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by Gary ~ August 29th, 2009

One of the most important things in Internet Marketing Buy Modalert Without Prescription, is the list. In fact, Modalert results, it is THE most important thing. Ask any big name marketer (and there are 100's of them) and they will ALL tell you the same thing. The List, buying Modalert online over the counter. The List. The all-important LIST!

Having a list enables marketers to contact people and, on occasion, market to that list, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Buy Modalert online cod, But the list should be a two-way street and should operate on the premise of what is fair and reasonable. Unfortunately those who "own" a list and those who are "on" a list often lose sight of what is fair and reasonable.

Almost everybody with an email account is on multiple lists, my Modalert experience. Some are fun to be on, Real brand Modalert online, some we have forgotten we are on and some are a bloody pain in the ass to be on.

OPTING IN: Buy Modalert Without Prescription, So, you "opt-in" to a list. We've all done it. It's NO BIG DEAL, Modalert reviews. But it's what happens after that point which can turn a happy marriage into an ugly divorce. Online Modalert without a prescription, Or just a boring existence.

It's everybody's right to opt-in to the list of an information or service provider, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. It's also everybody's inalienable right to opt-out of that list whenever circumstances change. That is, Modalert schedule, the information provider is not holding up his or her end of the bargain or you just get tired of receiving emails from that person. Modalert from canadian pharmacy, OPTING OUT:

I have had people opt out of my lists for me having the audacity to offer them a FREE e-book that I have written. How dare I contact them and offer them something. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, At the other end of the spectrum, I have also had comments like : "Love your stuff but I'm on too many lists." To me, that makes absolutely no sense at all. If you LIKE something, buy Modalert without prescription, why not stick around. Where can i order Modalert without prescription, Do you think that the information provider MIGHT have something else that he or she might be able to help you with what you are interested in. Chances are pretty high that they do. But if you leave then that's it, Modalert cost. You will NEVER know.

I have also had people opt-in to a freebie and then IMMEDIATELY opt straight back out, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. So, About Modalert, as soon as they flop in, they flip out. Even worse, Modalert description, I have had people buy some of my products and then - within minutes - they demand a refund. Modalert steet value, That person's a scab, in my opinion. Somebody out to rip another person off, purchase Modalert online. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Did you know that the payment processors record the details of douche-bags who do that. If you've been thinking it's a good idea then... Buy Modalert no prescription, DON'T DO IT! It's tantamount to fraud and the payment processors have sophisticated tracking devices to ban people who show willingness to do it.

Yes, there is always a right to ask for a refund but.., order Modalert online overnight delivery no prescription. for the right reasons. And, of course, with digitally delivered information products there is no way to stuff the digital product back down the ether to return it, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. Modalert overnight, The egg's been unscrambled. You can't turn it back into an egg again and return it. So, Modalert dangers, essentially, Modalert gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, you are getting something for nothing. Not a fair exchange, is it, is Modalert addictive.

OPT IN - OPT OUT: Buy Modalert Without Prescription, I have had people do the opt-in-opt-out thing and then try to ask me for help in forums. Why would I want to give such a person anything else. Order Modalert online c.o.d, Would they value it. I doubt it. Do you think that's any way for a person to behave, Modalert blogs. I don't, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. That is TAKER MENTALITY. Purchase Modalert, You have to give to get in this world but so many people think only of take, take and more take.

Sure, Modalert no rx, there are some marketers who spam their lists and pimp-the-shit out of everyone and anyone. Modalert over the counter, We've all seen emails that start with: "My good friend Bozo the Clown blah, blah, blah..." Hang on, Modalert long term. Let me translate that from sender language to receiver language:

TRANSLATION: "I don't know this clown from Jack-the-Ripper but I'm gonna sell his crud to you anyway." Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Personally, I will not use "my friend" now even if the person IS my friend. It's just been so massively and deceitfully overdone - especially lately. Herbal Modalert, Some people are pumping their lists every day with this shite and some even two and three times a day. The way they behave you would think that the ONLY person in the world who isn't their effen friend is... YOU, rx free Modalert.

