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Xenical For Sale

by Gary ~ December 19th, 2008

Xenical For Sale, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Fellow Bloggers, lend me your eyes..."

Well, poor old Alex Jeffreys' head must be throbbing coz mine is from wearing those ear-muffs (headset) for 6 hours straight. Doses Xenical work, What a session. So, online buy Xenical without a prescription, Xenical no prescription, I have a headache and I have writer's cramp from taking 11 pages of hand-written notes.

Gee, Xenical street price, Australia, uk, us, usa, did he cover some ground, or what, Xenical dosage. Xenical photos, The $1,000 competition, effects of Xenical, Buy Xenical no prescription, blogging, marketing WITH people and not TO them (big hint there), my Xenical experience, Xenical dangers, 1st impressions, networking, online buying Xenical, Xenical from mexico, keywords, "funny is money", purchase Xenical online no prescription, Kjøpe Xenical på nett, köpa Xenical online, funneling, traffic tactics, buy Xenical without a prescription, Xenical overnight, twitter, you-tube, buying Xenical online over the counter, Order Xenical online overnight delivery no prescription, John Reese, Rich Schefron, Xenical images, Where to buy Xenical, Mike Filsaime, Andrew Fox.., Xenical australia, uk, us, usa. and all that was just from glancing at my notes, Xenical For Sale. Xenical for sale, I have arrows and asterisks and side-bar notes all over the pages. What a mess, Xenical samples. Buy Xenical online cod, So, traffic.., low dose Xenical. Buy generic Xenical, what have I been doing to attract and collect traffic. Xenical For Sale, So far, I have:

1 - my Squeeze Page up (but not here right at this moment - will attend to that next week),
2 - been furiously blogging across all blogsites to interconnect the web-ring we are creating PLUS added a lot of content and resources here,
3 - aweber up and running,
4 - written a 72 page e-book on ACTION PLANNING (still waiting on covers etc),
5 - my Profit Pulling Platform in place,
6 - planned the upgrade of my blogsite and what it will look like,
7 - written about a dozen articles to create interest (still in various stages - some handwritten, some typed, one submitted),
8 - taken a position in Garry Parkes' "Profit Pulling Project" newsletter as a guest columnist on motivational matters.

As much as I have done I would like to do more, where can i buy cheapest Xenical online. Buy cheap Xenical no rx, In planning, at various stages, taking Xenical, Purchase Xenical for sale, I have to:

1 - write more articles,
2 - investigate video to load to site, Xenical over the counter, Xenical pics, 3 - advertise my new ACTION PLANNER e-book on the site (teaser below),
4 - set up a twitter account, cheap Xenical no rx, Order Xenical no prescription, 5 - make this rusted out Lada-Niva bucket of sh*t weblog site FAR more pretty and functional (this has been something I have neglected for too long now),
6 - finish off another e-book (in fact, several of them),
7 - follow up many notes in my journal (too numerous to mention),
8 - visit several sites/forums that I am a member of and comment there on matters pertinent to what we are doing here (re: the oil rigs - LOL!).

But I will be guided by the fact that "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither will be this blogsite. Though I want to ditch the Lada soon. Otherwise my blog will get called Lada-Land, Xenical For Sale. Or maybe La-La-Land would be more appropriate. Whatever.

So, what are you bloggerites doing to create a traffic surge to our sites.



PS: I'm gonna take some pills (something I hardly ever do) for this damn head-ache. Thanks a LOT Alex.

PPS: To all those who have left COMMENTS here - I thank you sincerely. If your blogroll is not up here yet then I apologise. I will get to the BIG backlog list as soon as I possibly can.

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48 Responses to Xenical For Sale

  1. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Great stuff going on here, clearly you’ve been planning to get Ahead of everyone else on this coaching course who are also ahead of the 99% people on the world according to Alex. I think your plan of attack is most excellent – mine has yet to appear online as my strategy is well to least say…. it’s written but I’m giving myself a 3 day break first before I do anything else.

    So who was the winner who guessed your ebook was on Action Planning?

    Oh and here’s a hint of my strategy – it doesn’t include competiting for the $1000, why? As Alex said, if we get this driving traffic part right , the money will come rolling in and $1000 will look like small change.. hehe..

