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Provigil For Sale

by Gary ~ July 13th, 2009

One of the most confronting things facing most people intending to market goods and services on the Internet is getting the correct mindset - the Internet Marketing Mindset.

There are so many things standing in front of the "newbie" marketer -

  • education Provigil For Sale, - what do you need to know. Provigil wiki,
  • basics - what are the first things you need to do.
  • technique - how do you do the basics, buy Provigil online cod. Order Provigil from United States pharmacy,
  • self-belief - do you THINK you can do it.
  • information overload - too much information being fired at you all at once

Introducing.., buy Provigil online no prescription. my new e-book - 40 pages of FREE information - "The Internet Marketing Mindset - How to Program YOUR 'Newbie' Mindset For Internet Marketing Success."


Within the book there is a very powerful section called "Your BIGGEST Enemy Exposed." Without this knowledge you will probably end up where 95% of the half-hearted triers end up - the scrapheap of broken dreams.

Once you get over the mental hurdles facing you it will be all systems GO, GO, GO!

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63 Responses to Provigil For Sale

  1. Adam

    Hey Gary,

    This looks like it’s going to be a great book!

    You and I have often spoke about how CRITICAL your mindset really is – I can’t wait to dive into it.

    Your books are always top notch – well done on another great resource….I can’t believe how quickly you come out with this stuff! Do you ever sleep!!! :-)


  2. Gary

    Hi Adam,

    It’s an easy dive – no triple spin and three-quarter pike. Just dive straight in. LOL!

    Yep, mindset is indeed critical. Without it people will perish. And so many WILL! Crash and burn – another smear on the landscape of Internet Marketing wreckage.

    I’m gonna sleep a lot when I am dead.

    Thanks for being the first to comment. You know I value your opinion, and friendship.

    Thanks Adam.


  3. Nikki

    Hmm…three-quarter pike?

    Saying nothing, just sitting on my hands…

    Anyway, I’ve just downloaded your book, so I shall return once I have read it, re-read it, digested it, and then probably covered it in notes (it’s how I work!).

    I have to say that I’m really looking forward to it – I’ve had quite a few conflicting demands on my time lately so I need some help in prioritising and sorting out my mindset. Your previous books that I’ve read have all been great, and I can envisage this one becoming a firm favourite of mine to revisit on a reasonably regular basis.

    On that note, I’m off to get a cup of tea & start my reading.


    Purple Minxy Witch

  4. Gary

    Hi Nikki,

    3/4 pike – hmm, that could be a headless fish huh? LOL!

    Hope you like it Nikki. Thanks for the endorsement.



  5. Adam

    Your book is awesome! Another resource for Internet Marketing newbies… I would surely download this! :)

  6. Adam

    Wow, you mean?…“Your BIGGEST Enemy Exposed.”? Hmmm..I wonder what is it?…can’t wait to have the book.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nikki


    Since when have you become so formal? What happened to the Vegas Crew?!

  8. Gary


    I didn’t mean to be so “formal” I’d been on that MWA2.0 forum and I guess I just stayed in that mode. Sorry.

    Plus things have been rather hectic here coz of a certain person and his ridiculous antics.


  9. Nikki

    I did get rather worried! But if you were in polite-mode then that explains things.

    Shall be printing your book off shortly then that’s my reading for the evening if I ever get out from the finance & other nonsense that’s appeared on my desk.

    Anyway, now we’ve cleared that up, I’m off to make some tea – want one?


  10. Adam

    This definitely looks useful for the IM folks. I think that “mindset” is an important point. Most e-books about IM teach people what to do, what they need to know, etc. The mindset sounds more of like what you need to believe, and what you need to be thinking. It’s fitness for the brain. Thanks for the freebie.

  11. Gary

    @ Nix – you know me – ALWAYS polite until… somebody offends my honour. Then it’s watch out! Yep, just had a cuppa. Thanks.

    @ Adam – Yes, you are 100% correct. You need to get your “little inner voice” under control. When you do that you are capable of almost anything. I speak a lot about that in my IMM book.

    Thanks for coming here folks.


  12. Jeff Sargent

    What’s up Gary?

    Haven’t talked in a while. My *bleeping* computer has been down for a few days and it’s been driving me mad. Like this Internet Marketing thing isn’t stressful enough, I have to put up with temper mental computers.

    So, you’ve written another book. Good for you. Now I suppose you want my damn name and email address again. How many times do I have to give it to you. I must be on ten of your lists by now. lol!

    I wanted to comment here before I downloaded your book. I’ll read it tomorrow so I’ll be back later to tell you what I REALLY think.

    I’m sure it’s great like all the others.

    Jeff Sargent

  13. Hilary Dickinson

    Gary Simpson – you’ve been reading my mind again!!!

    I’ve just read through your IM Mindset ebook (can’t print off yet as I need a new ink cartridge) but I visualised ticking the ‘yes’ boxes and crossing out the ‘no’ boxes for the moment. Will that do until tomorrow please?

    You may have noticed that I have been rather quiet of late and my blog posts are rather behind (I had started a couple that I didn’t post).

    What have I been doing?

    Well apart from getting sidetracked (yep, me too) I have been doing loads and loads of reading. I can totally agree with your comments about reading those books that give us the positive things. There is so much great information out there if only we take the time to read it and then use it.

