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Phentermine For Sale

by Gary ~ December 19th, 2010

HEADLINE: Phentermine For Sale, "Joan Fonebone is a Dirty, Lying, Cheating NO-GOOD Scumbag Scammer!"

I bet you thought WOW. Kjøpe Phentermine på nett, köpa Phentermine online, Who is this Joan Fonebone. I wanna know WHO she is, Phentermine description, Get Phentermine, what she’s done and why she’s a dirty, lying, buy no prescription Phentermine online, Purchase Phentermine for sale, cheating, no-good scumbag scammer, Phentermine canada, mexico, india. Phentermine interactions, Gee, this is gonna be GOOD, my Phentermine experience. Generic Phentermine, Well… sorry to disappoint you but Joan Fonebone is just a fictitious character in my latest report called: How NOT to Be an Internet Marketing Zombie. (If you don't already have it then you can get that free pdf by just clicking on the link)

But that headline was just so BELIEVABLE, wasn’t it, Phentermine For Sale. Unfortunately, Phentermine schedule, Phentermine long term, it is. And I will bet that with ALL the good content that I have put out through my autoresponder series these last few months that this will be the MOST opened and read message of them all, comprar en línea Phentermine, comprar Phentermine baratos. Phentermine australia, uk, us, usa, Why. Simply because we are all pre-conditioned to believe the very WORST news out there, Phentermine dose. Phentermine For Sale, How can it be any other way. Purchase Phentermine, EVERY day and EVERY night we are subjected to the most negative newspaper reporting, negative radio reporting, buy Phentermine no prescription, Order Phentermine no prescription, negative television news reporting and every other media outlet negative reporting possible. And we have been from the time we could comprehend any of it, Phentermine no rx. Phentermine mg, We are POUNDED with it and we have sub-consciously "learned" to FEAST on it.

Basically, order Phentermine from mexican pharmacy, Buy Phentermine from canada, we have been conditioned to believe anything if it's bad. And on the Internet.., Phentermine For Sale. well.., Phentermine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Phentermine online no prescription, EVERYBODY is a scammer, aren't they, Phentermine from canadian pharmacy. Phentermine used for, I've been called that 100's of times - yep, mainly because those who have said it didn't read what I sent them or simply didn't understand it, cheap Phentermine. Phentermine online cod, I am ALWAYS happy to get those people off my subscriber list. There is NO way to educate them and it is tiresome even replying to them. Phentermine For Sale, If that is their belief then they can have it. I only want to interact with people who want to move ahead, online buy Phentermine without a prescription. Where can i buy Phentermine online, Well, I’m here to tell you that not everything has to be so negative and diabolically and shamefully nasty in this world, online buying Phentermine. Discount Phentermine, Sure, bad people exist, Phentermine samples. Phentermine alternatives, We know that. But they are in the minority, thankfully, Phentermine For Sale. There are a lot of GOOD people in this crazy, Phentermine street price, Buy cheap Phentermine no rx, mixed up world of ours but… their deeds so often go ignored.

With every new year comes a time of new hope. Of new beginnings. Of new paradigms. Phentermine For Sale, Of a new and BETTER future.

I’m trying hard to give you opportunities to have a better future. In fact, I have some really awesome content lined up for you over the next few months - loads of stuff, in fact. But you can start today with a couple of things that I know will put you on the right path:

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I’m going to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas 2010 and all the very best for year 2011. I hope you experience JOY and PEACE throughout the entire festive period and beyond. Oh... and try to find the good. Phentermine For Sale, It's there if you look. It's just not all that obvious.


PS: I just KNOW that somebody will want to take me to task over the headline I used - it's NOT deceptive. A headline like that is creative. There is a difference.

Are you sick of the same old results, Phentermine For Sale. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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33 Responses to Phentermine For Sale

  1. Gary

    Oh folks this is just TOO FUNNY!

    For once I’m going to be the first person to comment on my own blog.

