody that it is REALLY COOL then the masses will be convinced that it is something that it is good to be seen doing.

    My daughter has just returned from Paris and she said that coffee can cost up to 10 euros (€10) in some places. But the BIG thing is actually to be SEEN there drinking that muck. Well, I certainly don’t have to say any more what I think about that…

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  27. David

    Hi Gary,

    I see you are still trying to get folks to start taking action. It’s like we say around here “you better get on the bus or get left behind”. You will see a change in the tone of peoples blogs pretty soon. I suspect the coaching program will soon widen the gap even more.

    If you have not taken the action required, soon you will find fewer people able to help you because they will be too busy growing there list. Now is the time to get it done.

    My marketing videos site is now live and open to the public. I will however make a post on my blog tomorrow letting everyone know how to continue to get access for one more month for free. If you still need help you can still teach yourself with these videos and catch up.

    I don’t know about all of you but 2009 is here and I am ready for it. This is your chance to not be one of those small weak palm trees. There is enough fertilizer on these blogs for anyone to get rooted for any storm. And there are storms ahead as every business has them.

    Hold on tight people its going to be an awesome ride!


  28. Gary

    THE David Smith – How are you going Dave? THE Dave. THE Smith. THE Dave Smith. Heh…heh… you know why I say that Schmitty, don’tcha?

    Let me tell everybody… hey EVERYBODY! David Smith has got the most AWESOME collection of short instructional videos on his site that you will ever find! Hell, I don’t even know what half of the titles MEAN and YOU, Dave, have made a video about them! It’s a bit like when I am having a “discussion” with somebody and they just keep bunging on about some BS that I KNOW is BS and so I tell ‘em…

    “Hey, listen up! I’ve already fogotten more than you will ever know.” Sometimes they laugh. Most times they just get angry. Then I know I’ve got ‘em.

    I have watched several of your quick vids now and you are da man! Let me see… I wrote down the name of the last two that I viewed. Yep. Here they are:

    1 – WordPress
    2 – Aweber – correct installation

    Now that I have banged on about how good you are, let me read what you came here for.

    Oh yeah! Tone. Yep You are 100% correct. The TONE of the blogs definitely WILL change. Er, Dave, maybe “get rooted” ain’t the best way to say it. Then again, maybe if they don’t get rooted they WILL get rooted – a small play on words there folks. Don’t get uppity with the Gazz-Man or THE Dave Smith.

    Hey Dave? Can you give the Gazz-Man a bigger pass than just one month? I wanna watch ‘em all. I’m trying hard man. I’ve seen about five now. Gonna go and look at another one NOW!

    Thanks David. You can put the hammer down any time over here man!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  29. Gary


    Well, what did you think of the Gazz-Man’s tropical paradise? This tropical palm garden has taken the Gazz-Man many years of hard toil and lots of moolah to make it look like this. Do you like it?

    If you click on the picture to size it up you will see all the cement birds attached to the trees (mostly galahs – surprising I’m not strapped there with them) and to the far right, if you look closely, you will see a street sign that I purloined when some neighbourhood idiots ripped it out of the ground and went down the street using it to smash things with. The sign says “NO DOGS WITHOUT LEADS” which appealed to the Gazz-Man’s strange sense of humour – considering he has two puppalitos himself.

    The best part… Now I don’t have to go overseas to exotic locations like poor old Alex Jeffreys does. I’ve got this right outside my back door. It’s tough, I know.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  30. Ken Douglas


    Looking at your lovely palm garden could be considered cruel and inhumane punishment since my back garden area is presently covered with snow and the outside temperature was 16 degrees F just yesterday morning. Having worked considerably with nursery stock I very much appreciate the time, effort and expense required to develop your garden. You have earned the right to be proud of it!

    My only solace is the fact that I am once again on my boat( which is my special retreat) looking about at a landscape which is in sharp contrast to yours but is one with its own special beauty as the sourounding hillsides lie dormant waiting for spring.


  31. Gary

    Kenny I did it just for you folks in the Northern Hemisphere – LOL!

    Did you get my email about your name on the blogroll?

