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Mefenorex For Sale

by Gary ~ June 14th, 2009

Mefenorex For Sale, I’m finally back home in Oz after attending the Internet Marketing Seminars in Las Vegas in May and June 2009.

I have to say that I met some of the most wonderful and postive people at these seminars. I will be adding more names and details later but some of the people who I interacted with were:

  • Paula Brett (a VERY funny lady & voddie glugging champion - LOL!), Mefenorex schedule,
  • Dagmar Sedlack,
  • Lesley Morgan,
  • Garry Parkes (you're all class Gazza - even for a Pom. I mean British gentleman...), where can i cheapest Mefenorex online,
  • Bobby Winchell,
  • Jeff Yung, Where can i find Mefenorex online,
  • Nikki Stephens (biggest tea drinker in the world),
  • Adam Spiel (Spielsy - you were great driving us all over the place that day - thank you so much!),
  • Alex Jeffreys (himself, of course), taking Mefenorex,
  • Dean Holland,
  • Dan Briffa (I wanna EAT it!), Mefenorex online cod,
  • Thomas Northrup,
  • JT Martin,
  • Ross Carrel (did I get the spelling right Ross?),
  • Michael Ottman (you're another funny person Michael - that giggle amused me no end!), cheap Mefenorex no rx,
  • John Halderman,
  • Petra (dunno your last name darls so I'm saying it's Fied - LOL), Mefenorex without a prescription,
  • Rob (Cecil B demille) Brookes,
  • Graham Sutherland,
  • Paul Klein,
  • Robert (dunno your last name either Robert), Mefenorex pictures,
  • Lance Tamashiro (and your wife whose name also escapes me - sorry),
  • David Shaw, Where can i buy Mefenorex online,
  • Sandra Rodrigues (darling) and
  • Jit Uppal (Jit Kune Do - you have to know about Bruce Lee to understand that).
  • gazz-pimp

    [About the pic: What Happened in Vegas... Happened in VEGAS. L to R - HRH (minus tiara) Paula Brett, Gary (Chief Pimp - Gazzman) Simpson, Nikki (Nix) Stephens, Sandra (Mammazeeta) Rodrigues & (the smoldering) Lesley Morgan]

    Now I know I have missed some people out, Mefenorex For Sale. Please don't be offended. I am SO jet-lagged and only just had 8 hours sleep after arriving home from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (a 1.5 hour flight with a 4 hour stop over) then LAX to Brisbane, generic Mefenorex, Australia (a 14.5 hour flight with a 2 hour stopover) then Brisbane to Perth (a 5 hour flight). Then my kids insisted on coming over to see me so I had to stay awake for another 4 hours talking (semi-consciously) to them. No prescription Mefenorex online, When you add all this up (including waking up in the morning to pack, leave the hotel and get to McCarran airport in Vegas the wait for the flight to LA - 12 hours) it comes to 43 hours awake. Mefenorex For Sale, I can't sleep on planes.

    Ugh! Just on that... sorry to say this but I sat next to a lady from LA to Oz who must have been the world champion pie-eater, australia, uk, us, usa, or something. She didn't even fit in HER bloody seat! Her "extra bits" were rolling into my seat and she frikken SNORED while sharing her considerable self with me. Order Mefenorex from United States pharmacy, GOD. Also, I had a rugby player on the other side of me and well, I ain't exactly small myself, Mefenorex For Sale. Then, there was this little sh*t in front of my seat who must have had ADHD and who was using his seat as a trampoline and who CONTINUALLY hung over his seat to annoy me and the rugby player and the Michelin tire pin-up girl. Oh, purchase Mefenorex online no prescription, and then there was the guy behind me who kept kicking my seat. Yeah... Mefenorex images, it was FUN!

    Anyway, enough of that. The Mefenorex For Sale, seminars, meetings...

    Oh, before I launch into them - Theresa Mayhew.., Mefenorex without prescription. what a lovely lady. "Trees" posted me a big box of gingerbread cookies to share with the folks at the seminar. Purchase Mefenorex, I have to admit that I ate about 6 of them before they even got to the seminar. I put them right by the coffee machine in the meeting room and invited people to fang into them, Mefenorex For Sale. Now I KNOW that Lance reckons he didn't get any but...