So, even if I were promoting Garry Parkes, Lesley Morgan, Paula Brett, Thom Swartwood, Omar Martin, Nikki Stephens or any of my many other Internet Marketing "friends" I just wouldn't say it, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. It smacks of insincerity because the spammers - like they do to EVERY good thing - have dragged it through the sewerage of their tricks and traps. Modalert forum, Back to the opt-in, opt-out dilemma...

Doesn't it make more sense to stay on a list for a while to see what else may be on offer, where can i buy Modalert online.

I know, Modalert pharmacy, I know... some marketers just drive you bonkers from DAY 1 of the "relationship." I had one guy - a really WELL-KNOWN big name marketer Buy Modalert Without Prescription, who used to email me up to three times a day. He drove me nuts but I just used to direct his emails straight into a spam folder and then, at the end of the week, cheap Modalert no rx, just read the subject lines. Fast shipping Modalert, Ocassionally I would open one. I remember one subject line that said - ridiculously - "only open this if you are an alien." I mean... that was a real struggling to be credible headline, wasn't it.

I realised, of course, that he was just split-testing headlines so I guess I was on his "burn-out" list - you know, the list that had never bought anything off him and he was seeing how far he could push that ungrateful mob, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. The "buy-something-or-eff-off list." Well, I took the latter option. The only thing was, it was near on IMPOSSIBLE to do. I think I sent around a dozen UNSUBSCRIBE messages to him before he actually GOT the message. I have no idea how he manages to irritate people so relentlessly and still stay inside the relevant federal and ISP spam TOS codes. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, That's got me stuffed.

So, the point to all this is as follows - you knew I would get around to it eventually, didn't you. There is abuse on both sides of the equation. Subscribing and unsubscribing and marketing information of value versus pounding subscribers with useless shit day-in-day-out is a two-way street. Or it should be. It should be a fair exchange. But FAR too often it is not.

And just because a mountain of information is F.REE FR.EE or FRE.E doesn't mean to say that it's any bloody good, good, good, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. I could give you a matchbox full of termites to throw up in your ceiling but it wouldn't make that a welcome GIFT now, would it.

There is valuable free information out there and there are dog turds wrapped up in pretty paper presented as a F F FR FR FREE gift (sorry about the stutter there). How do you know unless you stick around long enough to see what's on offer.


When the marketer abuses the relationship - it's UNSUBSCRIBE time. Buy Modalert Without Prescription, Conversely, when the opt-in subscriber abuses the relationship - it's list chopping time. In the words of Harrison Ford in "Air Force One" as he was struggling with that terrorist in the cargo bay... "Get off my plane!"

So, what are your thoughts. Tell me your experiences (please keep names out of it).


PS: Click on the banner below for some awesome free information on how you can improve your lifestyle:

Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes, Buy Modalert Without Prescription. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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11 Responses to Buy Modalert Without Prescription

  1. Scott Brooks - Create Info Products

    I do agree that the money is in the list, but I am sure to offer my subscribers plenty of free, valuable content. I sincerely desire to see them succeed. I am on about 50 internet marketers’ lists. A few of them send free content, however most (about 80%) send nothing but product offers.

  2. Linda

    Doesn’t it make more sense to stay on a list for a while to see what else may be on offer? …

    No, it doesn’t. IMHO, here’s why;

    1) My time is valueable. Time is the only commodity you can’t re-earn once you spend it. If the first email (or ebook or whatever) is crap, I don’t need to waste any time expecting the next to be different. Note that being “crap” is different than “good, but not applicable to me.” If someone produces what I recognize as quality, that’s different.

    2) We learn from and emulate what we are exposed to. If someone sounds smarmy, pushy, hyped up or like a used car salesman, I don’t ever want to sound like that, and I don’t want that crap in my head.

    It’s like what I say on my site — on the Internet, you seldom get a second chance to make a good first impression. We generally get one shot. That’s it.

    Incidentally, if I download a free ebook and unsubscribe immediately, odds are I didn’t read past a couple of pages in the ebook, either. It’s not like I “kept” the freebie and unsubscribed. If the “freebie” is crap, I’m off the list and the freebie is in the trash, unread.

    Often, I also unsubscribe from the list of the person who recommended the crap.

    A lot of people would find success faster if they’d spend more time “doing” than “reading about doing.”