    Predictably the opens have gone BALLISTIC. And, equally predictable, I have already had some people abuse me for that headline – and it’s only a few minutes old. It is painfully OBVIOUS that the headline is ALL they read. And, without any further examination of the facts they have UNSUBSCRIBED – and, worse, left with rude parting remarks.

    Well, these are the very people who I WANT to unsubscribe. They are assumers. They ASSUME. And on their flawed assumptions they will flame people.

    How can you make a belief up on flawed information? These are the very people who call everyone a scammer without the slightest bit of evidence to support their assertions.

    YES! I want those people OFF my subscriber list. This is a test I am conducting and some people didn’t even pass the first hurdle. I DON’T WANT deadwood for what I have planned in 2011. I really NEED these people to identify themselves and LEAVE.

    But for those who want to stick around – it will be WORTH it. I guarantee that.

    Let the experiment continue…


    PS: 79 opens in the first 15 minutes!

  2. Simon dodd

    Good work mate!

    When I saw that headline I was of two minds as to whether it was a real person or not! I though he wouldn’t do that would he…. nice one!

    Cheers for all your help as well, seems like you might be able to talk about the … again as well ;)


  3. Glenda Oakley

    Hey Gary…Yeah…I thought “hell, I gotta read this! Gary is one of few that has guts!!” Plus, I looove a bit of goss! I don’t see what the hoo har is, I mean we get deceptive subject lines every day: you won the yahoo lottery…the microsoft lottery etc etc. Not to mention all those emails saying you have made a commission!!(when they are advertising some crap…) Anyway, there was nothing wrong with your headline, and I don’t believe for a minute that one person didn’t want to read WHO it was.If they said they unsubscribed begfore reading it, then they are telling porky pies!! It’s human nature.

  4. Glenda Oakley

    Gary…I was just blocked from sharing this on facebook!!! I will try again, maybe some Ahole has flagged it as unappropriate?

  5. Glenda Oakley

    Gary. I could’t share it again…so I filled in their thingo form saying it was not rude, inappropriate or scammy, and that it was just a motivational blog.
    So, I just wait, don’t know what happens next. They send me an email I think.Mmmmm, we’ll see,

  6. Joan Fonebone

    Fame at last!


    PS – But WAIT! Click “Cancel” on the next page for an incredible offer

  7. Britt Malka

    Hi Gary,

    Well, I have to boast a bit, because I opened your mail and clicked through, but I knew that Joan Fonebone was a fake person, and that you only chose this headline to prove a point. And I was right ;-)

    Looking forward to more mails from you.

  8. Gary

    @ Simon – No, I would never call anybody out like that. It was just an experiment. And a way to trim my list and rid it of people who I do not want.

    In just a very short time – just over an hour – 195 people have opened that email. Considering it is very early in the morning in the USA, this is a big number of people – many more than if I’d sent out a “positive” message.

    @ Glenda – I’m never afraid to speak my mind. If people don’t like it then they can always leave.

    Yes, the deceptive subject lines are nasty. This one, however, is more “creative” – in my mind anyway.

    Hmm, I’ve had people tell me before that some of my stuff is blocked on Facebook. Oh well, their loss.

    Plus, because of my stance on various scammy, scummy things I have had certain people do some VERY unsavoury behind-the-scenes ninja crap to me. That is their PATHETIC way of trying to silence me. They have no guts and people with no guts don’t phase me one iota. If they won’t come out of the shadows and make themselves known then I simply don’t rate them at all.

    @ “Joan” – Oh that is just very amusing. 10/10 for cleverness and originality of thinking. I like stuff like that. This is a nom-de-plume identity folks – NOT the “real” Joan – who only lives in my imagination.

    @ Britt – anyone who has read my report on “How NOT to Be an Internet Marketing ZOMBIE” would realize that I used that fictitious name inside that report. So, well done.

    I want THINKING people to get my emails – people like you. The zombies and the boofheads and the dills who send me abusive unsub comments that make no sense can all bugger off. I don’t need them and I certainly don’t want them. They are a waste of space on my autoresponder. Is not quantity with me (unlike the zombie “marketers”) – it’s QUALITY!