    Let’s hope that’s true – right that’s my last comment for today.

    All the best



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Paula Brett

    Hi Gary,

    I have to agree, wearing headphones for 6 hours straight has left my ears a bit numb too. But, wow, wasn’t it worth it?

    I think Alex has given everyone so much to think about and I particularly enjoyed the Oil Rig analogy.

    I think you’re doing an excellent job on your Lada, lol

    Take care and keep up the great work.


  3. Big Marketing For You » Blog Archive » Gary’s Internet Marketing Blog » Blog Archive » Alex Jeffreys …

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onGaryâ??s Internet Marketing Blog » Blog Archive » Alex Jeffreys …Here’s a quick excerptAlex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Course Module 4 – Web TRAFFIC Attack! “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Fellow Bloggers, lend me your eyes…” Well, poor old Alex Jeffreys’ head must be throbbing coz mine is from wearing those … […]

  4. Carl Barton

    Hi Gary,

    Unfortunately i couldn’t attend the webinar last night, so i am waiting with bated breath for the upload. I think it’s a good idea for us all to blog about our successes and failures at driving traffic. Once I got my PPP up and runing I tried getting some fast traffic using PPC but I must say the results are disappointing, only 6 sign ups so far. I have a weeks worth of data to analyse so I can try and tweak the keyword performance. In fact I might make my next post about that…

    Anyway, good luck with the traffic and I’ll let you know how I go.



  5. Nikki


    I’ve heard a rumour that I got a mention last night – I couldn’t make the call, so can anyone enlighten me on which of my secrets Alex divulged?!

    I’m on Twitter as Minxywitch if that helps anyone :)


    Nix from the Nickelodeon!

  6. Bri

    Hi Garry,

    Send me an idea of what you want for your cover and I will “knock it out” for you.

    I like your blog by the way. You seem to put a lot of effort in and I am sure it will pay off. If not in this life then certainly in the next!

    I too loved the Oil Rig analogy but I missed bits of it as I drifted in and out of consciousness only to be woken by my head hitting the key board. In fact my wife asked me this morning what that mark on my forehead is.

    Anyway I have a ton to do, got to start tweeting or squawking or whatever it is. Don’t know why everybody is so obsessed with birds these days what with tweeting and chicklets etc.

  7. Mark Austin

    Hi Garry,

    Six hours, it get’s longer every week! Coming to stay at your place for the remainder of the coaching so I can listen in at a decent hour, lol.

    Things that have worked for me traffic wise so far are the youtube videos, squidoo and twitter.

    The squidoo lens (i have only one at the moment!) has been the most successful and is in the top 10 of traffic sources to my site.

    The video you saw last night sends traffic to the ppp and I have had a few sign ups.

    And twitter ties them all up via the ‘tweetmyblog’ plugin more details on my blog here:

    So I think I will do a few more videos and squidoo lens and then concentrate on blogging in and outside our circle.

    As you know, I have been working on an ebook but Alex said to another student last night to put those on the back burner. So not really sure what to do about that now, what are your thoughts?

    Speak to you soon Gary

  8. Garry

    Hey Gary,

    Forgot to mention – what happened to you on the call last night?

    We were all waiting with baited breathe to listen to the words from the motivational man himself and zilch, nothing, zero … The silence was deafening and Alex couldn’t take it no more before he moved on to someone else and yet – no he went back to try for a second attempt, so determined was he to hear the words of the immortal man himself only to fail again. What disappointment for us all !!

    Now I didn’t think you Aussies were Shy :-)

    PS. Didn’t managed to stay on for the full 6 hours – did you get to talk later on?

  9. Nikki

    Garry – I think it was probably the shock of seeing my pic on Twitter – Gaz-Man couldn’t take it!!


  10. Doston Stanley

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. You were my first commenter and it was kinda cool to have someone actually comment on my blog. The call last night was great – I learned a lot about twitter. I’ve got 135 followers just from last night (WOW! – I had no idea this thing was so powerful). The call left me so energized that I woke up at 4:30 am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep – buzzing with ideas. I look forward to working with everyone in the group and dominating the industry like Alex says.


