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Buy Retin-A Without Prescription

by Gary ~ August 21st, 2009

Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Hi,

I've been exchanging comments with a guy who I really like trading ideas (and witticisms) with over the last week and something occurred to me during that exchange. And it has to do with that word that I really rather cringe at even saying or typing. But here goes... Generic Retin-A, ... G... G.., Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Gu... Guru, online buying Retin-A hcl.

There, I spat it out. Buy Retin-A from mexico, First, let me explain why I really don't like that word. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Well, to be honest, I just find it dopey. So I run to Mr Webster to get the definitive meaning. Here it is (verbatim):

" 1: a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism, Retin-A maximum dosage. 2a: teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern. 2b: one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent (as of a cult, Retin-A street price, movement or idea)."

Now, maybe, just maybe the term Internet Guru falls into category 2b (albeit loosely). In any case, I find it very difficult to refer to anybody as a guru, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. I suppose this may stem from my 40 or so years as a karate practitioner where specific titles are awarded to people for a combination of knowledge and physical ability, Retin-A trusted pharmacy reviews. On that score I also have difficulty with the term "Grand Master" which SO MANY false prophets in the martial arts use. Grand Master. After Retin-A, Phooey! I think it's egregious and egomaniacal. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, I prefer titles that are awarded upon a measured test of knowledge and/or physical capacity.

Then again, we have Grand Masters of Chess, don't we, Retin-A mg. Anyway...

The term guru is thrown around on the Internet like a giant open box of confetti in a wind tunnel. Order Retin-A from mexican pharmacy, Get the picture. Everyone and anyone who has made money is instantly a Guru, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. It just doesn't sit well with me. Moving right along...

.., cheap Retin-A. in my discusssions with Denis Caron, the friend I referenced above (website:, Comprar en línea Retin-A, comprar Retin-A baratos, I realised something. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, All of a sudden I realised why people call others gurus and why these so-called gurus take advantage of so many people. And I don't mean that in a really negative way towards the information providers themselves. OK. I'll relent for the purpose of this article, Retin-A coupon. I'll simply refer to these types as gurus from here on in (as much as it rankles me to do so).

You see, there are two main reasons, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. And pardon me for being blunt but I call a spade a spade not an instrument for excavating soil and yes, Order Retin-A from United States pharmacy, fat people are fat and short people are short. I'm not into bull-shitting the truth. Not so surprisingly, only a few minutes ago, taking Retin-A, a fellow Aussie Joanne Keevers said this about me:

"That's what I love most about you Gary, tact & diplomacy. Retin-A from canada, ROFL!"

Anyway, I'm sliding off track. The two reasons:

1 Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, - SOME people are just dumb (sorry but they ARE),
2 - MOST people are bone lazy.

So, what a truly delicious combination for a "guru" to come along and clean up financially, buy cheap Retin-A.

Look, I'm not knocking the MANY fine people out there who make substantial livings by providing quality information to others. Is Retin-A safe, We're in the Information Age, supposedly. Personally, I think we are in the Information Overload Age, doses Retin-A work. There is just far too much information whizzing around, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Everyday something new is released - online and offline. You really can become a mental case even trying to follow it all. Where can i find Retin-A online, However, when ignorance and laziness are in such abundance... "All hail Caesar!"

So many people want the "push-button" solution. That's why we have instant lotto, instant tea and quick-fix solutions all over the place, purchase Retin-A for sale. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Personally, I write a lot of e-books to help people with various things. I get so many questions on Twitter and via email. Now, Where can i buy cheapest Retin-A online, here's the rub...

... when you tell somebody that their question is answered in an e-book and in-depth and not only that... a bunch of other related information too, what do most of them do, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Do they get that e-book, buy Retin-A without a prescription. Nope. If you even go to the extra effort to send them a pdf, What is Retin-A, do they thank you. Nope (well, some people do. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Most don't). And if you contact them a week later and ask them if they got their question answered whaddya think the most common reply is, Retin-A images. Huh. Wait for it...

... Retin-A price, coupon, "Oh, I haven't had the time to read it yet."