  3. Gary

    @ Scott – I KNOW what you mean. I also know that many marketers have many lists. You may be on some “burn-out” lists like I mentioned above. Those lists just get relentlessly pounded. I never want to treat anybody like that.

    @ Linda – I think we are singing from alternate pages of the same hymn book.

    However, I’m always prepared to hang in and give somebody a chance. I look for “patterns” of behaviour. I can handle an abberation. If somebody starts to display a ME, ME, ME attitude with gimme, gimme, gimme on the agenda then I don’t hack that. I’m gone too.

    Yep, most people are one-shotters. I’m not, like I said above. But if somebody really irritates me or irks me well, I can be a half-shotter. I won’t tolerate rude or aggressive people at all. I see enough of that sh*t in everyday life. I don’t need it being forced on me by my own choice on the Internet.

    Yeah, I know what you mean about JUNK e-books. A huge percentage are just that – JUNK! Mostly because people try to copy instead of being original – it’s just SO easy to copy and it is SO easy to see. Well, I can see it anyway. The hints are all in the words and the arrangement of them.

    A lot of people would find success faster if they’d spend more time “doing” than “reading about doing.”

    Indeed they would!

    Thanks for taking the time to come here and read and comment Scott & Linda.


  4. Hilary Dickinson

    Hi Gary

    Email lists – it’s so easy to subscribe and then not to read half of what you download.

    I know that I have done it – I think that some information looks good, something else takes over (mealtimes, mum’s taxi, work) and then I forget what I have downloaded. I keep promisining myself that I will keep a record of what I download but I work between different computers so would need two lists – but I could do that so I mustn’t make excuses.

    I have unsubscribed from some lists, especially where I have been drawn in under false pretences. One recently that I thought seemed legitimate, turned out to be a scam and I have accumulated loads of spam since then. When I spoke to them and asked them if they gave out email addresses to others, I did not get a clear answer so I’m fairly certain it was from there. Sometimes I now get more spam than proper emails – ugh!

    My biggest problem is the time it takes to go through the emails, though I am getting better at it. The trouble is I often put them into folders to read later and then don’t do it, even when I know that some of it would be useful to read (same problem as above). But then if I don’t read it now, I guess I’m not missing anything!

    I’ve actually had to limit the time I am spending on the computer as I am finding other things such as keeping the rest of my home, family, life and work was getting behind. I’ve done quite well, but still have a way to go.

    We just need to be honest with ourselves. Do we need this information? Will we use it? Or have we moved on to something else and so can unsubscribe to make better use of our time. We all need to make that judgement for ourselves.

    As for my own list? Well that’s another matter entirely…


  5. Gary

    @ Hils – Yep. I’ve done that – subscribed to something, downloaded it, then got sidetracked by something else and then completely forgotten about the darn thing. There is just so much “NOISE” going on all the time.

    Heck, I get 100’s of emails every day. I delete the ones I don’t want – spam, fraud and time-waster stuff and then I put little red flags next to the ones I want to read or reply to. The only problem is… I end up with 100’s of red flags right down my inbox. I can’t keep up with it.

    I too believe that email addresses get shared around despite all the “we hate spam as much as you do” stuff that ASSURE us that they will not get revealed to any third parties. Baloney!

    There is so much CON-ARTISTRY that goes on over the Internet. It’s a scam artist’s playground!

    As usual Caveat Emptor: This whole thing reminds me of that Pink song: “This used to be a fun house, but now it’s full of evil clowns.”

    Thanks for your comments Hilary.


  6. Vance Sova

    Hi Gary,

    Whether to opt in and opt out is a very good question. Right now I’m thinking more of opting out.

    What i mean is that some marketers just don’t know what moderation is. Like you mention in your post I get the same thing from some of them. Email several times a day from one marketer is harassment.

    For now I just don’t read their stuff anymore and I don’t really want to shut somebody out. But i may have start doing it.

    And on top of it, as I mentioned on somebody else’s blog, there are marketers that when I do buy from them they instead of sending me a thank you e-mail keep sending me the same offer as if I haven’t already bought and keep reminding me what I’m missing.

    That is pathetic isn’t it?

