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Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription

by Gary ~ September 9th, 2009

Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, Hello again,

After the dreadful event that I had to comment on in the last post it is now my PLEASURE to present you with a nice little video that was taken at the Fremont Center in Las Vegas, Nevada a couple of months ago.

Under the guise (LOL) of working in the Internet Marketing business that I run, effects of Zelnorm, Online buying Zelnorm hcl, here is a quick look around the Fremont Area. Oh I manage to make it all (semi) relevant by talking about writing e-books, is Zelnorm safe. Zelnorm maximum dosage, In fact, I make mention of a really nice e-book that a friend of mine has written - ie Nikki Stephens from, Zelnorm dose. Zelnorm without a prescription, It's a very nice dissertation about all the different social networking sites.

Let me know what you think, Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription. Does my video look too much like the Blair Witch Project, Zelnorm long term. Buy Zelnorm no prescription, Hmm... or maybe the Minxy Witch Project, fast shipping Zelnorm. Online buy Zelnorm without a prescription, LOL.


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62 Responses to Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription

  1. Nikki

    Oooh….the Minxy Witch Project. I like the sound of that!!

    Thank you for the mention of my book, it’s always gratifying to have such positive feedback. So far everyone that has read it has found it useful, so I guess I did something right!


  2. Rob Canyon


    Like the vid… Was in Vegas myself a few months back… Wild spot.

    Did you know that its now against the law to put in grass around your house. Water shortage.

    And they’re even paying residents to rip up what they’ve got and replace it with artificial stuff.

    Talk soon,


  3. Gary

    @ Nikki – I thought you would like that. Come back here and tell us what the book is about. Maybe you could give a table of contents or something. I’m sure there is huge interest in de-mystifying all those social networking sites.

    You have put a lot of effort into it. I know coz I have seen it. I read it on the plane on the way over to Las Vegas. LOL – I can’t sleep on planes so I thought… Anyway, it didn’t. It was great!


  4. Gary

    @ Rob – I find Las Vegas a surreal location. It’s like an adult Disneyland sort of place. All the casinos are themed – Roman, Egyptian, American, Parisian. It’s brilliant and tacky all at the same time – if you know what I mean.

    I hadn’t been down to Fremont before. Everyone told me it was wonderful. I thought it was pretty average. Maybe at night it is better.

    We now have water restrictions over here in Perth, Western Australia too. It doesn’t surprise me with Vegas. As you fly in and see that this city is completely surrounded by desert you just have to wonder why it’s there in the first place. All of a sudden you look out the window and there are all the buildings. Strange.

    Thanks for coming over Rob.


  5. Cuzin Tim

    My dear friend Gazzman,

    How the F#@& are you in Vegas all the time now from AU?

    Every video from you is there now…. I will be out there again before the end of this year and would love to meet for drinks if you’re there too!

    Also is Fremont “Old Vegas”, looks similar? I was hanging in Old Vegas a few years ago waiting for a Greyhound to L.A. for a few hours… I had $20 and my buddy Mikey was broke. We played penny poker machines to keep even $ then were offered drinks and pretended we were too much into game to tip… Shady I know LOL…

    A great marketing tip I learned while hanging there was some dude came up to me asking for 65 cents to make a phone call… I gave him a dollar knowing what he was doing but enjoyed the learning experience of his hustle… Not many people are going to have .65 on them so I loved his hustle LOL!

    Keep it up Gazz man!

    -Cuzin Tim

  6. Gary

    Cuzz! – it’s a figment of the imagination. Here’s what I did Tim…

    … when I was in Vegas in May and June I shot a bunch of videos and I am progressively putting them on my blog. I have plenty of them so I space them out.

    I “might” be back to Las Vegas later in the year. It just depends on something that i am doing over here and the timing of a major event that I am a big player in. If I go back, I’ll let everyone know via my blog here.

    Laughing at what you did on those machines – SNEAK!

    The scam that was running when I was there was happening on the overpasses between the casinos where the spots were “franchised out” to – well, I guess you can only call them bums. I’ll bet some were just scammers. And the other one was the guys in the car parks with cans. They would come up and ask for $5 for fuel. They were all over the place too.

