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Buy Ultram Without Prescription

by Gary ~ December 7th, 2008

I thought that it might be an interesting question to ask EACH of you what you hope to get out of the Alex Jeffreys Buy Ultram Without Prescription, Internet Marketing Course.

PLEASE...OH PLEASE.., order Ultram from mexican pharmacy. Buy Ultram without a prescription, keep it brief. I don't want a blow-by-blow account of the next 5 years of your life. Just tell me a few brief points.., buy generic Ultram. Ultram brand name, (I'll give you an EXAMPLE) If you make it too long I will edit you down (sorry, but you have been warned!).., purchase Ultram online. Buy cheap Ultram no rx, & STAY ON TOPIC!

Things to consider: What does it mean to you. How much moolah (I think Alex calls it wonga) would you like, Ultram photos. Buy Ultram from mexico, What would you do with the extra time. Is there something you have always wanted to do or have, Ultram price. Ultram blogs. Order Ultram online c.o.d. Ultram images. Where to buy Ultram. Ultram natural. Where can i buy cheapest Ultram online. Ultram over the counter. Ultram street price. What is Ultram. Where can i order Ultram without prescription. Ultram without prescription. Ultram mg. Ultram no prescription. Ultram pics. Buy Ultram online cod. Ultram recreational. Ultram pharmacy. Ultram reviews. Purchase Ultram online no prescription. Ultram schedule. After Ultram. Ultram treatment. Purchase Ultram for sale. Where can i buy Ultram online. Rx free Ultram. Buy Ultram no prescription.

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32 Responses to Buy Ultram Without Prescription

  1. Gary

    OK. I asked the question so… I’ll go first… A return on all the time I have put into my websites over the last 3-4 years. Bring wife home from work. (Actually… send her there “part-time.” LOL!) Maybe $5,000 to $10,000 extra per month would allow travel and extra participation in my favourite pursuits.

    Gary Simpson
    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Nadeem Ahmad


    Thanks so much for bringing up this topic. It’s great for motivation but I’ll get right to it:

    1) Return on my time and investment.
    2) Freedom from my JOB
    3) Freedom with my time
    4) A learned foundation that I can build on in this industry (call it a career)

    And in the near future after I’m done the course:

    5) Earn enough live comfortably from 10% of my income and give the rest to a ‘real’ charity.

    I think that’s the summed up version, of the summed up version. And yes, veering off is not a good thing. 20 hours? That’s insane. You should get some rest or you’ll catch a flu or something.


    Nadeem Ahmad

  3. Gary

    Thanks Nadeem – all worthy goals.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  4. Garry

    Hi Gary,

    Simple one to answer for me.

    I’m not a materialistic person so initial objective is just enough to get by on each month. After that, anything else is a bonus but it would be nice to have some nice holidays as well. First steps, first though just get enough to support my family.

    btw, I put up the KILLER POST I was talking about yesterday. This is something everyone will want to have – not just AJ students, anyone with aspirations about getting an online business up and running and building it into a massive success. Hey, it’s not just one thing I’m giving away aswell its … well …. I don’t want to rabbit on. Go on over and grab it now!

    Until next time.


  5. Dave Dunn

    Hey Garry

    For now I’d just be happy with enough to pay off my debts and to be able to have the bills paid each month. If I can do that I will be overjoyed, then I’ll start thinking about what ‘niceties’ I could have. But a holiday abroad wouldn’t go amiss. (Probably 5 or 6 years since I last had one). I like Nadeems idea about giving to charity too.


  6. Dave Dunn

    sorry two R’s there mate, must have been looking at double R Garry’s name as I typed


  7. charles

    Hey Gary,

    Live, Give, Travel, Have Fun and be balanced!

    BTW how do i join your student list?



  8. Nigel Yip

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for popping by Nigel-Land again. just uploaded a new post and I have a freebie waiting for everyone tommorrow. It might be really usefull or it might be a flop but will have to see what everyone thinkgs.

    As for my goals from Alex’s Jeffreys course is

    – Own a residual income business by this I mean, an online business
    which will continue to make me money for years to come

    – Another form of income stream that will support my home mail direct
    order business opportunity magazine

    – Freedom from Financial Worries

    – Like Nadeem, my investment back

    – Make enough money so that my parents can retire early

    – Money to give to charity, I’m currently support 3 charities every
    month with donations so money earned to help with that would be great

    – Be recognised for my efforts and to show and prove to those who said I
    would fail

    – and finally – make enough money so that I can continue to pursue my dream of writing my own books and getting them published in local bookstores and around the world.