  11. Rick

    Hi Gaz

    Thought I would pop by and say hello, I know what you mean with the headache tablets, I had to pop a couple to ease the numbing before I could get to sleep.

    I think I will take a leaf out of Nigel’s book and take a couple of days to recover.



  12. Jerry Maurer

    Man o man you are a wild man!!!
    You hard work is paying off!!! Great job! You are an inspiration. You are correct, Rome was not built in a day! Everyone needs to put one foot in front of the other! Know you have accomplished something is key!

    Now, take a peak at this Twitter Video! If getting others to see your blog is key, check out my Twitter tip that will have hundreds looking at your blog!!

    I look forward to partnering with you in the future!

    Jerry Maurer
    Skype- Add my name cashflowjerry to Skype

  13. Coleen

    Hi Garry

    I would have loved to have stayed for the entire call today however changes in scheduled Module times clashed with other commitments and so I was only able to listen in for a limited time.

    Did Alex release the new scheduled Module times?

    I see that you are planning on doing some more writing. Check my latest article out and see if helps you whip through your plan to write up some articles and finish those you have started.
    It just so happens that in the wee hours of this morning, I was sitting here at my computer typing up an article on How Too Write Creative Copy Every Time!!

    How ironic it is that our esteemed teacher, Mr. Alex Jeffrey’s addressed this specific subject in today’s Module.

    Make a point of reading this piece of valuable information because it is absolutely true what Alex has told you today on the call. You will also note, when you read my article that I have actually added a very specific strategy that you can use, which will add boosted power to Alex’s very valuable advice today.

    Then again…you already know this don’t you Gary?

    See Ya

  14. John Bullard

    Hi Garry

    Long class last night lots of good stuff Alex keeps on amazing us with how long he stays on the webinar with us. Well from a newbie to starting to crawl My website is up and starting to take form, By the way thanks for leaving a comment on my website can you add this to your student roll also almost forgot great ebook you put out, keep making us proud.

    Thanks talk to you soon John.

  15. Joan Hughes

    Hi, Gary,

    You are providing such good content on your site. The site layout may not look “pretty” to you, however, it is simple, and, therefore, easy to read and find information.

    All the best,
    Joan Hughes

  16. Dave Everett

    Hi Gary,

    Some session last night, as you say. I seem to remember reading a tweet yesterday from Alex in reply to someone that he hoped last night’s session might be a short one – one hour coaching and one hour interactive. Who’s he kidding???


  17. Gopal Ramasammy-Cook

    Hi Gary,

    I’m a fellow student of Alex Jeffreys. Just wanted to say hello, and wish you all the best on your Marketing With Alex journey.


  18. Michael

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks so much for the post!
    You have a great GIFT! YOUR A WRITER! So who cares if your blog isn’t so pretty, that will come later! Remember, it’s CONTENT, CONTENT and more CONTENT!
    I like your 8 steps listed above! I bet they show up on my blog. he he!
    eBook cover is TERRIFIC! Money well spent! You have inspired me to
    start writing my eBook ” ***** in Motion ” (Sorry, can’t give away the full name just yet!
    Like Alex says, making money on the internet is a BUSINESS, not a one time [eBay] sale….
    Keep in touch!
    Santa Clarita, CA 91351

  19. Daniel Joslin

    Hello Gary, I appreciate your comment, especially on my writing style. It’s helpful to hear that my style can actually be effective. I missed Alex’s Session 4 module as our power was not yet restored from the massive ice storm last week. But we got it back on today and I’m heading over to watch it on the site after posting this comment. Thanks for the tip on “patience” but persistence. I’m going to try to follow this model as I get deeper into this first online endeavor.

    Thanks again,

  20. Anthony Arias

    Hi Gary
    I really enjoyed Thursday nights webinar. Alex is constantly going above and beyond in my opinion. Your right about the head phones, they were killing me after a while too :)

    I’m new to this game and I am going to follow his instructions to the letter and search for some more.
    Anthony Arias

  21. Coleen

    I’m watching you Gary Simpson. Wait til you see my latest Gos. It’s been high time adventure over at my place for the past few days let me tell you!!

