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Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription

by Gary ~ November 28th, 2010

Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Haters. We’ve all seen and experienced them - at work, Alprazolam canada, mexico, india, the local shopping center, sometimes (if you’re REALLY unlucky) they can be family members and well… generally they are pretty much everywhere in society, unfortunately, buy Alprazolam no prescription.

Most often the drivers of hate are race, Alprazolam from canada, sexuality, religion, politics and relationships, Alprazolam alternatives.

Unfortunately, Cheap Alprazolam no rx, due to the “remoteness” of the Internet, places like the social media sites, forums and chat rooms can spawn these types and give them a platform to spew their bile on others, herbal Alprazolam. They do it over the internet because they are pretty sure they can get away with their dirty deeds without consequence. But there IS a consequence, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Alprazolam use, They are just too consumed by their hatred to know about it or understand the effect that their actions are having on their OWN lives. Let me explain that…

We tend to attract what we put out. If we love we generally attract love, Alprazolam duration. If we have success we generally tend to attract success. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, If we have evil thoughts we generally tend to attract evil thoughts. Rx free Alprazolam, Remember the old saying: “Live by the sword and die by the sword.” .

Why are these people like this?

Generally haters hate because they see in others something that they so desperately want in themselves but they believe they can never have – success, authority, Alprazolam for sale, friendships, Alprazolam australia, uk, us, usa, ability, love, wealth or many other things that they are denying themselves, buying Alprazolam online over the counter. So, Where to buy Alprazolam, by throwing their hate out at everyone else all they are really doing is attracting more of the SAME to themselves. It becomes a never-ending circle for them.

I’ve written about “The Secret” quite a few times in my e-books, manuals, courses and also on my blog, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Unlike what the Secret will have you believe there are two halves to achievement – desire and action, kjøpe Alprazolam på nett, köpa Alprazolam online. The action part is where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. Alprazolam used for, Therefore, when a critic or hater continues to engage in their “trade” all they are doing is sealing their own fate.

Recently I was unfairly abused in a Skype chat channel by somebody saying the most bizarre, Alprazolam images, spiteful and idiotic things. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, I’d never even spoken to this person before. Alprazolam street price, There is little doubt that he was under the influence of alcohol or chemicals but that is no excuse. Often that is just a lubricant for saying or expressing what one REALLY feels. So all he did was showed me his true inner-self and flagged himself as somebody to avoid, generic Alprazolam. And from the many comments I had with people who witnessed that ridiculous display of his they will too.

Like others - perhaps even you - I also get my fair share of hate mail, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Effects of Alprazolam, Again, it is sent by frustrated, jealous people who really don’t understand that they are damaging themselves more than they are damaging me or others that they send their bilious comments to, purchase Alprazolam online no prescription.

Yesterday a lovely lady (hello "Possum") exchanged emails with me about a group of haters who had banded together to criticize her very unfairly and in a very public manner on Twitter. Comprar en línea Alprazolam, comprar Alprazolam baratos, Why. What POSSIBLE benefit will they get out of that? Can ANYBODY tell me. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Here's what I think... these people have never developed beyond the childish taunting and bullying that we see in so many of our schools, buy Alprazolam without a prescription. In other words, Online buying Alprazolam hcl, although they may have children of their own and might even have responsible jobs, that part of their brain has never developed beyond childhood.

I took a quick look at what they were saying about this lady and it was appalling. Even worse, purchase Alprazolam online, some of the people promoting all that trash really should know better. Alprazolam natural, They are openly destroying their own reputations. How foolish is that, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription.