    I want people to look forward to what I have to offer – and I really do have some good stuff coming. So, this is an exercise in getting rid of people who I don’t want to have my material.


  9. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Yes it is predictable that people automatically assume the worst.

    Whilst waiting for the page to load I was reading my emails and enjoying one titled: ‘Because pleasure is GOOD for you’.

    This was about looking after ourselves, enjoying the things we do – not feeling guilty about things like stopping to read a book, watch a sunset or enjoy a glass of wine.

    The same applies in all areas of our life – including online. So let’s make a habit of doing good things and enjoying them.

    Happy Christmas to you – going to decorate the tree today so I will enjoy that! I expect you also enjoyed the cricket result :-( Watch out the next test…


  10. Gary

    @ Hils – They DO, don’t they? It’s crazy.

    I work really hard so when I take time off I don’t feel guilty – even though I’m a workaholic. I actually like producing e-books and manuals and reports to help people.

    About the cricket… I was updating Parkesy at the fall of EVERY English wicket. He’s over here ATM. He deserved that coz he sent me this dopey text message about “Bubbly Jubbly – you’ve lost the Ashes.” Whatever “Bubbly Jubbly” means. I must ask him – IF he’s still talking to me. Anyway, we had a lovely 4.5 hour lunch at the local tavern during the week.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family Hilary.


  11. Al


    Is Fonebone pronounced “funny bone”?, because that’s what set mine off as I read it!

    BTW, I almost thought you were serious with that headline. You are so right about us being conditioned to feast on negative thoughts and actions. We see it all the time in the media.


  12. Gary

    * * * * * UPDATE * * * * *

    Gee… my autoresponder tells me that in just a little over 2 hours I have had 261 people open that email – all based on that negative headline.

    If I’d said “Joan Fonebone is a Fine Woman with a WONDERFUL Idea” then I would have been lucky to have 50-60 people open the email in that time.

  13. Gary

    @ Al – Glad you saw through it and found the humor.

    This has been a very predictable but most enjoyable experiment. And the best part is that I am getting rid of people who don’t appreciate my way of doing things. They are FAR better off lamenting on some zombies’ lists. This was my way of flushing them without them realizing it.

    The more good info I put out the faster they leave. They are looking for a push-button solution – one that does not exist. Anything that looks even slightly intellectual or informative they just poo-poo so I’m purging them. Eventually I just want a list that appreciates what I do without the need for classless individuals to feel as though they need to be abusive.


  14. Paul Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    In my humble opinion a lot of your bitchers and whiners will have been scalded so many times on the net that it´s their standard practice now to be as nasty and obtuse as they can be.

    I think for a lot of them it´s a reflex action coming from the fact that they still don´t have a proper web presence themselves and also not having the backbone to put pen to paper and tell it like it is !

    I thank God that most of my sites are outside of the “make money online” niche because there are far too many people in this niche who still want to believe the “press three buttons” mantra who will continue to get burnt because as you know to do this job properly takes “work” something that a lot of them see as a dirty word.

    It´s far easier for them to find a target to vent their anonymous frustrations on, that´s where your site comes in =O)

    All the best,


  15. Gary

    HAMMO! Where have you been? Good to see you are still around. I was gonna say “floating around” – LOL! Last I saw you were zooming off to Spain in a cigarette boat.

    I agree with what you said above. Anybody who they perceive as doing better than them – and it doesn’t take much when so many do so darn little – becomes a target.

    Merry Christmas to you Paull


  16. Paul Hamilton

    Hi Gary,

    Ducking and weaving. As you know from our brief skype conversation I´ve had a pretty torrid year and then to add insult to injury my appendix burst in November, not nice at all !

    Apart from that I´m fine thanks.

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours.

    All the best,


  17. Venkatesh

    Hi Gary

    Just to say


    Hope you benefit tons from a lot of folks who benefit megatons from you.

  18. Nelson Tan

    There’s a (not necessarily Chinese) saying that goes, “All good people die young.” So that makes the rest of us scumbags hehe.

