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Buy Temazepam Without Prescription

by Gary ~ December 1st, 2010

My Declaration of WAR Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, on Junk and Junk Material in Internet Marketing


I must warn you... before you go any further that I am in mad rant mode today. And I will probably come under attack for what I'm about to say but I'm gonna say it anyway.

Yesterday I became massively frustrated, Temazepam dangers. Like you, I received my usual avalanche of emails promoting this, Temazepam overnight, that and everything else. Like you, I'm on a TON of lists and I can often receive up to 250 to 300 emails per day - on a "slow" day, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. I rarely unsubscribe because I like to know what is going on and who is doing what.

Like you, I delete most of the emails without reading them because if I did actually READ them all then I would be spending ALL day doing so, about Temazepam. But I do skim and scan. One email caught my eye. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, So I thought OK, I'll investigate this. Temazepam from mexico, I won't provide details because it isn't my intention to single anybody out or personally criticize that person. I don't do that. But here is what happened...

... I open the email, Temazepam interactions. It was obviously an adswap from somebody I knew offering a freebie from a "good friend." Is it just me or does anybody else get cheesed off about the number of "GOOD friends" that some of these people allege having, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. Even when some people ARE good friends of mine I still don't say it because it sounds so... well, Temazepam maximum dosage, for the want of a better description - PATHETIC! And besides - NOBODY believes it, so why be so asinine.

Back to the email offer...

The subject was one that I am keen to know more about, Temazepam recreational. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, So I read it and click the link. It lead to an opt-in form (predictably) so I thought: "OK, here we go again. Where can i buy cheapest Temazepam online, I'm going to end up on yet ANOTHER list. I just hope it's not somebody who will spam the living suitcase out of me."

Dutifully, I enter my name and email addy. I go through the usual process and get the download page, Temazepam coupon. First impression.., Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. poorly written, links flying all over the place, Order Temazepam from United States pharmacy, hard to understand, couldn't locate the thing I wanted - CONFUSION CENTRAL. Basically it was a dog's breakfast. So, I started clicking here, Temazepam from canadian pharmacy, there and everywhere looking for the DAMN thing I wanted.

This wasn't a sales funnel - it was a NEVER-ENDING maze of links, Discount Temazepam, sales pages, banners, other so-called "free" offers, exit splashes and on and on it went, ordering Temazepam online. I backed out and started THREE more times before I eventually found what I wanted. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, Good grief. This person's "funnel" was like Florida after a monster tornado had hit it. Temazepam cost, Cr*p everywhere.

Have you ever suffered through something like this. Talk about frustrating. Anyway, I had the zip file - FINALLY, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. So, cheap Temazepam, I download it and open it and...

... Temazepam steet value, Christ. Ugh, MORE of the same. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, God help me. After digging through the "treasure trove" of bone-ass (ie "bonus") junk within, Temazepam pharmacy, I FINALLY get the "report" that I wanted.

OMG. Order Temazepam no prescription, I could tell from a quick scan that this was nothing more than a "dress up" to make a clapped out old Datsun 180B appear to be a shiny new Nissan 300ZX. Key word - "APPEAR."

That little exercise wasted about 25 minutes of my day and it left me feeling SOOOO disappointed. But also betrayed, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. I felt betrayed by the person who shoved it at me in an obvious adswap in the first place and I felt betrayed by the person who took me on their MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR only to get... more crap that will do nothing to educate or inform me, Temazepam trusted pharmacy reviews. Well, I take that back... Doses Temazepam work, ... it DID educate me Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, . It educated me NOT to be like that. Look, I KNOW that there really is NO free lunch out there but pa-lease - don't sell me the sizzle then offer me a sh*t sandwich, Temazepam forum. Good grief.

Moving right along...

.., Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. Temazepam samples, I haven't officially released this yet but, because of all I said above and because I don't want to disappoint anybody in the way that I was disappointed, conned, fooled, australia, uk, us, usa, cheated, betrayed then take this:

It's my second e-newsletter. Temazepam mg, NO opt-in, NO horsing around with any circuitous route designed to distract you and NO tricks. Straight up information FIRST. After that you do what YOU want, purchase Temazepam for sale. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, Yes, there ARE links inside but it's YOUR choice as to whether you click them or not. I'm NOT holding you hostage. YOU choose. All the links lead to (what I believe) are highly useful products or pages and NOT some crappy, Temazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, cobbled together PLR (Public Lending Rights) piece of junk that was NEVER any good way back when the illiterate writer slammed it together in a psychotic burst of drunken stupor in the first place.

I hope that last bit made you smile, or at least smirk. But seriously, buy Temazepam from canada, WHAT is the problem with creating information that is:

1 - readable and actually makes SENSE
2 - contains DECENT and SPECIFIC up-to-date information and
3 - is WORTHY of people trading their email address and name for.

Can ANYBODY tell me that?

The REASON that open rates and Click Through Rates (CTR) are at an all time low is because people are sick and tired of being conned, disappointed and betrayed by the very people who PROMISE and pledge to help them, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. Some people are gonna want to take me on for that comment. Is Temazepam safe, I don't care. I don't even care if I'm ostracized for saying it. I'm just sick of the bullsh*t. And I'm sure you are too. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, What is so wrong about providing VALUE. Huh, order Temazepam online overnight delivery no prescription.

For God's sake - and for the sanity of all the rest of us - IF you are a marketer and you are using PLR to build a list, join a Giveaway or adswap then AT LEAST have the intelligence or decency to edit it, Temazepam over the counter, fix it up, make it relevant, UPDATE it, make it your OWN work or - at the VERY least - choose something that is not simply generic gobbledegook riddled with errors that is UNworthy of the reading or scanning or skimming time of your subscribers, Temazepam price, coupon. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the use of techniques. I’m against the use of con-artistry and abject laziness and the peddling of JUNK.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I have upset anybody here, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. Where can i cheapest Temazepam online, If you are a purveyor of junk - and you KNOW if you are (coz I have had people tell me "I build my list with sh*t" - yes I HAVE. No names) - then FFS DO something about it! Remove all the garbage from your lucky-dip grab-bag and replace it with good, solid, ORIGINAL and HELPFUL information that will educate your readers.

This is not a Declaration of War on people, Temazepam photos. Some IMers have simply been taught all the wrong things or they have just made dumb mistakes. And mistakes can be rectified. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, I've made some mistakes in the past. Temazepam reviews, I will probably make some in the future. This rant may be a MISTAKE. Moreover, this is my Declaration of War on junk and junky practices, buy cheap Temazepam.

OK, I'm done. Please tell me what you think, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. I publish everything so long as it is coherent, makes a decent point and doesn't engage in personal abuse of anyone - except me. If you want to do that then go right ahead but... hmm, no I won't say that. Let's just say that I have nuclear capacity myself. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, My silo doors are firmly shut but if you want to fire FIRST and engage in a missile exchange then be my guest.

Oh, and here's that e-newsletter link again:

Let me know what you think of that too - good or bad.


PS1: I'm bunkered down with my flak jacket and kevlar war helmet on. LOL.

PS2: If this gets me off some marketers' Christmas card lists or if I get a stack of unsubs out of it then so be it. Anyone who unsubs from my lists because of this doesn't deserve to be on them in the first place, Buy Temazepam Without Prescription. If you love receiving useless junk then go somewhere else - you'll find it. FAST. It's everywhere.

Are you sick of the same old results. Buy Temazepam Without Prescription, Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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67 Responses to Buy Temazepam Without Prescription

  1. Simon dodd

    So true Gary,

    There are so many sites out there that are just a maze of popups, links and who knows what else! If I have a product to giveaway for free it is obvious how to get it, even if there is an upsell there is a clear link to get the free product you originally wanted.

    If we could somehow get rid of all the website mazes out there maybe those of us that do things in a fair and ethical way will start to get a higher CTR again!

    No haters here, you are saying what needs to be said!!

    Am I the first commenter???? Fingers crossed!

    Thanks again Gary!


  2. Gary

    @ Simon – I wouldn’t mind so much playing the merry-go-round game IF the bloody promised product was any good. Or even OK. But when it’s garbage it then becomes a total waste of time and just grants yet another peddler of junk to send endless emails to you. IF there is VALUE then fair enough but of the 100’s of e-books & reports I’ve downloaded and the countless videos I’ve watched, MOST of them tell you nothing. And some paid products are even worse – they simply don’t work.

    Thanks for being courageous enough to fly your flag here Simon.


  3. The Best Make Money Online Strategy For Newbies | 2 Make Money Online

    […] My Declaration of WAR on Junk in Internet Marketing | Internet … […]

  4. LoneWolf

    What I don’t understand about these dunderheads is what they think they’re achieving? Sure, they’ve got people signed up to their lists, but no body is going to buy anything from them. Well, maybe somebody might but they sure won’t do it twice.

    I really hate the ones that are well written, but encourage dishonest tactics. I just read a facebook fan page treatise that encourages you to start with a fake gmail address. It gets worse from there.

    T’would be nice if there was a way to cut through all the crap marketing techniques and support the folks who try to do things with honesty and integrity.

    I’m considering putting together a series of giveaways that are screened carefully (i.e. only contributors that I know put out good quality stuff) with no upsells, downsells, OTO’s or exit pages — and none allowed on the landing pages of the offers either.

    No hype, no “professionally copywritten” emails. Just a list of quality offers from people who’ve proven themselves to be valuable providers.