    Did Alex say when the new Module times will take place and on what days?

    Let me know. I would really appreciate it.

    See Ya

  22. Dean Hohn

    Hi Gaza,

    You’ve been a busy little boy! :lol: The call was a hooter wasn’t it? You have to admire the stamina Alex has!

    Was he giving out some good info or what! As with you, my notes are almost unreadable, but with a bit of time, I’ve been able to go back and whip them into some sort of shape.

    I grabbed a copy of you planner and I’m just about to settle down and have a good read.

    Thanks for putting in the effort for all of us. I’m sure it is greatly appreciated. The cover’s a ripper! Bri did a great job on that.

    Well, I’ve got you book to read and I’ve got a bit of rig-hopping to do myself, so I best get my finger out and get moving.

    Dean Hohn

  23. Gary

    Hi Everyone,

    Well I just thought I’d come in quickly here and do a bit of an update. There are really so many replies above that are so worthy of individual response but I am absolutely swamped with work right now. Plus I have had several engagements over the weekend that have necessitated me being away from my computer for very long periods.

    I appreciate all the comments made and I WILL add all the new names to my blogroll ASAP. I know who you all are as I have a record of the names.

    Just on records… have you seen the entry up at the top RHS of my main page? It’s pretty hard to miss as it is in RED.

    I have put every moment I had over the weekend into bringing my “Time in Motion ACTION Planner” to you. Just fill in the form and you can either download it to your computer or print it off right from the screen. It is my hope that you can use this to ADVANCE your progress much faster by having a plan, prioritzing you projects, goal setting and reducing those pesky interruptions. There is even a bonus section at the back on how to deal with those people who ALWAYS want something from you.

    Anyway, after I set that all up and completed the many links required (thank you Garry Parkes for your wonderful help) to make it LIVE, I have also spent some time doing something for ME! I have been neglecting the look and the funtionality of this blogsite for too long. And it was looking rather embarrassing compared to many of your wonderful sites.

    My aim up until this point has been solely at adding resources by way of words. As you can see, I have now also added some features and functions and photos. I hope you like them.

    So, I have traded the Lada-Niva in and I am now driving a Volkswagon. I intend in the near future to upgrade again to a Porsche.

    Please be patient while I do this. I will be back around all the “oilrigs” shortly.

    Best Wishes

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  24. Gordan

    Hi Gary,
    Hope you are well and attacking :)

    Just wanted to say hello and see how you’re doing with traffic generation
    and to tell you how the things working out for me.
    I would really like to hear everybody’s story regarding traffic.
    I will give you my insights to what is working for me.

    I went on squidoo and created my first lens which was actually fun.
    I noticed that within first 20 minutes after I saved my page there was 6 views already.
    I could not believe it.

    I also created twitter account and made connection from Squidoo to twitter.
    I still need to check how twitter works.

    Also I wanted to mention another site that I have not heard anybody mentioned so far.
    It is called

    It is social bookmarking site to increase the traffic to your site.
    I am creating my account there now and will make a post about it with more info.

    I know some people that praise this site very highly.

    I really hate to come on here asking people to come on my blog
    but sometimes that is the only way to get your ideas through.

    I have created testimonial site and would like everyones participation
    and believe that this kind of site would help us in the future
    when our relationship with Alex expands.
    Gary, I would like to put your e-book and little video on this site if you dont mind.

    If you are interested in being part of this site or you would like to see
    my page at squidoo just to have an idea that will help you to start your page off,
    have a look at my blog.
    I dont want to mentioned my sites here as I dont find it tasteful.

    That’s it for now,
    Speak to you soon,
    Gordan Bosnjak

  25. Paul Truman

    Hi Garry

    Another awesome delivery by AJ once again. Glad we get a recorded video of the modules. .Anyways, what I have been doing is listening to Alex via speakers now, than on the interactive sessions, I log out for a second, plug in my headset USB plug, log in again and good to talk with AJ if I wish. Works well with me.


    To Our Success


  26. Cynthia ONeill

    Hi Gary,

    I got it right this time. Thanks for the heads up on my type-o from Garry Parkes blog.

    Wow, there is a lot going on. Thank you so much for your free planner. I am looking forward to using it.