    ... Lance, Mefenorex recreational, seriously, how could you NOT know they were there. Mefenorex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Especially since me and Parkesy and Paula Brett and Nikki Stephens arrived fashionably late (thanks girls!) and we caused such a disruption (sorry Alex!) to the meeting while we introduced ourselves around.

    A little aside here too - those LOVELY folks at the Luxor Hotel Casino charged me $7.00 Mefenorex For Sale, to pick those cookies up. Jeez, as if they didn't make a sh*tload off me for the hotel accommodation and the "resort fee" - whatever that is and the food and the drinks and the internet connection and all the other charges and taxes.

    The meetings.., about Mefenorex. hmm, they all seem a bit of a blur right now (as does everything) but I do have my notes - somewhere. Mefenorex natural, And... I have looked and I can't find them at the moment, Mefenorex For Sale. Duh. I KNOW they are here somewhere.

    The BEST part of all of this was MEETING the people, Mefenorex wiki. Finally meeting all of the people that I have been interacting with over the internet was a real blessing. Mefenorex For Sale, And not only have I made so many friends - I am doing (or will be doing) business with quite a few of them.

    [caption id="attachment_1154" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="At the new Las Vegas \"M Resort\" - L to R Garry (Parkesy) Parkes, Online buy Mefenorex without a prescription, Nikki Stephens, Omar Martin, Paula Brett, Sandra Rodrigues, buy Mefenorex from mexico, Michael Ottman, and Gary Simpson looking after Bud Weiser (the midget)"]At the new Las Vegas "M Resort" - L to R Garry (Parkesy) Parkes, <b>Purchase Mefenorex for sale</b>, Nikki Stephens, Omar Martin, Paula Brett, Sandra Rodrigues, <b>Mefenorex no prescription</b>, Michael Ottman,  and Gary Simpson looking after Bud Weiser (the midget)[/caption]

    [About the pic - At the new Las Vegas "M Resort" - L to R Garry (Parkesy) Parkes, Mefenorex long term, Nikki Stephens, Omar Martin, Paula Brett, Sandra Rodrigues, after Mefenorex, Michael Ottman, and Gary Simpson looking after Bud Weiser (the midget)]

    But let me back the truck up for a moment... Online buying Mefenorex, I think I was the first one to arrive in Las Vegas - just ahead of Dean Holland and Dan Briffa. Dean and Dan were booked into the New York, New York Casino Hotel, as were most of the others, Mefenorex no rx. I booked into the (luxury) Luxor (the pyramid shaped one with the laser beam at the apex - which supposedly shoots 10 miles into the night sky - attracting aliens, no doubt) coz I have stayed there before and I liked it - plus I knew my way through the labyrinth of hotel floors and walkways between them all.

    Anyway, I walked over several times to see if the boys had arrived and after the third attempt they finally did arrive and we got together, Mefenorex For Sale. Canada, mexico, india, Well, what a madcap few hours we had after that. I was so jet-lagged and hmm... I guess I just went a "bit" silly, Mefenorex for sale. Dean and Dan and I made a lot of videos of the crazy times we had. Mefenorex For Sale, They will all end up on you tube and the blogs soon but, watch out for scenes including:

  • - the (so called) homeless guy on the bridge between the Excalibur and New York, New York casinos - I decided that we should each give him a crispy (US $1.00). This scene is already in a composite video that is up at You-Tube - watch out for the comments about "moths" and "you're not a millionaire in disguise, Cheap Mefenorex, are you?" We laughed ourselves stupid over that and attracted a fair bit of attention from the bemused pedestrians (read that as drunks - almost EVERYBODY is staggering around with some sort of booze in their hand - mostly those giant yard glasses full of margueritas!) You can see that "moth" clip here: MOTHS (Go to 2:24 to 2:33) There is a fuller version here: GIVING $$$ TO THE HOMELESS DUDE & MOTHS FLYING OUT OF BRIFF'S WALLET (Go to 4:21 to 5:57)

  • - the scene at the Aquarium at the Mandalay Casino (Dan wanted to go there coz he likes fish - in fact, he wants to EAT them all) where they were crapping on about the black-tipped, black-finned shark, so named because it has black tips on its tail and fins, Mefenorex steet value. Well, that just got on my nerves so I had to give the REAL explanation of the name. Comprar en línea Mefenorex, comprar Mefenorex baratos, You can see that "shark" and "manta ray" clip here: SHARKS & MANTA RAYS (Go to 2:58 to 3:33)

  • - My ridiculous rendition of Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" - brought about by a poster of her that I saw at Caesar's Palace. I decided to do her dance and then "throw" my leg up over a travellator rail like she did on that battleship in the video clip. Duh, Mefenorex For Sale. You can see that "Cher" clip here: WATCH OUT CHER! (Go to 2:33 to 2:46) WARNING: This is disturbing!