    Merry Christmas!

    best regards,
    Nelson Tan

  19. Michael Hamm

    Hey Garebear,

    I figured this is what you were doing. Nice work,
    just proves what we have been talking about. I realized
    quite soon after I started online that there would be work
    involved, and most of these people are, yes, still looking
    for the “Easy Button”. When I put in a 60 hour week at
    my PC, it still beats working for someone else, as I decide
    EVERYTHING that I am doing. That alone is priceless.
    Happy and prosperous 2011 for all of us that persevere.

  20. Jean

    Hi Gary,

    I clicked thru to find out WHY you would trash someone. It seemed a little (or lot) out of character for you.

    If you really were trashing someone I was going to unsubscribe.


  21. Imgard Hartmann

    Hi Gary,

    first thought…what is this? After I red, OK!

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start for the New Year.


  22. joe

    Gary this part of your comment bothered me a bit”simply didn’t understand it. I am ALWAYS happy to get those people off my subscriber list” So if a person has trouble undestanding the info you send them you plan on just blowing them off? That doesn’t sound all that fair or nice. Not everyone is going to understand everything,I have had mega trouble understanding this intenetmarketing ,and the tech stuff.maybe I should unsubscribe Gary,I want to be taught,I want to undeerstand just like hundreds of others out there.But we do need good teacher,and Internet marketers who are willing to go that little extra to help some of us who just are not as smart as you are.

  23. Tony Clingan

    Hi Gary

    I think the message you are putting out is important, the majority of people are fundamentaly good people but we can’t just gloss over the small group who are not because in the end they spoil it for everybody else

    We all want to see people develop and to learn from people with something valuable to say, let’s hope that 2011 is more positive

    Thanks for sharing and making us smile Tony

  24. Denis R Caron

    Hi Gary:

    Doin’ a fly by-

    Human nature Baby, gotta love it!

    Let’s all read about the latest celeb train wreck.
    Who’s gettin’ divorced this week?
    Grotesque fascination-slow down passing that car crash-I saw some limbs.

    That’s why I never give lotto scratch off tickets as gifts. Someone might actually win – Win big on MY dollar and I get nuttin’…

    But have a nice day,

    Joan Fonebpne can kiss my ass…ertive attitude, because I’m unsubscribing her!

  25. Roberta

    Hi Gary,
    Been keeping up with your emails – thanks for sending good stuff regularly – and I often do open yours when others are skipped over, because I know you have something to say! Always a good message. Not just, click here for the next bright shiny object. I also could tell that Joan Fonebone was fictitious, not just because it’s in the Marketing Zombie pdf, but because I have a good idea about your sense of humor and sense of drama to get a message out.

    Good stuff. Thanks for keeping us all on our toes and moving forward.

    I think what I need is more about marketing, though, since I have a great relationship with my list! Probably too good. We’re all buddies now and I spend too much time with personal emails. I’ve been warned about becoming to chummy with folks, but it’s hard to resist. And I do have a TON of new friends! (But no time left to visit my forums!)

    I’ve had a few Joan Fonebones on my neck, too, telling me what a scumbag I am, taking advantage of people. Hmmm… how did I do that?

    If they don’t unsubscribe, I do it for them! And then I tell them I not only unsubscribed them, but have blocked them so they can’t resubscribe! (Not that they would, but it makes me feel like I’m in control.) LOL

    Not that this happens much… only 3 so far in the last 5 years.

    OK, back to work. My newsletter is due out tomorrow!


  26. Gary

    @ Paull – Yikes. No good mate. You looked pretty well in your video. I watched it. Well done. Loved the water in the background.

    @ Venkatesh – Merry Christmas to you too.

    @ Nelson – I think there is a song about that too. Most people are actually pretty good but some get carried away with frustration and that’s when ANY target becomes a good target for them (like I became this morning for frustrated Steve).

    @ Mikey – Yes, it is a LOT of hard work. Unfortunately, the constant theme being sold is that push button mentality. It gives people are very false impression of what is needed and, when they don’t make $10,000 from some crazy technique being sold as the panacea to all their desires, they think everything and everyone is a scam.