Duh-bloody-duh... Double Duh!

What so many people are REALLY wanting to do is to get others to do EVERYTHING for them, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. They want money for jam. All the reward for NO effort, Retin-A use.

People really are their own worst enemies. This reminds me of when I was in hospital a few years ago. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Side-tracking again but I think it conveys a salient point... Low dose Retin-A, I watched in amazement as several people - with obvious lung ailments - stood outside in their pyjamas (right next to the NO SMOKING sign) smoking. And they were coughing their gutses up. How CAN you help people with that mindset. You can't, effects of Retin-A. Here's something I said to Denis in a previous comment:

I get so many emails from people saying: “I don’t know how to do this or that or this or that.” I get it on the big T too (er, that would be Twitter), Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. But… gasp… shock… E-GAD!

Now, I know that certain people get a lot of amusement from me quoting me but directly after that I said:

Those very same people are NEVER the ones that wanna read any of my e-books. Doses Retin-A work, Oh no. They just want to keep asking me dopey effing questions - one at a time - MOST of which are explained in my e-books.

And, going for the trifecta here (of self-quoting - hello Linda Caroll of - you'll get a laugh or three out of this, no doubt!):

How do you help people like that when they won’t help themselves, where can i find Retin-A online. (Note to D-Man: I’m fuelling up here for another mad rant on my blog - might even turn this into a post of its own). Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, So, if you are ONE of those people (not you D-man. Just talking in general with this bit) - get the FRIKKIN e-book. Retin-A duration, Then AFTER you’ve studied it - THEN ask me a question if you didn’t understand something. Christ. How much easier can I make this.

Some people make me wonder if mummy and daddy are still wiping their botties and tying up their widdle shoe laces, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Sheesh!

So, buy Retin-A without a prescription, there you have it. When so many people WON'T help themselves and WON'T take advice, Online Retin-A without a prescription, can you blame a guru for taking advantage of them. That is why it's open season out there. Find a need and fill it. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Find a lazy person and take their money. Simple, Retin-A without a prescription. There you have it. So, My Retin-A experience, in reality, it really is no wonder the gurus are taking advantage of you. If you can't or WON'T help yourself then what do you expect.

Internet Marketing - love it, hate it, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Your choice.

What are your thoughts.


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"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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25 Responses to Buy Retin-A Without Prescription

  1. Blog Internet Marketing » Internet Marketing - No Wonder the “Gurus” Take Advantage of YOU!

    […] Hi, I’ve been exchanging comments with a guy who I really like trading ideas (and witticisms) with over the last week and something occurred to me during that exchange. Read the rest here: Internet Marketing – No Wonder the “Gurus” Take Advantage of YOU! […]

  2. Joanne Keevers

    Gary, as always, calling a spade a spade, as you do in your own very unique Gary-kind-of-way, should have jaws dropping at your common sense!!

    As I told you this morning on Twitter, you have this WONDERFUL gift (can I call it a gift? Too bad…I just did!) of being blunt, but not going too far. You know EXACTLY where to tread along that very fine line….

    That is why I am always checking out this blog page! :-)

    Listen to THE MAN, one and all. Read his ebooks! I have! Take the confusion out of your brain & listen to what Gary has to say. He simplifies everything. No fluff & pretty packaging, just the truth.

    You were born to teach, Gary. So grateful that I have met you! :-)

  3. Twitter Trackbacks for Internet Marketing - No Wonder the “Gurus” Take Advantage of YOU! [] on

    […] Internet Marketing – No Wonder the “Gurus” Take Advantage of YOU! – view page – cached Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing. — From the page […]

  4. Beverly Gordon

    You had me laughing my butt off on this one! I love your way of telling things the way they are without candy-coating, like M&Ms, for all us spoiled babies out there in Twitterverse, who prentend things are wonderfully positive when, in fact, life pretty much sucks!! lol Your insight into guruism is right on target. Believe me, I’ve tried following the gurus with little success or understanding of carbon-copy marketing or whatever the latest-greatest take on Internet marketing currently being promoted.

