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Buy Imovane Without Prescription

by Gary ~ December 5th, 2008

Buy Imovane Without Prescription, Hi folks,

Just wondering if you would care to make any comments on the usefulness of my new "HINTS" & "TIPS" page. You can find it on the RHS of this page under the PAGE title, online buy Imovane without a prescription, Imovane use, after the blogroll.

Now, Imovane gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Imovane results, is that a blogroll to be reckoned with or what. I'm thinking about closing it off soon and I'm considering not putting any more names on it unless people come here and ask me, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. No prescription Imovane online, I think I've done enough service to new people in that regard. I have welcomed so many people, Buy Imovane Without Prescription.

Can we just stick to comments about the "HINTS" & "TIPS" page here, canada, mexico, india, Cheap Imovane no rx, please? Please try to be as brief as you can. I'm the king of verbosity, Imovane for sale. Where can i cheapest Imovane online, Um... and if there is anything else that I may be able to help newbies with then you can suggest it here, Imovane pictures. Buy Imovane Without Prescription, If I know what you need I may be able to throw some light on it. Herbal Imovane, Please don't ask high-tech questions as I am not a techie. Austin Delaney and David Smith are better equipped for that, Imovane without a prescription. Imovane samples, Sorry guys... I just dropped you in it, Imovane overnight, Online buying Imovane, didn't I.


Gary Simpson
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46 Responses to Buy Imovane Without Prescription

  1. Martin




    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Gary

    Hi Martin

    Well, I did say brief and you sure were – LOL!

    I’m trying to gauge the usefullness of what I have done so I can decide whether I will add more information as we go.

    If you could all follow Martin’s lead – be brief, that is, I’d appreciate it.


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  3. Nikki

    Very useful thanks!

  4. Gary

    Good on you Nikki.

    Did you see the answer to your question at the bottom of the blog on Module 2?


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  5. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    Yes, I did see that thank you, and all the help you’ve given me has been very much appreciated. Just reading through your hints & tips now!



  6. David


    Black and White and Read all Over.

    I have a site I am working on “marketing videos”. Let me know what topic
    you need help with and I will get those videos up for you. Please make your request on my blog so I won’t miss it.


  7. Jeff McCall

    Hi Gary,

    Just saw your comment on my blog and popped on over.

    You have the honour of being the very first commentor on the blog. No champagne though I’m afraid. :-)

    Just to let you know – for the benefit of all Alex’s students – I’m a bit of a techie and there’s not much I can’t do, within reason. So I can help out with problems wherever possible. Just let me know.



  8. Adam

    Hey Gary,

    Great Hints and Tips–it seems like our collective blogs will also become a sort of library of hints and tips we are gathering from Alex’s coaching.

    There may be a forum or some kind of note exchange for the students–it sure is nice having all of these resources and support from fellow students.

    I didn’t see any products or promotions on your blog–what is your business focus?


  9. Gary

    Hey guys… great comments and offers.

    David Great offer. You are definitely gonna be a go-to guy. I just hope you don’t get “gone to” too much that it becomes a distraction to YOU. Thanks man. You are most generous with your offers of knowledge and help. We have a GREAT bunch here – all helping each other. Unlike other so-called forums that purport to help newbies when, in fact, all they do is get their rocks off by flying in like seagulls (see my other thread called Seagulls and Buzzards) and crapping all over everyone to assert their oh-so-precious egos.

    Jeff Glad to give you a kick start in your own blog. Getting that first one can be so hard – psychologically too. People wonder if and when it will ever start for them. I like to do that where I can. You get it going and then a big hitter like Alex himself or Deano or Parkesy comes in and goes bang and all of a sudden you are up and running. You believe in it yourself – and that makes all the difference.

    So, Jeff… another techie. This is GREAT. You guys are so helpful to have around. We all have such unique talents and collectively we are a big force – the sum of the parts is greater than the whole – sort of thing.