    I was so sick of struggling all the time that I determined things were going to change. I knew it would not happen unless I DID something about it. No-one else will do it for me.

    It has meant that I have got a bit bogged down in some of the mechanics of Internet Marketing, but I am someone who likes to know how things work, so to satisfy my curiosity I have delved into many areas which will soon be handed over to others who are better able to do those jobs.

    I have read lots about positive affirmations and have tried doing some of this, but I haven’t managed it particularly well so far. What I have found fairly recently though is a visual way of doing this called Mind Movies and I have found this to be really helpful. (And it is done by an Aussie too!)

    I’ve been using their pre-made mind movies and have just signed up to it myself, so I think that a record of my journey with this method of positive affirmations will be really good to put onto my blog.

    Don’t want to be hijacking this to put a link in, but I’ll have the information up on my own blog very soon. I was going to wait to comment here until I had done my own post but decided that I wouldn’t procrastinate – I wanted to let people know how good this ebook is straight away.

    I’ll come back and comment further when I’ve printed it off and read it again, but you need to let me know when you’re coming to read my mind next time…

    Perhaps it’s when I put on the tea? Talking of which…


  14. Gary

    Hi Jeff – Yeah, I was just thinking of you the other day and that little JV we were planning to do. Still up for it? I am.

    Jeff, I really don’t need anyone’s name on my list(s) more than once but this is the BEST method of delivery. I’m sure you know that if I was sending out direct links all day to people who I thought “might” want my latest e-book then I would probably wear out my welcome and – NO DOUBT – get accused of spam. At least this way people get the choice themselves. Plus, I just don’t have the time to do that. This is the most eficient way for both parties.

    Yep – tell me what you really think. But… if you think it’s shite then email me – LOL!


  15. Gary

    Howdy Hils – so nice of you to come over and make these comments. You shoulda been in Vegas darls and we could have had a few good old “chin wags” about all this mind stuff. It’s a favourite subject of mine and I have used the techniques that I describe in my e-books to rise to a very significant level in karate – which, I might add, has taken me almost 40 years to do. But I have done it. So it works!

    I have seen a couple of emails from you about the Mind Movies and I did hit the link for a quick look. I didn’t take it any further though coz I purchased the full Marshall Sylver pack at Mike Filsaime’s Las Vegas event at the M Resort and it cost me a packet, so I wanna do that first. It’s just finding the damn time to sit and watch and take notes while I have so much other urgent necessary routine stuff to do just to keep the wheels of business turning – getting out accounts, tax reports – it’s never ending here.

    I’m amazed at how much I actually manage to do in a day coz I make quick records of everything and I literally fill up notebooks.

    You are 100% correct when you say:

    “No-one else will do it for me.”

    Nope. Nobody CAN do it for you and – even if they did – the receiver rarely appreciates it (not saying you wouldn’t though. I’m talking about “most people.”).

    I see you are using affirmations. These are powerful. But, if you don’t know how to construct them properly you could be doing more damage than good. That is why so many people say they don’t work. Do you see my Brain Training book here? Want it? Email me Hils and I’ll do a special delivery.

    Thanks for coming over and thanks for your nice comments. Let me know when your own blog post is up and I’ll mosey on over.



  16. Rob Canyon


    Guess what I learned today… Never heard of ‘Crikey’ till you mentioned it earlier.

    Yep, Attitude.. mental fitness, fortitude….

    Sounds like you’re speaking to me.

    A friend of mine once said, we are defined by what we say no to in life. I’m thinking part of your book will refer to some of the things we don’t allow to enter our mind.

    Can’t wait.



  17. List Building for Newbies » What can Mind Movies do for us?

    […] However I need to take ACTION. Last night I read Gary Simpson’s new ebook: “The Internet Marketing Mindset – How to Program YOUR ‘Newbie’ Mindset For Internet Marketi… […]

  18. SarahM


    thanks for this ebook. I’ve been reading your blog – incredible amounts of info that will help me on my journey. I’ve been trying to make some money from blogging for quite a while now and hopefully your “Mindset..” course will be the thing to push me over the edge.

  19. Jeff Sargent

    Hey Gary,

    I’m on page 22 of your new ebook and I just had to stop and come here with this comment. I remember you and I had this conversation a while ago about what’s on pages 21 and 22. We both went on big rants about the delivery of bad news over all different kinds of media.

    I remember telling you how I don’t watch the news or read the newspaper anymore because of all the bad news and how you agreed and did the same.

    But most of all, I remember your huge rant about stopping delivery of your newspaper. I can’t remember everything you said because I suffer from that mind thing(I forget) but I do remember laughing my a** off at your story.

    Yes I’m still up for our JV thing anytime you’re ready. I sent you most of the info. I hope you received it. If not I’ll resend it.

    Anyway, your book is great so far at the halfway point so looking forward to finishing it. I must admit as I’m reading this that I fall into this negative thinking at times. It’s hard not to as you state in your book as we are brought up to be negative. It may be unintentional or for our protection but it’s really hurting us in the long run.

    To succeed in life you must be positive. I have to remind myself of this often as I do come from negative surroundings.

    Enough for now. Back to your book. “I’ll Be Back” (my friend Arnold) after I finish reading the rest of it and give you more of my thoughts whether you want them or not. lol!