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  32. Bernard Giles

    Hey Gazzman

    Happy New Year pal. Great post as always. I think Darwin captured the essence of Mother Nature with his Origin of the Species…that fittest will ultimately survive to ensure the survival of the species….and we are no different to the palms in that regard. The strongest members of the F500 pool will go on to great success and the remainder will wallow in excusiolism waiting for the next instant fix.

    Speaking of which, I’ve been looking at this Web Prosperity lark as I’ve received it from several sources now. I’ve responded to the guy I know most well of them. I’m copying my message here as I’d like your thoughts on it…I saw you’d commented over on the Web Prosperity blog and noted your caution. I would have emailed you direct…but I haevn’t your email…yet, so what the feck…here it is:

    “Hi Simon

    I’m seeing buzz about this all over the place and everyone seems very excited about being in early. What I’m failing to see in any of the discussions is a robust description of what services are being provided and why they’re so special.

    From what I can see they provide:
    1. an address book – I have that thru MS outlook already. Why complicate with another?
    2. power delivery of newsletters and quick follow-up – ummm…isn’t that what aweber & marketers choice do already?
    3. add live chat, streaming audio/video and podcasts – don’t have the software up and running effectively yet, but all this exists already
    4. contact list – between an opt-in list thru aweber or my address book in MS outlook why do I want another system.
    5. calendar – between the blackberry & MS outlook I’m pretty much calendared up to my neck…
    etc etc…

    Maybe you see where I’m heading here. I’m impressed by all the hype that being generated with the promise of massive wealth in 2009 but what’s actually the big benefit of having all this? What’s the USP of this?

    We’ll abandon outlook, aweber, utube and all the other tools and have them all here in one place? It’ll be a one-stop shop providing the info-internet marketer will all his tools? And at what monthly cost?

    I’d love to be involved and promote something that I can understand and see the benefit of, but what I’m mainly seeing all over the net is massive hype about how rich we’ll all get and not a lot about what it is we’re promoting and why I’d want to use it.

    Forgive my skeptism as I’ve been involved with MLM 2x before and consistent with the hype here, yes there’s lots of money available for those first in, but without a sound product the fizzle factor happens pretty quick.

    I’d love to hear something confirming the USP for this and giving me the convincer to join the gang…do you have anything that can fill that gap?

    Many thanks,


    We’ll see if anything comes back, I hope so as this is a guy I respect and whose advice I am known to seek.

    Have you seen any other info on this that I haven’t seen from the promotional site? All looks impressive but where’s the meat in it? Apologies if this isn’t the place to raise it though it’s the best place to find you and the sharp minds of the other folk that wander by here….

    One last off topic bit…do you know of Dr Elizabeth Celi out there? She’s a psychologist from over Melbourne way and had a book published last year – Regular Joe vs Mr Invincible. Heavily involved in developing your Mens Health Policy among other things. Great girl, and I’m looking forward to a night out with her in Melbourne in about 1 1/2 weeks! As you seem to know everyone over there, just wondered if you’d come across her on your travels…

    Well, enough fun, back to work….only a week & a half to go!


  33. Gary

    Howdy Bernard – Still slugging it out in Borat-stan?

    Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know that lady. Though it seems you probably will soon. ;-)

    The Web Prosperity thing mystifies me. Mr Darchangelo stood there in two videos and prattled a lot of hype about all this money on so many levels. It sounded like it was just a money making hosepipe flooding everyone with cash, cash and more cash.

    I have extensive experience with MLM and I can tell you, Bernard, and others, that there are “SECRET” commissions infamously called “THE BREAKS” liberally splattered all through these so-called “COMPENSATION PLANS.” Compensation for WHAT? Sucking other people in? Is it a Ponzi Scheme all over again and just re-badged?

    As soon as I hear “matrix” or “compensation plan” or “levels” or “sponsoring” or “you introduce 2 and they introduce 2″ I know precisely where it is all heading – a METEORIC rise based on hype, a lot of money changing hands and then a swift collapse. In the early stages 95% of all these tsunamis of money will go to the founders and top dogs and the rest will be left doing a mountain of work. I have seen it many times.