    Adam Hi. Nice to see you here. First time? Thanks for your nice comments and yes, this will be a great reference for further students. We might be starting a revolution here – people REALLY helping each other. To hell with the buzzards and seagulls.

    My business focus? Motivation, self esteem and a whole bunch of other stuff sitting just behind this blog waiting to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. LOL!

    Thanks a lot David, Jeff and Adam for coming over. I’ll pay visits later.


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  10. Coleen

    As always…straight to the point, clear concise and direct…excellent. It’s cuts to the chase so that people can zero in on your informatoin.

    Your article on Blogging was very educational…thank you Gary


  11. Gary

    Thank you Coleen

    I have been revising it to make it betterer and betterer (LOL). Hope you saw the final version.

    I’m doing this folks to help some of you who may not know where to start.

    Er, and because, as pointed out at Coleen’s Classroom Capers I’m really disguised as a clown. But I am really the classroom suckhole. And if you believe that then gimme a call coz I have a bridge over here in Perth that spans the Swan River and I’d like to sell it to you!

    Thanks again Coleen. You’re a good sport (Aussie saying)

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  12. Hyzat Noor

    Hey Gary,

    Haha. I m laughing to see your reply at my blog. Thanks a LOT. ;) . I am just playing catching up with you guys. Really need a team of tech guys I guess. Anyway, this community is really fantastic. Seriously. Great job Gary. You have got to ‘make sure’ I come back to your blog. ;)

    Hyzat Noor

  13. Gary

    Howdy Hyzat,

    Thanks for the compliment. You are most welcome Hyzat.

    Glad you finally got here – LOL!


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  14. David


    I have posted a link on my blog to the videos for everyone to use if they need to. I will be cleaning up some of the broken links fist thing in the mourning. (Texas Time) There is lots of videos with many topics to choose from.

    I hope you find them useful.


  15. Gary

    Thanks for all your help David,

    It’s great that some of you guys with tech know-how are so generous with your knowledge. You and Jeff McCall (see offer above) and Austin Delaney are very valuable guys to have around.

    We all appreciate you guys.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

    PS: Just watching another video at the moment – jeez – there is so much to learn. Then I’ll scoot over and have a look.

  16. Gary


    Just went and sampled David Smith’s videos. They are excellent! In fact, they are so good I left a testimonial at his site for him to use wherever he wants. Hope you got it David. Dunno what happened after I hit the send button. Did you get it?

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  17. Carl Barton

    Hey Gary,

    Great stuff on the hints and tips pages, helped me out on a number of blog related issues.



  18. Gary

    Excellent Carl,

    That is precisely why it is there – to help people and be a central resource for the virgins (oops, did I say that?). Gettin’ sick of saying newb… nuh! Can’t type it any more. It’s like the G word.

    If you see others struggling send them to this page. If they see how I have helped others then they will be more inclined to believe what I say and get some use out of my work.

    Thanks Carl. Glad to be of service – like it’s only taken me about 5 hours today to write all those tutes (1-5). Shivers, now I am getting emails asking to write more subjects. Sheesh! I’m getting zip done for me.


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  19. Paul Mracek

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the note on my new blog, hope to see some more and I am a real newbie compared to the ones I have been looking at…got a lot to learn!!
    Bye for now…Paul

  20. Gary

    My pleasure Paul

    Good to see you here. I have put a lot of info into those short tutorials I wrote for the new folks coming here. Get your blogroll happening mate. There’s a tute on that.

    If you’re not sure where they are check out the RHS of my page here, look down and you will spot them #’s 1 to 5. Just read and apply. I made them as basic and easy to understand as I could. Hope they are useful.

    By the way folks, the human snitch over at Coleen-Land is at it yet again – dobbin’ everyone in to Alexander the Great. But I fixed her good and proper. Go and see what I did to her apple and her card. She better learn not to mess with me. LOL!