    Jeff Sargent

  20. Hilary

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for your comments. You know that I would have loved to have been in Vegas with you and joined in the “chinwags”. Just looking forward to the next time – I’ll have learned even more by then!

    Just to let you know that my blog post is now up. I shall try to post regularly on my journey with Mind Movies and would love to hear people’s thoughts and comments, especially if they get their own copy.

    I see this as a really positive move not only for me but I hope that my children will also make their own Mind Movies during the summer holidays which start at the end of this week. What better way to help them to focus on positive things over the long summer break?

    Thanks also for your kind offer. I had had a quick look at your Brain Training book and was going to come back to it. I have sent you an email, thanks!

    It seems that we are all pretty busy but I have managed to hop over to one or two of the new AJ students’ blogs. I want to try to encourage them as they reach the overload point too!

    Speak soon.


  21. David Walker

    Hi Gary,

    David here, one of the new students of Alex Jeffreys 2.0.

    One of the major things I have learned in the past few weeks from both Alex and indeed Rich Schefren is about being in the right, focused frame of mind to tackle the tasks which are crucial to your business. Something so simple and basically common sense that I had overlooked for so long.

    I am really looking forward to diving into your ebook because I was really impressed with your Twitter guide. You really know your stuff!

    Keep in touch.


  22. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    Denis “Van Winkle” checking in here. It’s been forever my friend. I’m just getting ready to read your “Twitter Muscle” (yea, a bit behind, but it’s my own pace) and here you go and whip off another.

    Two kids home for the summer really decimates any semblance of a work schedule. Tons going on behind the scenes, (finally my own eBook) getting ready to explode come Fall.

    Feels like it’s been years since I’ve visited. I won’t be a stranger again.


  23. Nikki

    I’ve just downloaded this ebook, and seems full useful info. But I’ve read in one forum that this info is “cut & paste” of several others similiar ebook about internet marketing.

    What do you think about this ?

    thanks & great blog

  24. Gary

    @ Rob – “Crikey” is an Australianism – made popular by the late Steve Irwin.

    You said:

    “A friend of mine once said, we are defined by what we say no to in life. I’m thinking part of your book will refer to some of the things we don’t allow to enter our mind.”

    Indeed – AND the things we say YES to. Part of my book addresses the things that are “blocked” from our minds.

    @ Sarah – I hope the main theme of my MINDSET e-book will help you.

    Yes, there is a LOT of info on my blog. It’s like a State Library – LOL!

    @ Jeff – Yes, we did have a damn good laugh about that, didn’t we?

    Negative pervades most people’s minds and it is programmed at infancy.
    Hope you like the rest of the book.

    @ Hils – I’m intending on coming over and seeing what you are doing with
    these Mind Movies. It could tie in with my MINDSET e-book.

    @ DavidTHANK YOU for those kind words about my Twitter-Muscle e-book. I appreciate feedback – good or bad. Glad to say that 99% of it is very good. But I can see something ahead that I need to address with “Nikki” (Not the lovely Nikki who I know though!)

    Thanks for coming over folks. Hope you like the e-book(s)!


    PS: I was a bit late in responding here coz I have been out of the office for the last 4 days.

  25. Gary

    D-Man! Where have you been dude?

    I wanted to give you a separate reply coz you are an old friend who I haven’t seen for a LONG time. You never fail to amuse me with your witty comments (eg Van Winkle) and I have missed that.

    Re: your comment about Twitter and Mindset. Yep – I can crank ‘em out quick when I want to.

    You shoulda come to Vegas Denis!

    What is your e-book about?


  26. Gary

    Hello “Nikki” – I am rather perplexed by this:

    “I’ve just downloaded this ebook, and seems full useful info. But I’ve read in one forum that this info is “cut & paste” of several others similiar ebook about internet marketing.”

    You ask:

    “What do you think about this ?”

    Here is what I think –

    ALL my work is ORIGINAL. I do not “cut and paste.” I have NO idea what you are talking about. What forum are you talking about? If anybody has said this (and I seriously doubt it because it would be a LIE!) about my e-book then I will set them straight.

    Finally, I don’t NEED to copy ANYthing. I can write 5,000 to 10,000 words in a sitting when I want to.

    How about coming back and giving me some more details…

    Gary Simpson

    PS: If your name is Nikki then why is your email address ?

  27. Lizzie

    Hey guys Im back!
    After like 2 months I’ve finally written something :O
    Shock Horror!
    Look how much Ive missed! The Gazz-mans written and published 2 e-Books! Probably even more, ive just missed them! And probably so have loads of other people!

    Please come vist me again, just dont lecture me on how I should be on more often. I know I should I’ve just been lazy! But I have the whole Holidays to get back on my feet! But I need you guys to help, could you when you pop over ask me any questions you would like to know (like the sort of stuff i’ve written, e.g making/saving money encoregment and that shizzle) because then I will be really doing what I said im doing which is answering other peoples questions :D.

    The Lizzard :D

  28. Gary

    The Lizzard strikes!

    Hello Lizzie. I have been wondering what you were up to.

    Momentum darls – THAT is what it is all about. I know you don’t want a lecture but that is exactly what you are gonna get, I’m afraid. So here we go again

    Lizzie, you cannot be sporadic like this – you need to be consistent! C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T! And you need to respond. I have been to your blog many times and you simply don’t answer people who make the effort to go there and spend their time trying to help you.

