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Buy Phentermine Without Prescription

by Gary ~ December 7th, 2010

Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, This post is gonna be short and sweet. You see, where can i cheapest Phentermine online, Cheap Phentermine no rx, since the massive number of people who commented on my last post about "My Declaration of War on Junk in Internet Marketing" and the overwhelming support I received in Skype messages and emails I thought...

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What I am about to do here may make me the most hated man in the IM world of Zombie Internet Marketers, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Buy Phentermine online cod, I... DON'T.., Phentermine no rx. Phentermine wiki, CARE!

They are only annoying the sh*t out of everyone anyway.

What is an Internet Marketing Zombie?

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Let's put a STOP to Internet Marketing Zombieism and return to some decorum, Phentermine description.


PS: All the advance copies that I sent out all came back with 100% support, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Purchase Phentermine, But I'm not stupid enough to think that EVERYBODY will agree with my stance. far from it, no prescription Phentermine online. Phentermine without prescription, The ZOMBIES will HATE it. TOUGH! They can do what they wanna do and I will do what I wanna do, is Phentermine addictive.

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28 Responses to Buy Phentermine Without Prescription

  1. Collette Jones

    Wow Gary have you hit the nail on the head with this report!

    I agree with you 100%… though maybe I wouldn’t use the same language to do so ;)

    In the past couple of years I’ve put in lot of hard work and a considerable amount of money to follow my dream of creating a financial future for myself online, but during recent months I’ve found myself questioning whether this is the path I should follow.

    Like you I began to see changes in the emails I was receiving, and the more emails and poor quality offers I received, the more unsettled I began to feel. I know that if these ‘marketing tactics’ were the only way forward in the IM world, then this wasn’t right for me.

    Yes, I need to make money… but I also need to keep hold of my own personal values.

    I hope people sit up and take notice when they read your report, and that more people realise that there IS a place for honest marketers out there!

    To put it in your own words: “Be a Leader. Be original. Create Value”

    Thanks so much Gary, you’ve fired me back up again. I’m NOT going to give up on my dream, instead I’m going to follow your lead, work hard… and again to use your words… try to “become somebody worthy of people taking notice of”

    Wish me luck!


  2. Pete

    ‘Nail on the Head’ – yet again, I will post a link to this on my blog to give it wider circulation.

    As we said I think people have chosen Ad Swapping as their business model and the only way with which to make money.

    This relies on finding new leads of course but doesn’t do a thing for relationship building as all you are doing is blasting your list with c**p.

    This appears to have created a trap, they havent built relationships by following the zombie route so the only way to increase their income is to send yet more c**p emails.

    People forget that autoresponders are for NEWSLETTERS not offer after offer after offer.

    Boy I’m glad I saw this coming months ago and decided to opt for the Niche Marketing/SEO route – far more substance and without upsetting people.

  3. Gary

    @ Collette – Look who’s first! LOL! I’m gonna keep all my replies pretty short coz my thoughts are all in that 55 page report. I’m actually pretty embarrassed about the way IM has become such a ZOMBIE marketing cesspool. I don’t want to be like them. Hence, my report.

    @ Pete – thanks mate. Don’t forget this… zombie marketers are NOT thinkers. They just follow what some zombie king or queen tells them works – even IF that is total bullsh*t. How else can you explain the IDIOTIC emails they deluge everybody with. They are destroying the industry. But they haven’t figured that out yet.


  4. Lisa

    Gary, you are hilarious! But a freekin genius!!


    (I know this comment isn’t anything profound, but we discussed that the other day!)



  5. Stephen Bray


    Downloaded ‘ur report and read
    ever word, even the rude ones ;-)

    I’m going to share it with a few
    people. It’s very good.

    The fact is the marketplace needs
    to wise-up.

    My niece put a status report out on
    Facebook recently. Someone had
    slid into her parked car and destroyed
    all the panels on one side.

    She was spitting blood, metaphorically.