    Anyway, Tim, I need to space these videos out for a bit of variation. Incidentally, did you read my last entry? The mad rant on copyrighting? That was a GazzMan deluxe effort.

    Thanks for stopping by Tim and sorry for the appearance that I was back and forth to Las Vegas. I wouldn’t want to do those horrendous 22 hour flights too often!


  7. Cuzin Tim

    Ha ha hey man I thought you were camping out in the great U.S. of A LOL… No worries I wouldn’t call immigration on you LOL…. I was just like WTF this guy lives almost on the other side of the world LOL!

    I still don’t get the RSS feeds but one of these days will but will check back here as this is a wealth of info.

    There’s sneaks all over here in the major cities as I would assume the rest of the world. One good thing I did though was pay this dude $10 when we were in a shady part of town to watch my car. We came out and I seen rear and front windshields smashed in & was like WTF! Then I came to my car and dude was sitting there in a chair and my car was untouched. Luckily I paid him becuz I would believe he told his boyz which cars didn’t pay and they paid far more for repairs.

    Nice job on shooting a ton of quality footage and I’m lovin’ it! Dean will be going into it next week but I’ve known for a time now that I will have to do this and get out of my comfort zone. Kudos to you for that as video blogging is a huge step out man.

    BTW Fremont is Old Vegas, aka the ghetto right?

    -Cuzin Tim

  8. James Howard

    Hi Gary,

    I think the first time I came across you was in a video on Dan Briffa’s blog.(Giving a bum a whole dollar each)

    That was in Vegas too, I thought you lived there.

    Great idea to film them all then put them out slowly, content for a long time to come.

  9. Gary

    Tim – there are times when I wish I WAS in the US. I mean, I love my home town but it is completely lawless here now. Perth has become a VERY dangerous city – anything goes here now. Drugs and gangs rule. Sad really. Our TV and papers are full of wall-to-wall violence. Just the other day a 92 year old widow was assaulted in her own home while she was asleep.

    I have travelled a lot in the US and my favorite places are Naples in Florida and Monterey and Santa Barbara in California.

    What you described above is pure extortion. I would have just driven off if some hood had offered to look after my vehicle. That sort of thing is pure CRAP mate.

    Hey, glad you like my videos. I have tried to add little snippets of useful info in among the scenery of Las Vegas. It’s really tough doing videos in Vegas coz it is so busy and people are always hassling you for something.

    Thanks for stopping by TWICE in one day! If I can do anything for you just let me know. Actually, if you want pick one of those e-books on the RHS – Twitter Muscle, Mindset or Copywriting just gimme your email addy and the direct pdf is yours – no strings. I appreciate you coming here Cuzz.


  10. Gary

    Hi James – Oh THAT video! The one with the moths! That was SO funny. Briffs and Deano and me just laugh every time that moth thing is even mentioned. In fact, I’m kinda giggling to myself now. It was so “off-the-cuff.”

    Yeah, I’m a complete SUCKER with these bum guys. They probably use the $ for booze. But, what the heck. It just spreads a bit of goodwill in an increasingly selfish world.

    I have a LOT of Vegas videos James – including one of me (naked) in the spa. Not sure if I’ll put that one here though – LOL! I mean, there ARE a lot of bubbles. It’s a completely idiotic video. God knows what I was thinking that day. Actually, Jack Daniels probably does.

    Thanks for coming here James. Glad you are liking my little Internet Marketing series.


  11. Nikki

    It’s usually me that derails the threads!

    Anyway, you kindly said I can do a little pimping here to give people an idea of what’s covered within my book – if you don’t mind I’ll leave the URL here (feel free to remove it if it offends the Grand Master of the Temple!)

    It’s at

    What do you think, I know you mentioned listing the contents here, would that be the most useful way of explaining what it is about?


  12. Gary

    Nix – OF COURSE you can p-i-m-p your NEW super-duper e-book here. I asked you to! What do you want? A formal invitation? OK.

