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Klonopin For Sale

by Gary ~ August 12th, 2009

This is SUPPOSED to be Internet Marketing Tip #5 but as it turned out - NO Internet Marketing Klonopin For Sale, tip today. Klonopin class, I'm rarely stuck for words but this venue (the T&A Training Stage in the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas) just proved too much... even for me, Klonopin no rx. Klonopin wiki, LOL.

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PS 2: If you want to watch the four previous Marketing Tips then you can watch them here:

Internet Marketing Tips #1

Internet Marketing Tips #2

Internet Marketing Tips #3

Internet Marketing Tips #4

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22 Responses to Klonopin For Sale

  1. Sean Beardmore

    OK, I’m doing this A%$* about face and should watch the other four videos first………..but this one caught my eye Gary, I was completly focused and She….sorry YOU had my attention at all times :-)

    OK, I’m off to see aht the other 4 videos have in store!

    Cheers Gary,

    Be in touch


  2. Gary

    Hi Sean – Yep. Pretty rivetting stuff huh? Even funnier were the guys watching me make that video wondering what the heck I was doing.


  3. richard crooke

    Wow Gary,

    Just popped on your blog 7:10AM and look at what I receive. Great way to start my day with tip #5. Awesome.


  4. Gary

    LOL Richard – Well, it may just be the BEST Internet Marketing Tip that I give for the ENTIRE series.

    Glad to get you up and started on the right foot, so to speak.


  5. Malcolm.t. (Alex and Dean Student )

    Hey Gary

    How’re you doing Man…??

    I thought it was about time I dropped by and paid my respects…

    I’ve heard and seen an awful lot about you from seeing what you’ve done with Alex (Vegas ) and reading all the blogs that mention you..all the people you know including Dean ( my second Mentor )…man it’s getting a bit hectic running between the two of them ..

    Anyway it’s nice reading about you.. seeing what you’re upto …

    And I’m just off now to get your “Time in Motion” ebook to get myself organised.

    Cheers Gary..!!


  6. Tommy McLaughlin

    Hey Gary,

    Well what can I say totally motivated now the best tips I have seen on a Internet Marketing video in a while ;-)

    Speak to you soon !


  7. Joe Fier

    Hey Gary,

    Why can’t we all look that good??

    I bet none of us would have any problem making videos and creating HUGE traffic for our blogs!!

    One could only dream…!


  8. Melanie Steeden

    Hey Gary,

    That was a little cheeky :lol:
    My husband was pretty chuffed with the tip, but did say “What was he thinking!”

    How do you get away with filming in all these unusual places!


  9. Gary

    @ Tommy – glad to be able to motivate you Tommy. I think most guys find that video fairly motivational, though some wouldn’t be motivated at all.

    @ Joe – I’ll tell you what… that girl and her friends sure caused a traffic jam in the Excalibur Casino.

    @ Melanie – What was I thinking? Well, I guess the silly look on my face at the end could give a hint.

    How do I get away with filming in all these places? Hmm, a combination of being sneaky, audacious, bold. Sometimes I ask for permission but usually I don’t. I got tapped on the shoulder once.

    Thanks for your comments Tommy, Joe & Mel – hmm sounds like a singing trio.


  10. Gary

    @ Malcolm – ah, sorry. You got held up in my spam arrester coz you are a first time visitor here. I wasn’t ignoring or blocking you – LOL!

    “I thought it was about time I dropped by and paid my respects…”

    Sounds a bit funereal to me… only joking! Thanks.

    Yep, I’m a bit like the Shadow“he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!” (old joke – the Shadow was something like Batman – many years ago. I can hardly remember him myself.)

    I know what you mean about being busy. I’m stretched pretty thin myself doing all the things that I do.

    That ACTION Planner will really help you Malcolm. Just make sure you print it out and USE it. It won’t be any good to you if it stays on your computer.

    Thanks for the visit.


  11. Josh Bartlett

    Hey Gary,

    Perhaps this is a new route for video marketing?

    Sneak mini camcorders into bars such as the one in your video for the purposes of creating sales videos which grab people’s attention?

    I’m sure if you perfect this technique you should will make loads of Cash!
    Not sure people will focus on your product though which may be a negative, but ah well ;)

  12. Gary

    Hi Josh – well, I didn’t often “sneak” my camera in (sometimes I did when I saw security people – but most of them are SO appallingly unobservant – if you know how to position and screen yourself it’s NO problem at all.) but most times I just acted like I owned the place and filmed what I wanted when I wanted. LOL!

    There’s always an “angle” when filming.

    Hey, nice tips on filming etc over on your blog too Josh.


  13. Dave Nicholson

    Haha, Gary Simpson stuck for words, I never thought I would see that!
    I think I would be stuck for words there too mind! :-)

    Keep it up mate,


  14. Nikki

    Hey TGM

    Today’s Internet Marketing Tip:

    Make your offer entertaining and aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

    Now, where did I leave my sparkly underwear & my thigh length boots…


    PS – Would a whip be too much for this? Might have to leave that at home this time…

  15. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    Great sound advice as usual, a wealth of information about tips and ads…

    Wait, what? no advice?

    No really, I was listening…

    All right…no I wasn’t…I was wingin’ it, and pretending that I was listening to what you were saying…


  16. Gary

    @ Dave – whaddya sayin’ Dave? LOL

    @ Nix – sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me (NOT!).

    @ D-Man… LOL… distracted huh?

    I guess actions speak louder than words.

    Could you imagine guys doing that sort of thing? I guess some do (Euwwww!).


  17. Nikki


    Now, behave yourself…you said:

    “sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me”

    …and we ALL know that’s my line!!


  18. Craig Crawford

    Hey mate!

    I kno dean in real life n we were chatting about that idiot mike ruining his comments,lol

    He said you were in vegas together. Good vids, i like :D
    Nice blog, I notice ur abit of a comedian! i like it,lol

    Good luck,


  19. Gary

    Hi Craig,

    Yeah Deano’s a good guy. We had a pretty funny time in Las Vegas with Dan Briffa. The three of us went a bit crazy before the rest of the crew arrived a day later.

    I like to make people laugh. It’s good for people to do that. So that’s why I do it.

    Regarding “Mike” – if that is even his real name… he is displaying classic low self-esteem issues. He just wants to drag everyone down in his own cess-pit of non-achievement. I may have a bit more to say about this tomorrow. In fact, I may even make a blog post about it.

    Thanks for coming over.


  20. Gary

    ***** THIS COMMENT TRANSFERRED FROM Internet Marketing Tips #1 *****

    From Jean:

    Hi Gary,

    Just dropped by to let you know I’ve watched your videos of Las Vegas.
    Although you didn’t actually say it, I’m sure your internet marketing tip for number 5 was…


    Take care.




    Hi Jean – take a bow, my dear. Yes. You are 100% correct! That is exactly what I was getting at – FOCUS!

    I was deliberately pretending to be distracted.

    Well done for recognising what I was up to there!


  21. Glenn

    Hey Gazzman
    “PRETENDING” to be distracted???
    Hard to “FOCUS” when the Internet Marketeting “TIPS” were bouncing around in the background. I believe you trule making this “SHORT” video. LOL

  22. Gary

    @ Glenn – Believe it or not I WAS kidding about being distracted. I don’t mind making a goose of myself to get my point across.


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