    All her chums chimed in calling the
    person who did this lots of bad names.
    Clearly they thought someone who
    would smash into a car and not leave
    insurance details must be a bad

    It’s possible that the guy who did
    this was high on crack, or some other

    This, of course, is the sign of a
    weak person, who may indeed also
    do very bad things.

    Maybe they were just someone talking
    on their mobile phone, (not a bad person
    just stupid), and just didn’t care. (They
    would if my niece got her hands on them,
    and she’s barely more than five feet tall).

    But another possibility occurred to me.
    Could it be that this was someone who
    had never had an accident before?

    A kid who had borrowed Mum’s car
    and was sh*t scared of what her
    parents might say?

    Or an old man who feared he might
    lose his licence and never be able
    to get it back at his age?

    Good people sometimes make bad
    decisions, or do bad things.

    Your report will help some who are
    desperate to provide incomes for
    their loved ones make better I.M.

    But let’s not judge the ones who
    never get to read it and act like

    Of course when people deliberately
    act like sh*t weazles you have
    my full permission to kick their
    arses, you ranting kung-foo you :-)


  6. Brenda Svoboda

    Hi Gary,

    If that’s your idea of cussing you’ve got a long way to go! LOL

    But seriously, this sort of thing is an epidemic which I figured was originally hatched at some IM convention. Unfortunately there’s always a new crop of innocents (note I didn’t say “newbies”) that come online looking for sound advice who will learn the hard way how NOT to market.

    I spend over an hour a day sorting, deleting and unsubscribing from lists. This is time that I don’t have to spare. Unfortunately (and I guess this the nature of adswaps) I often get back on some of the same lists through clever pen names. Are clicks so valuable that marketers will do anything to get them?

    What really pisses me off is when marketers who SHOULD REALLY KNOW BETTER stoop to deceptive subject lines and canned, rehashed copy. I have had to kick a few that I really respect to the curb for this. It’s now one of my criteria for unsubscribing. I just downloaded an ebook (PLR) that was so poorly written and grammatically incorrect that I went ahead and deleted it from my hard drive.

    I could go on and on but I’m obviously preaching to the choir. Suffice it to say that users of bad subject lines should fined and shunned.



  7. Mary Coon

    In the 70’s we had Ralph Nadar to tell us when products were cr*p. Now with the internet going global and the bucketloads of junk turning into mountains of good ol’ horse manure, it is refreshing to know that there are a few on the internet who not only are taking a stand in what they offer to their memberships by making sure that they give value. What is even more impressive is that those same few have not only decided enough is enough, but are becoming vocal about rinsing out the dirty diapers and putting marketing back in the hands of the big boys and girls who are old enough to wear panties and not eat pablum.

    Ad swaps are just one of many things that are destroying good marketing tools. As an owner of 2 traffic exchanges, I can attest that unless owners are willing to stop promoting cash to freeloading surfers and get honest eyeballs looking at ads, marketers will leave and traffic exchanges will collapse. Because I have seen this coming within the traffic exchange world, I have started becoming vocal about this also.

    If marketers want the tools that were designed for their use to work to their best advantage, it is time that marketers start becoming the controlling voice in how these tools are used. When traffic exchanges become just another form of lottery then the eyes are no longer on the ads and these people are not faithful and bounce from site to site to try to grab the next free nickel or dime.

    Gary, I am very happy to consider you a friend and also want to say, “Thank You for speaking out as you do.” I am also pleased to say that I intend to follow your lead in my own fashion. I really thought I may have committed social suicide a few days ago when I sent a rant newsletter to my traffic exchange membership along with the winners list for the past holiday competition. I did get some flack, but I was also surprised to find that only two chose to close their accounts (there maybe a few more in the next few days), but I recieved 5 times that many support tickets telling me that they agreed with me and supported my decision.

    I used to never unsubscribe from email lists because it was a way for me to keep track of the pulse of the internet marketing arena. Now, I am going to unsubscribe from any marketers list who will not give good value to their membership by sending regurgitated slop that even someone who just bought their first computer questions. How exactly can 14 people have just created the same product to do the same miraculous thing and released it to the public in the same hour and even the messages inside are exactly the same. Upon looking closer, you find that it is plr products that the original message and advertising were identical 2 years ago.

