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Lorazepam For Sale

by Gary ~ March 8th, 2011

I'm BORED! Lorazepam For Sale, Yeah, I'm bored. And I expect you are too, Lorazepam without prescription. Where can i find Lorazepam online, So... WHY am I bored, buying Lorazepam online over the counter. Lorazepam blogs, I'm bored coz of all the NONSENSE being peddled by the time-wasters.

What am I bored with, Lorazepam For Sale.

All the JUNK that I get in my inbox - day in, Lorazepam use, Real brand Lorazepam online, day out, night in, where can i order Lorazepam without prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, night out.

99% of it is simply unbelievable JUNK - capital J, low dose Lorazepam, Buy Lorazepam from mexico, capital U, capital N, Lorazepam brand name, Fast shipping Lorazepam, capital K - JUNK.

I just spent 4 days away - away from my computer, Lorazepam dosage. Lorazepam over the counter, Away from all the nonsense. Lorazepam For Sale, And when I got back... GUESS what I found?

Yep, buying Lorazepam online over the counter. Doses Lorazepam work, TONS and TONS of JUNK - all clagging up my email. It took over 1/2 an hour just to download it, purchase Lorazepam online. Lorazepam pics, OMG.

Have a guess how many "new emails" I got in that 4 day period?

Give up, Lorazepam For Sale. 874, after Lorazepam. Lorazepam without prescription, Guess how many I kept?

19. (And after a very brief read I dumped 12 of them too.)

The other 855 were pure unadulterated.., Lorazepam trusted pharmacy reviews. Lorazepam wiki, JUNK. Lorazepam For Sale, I just scanned them and bulk deleted them in lots of 20,30,50.

Worse.., Lorazepam pharmacy. Lorazepam recreational, a LOT of the people sending me their junk were only trying to deceive me or trick me. I've seen all their BS tactics before, Lorazepam cost. Rx free Lorazepam, I expect you have too.

So.., Lorazepam For Sale. I am BORED with the people who send them too, no prescription Lorazepam online. Lorazepam from mexico, That's why I'm doing something completely DIFFERENT.

Well, I'm trying to.., Lorazepam no prescription. Lorazepam pictures, Rather than following all the sheep who are following all the other sheep with endless nonsense I want to give REAL value.

I don't send junk, is Lorazepam safe. Lorazepam For Sale, At least I don't believe I do. Order Lorazepam from United States pharmacy, Everything I send is ORIGINAL.

Which means I CREATE it and WRITE it MYSELF using ORIGINAL ideas and my own UNIQUE way of expressing them, where can i buy cheapest Lorazepam online. Lorazepam price, coupon, I don't "copy" anything. I don't use PLR - YUK, buy Lorazepam without a prescription. I shudder at the mere thought of doing that, Lorazepam For Sale. Most of it is just stinky poo, time-wasting ga-ga.

My latest offering is all about GIVING value - NOT trying to trick or deceive people into WASTING their time downloading junk.

I'll let all the others peddle junk. I'm not gonna add to the junk heap. Lorazepam For Sale, So, if you want to read something FRESH and valuable and you want to INVEST your time rather than endlessly and aimlessly wasting it then go HERE:

No opt-in required.

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16 Responses to Lorazepam For Sale

  1. Peter Bottomley

    HI Gary
    I have begun to make a similar stand to yourself. I am a total newbie with my own websites and not even a list at this point in time. I am trying to concentrate on my own series of comedy sci-fi books – but that’s another story. Please have a look at my website above and see my thoughts on the subject.

  2. Peter Davies

    Hi Gary

    Long time no hear, hope all is well. I completely agree with the endless junk marketing as I said before, hence why Ive gone down the niche route which is extremely hard work.

    The saving grace for me is that it is just hard work that the junk marketers out there are unlikely to follow – so Im quite happy to let them carry on but not happy that they are giving the whole industry a bad name.

    I’ll have a read of your book later, I may even send it to my own list that I havnet been mailing too often recently

    Take Care


  3. Gary

    @ Peter Bottomley – I just visited your blog and left a comment. Thanks for the mention there. You are another straight-shooter by the looks. Glad to make acquaintance. TOP blog too Peter – my visitors should take a look. I like your comments and your style.