    I enjoyed your video under the lion in Las Vegas but I’d need a speed reading course university to be able to read what the lion was saying. It disappeared too fast.


  7. Gary

    Thanks Vance – that was the point I was making. There is definitely abuse on both sides of the equation – ie people taking advantage of others. It’s sad, but it happens.

    And with the way the economy is behaving in so many countries the wolves are becoming more and more desperate for a feed.

    Thanks for coming over.


  8. marcus passey

    Alright Gary even with this post yet again you are scaring me.

    Blimey you write good posts mate very intelligent stuff. You know I have got around 250 people in my list with 40 unsubscribed.

    I am only learning and have not even sent many messages out, maybe about 10 in total since I started building my list.

    But I have already had a couple of rude comments and I have apparantly sent out to many messages, and I only been offering free stuff.

    I dont like rude people im not rude myself but I have to develop a thick skin for this business.

    well speak soon M.O.M


  9. Ken Garrett


    I know that when i opt-in that I am usually starting a snowball down a long slope to gain sped and get bigger and bigger. One trick I have used to control this is to create an email account which I use only when I opt-in for an offer. I go to this account when I am expecting a confirmation and then once a day I scan the list of senders opening only those whom I have come to respect and whose offers I am willing to view based upon having received helpful information from them in the past. I then blanket delete this account periodically with the majority of it’s contents being unrequested and therefore unopened. This has worked for me and takes only a few minutes to manage.

    I am not offended by receiving all of the emails. I know how the system works and have the choice not to participate. In fact I feel the more offers I receive the more likely I will be to uncover something which might be helpful. My answer has been to develop a system that lets me manage the beast rather than to be at its mercy.

    Concerning refund requests, i have made a few when i have felt that the product has not met my expectations. Since the product cannot be returned as in a traditional purchase, I feel that when one requests a refund that you have the obligation not to continue to use the product.

    Nothing new or earth shattering here just my approach to the opt-in opt-out, refund request scene


  10. Neil Ferree

    I use a similar approach as Ken. I have a ghost ID set up with my RoboForm that I use to (initially) subscribe with. After getting a few incomings from the source, and the info proves useful, I then unsubscribe the ghost account and subscribe with my SWIPE file account.

    A technique I use to help me track TRENDS in the IM space is to scan the headlines of the handful of LISTS I am on to see what these major guys are pushing out to their list. For example, one guy I’ve been tracking for awhile is Marlon Sanders. He’s kinds like Alex Jeffrey, in that he’s been around he block, knows the ropes and does things right.

    I track Belcher, Kern, Comm and 1/2 dozen others. Just reading their headlines gives me a little insight into what the Pros are doing.

    I do the same thing with the RRS feeds from 1/2 dozen lively blogs. I can quickly scan the headlines and get a feel for current and emerging trends from these PR 5+ blogs. But you’re right Gary, there’s plenty of wolves out there eager to feed on the “fresh meat”. I’ve been eaten a few times myself ;-)


  11. Gary

    @ Marcus – well… WELCOME to Internet marketing Marcus! What you have to realise is that the world is made up of many diverse people. Some are nice, some are touchy, some are precious, some are arrogant, some are moody, some are complete assh*les, some are murderers, some are pedophiles etc etc. Same with people who opt-in/opt-out of subscriber lists.

    Not everybody plays by the same rulebook as you.

    @ Ken – all good valid points there. I can’t really disagree with anything you wrote. It all boils down to reasonability. If people are reasonable then that’s OK. If they are UNreasonable then we can take steps to deflect or ignore them. Good comments Ken.

    @ Neil – Hey. Good technique – kinda like giving them a trial run – LOL!

    One thing you said amused me – Marlon Sanders. He’s the dude in the bright Hawaaian shirts, isn’t he? I distinctly remember him saying in a video “Twitter is the DUMBEST idea ever invented.” And he went on a huge rant about it. Come to think of it, I think I said something similar in a blog post – something about Twitter being a dopey idea. I wonder if Marlon Sanders has changed his mind… I did. LOL!

    Thanks for you valuable input here guys!


    PS: Sorry about the delay in responding fellas. This post got overtaken by something more urgent – the copyright theft post (ie the next one on my blog here.)

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