    “Miss Stephens, would you please do my valued guests the honor of presenting your most marvelous Social Networking e-book so they may feast upon its wares.”

    YES! The Grand (PIMP) Master of the TEMPLE (note CAPITAL letters when referring to this establishment in future) decrees that it would indeed be pertinent to place your contents parchment upon this page. In other words… lay it down here!

    TEMPLE Master… I mean… GRAND Master… whatever.

  13. Nikki

    Right then oh Grand Master….as so politely requested, here’s the contents list for my book. For information, it’s 44 pages long.

    ~ Contents
    ~ About the Author
    ~ Introduction
    ~ So What Is Social Networking?
    ~ How does Web 2.0 fit into this? Why are Social Networking sites important to businesses?
    ~ What’s the difference between Bookmarking, Sharing, and these other terms?
    ~ Popular Bookmarking Sites
    – Delicious
    – Diigo (formerly Furl)
    – Google Bookmarks
    – Newsvine
    – Propeller
    – StumbleUpon
    – YahooBuzz
    ~ A Summary of Bookmarking Sites
    ~ Popular Sharing Sites
    – Digg
    – Facebook
    – Fark
    – Linkedin
    – MySpace
    – Reddit
    – Send To A Friend
    – SlashDot
    – Sphinn
    – Technorati
    – Twitter
    – YouTube
    ~ A Summary of Sharing Social Networking Sites
    ~ To use more than about 5 of these sites sounds like a lot of work. Are there any shortcuts?
    ~ At A Glance Guide
    ~ Useful Resources
    ~ A Final Word from the Author


    Hopefully that gives a better idea of what is covered within the book. Really hope my formatting comes out ok and keeps my list looking neat & tidy! Fingers crossed…

    Thanks for decreeing it acceptable to share!


  14. Dean Holland

    G… G … G-man !!!

    How you keep my friend ??

    Another awesome Vegas vid mate, it was such a great idea you doing that !!

    Keep em coming :)

    Speak soon


  15. Gary

    Nix – thank you, my dear. And don’t forget – TEMPLE (caps)!

    Deano! Dude. How are you? Yes (polishing fingernails against my chest) it certainly was a good idea – LOL! Somehow I seem to be full of ideas – er, NOT all of them are good, mind you!

    Hey Dean, I still laugh at Dan the Briffs mothy wallet. Jeez that was funny. Send Briffs over here and make him promise to get that bloody “TRIKE VIDEO” up – that was just as funny IMO.

    I see good things happening over at the “Shock and Awe Show” – oops. Sorry. The “Believe and Achieve Show” over at the Deano Blog. Well done with that Dean!


  16. Garry Parkes

    Hi Gazza,

    You certainly planned ahead creating all these videos while we were all out in Vegas together. Wish I’d have thought of it myself!

    I hope you looked after you camera woman properly too!

    And hey everyone reading this, I can vouch for the quality of Nikki’s ebook on Social Media too.

    If you don’t know your Twit from your Stumble or your Diigo from your Digg or haven’t a clue what I’m on about then you need to have a read of Nikki’s book here

    As Gazza says creating your own e-book and content is a must if you are serious about building a list.

    Catch you later mate,

  17. Nikki

    Now then.

    I thought, although possibly incorrectly, that when something was all in capitals then it would be an acronym. So your insistence on the Temple being the TEMPLE implies to me that each letter should stand for something.

    Place of
    Learning and

    Just a thought.


  18. Gary

    Gazza! Looks like all the Vegas crew are turning out here. Thanks for popping over mate and thanks for giving Nikki’s book the praise it deserves.

    Nikki – well, that’s more like it! Very creative BTW.


  19. Nikki

    Garry, my Gatwick & Vegas travel companion,

    Thank you for the compliments:

    “And hey everyone reading this, I can vouch for the quality of Nikki’s ebook on Social Media too.

    If you don’t know your Twit from your Stumble or your Diigo from your Digg or haven’t a clue what I’m on about then you need to have a read of Nikki’s book here

    I do hope that you’ll be escorting me to Vegas again once the dates are arranged – you, me and my WPT Twin Queen Paula made a very good team!