    I put my name down just so I can be proven wrong and also coz a couple of guys here were so enthusiastic about it. Who knows? But there is ONE thing I do know. In that Web Prosperity Scheme you MUST rely on the founders and the SYSTEM. It is THEIR baby. What we are doing here is building INDEPENDENT businesses that belong to each individual. The plug can be pulled at any time on these marvellous “COMPENSATION MATRIX MLM’s” but before that happens all the money and assets are long gone.

    This is yet another lure for the “push button – get rich brigade.” It is based, IMHO, on massive hype (anyone actually seen the product(s) yet?), greed and extreme urgency. Pay your money NOW to secure your TOP spot. I’ve seen it all before under many different cloaks.

    I shall watch this and see. Thanks for bringing it up Bernard – even if it is off-topic. LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  34. Dean Holland


    Dean checking in .. Long time over due but the festive season is over so now time to get my punk ass into gear and start pumping this online machine that we will soon call life !

    Yeah bro.. Thats right, I am the first to admit that xmas and new year I have neglected my online duties but that was then..


    I love what you have put brother, the thought that people may drop out of this coaching or in fact I believe I read you say someone already did just makes me sick..

    Actually no.. It makes me laugh !! I know that I joined this coaching to make a change in my life, the type of change that makes alex 20k + a month.. The type of change that means I wont be heading out my door early every morning to go to a job I hate !!

    So why did others join ?? If they wern’t ready to work for it then damn.. Get the hell out the way for us that REALLY want it and will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that it takes to make it !

    Well said Gaz, much love to ya bro.. Speak soon


  35. Gary

    My God! I think my palm trees have just been hit by Hurricane Dean!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  36. Ken Douglas


    I don’t think your palms went through a hurricane but rather were exposed to the intense heat of a firestorm! I think that there was more than wind and rain in Dean’s post.


  37. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,

    Good to be back here again, right that q about

    “I’ll probably the be one with the “F Something with number 13 in it somewhere”

    The answer is so bleeding obvious, seriously, that I’ll be bangin’ my head soon if nobody understands what I meant by it. In fact I don’t want to even spell it out here because I don’t want to influence other students at all with my negativity.

    Let’s just say something clicked on New Year’s Day evening whilst watching a particular film at the cinema with some friends

    All the best and have a wonderful weekend Nigel

  38. Gary

    Ken – Deano came in like Tazz, the Tasmanian Devil in the Disney cartoon. Whoa… where did he come from and where did he go? LOL.

    Nigel – obvious to you maybe but very cryptic to me. Lay a few hints on me man. I’ll get it but I gotta have a bit more than that. What you’ve said is like looking at 20 pieces of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It could be anything. But, of more concern to me, why are you neggy? What’s up doc? (Just to continue the Disney theme).

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  39. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gazz-man

    Time for my late night perusal of the words of wisdom here.

    Thanks for your reply to my last post. I was pondering my words as I dropped off to sleep last night and that gave me the title of the post I have just finished making on my blog. It lets you know why I didn’t post it earlier too! Have a read. (How do you add hyperlinks in a post or a reply by the way?)

    I fully agree with you that those of you how are ready to bust out of the hive will be leaving shortly. And that is only right. After all the workers go out to find a new hive for the Queen bee – she doesn’t go out to do that for herself!

    Seriously though we all know that is what will happen – it’s just that some people will be more prepared for it than others.

    Some will applaud those who fly first and will be willing to follow as soon as their wings are strong enough, some will look on in horror as they leave and turn away from what they’ve seen and some will wish they were daring enough to try and either keep on looking longingly after them, or eventually try thier own wings when they are brave enough to as they really don’t want to get left behind.

    So go ahead those of you who are ready and bust out of the hive, but remember that bees are community dwellers and need one another. I’m sure that you will because you have given so much already. Hopefully the rest of us can bring some nectar to make the honey in the new hive as we catch up.

    On that note …

    Thanks for adding me to your blogaroo – I knew you didn’t mean to leave me off!


  40. Hilary Dickinson

    Sorry for the typos – I thought I’d proof read my post, but it’s late and time for my sleep. Goodnight!