    Wise up marketers, the only ones killing your marketing is yourselves.

    Here is to a fresh new year with a brighter (and much cleaner) marketing arena to work in.


  8. Gary

    @ Lisa – Well, they say there is a very fine line between genius and idiot. I have my savant moments. But I wonder why I even try to help people sometimes. And that’s half the problem – far too many people are unappreciative of ANY effort you make for them. They just take and take and take. So there is blame on BOTH sides. And that is why I think we now have this ugly mess. There is NO respect on either side of the fence. Subscribers are so used to getting screwed that they just retaliate by screwing marketers who, in turn, just get WORSE and WORSE with their disrespect and gouging.

    @ Stephen – Thanks for saying that Stephen. Your analogies are acknowledged. You are always the voice of reason.

    I had a guy this morning tell me he “could not afford” my FREE NO-opt-in report. How can you educate somebody so simple? You can’t. I’ve even had people demand a refund because they have lost a product on their computer. I had another guy refund $60 through Clickbank coz he said: “Don’t need to buy nuthin on Clickbank no more.” Great attitude huh? He’ll go a LONG way in life. NOT!

    Many of the zombie marketers know of no other method of doing things but the kings and queens do. They are dangerous because they teach the unititiated and naive among their “flocks” to do these bad things and… CHARGE them for the privilege. They even screw other marketers and laugh about it in their little covens. That’s sad. They are sad.

    @ Brenda – I actually toned it down a LOT after something that my friend (and she IS my friend) Jean Shaw said. I wrote about it under the warning inside my report. I don’t want to sound like a boor. I can swear with the best of them but I only ever do that when I’m really mad. Mostly, I don’t get mad. I just plan a counter-attack far worse than what was done to me.

    To answer your question about clicks… yes! That is the “currency” of adswaps. And the methods for getting those clicks have now resorted to such levels of dishonesty and trickery that I seldom do adswaps now – only with people I know are NOT scammers and who also have good free info that will help the people who look to me for education and guidance. Naturally, that has become a very difficult task. In fact, almost impossible. It is so hard to “return clicks” if somebody has a sub-standard freebie. But when they are both EQUALLY HORRIBLE it’s easy. And that is what has caused the MASSIVE proliferation of these IDIOTIC subject lines and nonsense email texts that say nothing except click on this link.

    The zombie marketers think this is the “curiousity factor.” It isn’t. It just levels the playing field to an ALL TIME LOW where both sides compete on ONE factor only – list size and the naievity of the newbies within those lists.

    @ Mary – The zombie marketers as I call them are too stupid to see the damage they are causing. Everybody is now a suspect – even me. Because people now will not even waste 1 second looking to see who is offering what. They just do BULK DELETES. And that is because out of every 100 emails you are getting now 98 or 99 are just GARBAGE!

    It’s like looking through RAW sewage for a diamond ring that somebody said they lost and you don’t know even if that person was telling the truth OR if the ring really contained a diamond or just a piece of cheap glass. In other words… it ain’t worth the effort.

    There is a groundswell of people railing about zombie marketing but… the zombies are so numerous. The ONLY way to get the message through to these people who send incessant emails of crap and garbage and sewage EVERY email – multiple times per day – is to UNSUBSCRIBE and leave a message for them: “You are a zombie marketer.” THAT and ONLY that will cause them to change what they are doing. Until then we must put up with the ongoing onslaught – “The Attack of the Internet Marketing Zombies.”

    A big THANK YOU! to all who have the courage to come here and support my stance.


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  10. Noela Miller

    Read it. Loved it. You rock – Thanks Gary for telling it like it is.

  11. Gary

    @ Noela – Thank you. I appreciate you telling me that. The numerous private emails and Skype messages I have had tell me that I have a LOT of supporters who are also sick and tired of the internet marketing zombies.