    (In case that sounds really weird… we have a bit of a story-line happening over on Coleen’s Blog – you can access it through my blogroll listing for her. She is … nah! I can’t tell you all. She’ll probably do it herself anyway. She can’t help herself. Blabbermouth. LOL!)

    Thanks Paul.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  21. Will Lim

    Hi Gary,

    Great page there. Very helpful and newbies will love it. :)



  22. Gary

    Thanks Will

    I appreciate you telling me that. You never really know what people will like.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  23. Dean Holland

    Hey Peeps ;)

    Good info Gary.. Very valuable to your readers !!

    I just think its great how you keep peoplecoming back for me, you have a good skill there my friend !!

    So… My first ever book is being released this weekend !!!! :)

    This book is a complete step by step guide to setting up your own blog from start to finish.. So all you new starters out there get ready to come grab your FREE copy

    Yes thats right.. FREE COPY !!!

    See you there


  24. Gary

    Well done Dean

    Hope you are over your recent illness.

    I reckon if we all help and support each other then we will all get there much faster.

    Don’t think of anchors folks, think of sails.

    I’d very much like to see your new e-book Dean so … RESERVE me a copy.


    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  25. Hyzat Noor


    A quick one, I wrote something about the progress my blog has made so far. And it relates to one of the posting of your blog. Want to know more? Come on, come to my blog bro ;) and do leave your comment. ;)

    Hyzat Noor

  26. Gary

    OK Hyzat,

    I’ll be over. Tease.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  27. Garry

    Hi Gary,

    Great idea with the “Hints and Tips” page. I’d have loved something like that when I started off. I’d of got off to even more of a flier :-)

    I hope all you “lurkers” are appreciating the amount of effort Gary is putting in here. I know he is working his butt off! It’s great that people take the time to leave comments and their own tips/advice as well to help others along. Only good for everyone.

    I’ve finally managed to get the video posted that everybody voted for in the poll last week. It’s 25 minutes long and I’m sure many will benefit from it, after all the majority of students personally requested it – so I gave it too them!

    Also, watch out for later in the day for an unbelievable free deal I’m putting together. You won’t want to miss this, I promise. So enjoy the video for now until I complete the finishing touches.



  28. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi Gary,
    I brought English Breakfast . . . or was it supposed to be Earl Grey?

    Anyway, thanks for creating such a helpful site.

    I tried using Filezilla and had nothing but problems . . . might have been the operator, though.

    My next try at uploading files was to use Ipswitch and it is a dream. Very easy to use and comes with a month free trial. I think the price is around $40 which will be well worth the price of not having a huge learning curve. There’s enough of that going around . . . ha ha.
    All the best,

  29. Gary

    I’ve taken to calling you Parkesy

    I know you don’t mind because we exchanged emails.

    Wow! Thanks for your lavish praise of what I am doing.

    Working my butt off indeed. I have been awake now for almost 21 hours trying to get things done. I have had all sorts of problems with coding with the video upload – ugh! But I eventually figured it all out, renamed conflicting files, re-did some things, shovelled stuff around my site and woo-hoo! I think I have finally done it.

    Parkesy, you are such a tease. What are you up to now?

    As soon as I get about 4 hours sleep I’m gonna take a look.

    Yep, gotta agree with you dude… some of that stuff I wrote about in my tutes was foreign to me too (was) – like how to make a blogroll. I might as well have been making a sausage roll coz I had no idea with all those darn tabs. But I hit the task with trial and error and eventually nutted it out. Now, the way I’m presenting myself you would THINK I was an expert.

    I have just chucked massive time and effort at these things as I know you have. You are really helping people over at Parkerville Central.

    Alrighty, that just about does you parkesy. Go on. Off you go. Get some more building done on that blogsite of yours!

    Thanks for stopping by Garry.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  30. Gary

    Oh Theresa,

    You’re a darl’ love. I need a cuppa. It’s almost 3.00 am over here and I am still bashing away at my keyboard.