  5. John Wiankowski

    Gary: Can we build an army and fill junk dealers email boxes with similar C-ap. There are a lot of IM’s giving what they feel is good value. I am with them 100%. Like in everything else, there are some that can’t do it honestly, they would rather put their efforts into dealing junk. I don’t know why I just didn’t delete your message, but I am glad I didn’t. Positive, straight forward promotion of valuable material is what we need!

  6. Frank Black

    I have a different beef that is a result of filling out the forms fore the ‘IM Lesson That Promises to Make You A Gazillion Dollars Just for Reading This Weekly Newsletter’ that we all get and sign up for. I unsub from about 40 lists everyday because the so-called knowledgeable expert starts to immediately send 3 to 5 ad mailings as soon as I get on the list!

    Whatever happened to providing usable information, educational information for a week or two so that we not only get something usable, but we get to tell if the person whose list we signed onto actually is knowledgeable about the subject?

    The so-called gurus are now the worst of the bunch! I have discontinued mails from Mike G, Filsaime, Bill McRae, Mr. Knudsen, and others since they have decided that all we are good for is having wallets or pocketbooks that can be plundered.

    Instead, I now sign up for the download, and then if it proves of no value (read trash) I unsubscribe immediately. It is the only way I have found to get the information I want without having to sift through 300+ emails a day.

    So, if they want to blackball you for your stand, I hope they will add my name to their blackball list as well.

    Thanks for the well written and 100% on target rant!!

  7. Maria Kuczborska

    Gary, I could sign your article my both my hands!
    Can we start to fight together?
    I already published my views few months ago.

    All the best for you and all, who join the fight!
    Maria from Western Australia

  8. Gary

    @ Lonewolf (I do know your name “Fred” but I won’t reveal it here just in case you don’t want me to… LOL. Excuse me being silly, I’ll throw the switch in my brain and be serious now…)

    What the dunderheads – as you so rightly label them – are doing is this:

    1 – chasing one-time single sales through short-term thinking
    2 – alienating everybody on their list through deception and trickery and
    3 – hardening everyone’s attitudes towards ALL marketing people

    I agree with you 100% on the black-hat tactics. Some people think they are so damn clever gaming everything. That, in turn, virtually guarantees that the site then tightens up security and starts banning everything. Hello to all the keyword stuffers and link farmers out there BTW!

    I almost HATE to say this but… I think so many of the “clever” copywriters are contributing to the illusion that certain products will be the panacaea to everyone’s problems. I’m a pretty fair copywriter myself but I just cannot bring myself to lie about things. Unfortunately, as the copywriters spin things up even higher and the products don’t perform the “spin” needs to go even higher and become even more hypey to fool people even further and trick them into parting with their money.

    I’m also dead-set AGAINST having to offer $14,672 worth of “bone-asses” to sell a $37 product. That says it all! I saw just yesterday somebody offering over $140,000 “worth” of bone-asses to sell a $67 product.

    People need to get REAL with their expectations. Is the $67 product so p155-poor or is the $140,000 value just a damn lie.

    Unfortunately, this is a game of cat and mouse. The “cats” (ie the shonky marketers) believe they have to offer all this cr*p because the mice (ie the dopey starry-eyed consumers) virtually DEMAND it. It’s nuts.

    Also, while I am on a roll here… most of the dopey bone-asses are so far removed from the relationship with the original product that they are useless anyway.

    Gee, I am very rantish today. I better stop now. Thanks Wolf for taking the time to add your thoughts.


  9. Gary

    Hi John – I’m GLAD you didn’t delete my message. Decent marketers need to band together and make a stand. I know a LOT of guys and gals trying to do the right thing by their subscribers but it’s a continual battle against those who say crap like, “Oh I know it’s wrong but this way makes me more money.” SHORT-EFFING-TERM-EFFING-THINKING! Excuse my disguised profanity but I get sick of hearing that excreta.

    Whew – I’m really on fire today. LOL! I know I’m gonna get slammed for saying these things but I don’t give a bloody toss. If I lose “friends” over trying to educate people then they were never my “friends” or “good friends” (LOL) in the first damn place. TRUE friends can have a difference of opinion and remain friends. Anyway, I’m side-tracking myself now…

    The ONE thing that I always strive to do is tell it like it is – no froth, fripperry, frou-frou (or any other “F” words – LOL). But, when you talk straight and without all the (expected) hype the masses just don’t believe you. So they are playing right into the hands of the “creative” copywriters and hysterical promoters.

    John, I often say that if you take the p0rn and all the USELESS junk out of the Internet that you would free up 85% of the space. That’s how bad it is.

    Thanks for coming here and expressing your thoughts.


  10. Gary

    @ Frank… Frank? OK Frank.

    Frank, I agree with you that some of the BIGGEST names out there are also the very worst spammers of junk. Take for instance that Kujabi thing from a few weeks ago. Since that so-called big “LAUNCH” all I have seen is bad press about it.

    I got dozens of emails about that – all the SAME. Christ Almighty! If some big promoter guru can’t be creative enough to put a personal email together then STUFF THEM!

    Oh, I know they will say they are in a rush – blah, blah… NOT good enough in my opinion. I’m a PERSON, NOT a bloody credit card number on somebody’s production line. And THAT is a lesson in itself – IF anyone is taking notice. It’s like some uncaring boss treating his or her employees like a number on the payroll. (I will have more to say about this shortly coz I am working on a big manual about “How to Treat Your Clients” – and I provide personal examples of good experiences I have had and downright abysmal experiences that I have suffered – it’s a real eye-opener!)

    Thanks for your opinion Frank!


  11. Effen Effer

    Well effen said.. spoken like a “Master”. (bow).. be well Sensei. ;-)


  12. Gary

    @ Maria – ah… a fellow West Australian. I sure hope your security and defence is nice and strong in this lawless, violent and vicious city we live in.

    But I digress…

    I went to your article and I say this: “Well said!”

    In fact, I ENCOURAGE others to read it too. Here is an excerpt. I hope you don’t mind maria but I thought it was very appropriate for what we are discussing (ranting about) here:

    The same applies to the form of your letter. If the form and style are shabby, it means you don’t care. If you don’t, why should I? The art of writing letters is still very important. Particularly for people who want to convince someone that they know their subject, that they are genuine and serious, take pride in what they are doing. Otherwise, the only link their customer clicks is the click to the correspondence cancellation.

    Thanks Maria, keep your doors locked, don’t leave any windows open in this heat and make sure you don’t go out after dark. Perth has become a frightening place in which to live these days – thanks to our USELESS mamby-pamby politicians and judiciary.


  13. Neil Robins

    Hi Gary

    I hope you have recovered by now but you’re right about the amount of rubbish hitting our inboxes daily. You’re either receiving 20 copies of the same message word-for-word from different marketers or it’s what you experienced.

    I’ve been reducing the the number of newsletters to only a few marketers that provide good information on a regular basis.


  14. Frank

    Crazy world out there. I know that most of these folks out there don’t know what business really is. They just have $ signs in there eyes, it is not a way of life the way it should be, especcially when it comes to honesty and morals. My dad always help people, just the way I seen him as I was growing up. I tell you it might not get any better too, the way the economy is.. people are lost, that is just the way I see it. thanks for allowing me to comment, Frank

  15. Sherry

    Wow, Gary! You are having a rantish day…..and I agree with you 100%.

    I too, am on more lists than I care to admit. As a relative newbie, there are so many emails (most of them) that I would be embarassed to promote to my list. I am a firm believer in the golden rule and win/win’s. I think your list may grow slower that way; but it will be stronger. Even though my family needs the extra money (really bad, as my husband has been unemployed since last January) I refuse to… “go there” at least not consciously. I am sure I will make mistakes as I grow my business, but hopefully they will be out weighed by the right things that I do.

    Thanks for all that you contribute to IM.

    Wishing you the best, both online & off,


  16. Gary

    @ Mark – You do make me smile with all that effen effer stuff. Very funny.

    I watch some of the antics in the Skype channels with so much amusement. “Yahoo! I just broke 5,000 subscribers! Booking swaps every day in December.”

    Broke? Yep… GREAT word to use. They’ll be using it a lot more down the track if they keep doing these wall-to-wall adswaps using the same old trash all the time. Are any of them actually helping people? Well, some are. I know who they are. But most just want to get that list as BIG as they can as fast as they can. And that’s OK so long as they are actually HELPING their subscribers.

    It’s like a bunch of guys in a team changeroom comparing schl0ng size. I dare not put that word here coz it will attract all the p0rnheads, like that would.

    What they don’t seem to understand is that the – gee, this could turn the conversation to a different topic very quickly – “size” of the list has very little to do with the responsiveness of it. What they are really doing is trolling the net for a continual turnover of uninitiated newbies to ram their sorry souls through that sales funnel BEFORE they get too smart.

    Anyway, I won’t bung on Mark. You know the truth.

    Thanks for effing coming here. (It’s a private joke folks) Have an egg nog – LOL! (That too)


  17. Gary

    CRIKEY MOSES! I can hardly keep up with all the Skype messages, emails and comments. Please bear with me. This is even HOTTER than my post a few days ago about haters and that went off the Richter Scale. In fact, I had to change the subject coz I was getting so many emails from people telling me about their personal experiences of online victimisation.

    A BIG thank you to everyone who is taking the time to comment here and personally to me. The overwhelming response is that I have merely stated what everyone else is feeling, experiencing and thinking. I’ll get to everyone.

    Thanks again to all of you who have had the courage to stand up and be counted. We are probably all gonna be getting pins in our voodoo dolls by those who will see this as a threat to their shady “marketing practices.”