  12. Gary

    Ha! In just a few hours this blog post is number 1 for the search term: internet marketing zombies. Just what I wanted

  13. John McNally

    Downloaded and read your Zombie report Gary. Brilliant, agree 100%.

    The Zombies have made me so disillusioned with Internet Marketing, I stopped collecting email addresses for my Aweber lists. I didn’t want my soul tainted by being associated with email marketing.

    Your report has cheered me up. Not everyone is a Zombie, it’s just that the Zombies have taken over the graveyard, and that’s the impression a newbie gets.

    I may now reinstall my Aweber subscription box on my blog, and would like to offer your Zombie report as my free gift. Is that OK with you?


    PS. Your graphic artist has done a great cover. Reminds me of the artwork on EC comics ‘Tales from the Crypt.’ 8)

  14. Gary

    @ John – Thank you. The internet marketing zombie report is spreading like wildfire now. I’m getting a lot of great feedback.

    Your thoughts are echoed by many. So many people have either given up or are just sitting in limbo not knowing what to do but knowing ABSOLUTELY that they cannot and WILL NOT take part in this rape and pillage mentality.

    You may certainly offer your subscribers a free copy. Have a look inside the report – I give permission to do that, page 54.

    I’m laughing at your last comment. The “graphic artist” was … me. That took about an hour to do then an hour to fiddle with before I got it just the way I wanted it. I had in mind that very comic when I was putting it together. So, well spotted.

    Thanks again John.


    PS: The more people who refuse to accept the internet marketing zombie “method” of doing what they do (I was gonna call it business, but it’s NOT) the better. When they unsub they only need to part with one word… ZOMBIE! That will change things in under a week. Maybe then we can restore some order to this unholy mess.

  15. Collette Jones

    Back again!

    Just wanted to stop by and say how pleased I am to see the support you’re getting… it’s great to see that so many people feel the same way.

    A huge THANK YOU to YOU Gary, for having the courage to step forward, speak out and say it as it is!

    Talk soon


  16. John

    Hi Gary,
    Your Zombie report was funny. I’m sure it felt good to get a rant flowing through your fingers on to the keyboard. The cockroach (zombie) marketers were around long before the internet. At least hitting the delete button on a computer doesn’t cost the earth any trees and the mail boxes are now emptier with so much less junk mail. The fact remains that the sheeople are flocking to the internet in droves and it is one of the best games on the planet to make quick cash. They too want to learn how to fish for business like their gurus and there is just so much hooey to sell them. It will evolve soon enough in to something else. The zombies will then follow and destroy each new thing as they always have through history. Stay true to ethical marketing by offering good service to people and the universe will reward you. Write on dude!

  17. Gary

    @ Collette – I just wish that all those people who have Skype texted and emailed me had put all their comments here. I would have removed the names of the people they identified as zombies before allowing them.

    Yep, I often put myself out there as the target for abuse but you know what Collette? When classless people slag off at me or think ill of me then I know that I am correct. I’m never afraid to stand up for what I believe is right.

    I have also had a lot of people unsubscribe from me for emailing a link to my internet marketing zombie report. I am GLAD they did. I don’t want zombies on my list.

    @ John – I had a lot of fun writing that report. There were parts where I was actually laughing as I was typing – because I was thinking of how stupid these zombies are. Here’s a little secret… there is a sequel in the making.


  18. Simon Dodd

    Hey Gary,

    Another classic!! Even though I am, at work and should be working it was well worth taking the time out to read that one!!! I just wish I had found your blog earlier, but then I wish I’d found my mentor earlier as well.

    Now I’ve just got to check through all the links you put in there!! At least it’s not a busy day at work ;)

    Thanks again mate, a great read


  19. Gary

    @ Simon – thank you. The feedback that I am receiving is that my internet marketing zombie report is spot on.


  20. Robert Petrie

    Hey Gary,

    A great report, I really enjoyed it (even the swear words).

    I will say that even though this puts shame on those that deliberately push junk on people for a quick buck, I hope that those that are new to IM and have started on this route will see that there is a better way and change their paths.