However, to end on a pleasant note, online buying Alprazolam, I also get a fair few emails like this…

“I read about the fellow who gave you such a hard time about your "content" and I was flabbergasted. Get Alprazolam, I would have been as hurt as you were. Obviously the fellow had some issues that seemed to blow up on him when he viewed the product he received. Your product just happened to be what was in front of him when he blew, Alprazolam results. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, I have never viewed anything on your website that didn't fail to leave me with a positive attitude adjustment with a smile on my face. And if it helps, Buy Alprazolam from mexico, I will tell you what your website has done for me. I was at the end of a very negative relationship in my life and I had no way out. Or so I thought, Alprazolam dosage. I found your website and even though I have never ordered anything because I am on welfare, Canada, mexico, india, it helped me to build the confidence and the courage to change a pattern my life had been replicating since the day I was born. I am now happily pursuing a dream of mine that I know has merit and will work because I finally believe in it, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. And why. Because of your life changing views, Alprazolam without a prescription, advice, Alprazolam pictures, and attitude. In fact, as soon as I can afford it, where can i find Alprazolam online, I will be ordering one of your ebooks fairly soon. Alprazolam dose, Your enewsletter is great as well. Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, Increasing it to ten pages is a wonderful idea. I look forward to the next one. But under no circumstances would I feel bad about what that other fellow said. He may have read the content but he didn't digest it, understand it, or implement it, or he would have been sending you his thanks. Believe me, sir, when I say you have helped many more people than you have angered and that, in my opinion is far more important than one angry fellow blowing steam. Thank you for your insights and positive suggestions, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. I can see the light and I am following my dreams, thanks to your site.”

For confidentiality reasons, I can’t say who sent me that but THANK YOU! That is what I live for and why I do what I do to help people. And to any of those who have attended any of the Internet Marketing seminars that I've been at you will know that what I say is true. I may look like a man of war but, at heart, I am a man of peace.

So, to the haters... to sum all of this up - the person you are REALLY damaging when you send your unprovoked messages of hate is YOU Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription, . You are the one who is attracting all this negative energy into your life by the two-fold combination of your thoughts and actions.

And to the receivers of those terrible comments as Jesus said:

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24)

Well... maybe if they read this they will now but, will they have the sense or good grace or courage to ameliorate their wanton ways and, in doing so, IMPROVE their own world. I wonder.

You are most welcome to leave a comment below and let me know what you think, Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription. Feel free to disagree with me. Anyone who makes sense gets published.


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"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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31 Responses to Buy Alprazolam Without Prescription

  1. Lesley Dewar

    Hi, Gary

    This is a great post – because you highlight one key aspect of the Secret that is usually forgotten, glossed over or ignored. That is: there has to be action. Action for good, action for evil, either way – just wishing and hoping will never make it happen.

    I am using your notes and books (maybe not as well as you might like, but they are in use) and in the past two weeks the actions I have taken have just propelled my business past anything I expected.

    With the help of some good MeetUp friends in Perth, I have learned in workshops how to get leverage with Facebook; after weeks of procrastinating, I have implemented a great time management tool for my Twitter account which frees up my time for writing, chatting and creating relationships; my LinkedIn Networking is proving to be very profiitable now; my eBook on Networking is getting great reviews and is downloaded every day by someone, somewhere in the world.

    You are so right. The rubber has got to hit the road. When it does, you had better be facing in the direction you want to go – because that is where you are headed.


  2. Duane

    Very interesting! Sounds very nice!!!

    However I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with hateing your enemies…
    Gary, maybe YOU like turning the other cheek or bending over…

    I will HATE and seek to DESTROY animals who have served NOTICE on myself or others like me that they are out for my destruction…

    Gary…Like it or not…
    You’re an endangered species (about 10% of this planet) and many are
    determined to see people who look like you (and I)disappear out of vicious envy……(DISAPPEAR,one way or another…).
    You bend over and keep your head in the sand, I’ll hate and COUNTER them…

  3. Gary

    Hi Lesley – it’s such a shame that some people completely waste their time with such negative pursuits. They obviously know no better.

    You are correct in your summation of the Secret. I have been saying this for years. Sitting under a coconut tree repeating to yourself some arcane mantra is only HALF the equation. Admittedly, if one does not believe or FORCE themself to believe then the action phase will not follow. And action is the thing that propels us towards a goal.

    Congratulations on your networking book. You are a great writer and you deserve all the success.


  4. Gary

    Hi Duane – Interesting comments. As you get older you will mellow, I think. Hate is such a useless and negative emotion.