    I have tried to help you. I have identified your “problem” several times but you choose to ignore what I say. And now you are back to square one with your blog.

    The problem Lizzie is this – people think you don’t care that they have been there and made the effort so why should they make a second or a third effort. It’s not as though you have a power blog where people can get some traffic bleed back to them. They are giving and you are ignoring that.

    I know that is 100% NOT what you wanted to hear. But… you know I am correct. People are so busy these days. Commenting on a blog takes time and effort. It’s give and receive, not receive and receive and then receive again. It doesn’t work that way.

    I spent four days away from my office and the FIRST thing I did was to pay respect to every person who was kind enough to leave a comment on my blog by replying to them. You just don’t do that.

    Change your habits and you will change your outcomes. You KNOW what to do. You already knew.

    Tough, aren’t I? But I am being tough on you to impress upon you that if you want success then you are gonna have to make that effort. When you do you will have that success. Sometimes the answer you really NEED is not the answer you DESIRE. But I will never lead you astray by telling you big fat lies. That is not what I do.



  29. Nikki


    Thought I’d mosey on over to see my impersonator…well obviously it isn’t me as the pic thing that goes with it looks nothing like me, even after a rather random weekend of debauchery.

    Not that it needs saying, but I would also never lay some false claim that you had been plagiarising. I know how much time and effort you put into creating your work.

    I read your book last thing before bed yesterday, and I’m going to write a sensible comment on it as there were several bits in there that I’ve either highlighted, drawn all over, or had a eureka-type moment (all positive points I should add!).

    Can I hijack your blog to leave a quick comment to Lizzie as well? Lizzie, you left the same post over at the Lair as you did here…people notice things like that, and a little personalisation can go a very long way…

    The Real PMW

  30. Nikki


    Long time no see!!

    How’s the Portal these days? Don’t get me started on our previous conversations about the state of your Portal again!

    I shall go from the Temple via the Lair to the Portal


  31. Lizzie

    I suppose your right…..


  32. Gary

    Hi Nix,

    Thanks for saying that about my work. Those claims from the other “Nikki” (see above) are ridiculous. I wish she or he had’ve backed themselves up with some proof. But they couldn’t because they have lied.

    I only left the comment here as a warning that I don’t tolerate BS like this. It’s also an example of extent that the spammers are going to in order to fool people and leave their rubbishy URL links all over the place on decent blogs. They all lead to “dating”, gambling and porn sites. (BTW, I just disabled the URL field so that it leads nowhere).

    It’s unfortunate that they have also chosen to call themselves Nikki. There have also been spam attempts using the names of other people who come here – Jeff Sargent and Theresa Mayhew. On those occasions they used full names. Stupid. Such fraud is very stupid. Now that I am aware of what they are trying to do I’m gonna chop all of them off at the private side of this forum.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your comments about my Mindset e-book.


  33. Gary

    Hi Lizzie,

    I hope you took my comments in the faith that they were given.

    You are young and I admire the effort you are making. You just need to maximise those efforts and your blog will take off. Watch what other people do and copy the successful ones.


  34. Nikki

    Right, here I am. And yes, before you get concerned, this is the real me. I’ve just finished a cup of tea & I’m sitting here typing this with the laptop balanced on my lap. Who else would tell you this stuff?!

    Anyway, as promised, I was coming over here to write something sensible. First, I need to do a little scene-setting.

    Last night (er, Monday night actually) I read The Internet Marketing Mindset for the first time. I then went to bed letting various thoughts swirl around my head. I always find that when I read something that challenges or provokes my way of thinking that I like to have some time to let my mind digest it all.

    So today (Tues at time of writing) I didn’t leave work till 9pm (my job in the real world – I’m only in the office for a couple of days this week for various reasons but unfortunately the work doesn’t go away just because I’m not around). I did the usual drive home with the music on, singing & dancing as I went.

    Then when I got in, I put the kettle on & fished out my copy of Brain Training Affirmations To Strengthen Mind & Body. I don’t know why I suddenly felt the need to revisit this book, but still…when I’m on a mission I tend to go with it.

    I know that I need something around me to ground me and help keep me focused. At the moment I’ve got a case of options paralysis and I just don’t seem to be able to find the time to scratch my ar*e (UK spelling!), let alone work logically and sensibly towards my success. So I read the Brain Training Affirmations book again (it’s easily the 20th time I’ve read it incidentally), and then sat quietly and have written out *counts* 7 positive affirmation statements. These are then going to be written out on cards the size of business cards so that I can carry them with me, and I’m also going to write them on an A4 sheet to stick by my bed so that they’re the last thing I see at night and the first thing that I see in the morning. Well, that is unless I happen to have some interesting company in my bed…whoops, I’m digressing…

    Anyway, you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with The Internet Marketing Mindset. I’ll get to that in a minute.

    While I’m here typing I’ve also been texting one of my friends (& I’m listening to music & drinking tea as well – yes, I know, multitasking). He was asking me how my online journey was going, and I thought the text I sent back was pretty pertinent to this post. I was saying that I need to get disciplined (No! Not like that!) and sort out my time management etc. To cut an already far too long story a tiny bit shorter, my reply to him was: “I know! That’s the problem! It’s all completely against my nature – but I know that it’s a large part of what is holding me back. I’m my own worst enemy in practically every area of my life. Some would call it self-sabotage.”