    I appreciate you and love your eBooks, which admittedly, I rarely take time to read! But Tweetie Pie, I will do so just as soon as I get a moment away from all the other things I have to read, like the latest/greatest Internet marketing guru’s dribble about how to make millions while you eat, sleep, have sex, drive your car or feed your kids! Aren’t you dying to know?

    Keep up the great way at making us stop and look at our foolist selves in the proverbial mirror of behavior!


  5. Gary

    @ Jo – Gee, I should be blushing after such a wonderful comment.

    I actually enjoy helping people and I LOVE writing these little e-books. Well, most of them are 40 pages or more. So, combining the two makes me pretty happy.

    As a fellow Aussie… “Crikey… thanks!”


  6. Gary

    @ Bev – hey thanks for coming across from Twitter. My goodness, if you EVER get that manifesto of “How to Make Internet Money While Having Sex” then please… TELL ME! ROTFLMAO.

    Seriously, thank you so much for your kind words. You are a treasure on Twitter in a sea of bloody spammers, pornheads and well, a LOT of dipsticks and sumpnuts.

    Always nice hearing from ya Bevs!


  7. Russ

    Yep,.. spot on again Gazz,. you nailed it with this one!

    Create a “magic buy NOW’ button for the instant online success solution that runs almost on “autopilot” and only requires 10 minutes a day, and they’ll buy it all day long and half way into the night.
    That’s why “Gurus” can unashamedly offer 100% 60 day guarantees and yet get few refund requests,.. because the purchasers never really know whether the program would have worked if they’d just actually tried applying it and putting some work in.

    Keep ‘em coming Gazz…good stuff!

  8. Gary

    @ Russ – thanks for saying that. I have an admission to make…

    … I have bought some expensive things and never used them myself – yet! I don’t do that too often though. And I do have them in the queue.

    But, I see so many people who are information junkies. They just collect EVERYTHING and apply NOTHING. They are continually moving from one thing to the next seeking that MAGIC button that you mentioned.

    Not uncoincidentally I have called my new e-book “The Beginner’s Guide to the MAGIC Art of Copywriting.”

    I dreamed up the MAGIC word from this very syndrome that we are talking about.

    Thanks for your great comment. It has added some extra perspective here.


  9. Dan

    Gary, what can I say? You definitely have a way of hitting the nail until it bleeds. I just wish I had the time to write about some of this stuff myself. Now where did I put that pdf I downloaded from you?

    Can’t wait to read about your next rant!


  10. Gary

    Hey! Hi Dan – You rode all the way over here from Twitter!

    Yep, I do have my moments. LOL about the pdf.


  11. Joe Gelb

    Good points, but unlike you many people brand guru then do not offer any help or inspiration, so it is just market forces that are biting them, lol. When I read this site and a bunch of others I take away real value. I believe for people to earn that they probably need to raise the bar, or add to the theory dump. If not bring experiences from the field to help others. Just selling guru products is really just the ultimate form of stupitidy. I never fall for it!

  12. Gary

    @ Joe – Thank you for saying this:

    “When I read this site and a bunch of others I take away real value.”

    I try to bring considered viewpoints here (and a few mad rants from time to time – LOL!). I like to try to be educative and do it in an entertaining way. Quite often I laugh as I write with all the ideas that come to me – some are included, a LOT aren’t. I just dunno whether my readers could handle some of my more radical thoughts. Dunno if I even can sometimes.

    Your comment about “raising the bar” is a good one. I’m trying to do that too by adding all these e-books to my repertoire here. And there are more to come.


  13. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    Thanks for the plug and kind words. Oh no, my blog isn’t ready to receive visitors. It’s still got its old threadbare jammies on-2 weeks-then things should be popping.

    I always come here first, for info and entertainment. My interactions with you are always top notch (and fun), because you bring out the best in me and everyone else. I’ve always got to be on top of my game, just to be able to play on the same field as you.