    This is a great report for people looking to start online to read, the more who get to see it the better, then may be the Zombies will disappear.

    Great Work


  21. Private Label Rights, Copyrights and Ingenuity for your Snap! Website | Snap! Websites

    […] this new article after thinking about copyright again and having read Gary Simpson's new e-Book: How NOT to Be an Internet Zombie (54 pages!) In the maze of Legal Land, it is often a complicated matter to know what you can do and […]

  22. igor Griffiths

    An absolutely fantastic read and one that has prevented me from following a zombie path, 48 hour success, take the clickbank product pre-written email and pay to have it sent out to ezine subscribers, how very un-original.

    Just tried to submit this post to Facebook, I am guessing a zombie has flagged it as abusive because they won’t allow me to link this post.

  23. Adwello

    Get it on, lad ;)

  24. Gary

    @ Robert – Thanks mate. I’m hoping that a lot of the people who are pushing this garbage will realize what they are doing. It’s madness. I think it’s had an impact – even if just temporarily – because my inbox doesn’t have nearly as much of that rubbish in it. But some are still relentlessly sending their junk. I REALLY don’t understand those people. They must KNOW that everybody hates it. Maybe that is why they change their names so often. That’s bloody deceptive too. I guess for some people the lure of a quick buck is too great a temptation. They are gonna have to learn the hard way I suppose.

    @ Igor – Thank you too. Hmm, that’s weird. I wouldn’t have thought it was abusive. Critical yes – abusive no. I try not to be abusive UNLIKE some people. Anyway, yes… I address that issue in my report too. Unoriginality is so common and… UNORIGINAL. These zombie Internet marketers wouldn’t have an original thought at a packed-to-the-rafters Zombie Internet Marketing Convention.

    Thanks Robert and Igor. I appreciate your thoughts.


  25. Chris

    Hi Gary. Just read your report and I really liked it. I thought it was super funny and am glad you wrote it that way, otherwise it might have been too serious and a little draining to read. being entertaining is always the best way to get an important message like that across.
    I laughed heaps of times and liked the colourful language. Being Australian as well I took to that bluntness.
    I like how you put the gurus and the wannabe gurus in their place. There really needs to be a lot more of this stuff going on. I too would like to do an expose on some of the people who have done this to me in the last 6 months.

  26. Gary

    Hi Chris – that is what everyone is saying. They like the humor. That is the way I decided to write it coz, as you say, it’s a pretty serious subject and it does backhand a lot of people… er… ZOMBIES.

    So, rather than the “innocent” ones getting angry with me I thought if I could make them laugh and see how stupid they are being that they may see what I wrote for what it really is. Hopefully, this will give them cause to stop being an Internet marketing zombie and start fullfilling their obligations to the people on their lists. ie NOT sending them endless amounts of gormless GARBAGE.

    Thanks for your comment Chris.


  27. Dulci

    Remember the “diner-scene” in “When Harry Met Sally”?
    Yes! Yes! YES! YES! Y-E-S!

    And, Gary, you don’t have to shame yourself for the language; your use of the scatological was with the precision of a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. I haven’t had such a laugh since my son and I read the subject line “Big Penis Like a Girl” in my mailbox!

    By the way, I am already the proud owner of:

    Time in Motion ACTION PLANNER
    and, of course, my favourite (so far!),

    which still can bring me to tears (the loss of my Daddy was my first experience with death in the family… and the hardest, as he was also my best friend – I’d like to think his conversations with God are less reproachful, as he was an outstanding person).

    One day, when my time comes, I hope MY greeting from the Lord won’t be “This COULD HAVE BEEN your life!”

    Please keep on writing! Give us readers something truly worth reading!

    Best wishes,

  28. Gary

    Hi Dulci – in fact, I’ve heard that many times first hand… LOL.

    Thanks for your nice comments. I’m always glad to know when people are enjoying my work. Hope you also get many hours of pleasure from the Journey, Life, Destiny course.

    Merry Christmas


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