    Yes I know some of them are farfetched – but seriously if I can achieve them all then that would be fantastic and my parents would be proud too that I made the right choice.

    All the best

  9. Gary


    TOO LONG! But you have good goals and you are thinking of your parents AND you are a good bloke so… just this once I will allow your “too long” post. LOL!

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  10. Alan Neath

    Gary, I will be delighted to achieve:

    The freedom to work at home, not a paid employee.
    The assurance to provide for any of my family and even friends.
    The ability to help others along in the spirit of Alex’s mentoring.
    To do all this and be comfortable and very happy !
    Good luck to you all, hope we all meet up oneday and drink a toast to success.

  11. Gary

    Hi Alan,

    I detected a problem at your blog. When you fix it I will add you to my blogroll – please turn OFF the “log in” requirement to leave comments. Nobody will go there until you do. Hope this helps.


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  12. Anthony Arias

    My first goal in building an online business is to work for myself and answer to ME!

    I want to build a foundation that allows me to scale my business well into the six figures and beyond. But first I just want to make my first sale :).

    I want my family to live a comfortable lifestyle were money is never an issue for us.

    I want to take 2 wonderful and luxurious 10 day vacations a year and have planned weekend getaways every 3 months.

    I don’t expect to walk away with all this in 4 weeks, but I want to establish the baseline to reach these goals.

    Anthony Arias

  13. Will Lim

    Hey Gary,

    Here are my responses,

    – I want build an autopilot income generating at least 5k per month
    – I want to take control of my time doing things I like (too many to write)
    – I want to learn more languages and travel around the world

    Brief enough? :)



  14. Gary

    OK… time to do a bit of catching up here…

    Will (10/10 – Informative, brief – just about exactly the right size- and you still answered the question) – see EVERYONE – it can be done!

    Garry (too long – but I guess you had to get your extra message out – check it out folks – it’s really good – go and sign up for Parkesy’s offer),

    Dave (no worries about the 2xr’s – I’ve been called an r’s followed by a thing that you fall in when you aren’t watching where you are going before),

    Charles (excellent – you can DEFINITELY follow instructions so Alex Jeffreys will have no trouble teaching you – LOL!)

    Nigel (I’ve already chastised you – LOL)

    Alan (fix your blog up and you will have people hitting it – sorry Al but I don’t have time for all that log-in and security code stuff and I expect others don’t either. Come back here and let us know when it’s operating like all – or MOST – of the others)

    Anthony (hmm, BORDERLINE in length but a great message nonetheless)

    OK. For anyone else coming here check out mine, Dave’s and Will’s goals for the right size. Folks, if you don’t be brief this page will go like all the others – OUT OF CONTROL and into KAOS – a small joke? No? OK, I’ll try and be wittier next time.)

    Thanks for all the answers so far and keep them coming. This is really interesting and it is important that YOU know why you are doing this -specifically.

    Gary – King of Gary-Land … oh and… KEEP IT BRIEF!
    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  15. Rick

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for popping over this morning, and for the the test tip that you and Coleen did.

    I think I went a bit brain dead after I had set everything up, I actually went into paypal to try to test the link but couldn’t find it.

    Then I had a Derrrr moment and clicked on the purchase link for $47, but Paypal wouldnt let the purchase go through, they said I was trying to buy something with the sellers account.

    Your $1 tip should do the trick.



  16. Garry

    Morning Gary,

    Too long! You’re a hard task master.

    Brief this morning then. Thanks for the offer Gary for ‘motivational content’ for my re-occurring blockbuster giveaway! I think I’m going to need all the help I can get to for this ambitious project but in the end it will benefit everyone. I think your idea is a great one as self-improvement/personal development is a topic close to my heart as you know and I would love to have you involved. I’ll email you a bit later.

    Anyway, if you don’t know what Gary and I are on about here – where have you been??? I launched it yesterday, so get on over and check it out.

    Whoops, said I was going to be brief – well it was brief for me anyway :-)


  17. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    Short but sweet:

    ~ What does it mean to you? Freedom to be my own boss and to provide value to other people & not ‘go’ to work

    ~ How much wonga would you like? Enough to live on comfortably, so I can also help out my family & friends that have supported me. & enough to buy a house!

    ~ What would you do with the extra time? Is there something you have always wanted to do or have? Learn Italian, travel a bit, but mostly get my friends and family into a comfortable lifestyle. Keep on building my business!