    Wow, I was still on the other post, not even realizing that you had leapfrogged me. I can’t mention much about my new eBook coming out, but I know you’re gonna luv it! Right what you’d expect from me. This much, I can say, just ’cause it’s on topic with this post (actually the whole book is-whoops-said too much)…

    Conventional IM wisdom states that sales pages (ebooks too?) should be written to an eighth grade reading level. I’m sorry but if I have to write to an eighth grade level, then that person has no business reading what I have to say. Here’s a tip-Save your money. Get the Hell out of Internet Marketing and go back to school…

    And yet another eBook from you?! Egad, Prolific eBook Man strikes again!


    Just had one more thought from re reading your post above. Is it truly laziness or should “civilized” society now be diagnosed with mass ADD with a heaping portion of self-centeredness? Society now has the attention span (thank you media) of a six year old boy. We have become a Cliffs Notes society filled with sound bites, tweets, and OMG-texting? No one, it seems, can write a full sentence, read a book, or have an intelligent valid conversation anymore (present company excluded). Will it get better or worse?

    So if someone asks you a question, do you really expect them to read a full book or even a two page report? Oh no! Simply text or tweet them just what they need to know, thank you, regardless as to what cost to you.

  14. Denis

    Correction to above:

    The proper terminology for the above named disorder (ADD) is now AD/HD. Sorry.


  15. Internet marketing Reflections

    […] Gary Simpson a student from MWA 1.0 said it best that you have to remember that Alex is teaching what he has learnt in the last 3-4 years in  just 6-8 weeks. […]

  16. Sean Beardmore

    Hi G G G Gur….Gary,

    Was I just reading everything about me?

    Well that WAS me, everything has changed though, but I remember being in the exact same position, not taking the time to study the information I had, but kept on looking for the answer when it was in front of me all along. Had I applied it, I would have been doing alot more!

    I guess a well known ‘Guru’ and his latest product has a clue on in the title of who I was, Jumping around from one thing to the next.

    I link all of this and it goes back to the instant information age we live in and how quickly we can get information, simply by entering it into the search engine. We live in a society where we ‘Want It Now’ and worry about the consequences later.

    BTW, (not linked to the last sentence) I have just finshed my new ebook ‘How To Have Sex While Making Internet Money’ (slight spin on the original one above) :)

    Talk soon!


  17. Linda

    When so many people WON’T help themselves and WON’T take advice, can you blame a guru for taking advantage of them?

    Yes, actually, I do. When I meet people who won’t take advice and won’t (or don’t know how to) help themselves, I can choose to walk away. I don’t have to take advantage of them.

    How does that Viktor Frankl quote go? The last of human freedoms is the ability to chose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.

    It’s a catch 22. All the “gurus” tell people they need to learn first, then earn. So people buy stuff, but a lot of it is crappy stuff. Round and round and round it goes – where it ends, nobody knows.

    Learn before you earn applies if you need a college degree to get the doctoring or lawyering job. On the internet, the people that succeed are often the ones that jump right in and sell something and figure all the details out along the way. But that’s not what the “gurus” teach.

    Every heard of anyone taking a course to learn to promote their site when they have no site and no product to sell on it? Nuff said.

    :) Crazy here – hope life is treating you well.

  18. Gary

    @ Denis – You sell yourself FAR too short D-man. You are a most worthy adversary. When we “joust” it is like Kasparov versus Fisher (just to carry forth the chess theme from above).

    I’m rather pleased that you said this:

    “I always come here first, for info and entertainment. My interactions with you are always top notch (and fun), because you bring out the best in me and everyone else.”

    Coz that is EXACTLY what I want to bring to the table here. Too much info without fun is no good. Likewise, it is no good to be a total buffoon or class idiot without showing something of greater depth. I’m trying to balance the two so that people never really know what they are gonna get here – an idiot or a genius….

    … A genius in the guise of an idiot or an idiot in the guise of a genius. People can take their pick and whatever they pick will be the truth for them. But I am hoping that whtever they choose they will be entertained in one way or another.

    Hmm, I’m reminded of the movie Primal Fear starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton. Just thought I’d throw that in the ring. That is part of my “problem” – too many interconnecting thoughts and tangents flying off in all directions. LOL, sadly.