  20. Garry Parkes


    That was a quick reply – from both of you.

    Do you “live” over here on this blog Nikki??? lol

  21. Nikki


    Well, I do always know where the party is!!

    That, and I just got back from lunch so thought I’d have a rummage round before I carry on with my work…!


  22. Gary

    Crikey you two! I can hardly keep up with this – mind you I am also at the MWA forum, Twitter and have several text-based conversations happening on Skype.

  23. Nikki


    Weren’t you the one making reference to multitasking on Twitter earlier? PMSL!


  24. Gary

    Er, yes.

  25. Nikki

    I would have thought by now that you were well-versed in multitasking…

  26. Phil Morgan

    Hey Gazza,

    Thanks for not allowing what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas!

    Great vids!


  27. Thomas Skavhellen

    Wow.. looks like someone did their homework when they where in Vegas :)
    Great work Gary!

    Need to take a surf over to Nikki’s blog now to get her new E-book. Looks like she put a lot of work in to those 44 pages. Go Nikki!

    I’m glad there is still someone left still doing something after the AJ school.
    Tomorrow I need to remove some links on my blog to blogs from students that just quit updating.. lol

    To your success!


  28. Gary

    @ Nikki – hmm, obviously you saw my tweet on Twitter. Lemme see if I can find it…

    “If women are supposedly so perfect at multi tasking, how come they can’t have a headache and sex at the same time?”

    You know, when I put that on the big T I was expecting a tirade of abuse. There I was hunkered down in my bunker with the flak jacket and kevlar helmet on but… NOTHING! Where is Germaine Greer and her femme-bot gang? Obviously not on Twitter – LOL!

    Er, left some “witch bait” for you over on the MWA forum. You’ll have a field day with it, I’m sure.


  29. Gary

    @ Phil – I have re-written that mantra about Vegas. Here’s my version…

    “What happens in Vegas, happens in Vegas.”

    Good talking to you on Skype. Hope our little JV goes well.


  30. Gary

    @ Tommy! Always good to see you my Viking friend.

    Yep. I shot a lot of video in Vegas with my new you-beaut Flipper Cam. These are GREAT little video cams – so light and compact. They just fit in your pocket. I just had to buy one in Vegas – so glad I did.

    Nikki has put a lot of work into that e-book. She’s done all the research for everyone. Here’s the link again:

    Takes all the mystery out of the myriad of these sites. The way they are cropping up all over the place she may soon need to write Volume 2 (hint, wink)

    Thanks for sailing over on your long-boat Tommy!


  31. Nikki

    Hi Thomas, yes, I did put a fair amount of work into the book, but then I would only be happy to offer something that I perceived as being of high quality. Let me know what you think once you’ve had a read please!

    TGM, I replied to your Twitter comment with a couple of my own, and unusually for once I shall leave it there….for now!

    I’ve seen the witch-bait that you left for me, it delighted me and I’ve replied…good times all round.

    As for the nudge-nudge, wink-wink – Volume 2 already? I’ve got a couple of different projects in mind at present, but I’ll add that to the pile of future releases!


  32. Gary

    Nix – hmm, I wonder what those other projects are about. I wonder

  33. Denis

    Hey Gary:

    Just stopping by to see what’s going on…

    Las Vegas is one constant barrage of marketing. So how many souvenirs did you bring home? Just wondering who/what got the Gazz-Man to reach for his wallet (besides the panhandlers)?

    MAJOR NEWS – I’ve just signed up for Twitter! I’m getting my profile page in order. Yes folks, it’s true. Hey come on, it’s a big thing for me. I’ve been resisting all this time. Now, the only reason I make mention of it over here is that, guess what? Somehow, with no mention of it on my part, and all on his own, Gary finds me and becomes my FIRST follower!

    I know there’s a “virgin joke” in there somewhere (The wind is kicking up and I can hear a whoooshing sound. Niki heard the “word” and is swooping in to heed the call and take over).

    It’s an honor, Mr. Simpson. Thank you.