    When I was younger I would fight – and believe me I am VERY capable at that if I’m pushed into a corner. I just prefer not to. It rarely achieves anything.

    I used to hunt and shoot animals too. How wrong I was. And how remorseful I am now looking back on that. It’s not something that I am at all proud of.

    My Grandfather taught me the error of my ways one day when he drove about 15 miles back to his farm to release a frog that I had put in a bowl with no means of escape. I thought long and hard about that. It was the greatest lesson he ever taught me – compassion. Now I cannot bear to injure any creature. (Even bears – LOL)

    Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts.


  5. Randy Koehler

    Hi, Gary

    Thank you! I must honestly say I have been on both sides of this fence. Yes, I said it… I have been “the hater” a time or two, BUT since I happen to have a open mind I knew immediately that I had taken the wrong path and have always regretted it when I have had a bad day and became the “hater”.

    With this said, I always strive to be a positive thinking person instead of a hater type. Not once can I ever honestly say I achieved anything beneficial to myself or anyone else by being a hater.

    Being a hater is simply spinning your own wheels and doing nothing but wasting YOUR own time (something that we never seem to have enough of already).

    Gary, Although I primarily know you via working with you through the internet, I’ve also met you in person and had the pleasure to spend a small amount of time with you and I must say: Your a good man!

    Anyone that thinks or would say otherwise simply does not really know you or is a bumbling idiot!

    Again, thank you Gary.

    Best regards,

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by David Norris, Harriet Fernandes. Harriet Fernandes said: Motivation & Inspiration Series – Life Tips #6 – Why Haters Are … […]

  7. Gary

    Hi Randy – First, thank you for the compliment. The feeling is mutual. We had some good times at those Internet Marketing seminars in Vegas, didn’t we? But the BEST times were at the bar! Networking with like-minded folks.

    You are 100% correct. Far more can be achieved when our minds are free from the distraction of unpleasantness and hate. There really is NO point to it. Neither side benefits.

    I’ve learned to hate the deed rather than the person but that doesn’t always mean that I won’t retaliate… as Duane above may think. Sometimes I do. It depends on the TPC – time, place and circumstance. Sometimes it is almost impossible to “turn the other cheek” and the aggressor needs to be taught a harsh lesson. But hating and retaliation are all negative traits. Most of the time I try NOT to do either.

    Thanks for the comment Randy. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to come here and make your thoughts known.


  8. peter: positive affirmations for success


    very true.

    I I may add…

    My dad taught me that anger is proof of being powerless…

    and if hatred is then a constant state of anger…

    that would mean the hater hates because he or she feels powerless.

    Unfortunately, mankind tends to hate everything they do not understand…

    Which brings it right back to your point of people who never developed beyond childhood…

    they don’t understand. It could be through negative conditioning, or it could be through ignorance – probably a bit of both.

    As for why some people bash others publicly…

    probably for the same reason some losers beat up their women – they are so pathetic that they need to “prove their superiority”…

    and the only way they know how is to try and drag the other person down below their own level.

    What’s the saddest part? The only people in whose eyes they become “bigger”, or OTHER LOSERS.

    So yes – haters are losers. If you feel threatened by anything or everything, you have resigned yourself to being a slave of your attitude.

    What a waste of a life…

    just my 0.02c


  9. Gary

    Hi Peter – I agree with all you said. Your Dad was right. Hating people because they have some thing or quality that you (not YOU Peter – LOL) don’t have is a SURE FIRE way for you NEVER to have it.

    The only way forward is to examine HOW they got what they have or achieved their accomplishments and then try to emulate that process for yourself.

    Beating up on people is very weak. Beating up on defenseless animals is pathetic.

    Thanks for your thoughts Peter.


  10. David Walker

    Hey Gazz,

    Whenever I see you in the Skype channels we both frequent you usually have a tale of the latest “hater” who is either being ungrateful for the free info/advice you dispense or just generally being an idiot.

    I think you are right about mellowing as you get older, I always used to take criticism so personally but these days I don’t really care. I have a pretty good life and will continue to do so after I have deleted a hateful email, so it is water off a duck’s back.