    You have already seen the number of e-books going up here Denis. Truth is… I get bored. I have to be moving forward. No sooner do I complete a project and I am off into the next one. I need an army of helpers to just manage the armada of ideas that come at me. See? Army. Navy. And already I am having Air Force ideas…

    I was driving down the Freeway this afternoon and I had to get somebody to scribble headings down for me so I didn’t lose them. They were all ideas for posts and e-books. Seriously, I know this sounds wacky and so self-serving but… I have this Rainman tendency when it comes to ideas. Things just come to me in hailstorms.

    Regarding your ADD comment – I often think that far too many people have the attention span of one of those old Kodak flash cubes. Having said that I have the reverse syndrome. I don’t know quite what is worse. LOL.

    Denis, I’m not p155ing in your pocket here when I say that I was super-duper disappointed that you didn’t make it to Las Vegas. We must meet. I have said the same to Thom Swartwood and Hilary Dickinson and a few others.


    PS: I am SO looking forward to the re-vamped Portal and also that e-book. Hit me with the e-book in an advance copy version.

  19. Gary

    @ Sean – Ha! I am starting to like your intellect too Sean. This made me laugh…

    “Hi G G G Gur….Gary”

    That made me laugh – in a perverse sort of way.

    I can HONESTLY say that I NEVER want to be considered a Guru. I have two specific talents that I rate myself in as highly competent. But in most other things I am either just good, average or fair-dinkum frikken hopeless at – mainly coz I have NO interest in those things.

    For instance, I am a complete TURKEY at golf. I played it a few times – hated it. Boring in the EXTREME to me. So, I SUCK at it. But if it interested me then I know I could be pretty good at it by applying the principles that I understand from other things to it. Truth is, I just don’t wanna waste my time with golf.

    The thing is, Sean, we are all experts in SOMETHING. However, most people are far too busy shot-gunning targets to become any good at hitting any of them. You have identified that and now, by natural progression, you will move forward. There is no other way. You will ace whatever you are interested in. far too many people just don’t understand that and so…

    Enter the Guru – the dude with the push-button quick-fix.

    Good comments Sean. I really appreciated them.


    PS: Sean – I so bloody want that e-book!

  20. Gary

    Hi Linda – How nice to see you. The ping worked perfectly to attract you here. You KNOW I adore that “alien brain” of yours.

    You should come here more often. You always bring something nice to the table – even if it is to disagree with moi. I so like your viewpoints – even if they completely oppose my own.

    But you see, you are different, Linda. You have a brilliant brain and you use it. There are others who have (maybe) equally brilliant brains but just DON’T use them. How sad. Such a waste. Wasn’t it William James who said, “we only use 10% of our talent”? Hmm, what if one uses 11% or 12%? Wouldn’t the populace think that person a genius? It’s all relative.

    I would wager a bet that Professor Stephen Hawking would be a complete dill at so many things. Even Albert Einstein was probably a total loser at a lot of things. We all are.

    Against your coding skills I would be a kindergarten student. We are all good a SOME things and woeful at others. However, most people never find any damn thing that they are good at coz they are always marching to the beat of the next fad.

    I know a lot of people who make so much money, who are hopeless at every other thing in life EXCEPT that ONE thing that makes them all that money. And I know geniuses who are broke. What does that tell us?

    I know you would never take advantage of anybody. I also know that at times this will return to hurt you because you don’t play by the same rules as people who would think NOTHING of taking advantage of you.

    I’m so glad you are quoting Viktor Frankl. You know why. No need to throw that out in the public arena.

    You have probably heard of my deck of cards analogy. Sh*t, I quote it often enough. But for those who haven’t here goes…

    … Everyone is given a deck of cards for life. Some people find their first ace fast and use it to find other aces. Other people – for whatever reason – have to go through 48 cards before they find that very first ace. But then, when they find it, #50, #51 and #52 are all… you-know-what…

    Always a pleasure and a privilege to have you come in here Linda. We may not always totally agree but we are in accord on many basic human levels – the ones that COUNT.


  21. Linda

    Hey Gary…

    I know you would never take advantage of anybody. I also know that at times this will return to hurt you because you don’t play by the same rules as people who would think NOTHING of taking advantage of you.