    Please don’t everyone assault me at once. I won’t be able to get back to you. Not being rude mind you. Just inept. Got to read Gary’s, Garry’s and Niki’s eBooks now, before I really screw something up (Oh darn, I did it again. Niki, while you’re here, find the joke there too please).


  34. Glenn

    Hey Gary
    Another great short video. So did the guy hand you the freebies or PMW . Not to be rude on YOUR blog I will have to say Nikki’s new book is great read with lots of great content!! ( ME the PIMP) Anyway really enjoyed the video and glad your back on the posative tract to success .
    PS Multitasking?? I thought great sex took away the headaches!!!

  35. Nikki

    Ha ha!

    Never fear, the PMW is here! Yes, I did indeed hear the word, or in fact the presence of the possibility for some corruption…

    Now then Denis, you can’t tell me that your Portal is of the pure innocent nature. It might be all cool & blue now, but I can distinctly recall it looking rather red.

    Glenn – thank you for the compliments on the book.

    And yes, re your PS comment – only if it’s done correctly!!

    PMW over & out

  36. Gary

    @ Denis – hello my hypergraphic friend. It was funny yesterday D-man. I was on Twitter and for some reason I kept getting these messages in my mind. “Denis Caron has joined Twitter.” I mean I KNEW your stance against Twitter and I KNEW you hadn’t joined it to date. But somehow this “message” kept coming at me. So, I checked. And there you were! – all lonely with NO FOLLOWERS. So I wanted to be your first follower.

    Sometimes, I get these kinda weird messages. When I was a young bloke I was very intuitive. I even had quite a few “deja vu” experiences – some would make the hair raise on the back of your neck if I told you because I actually foresaw situations before they happened and I could predict “word-for-word” what people would say and how things would unfold. It was like I had already seen the movie.

    I gotta say, it frightened me. I didn’t like it and I pushed it away. In essence, visions kept knocking on the door of my mind and I shut them out. I won’t go into it now but I’ll tell you one day face-to-face that when I sense danger – great danger – I can often feel it. There was an instance several years ago where – this sounds kooky and spooky – I heard a very calm voice warning me. 4 times! And what happened later was horrendous. And had I NOT listened on that occasion I could have been right in the middle of the disaster. In fact, I WOULD have been. Can you hear that music to “The Twilight Zone” playing now D-man? Some “entity” was watching over my safety that night.

    Let’s just put it down to me having some Jedi capabilities – “I feel ‘disturbances’ in the force.” LOL!

    Stupid as that sounds, ask Parkesy. I had this overwhelming feeling some months ago that I needed to send him my Power of Choice e-book one day and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It just kept telling me “send Garry Parkes the Power of Choice.” So I did. I was amazed when he contacted me back. I won’t say why because it’s personal but at that time Garry needed something and PoC gave it to him.

    Even the writing of Power of Choice used the same “method.” I had this story in my head that was telling me “I want to come out. I want you to write me.” It was like the words were all swirling around in a giant circle lining themselves up for me. And then it happened. I got a pad and wrote it out long-hand – virtually as is. Weird, I know. What can I say? Sometimes I feel things. [Settle down Nikki – LOL – not that “feeling.”]

    There are other times when I can “advise” people to do things and the outcomes turn out really well for those people. I have many examples of that. OK, Gary-Wan over and out. PMSL, sort of…


  37. Gary

    @ Glenn – THANKS! No the guy buggered off when I gave him the glare. LOL!

    Indeed, Nikki’s book is extremely useful. It is a PERFECT example of doing the research, putting in a concentrated effort and being rewarded with an outstanding result. Others could have done what Nikki did, but didn’t. The information Nix has used is freely available on the net. What Nikki did was investigate and collate it all in “HER OWN VOICE.” Essentially, what she has done is to put a bunch of information that people want to know all in one convenient place.

    No comment about the sex reference. I will leave that to somebody else – LOL!

    And Glenn, I am always happy for people to use my blog to praise or recommend people who are doing good things. Never fear “pimping” here. The only thing I oblect to is idiots spamming crap here. That will get smashed. But what you said about Nikki’s book was appropriate, kind and welcome.