    Plus, you also know these people would NEVER say it to your face for fear of being on the receiving end of the same type of action they like to pretend they would dish out…

    Another way to look at it is hateful comments are quite positive because at least somebody out there has taken notice, you have stirred something within them and have compelled them to react to it. Whether it’s jealousy, a non-believer or whatever… it’s better than passing by completely unnoticed which in my opinion is the WORST thing that could happen to you as a marketer!

    Just keep doing what you are doing and keep on receiving those hate emails. That way you know you are on the right track ;-)


  11. Stephanie

    Hi Gary,

    My oh my – when might the insanity stop indeed?

    You hit the nail on the head when describing the childish bullying, but I think you can even take that one step further. What we are talking about in the online arena is plain and simply cowardly behavior.

    Would these same “big men (or women)” have the hutzpah to say some of these things in person when standing toe to toe with the target of their animosity? Doubtful. (Especially not with you towering over them LOL!)

    I believe you’ve been in one of my Care & Feeding workshops where I teach how to communicate & build rapport with your list. And I do an exercise wherein I have everyone pick a partner and face each other. I then have 1 of the 2 people write down on a piece of paper – “How can you be such a ‘bleeping’ idiot”.

    Next, I ask them to face their partner and raise the paper up so it obstructs their view of the partner’s face. I tell them to read what they just wrote with pure vehemence behind it. And you hear people all over the room shouting out expletives with force and conviction behind it.

    Then, I instruct… “Now, lower the paper and repeat what you just said while looking your partner straight in the eye…” (The room goes silent)

    … Indeed, the computer screen has become the modern day electronic version of “Liquid Courage.” Small minded people with low self esteem have sunk to using it as a resource to make themselves feel important and powerful, without ever taking the long term consequences – that you so eloquently pointed out – into account.

    And neither you nor I are likely to effect that change unless we delve into a level of the human psyche that goes far beyond the current niches that we are pursuing. Sad indeed.

    My best to you my friend,

  12. Jean Shaw

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry to learn about your recent unfortunate episode.

    I can never understand why people are nasty to each other, and remember reading something many years ago which is worth remembering.

    It said, for every minute you’re angry with someone you lose 60 seconds of happiness which you can never get back.

    My absolute favourite saying comes from Bambi, where Thumper dutifully repeats what his father had told him, i.e. –

    “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”

    Oddly enough I wrote a post about Cyber bullying on my site recently too, not because I’ve been the target of it (yet) but because there was a report about it on the BBC news .

    It’s so senseless.

    We can all agree to disagree but don’t have to be disagreeable about it.

    I’ve met you personally and I KNOW you’re certainly not a man of war, but a genuinely helpful and caring person.

    Don’t let it get you down.

    Best wishes,


  13. Mike Johnston

    Bravo! Gary you said it well. Focusing on the positive always brings beneficial results in every facet of life. Who needs a constant flow of negative energy? Positive minded don’t and we focus on things that build up rather than tear down. However, the reality is that negative people are around us. We may not be able to change them, but we personally can be upbeat and positive, thus setting a good example for those around us.

    Thank you for a great post,
    Mike Johnston

  14. Gary

    @ David – maybe that is just timing. Then again, there are a fair few haters and critics out there who just revel in trying to get a rise out of their targets. I dunno. IMO it just makes their sad little world even sadder.

    When I get crap off people the first thing I think is WHY? Have I done something to upset them? Usually I haven’t, not deliberately anyway. So, it is THEIR erroneous perception of something.

    I remember some time ago I made a joke on Twitter about short-term memory loss. Next thing I’m being pilloried for it. And the guy just wouldn’t let up. He was like an attack dog. It was idiotic and he went on and on about it. I tried to explain it was a JOKE but he wouldn’t have any of it. It occurred to me that the guy may have been suffering it himself but it wasn’t targeted at him in ANY way.

    You are correct about being noticed. Anyone who does anything worthwhile (or unworthwhile) is going to attract attention. It’s all part of putting yourself out there.