  18. Chuck Bartok

    Another “spot on” Blog Post , Gary

    I have been amazed since coming on line how few “marketers” understand the successful Time tested system that attract eager and returning Customers.

    Also Lone Wolf’s suggestion about a Quality Giveaway ” has merit.

    Off-line it is so easy to present SIMPLE sales presentations, answer questions and Solve problems for REAL People with simple solutions…

    And that system is slowly working for our group marketing Products on-line.
    Thanks again for your post, Gary

  19. Gary

    @ Neil – Recovered? Like an old chair? LOL! That actually reminds me of a joke but… no. I have too many comments to reply to. Maybe later. (I may be testy today but I still have my sense of humor… I think)

    Neil, I mentioned the verbatim email barrage earlier. I for one do NOT appreciate “swipe” emails. In fact, I might as well give a big slap to all the “anti-copyright copywriters” out there who are teaching people how to cheat by “swiping” other people’s original work. I don’t want to MISS anybody today – LOL!

    Between the copywriters and the leave-it-as-it-is PLR pushers I think those two are responsible for most of the cr*p out there.

    Neil, I hope I will stay on your preferred writer’s list coz I have some big plans to reverse this awful malaise.

    @ Frank – I think you have hit the nail spot on the head there Frank. Well said! You are 100% correct. So many of them have been taught by so-called mentors who have NO IDEA how to run a business themselves. As I mentioned before, people are PEOPLE. We are humans – NOT inanimate entities. Or cows to be milked.

    Yes, the failing economies also drive desperation. many people are turning to alternate income sources and the Internet promises so much – just look at all the hypey subject lines – eg: “How my GOOD friend Fred Fonebone made $73,462 in 24 Hours After Learning MY Secret Loophole.” DUH!

    But the new people believe it. And the sharks and crocs are waiting for them.

    You are most welcome to comment here Frank. Any time. Thank you.

    @ Sherry – Indeed I am! In fact – laughing as I write this… I’ve gone beyond rant mode now. I’m into pontification. (Seriously, where do these thoughts come from?)

    You make a great point! I cringe at reading some of those emails I get so often from people who SHOULD know better. I just think: “Wow! That is such cr*p!”

    Stand strong Sherry – even in the face of criticism and possible financial distress. I never compromise my principles for anyone. I will tell you this right now – YOU are a class act Sherry Bowers! That Giveaway that you ran was such a welcome change from so many of the gimme, gimme TAKEaways, as I call them. And that is why I supported you so strongly. I would have liked to do more too but I had competing interests at the time – which happens quite often with so many things happening all at once. But I did what I could. I very much LIKE the way that you do business.

    There has been talk here today about ethical Giveaways and you, my dear, are a proponent of that. And I’m proud to make these statements about you publicly. I hope you aren’t embarrassed but I say what I believe. Without making too much of my power to influence anyone or anything, I will praise in public and, if necessary, I’ll kick somebody’s bum in private.

    Just before I finish up – THANKYOU for saying that. I had some misguided person publicly castigate and try to ridicule me a few weeks ago and one of his idiotic comments was that I contribute NOTHING to IM. Social proof is a great thing Sherry and you just put paid to what he said.

    Thank you for taking the time to put your comments here. I appreciate all that you do for others. In time you will make it.


  20. Julie


    Your rants are always good and stimulating reading. It is what makes you REAL, so don’t worry about it – there are lots of us who feel your pain as we sift through our emails.

    I think Frank made some good points that I have to agree with. When I get 12 emails in a 7 day period, sorry that person is getting an unsub. People don’t seem to put the heart or energy into this and it is frustrating! It is what discourages me often as a new IMer. How can I ever get someone to trust the newbie (me) when there is so much out there and a lot of it crap?? It is what has taken me so long to get a product out there. I want to be sure I look through it myself and have the right tools in place before I start blasting off emails!

    Anyhow, thanks for the post – it is always good to get the HONEST EFFIN perspective!

  21. Gary

    @ Chuck – You UNDERSTAND customer service and the art of repeat customers which turns them into clients. That is something that the one-off sellers just don’t get.

    Lone Wolf and Sherry Bowers should team up and do a Giveaway together. They would make a good team.

    Solving problems and providing value makes the problem solver/value giver AND the customer/client BOTH happy. It’s an even exchange – which is a FAR CRY from tricking and conning people into doing things that they later regret.

    Thanks Chuck!

    @ Julie – Aw shucks. Thanks Julie Jules! Did you see that I gave you a nice recommendation in my December newsletter? If not, check out page 10. I mean what I said.

    I think the record I have heard is 17 emails from the same person in ONE day and from multiple “identities.” I won’t say who did that because I don’t believe in putting people on the spot. But that is spamming in the extreme.

    Julie, I’ve seen your stuff – you are a damn good writer and I am sure that whatever you produce will be of great quality. Take your time, get it just the way you want it and then get it out there.

    Oh gee. I just saw your last sentence. That was REALLY funny – especially coming from a lady. It made me laugh. It’s all in the delivery rather than the words – that’s my opinion anyway.

    Thanks for adding your comments. I do appreciate the effort.


  22. Maria Kuczborska

    Thanks Gary for your kind remarks about my article.
    I still feel safe at home, but I would not dare to visit Northbridge at night…

    And just a few years ago we didn’t lock our doors. Remember?

    Cheers, Maria

  23. Tammy

    I agree with you fully Gary. The thing that I hate the most is pages that have all the pop-ups and pop-unders and pop-whatevers. If I am tired of reading the page and “x” it, I want to leave. If I thought the content wasn’t worthy of my time, why do they think p*ssing me off with 20 boxes and not allowing me to leave the page will make me suddenly want whatever it is they are selling?

  24. peter: dynamic small business websites

    hi Gary

    you have reason to declare war…

    there are just sooooo many rehashed, useless things out there…

    i think the problem comes with wannabe marketers starting out in the IM niche….

    you did not become a karate teacher as soon as you started training, right? yet so many newbies “learn how to do IM” – by teaching IM…

    (kinda like a pyramid scheme, don’t you think?)

    and it is sooo easy to spot their info.

    personally, i have started clearing out my mailbox long ago. the moment i see that i just fed bull, or the freebie is rehashed, or i justget one sales pitch (without any content in them) after another….

    i’m OFF THE LIST.

    and of course there is my favorite subject line:

    “your download link”

    for which you have to sign up….:)

    if you cannot be straight with me, bye.

    it’s as simple as that.

    there are many great newsletters and mailing lists out there…

    if you recommend it, i will explore it – but don’t try to con me.

    so no, we don’t need this bull…


    yours is one of the few i find myself reading every time i get it.

    thanx 4 a great one


  25. Gary

    @ Maria – Like I said… I say what I think. It gets me into a LOT of trouble sometimes too, as you can imagine. Your article was great! I loved it. So true too.

    Regarding safety in Perth – it’s not just Northbridge. Try Subiaco, Leederville, East Perth, Perth City, Fremantle, Hillarys, Ballajura – all hotbeds of unprovoked and extreme violence. In fact, I’ve had the radio on while I’m working here and about half an hour ago it was broadcast that the latest victim of extreme violence is an 87 year old lady who has been bashed to within an inch of her life. Sadly, it seems to happen every day here in the Wild, Wild West.

    I certainly remember when people didn’t have to lock their doors but if you do that these days you could wake up to a BIG problem. Drugs and alcohol, lack of self-control, low self-esteem and NO discipline or punishment has seen out once fair city descend to hell. UNFORTUNATELY.

    @ Tammy – I’m hearing you! I don’t mind ONE exit-splash or maybe a discreet pop-under, slide over or whatever. Well, they are a bit annoying but you learn to put up with them. BUT… when you are held hostage by some idiotic series of all these things it’s like fighting an octopus. I just crack the sh*ts and X-out as fast as I can – despite whatever it was that I wanted to look at. I don’t have the time to waste with any of that automation.

    I think it is highly antangonistic and disrespectful.

    I think the record number of “WAIT A MINUTE” exit splash pages I have seen is 7 – and that is ridiculous. You are correct – it does p155 people off. But, yet again, the “geniuses” out there think it’s a great tactic. Duh! In fact, DOUBLE DUH!

    @ Peter – Maybe I should have declared a JIHAD! LOL!

    Ha! GREAT analogy. You’re right – every newbie tries to make money by “teaching” the other newbies – wait for it – “how to make money.”

    Thanks for the compliment too. Back to the karate analogy. I remember one night watching this relative beginner do all this crazy stuff so I went to him and asked him what he was doing. To cut a LONG but very entertaining story very short, this guy told me that somebody else taught him. I sought that person out and he’d been taught by some other new person and so on.

    Anyway, I lined everybody up wall to wall and we did a little experiment. It was a variation of the infamous “Chinese whisper.” Here are the exact words I whispered to student number one (I remember it so well even though it was some 25 years ago):

    “Funakoshi is the father of modern day karate.”

    Not so hard huh? – even with the Japanese name up front – which they all should have known anyway coz we had pictures of him up on the dojo walls.

    Here is what student #50 heard (this is 100% verbatim what was said):

    “It grunted and farted.”

    Just about everyone in the class fell over laughing. It was a great joke – but… it taught a very big lesson.

    That just goes to show the extent of watering down the teaching. And that is what happens in Internet Marketing too – and a lot of other things. It doesn’t take too much for person number 3, 5, 10 or whatever to be making SERIOUS mistakes. And because “common sense” aint all that common, people just get worse and worse with the so-called techniques.