    @ Jean – I’ve never trashed anyone online. Little “Joanie” is just a figment of my wild imagination. She was a character I used in my “How NOT to Be an Internet Marketing ZOMBIE” report and all those who’d previously read that would know it. It was a bit of a test to see who is reading what.

    @ Irmgard – Yeah, the headline was designed to get attention by plugging in to everybody’s programming. It worked – even though a couple of people went berserk with really stupid email remarks that don’t even warrant repeating here. There are clowns in every circus.

    @ Joe – I’m all about helping people. I could name dozens and dozens of people who I’ve helped out – hours and hours of my time… at no cost. The ones who I want to leave are those who suck up every free resource I have then one day they completely misinterpret some tiny little thing and call me a low-life scumbag guru dog or some other such charming remark. It’s almost like they are panting and waiting for a slip-up. I’m pretty opinionated and vocal about things so I leave those opportunities all over the place.

    You are quite at liberty to unsubscribe Joe and if you want to then I’m fine with that. Just do it. If I’m not fulfilling your needs or desires or if you just don’t like the way I operate or my sense of humor or even what I look like then feel free to exercise your right to do so. You are welcome to stay or go – your choice. I wouldn’t have it ANY other way. See Tony’s comment below and my reply to him.

    @ Tony – You are SO right. It is always a small percentage of people who stuff it up for everybody else. I’m more than happy to share what I know and if I can give you a laugh along the way then that’s even better. The world has become a dark place since 9/11. Like you said, a small percentage of people attempt to hold everyone else hostage.

    As I mentioned to Joe above, my style doesn’t suit everyone. I don’t want to bash heads with anyone so if they don’t like what I do then they can just unsubscribe. But they should do it peacefully – not like the drongo I had this morning who just kept forcing his stupid comments at me in email after email. Everything he falsely accused me of was a flaw in his own character but he couldn’t see that. He just kept attacking. I hope he vented his frustrations. I was just laughing at how silly he was becoming at this end.

    When people do that and want to argue the point from such a weak base it tells me an awful lot about them. A bit of reverse engineering of this guy’s website and Twitter account told me all I needed to know about him. I was wasting my time even trying to make him see reason. Oh well, his choice. I’m glad he’s gone. He can go and find somebody else to vent his frustration and anger on.

    @ D-man – Always good to have your wit here. Indeed, it’s ALWAYS the train wrecks that people seem to want to take interest in – which Hollywood “celebrity” is in rehab today? WHO CARES? There seems to be a morbid fascination with crazy people.

    Thanks to everyone who took time to comment. And Merry Christmas to you all – even abusive Steve with his flotilla of erroneous and nasty messages this morning. Like I said, find some PEACE Steve. Life is too short to harbor all that pent-up negativity.


  27. Gary

    * * * * * UPDATE * * * * *

    OK, just a little REALITY check… Joan Fonebone is actually a FICTITIOUS person. Just like my other fictitious names I use from time to time to illustrate various points in e-books and reports that I write – eg Wilbur Winklestein and Fred Nurk. These people do NOT exist. They are characters ONLY. They are NOT REAL. (I KNOW that MOST people realize that – LOL)

    My autoresponder is now telling me that with very close to 1,000 opens this is now the 3rd most opened email I have sent this month. Interesting huh?

    I’m having a bit of a chuckle at all this. BTW, I’m thinking about giving Joan a rest for a while. Maybe I will introduce a brother for her. Tyrone. Tyrone Fonebone.


  28. Gary

    Hi Roberta – Your comment must have got caught up in my dashboard. I’ve only just noticed it. Sorry!

    You usually open my emails? That’s GOOD to hear. I have emails from certain people that I always open too – because they are informative and fresh and not just the usual dull, dreary click-this-link-for-more-crappy-junk type emails. Actually, some of the very worst I open simply to see how maniacal they are and get a good laugh. Then I shake my head and delete them OR if they are REALLY bad they go into my ZOMBIE folder.