    Here’s that joke BTW… “I suffer from short term memory loss and… I suffer from short term memory loss.”

    Thanks for your comments David.

    @ Stephanie – Indeed! When will the madness stop? Never, I think. Because people are people and lots of them seemingly have rocks for brains. And there is an increasing number of people who are ingesting themselves with mind-altering substances. It’s pretty sad. We have a MASSIVE drug and alcohol problem in Australia and where I live it seems to be the capital for that. The violence and wanton vandalism here is at epidemic proportions.

    I remember your presentation at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas very well. It was a stark contrast with the paper up and down.

    It showed very well how difficult it is to be rude, offensive or aggressive when “face to face” with somebody and not under the psychosis of some dreadful substance. But electronically, as with separated by the paper barrier in your excellent demonstration, it’s SO easy. Very UNcourageous in my opinion.

    Disrespecting and dishonoring people is childish. What possible gain can anyone make from doing that?

    Regarding me “towering” over anyone – LOL. I’m more of a “surrounding” them type, like a one-man gang.

    Thank you Stephanie for coming here and adding to the conversation. We can only HOPE that people will learn to try to get along. But I think it is a forlorn hope.

    @ Jean – How nice to see you here. I seem to have a few of those “episodes,” unfortunately. Like I said, it’s all about putting yourself out there – being someone and standing for something. In my country it’s called the “tall poppy syndrome” and it’s WELL-KNOWN. As soon as anybody tries to do something or does do something all the critics and haters come in and try to hack that person off at the knees. It’s highly predictable.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of “Bambi killers” out there. I don’t really understand that mindset. I don’t really want to either. I just know it exists. I have far more important things to concern myself with.

    As soon as I am done here I’m gonna cyber-transport over to your blog and take a look at what you said.

    Aw, shucks Jean… that was very nice. Thank you. I know we cannot be everything to everyone. It’s a big mistake to try to be that anyway.

    It doesn’t get me down. Depending upon who it comes from you can almost wear criticism and abuse as a badge of honor (or in your country and mine – honour – why do the Americans have to mess with the language? LOL).

    The reason I am writing about this is because of the number of people who have told me that if they had been singled out and abused in the way that I was that they would be devastated. Several have told me that if it had happened to them that they would have quit. I find that really disconcerting. Imagine that! So I have written about it in the hope that my words can steel others against abuse.

    Thanks for your input Jean.


  15. Gary

    Hi Mike – You must have slipped in there while I was responding to David, Stephanie and Jean above. Thank you for your comments.

    I agree. There are GREAT benefits from being positive and upbeat. I can’t think of any benefits to being brow-beaten, down-trodden, negative, nasty or plain abusive. Those who tread that pot-hole filled path just expose themselves anyway. So, they are hurting their own forward motion in two ways:

    1 – their mindset is all wrong and
    2 – they are flagging to others that they are unworthy of being around.

    So, it’s a double loss.

    Thanks for coming here Mike and taking the time to add your input.


  16. Anthony Smits

    Hi Gazz

    Another great discussion from you, and in the time I’ve thought about your comments several other friends have jumped in. It’s a good extended ‘family’ we have.
    Its a refreshing read to be reminded of how insidious the messages of hate have become – let’s pile up the wood for a fire of discontent about this lack of manners; it’s truly awful behaviour. It’s just as repulsive online, through the screens in our homes as it is outside. And somehow it gets a lot more personal when it IS in our home, and shoved up against comments we’ve posted to encourage others.
    However, while we’re hurt by hateful actions and words, these do generally come from a minority. I think that the uncaring folk are worse, somehow. Politely selling crap and promising the world… So many who hurt their fellows by being only interested in the mighty dollar, and not in actually improving the lives of others.
    Hopefully the calls for a more ethical online environment will only get stronger. Human nature will not change, and evil will still exist and advance – but good men – and women – don’t have to continue to do nothing. That bit we can change.
    Take care Gazz.

  17. Gary

    Hi Anthony – Thank you for saying that. There is safety inside the TEMPLE walls – LOL!

    Seriously, it makes you wonder exactly WHAT these people are trying to achieve. They must be living miserable lives.