    Thanks for saying it.


  38. Gary



  39. Gary

    @ Denis – Just realized that after my tirade above, I didn’t even answer your most PERTINENT question… what did I buy?

    Hmm, lemme see – about 400 cups of tea for somebody. LOL. Um, some books I can’t get in Oz, a flip cam, a Marshall Sylver pack, um, think… think… think… um – oh yeah! A bunch of t-shirts. You know… the usual touristy stuff.


  40. Matt Wolfe

    Awesome advice Gazzman! I love the scenery in your videos. The colors are so nice. I agree with the fact that it is a good idea to create an ebook to build a list. It is probably the fastest way to get a good list.

    I want to see even more videos from Vegas. They are awesome!


  41. Gary

    @ Matt – well, yes, but seriously… what else would you expect from TGM Matt?

    Pssssssssst… Matty, er, better skip across to your own blog and see what I left there… heh… heh…

    You wanna see MORE videos from Vegas? Really? What about one of me doing a pec flex (sans tee-shirt) poolside at the Luxor? Or maybe one of me in the spa? NO? Oh OK. I do have them… What about one out the front of HOOTERS? Hmm, so many to choose from… What should I offer up next? Maybe I should take a poll…


  42. Nikki

    Hang on…



    Soooo unlike you. Are you feeling ok? Have you got a fever?

  43. Nikki

    Oh pants – can you sort my formatting out please? Too much typing & not enough looking. Duh.

  44. Gary

    Done. And no fever.

  45. Nikki

    Thanks, much appreciated.

  46. Gary

    My pleasure!

  47. Dar Wilson

    From The Gazzman on Titter: “HOLY SMASHING PUMPKINS…my 7th Vegas vid has only been up 4 days & it’s already had 371 views & 41 comments: ”

    Using your comments section for emails doesn’t equal 41 comments. Twenty eight of these were chit chat. Did you yourself view the video 172 times?

  48. Gary

    Thank you Dar. I had the choice of deleting your comment but chose not to.

    I acknowledge your criticism.

    Answers to your questions: If there are not 41 (actually 47 now) comments here, then how many are there? Yes, some is chit-chat. A lot is interaction from me, answering questions etc. Do you expect me to post an initial statement and then say nothing? This is actually how blogs work.

    Unsure how you arrived at 172 viewings of the video by me. Did you make that number up? You can come back and explain it if you want.

    But to answer you… let me see… I think I watched the video two or three times personally when I was setting it up – just to make sure it was displaying properly.

    I am so glad you took some precious time out of your day to count things here and keep me brutally honest. When I say something I like to check the facts. These were the facts. You can distort them however you want.

    Thanks for saying what you did. You have the right of reply.

    Over to you Dar.


  49. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    I popped you out an email. Too long for Twitter…


  50. Gary

    Hi Denis,

    At the risk of further upsetting Dar with idle chit-chat and adding yet another “spurious” stat to my comments, I have received your email and I have made a very detailed response.

    Thank you so much for the contents of that.


  51. Tom Harvey

    More Vegas material from you guys – you sure had a blast!
    Can’t wait to get out there with the MWA2.0 bunch….

  52. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Just dropped by actually to reread your post about ‘The Secret’ as I’ve just watched the video for the first time and found this stunningly jumpy video, so stopped here first.

    I too think it was a great idea to make lots of short videos like this – so many are just too long to bother to sit through – especially when they download so slowly on the laptop!

    Trouble is you keep reminding me of the fact I couldn’t join you in May (boo hoo!) Never mind – I am focussing on positive things for now and that includes Nikki’s ebook, which I have read quickly. So much great info that I need to go back and ‘digest’ more thoroughly.

    I’m trying to get back into some sort of routine – my students are now back at college and I started teaching again today. I’m still planning to bring financial education into my teaching and to build my own course for these young people, but it takes time to fit in with everything else.