  18. Gordan

    Hi Gary,

    *would like to have clear path what to do next after coaching is finished
    *would like to become full time in this business
    *to help people that helped me
    *would like to be able to afford taking my kids to school and picking them

    If I achive this I would be over the moon,

  19. Gary

    Time to catch up again…

    Rick – I would ENCOURAGE everybody who has their squeezy and their launch platform up to TEST all the links. At the moment my Paypal email back to the customer who buys the product is broken. It doesn’t give the link. I have been over it a dozen times and I have followed everything that Alex Jeffreys does in the video but… nope… my product link is not there. I have contacted Paypal for support. So, folks, TEST THOSE LINKS coz I can tell ya it will only take one angry customer to get pi**ed with not getting what he or she wants and you will be doin’ the pogo dance.

    Gazza, Gazza, Gazza … over here I am king. I said to STAY ON TOPIC! Now I’m gonna have to bust you for advertising. Gaz-man, I know you are keen as mustard about your project – and I gave it a good plug last time. OK, to make Parkesy happy…

    Drum roll, trumpets, claxons, marching girls…

    – “Folks – go over to Garry Parkes’ blog and sign up for his new you-beaut, whizzbang, network, tell-all, extravaganza, record breaking, key to the universe e-book!”

    There Gazza! Happy? Seriously, folks, Garry is doing a power of work on his e-book – please support him.

    Now, Gazza, you have blown both of my rules to the shizenhouzen – you owe me a big favour! Sign up for his book!

    Hi Nikki – Nice goals and you kept it brief, unlike our friend e-book author extraordinaire Parkesy. Sign up for his book!

    Hi Gordan – I just chucked you on my blogroll coz you are being nice and FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS – unlike our friend Parkesy. Have you heard about his new e-book?

    Now that just about wraps it up except for one thing. Has anybody heard about Gazza-Gazman-Parkesy’s new e-book? If not, can I suggest that you all visit the Park-Land and sign up for it.

    You owe me Gazza! LOL!

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  20. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve already signed up for Garry’s e-newsletter!

    (Keeping it short!)


  21. Gary

    Really Nikki?

    Where did you hear about Garry Parkes’ new e-book?

    Can someone tell me?

    Go and sign up for Parkesy’s new e-book. Just do it coz I don’t want him comin’ back here and whingin’ that I’m not plugging it hard enough.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  22. Nikki

    Oh, now I have to remember where I first saw it advertised (Garry’s fabulous offer of course) – why, that would have been on Dean ‘Peeps’ Holland’s blog this morning…so of course I went there straight away to sign up & to offer my services as a guinea pig / featured person.

    Then of course I saw it mentioned here, and knew that I had done the right thing…

    (Do you think that counts as a plug?!)



  23. Gary


    I’m happy to plug it all day long.

    King Gary of Gary-Land
    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  24. Nikki


    Oh I like that!

  25. Gary


    You will just have to get used to my weird sense of humour.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  26. Nikki

    That’s ok, my sense of humour is pretty random too! You’ve seen my email address – my name comes up as Mistress Minxy on it!

    Does that count as a skill to add to your newest post? Hmm…not so sure!

    Nikki / Nix / Mistress Minxy!

  27. Gary

    Hmm… the mind boggles – got a pic? LOL.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  28. Nikki

    Hi Gaz-man,

    Oh, if only you knew the power of the dark side!! Ha ha!

    Perhaps I should put a pic up when I get my blog sorted this weekend…although it might just frighten you all!

    Incidentally, what are people’s thoughts on having your picture on your blog (or rather, having one’s picture on one’s blog)?

    Nikki / Nix / Mistress Minxy!

  29. Scott

    I am looking, for starters, make half my current salary so I can “retire” from my current career.
    I am very involved with my church and would like to free some more time for that work, without stealing anymore time from my family.

    Enough ranting

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    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onGary Simpsonâ??s Internet Marketing » Blog Archive » Alex Jeffreys …Here’s a quick excerptAlex Jeffreys’ Internet Marketing Course – What Do YOU Want From This Internet Marketing Course? I thought that it might be an interesting question to ask EACH of you what you hope to get out of the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing … […]



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  32. Bev

    Hi Gary,

    I’m a bit late at jumping on the bandwagon but here goes:
    I’d love to visit my son in Japan on an annual basis
    I’d like to take my parents on a Caribbean cruise
    To live an above comfortable existence working 3-4 hours per day
    To pass on what I’ve learnt to the people in my country, South Africa.

    My blog is brand new but please add me to your blogroll.
    Thanks, Bev

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