    Hmm, not sure whether I should share that with you all. It’s a pretty personal comment from me, but I feel that I’m probably not alone in feeling that way.

    So, this is where The Internet Marketing Mindset comes into it (yes, I know, you’ve been waiting for this bit!).

    Even on Page 3 (not that kind of Page 3!!) I had to read it twice before being able to move on, confident in my response. But it still made me think. Pages 4 and 5 also have a valuable lesson, and it’s something that so many of us overlook. I’m purposely not explaining the content of the book in this part of my response as I think you should go and download it for yourself. You will get the most from it by working your way through it yourself as I have done. Take some time out to read it, and work through it honestly. Otherwise you’re only cheating yourself.

    Now, where was I. Oh yes. The story / analogy on page 10 is an excellent example. As for your term at the bottom of that page (relating to a certain way of thinking), how many people do you see out there that do this? Loads. Greed is a terrible thing. But wait! What’s this on pages 12 & 13? A couple of examples of the fun that can be had on this journey. Ask yourself – why are you going into internet marketing? I daresay it’s so you can escape the rat race & provide the life that you want for yourself and your loved ones. Isn’t having fun a crucial part of that?

    The 2 points that you raise at the bottom of page 13 are absolutely crucial, and yet are ignored by most people, especially those trying to sell you a quick fix (remember the ‘magic button’?!).

    I thought I had these 2 points pretty well figured out. But yet…there was something I couldn’t put my finger on. The first one I’m still pretty confident that I’m ok on, but the second one…well, does anyone remember the Almighty Sarlaac from Star Wars (Return of the Jedi I believe)?!

    I think a lot of people will find the story that starts on page 17 to be a bit of a ‘eureka’ moment. You’re right when you say it’s the biggest enemy. The sad thing is that most of us were given this when we were younger, so the fact we have it is no fault of our own as we didn’t know any better. But recognising these things is the first step to overcoming them.

    Oh my god, how long is this reply?! Can you tell that it’s something that I feel rather passionate about?

    I could literally write another book to give my views on the various points that you have made within The Internet Marketing Mindset, as I think it’s such a crucial aspect to success.

    For the sake of your eyes (and your blog, as I seem to be hijacking it with my comments) I shall try to keep this relatively brief. Yes, for me, this is pretty short considering all the things I’d like to say but feel I’m currently competing with War & Peace as it is…

    Page 28 is an interesting one. I did something similiar when reading a book by Adam Khoo (this particular chapter was about modelling successful people) & we had to list people whose behaviour we wished to emulate in various areas of life – there were 2 areas I had a lot of trouble with, and that was fascinating in its own right.

    Then you’ve got your calls to action on page 29. I wonder how many people will actually do as you’ve requested on there, or will go “oh, I’ll do it later…” (and then of course never do it).

    This brings me back to my affirmations. See, you knew there would be some method to my madness somewhere!

    As with your question at the bottom of page 33. My answer to that was blindly obvious, simple, and hence why I think I was on a mission to re-read the Brain Training Affirmations book this evening.

    The lesson on page 36 is one that about 90% of people in the internet marketing world need to learn. Scrap that – about 90% of people trying to make a living online (whether through IM or otherwise). I found myself nodding along in agreement at this bit, as it’s so true.

    7th line down on page 38 – I have to hold my hand up to this one. I particularly like the Henry Ford & the wheels example further down that page. Again, it seems obvious when you read it, but how many of us would have thought it without you writing it there?

    Right – for those of you that haven’t downloaded it yet, go do yourself a favour. I’d be interested to see if your thoughts are anything like the ones I’ve outlined above. Trust me, the comments I’ve made will make a lot more sense if you read the book in the first place.

    TGM, I knew that this would be a book that I would want to re-read several times, and that I’d find very useful. While a lot of us will be aware of some of the themes and issues that you have highlighted within it, it’s often only when someone else points it out to us that we really learn the relevant lessons from it.

    On that note you may be pleased to know that I’m going to bed – it’s nearly midnight at the time of writing (uploading in the morning).

    Thanks for sharing this book with us…my question to those of you that haven’t downloaded it yet – do you want success or not?


  35. Lizzie Dickinson

    9Hey Gazz-Man, sorry yesterday It was a bit like yeah! I know exactley were your coming from so ignore me if im like I was before! I’ve asked Tommy about e-books so in a while (and I mean a while)I may have my very own e-book =D.

    Please do tell me if you think I’m doing something wrong, I’ve still obviousley got a long way to go (even just to catch you up!) But i’ll get there no matter what!


  36. Thom Swartwood


    I really look forward to reading your newest book. I have enjoyed and learned much from each one. I am sure this one will be just a good.. It is always great to go back and re-learn, re-apply what you already know. I am also sure I will be learning many new things.

    Thanks again for everything. I am sorry I have not been around. Working (day job) a lot as well as a lot of teaching at night.

    Best Wishes,

  37. Lizzie

    Sorry Nikki about leaving the same thing! I’ll go anfd delete it =S


  38. Jose Ignacio Bravo

    There are many ways to learn internet marketing on your own. However, to effectivly utilize internet marketing as a career you must first find the right mindset.

