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Buy Alertec Without Prescription

by Gary ~ August 4th, 2009

Buy Alertec Without Prescription, Well, here I go again - Internet Marketing Tips #3. This video is a little unusual in that - rather than saying anything about Internet Marketing per se - what I am trying to convey here is a bit of emotion and demonstrate the friendships that can be made with other people by attending these events, Alertec australia, uk, us, usa. Order Alertec from United States pharmacy, This video was taken out the front of the Luxor Hotel Casino resort in Las Vegas. In the opening you will see Nikki Stephens of and Paula Brett of having a little cuddle (and a tear or two), Alertec blogs. Buy Alertec online cod, Then I get in on the act (along with my usual ribald comments - er sorry about the reference to you-know-who and you-know-what Paula - I didn't mean it. PMSL), Buy Alertec Without Prescription.

It was an emotional moment and I felt rather sad when Paula left us, Alertec street price. Generic Alertec, Meeting friends like this is one of the GREAT benefits of attending these events. Paula and Nikki and I are very good friends and the three of us and many of the other attendees at the Internet Marketing seminars have all kept in contact with each other since, Alertec canada, mexico, india. No prescription Alertec online, It was wonderful meeting these ladies and all the other great folks in Las Vegas.


PS 1: If you want to read about what me and the crew got up to in Las Vegas while we were attending these Internet Marketing seminars then you can go here: Internet Marketing Seminars - Las Vegas June 2009

PS 2: If you want to watch Internet Marketing Tips #1 then you can watch it here: Internet Marketing Tips #1

And Internet Marketing Tips #2 can be viewed here:
Internet Marketing Tips #2

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21 Responses to Buy Alertec Without Prescription

  1. Nikki

    TGM & Paula (darls!)

    I miss you both.


    PS – Hang on, I almost looked like I was a caring person in that video – that can’t possibly be me!!

    PPS – with reference to our comments on your previous post – similarities with Dolly Parton – well, I’m not blonde…!

  2. Gary

    Nix – Goodness gracious! Are you STILL awake? It’s 4.16am in the UK!

    Re: Your PS & PPS – LOL & LOL!


  3. Nikki


    Yep, still up. No peace for the wicked, Minxy or devious so I’m kind of screwed on every count!!

    You’re right in your post – we really did make friends for life out there. I’ve just watched that video a few times (partially to laugh at how English I sound!) but also because it just reminded me of what a great team we all made in Las Vegas. And I do miss my Vegas Crew.


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  8. Paula Brett

    Oh My Gawd!!! Talk about sobbing in the aisles, lol.

    I’d forgotten you were filming my departure, but I’m very grateful that you didn’t have the zoom working on my Britney moment.

    Those taxis are really hard to climb up to for vertically challenged people like me, good job you didn’t have to give me a leg up ;)

    I demand a re-trip – withdrawal symptoms. Love you both, darhhhhhhhlinks xx

    Paula, Queen of Tiaraland

  9. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi Gazz,
    Thanks for the shout out on Twitter about this video. Wish I could have been there with all of you. Would love to have met everyone in person.


  10. Gary

    @ Paula – LOL! I thought it was CUTE! You were being a little emotional coz you were leaving TGM and PMW. And WHAT about that video we did just a few minutes before all this in the Luxor restaurant? Oh dear – the car through the wall and your leg and your eye and your… And to think I was scoffing down some lovely turkey breast at the time. And that poor waitress! Deary me…

    How bloody funny was that Britney comment? EVERY time I watch it I cannot believe I had the gall to say that! Or the audacity. Or well – just the bad taste. But it IS funny.

    And now everybody knows why you are the Queen – with that ROYAL WAVE!

    Loves & hugs to you too Pauls – daaaaaaaaaaaarls!


  11. Gary

    @ Trees – well you did very kindly send all those gingerbread bikkies for everyone. I pigged out on them – a couple of times. They were yummy.

    And Trees? There are a LOT more videos where these came from. I’m gonna be putting them up progressively over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for them coz some of them are well… outrageous – especially one. Something to do with a spa.


  12. Nikki

    Paula my WPT Twin!

    “I demand a re-trip – withdrawal symptoms. Love you both, darhhhhhhhlinks xx”



  13. Tom Harvey

    Looks like you all had a great time and good to see some strong friendships and networks built.

    I’m on Marketing with Alex 2.0 and can’t wait for our events so we can meet some fellow students and have a good time!!


  14. Gary

    Hi Tom – yes, it was the BEST part of the entire event. It’s one thing to deal with somebody over the net but it becomnes entirely different after you meet that person and KNOW precisely who you are dealing with.

    Thanks for commenting about it here.


  15. Nikki


    You said:

    “it becomes entirely different after you meet that person and KNOW precisely who you are dealing with.”

    Er, yes. And I think I should congratulate you on surviving meeting me in the flesh!!


  16. Dean Holland

    G-Man !!

    Argh man the memories …

    “There’s MOTHS coming out” …..

    “If I could turn back time” ….

    “You’re not a millionaire scammer are ya ?” ….

    “Nah I wanna eat it” ….

    “The black tip reef shark” ….

    WOW there was a few gold moments tucked in that lot eh mate !!

    Great stuff, I still watch the videos and PMSL everytime, its like I dont know whats about to happen ( Or be said should I say ! )

    Speak soon mate


    P.S- Your blogs looking awesome man !!

  17. Gary

    @ Nix – that reminds me of a certain “Blondie” song…

    @ Dean – Howdy dude. Hmm, just reading through that little lot… GUILTY on 4 out of 5 counts! LOL!

    “There’s MOTHS coming out” - GUILTY – that was me.

    “If I could turn back time” – GUILTY – that was me again.

    “You’re not a millionaire scammer are ya ?” - GUILTY – me again.

    “Nah I wanna eat it” – NOT GUILTY – that was Dan (Briffs) Briffa

    “The black tip reef shark” – GUILTY… again (*sigh*).

    There were indeed some very, very funny moments. Those “off-the-cuff” remarks still make me laugh and I have watched them many times now.

    Thanks for the compliment Dean. I need to come over and check out what you’re doing. I know you were busy with your coaching course. Has it finished yet?


  18. Theresa Mayhew

    Well, I’ll look forward to more videos, especially the spa one? That sounds intriguing!


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  20. Gary

    @ Theresa – Hmm. That will be an eye-opener for sure. Actually, I have several really funny ones coming up.


  21. Internet Marketing Tips #5 - Gary Simpson

    […] Internet Marketing Tips #3 – Gary Simpson […]

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