    There is an ongoing battle between good and evil going on in all aspects of life, in all occupations, in all countries and at ALL levels. The good thing is that everybody is free to choose the life they want to live.

    For every person who uses some lame excuse as a reason for their disgusting behaviour we can find yet another person who has overcome that excuse. And it IS an excuse.

    I was watching a video of Stephen Pierce the other day where he admitted to being a former gang member and even still carrying a bullet in his body where some rival gang member had shot him.

    People CAN change but they usually don’t. It takes a strong-willed person to turn their life around. That was one of the main reasons why I wrote “Journey, Life, Destiny.”

    Thanks for coming here and making your stance known Anthony.


  18. Dennis Pippin

    Hi ya Gary,

    This is a great post!!! I’m a truck driver and have heard about every hate subject out there on the CB radio. People seem to have more guts when they think you don’t know who they are. Most of it is dribble. In the past few years it has gotten really bad so that is why I don’t even turn the radio on anymore. Just real tired of hearing it.

    Now, I must admit I’m guilty of hate. I can’t help how I feel. It stems from events of the last decade or so. I do keep it to myself and don’t blame any race or religion for my thoughts of hate. To many out here stereo type a people because of the actions of a few. That I’m not guilty of.

    If I can’t say anything good I shouldn’t say anything at all and the world would be a better place if more would follow that example.

    Great job Gary.

  19. Gary

    Hi Dennis – People DEFINITELY have “more guts” when they sneak around anonymously or they think they are safe from retaliation. That is why cyber-bullying is about the most gutless form of bullying there is.

    “Breaker, breaker.” Gee, I could only imagine some of the junk that must come over a trucker’s CB radio.

    I think I know what you mean about the “events of the last decade or so.” We have seen some hideous events unfold in this world – again, as I said above, most are religiously and politically driven, stupidly.

    I am certainly wary of some people but I will befriend anyone regardless of their age, race, religion, political view etc. The only time I turn away and deliberately avoid somebody is when they prove to me through their actions and behaviour (most often over an observed period of time to make sure it isn’t a one-off aberation) that they are unworthy of being around.

    Just on that… I will watch the first three items of “news” at 6.00PM on TV and if they are all about horror, disaster, bashings, sex crimes and all that negative, nasty stuff then I will walk out until the sport or weather comes on. I’d say about 8 or 9 times out of ten I walk out. We are besieged by bad news. And that is probably a contributing factor why people are so negatively attuned and biased these days.

    Thanks Dennis.


  20. Chris

    Hi Gary. Interesting read. I think you are basically right. What I don’t like is when people hate without provocation and when there is no reason to. I don’t like people who just take a disliking to others and then direct their bile at them. I don’t mind when people feel they have been provoked and fight back as long as it is verbal.
    The trick is not to care about such people and there have been times when I have allowed it to upset me but when I stopped and thought about it all I realised I was investing too many emotions and placing too much importance on the words (due to my ego). If anyone wants to be involved in heated controversies, the Warrior Forum is the place as there are so many people one can get into conflict with over there, especially when you speak your mind.
    I believe sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
    I like your blog and find it really positive and inspiring. I like how you have had a very fulfilling life and are now disseminating what you know to help others and it doesn’t feel like you are just out to make a buck which is great. (One day I will buy your self defence manual as that looks very useful).
    I remember writing a comment on here saying it has been hard getting noticed on the web. The one thing I remember you saying to me in a reply was you will get noticed once you stand for something and I like that line.
    Keep up the good work Gary.

  21. Tony Clingan

    Sadly we have all been subjected to this from time to time both in terms of negative people targeting us and the most disturbing the person consumed with racial hatred

    As rational people in the end we can only feel very sorry for people like this because as your post says it just makes more people avoid them or discredit what they say

    Good to see that you’ve taken the time to air an issue that concerns us all

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  22. Gary

    @ Chris – I agree. Retaliation due to provocation is OK, depending on the level from both sides.

    Ha! The Wannabee Forum. Yep that is a cesspit of snakes.