    In IM it’s very much a case of monkey-see-monkey-do. Original thinking is so RARE! Copy-copy-copy is the order of the day – even if people are copying crazy stuff that will doom them. Remember a few years ago when EVERY second report was titled: “The Death Of… (insert anything here)!”

    All you have to do in IM is put the Chinese Whisper out there and the sheep will come flocking. Baa-baa. Oh, I know… that was cruel. But it sure seems that way.

    How about some ORIGINAL THINKING folks! Strain your brain a bit – you might find it a good experience.

    Thanks Maria (a second time), Tammy and Peter.


  26. Gary

    *** NOTICE ***

    To all the people who have Skype messaged me and sent emails – THANK YOU! I have been completely overwhelmed by the number of comments. I have tried to focus on replies here first. I’ll reply to all the other comments after I take a break – I’ve sat here all day answering as many people as I can – 10 hours straight! I’ve done that because I feel this is a very important subject.

    I sure do appreciate all the fine comments and personal notes that everybody has sent. As of this moment I haven’t received a single negative comment. I just want you all to know that if you haven’t had a personal reply yet you soon will.

    Best Wishes to ALL of you!

    Gary Simpson

  27. RJ Fryer

    I know exactly who you mean. I’ve been getting caught in his never-ending cycle of offers many times. Any time that happens now the person who sent me the enticing link for a report I wanted gets immediately unsubscribed. The most recent ones keep sending you back to the same pages over and over when you are trying to just get OUT. I have resorted to using the Task Manager to shut down the browser.Reminds me of “the folder from hell” many years ago (and some early porn spam infections). You’d think even total newbies would know better than to immeditely tick off their potential subscribers.

  28. Stephen

    Hi Gary,

    I’m new to your site. I’ve been receiving your emails for some time but like you I do get a lot of emails and I have focused on specific interest areas that I didn’t identify in your email marketing. However there must have been some small change in your approach recently as here I am. Maybe I like this “in their face” attitude towards the internet marketing world as I do agree with you that it is getting really BAD.

    First off thankyou for having a different opinion about email management than 99% of those experts out there who say they waste your time and so you should just unsubscribe. For the same reason as you I am reluctant to unsubscribe to keep my inbox a little less congested. I give each sender a few days / weeks and decide whether I might get something worthwhile or they are just pedaling “crap”. (You can usually tell by the Subject line). How can you know what is going on if you separate yourself from the mainstream. I reckon that advice is given because they think it might keep you on their list a little longer when your exposure is limited by reducing your subscriptions. (I do agree that it is time that is wasted in regards to its impact on productivity; however my productivity, focus and direction have been cemented by my exposure to some very recent products that fit with my direction). And here I am blogging when I have some critically required content to write !!

    We must have been on the same cosmic wave today because I have spent the day at home because of the big wet here in the East and I’ve been sifting through my emails as I do every day and thinking “crap”, “crap”, “crap”, OK, “crap”, “crap”! You get the picture.

    I’ve been being “conned” into purchasing products on the net for about 5 years and although I am admitting that me, myself and I is / are 90% of the reason why I still haven’t “made it” in the cyber world, it has a lot to do with the quality or lack thereof of many of the products I have purchased.

    I stupidly did not try to get refunds on so many of these products because I thought it was just my poor uptake of the information due to me being PC illiterate to some extent and being what would be regarded as an “oldie” in the internet world. Now when I look back and now that I finally do have enough “savvy” to know what is good stuff and what is re-hashed antique content and “Crap” I shudder at the money I have poured down the drain. I now do a very harsh personal critique of products I purchase and I waste no time in getting my money back when they don’t measure up.

    Having rambled on with all that is another way of supporting your views and saying that I think it is a great idea that you declare WAR on junk and junky practices and I’m with you!!

    Now I’m wondering if I can purchase a 2nd hand AK-47 in reasonable condition on E-bay because I find the new ones are too expensive for my budget!

  29. Stephen

    Hey Gary,

    After posting / submitting the above comment I scrolled back up and read some of the comments. Something I didn’t do beforehand.

    WOW. some have even given guru names!! good on them …. and how right they are. I’m an east coast Aussie and apart from less than a handful of gurus from Overseas I dropped them all and now follow a few Aussie successes that it has taken me a long while to find. Although you still have to keep your fingers off the PayPal button in a lot of cases; at least I know I am getting a lot of great free content by subscribing, (not just sales pitch disguised as information), and if / when I do consider purchasing though their affiliate link I have a better “feeling” about the quality of the recommendation; and I haven’t been wrong yet.

    So many “names”, particularly from USA & UK have gone just plain “sour” for me. I can’t stand their marketing style, I describe it as a big vacuum cleaner ….. suck as many $$ out of every sale as you can. Back end product after back end product after back end product. Its a big, ongoing competition between them to see who can earn the biggest $$ with the best sales suck ….. and then all the “friends” get together in their version of the Academy Awards and pat each other on the back. Even some Aussie gurus who kept on promoting the idea of “us little people” getting to these big internet events because of the exposure to so much knowledge have started to retract a little and put better quality events on themselves because they acknowledge there is more about selling than educating at so many of these events now.

    Gary, I think you have struck a topic that might snowball your site into a bigger readership VERY quickly. Good on you …. and now back to that writing content.

    The “irresistible offer” has gone to a new level in the IM world, the “revered” copywriters have outdone themselves in adding more power to every marketers vacuum sucker.

  30. Maddi Murtaza

    Hey Gary,

    Not surprised by reading this blog post by you, not even by the timing of it.

    This kind of behavior by aspiring marketers is not their personal choice, at least most of the time. That is the way they have been ‘brought up’ and taught by the marketers/gurus they follow.

    Monkey see, Monkey do.

    I mean THAT is how email marketing and landing pages work? don’t they?

    It is frustrating and exhausting for ethical marketers who actually believe in providing ‘VALUE’. But hey, that is so yesterday isn’t it.

    You said something that summarized the impact of such hideous practices.

    1 – chasing one-time single sales through short-term thinking
    2 – alienating everybody on their list through deception and trickery and
    3 – hardening everyone’s attitudes towards ALL marketing people


    The Number 1 and 2 are actually good. It gives the Good guys to give an easy shot to stand out in the crowd. I’ve had some raving emails from happy customers for simply answering support tickets on time and doing ‘basic’ customer service.

    Not going out of my way to help someone out, simply looking after them generally helps me stand out and receive raving emails is clear evidence that others simply don’t bother, not that I’m doing anything special.

    But being in the business of helping other build online businesses, it is our duty to educate and highlight these issues too.

    Number 3 of course gives us a reason to do so. To simply improve the public image of ‘Internet Marketers’ on the whole and get out of this whole ‘Scammers’ term we are branded with.

    Sorry for the long reply, couldn’t resist. :-)

    You are not alone in the War Gazz and its a FACT! (Chuck Fact)

    Kudos amigo
    Maddi Murtaza

  31. Richard

    Nice one Gary!
    What’s with the ‘living suitcases’ bit?!! Tres quaint! LOL!! :-)

    Great post!
    Keep up the good work
    (I wish you were my IM mentor…..but you are a good buddy for sure!).

    Take care

  32. Gary

    @ RJ – It may be the same person. It may not be. I have seen many of these never-ending rabbit holes but yesterday I kinda flipped my lid – mainly because I was hoping that once – JUST ONCE – I would get something worthy of reading.

    I’m not being precious here either. If something is well-written and contains decent information – even if I KNOW everything in it – I can appreciate it. because the author has taken the time to provide something to the BEST of their ability.

    But what irritates me is this… EVERY day new people are entering the IM world. These people DESERVE to be given decent information, NOT set up on some dopey merry-go-round where every shark gets to take a bite out of them until all they are is a skeleton.

    That’s NOT fair. It breeds contempt and resentment and we ALL see it far too often when people turn nasty because they are sick of being taken for a ride.

    @ Stephen – You’ve taken two bites. Good on you. You’re obviously very passionate about this subject.

    I know that Rodger Hyatt will be bringing out his product tomorrow – Subscriber Stronghold – to reduce the amount of emails that people get by setting a single day to receive correspondence from the marketers who choose to use it. I’ll be promoting it because I think it has merit.

    The subject lines are a dead-set giveaway that you are about to get spammy junk of LOW worth – eg ACTIVATION OF CONFIRMATION OF VERIFICATION or some other such nonsense. How many bozos send that clown stuff? It’s been done to death but there are still some slow-learners out there who keep sending it. Oh, the LATEST fad – to set your email address in the subject line – another CUCKOO tactic.

    Stephen I’m laughing at this comment you made:

    “I’ve been sifting through my emails as I do every day and thinking “crap”, “crap”, “crap”, OK, “crap”, “crap”! You get the picture.”

    Ha ha! I do that TOO! Maybe we ALL do. AK47 – LOL. Blast those emails!

    Now to your second post…

    Gee, you know something? I did read those names before but I was so busy I didn’t think to censor them. Oh well, that’s how Frank sees it. Who am I to dispute it? There’s actually one name that Frank mentioned above who spammed me to death. It took me a full 6 months to get off that guy’s D, E, F, G, H, and so on right through to his Z list. Oddly enough after several months of bliss in not hearing from him he has started on me again. So, he obviously BUYS old lists – which is supposed to be against the law.

    I don’t mind the occasional upsell offer or even a downsell one but the continual “are you sure?” and then “are you REALLY sure?” and then “are you REALLY, REALLY DOUBLE DOG DARE SURE?” gets extremely aggravating. When I say NO, I mean NO! Ask ANY woman the intent of that!