    I have decided to create a Daily Stress Buster Guide for Internet Marketers. I will let you know as soon as it’s finished.

    So, I want to comment on something you said from your most recent blog about Module 4.

    I love the point you made about marketing “with” people not “to” them. It reminded me of a story about a women who was at one of my mentors trainings and the trainer explain, ” You are working “with” someone, not “on” them.” and said, “Would you rather make love with someone, or on them?” and the woman in class replied back, “Makes no difference to me, I’ll take what ever I can get”, (lol)

    Co-creating is the center piece for peace and harmony. I am very happy to be a part of this magnificent opportunity to co-create with the collective consciousness that Alex Jeffreys has brought together in this magnificent universe. And now we are co-creators together.

    Thank you for your gifts!!

    To your health, comfort, & joy,

    Cynthia O’Neill

  27. Guy

    Hi Gary,

    I have to say I was surprised and excited to see your article on Garry’s newsletter the other day. I think it is a brilliant idea to get some motivational and inspirational content out there to the masses, particularly the to the AJ posse. Well done!
    I like the way you describe us fad junkies out there (which includes me of course) getting our dose of orgasms, which is so true.
    And the whole map scenario you gave in your article and the way you will follow it up with the next installment of ‘excuses’ (yep, I know that one as well – also known as procrastination).
    So, keep up the good motivational work matey and don’t be too soft on us either – I don’t mind you being crude ;-) as long as your being truthful – it’s all good!!!



  28. alex jeffreys

    hey Garry,

    great post mate – its so true what you say (and its a shame i couldnt hear you when you were trying to talk on the live module.

    and im happy you took away “marketing with you” – not – “marketing to you”

    in deceomber 2007 i learned that was the way i had to build my business i just new if i put people first the money would follow,

    i knew if i possitioned my self correct everything would fall into place,

    (with a plan ofcourse)

    we’ll its december 2008 – and ive had the chance to look back over my years goals and ive SMASHED the targets with ease,

    i planned to generate over $250,000 in sales – how ? i didnt have a clue
    i just knew the way i should conduct my business,

    now i still dont know out end of year figure but i know we have totally bust over the $500,000 mark, and buisness has never been better,

    i just had the tools i’ve shared with you – the drive to not chase money but to let it come to me via my marketing to the market,

    i just know this time next year you’ll do the same – look back and saw how the f did i just do that ?

    coz i remember when i was LOST BIG time,

    so keep your chin up – fail forward and i know its BIG times for you and your fellow students,

    btw – we’ll done for getting in with Garry Parkes on his eBook – thats going to explode i just know,

    remember the money will NOT come from the eBook but that will be the leverage for bigger and better,

    and we’ll cover growth on one of the modules,

    talk soon and have a fab christmas – you’ve done a fab job with your fellow studnets

    talk soon

    alex jeffreys

  29. JT Maritn

    Hi Gary,

    Your game plan for traffic looks good. I see your comments everywhere I go. I have been making the rounds to every ones blog as well. It gets to be very time consuming.

    What I don’t understand is why nobody is talking about using JV Giveaways to drive traffic. Hasn’t anyone read “List Building With Alex”?

    I started signing up for every JV Giveaway that was still taking contributors the day after I got my PPP set up and read Alex’s book. The giveaways started kicking in a few days ago.

    I have over 80 new subscribers in the last 3 days. Those people are now in my auto responder series which is directing them to my blog. You might want to consider adding that to your arsenal.

    You get to drive traffic to your blog while you build your list at the same time.


  30. Gary

    Hi Gordan – See? I spelled your name correctly! You want to put my e-book on your site? Yeah! Why not? Gordo, I don’t mind if you mention your site on my blog. That was very nice of you to ask. I just object to people whanging up half a dozen links. But if you want to show us something specific then OK mate – no probs at all.

    Hi Paul – Yeah. Alex Jeffreys does go the extra mile/1.6 kilometres – LOL! I actually take notes on all the modules and Brainstorms and I annotate time markers next to them so I can go back and review specific points if I need to.