    Maybe Santa will bring you that self-defense manual…

    Oh yes, once you make a stand on something all the bigots will come out and tell you that you are wrong. Most of them can’t tell you why but they will tell you anyway.

    Pretty much if you aren’t copping abuse then you aren’t doing enough to be noticed.

    Thanks Chris.

    @ Tony – Yes, anybody who is trying to achieve something will get attacked and torn down by those who feel threatened by that forward motion. It’s like the old crabs in the bucket analogy. None of the crabs can escape because the ones in the bottom of the bucket are all hanging on to the one who wants to escape.

    Racial intolerance is a sign of a weak person. To brand ALL people from a particular race as bad is stupid. Every person is different and there are good and bad and evil in ALL races.

    Thanks to you too Tony.

    Regards to you both.


  23. Mary Coon


    I have been a victim of abuse in many forms in my life. I regret that for many years I hated everything and trusted nothing because it was all I ever really knew.

    One morning I woke up and found that everything in life that meant anything to me was gone and that I had lost three years of my life that to this day I still cannot remember to alcohol and drugs. Two other things scared me straight instantly (no detox, no clubs and meeting, just plain disgust at myself). I stood at the mirror to brush my hair and I honestly didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. The second was that I could not talk or scream for help which is what I tried to do. Instantly, sober and scared I realized that I had to stop living my life the way the ones in my past had demanded of me by abuse and live what I believed to be right for me or I would not survive. Now 25 years later, I can still say I have made mistakes because I am also human, but I do all I can to remember my past. I don’t do this as something to be pitied which is why many do not know all of (or even part of) my past. I am guilty of many things that I regret but even at my worst, I did not target innocent people and try to bring them to my level. Today, I am a defender of the abused and make helping those in similar situations as much as possible. I do know there are more like me and that I am not the only one.

    May the divine universe and all creation smile on those who are not afraid to speak out about the horrors and hatred that plague this globe. It is a real shame that mankind is the only species on this beautiful, peaceful and harmonious planet that destroys itself for pleasure.

    A few years ago someone told me that the sure sign of success was measured by the number of haters that you attract. Yesterday, I posted a comment in a blog in reply to an attack comment made to another. I then became the attacked. I would like to tell these two people whereever they are thank you for reminding me that I was always successful whenever my life was touched by hatred. I survived and will continue to do so.

    May peace and the realization that to survive everything must work in harmony, which means hatred must end or we as a people and even this planet will not survive.

  24. jason

    I’m confused?.
    why would people hate you.
    all your doing is trying to help people and run a business.
    I never knew that people would send someone hate
    just because they read something they do not agree with.
    surley if you read something you did not agree with
    the best option would be to contact the person and have a dabte over what you do not agree.
    or seek out answers on a online forum.
    After all just because i may not agree with something does not mean i am right.
    i would rather be corrected for thinking wrongly then live a lie.

    I think what you do is wonderful and i for one am thankful for your life and work.



  25. Gary

    @ Mary – Gee, that is quite a story. Glad to see you came through the other side OK.

    I’ve done some unpleasant things to some people but only in retaliation and under pretty extreme provocation – well, I won’t go into it here. I’m not proud of that stuff.

    I share your disdain for what a small percentage of the “humans” of this planet do to each other and also to the defenseless creatures. I saw what those two dopes said to you. Those type of people simply can’t help themselves. They are nothing and until they change they will NEVER be anything. Their choice.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts Mary.

    @ Jason – anyone who seeks to do something to better themselves or who tries to stand for something or help others invariably comes under the spotlight of hate, anger and scorn. It’s only a small percentage of people who engage in this type of thing but, like vandals, they damage as much property or as many people as they can. So, a small minority can have a large deleterious effect. They are emotional vandals. But ONLY if we let them.

    They lash out because it makes them feel comfortable sitting in their insignificant existance. I have heard many people say you aren’t really becoming successful until a vocal minority starts sending you messages of hate. It just seems to be the way it is.

    Hey, THANKS for that last comment. That was very nice of you to say that. I appreciate that very much.