    Hopefully the ebook about allowances to which I have contributed a chapter will be out soon and I’ll let you know when it’s available. Not fully my own ebook yet but it’s a start…

    Well, it’s good to have a dip into the Temple – I’ve missed that for a while. I do have a new blog post up, so feel free to visit anytime. (Note to self – must be more consistent!)

    Catch up with you soon.


  53. Gary

    @ Tom – Yep. We did have a darn good time. It is so good to meet people who you have interacted with over the Internet. Everybody at the MWA1.0 seminar was wonderful.

    @ Hils – You KNOW that I only put these videos up to make people jealous, don’t you?

    The reason I wanted to make these videos short and with an equally short, sharp, punchy message was very deliberate. I know how precious everyone’s time is. I also know how damn boring a lot of videos are. I wanted mine to be a good short burst of entertainment with a relevant message (hidden somewhere in them, at least!).

    My aim was to give everybody who wasn’t in Las Vegas a good look around at the various venues while still providing “some” useful commentry crossed with a bit of humor. From the look of the many comments and views I get (Hello Dar!) it has worked wonderfully well. But, like a famous person once said: “You can’t please ALL the people ALL of the time.”

    I have a lot more videos to share – some… a bit of an OVERshare – and I will be rolling these out progressively over the next weeks/months.

    Oh Hils, just a tiny thing darls… TEMPLE. Not Temple. (hehehe)

    I shall be over shortly to your most worthy blog. Please keep me and all the readers (and occasional critics) here abreast of your activities. You know that at the TEMPLE you are always welcome to come and tell everybody what you are doing. That goes for all my visitors (even you Dar – IF you have worthwhile things to contribute – maybe you can do another audit on the 53 comments here now and tell us all how many are real, contrived, chit-chat, exaggerated, blog bloating, false or whatever. Oh, and maybe you could leave a link to your blog or website or whatever so that I and others can learn how you do things. I’d like that.)

    Hils, thanks for visiting my place of Zen and other assorted ramblings.


  54. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    If I may, it’s always a pleasure to stop by here and visit, even with the
    occasional Dars (They never seem to leave valid links. Even that’s entertaining though in the way in which you deal with them all) because this is still where we all come back to visit and proclaim our triumphs and tell each other of our latest happenings.

    This site is still our common thread. Add the nurturing ambiance of the TEMPLE and “Thy Prolificness” to the mix and there’s never a dull moment.

    In reference to your ability to channel (who or what) when you write:Do you hear a voice and then take dictation or do you “zone out” and then look to see what’s been put on paper when you’re done? Both circumstances have (do) happen when I get into writing. My muse is very lazy though compared to your overworked, mule of a muse.

    Am I scaring people? You know what I mean….

    I’d better take my leave.

    Take care,

  55. Gary

    @ D-Man. You may. And you do. And you have.

    Oh yes… Dar. Good old Dar. Did you have to remind me?

    Denis, we actually need the “Dars” of this world to help guide us to aspire how not to be. I’m still waiting for this gender unspecific person with a false website and contact and (last I looked) two followers on Twitter to come back and elucidate us with more critical observation. Yikes! Look at that – 55 comments now Dar. OK. OK. OK – I know you discount the number Dar coz some are mine and some, well, who knows why they are not real numbers in your book? Darlene? Darryl? Darren? Darius?

    But enough of Der… I mean Dar!

    Really, I don’t mind criticism at all. I’m happy to learn from my mistakes and deficiences. In fact, I love to know when I am wrong coz it allows me to improve. I just need constructive criticism. Not made up stuff borne out of boredom, pettiness or, dare I say it? Jealousy?

    Ah, Denis… the TEMPLE. Thankyou. And I shall refer to your domain as the PORTAL. Capital idea, don’t you think?

    “Thy Prolificness?” OMG! Is there such a word? I shall have to consult my friend Mr Webster. BRB…

    … indeed there is! I should never doubt you D! Actually, I was gonna suggest “prolificity.” Crikey! Ever tried to say that?