    @ Peter Davies – yeah, I’m FED UP TO THE EYEBALLS with all the utter garbage that these PRETEND marketers flog. The WORST thing with all that they do is that they just throw a big net around everybody and nobody knows who to trust. Glad you have found some good niches. You are CORRECT – they won’t follow your lead because they are too damn talentless to do so. Half of them couldn’t write an intelligible sentence. They just use gormless PLR (which I call Pathetic Loser Rubbish but Peter above calls Pretty Low Return) and copy, copy, copy. Well done.

    Thanks both Peters!


  4. Tony Clingan

    Hi Gary

    Very true, the sheer amount of junk that hits the inbox on a daily basis is staggering and the amount of actual unsolicited stuff is rising too

    I know a lot of people have become quite cynical about the current race to the bottom and despite the apparent tightening of the rules the magic button software keeps popping up

    In the end I’m not sure what the answer is because Clickbank doesn’t act on it and neither do the regulatory bodies and it makes life harder to get your message across

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  5. Gary

    @ Tony – Thanks for commenting. I agree with you. NOTHING short of heavy penalties is gonna fix this now. That is why Aweber has been mercilessly closing down accounts.

    There are now 1000’s of people adswapping JUNK with JUNK. They are building up massive unresponsive lists of people who, after they figure it out, hate all marketers.

    Essentially they are RUINING a good thing for everybody – themselves included.

    Just wait till I viralize a few more reports. I intend to reveal all these sh*tty practices. I intend to go on a RAMPAGE. The one above is only a “test case.”


  6. Paul Wilson

    Hey Gary,

    How are ya? I think we’re in need of another Vegas trip to get away from all this “junk” email ;-)

    I have tried unsubbing from this crap, but my inbox still seems to fill up quicker than I can empty it, it really is a joke!

    I have taken a back seat from all the email marketing for the last couple of months and been building some other niche sites, but will be getting my blog back online in the next couple of weeks after a bit of an overhaul.

    I hope things are going well with you mate?

    Talk soon


  7. Stephen Wharton

    Hi Gary,
    All the replies above, I’ve a similar story.
    The junk email. (Mostly ClickBank so thats great). I just purchase them, confirm them as junk, (and 9/10 are), then get a refund. (I always give a LONG reason why I am wanting a refund as well as I am genuinely seeking the refund for a sound reason. But my reason could be condensed to one word …. yep …. JUNK.
    The unsubscribe. Yep. I’ve unsubscribed again and again and my emails go down for a few days then slowly creep up again. I have found that many of these sly suckers often just attach you to another one of their lists that you did not even give permission to be attached to. That’s why your emails never go down. I often get ones from “budding” millionaires I’ve never even heard of who obviously get your email from one of the “honest” guys who guarantee that they “would never sell or trade your address”.
    Then there is the drug store / chemist sites. (Do you ever get your order of Viagra from these guys? … I wonder …. I’m “getting on” you know …. I might need it some day) !! None on my g Mail accounts … all on my BigPond email. Same when I was with Optus. What does that say about their security?

    Thanks for the opportunity to whinge, cheers

  8. Jean

    Gary – if anyone can tell it like it is- YOU can!

    Like you my in-box(es) are inundated with e-mails from various different marketers and I have to say I now select them, NOT from the supposedly enticing headlines, but from whom they’re from.

    There are those who provide genuinely useful and original information and others who just take the copy and paste affiliate messages and blast their lists for anything and everything.

    I delete a lot of my mail.

    I know I should get off the lists but it’s so time consuming. Often, you click unsubscribe, then give a reason why you’re unsubscribing, then get offered a bribe to stay, then get an e-mail to confirm you want to unsubscribe, then another saying you have unsubscibed.

    It all seems so…desperate!

    I absolutley LOVE your report. It’s certainly up to your usual high standard.

    Don’t ever lose your originality…

    As you say, it’s “Just Being You” that makes all the difference!

    Take care


  9. Gary

    @ Paul, I know I’m preaching to the “converted” here. LOL!

    Gee, I cannot believe the abusive unsubs I’ve received over this. Maybe some people actually LIKE all the junky crap. (More fool them huh?)

    I know that some “marketers” collect their unsubs then import them into autoresponders to start the entire junk email/spamming process over again. That’s actually illegal but they do it anyway.

    I’m actually GLAD to get unsubs. They are a waste of my time and theirs. I just dunno why so many people feel the need to be abusive – just in their make up I guess.