    There are lots of people who would think nothing of hurting me. Lots that have taken advantage of me, too, for that matter. But, it doesn’t hurt me. Not in the long run. It disappoints me, sure, but it doesn’t hurt me.

    Firstly, I know that there are far more people that won’t take advantage of me than those who will — I believe that the majority of people are inherently good and experience has proved that to be correct.

    When I do run into people that take advantage of me, I learn how to recognize them so I interact with those people less and less over time.

    While there are lots of people who are basically lazy and don’t want to do the work, I believe there are lots who are willing to do the work if they only knew where to start.

    I believe a lot of “wannabees” are brainwashed by “gurus” that they have to “learn” first, so they keep buying stuff until they hit information overload and overwhelm. Then they get into a state of analysis paralysis. They’re the junkies addicted to the information crack that the gurus sell. Chicken and egg — what do you nip in the bud first — the addict or the dealer?


  22. Linda

    P.S. Nice to see you too. And hey, you don’t put on a fine set of cranky pants when someone disagrees, so that’s cool. lol

  23. Gary

    Hi Linda – Yes, sadly there are people who think nothing of hurting others. Some even enjoy it. I hate seeing that in others.

    I have been seeing a societal shift – particularly with young people. There are so many now who will move into the gray area of: “If there is a high chance that I won’t get caught then I’ll do it.”

    Just for a change (PMSL now) lemme quote YOU instead of you-know-who…

    “While there are lots of people who are basically lazy and don’t want to do the work, I believe there are lots who are willing to do the work if they only knew where to start.”

    That is true. However, there is also a growing army of people that just want everything – FAST and without working for it.

    Nice analogy of addict and dealer. I see that too.

    Laughing at your “cranky pants” comment. Never heard it put like that before. Anyway, I prefer to remove myself from potentially volatile situations. I did that several times a couple of weeks ago when a group of us went hot-air ballooning. (I blogged about it a little bit but I’m saving that entry for a “rainy day”).

    I can take a lot of pushing and shoving around but when I explode I really go off. So, to reduce my own potential brain damage and the collateral damage to everything and everyone in the general vicinity I prefer to walk away. There are some people who have benefitted greatly from that. LOL!


  24. Phil Morgan

    I love this piece Gary. You’ve managed to lead us away from the silly hero worship of marketers that have found a measure of success (as if they pull their pants on differently than the rest of us in the morning), and at the same time not allow us to deflect attention away from our own failure to take self-responsibity and action – which is really all we’re trying to do when we moan about the gurus.

    Reading your stuff is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.


  25. Gary

    @ Phil – I’m glad you like it Phil and I’m glad that I found you through a mutual friend.

    Drinking from a fire hydrant? Whoa! Stand back after you turn on that tap. Actually, funny story coming up…

    … Many years ago I worked with this guy who was a bit of a dill. He did something to me one day so, in retaliation, I balanced a small plastic cup half full of water over his door. I configured in in such a way that when the door was ajar, that when he barged through it – like he always did – it would tip on him, which it did.

    The next day – the IDIOT – he came in with a “super-soaker” water pistol and proceeded to spray me with the damn thing. Until I got up and chased him. Yeah, I know… childish.

    Anyway, not to be outdone… heh, heh… I waited until he was back in his office, reeled out the fire hydrant hose and, with the assistance of an accomplice, stood outside his office door just around the corner so he couldn’t see me.

    Then I walked in with the fire hose. His eyes started bulging… until he realised that the fire hose was limp and contained no water. Ha, ha!

    Then I yelled out: “Kevo! Gas me up!”

    The hose became really heavy as water filled it to the nozzle. I remember him saying: “Gary, PLEASE! Don’t do this. I didn’t mean it. Anything, I’ll do anything!”

    The guy even pleaded with me not to be stupid. But stupid is as stupid does. I drowned him AND his office. It actually had about half an inch of water on the carpet. Er, after that I kinda had to leave that establishment. I didn’t want to work there any more anyway. PMSL at that crazy time!


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