    Everyone else is sawing down forests here – zzzzzzzzz.

    Thanks for your very nice compliment. I was thinking earlier on today that maybe I was going too over the top with my lunacy – you know, telling fibs to fuel Coleen’s little e-book. If you have seen some of that stuff it is pretty crazy.

    If you guys like a bit of silliness just to break up the seriousness of all this then I will keep going but…

    …if you don’t – just tell me. And I’ll keep going.

    Seriously, I am so whacked I dunno if much of this is making any sense. I might have to come back in the morning and edit all this.

    Nighty, night!

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  31. Jack Stacey

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog… it certainly is appreciated!

    It appears that the community of Alex students has really taken off and it’s going to be exciting to watch as the successes grow and grow.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  32. Mark Austin

    Hi Gary,

    What have you done with Coleen? :)

    I couldn’t get away from her yesteday and now she’s gone all quiet. (that would be a first,eh. lol)

    I swear she is going into the ‘dating niche’. She has started on Nigel now, and last night she was trying to see who she could find me.

    Maybe that’s why the girls are keeping a low profile :)

    The hints and tips page is excellent.

    For me, any extra info about making the best use of aweber and social media would be a great help.

    Fantastic work as always Gary. I have put my first video on youtube thanks to some help from Nigel. Pop over to my blog and take a look if you find the time:)

    All the best

  33. Gary

    Thanks Jack,

    That is what it is ALL about. Helping each other.

    I spent all day yesterday running all over the place helping others. Today is MY day. I’m gonna beaver away behind the scenes and do… er… a few THINGS. LOL!

    When I get a spare moment, Jack, I’ll get you onto my blogroll.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  34. Gary

    Howdy Mark,

    heh… heh… Coleen… OMG.

    Now she’s into you, huh. She’s a two-timer. Maybe even a three-timer. LOL!

    What have I done to her? Infected her with my weird sense of humour I reckon. Now she is playing more games that working. And I’ll BET she doesn’t get 30 people to that post of hers where our personas are at war. And if that isn’t laying bait for her then I dunno what is.

    I’ll check it out Mark – later – and let you know what I think.

    Mark, I think it is WONDERFUL the way several of the people are HELPING each other.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

    PS: There is an excellent social media video up on Martin Lodey’s site starring a guy called Perry Belcher (never heard of him before) – a real funny dude. Take a look. See what you think and come back and tell us all.

  35. Jeff Sargent

    Hey Gary,

    Very useful hints and tips. Great instructions on setting up a blogroll. I just finished doing it and I added your name to it. I did this a long time ago and just called it Links instead of Blogroll and had some other links in there that were not to responsive. I had forgotten how to do it so your tips came in handy.

    I would much rather have a blogroll as it will be much more useful to the students in our class.

    Jeff Sargent

  36. Gary

    Howdy Jeff,

    Thank you for your nice compliment.

    I will scoot over later today and I will certainly reciprocate with an entry on my blogroll for you ASAP.

    I don’t think too many people know the benefits and power of a blogroll. If they did they would bang them up. The movers and shakers certainly are. Oh well… it’s like the old horse and the proverbial water hole huh?

    Thanks again Jeff. I will slip over and formally put some of my madness on your blog. LOL!

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  37. David

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your post, yes I did get it.

    Sorry I have not been by earlier I was getting all the links working on the videos page. All are working now and ready to go.

    I like your hints and tips and will stop by often to stay on top of things.

    Thanks For Your Hard Work


  38. Gary

    Thanks David,

    One of my missions here is to help people write more effectively. Hence, some of my tutes.

    IMHO – all techie stuff aside – there is NO greater ability than to be able to express yourself with clarity.

    Thanks for your praise. I appreciate it very much.

    Catch you later David.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  39. Ken Acton

    Hi Gary,

    Great information!