    Hi Cynthia – When you get your “STRESS BUSTER” e-book done – SEND ME ONE! LOL! That story about the woman was very funny. I’ll bet she was popular after the class! Reminded me of my “orgasm” comment in the MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT of the PPP Newsletter (#1). The marketing “with” people and not “to” them is Alex Jeffreys‘ catchcry. I just repeated it. It is something I am very interested in coz I hate demanding anything off anyone. Hope you like my “Time in Motion” ACTION PLANNER and find it useful!

    Hi Guy – I’m so glad that you also liked my MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT in the PPP Newsletter #1. I get such a kick out of writing articles like that. I have so many outlines for future articles that I will do. I agree that we all need to get our “heads” in the right place. The next article is gonna give a few people a slap around the ears – in a nice sort of way.

    Thanks very much to all of you. I appreciate EVERY comment that is made here and it is only the LIMITED time factor that prevents me on any given day from answering EACH and EVERY one of them. I hope everyone understands that. When things settle down a bit I intend to spend half an hour per day making personal replies.

    Regards to everyone.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  31. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gary,

    Congratulations on getting your Project-X released to the world and glad I could help in sorting out the few techie hitches you had.

    I see the confusion about the two of us Gary, and many getting us mixed up, has even permeated through to Alex himself! In his very good comment he posted to you he started the greeting ‘Hi Garry’, rather than ‘Hi Gary’ …. I think we’ll just have to give up. Least he did manage to post on the correct blog, lol which I notice still others are getting us totally mixed up are not managing :-0

    I’m putting up a post on my site a bit later on for people to see exactly what I am doing with the Traffic Generation competition and what I will say will shock you. Why? Well effectively because in a way it is the exact opposite of what Alex has told us to do but as a result it could help you win the competition by the course I am taking. The post will be up in a few hours time here:-

    Until later,
    Garry Parkes

  32. Gary

    Hello Axel – Oh… I couldn’t resist that after you called me Garry.

    Thanks heaps for commenting on my blog. I am indeed embracing the marketing WITH you and not TO you concept.

    The reason I haven’t been able to talk on the Webinar is coz my new you-beaut, super-duper bloody security suite has been re-setting all my parameters. It has gone nuts and crashed my entire system twice now. Great security huh? How can you get a virus when there is nothing in and nothing out? How dopey! Anyway, I reset everything and HOPEFULLY I will be able to talk on the next session.

    Heh… heh… I think we have ALL been LOST. Like that silly TV show where they are all supposedly lost on that island.

    I wanted in on that e-book of Garry’s coz not only could I see the GREAT potential but because I just wanted to do it anyway. Even if it came to nothing – which I am sure it won’t – I would do it. I think it has MASSIVE potential for growth and distribution.

    I see Armand Morin has launched a very professional looking newsletter also with the likes of Michel and Sylvie Fortin and Jim Daniels and a few others on board. I tried twice to download that today to have a squizz and it crashed twice – so I don’t feel like such a goose now when all my links over the weekend were all going awry. Until I figured it all out that is – with the help of Parkesy.

    Thanks for the recognition of what I have done. I have tried hard to rev everybody up.

    You and Kate have a lovely Christmas too!


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  33. Gary

    JT! Howdy dude! You’ve noticed I have blazed a trail huh? What I have done JT was to go to as many of the newcomers blogs and welcome them aboard. I know how damn lonely it can be when you are sitting there with a few posts of your own and the comment counter reading 0, 0 and 0. It’s disheartening. So I went in and got a lot of people started. Sometimes all it needs is that one spark and people are away.

    JT that JV idea is a darn GOOD one. You have hit on a winner there. 80 new opt-ins in 3 days is phenomenal. Well done! I’m gonna write that one down on my “to do” list. maybe we should start calling you JTJV!

    Gazza – I see you are still “eyeing” off what I am doing over here. You remind me of a damn ninja! Thanks a mill for all your efforts in helping me get that ACTION PLANNER operational. I swear I spent more time trying to link it all up than I did writing the book – which incidentally took less than 5 hours of POWER time. Man, when I hit the afterburners I can really produce at a FAST rate. But then the great html challenge hit me and I slowed right down to a crawl. Years ago I was quite good at it and it is slowly coming back.