    @ Stephen – Your experience with those things is common. The ratio of zombies and vampires versus decent marketers is growing wider and wider. I will have more to say about those type of marketers soon. I expect it will get me more hate mail. Oh well…

    There are now so many DIRTY tricks and tactics being employed by the zombies and vampires against the masses of unsuspecting newbies it’s no wonder that so many people are so frustrated and angry.

    You can always come here and have a “whinge.” So long as the whinge is well-founded, the TEMPLE welcomes it.

    @ Jean – Good to hear you are now deleting emails. LOL! Remember what you told me in Las Vegas?

    Yes – desperate is a very good word for the way so many of these people operate.

    THANKS for the compliment Jean. It’s for people like you and the others who comment here that I create these resources.


  10. Richard

    Hi Gary

    I got so cheesed off with all the junk that I just stopped doing anything in December and am only just deciding what way to proceed now.

    Last weekend Fri lunch – Sun teatime I was away and received approx 500 emails 169 of these were placed in the junk folder by gmail, 90% of the remainder were binned without even being read.

    With one marketer I had 4 identical emails from 4 different lists of his needless to say I am no longer on any of his lists. You sign up for one promotion and end up on multiple lists. Anyone who signs up to a list of mine does not get placed on multiple lists only the one they signed up for and if they unsubscribe are removed without hassle.

    I had one guy who opted in to get my PowerPoint ebook and then called me some choice names when he got the confirmation email to confirm it was he who had opted in. He was deleted from my list and I unsubscribed from his lists.

    Keep up the good work


  11. Julie

    Gary! Where have you been?

    This mirrors quite well with the post I just made on my IM blog (check it out) on the levels people will sink to to sell a product – filled with hype, lies, and yes, junk! I guess we just keep plugging away or find another way to make a living – which I am focusing more on right now. Thanks for this post!

  12. Colin

    Hi Gary,
    I’ve been reading your messages for a while now and never even thought of unsubscribing.
    Your content is good and you don’t push for a sale – it’s there if we want it.
    Shame that there are so many out there who knowingly take advantage of the newcomers, promising the earth and delivering mud.
    I have been looking for a niche to run with for quite some time now and I seem to have fallen into this one – “Tell it like it is” – propelled towards it would be more accurate, I guess.
    Anyway, Power to you, mate and keep it coming.
    Regards, Colin
    PS I have just posted on my blog pretty much the same thing and I would appreciate any comments.
    Cheers, CZ

  13. Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

    Hi Gary. I’m looking forward to reading through your latest report. You’re always entertaining and informative so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

    One thing that stood out in your post though, is your attitude towards PLR. While I agree that most of it is pure crap you need to remember that you don’t want to through the baby out with the bathwater. We all get upset when people paint all Internet Marketers with the same brush just because 99.99% of them are vampires and zombies. The same is true of PLR.

    Not everyone needs to use it and if they do it should be rewritten to use their own voice, but there is some quality PLR out there. It is rarely cheap though.

  14. James Elliott

    Hi Gary,

    I know what you and the others are saying. I get mail from Paul wilson and Peter Davies. They don’t bomb you with emails abuyt junk as so many do. I open the emails from all three of you which is more than I can say for most of the others. don’t get me started on the ad swap crap most of the stuff I have had for a year or more. Some are sending their product downloads that are theirs and have an opt in to get it. Never get it because I know it will put me on another list and then the same email from all the list. I have been there and done that not any more. The unsubscribe is useless. I am getting email now from people I unsubscribed from and some of them on more that one address. The pills are bad on AOL and the porn is bad on windows live. I do a lot of deleting.

    Thanks for your post I will be watching for more from you,Paul and Peter.


  15. James


    his portion struck me off the bat and it’s one of the more deceptive tricks I’ve found:
    “People want REAL solutions to their problems – NOT a massive
    hotchpotch of meaningless drivel that tells them nothing or is so
    general in nature that it provides zero value to them.”
    Many people have an issue with money which is known, but more I personally think have a problem getting genuine web traffic. I think I’ve looked at 382 (I’m on aBUNCH of lists, everyone needs entertainment) subjects promising me either instant or “push button” traffic.
    I’d be willing to say millions are made off that ‘new’ concept. How many people are actually getting traffic becomes my biggest question as numerous boards rip those products to shred as not giving results.
    Another one of my theories on new ‘push button’ systems is that they may have worked for one person, however when the thousands of buyers flock the system gets flooded and stops workings effectively.
    My 2 cents..

  16. I'm BORED! | Internet Marketing TEMPLE of Learning for Newbies | Clickbank Make Money

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