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Imigran For Sale

by Gary ~ November 17th, 2009

In my continuing series of Internet Marketing tips (brought to you from Las Vegas Imigran For Sale, ) I am offering you something pretty simple today. And yes, Imigran samples, Imigran use, we are all GUILTY of doing this.

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I hope you are enjoying this series of videos on Internet Marketing featuring various locations in and around Las Vegas, Imigran forum. Herbal Imigran, Gimme some feedback. (Coz if you like 'em.., after Imigran. there's MORE!)


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18 Responses to Imigran For Sale

  1. John Coates

    Hi Gary
    Anyone who isn’t guilty of it, is someone who has never downloaded an ebook or a product!

    Jacinta Dean ( recently gave a great little tip related to this subject. She put together a database of all her ebooks.

    A mammoth task for some of us but it could prove useful – stop you from getting duplicates (yeah, done that, because I hadn’t looked at it since buying).

    If you aren’t going to read it immediately or within a few days, don’t get it!
    (I’ll have to remind myself of that the next time I’m tempted!

    Take care


  2. Gary

    Hi John – yeah, we all do it. Unfortunately, I have forgotten where I have even put some of those “I’ll read that later” type things.


  3. Peter Davies

    Anyone who says they have purchased or downloaded free or paid products and always used them is a liar! We are all guilty of it – so much hype and so many next best things etc……..

    BTW the camera did a bit of bobbing around, LOL – I’m no good on the camera but I now have a tripod!

  4. Gary

    Hi Peter – yep! Agreed on all points.

    The camera was bobbing around coz Vegas walkways are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Everyone gets jostled. Er, and hassled – for money. LOL!


  5. Tweets that mention Internet Marketing Tips #9 – Gary Simpson | Internet Marketing TEMPLE of Learning for Newbies --

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gary Simpson and Gary Simpson, Gary Simpson. Gary Simpson said: Internet Marketing Tips #9 – straight from Las Vegas […]

  6. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Hmm – Guilty as charged!

    Not just with ebooks but real books, courses, magazines etc. Sometimes I do manage to use them, but other times they disappear into the depths of the hard drive or under the sofa or the pile of other ‘To Do’ things!

    But that’s life! Unless we are very, very disciplined it will happen and I think that acceptance is better than trying to beat ourselves up about it.

    Actually I have just finished the first step in doing something about it.

    My husband and I (gosh, that sounds a bit regal! – but I’m not that posh) have recently started our new joint enterprise. I’m really enjoying working together as we have complementary skills and he tends to have more time to concentrate on the techy things whilst I’m mum’s taxi, head cook, cleaner etc!

    We have literally (in the past hour) just uploaded our new website, (I’ve put it as the website link in my name above). There are so many ebooks out there which we get from all sorts of different sources, so by starting to put them together, then we can find and access them more easily.

    If it helps us, hopefully it will help other people too.

    Some of the ebooks are free to download and others are for sale. At the moment the selection is limited, simply because we are only just getting going. We intend getting our own ebooks onto the site soon, but so far they are ebooks written by others. There is a link to a book Richard wrote a few years ago and also to the ebook on allowances for which I wrote a chapter a few months ago.

    We have even put a link to your blog on the site because I know what good information you have in your ebooks, as well as all the other great content there is here. I’ve benefitted from it so I want others to as well.

    If anyone would like to add an ebook to our site then do contact us and we’ll see about putting it on there.

    Alternatively if there is an ebook you would like to see on a particular topic, then let us know. We are not just sticking to internet marketing topics, so feel free to let us know what you want.

    So maybe we can provide a useful library of resources for people and hard drives won’t become the black holes they are now…

    Now there’s a solution to the problem!!


  7. Norene

    Hi Gary,
    Not only am I guilty, but I’d say that I may be the queen of that problem! I bet I have only read about 2% of the ebooks I have downloaded, and of those, perhaps only half have I read all the way through. I’d be happy to say that the problem is all mine, but I have to say most ebooks are pretty dry, and/or useless. Not yours of course! I’ve down-loaded your adswaps and your power of choice and they were both fabulous. I read them all the way through and have applied many of your ideas. -Norene

  8. Ken Garrett


    I am as guilty as the next person of collecting downloads. I am especially guilty of following the trail of free downloads which eventually lead to a product with a charge. I must say that these trails occasionaly lead to a “pearl”, which i guess I use to justify my behavior.

    One trick I have been using to prevent cluttering my hard drive with this accumulation of material is to use a memory stick dedicated solely to the purpose of storing these downloads. By dividing it into subject folders it has become a portable library of sorts which I occasionally scan in much the same way I walk through a bookstore looking for that title or subject that catches my eye leading me into my next project.

  9. Vance Sova

    Hi Gary,

    I don’t know what that object you’re guessing might be a flying saucer is ’cause I haven’t been to Vegas yet.

    As for downloading and not using e-books, courses etc. I’m guilty of it too but always thinking that eventually I’ll go through them all.

    You must admit the intention is always good. I’m a bit shocked that you too occasionally do this as I’ve always pictured you as having it all just about together and nearing perfection.

    Just about half serious and half kidding.

    Ken has a great way of keeping all the downloaded stuff organized.

    I’d like to have everyone raise a hand who keeps promising themselves that this is the last product they’ll get until they make use of the ones they already have.

    I do do that.


  10. Tim Mcpherson

    Don’t wait for your fate to be decided by others. If you think there is nothing you can do about this crisis, nothing could be further from the truth.