  39. Jose Ignacio Bravo

    Thanks to all of you who give me instruction and who help me to succeed when others just go on worrying about themselves. It will come back a hundred fold as it has for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you to some of my friends and customers….

  40. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Firstly – WOW – this looks to be a a very serious ebook and resource for anyone who really wants to make it as an Internet Marketer. You’re certainly leading the way and I can’t just state how important that one has to have the correct mentality. I’m clearly lacking in this department and so have much to learn from yourselves and other.

    Also I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you have come up with such a brilliant creation. Like many have said, your ebooks are of top quality and I’m sure that this one will be too.

    I look forward to grabbing a copy soon.

    Hope you are keeping well

  41. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    Your site’s starting to look like Vegas itself. Bringing the flavor to those of us who couldn’t attend? Lively action, tons to see and do, flashing banners, lots of colors-Hey, where are the feather dancers?

    Why is your “Follow the Gaz-Man on Twitter” widget black and non functional?

    Yea, it’s been awhile. I needed to step back for a bit and let some of the IM dust settle – Way too much static to develop a unique personality. I wanted to accomplish a lot more reading, research and introspection before I continued on this journey. Everyone needs to find their own voice and have a product of their own. My biggest hurdle is social media and all the ramifications that go along with it. How does a private, solitary personality deal with the “socialness” of social media? Some relish it, some loathe it. Can one be successful without it?…(Hmmmm perhaps another eBook in the making?)

    As for the one coming up-can’t divulge much. But I can’t read your new eBook, until mine is done. You know my writing style though…

    Things will be popping come Fall. I’ve secured the services of Linda and new life will be breathed into the blog. Not much happening until then. This is my own schedule now and although a little slower than truly wanted, it’s on my own terms. I’ll keep checking in here-It’s still the place to be…

    Hi Nikki:
    Wow! you’re own post version of War and Piece (of your mind). An eBook reviewing an eBook-who woudda thunk? How’s your own coming?

    So Alex Jeffreys is like the mama toad, laying thousands of eggs, and now able to gaze upon all the little successful tadpoles that he has spawned that have survived all the predators…

    Take care all,

  42. Denis

    Hi Gary:

    What’s going on with your site? Is it me or you? My post was in moderation all day and now it’s disappeared. Are you deleting me? Too bad, for this post contained so many glowing accolades about you, it would now be impossible to remember them all to rewrite it.


  43. Gary

    @ Nikki – WOW! What an AWESOME comment – almost an e-book in itself. Thank you so much. There is so much info in your words that it’s really difficult to pick anything out. I am really hoping that some of the things that I have written about in my e-books are gonna help you. That is why I write them – to help people. And if I can help my good friends – well, that is just icing on the GazzMan Cake!

    “TGM, I knew that this would be a book that I would want to re-read several times, and that I’d find very useful. While a lot of us will be aware of some of the themes and issues that you have highlighted within it, it’s often only when someone else points it out to us that we really learn the relevant lessons from it.”

    I do appreciate the time and effort that you have taken to “rant” over my e-books.

    Still waiting for your own Social Media e-book to hit the blogosphere! And I do hope that you are working on your “other” project.

    @ Lizzie (Lizard) – So glad you weren’t offended by what I said. I have your best interest at heart. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have said what I did.

    Any hints about what your e-book will be about?

    @ Thom – great to see you here mate. Pity we couldn’t meet in Las Vegas. I was looking forward to doing some training with you. We seem to keep missing each other on Twitter – probably coz we live in diametrically opposed time zones.

    Thom, being a high ranking exponent of the martial arts yourself you will no doubt be aware of a lot of the things I write about in my MINDSET book. However, I hope you enjoy it all the same.

    @ Nigel – thank you for your kind words. Grab that book NOW! I think there are some things in it that you could identify with.

    @ D-Man – Denis! I gotta say I don’t know why you got held up in moderation. I didn’t see it yesterday. You must have posted it while I was out getting rough with the roughnecks at karate last night. I was stuffed after that, came home, had a shower and went to bed to finish off a book that I have been reading.

    I was at the computer this morning when I saw your last comment come through. I would never ignore the D-Man. You always provide me with great entertainment.

    Yep, the site is looking a bit Vegasy – not too much I hope. More like a whole lotta things happening here. Vegas is full of pimps, prostitutes, druggies, drunks and gamblers. I hope my site isn’t emulating that!

    The “Follow GazzMan on Twitter” was blank for two reasons:

    1 – I had been away for a few days and hadn’t commented on Twitter – it must have a time-out function. I wasn’t aware of that so thanks for alerting me to it.

    2 – I got a bit fed up (make that REALLY annoyed!) with Twitter because of all the stinking porn that was taking it over. I’m pleased to see that they have now cleaned all that crap off. I was sick of seeing private body parts splattered all over the place so I was drifting away. But now I am back.

    Denis, believe it of not… but I struggle with saying some of the stuff that I share on social media sites too. You have to be so careful. You never know who might be reading it and who will want to use it against you. I wrote a big post about that a few months ago.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I know absolutely why you would want to wait before reading my own MINDSET e-book. I do this myself if I see somebody has written something that I intend to write about.