    Um, just thinking about your question… with me, it’s sort of like this…

    … I get an idea, thought, whatever and then a message “better get this down on paper.” Then I start to write and it just kinda happens. But when I get a REALLY good idea then it’s like the words inside my mind are kinda jockeying for position and lining up, ready to come out. It’s hard to explain.

    With Power of Choice it was semi trance-like (not dervish or zombie-like). I still have this notion of all these words in my brain spinning around at a great rate in a big circle and then one by one peeling away from that circle and being written.

    I just wish I could write a lot faster coz then I could produce more.


  56. Thomas Bartke

    Hey Gary:

    Nice move this Vegas Series…! So, how did you come up with the idea to combine such unrelated things as touring Las Vegas and internet marketing tips in the same videos?

    And how do you suppose a “normal” person could go about coming up with a similarly outrageous idea?


  57. Gary

    Hi Thomas – well, I was with all the guys and girls in Vegas and I saw Dean Holland and Dan Briffa fiddling about with their new Flip Cams. I asked them about them and learned that when they got off the plane they had asked their cab driver to take them directly to a store in Vegas to get them. Note to self… “Hmm.” Then they were filming everything that moved.

    Next I saw Mike Ottman with one. That settled it. I wanted one! These little pocket videos looked really good so I went out with Adam Spiel (our driver and all round good guy), JT Martin, Sandra Rodrigues and Garry Parkes to get one for myself.

    When I got it, I just thought I needed to use it to film bits and pieces of Las Vegas. No good having something if you’re not gonna use it (like so many things we but – LOL) Anyway, I wanted my short videos to be not only scenic but also have some relevant content so I could use them on my blog. It was just an idea I got. To answer your question Thomas, I guess I’m always searching for ideas to turn something to my advantage in an original way.

    Huh? “Normal” person? I’m laughing at that but I don’t really know why. Are you insinuating I am not “normal?” That amuses me.

    I KNOW that at the next Las Vegas convention there will be people running all over the place filming bits of Las Vegas and doing exactly what I have done. That’s OK. I already have a massive head start. And I already have an even better idea if I get there this time. And “no.”

    Thanks for coming over Thomas.


  58. Most Recommended Posts Week 38

    […] Internet Marketing Tips #7 – Gary Simpson This is video #7 of the Internet Marketing series. If you have been following them then you will get a good idea about what Las Vegas looks like – in and out of the Casinos. And you would also have gotten a lot of great Internet Marketing Tips from my friend Gary Simpson. […]

  59. Nikki


    “I KNOW that at the next Las Vegas convention there will be people running all over the place filming bits of Las Vegas and doing exactly what I have done. That’s OK. I already have a massive head start. And I already have an even better idea if I get there this time. And “no.””

    Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone will be able to *really* compete with the videos that you’ve done – as always, you were the pioneer for this with your short clips giving everyone a taste of different parts of Vegas.

    You never know, even I might end up on video next time – probably drinking tea in a corner with my broomstick. Happy days.


  60. Gary

    Nix – LOL! I lurve your confidence in me. Pioneer? Hmm, I kinda LIKE the sound of that. Like a trail-blazer!

    Well, you KNOW that you could have have also starred in my little movies… um, make that CO-starred but you know what I mean.

    “Sunday, Monday happy day, Tuesday, Wednesday happy day…” You may be too young to remember that jingle.


  61. Vance Sova

    Hi Gary,

    Another interesting video where you show off Las Vegas albeit inside a mall, help plug in a fellow student’s e-book and give some internet marketing tips.

    I also watched your other video where you are in a bathtub. I didn’t comment on that one yet. Should I?

    I like your blog so much that I’ve added it to my blogroll nearly 2 months ago.
    I doubt that you are aware of it so you can check it out when you visit my blog.

    I haven’t seen you there for a long while now.

    In any case keep up the good work. By the time I finish reading everything you have put out many moons if not years will pass.

    I keep up on your current stuff and then delve more into what you’ve done before.



  62. Gary

    @ Vance – thanks for the nice comments. Er… the bath tub scene (Internet Marketing Video #8) – some are deliberately staying away from that!

    I shall come over and pay a visit ASAP. So damn much going on…


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