    Some emailers are so woeful that I just delete them on sight. I see their name and poof – they are gone. They just send endless garbage – most of it designed for ONE thing only – to fool newbies into clicking a link so they can tumble them through an endless funnel with looped pages and half a dozen exit-splashes. It’s like being held hostage.

    I try to impart something useful in everything I do. And it must be working. I just downloaded all my Aweber stats for the last month and they are pretty strong on opens and clicks. This is at a time when everyone is reporting very low opens and CTR’s. Mine dipped a while back but I decided I was gonna do something about it – create VALUE. And since then, I’ve managed to get things back on an even keel.

    Roberta, you have to strike a balance with the time that some people “demand” from you. I remember one fellow I was helping for months. Then one day he tells me he’s cancelled his blog, all his sites, his email account and QUIT. Just like that. All those hours and hours that I spent helping him – ALL FOR NOTHING! And he never even said thanks as the door whacked his a** on the way out. He was just sh*tty that he couldn’t make it work. Mind you he was a lazy sod anyway.

    Forget about the moaners and whingers and complainers and flamers. They are out there. Some of them – the real dimwits – treat it like a sport. That’s how they get their jollies – trying to take other people down.

    Yep, I have hunted out some serial critics, unsubbed them then told them what I’ve done. Hopefully, when we do that we teach them that being a flamer gets them nowhere. Some of the worst ones I will do a bit of investigative work to see what they have to offer – like the guy who wouldn’t let up this morning. I’ve NEVER seen them create anything worthwhile. Like good old Steve this morning – His Alexa Ranking on his site was 13.5 MILLION and his Twitter following was 28. And there he is trying to slap me around and tell ME what *I* should be doing – DOUBLE DUH! As Santa would say – HO HO HO!

    I’m basing my efforts now on around 60% Self Improvement topics and 40% marketing. The reason is this – until somebody starts to believe in themself they will do virtually nothing to establish a presence online. Many people are even too afraid to put their real name or picture up for others to see. There’s another reason for that too but I won’t go into it here. If somebody doesn’t have enough confidence to use their real name and picture then I know that they are virtually destined never to succeed online. To succeed one needs a strong presence, a believable presence, a brand, a strong stance, to be trustworthy and to offer decent information. And that all starts with announcing: “I’m here! This is me.”

    Merry Christmas to you Roberta. May 2011 be a shining year for you.


  29. Paul Hamilton

    Hi Gar,

    Thanks for looking at the video and yes you´re right the water is nice here =O)

    I know it was a bit cheeky of me to use that link but, I needed some Zen link love and what better place to get it !!

    Thanks Gary,


  30. Gary

    * * * * * UPDATE * * * * *

    Well, my Joan Fonebone email is still running at number 3 for opens but overnight it went to NUMBER 1 for clicks. That is, more people have clicked the link inside that email than any other email I have sent out for the entire month. Interesting huh? And exactly what I predicted.


  31. Gary

    @ Paull – oh yeah, that water rolling and lapping in the background was very serene. Good back drop.

    You can use whatever link you want here Paull – so long as it isn’t to vi*gra – LOL!


  32. Roberta

    Oh great. I think Joan’s evil twin just emailed me last night. Only it was her twin brother… just to tell me how lousy my website is. He couldn’t say enough about how bad it is, but then said, I’m not harassing you. I just want to help you. So I replied, with all my corrections of his lousy use of English, and said, I’m not harassing you… just helping.

    When I have the time, it’s rather entertaining. Otherwise, it’s just damn annoying.


  33. Jean

    Well, you certainly hooked me with your e-mail.

    I know you can be a straight talker but I was a bit surprised by the intensity of your tiitle.

    Guess, I should have known better.

    If you do offer criticism, it’s always constructive and with the best of intentions.

    I know if people actually listen to you instead of getting so upset or defensive, they’d learn a lot.

    Still, as you say, it’s almost the NewYear, so maybe all those moaners, whingers and scammers will turn over a new leaf.

    We can live in hope!

    Best wishes


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