    I gotta admit to everyone I was all gung-ho about my website a few years back and then I hit a brick wall and got discouraged and did virtually nothing for over 12 months. For about six months I never even opened my c-panel. You see, I have been so led astray by so many supposed “goo-roos” that I lost all confidence in just about ALL of them. None of them were selling me solutions. They just wanted a heap of money for a few pieces of the jigsaw. I’m gonna write about that in a post soon. I just wrote some of it on Alex Jeffreys’ blog.

    Anyway, Gazza, what are you cooking up with regards to traffic? I’m gonna ninja-visit you soon and have a look. A “covert” spying visit with no post so you won’t know I have even been there – LOL!

    JT, Garry – thanks for stopping by.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  34. Dave Pumfrey

    Hi Gary,

    I too am one of the “Fortunate 500″ on Alex Jeffreys Coaching course.

    Boy does he over-deliver and with the mutual support we are all giving each other I can’t see how nay of us will fail!

    We truly are all going to become a phenomenal force in the near future and help many other people to achieve financial indepedence and stop worrying about any down-turns in the economy, job security and how to generate a comfortable income.

    We will all be the trail-blazers – and the inspiration to others to show them how it can be done. Changing failures from 99% to 100% success!

    I’ve been very impressed with all your activity on other members blogs.

    Please pop over to my blog and leave a comment. I’ve added you to my blogroll and would appreciate being added to yours.

    I also have a post on increasing productivity using a very clever bit of software the will radically reduce the time it takes you to produce any text related activity, from creating e-books or articles to answering e-mails.

    It will ramp up your productivity. I guarantee it.

    To our success,


  35. Gary

    Hi Dave – Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU for saying those nice things. I have been trying to ramp things up all over the place. Sometimes I go overboard – especially with the character persona on Coleen Cook’s blog where I play the part of an out-of-control delinkwint kid who carnt evin speel.

    I’m also a bit crazy over at Gazza Parkes’ blog where I spend a lot of time complaining about my dweeby avatar over there coz it has no “GUNS” (ie biceps).

    And also over at Harry Harris’s blog where I am gonna be in his mock-up Star Wars video that he is making for the Alex Jeffreys class of 2008. I have decided that my character in that movie will be…

    BZZZZZZZZZZZT! (that was the sound of my light saber coming on)

    “Gazza-wan-san, the Jedi-Samurai – Teacher of Master Yoda.” How kooky is THAT? LOL!

    I’ll be over your way as soon as I clear some committments.

    Thank you so much for stopping by Dave.

    BZZZZZZZZZZZT! (that was the sound of my light saber switching off)

    Gazza-wan-san, the Jedi-Samurai - Teacher of Master Yoda

    Gazza-wan-san, the Jedi-Samurai
    – Teacher of Master Yoda.

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  36. Nikki

    Light saber indeed – is that what you crazy kids are calling it these days?!

    Been far too quiet all weekend as I’ve been without internet access, but don’t worry, I’m back!!!

    Nix from the Nickelodeon

  37. Jeff McCall

    Hey Gary,

    Just popped over to say hi and keep up the good work.

    Unfortunately I had to drop out of the webinar after 2 1/2 hours as I had to get up for work early. I was shocked to hear it went on for 6 hours. I guess I’v got some extra listening to do on the re-run.

    Just to give you a tip – I’m having what looks like some success submitting blog articles to blog carnivals. might want to give that a try.

    Be successful,


  38. Arian van Osch

    Hi Garry,

    I just want to let you know I have a new post about the traffic competition. Feel free to check it out, the more people join the better for all of us. It`s a program that is made by Mike Filshaime

  39. Guy

    Hey Gary,

    I downloaded your PDF project planning file and I believe its a great tool for breaking down your tasks on a daily basis and keeping track of them. I would very much like to promote it to my readers as well. So if its okay with you can I attach the link onto my blog?



  40. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary,,

    Great ebook planner, and christmas present too as your planner is miles better too. I look forward to using and giving it a good trial.

    Btw, excellent cover too.

    All the best

  41. Gary

    Hi Nix – I just shot over to Nix-Ville to see if that NicPic was up and NOPE. No pic of Nix. What are ya doin’ girlie? Oh, I see! You’ve had no computer access. What a bummer. Hey, Nix! What did you think of the “Time in Motion” ACTION Planner?