    For example, I actually asked Garry Parkes if he minded if I wrote my “Twitter-Muscle” e-book after he wrote “Dominating-Twitter.” I am very conscious of sub-conscious plagiarisation (LOL @ what I just said!). In any event, my Twitter book and Parkesy’s were so radically different it didn’t matter but I would never have written it if he didn’t want me to coz he did his first. But blast away Denis. I will be very keen to see what you come up with. No doubt there will be some “interesting” things in it. I love the way you write.

    Finally… a big thanks to all you good folks for such wonderful comments. I am indeed very grateful to you for them.


    PS to Nikki: Now I’m gonna have to get my own e-book out and reference all those pages – PMSL! I should hire you to write a sales page.

  44. Thom Swartwood


    Just finished your book. WOW. You really hit the nail on the head with this one. I really did enjoy it. I have now read it twice and will read in a few more times before I am through. I wanted to come back and give my feedback before reading it again.

    I find it very interesting that a lot of what I seem to do seems to piggyback with what you are doing. As you know I have not talked to you in while. (that is a whole other story) I don’t know if you have spent time on the warrior forum, lately I have been getting involved and posting.

    A week ago I wrote a post about motivation and self talk. I have also written about the secret. The secret is a real, although as you say it is only half of the equation. Thought without action are dreams. Dreams are important although they will never become reality without action.

    More on self talk and NST. I truly find it amazing how easy it is to have NST sneak up on you and take you down. It happened to me a few months ago. I got sick, very sick and as my body became ill, my mind became ill also. What I find very interesting is that my body heeled much faster than my mind. I was truly lost for a while until I turned it around using the techniques you speak about in your book.

    It is so easy to go through life, one day just leading into the next, really not feeling anything. I tell my students and new hires all the time, “This is your life, there is no do-over. You have one life, go out and live it.” “Find what you love, what your passion and mission in life is and do it”.

    Live Life with passion, power and respect.
    Have passion for what you do,
    Use the power within you to be the best you can be, and
    Respect your past, life in the present with an eye on the future.

    Gary thank you once again for all of your help, your friendship and your counsel.

    To your success


  45. Gary

    Hi Thom – you have NO IDEA how much comments like this mean to me. I feel truly blessed that I can write my ideas and thoughts down into a blog post or a comment or, in this case, an e-book and have such a positive impact in the lives of other people. That makes me VERY happy!

    Thom, the NST gets to me at times too. I have probably started way back in the field to most people because of my childhood and teen years. I knew then that I had to do something to build myself up and I chose karate, just as you have chosen hapkido – different arts, same outcome.

    I can identify with the mind-body crisis that you went through. If this can happen to “powerful” people then imagine what it does to the masses.

    As you say: “Life is not a dress-rehearsal.” But so many people are still in the change-rooms and are yet to enter the stage for fear of failure.

    I say fail – get it over and done with. Fail again if you have to. Keep failing. I have failed many times. But every time I fail I learn something and I get stronger.

    Thanks my friend. Your words resonate with me.

    To your success too.


  46. Thom Swartwood


    Thank you for the kind words. I really like your analogy of how people are stuck in the changing room. For some reason people say to themselves “If I could just….[add your own words here] my life would be perfect.

    That is not how it works. If you are stuck in the “If I just…”, this means you are waiting for something to happen to you. Instead of waiting for things to happen to you, take responsibility for yourself and go out and make things happen for you.

    Failure is a part of life. Unfortunately today we have taken that away from our children and young adults. In school today it is not about grades, it is not about who passes and who fails, it is about how you feel about yourself. Our children and young adults have gone through life not being able to fail, they have to feel good about themselves. What is going to happen when they get out into the real world and they don’t get that job, or horrors upon horrors they get fired from a job. How are these people going to deal with this kind of failure.

    I have learned so much more from failure than I ever have from success. I know success feels good, I am no different from anyone else I enjoy success, I enjoy when people tell me I do a good job. The difference is I learn more when I fail. Big failure, or little failure does not matter there is always something to learn.

    To this end Gary I wanted to let you know I have created a newsletter that goes along with the Ebook I wrote. I have put the first issue on line yesterday.

    Once again thanks for the kind words.


  47. Gary

    Hi Thom – I can hardly wait to see what you have come up with. I’m comin over to read it right now!


  48. Gary

    Back again Thom. I wasn’t able to find the newsletter. Can you leave a direct link here?

    But while I was at you new blog (pretty impressive Thom) I did leave a cracking comment about MINDSET and added a 12th point to the 11 points you listed by Napoleon Hill. (Wish I’d done that here! LOL). I almost copied it and pasted it here but I have done that quite a few times in the past and my friend Linda Caroll has indicated that this is self quoting self. (And she is correct) Now I am conscious of doing it.

    Give us the link Thom. I’m sure that my readers would find it a valuable resource.


  49. Nigel Yip

    Hi Gary,

    Firstly, just to let you know that I finally got myself round to downloading your wonderful ebook. Secondly, you are absolutely right in your previous comment about there being some things in your ebook that I could identify and relate with, I felt whilst reading your book, that I was having a discussion with you in person, dunno why, it just did, and I feel so refreshed.

    Additionally, you’ve also inspired me for my next ebook…so speak soon.

    Best wishes and thanks again for your help

  50. Thom Swartwood


  51. Thom Swartwood

    Sorry about that last post. I did not mean to just put the address in. That is rude.