    Thanks for the double-banger Stephen. I know you are busy with your own projects – you stated so – but you still took time out to come here and make some great points and for that I sincerely THANK you!

    @ Maddi – I agree. To some extent a really new person to IM can be forgiven – especially if they place their faith in some false-guru. I actually detest that word. It’s bandied about so effing much. And you ask anybody who’s considered to warrant one of those dopey titles they will immediately say: “I’m not a guru!” Then they give you that sly smile. In other words they like it. It’s crap.

    And I wonder now how many times the word CRAP has been used here today. It must have a KWI of about 3% to 5% – LOL! I will probably rank number one on the search engines for… CRAP!

    VALUE is what it is ALL about but so many people don’t understand that. They think it’s all about pack-rape. Sorry if anyone found that offensive BTW. But that’s exactly how I see it.

    Maddi, I have a manual called “Profit is a Beautiful Word.” I wrote it in 2005 and used to send it mail-order to businesses. It’s a pity it didn’t become an international best-seller because it may have saved 100’s of 1,000’s of businesses that have gone OUT of business through lack of understanding about what customer service is all about. I’m gonna update that manual and make it cheap enough for everyone to have one.

    Yes, the term Internet Marketer has a smell about it now – sort of like a rotting whale carcass. And the older it gets the more it smells. We, collectively, need to reverse that stench. There will always be cowboys and plain and simple d*ckheads who will always be DH’s. They are everywhere in EVERY business and every walk of life.

    You KNOW I love CHUCK FACTS! LOL! I even had somebody send me an email today telling me he laughed himself silly about the Chuck Facts in my newsletter. To be able to brighten somebody’s day like that makes my day brighter too.

    Thanks for your considered points Maddi.

    @ Richard – Hi mate. Hope the family are all well in Coldsville – LOL! It’s damn HOT here. Parkesy will be over here with me soon so he will probably melt after suffering the freezing conditions that you guys are experiencing at the moment.

    Anyway, thank you for your support. You can gauge here that so many people are so thoroughly sick of all this… dare I say the word again? Oh heck. Why not? CRAP! The keyword density (KWD) just went up again. LOL!

    The “living suitcase” is just part of the pantechnicon of my colourful vocabulary. I used to have this thing called word of the day. Oh… another time maybe.

  33. Lesley Dewar

    I want to add my little rant to this – about the load up of “bonus” stuff. If you offer me a product I want and you tell me it’s $17.00 and I pay – just give it to me. FINISH. That’s all I want, TYVM.

    If I want it and it’s $27, or $37, or $67 and I think it is worth it, I will pay. That’s all I want. Thank you.

    I am so tired of trying to buy a little software that I want, as I gradually build my business, only to be swamped with upsells and rubbish that has grossly overinflated “value” prices.

    When I put up an eBook that is very good and free – that’s what you get. A good book and NOTHING ELSE. When I send you an update that the next book is available, is very good and costs $17.97 – that’s what you get. NOTHING ELSE.

    I have a hard drive fully of stuff that I will never use, that is going out of date, that is probably not worth a brass razoo – but I couldn’t get off the damn download list without taking it. Totally spoils the buying and learning experience on line.

    Thanks for letting me have my little rant. I feel better now.


  34. Gary

    Hi Lesley – I’m with you on that. Show me things I might want but PLEASE don’t scrape together a bunch of JUNK and call it “valuable” bonus material when it’s bloody obvious that the ONLY reason it is there is to support a crappy product to make the price seem more acceptable.

    A few days ago I deleted all the bone-ass junk from my hard drive. It was a motley collection of tired old garbage that even an IM tramp wouldn’t want. I just rolled my eyes at how lame most of it was. Out of 100’s of things that got ditched I kept about a dozen or so for further investigation.

    Like you – just GIMME WHAT I WANT! Keep your bone-head bone-asses. I DON’T need more junk cluttering up my hard-drive OR my head-space. In fact, there have been times where I have seen 20 or 30 really junky bone-you-know-whats “supporting” something and because I can’t be bothered getting all the cobbled together crappola that comes with what I want I have given the whole shebang a miss. Sale lost.

    Thanks Lesley – I owe you a couple of blog comments now. LOL! And you can come here and vent any time you want.


  35. David Walker

    Hey Gazz,

    What a reaction to this post! Crap products are nothing new, I was downloading rehash and empty promises on how to get traffic etc. since 2005 when I wasn’t even involved in the IM niche myself.

    (Strange how my own traffic system, i.e. ranking high in Google and driving thousands of uniques every day to my money sites, could be summed up in 2 words: “get backlinks”… but I guess that’s not very sexy and you couldn’t charge $97 for it)

    There just seems to be a lot more of it about these days as an increasing number of people jump on the “make money” bandwagon. They are all jostling for exposure and list building is just a numbers game – no regard to whether their subscribers are right for them or how they can add any sort of value. So more rehash, PLR crap becomes available.

    Not to knock PLR of course, I use it myself for certain projects but I always try and personalise it, add my own experiences etc. to make it at least somewhat useful.

    Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a rant (I’ll leave that to you)… thanks a lot for the feature in your latest newsletter by the way, much appreciated.


  36. Gary

    @ David – You can RANT all you want here. I kinda like to be able to give people the opportunity to vent. Most of my visitors pretty much know what to expect when they come here – LOL!

    Ah, but David… it may not be “sexy” but it would be a USEFUL piece of information if you explained how it works with specific examples. I’d be interested in reading something like that just to confirm what I know from a trusted third party (ie you) or maybe to add a few patches to the holes in my knowledge. I actually think that would be a winner.

    People just want decent information from people who KNOW WTF they are talking about and who have credibility in doing what they are teaching.

    Personally, I do NOT like PLR and never have and most likely never will use it. I’m a writer. I could pump that garbage out all day, every day and maybe make a ton of money in the process. But it’s not in my heart to do so. I like to be totally UNIQUE and provide information that has genuine value. Look at every one of my e-books. They are all unique and they are all written from experience and straight from my heart – ESPECIALLY “Power of Choice.” [SIDE BAR: I have a sequel to that in the making and it’s a hooter…]

    PLR should be used as a guide and a template ONLY – NOT as somebody’s primary source to attract subscribers. That is just UNoriginal and bloody lazy IMO. I’ve reached the stage now where if I don’t see a name on the cover or KNOW whose work it is then I don’t want to read it. FULL STOP! It’s also PAINFULLY obvious by the lame covers of what is PLR.

    You are most welcome for the inclusion in my December TEMPLE talk newsletter. I really liked your article and I know that you like to do “guest blogger” slots, so it was pretty much a given to include your good work. It was informative and well-written and I know that you know what you are talking about. It was my pleasure to feature it and I hope that you get some good recognition and site vists from it.

    Thanks David.


  37. Bruce Andrews

    Hey Gazz!

    I have to admit, I have been guilty of doing adswaps with unedited cr*p barrages in the past. I soon learned the merit of making my “gift for email” incentives as transparent as possible.
    If my offer is for, say, some useful and marketable eBooks that are full PLR, that’s how I present them. In their raw and basic form, with all attending files, and make madn sure the reader knows that they can (and should) edit them completely before using them to market.
    In the world of IM transparency is paramount, and at the moment it’s as clear as mud. There needs to be a big campaign to clear up the mess. I know I’m not well-know enough to lead such a campaign, but Gass might have a few ideas….


  38. Jean Shaw

    Nice rant Gary – well deserved though.

    I hate getting “my good friend” type e-mails, especially when I know they’re from marketers who’ve been around long enough to know better.

    As for upsells, cross sells, down sells etc, I hate them. Like some of your previous comments, I just want what I signed up for and if it says it’s free, I hate to suddenly find myself in a position where I have to make an instant decision about buying something I didn’t know I wanted in the first place.

    I know it works, but it still seems sneaky and underhand to me, which is why I’m not living the four hour work week, I guess!

    Also, I hate getting lots of bonuses, which I know may sound daft, but some people give so many it’s overwhelming. I’d rather have a few, quality ones than a lot of rehashed rubbish.

    As for your monthly newsletter – I like it, but you need to work on your jokes. I realise not everyone has the same sense of humour, but …
    Keep ranting.

    Best wishes


  39. Sally

    Hi Gars,

    Well done! Bravo! This is precisely why I have NOT concentrated on adswaps to grow my list recently. I’ve set up a few, don’t get me wrong, but I find that my list does not respond well when I send something that is just meant to get them on the other person’s list.

    The highest open rates I get are when I send my own ebooks or information.

    Well “FREE” isn’t really free is it? It does take time out of our day to not only get to the offer itself but to review the material. Nothing is more frustrating than being led down a path that takes you everywhere else BUT to the very thing you surrendered your personal contact information for!

    Most of the emails filled with the all too common and dreaded hype these days are not only annoying, they’re downright insulting!!

    I did take the time to read your newsletter this morning as well. It was well worth it. Made me chuckle (as you always do) and it also delivered some very useful tips!

    Thanks for sharing.


  40. Gary

    @ Bruce – I really think transparency is the key. I have been so damn fastidious about this in the past that it has cost me money just by trying to be too honest. I absolutely know that to be the case. As one example I would NEVER cloak my links. I believed it was dishonest. There are many times now where I still will not do it but I have to say I do LOVE my Phantom Link Cloaker. It is SO cool and I love playing with it. A-hem… that wasn’t a soft-sell BTW – I really DO love it!