    Hi Jeff – I am unfamiliar with the “carnival” thing. What is that? Better still, I’ll come and have a look-see.

    Hi Arian – Don’t think I have seen you here before at Gazza-Land. That means I owe you one dude. I’ll be over to see you ASAP.

    Hi Guy the “sword” – as in Guy’s word! A great tool huh? Some people would call ME a great tool. Over here in Oz we call people tools. Seriously, this thrills me that people will find something that I brain-dumped in a period of TOTAL frustration (read about “Noof-Noof”). I have already quickly answered you via email but I will follow that up with a proper answer on your blog. Thanks Guy – you have made my day!

    Hi Nigel – thanks Nigel, I am very glad to hear that you like my ACTION Planner. This pleases me greatly. That cover was very kindly done by Brian Welsh who, sadly, has decided to quit for reasons of his own.

    Thank you so much you guys. I get a real blast out of being a catalyst in your advancement in this project. And just watch out for further developments from the Gazz-Man. He ain’t finished – NOT by a LONG shot. I am only just getting started. I have a V16 engine and a 12 speed gearbox and I’m only warming up.

    Regards to all you fine folks!

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  42. Dean Holland

    Heeeeey Gazza !!

    Hows it going there me ol mate ??

    Not stopped by here in a few days so thought I would come and check out what you’ve been up to bro … Busy times huh ?!

    Feel like you are all leaving me behind now.. Not only did I miss the training call about traffic I also have not seen the playback in the members area .. Arrrrgggghhhh !!

    I noticed in the members area about the Vegas trip bro.. Will you be there ?? Thats an aim of mine to make enough to do it :)

    Speak soon Gary


  43. Gary

    Yo Deano! Howdy dude! If I make Las Vegas I might have a little surprise for everybody.

    I have been to LV – actually, I didn’t particularly like the place. I thought it was a pornographic Disneyland. You can see a pic of me in Las Vegas down the middle of my main page. I was at the Bellagio but we stayed at the Luxor – a great place with a FANTASTIC basement restaurant. I’d rather go to Naples, Florida where my good buddy lives.

    Thanks for stopping by – and have you downloaded the Time in Motion ACTION Planner? If not, why not? LOL!

    If you missed the Brainstorm #2 Q&A then I have put up a quick overview on my last post.


    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  44. Nikki

    Hey Gaz-Man,

    I’ve finally put a pic up on my About Me page – it’s the same one you were all treated to on the webinar the other night in the Twitter section…


    Nix from the Nickelodeon

  45. Gary


    Enjoy I did. Now I’m sounding like Master Yoda. LOL

    says – Click on Alex Jeffreys to see how YOU too can build a successful and profitable Internet Marketing Business.

  46. Auto Industry Bailout » Blog Archive » Rss Feeds « Jon Taplin’S Blog

    […] Gary Simpson’s Internet Marketing » Blog Archive » Alex Jeffreys … […]

  47. jeffrey dibble

    Hi Gary,

    It’s been a while i check on you, man. Miss your humors,mike. Well, you sure know how to crack a joke. I bet you can make those serious nerds have a good laugh, lol.

    Bro, i read all your posts and decided to leave a comment on thislah. You have a master plan here. I reckon you way ahead everybody else on this and I must confess mine look like a mince meat. Still, i got something done on traffics generation.

    Please check it out my two lens here at and–SOCIAL-MEDIA-MARKETING.

    Do drop by my blog and leave a comment about it. Let me know if there is grammer mistakes or miss my points.

    Merry Christmas, Mike.





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  48. Ken Douglas

    Generating traffic…..I am going to try to do it by being active. Visiting blogs (both studet and non-student). Participating in givaways now that my ebook is up and available. Using Squidoo and twitter and any thing else I hear about that sounds like it might work.

    As an aside about Vegas. I used to feel the way you do until I learned to stay away from the strip going there only for an occasional meal and for the shows. I limit my time in the casino proper and use Vegas as a hub to explore the surrounding areas such as Death Valley and the Grand Canyon.

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