  41. Gary

    Howdy Hils – Always nice to see you here. I’d like to visit more often but I figure my time is more wisely (if not selfishly) spent here offering my knowledge to whoever wants it in the home of the Gazz-Man.

    Hils, I KNOW your written ability. No need to worry about typos. I know they are a result of fast fingers.

    Hyperlinks can be cut and pasted directly from the URL of the post that you make. Copy it there, drop it here. EASY!

    So many of the “top 40″ – (see: (that was a copy and drop Hils. Took 5 seconds flat!) – in this Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing mentoring project are deliberately holding themselves back to gather the slower moving members. I know who they are. I talk to many of them behind the scenes. But they are getting very restless. They want to break out and fly. Some, like me, have already made litlle reconnaisance sorties.

    Thanks for what you said Hils, on both fronts. OK. I’m off to Hils-Ville to see what words of wisdom YOU wrote.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  42. Mrs Renee Olson

    Hello Gary,

    I have to admit that I’m going to cheat you. I did not finish reading all the wonderful comments regarding your post. I got to your response to Dave Smith and his videos.

    And then, I came straight to the bottom to put my two cents in!

    Whew….Will you view me as someone who is not sincere because I didn’t read everything? Or even worse that I’m going to try and tighten (shorten) my writing.

    So I’ll get to it. Love the palms story, but not in my schedule (yours too)to go into my personal thoughts. Because so sorry to admit, I can only address where I stand. I am a struggling palm at the moment, but I’ll be sucking up some nutrients from the big palms (you and the many others).

    If you leave the ferterlizer and water within reach, I will find it. Even if your busy with the horticulturist.

    So lead on… I will follow the trail. As long as my leaves don’t turn brown, I’m OK!

    Why is Nikki MIA?

    Talk to you soon,

    Mrs Renee Olson

  43. Gary

    Hi Renee – I almost missed you here, my dear. I was so busy up on that STATISTICS thread.

    No! Of course I don’t think you are insincere. You said you read my blog. I could hardly expect you to read EVERY comment that everybody makes – Jeez! You’d be here all day – especially with the super-long comments that so many of my esteemed colleagues make here.

    On that – heh, heh – I have been observing this. When I make long posts MOST people do likewise. I guess there are a lot of points to be made and commented on. Compare this blog to Dean Holland’s. Deano generally makes short punchy statements and receives the same in return – except for the people who just go and slap up their own MONOLOGUES without even reading his lead-in.

    Now, why is Nix MIA? – well… hmm… um… I think she and BAD-Gary did the Midnight Tango a few nights ago and just wore each other out. No. Seriously, Nikki was travelling back to work from her parents’ home where she celebrated the Christmas and New Year break (eating all those mince pies that she was telling us about. Maybe you should have RUN home Nix. Er, no… um I just thought of something. Maybe not.). I expect to see her back here soon when she gets access to a computer. She’s a little treasure, isn’t she? And SHE can be BAD too! LOL!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  44. Nikki

    Ha ha ha ha – running, me? With my reputation? No way! And yes, you do know why… ;)


  45. Gary

    Nix – I reckon you’d look good under the palms there with a pina-colada in your hand ;-)

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  46. Nikki


    I reckon I’d look bl**dy brilliant lounging underneath the palms with a fruity alcoholic beverage – I could do with seeing some sun, I’m going to go transparent soon as I’m so pale!

    Had a little bit of snow this morning in the UK, so no hot sunny palm tree badness for me sadly! :(


  47. jeffrey dibble

    Hi Gary,

    Need a quick fix here since you haven’t put up your new provocative addictive post. Damn, I just like your palm tree analogy. I see what you getting at here.

    Seriously, I feel sorry for those guys forking out $500.00 to get in hoping to be given the magic button with the sign press here and your bank account will be flooded with cash the next day. Man,Get real.

    As Deano put it, those who doesn’t want work hard,move aside and get lost. Let those who will do anything and everything that is needed to make it happen. Toast to that.

    Okay, i am feeling tired now. Going to sleep now.

    Speak soon.


    P.S. Gary, are you using the Twitter as the latest revolutionary micro blogging. If you are using,let me know.



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