    Bruce, I know you are a decent guy. We have spoken often and joked back and forth in repartee. The best thing to do is not to be part of the bloody problem. Be part of the solution. Easy. If we don’t arrest the declining reputation of IM then we might as well all pack our bags and go and work somewhere else. Because as soon as trust is gone – EVERYTHING is gone. And I think IM is at that pivotal point right NOW!

    @ Jean – Yep… ALL that stuff drives me nuts. Odd, isn’t it? Almost everybody here has expressed the same intolerance to:

    * up-sells, down-sells, side-sells, cross-sells
    * pop ups, pop unders, slide ins, exit splashes
    * bone-arses (I’ll say arse this time coz I know you are English and I know you are broad-minded)

    All those things have application but – in MODERATION. When they all work in unison it gets tiresome and takes on the appearnce of a shark smelling blood in the water.

    Thanks for the compliments on my newsletter. Yeah, the jokes are corny but IMO that’s what makes them so funny. Over here this is how it works…

    … I tell a ridiculous joke and NOBODY laughs. I start laughing because I think they are all so bloody serious and dumb not to loosen up or get it. Then they all start laughing coz they think I’m an idiot for laughing at my own jokes. We all end up laughing so it’s all good.

    Oh, you can bet on me sounding off when I see things that aren’t right according to what I think is decent and acceptable behaviour. Maybe I should just shut up. But how boring would that be? Look what I’ve started here!

    @ Salls – I’ll still do occasional adswaps but only with select people who I know have good free products and who don’t put aspiring knowledge seekers through an obstacle course more befitting of a commando in training. A few offers and maybe one exit splash is OK.

    Oh… and I get really annoyed at people who switch links AFTER you have examined their “funnel” for all the resident funnel web spiders. That is dirty and I never swap with those people again. Or those who use traffic exchanges or that other insidious place that I simply refuse to name because I don’t want anybody else to know it even exists – but it’s a hole where all the demons go to deceive.

    Nothing is free Salls – somewhere, somebody is paying – either in money or time or both. I invest a lot of time and money in my books and manuals and courses. Look at those covers – every one of them costs me a minimum of $35 but I’m happy to pay that price – even on the freebie e-books. Why? Because it’s professional. And I want to be known for providing top-notch products.

    Thanks for complimenting my newsletter too. I work hard at doing that. While others are just racking up one useless swap after the other using an armada of junky PLR to gyp people I am busy creating unique products. And I don’t say that to skite either – even though I am proud of it. It’s just the difference between somebody who cares and somebody who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but themself.

    Hmm, I haven’t mentioned THAT word for a while. Must keep the KWD up, so… CRAP.

    Thanks Salls, your comments are always welcome.


  41. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    My offline life is consuming my time at the moment, but I just had to add my tuppeny-worth as like everyone else here I am sick to the back teeth of the CR*P going around.

    As you know I am a teacher – now teaching adults the pleasures of maths…

    One group of learners had an extremely bad experience of maths at school and were struggling with even fairly basic information that I had given to other groups. Self confidence was low (now improved by the other part of the course they are on) and I could see that they were struggling to understand.

    So – I went back to basics. Yes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and wrote HTU (hundreds, tens, units) over the top of the columns.

    My learners have improved so much that they are even asking me for more homework to do! Yes it is still a basic level, but without the foundations the whole edifice will topple if you try to pile too much on inadequate foundations.

    I had a lesson observation on Monday with this group – I was complimented on my rapport with my learners and how I linked the topics to their real lives.

    I ENJOY teaching these learners and so we can be honest enough with one another – one learner told me that one part he found boring because I didn’t stretch him enough. Point taken but at least we could be truthful and learn from a situation.

    And the comparison with IM?

    What works in real life should work online, but we have to try even harder because we don’t have the physical connection. If I used the same tactics with my learners I wouldn’t have a class left.

    Doesn’t that say it all?

    Keep telling it like it is – we need a strong voice to turn the tide and I’ll add mine to the ever growing pile (like the snow here in the UK!)

    Take care.


  42. Gary

    @ Hills – GREAT comment with a connection to the offline world. I so love mathematics. I love doing brain-teasers like sudokus and virtually any IQ test that involves numbers or words. Oddly enough I prefer number puzzles.

    You are doing such good work there. It must give you so much satisfaction to know you are responsible for improving the numeric literacy of those people. Numeric illiteracy is how banks and finance companies and insurance companies and even Governments keep people poor.

    Oh, I have a big mouth – I’ve been told that many times – usually by people who don’t like what I’m saying. I’ll keep fighting the fight. There are LOTS of supporters for the cause – and probably even more remaining mute for fear of what others may think of them.

    And Hils, thanks for saying… crap – even if you asterisked it. LOL!


  43. joe

    Gary ,I absolutely loved this blog post! Had me grinning from ear to ear becuase I had just wen threw the same thing a few days ago with 3 different emails. Gary ,you and I are definately on the same wave length about this.And can’t they just say,Hey I am doing an adswap and thought you might want to take a look at what so and so has to offer.Would just being straight forward and honest be so hard? I guess that is not good copy tho. Any way,GARY KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, LOVED THIS RANT!

  44. LoneWolf

    Wow, you’ve really opened up this war Gary! This is fantastic and I’m seeing a lot of potential allies in the comment section — people who are passionate about doing things online with integrity. At the very least your post here has the potential to build a bit of a network where we can work together and support one another — a “third tribe” for newbies if you will.

    Keep up the fight!

    I don’t mind if you mention my name. I use LoneWolf as a bit of branding rather than something to hide behind. I find it is a bit more mysterious and intriguing.

    Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

  45. Bill Vallee

    We are in complete agreement Gary! Really vry tired of the unoriginal c**p out there these days that come to my email as well EVERY Day! One thing I would add to your message: If you buy a product…Then affiliate yourself with it, Read or go through the ENTIRE product before you Put it out as something you are promoting! **Just my two cents**
    Bill Vallee
    Leader: TIIMG

  46. Ken Harthun

    Very nice rant, Gary! I agree with you 100% I’ve been through some hellhole sites like that myself. Here’s how I prefer to do things:

    “Good friend” is something I don’t use, especially when I’m doing an adswap. I usually say “fellow marketer” or “a colleague of mine.” I DO use “friend” occasionally if it’s true and qualify that with something along the line of how I know them. But, I agree that others have ruined this by using it for everything.

    I’m in it for the long haul, so I try to keep things simple and make it easy for my subscriber to find what they asked for. I like the occasional OTO sales, but what you described is something I would never do.

    PLR – I agree, most of that stuff qualifies more as “Pathetic Last Resort” than as Private Label Rights. 95% junk. In my experience, it’s easier to just write your own. Of course, I’m a writer, so I know how to do that.

    Another great “Temple Talk” newsletter, Gary. I’ve been telling others about it.

    Keep up the great work!


  47. pete

    Well said mate – say it how it is.

    You know I have had this opinion for a while hence why Ive become a lot less active in IM of late.

    If people want to carry on peddling junk, let them but its down to Blogs like this to highlight the issue.

    If we dont self police there wont be an IM industry left worth having

  48. Bill

    Hi Gary
    I agree with everything I’ve read in this thread, and hope you don’t mind an additional rant from Canada. I appreciate the naming of some big names you’ve unsubscribed from Gary, as I too became disenchanted with the likes of them a long time ago.
    One of the things that sets me off is the trend lately of false subject lines on emails. These are even coming from people I formerly respected. Things like “Download Processed!” , “Confirmation Required – please retain for your records”, and “Re: YOUR CONFIRMATION IS ACTIVATED…” from people I have neither ordered anything from, nor know what they’re talking about. I know the purpose is to get me to open their email, but do they really think I’ll be inclined to want anything to do with them after they’ve tricked me?
    My second beef is people who don’t proofread their copy. I can understand occasional typos being missed, but so many sales letters nowadays are rife with missed words, misused words, bad English and just general sloppiness. Don’t they have a friend or spouse who could glance over it before their fevered fingers press the send button? I find the best method is to simply read my copy aloud once, and I catch most errors myself.
    I am in the process of building a social networking site devoted to the type of marketers I have found in this thread. People with a conscience and a shred of honesty in their dealings with fellow humans. I too would like to make a living online so I can retire from 40 years of long haul trucking, but I refuse to do it at the expense of my integrity.
    I need feedback from people like those in this thread to help make this site a valuable tool for like-minded folk. I won’t give the name of the site here as that’s shameless self-promotion, and besides it’s not ready yet for the general public. However, if anyone would like to be involved in the planning stages I welcome your queries at [NOTE from Gary – Bill, I removed your email address from here because email address scraper tools would have picked it up and then you will get even MORE sp@m].
    The main credo of the site is: All internet marketers and entrepreneurs welcome, but please take off your guru hat before entering. Maybe some people such as ourselves can actually start to influence positive change in the industry.

    All the best

  49. Thom Swartwood

    Great article as always. I have to admit I have not been involved in IM for that last month or so just because of this. I am so tired of the Bull… I am tired of the emails telling me to watch a video and become rich. I am tired of getting screwed doing adswaps that go nowhere. I am tired of the low click rates and the junk people call learning.

    I am starting down a new path that I believe will truly help others to improve their performance. I am finishing up my book and will be publishing it the first quarter of next year and the goal is to complete the second by the middle of next year. I have also started videoing a new series that I will be available next year.

    I think for people like me IM is dead. I don’t have the time or the want to seperate the junk from the real thing. I have always and will continue to trust you and some of the other people we have in common. I want to thank you for you help in the past and your honesty in all you say and do.