    I accidentally hit the submit button.

    I wanted to say thank you for stopping over.

    I know I have yet to send you that email. I would still like to talk to you. I am training people like crazy at my job. (not an excuse just a statement :) )

    Thanks again for your friendship


  52. Gary

    @ Nigel – I’m glad you downloaded it and had a read. I thought you would enjoy it.

    @ Thom – Hey, thanks for the link. You weren’t rude at all. I asked you to put it here and you did. You can tee up an email or even a Skype call over the weekend if you want Thom. I am always keen to talk to a high ranking MA such as yourself and I think you have much to offer. I’ve seen the quality of your blog posts and your videos and I find them all impressive.


  53. Lizzie

    So true, mindset is everything! Not only do you have to be sure of your direction and know you can do it, but you also have to stay on task. So often when things get tough or if oour efforts get diluted we can lose focus. I have lately been working up a storm – I don’t know where this new found enthusiasm has come from but I’m really enjoying it (and getting LOTS done too LOL)

  54. Gary

    @ Lizzie – Great to hear that you are focussed and putting action into your projects. Have you got one of my ACTION Planners? If not, just scroll up, do the biz and grab one for FREE.


  55. Mark Terrell

    Hi Garry,

    Mark here, a fellow student on Alex Jeffreys course.

    Nice looking blog, also great tips and advice for any newbie wanting to make money online.

    If you get a moment take a look at my first welcome video on my blog and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

    Keep in touch.

    Mark Terrell

  56. Gary

    Hi Mark,

    Your comment got held up coz of the link. I have it set that way so all the undesirable p*rnheads and sp*mmers get taken out before they manage to dump their loads of garbage on my blog.

    I’m coming over just as soon as I finish this.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve never seen you in video before so I’m interested to see how you come across.



  57. Bob Hughes

    A very big thanks… you’re book was super!! You really nailed it, so much so, I ended up reading it more than once!! I really liked the way you put things in an easy-to-follow way… Many thanks again :-)

  58. Vance Sova

    Hi Gary,

    Your megablog is really impressive. It took me a while to find my way around. Thanks for your helpful tips. When i look at the amount of books you wrote I feel like that’s what i want to do too. Just a child’s dream I used to have. But now i see that it’s indeed possible. You have done it.

    I’m a newbie and I’m at the stage of information overload. I have collected a load of stuff and most of it is very useful. But it is like a puzzle that i have to piece together. And some pieces are still missing. The action stage is where things lie now. And I’m working very hard. Today i had to stop and listen to Alex J. saying don’t be a busy fool.

    The thing is that I need to understand everything before I can consider outsourcing.
    I feel I need to at least comprehend myself what i need done.

    I will definitely download your mindset book but will likely read it only in small installments. There are so many things to do.

    Thanks for offering so much value.

  59. Gary

    @ Bob – well, THANK YOU for such lavish praise. I know a heck of a lot about what I wrote in the MINDSET e-book. I think I might quote you in my next e-book – watch out for it Bob!

    @ Vance – You can do it Vance. I have always wanted to write books myself and, as you can see, I have now written a lot! I’ve even written a 200,000 word crime novel – but even getting a publisher to answer a phone call or respond to a letter is like flying to Jupiter.

    Oh, we can all be the busy fool. I know that only too well myself! There never seems to be enough hours in the day or night to do an ever expanding list of new things.

    Vance, when you come back grab the ACTION Planner too. I’m sure you could put that to good use – prioritizing tasks etc.

    Thanks for stopping by Bob and Vance. I do appreciate it.


  60. Jean

    Hi Gary,

    Firstly, I’d like to what a great read your Internet Marketing Mindset book is and secondly, how surprised and honoured I was to be mentioned in it.

    You’re certainly right about mindset being a crucial part of anything and the need to follow leaders rather than just go with the flow.

    I’m looking forward to when you decide to start your own motivational program to inspire others. I’m sure you will attack it with the same discipline and dedication you’ve clearly applied to your martial arts and previous e-books.

    Long may you continue.

    Best wishes and take care.


  61. Gary

    Hi Jean – Thanks for that nice comment (again – LOL). You gotta stop being so nice to me!

    Well, funny you should mention that (motivational program). It’s on the launching pad.

    If you want an advance copy of my new Copywriting e-book (45 pages & 12,500 words) just lemme know and it will be yours.


  62. Karen Kalata

    Hi Gary,

    I just signed up for your eGreats, again. This time the Internet Marketing Mindset.

    I have already read Twitter Muscle, and I have to tell you, it’s not on my pc. It was such a wealth of information, I printed it out. Now it’s in my hands.

    I’m sure the Internet Marketing Mindset will be the next one to run through the printer at work.

    All I can say is thank you and, all of this for nothing???

    All the best,

  63. Gary

    Hi Karen – thank you for your very kind words.

    I certainly try to pack my e-books with a lot of value. The crazy thing is that 95% of the traffic that comes here never even knows what they are missing, which is kinda sad. Anyway, their loss. I can’t force people to read my stuff, nor would I want to. Eventually people will find it – in their own good time.

    Ssshh – don’t mention the work printer – LOL!

    Thanks for coming over. Feel free to totally plunder my site as often as you want. That is what it’s here for.



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