  26. Peter

    Hi Gary

    As ever you have attracted a lot of responses.

    Great post, I broadly agree that it is the darker side of humanity and is prevalent in all walks of life. Especially online, because many people think they can behave how they want behind their computer screen.

    As you rightly say, the haters normally hate due to their own inadequacy and targetting someone else is often a smokescreen.

    Its a difficult issue, I have lost count of the amount of times I have felt about this with people in the past, but I guess you mellow with age

  27. James

    Very insightful and extremely to. I think hate is not only a negative emotions but allows you to be prone to other negative feelings, pretty much a negative cornacopia.
    Hate has a direct and severe correlation to how Internet Marketing (not eCommerce) is suffering from a downward spiral. One of the deadly sins spawns almost automatically from hate, greed and envy. Compassion for your fellow marketers needs to remain, the thought process of ‘what can you do for me’ allows many unfortunate clowns, I mean marketers, to rape prospects wallets with no remorse.
    I speak to, unfortunately I discover this after the fact, haters regularly as a consultant. They are miserable and refuse to accept the fact that the glass could actually be half full if they would allow.
    To the Haters, I doubt this was your parents intention during rearing. Enjoy the one life you are given. Create a legacy that follows you far past your last breath that portrays you not as miserable and pessimistic but compassionate and positive.

  28. Gary

    @ Peter – I think this subject has pricked a raw nerve for a lot of people. For some sad reason those who offer nothing more than criticism seem to be spreading their ill-will all over the place. That is such donkey behavior. But they keep hee-hawing. In some respects they are doing everyone a favor by exposing themselves this way. We know who to avoid.

    @ James – Being predisposed to jealousy, criticism and hate does NOTHING for those engaging in it. They are just too silly to see that.

    Just on your last comment… it reminds me of the late, great Jim Rohn. Look at the legacy he left. He is spoken about with great reverence. I doubt whether any of these negative dill-brains will be remembered even one second for what they do.

    Thanks for commenting Peter and James (sounds kinda biblical putting those names together – LOL)


  29. BarBara

    Hello Gary,
    Enjoyed your post on Haters. I posted my blog yesterday about an interesting post I recieved on FB wall. Different approach but similar.
    It always amazes me when people go out of their way to prove their rightness. I have learned to ignore most but sometimes they make great fodder for a blog or article. LOL

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  30. Gary

    Hi Barbara – this blog post has had some extraordinary attention. It’s drawn a lot of great comments but, even more than that, the emails and Skype messages I’ve had has been pretty overwhelming. I can hardly keep up with them all. I just wish they would all put their comments here. But I suspect that they may be afraid to make them public for fear of reprisals by their “cyber-assailants.”

    It’s pretty obvious that abuse and ridicule and hate is rampant right across the Internet. Pretty sad huh?

    I’ve been informed of a lot of personal accounts of abuse and victimization. Some people have even told me they have been ready to quit the internet all because some low-life moron had abused them with hateful comments.

    I’ve even seen first-hand evidence of a prolonged and aggressive abusive campaign of hate against an individual that is galling in the extreme. And this is by a gang of burly guys against a very demure and petite elderly lady. How utterly UNcourageous is that? I find that sort of sustained bullying and ridicule abhorrent. It’s completely insidious and these guys should know FAR better.

    Just looking at a small selection of their bilious remarks they seem to take delight in doing it to a wide spectrum of people but they have one favorite target who they just delight in heaping scorn on. It’s unfounded, unfair and completely unworthy of the amount of time they are obviously putting into this victimization. If only they would step back and see how disgusting their behavior is – and how it completely DISCREDITS them.

    Thanks Barbara. (BTW, I sent you an email explaining something a bit technical that will help you with the SEO of your blog. I just mentioned it so you would keep an eye out for it among all the spam that we all get these days).


  31. John McNally

    Like you Gary, I can’t understand haters, why do they bother? It can be difficult sometimes, but it’s best to just ignore them. The hate they have in their hearts make their opinions worthless.

    I feel sorry for them sometimes, they are often very obviously mentally ill.


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