    Have a great day and I will talk to you soon


  50. Ken Garrett


    Over the years (more than I care to admit) I have learned both online and off that usually, the harder the sell the lower the quality. Many online marketers have not yet come to realize what a professor tried to instill in my class of freshman professional students….. “people have built in crap detectors”.

    I have found that keeping this in mind has worked well for me in my profession and as I have become active in online endeavors.

    While the gimmicks seem to continue to proliferate and make it appear that those who share your philosophy are losing the battle, I am sure that we will win the war!


  51. James Elliott

    Hi Gary,

    Don’t know if I can add anything that hasn’t been said. I have been on here for two years and have seen a lot of changes. I though I had to opt-in to get every free gift that was sent. 6 addresses get most of it but I only check 4 every day well almost every day. Read every one for a long time but that is history.

    Julie said 12 emails in 7 days. That is not bad. I get 4-8 emails a day from some. Bad thing about a lot of them is some of what they want me to opt-in to get I have hat as far back as 2008. I know this because I am checking everything I have downloaded for duplicate copies and am finding 3-10 copies of the same thing.

    What you said and most of the others said are 100% right. The reason I said most is because I didn’t read all of them. T lost count yesterday of the same emails from different marketers. About three words and the email was gone. I am getting grumpy in my old age.

    Thanks a lot for your rant. Guess I will stay on your list. I cant find the cancel button. If you beleive the BS about the button I have a product that will make you 50 thousand next week while you sleep and you don’t have to get out of bed.


  52. Let 'Er Rip Gary! | WWW Ramblings

    […] Gary Simpson has declared war.  And he’s not alone.  A growing army of people are getting sick and tired of the direction that internet marketing is moving. […]

  53. Gary

    @ Joe – I’m glad you and so many others liked this. I had reservations that maybe I was going too far but then, me being me… I did it anyway. I try to be open and transparent as much as possible, often falling just short of being an apologist. I try to promote things that I have personally used, will use or know will help people. If there is a commission attached then so be it but I do more work behind the scenes that has no commission attached than anyone will ever know. Sometimes I spend hours helping people with the only reward being satisfaction in knowing that I have assisted somebody. Not trying to sound like a saint. I just enjoy teaching and helping.

    @ Lone Wolf Bill – a tribe – LOL. I just think it is time that people really started to GIVE value and help others instead of just trying to gouge money from them by promoting trash – and that trash can be free or paid. Either way it uses up our most PRECIOUS commodity – TIME. Money can be replaced but time can NEVER be replaced.

    @ Bill-san – Thanks mate. [BTW the “san” thing is just a lil joke between us] In the past I pretty much have only recommended products that I have purchased or intend to purchase. When there is a “launch” (dontcha just detest that term?) that isn’t always possible. However, if you generally know what it is and what it can do and you trust the “launcher” then that should be OK.

    @ Ken – Ugh! Yeah “good friend” – it’s such a bloody stupid thing to say because are there such things as bad friends when used in that context? I’m getting sidetracked. OMG I am SO laughing at “Pathetic Last Resort” – VERY funny. If I use that then I will credit you with its creation. Thanks. Great alternate acronym. Thanks for spreading the word about my newsletter.

    @ Pete – yep. A lot of people are discontent with the actions of a VERY active minority who just rape and pillage. I like to think that most people are generally good but it’s like the situation over here where I live.

    I mentioned it above when replying back and forth with Maria – we have a HARD CORE small number of absolute idiot recidivist offenders who are incredibly vicious and violent. They make our city a very dangerous place to be – especially after dark. If the police and courts could (or would) round up about 500 of the worst lunatic offenders and lock them up then our city’s crime would drop by about 90%… AND it would discourage all the copy-cats too. Same here with IM. The majority of damage is done by a hard-core group of recidivist spamming “marketers” who have only ONE aim – to gouge as much money from unsuspecting people as possible.

    @ Bill – Goodness! I’m 100% with you on that. The latest crazy “technique” is to add the autoresponder token for your email address in the subject line. here’s another totally stupid thing they say in subject lines – “Your ACCOUNT.” What EFFING account? I have NO account with these twits. And never would. If they cannot treat me with some sort of sense or respect then they can get stuffed.

    I agree again on the poor grammar, the spelling mistakes and general errors. How many times do we see “Hello {!firstnamefix}?” It’s slack and uncaring and it just proves how despearte these people are to slam those emails out. I usually test my emails 2 or even 3 times and that includes all the links to make sure they are working.

    @ Thom – I find that pretty sad. You, like so many other GOOD people, have been offended by the voracious practices of the sharks and have seen fit to back off. So many others have said the SAME thing and that only dilutes the density of good people in the industry.

    On a positive note, that is great news that you are writing a book. As a professional trainer and a high-ranking martial arts teacher, you have a lot to offer.

    I have a real humdinger (do you guys say that?) of a book myself coming out. It’s probably similar to yours in some respect because I’m pretty big on giving value and providing customer service. My book will teach people how to give value to their customers. I’ve been proof-reading it and some sections are so damn funny – especially the stupid business owners I have had to deal with – and how they are going out of business without even knowing it. The dills.

    There is so much competition out there for EVERYTHING now that “business owners” (and I use the term very loosely) simply MUST give value or they will be out of business faster than they realise it. Poor manners, rudeness, arrogance, abuse, lack of care, not showing up on time for an appointment, not showing up at all – I have experienced it all.

    Thom, thanks for saying that. We have a common bond that is stronger than mere IM. The feeling is mutual mate. (OK that was a bit of male-male bonding stuff, take your fingers out of your mouths… LOL)

    @ Ken – Ha! Ken, and no more so than advertizing for movies. My experience is this – the bigger the push for the movie – the bigger the stinker it will be. Case in point – the two movies I have reviewed in my last two newsletters. One was brilliant – it wasn’t advertized to death. The other was abysmal – it WAS heavily advertized.

    Good products pretty much sell themselves. All they require is a bit of a nudge and then the public gets to talking about them which helps spread the word. And that goes both ways too – good and bad.

    Ken, like locusts stripping crops bare, we have already seen the rampant “anti-marketers” screw adswaps, email marketing, Giveaways and now solos. They are running out of options to strip bare and as soon as that happens they will be floundering around looking for another easy target to destroy.

    @ James – Multiple emails come from launches. It’s kinda a necessary “evil.” I don’t see a lot wrong with that. In fact, I think it’s good because if a product IS good then it can be purchased from a variety of “vendors.” ie it gives us a choice – and you can purchase through somebody you trust rather than somebody who annoys the be-Jesus out of you. It’s like “stuff you” I want this and I’ll get from somebody else. I do that. There are some people who I would NEVER buy anything from. I’d rather go without.

    Like I said above, the “world record” for the most emails sent in ONE day by ONE person is 17. I am also aware that several others regularly send 6 to 10 emails a day. That, IMO, is excessive and constitutes spamming.

    A BIG thank you to everybody who has taken the time to make a valuable addition to this topic. I’m now up-to-date with all comments, emails and Skype texts. Keep ‘em coming.

  54. Julie

    Thanks Gary! I appreciate the compliments on my writing! It means a lot! I have not seen December’s newsletter – I will have to check it out! I hope my IM inspiration doesn’t lose momentum anytime soon! I am revamping my site on Internet Marketing Inspiration so I hope to have more posts up soon! Thanks again!

  55. Gary

    Hi Julie – the links to my December newsletter are above. I have just paid to have a professional cover attached to it and about a dozen people have complimented me on it already which pleases me greatly. I sent you a personal pdf via email seeing as how you are mentioned on the front and back pages – bookended, so to speak.

    The only way you will lose momentum is if you take your eye off the ball. Then what would you do? Find a new game… learn all new rules, try to play it? Keep going. It gets easier.

    Thanks for commenting and get those posts done!


  56. Stephen

    Hi Gary,

    It is Stephen W back again with a quick whinge. Reply #3.

    Another “beef” I have with the guru’s website (“sales page”).

    You would think that these gurus of superior intelligence (??) would know how stupid it reads when they make claims like :

    You can earn $35, 352.32 per month if you follow this program. Read how I did it! (Or something similar).

    It would be akin to winning the lottery if ANYONE could duplicate such an exact figure, no matter how good the course content!!

    Wouldn’t you think they would write something like ….. ” You can earn around $35,000 per month if you follow this program, etc.”

    “Around” being the operative word … or perhaps “approximately”……. something like that.

    AND EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE DOES IT !!! THEY ARE LIKE SHEEP. (apologies to any of our NZ friends who might be reading).

  57. LoneWolf

    Stephen, I’ve heard the reasoning behind using non-round numbers and there is a psychological reason and avoids ambiguous terms such as “around”.

    However, they should be saying something along the lines of “Follow the system that made me $35,352.32 in a single month!” It hits the psychological trigger without promising that exact figure. There is a way to do it right and most of these “gurus” don’t.

    Another thing along the same lines that bugs me — “Make up to $500/month or more!” D’oh!

  58. Stephen Bray

    It’s unfortunate isn’t it?

    Many of those whom I love as people
    promote all kinds of ‘guff’ partly as
    quid pro qoes I suspect?

    This is one of the reasons I like your
    site is that you offer: Motivation and
    Self Esteem, rather than I.M.

    I wish more would focus on real
    services and then market them
    effectively, rather than seeking to
    dupe the gullible.