    I have just read your advice about domain names and I can confirm what you say as I have had the same experience. I am now very cautious when choosing domain names.

    Ken Acton

  40. Gary

    Hi Ken,

    I was waiting to see if anyone would confirm this. I definitely KNOW it goes on and it STINKS!

    Folks, get across to my HINTS & TIPS on Domain Names and get yourself wised up on this before you fall victim yourself.

    Thanks Ken.

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys

  41. Christine Howard

    Hi Gary,

    Just thought i would drop by to let you know now i have found out how to do the blog roll i will add your name.

    I have finished ny profit pulling platform, i am now looking forward to module 3.

    Speak soon

  42. Nadeem Ahmad

    Hi Gary,

    Somewhere, I read a few blogs actually that people were having some troubles with their FTP client. Well truth-be-told. I’m not using a FTP client.

    And to my left ladies and gentlemen: File Manager @ Host Gator

    I’m hosting with HostGator and I load all my file through the control panel. It’s really simple. If you are hosting at the same place:

    1) On your HostGator control panel you’ll see a section named “Files” , there you can click on File Manager. It should open in a new Tab or Window.

    2) On the left you will see several folders. The one that is viewed by the public is called “public_html”. That’s the folder where you would need load your files.

    3) Make sure that you create and copy all the sub-folders with the same name as what Alex had saved them as.

    1) To create a new folder you can click on the “+ New Folder” icon on the top menu bar.

    2) Once you create the new folder, (a new folder in the server world is called a directory) double click on it to make sure you’re in that directory and then click on “Upload” to transfer the file. Once you click Upload, a new tab or window will open with several “browse” buttons. Click on the first one and find the file you have saved on your local computer. You can respectively load all the appropriate files (just remember to be in the right folder!)

    I’m not much of a techie. Let me say that again I’M NOT A TECHIE. But via trial and error find out how to get things done the easiest way possible (And if you didn’t go to A+ Class that’s the only way to do it!).

    One of the biggest challenges are file names.

    Make sure that the name that you have in your link. Is the EXACT same in your server or FTP. That’s why you get the 404 File Not Found error. Some servers are really picky even capital letters or lower case letters matter.

    I hope this helps. Ha! I hope your hosting with HostGator. But I’m sure on the most part all hosting companies provide a file manager.

    Let me know if it helped!

    To your success!

    Nadeem Ahmad

  43. Gordan Bosnjak

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment was very first one since my blog went live.
    Your hints and tips page is very useful and I hope will grow with valuable information. Also went through other comments on your blog and I find it very interesting, will be back for more, no doubt.

  44. Gary

    Okey-dokey… in order of entry since I checked in last…

    Hi Christine Thanks for adding me to your list.

    Hi Nadeem Jeez. I thoughht I was the master of the short novel but you go pretty well yourself. I am sure that some people will find your detailed and thoughtful post helpful and for that I thank you.

    Hi Gordan You know something? I get a kick out of kicking off somebody’s blog commentry. I know what it is like to stare at a blank screen with nobody coming to say howdy so I go out of my way to do that for the new folks. I will add you to my blogroll now that you have reciprocated (big hint there – get active on other blogs – be helpful)

    Regards to you all,

    Internet Marketing With Alex Jeffreys



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  45. Mark Terrell


    I’ve added you to my blogroll – would appreciate a reciprocal link. Love your blog very clean.
    Mark Terrell

  46. Jeff Sargent

    Hey Gary,

    Better late than never. I just finished reading all 5 of your “Hints & Tips” and thought they were great. I especially liked Tip #5, Magical “Art” of Blogging. I might add that I’ve been all over your blog the last two days and I must say you are quite the writer.

    I’m glad you cleared up what “Peeps” means. I’ve been seeing it all over the place so I thought it was a slang word used in the UK that meant friends. How dumb am I. You cleared that up in your tips that it’s a word Dean Holland uses in place of people.

    Jeff Sargent

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