  11. Gary

    My apologies to Hilary, Norene, Ken, Vance and Tim. I have been completely tied up with some big (and small) copywriting jobs. I’m certainly not ignoring you guys. I will respond ASAP.



  12. Paul Lear

    Hi Gary,

    I’m loving your video series of IM tips, and I’m also loving the little tour of Vegas you’re taking us on along the way. :)

    I’m not sure what that futuristic looking thing is behind you on the video, but I did notice Trump Tower come into view towards the end of the video.

    Looking forward to your next video!


  13. Gary

    @ Hils – sorry for the delay in responding. I have been up to my eyebrows in work – yes “WORK!” as Maynard G Krebbs used to say in the Dobie Gillis Show of the 60’s. Dunno if you guys ever got that in the UK – it was an old US sitcom that was pretty funny. Well… it was in its time, I guess. Maybe it would just be dumb by today’s standards…

    I went to your new e-book site and saw that link to my blog. Thank you.

    I think the e-book site is a good idea. When you get a lot of e-books up there it will become a good resource. There was another guy who did something similar but I can’t remember his name. Adam Spiel was telling me about it and I was gonna join (it was a membership site) but, as usual, I just got snowed under and I haven’t re-investigated it yet. But it seemed like a good idea. Have you thought about turning yours into a membership site?

    @ Norene – well thank you honey-buns. That was very nice of you to say that about my e-books. I really do try to make them as useful as I can. The Power of Choice is my favorite and most powerful e-book to date. Best thing is – it’s FREE!

    @ Ken – THAT is a darn good idea! I need to free up my hard drive. It is cluttered with info and – yep – guilty like the rest of you – I have a lot of unread stuff on it. Just don’t lose the memory stick – LOL!

    Thanks Hils, Norene and Ken!


  14. Gary

    @ Vance – well, you will get to see that obnoxious building soon enough. I take it that you are going to Las Vegas for the MWA2.0 extravaganza…

    I haven’t ruled it out – I’m just in a bit of a quandry with dates. In fact, I was checking flights just this afternoon.

    @ Tim – I am NEVER a person who sits back and waits…

    @ Paul – Thank you for saying that about my videos. That was the intention right from the start – to show a cameo of Vegas and try to offer something useful by way of tips at the same time. I have some really “interesting” videos coming up. Just wait.

    Thanks Vance, Tim and Paul.


  15. Jacinta Dean

    Hi Gary,

    Your a fellow Aussie!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I was just doing a quick search on links to my site and noticed John had mentioned me! Cool! :cool:

    I discovered a couple of months ago that I had “The affiliate Mangers” ebook about 6 times!!! I had downloaded and downloaded, bought stuff, doubled up! :oops: Waste of money and stupidity.

    I ended up taking the time and going through my folders and created a database in “Access”. Yes it did take me quite a few hours to do, however no I have a database that I can update refer to and change, plus I categorised everything into subjects and labeled where the file lives.

    It is a hard task to start with but best thing I did, because now when I get tempted to buy I check my database out to see if I already have the product! So far I have saved myself money a couple of times as I have had the product I was going to buy!

    Great looking blog! I will be back here soon! :P

    Kind Regards

    Jacinta :D

  16. Gary

    Hi Jacinta – yep I’m about as Aussie as you can get – a real “sun bronzed Anzac,” an “Okker,” a “true-blue,” a … – ugh, I’ll stop crapping on now…

    Well, we can all get carried away downloading stuff, cant we? I think it’s the old syndrome of being worried about missing out on something that EVERYONE else is into.

    You wanna know something? There have been a few big launches lately that I have deliberately passed on – not that I DIDN’T want to participate in them. I’m as inquisitive as anybody. But there’s only 24 hours in a day and my days are already chokko (good Aussie term, huh?) doing what I’m doing and helping a few others along the way.

    Anyway, they came, they caused fever pitch excitement, they went. The world is still spinning, the sun is still shining, the birds are still chirping, I’m still busy…

    Have I missed out on something? Oh… probably!

    The thing that bothers me most is that I have some really good friends who are doing a bunch of things that I would really like to support but here’s that word again… time!

    Hey, that was some serious organization that you did. Good for you. I recently cleaned up a bunch of my folders too.

    Thanks for visiting and thank you for that nice comment about my blog. I try hard to make my Internet Marketing TEMPLE a place of learning, amusement and all things in between.


  17. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Happy birdie 2 ewe! (tweet on….).

    This is NOT from Hilary but from ME!
    Let me introduce myself- I am Richard (husband of Hilary).

    Anyway nice work on your blog & marketing (I wonder why Hilary doesn’t take note and sort hers out! ouch….I will pay for that! LOL).

    So keep on trucking (or whatever it is you do….Oh yes I meant blogging and marketing- nice videos btw-except the one in the Hot-tub-teeheehee :-)). Best wishes


  18. Gary

    Hello Richard – I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. So… Hilary has got you “IN” too huh? First, daughter Lizzie the Lizzard and now you. [A family that blogs together bonds together…]

    I’m presuming the birdie comment was about my blog being 1 year old on the 27th November 2009 (see separate blog post here on that date) so THANK YOU. It’s been a long-hard grind but it has been worth it.

    Yeah, that hot tub video has been described by some as “disturbing.”

    Thanks for coming over. BTW I did have a look at your new e-book site. Let us all know when it is fleshed out a bit more and throw a link in here for people to follow. Thanks Richard. Talk later.


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