  59. Gary

    @ Stephen – You can have crack #4 too if you wish. This is where people can come and say what they think. I don’t even give a rip if people wanna come here and take me to task either, so long as they are sensible and put up a good argument. I’m ready to discuss these issues with ANYONE.

    Stephen – I know YOU know this but for the benefit of others who may be wondering – NEVER believe that somebody allegedly making a ton of money on the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter) has “superior” intelligence. That is a complete fallacy.

    The reason those numbers you speak of are so specific again has to do with slick copywriting. A SPECIFIC number is more believable than a rounded number. That is why we see things sold for $7 and $9.97 and $17 and $27 and blah, blah, blah. SEVEN being the psychological pivot number… allegedly. I sell stuff for magical seven numbers too.

    Mate, I am laughing about your sheep comment because I can see another Stephen below and we used to tease each other relentlessly on Twitter about matters of sexual innuendo involving sheep, goats… oh well, you had to see the exchanges to see how funny it was.

    @ Lonewolf – Hello again to you too. This post and all these GREAT comments have really stirred up a hornet’s nest of activity. And it’s about time people stopped remaining silent on all the mal-practices and came out and said what was needed to be said.


    Your observation on specific numbers is correct. The way that the so-called “goo-roos” EFF it up so badly is to tell EVERYBODY that is the specific figure that they will all make. It isn’t. It cannot be. The statistical analysis of probability against that would be infinitisemally minute in the extreme. In other words, there would be such a very low chance of it happening it is almost nil. Why I didn’t say that in the FIRST place I don’t know. LOL!

    What the “goo-roos” SHOULD do is this: Give a case study of somebody who made that specific amount using the EXACT system that they are proferring. That then becomes somewhat believable for that person in their own particular circumstances – providing the result is true and accurate – meaning it is not an embellishment or a FALSE result using an accomplice as the guinea pig.

    But you will notice that almost all sites now contain disclaimers about YOU being able to duplicate that success – and fair enough too. Some users are as false as some sellers. Let me scream this out right now: THERE IS NO PUSH BUTTON SOLUTION. NONE!

    @ Stephen – LOL, read my comments to the other Stephen above. We don’t do that any more. Maybe the joke fizzled out. But it was fun for a while.

    I’ve tried to blend motivation and self esteem with internet marketing because IMO the motivation and self esteem is the ingredient that most of the would-be marketers miss. Far too many are way too frightened to be original and put themselves out there – in other words, make themselves a target. They need to stand for something and be prepared to empty their machine gun into the withering fury of an enemy attack.

    OK. That comment above was a bit over the top. But far too many people are prepared to follow the leader (even if the “leader” is a “FALSE GOD”) because they are too reluctant to be original for fear of ridicule and/or persecution. And it’s far too EASY – and there is so much temptation – to copy, copy, copy. Why work at something when you can be a lazy-ass and copy junk (eg crappy PLR) that other people are doing? The scary part of that is this – WHAT IF they are copying a fraud, a scammer, a liar or just a giant conga-line of other people who are all going to hell without realizing it?

    At the other end of the scale we have the dichotomy of all that – bald face liars who sell useless JUNK and couldn’t care less so long as they are making a buck.

    Duping the gullible is easy. You just have to make your lies bigger and bolder than the second best liar. It’s sad but that is what it amounts to.

    My sincere thanks again to the two Stephens and Lonewolf for adding to the value of this post.


  60. Stephen Bray

    “But far too many people are prepared to follow the leader (even if the “leader” is a “FALSE GOD”) because they are too reluctant to be original for fear of ridicule and/or persecution. And it’s far too EASY – and there is so much temptation – to copy, copy, copy. Why work at something when you can be a lazy-ass and copy junk (eg crappy PLR) that other people are doing? The scary part of that is this – WHAT IF they are copying a fraud, a scammer, a liar or just a giant conga-line of other people who are all going to hell without realizing it?”

    Well, to be fair, I think some PLR
    can be good, and a short-cut for

    But, in my mind, those who truly
    will make a contribution are those
    who will profit over, and over, in the

    They may not make fortunes, but
    they will always make steady incomes
    and never lose the respect of the


  61. Wilma van Zwietering

    Hi Gary,

    I can keep it short. I don’t like all that ad swap. It’s too predictable and too much of the same. I don’t care that it’s said to be a good way of list building.
    You went on, but I would have stopped immediately. If I can’t get where I opt-in for with a simple download click I quit.
    It’s good you’ve written about it.

    Wilma van Zwietering

  62. Keith Purkiss

    Hi Gary,

    It’s getting worse every week. One person who keeps changing the senders name is now putting initials instead of his name in emails.

    I’m not sure how he avoids being flagged as a spammer?

    I agree with Maddi though, it should make it easier for people who do produce quality information to stand out (as long as there’s still some people left who are reading emails)

    I cancelled my safeswaps upgrade a few days ago as it’s no longer worth $24.95 per month. Too many members there are using spammy messages.



  63. James


    Fully agree with your rant! I complain about this stuff daily. If my buddy Russ didn’t get burnt so bad and put me on a crusade of sorts I would have walked away laughing. Not because there’s no money online, I actually bank 5 figures regularly, but that there are so many clowns putting out funny jokes.
    Iunderstand they try hard, I mean isn’t the only way to make money on here to make a product and get a list? I read that and like you wanted to peak fir sh*ts and giggles. I foolishly yelled at my monitor, the stories that thing wwould tell you, after reading this” … and the best part is you don’t even have to know what you are talking about!” The toilet paper, I mean book, even went on to discuss the fact that you can use anyname you want, request a CHECK from PayPal, and shut down. “…after all, who is going to meet you?”. I snapped, pushup and screaming snapped.

    To your readers: Stand apart from the crowd. I am sought by higher ups out of a respect for my abilities in business planning and execution. Even in some IM channels I am known as a thinker. I have absolutely no need to claim I am an expert nor a” teacher”. Do you? If you trump yourself up even slightly, you add a detriment to the internet marketing community. You could, without realizing it, burn someone and take away strong potential when someone quits because they see everything as blown out of proportion and fake. Letting your actions speak for you will help you write volumes in your life story. If you have a passion for something, solve people’s issues with that idea and you’ll probably notice your wallet grow a bit more. Help Gary support the end of victimization by boycotting the cr*p ;-)

  64. Why Do Marketers Use Deception? | WWW Ramblings

    […] Gary Simpson (Gary actually wrote a 54 page ebook on what he calls Internet Marketing Zombies or IMZ’s) […]

  65. Adwello

    To be sure, Gary, when I first stepped online in 1998, there was a plethora of junk called “Biz Opps” and these either seem to have cleared away, or I am more selective in my search! There will always be charlatans on every available marketing and non marketing platform, but what really bugs me is that these schiest*rs are cloning and devaluing Clickbank which is a noble marketing platform offering affiliate services for vendors which has taken over ten years to build the service and reputation it enjoys today.

    I now shun CB products because of the endless “Me Too” samey graphics, sales shots, big red lettering..”This is the best ever!” No, wait “this is!” Hm.

  66. Chris

    Hi Gary,

    enjoyed the article. It was an entertaining read and very humorous take on a pretty irritating and prevalent marketing tactic on the internet. I have unsubscribed from most IM lists and feel a bit better and less cluttered for it now. I think a lot of the info hasn’t really helped me anyway as I have tried some of it and bought and wated money on a lot of junk products in the past and I am still none the richer LOL.
    I am looking for substance these days to help me with my online endeavours but it isn’t easy. Not wanting to sound like a sycophant but you are right on with your analysis and I feel the same way. I shun these kinds of people now and haven’t bought IM stuff for over 4 months. I only make solid purchases now and stuff that I think will actually help me as the get quick rich stuff is all bogus. I need to find out the strategies and techniques that will help me connect with my target market and that is the challenge.
    The IM people are clever (not the genuine ones) as they know how to suck people in and give them false promises. They know what they (people like me) are looking for (ie traffic) so they exploit the hungry demands of the market by pretending to offer the solution.
    I got cheated by a dodgy coaching and tax company in Utah over 6 months ago and lost around $US8,000 and got very little back. I learnt the hard way. I now aim to expose them and try to bring them to account one day.
    Btw I like the book you gave me. Have only read a little so ar but it looks really good.

  67. Genycis

    OMG Gary, you could not have hit the nail on the head any harder!! I’m not even a full fledged internet marketer, though I’ve been looking at more and more tools that would help me to build more and more Targeted traffic to my music websites. However, just with everything you described in this entry, and all of the “build traffic by the thousands in less than blah blah days” and other types of tools that go along the same lines, and the email after email of nonsense, reading this article definitely gave me a feeling of release! Lol!

    It’s like, I knew there were others tired of the BS and the images of Clickbank showing “YOU TOO can make $23142323563.23 in 3 minutes” nonsense, but reading your articles made me definitely see I’m nowhere near alone in being tired of the rambling on and on and on! Some programs, yes, are legit, but they teach you things you can do that will help OVER TIME. But most of them are nonsense! And it’s always the same “$47″, or “97” or “$197″ or the latest I saw yet by (and I will call it out) Authority Apprentice 2.0, a whopping $1497 for a kit that I’m sure addresses the same strategies of article marketing, forum marketing, classified ad marketing, Facebook marketing, and so on, only worded a bit differently and with their own spin on “assuring you results”! As I hear the British say, “Bollocks!!!”

    It was refreshing to see this article touch on all the points I’ve been feeling lately! Thanks for that Gary! Much success and Blessings your way! Thanks for taking a moment to call it like it is!

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