  • - the "ALIEN" scene as we were coming out of that aquarium where I grabbed a toy octopus and attacked Dan in the chest with it (much to the annoyance of the shop owner). Clip coming...

  • - the "diamond" encrusted tricycle in the shop window. That is the one that Dan is gonna buy when he becomes a world famous Internet Marketer. Clip coming...
  • Mefenorex For Sale, Oh dear. These were just a few of the madcap moments that Dean and Dan and I captured on video the first day.

    Oh, back to work, I also managed to make about 15 short videos on Internet Marketing at the various casino locations. Some of them are actually quite good and they give decent Internet Marketing tips. But some of them are just more madness. As Marshall Sylver (the hypnotist) at Mike Filsaime's seminars said: "Funny is money." So, I'll just wait for it all to start rolling in, Mefenorex For Sale.

    Anyway, I will have a LOT more to say soon. And I will be uploading a lot of those videos and photos for you all to see. I am facing a LOT of work here (including having to take over a $100,000 pa franchise that one of my franchisees decided to walk away from while I was in the US - don't ask. There is a world recession on - apparently - and one of my guys decides that he doesn't want this money). Mefenorex For Sale, More to come...




    Get Internet Selling For Newbies now... Click here!

    PS: Check out those banner ads to Omar Martin's "Internet Selling For Newbies" course that I have splattered all over my blog (see above). I met Omar via Paula (Pauls) Brett and talked with him extensively over a few days both at the Alex Jeffreys seminars and also at Mike Filsaime's (held at the exotic new "M" Resort Casino complex just outside Las Vegas). Based on what I have seen (and I have seen a fair bit) I believe that Omar has the MOST COMPREHENSIVE introduction to Internet Selling that you will find anywhere. Click on any of those banners and get involved with Omar! He is one of Mike Filsaime's right hand men and he is VERY knowledgeable, Mefenorex For Sale. This product is SO explanatory. Omar goes into great detail and I am supporting him 100% with this product because i think it will benefit so many people trying to unravel the mysteries and vagaries of INTERNET MARKETING.

    Are you sick of the same old results. Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

    "You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
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    Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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    49 Responses to Mefenorex For Sale

    1. Home Fish Aquarium

      […] the original post here:  Internet Marketing Seminars – Las Vegas May/June 2009 addthis_url = […]

    2. Paula Brett

      Hey Darls, glad you got back safe and sound. Looks like you were travelling for a lot longer than fourdeen hours, lol.

      What a scream we had, I’ll never forget that trip. I think we should all meet up again in Vegas next year. I can’t keep the grin off my face when I think of some of the antics we got up to. I hope you managed to get that tatoo scrubbed off ;)

      Thanks so much to you and Parksey for taking such good care of Nikki and I – hope you enjoy the vids that I sent you the links to of our last night – I still can’t stop crying with laughter when I watch them. Remember, you don’t need hypnotism to put a few shimps on the barbie ;)

      Speak soon, luv

      Pauls x

    3. Nikki

      Me? Tea drinking? With my reputation?!

      Look – I warned all of you for months beforehand that I was like that!! The one thing I’ve enjoyed the most since getting back is my damn kettle. Oh, and my bed, as I slept for 18 hours straight on my return.

      Anyway, I shall be doing a write-up of Las Vegas in my own inimitable style as soon as my brain re-engages – I think I may have left it somewhere in Vegas. Either that, or the food on the plane home rotted out what was left of any sensibility. Honestly, it’s a wonder I’m not glowing in the dark with some of the stuff they give you. Still, they got me back to the UK safely so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

      It was such a good laugh, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Vegas with a great group of people. I had experiences there that still make me laugh thinking about them now, and I’ve made excellent memories to last me through this lifetime and the next one. Anyway, enough of this or I shall end up writing my blog post here instead – you know what I’m like when I get going!!

      The PMW from LOT (with tea in hand!)

      PS – Sounds like you had a fun flight with those that had dedicated their lives to the pie….PMSL.

    4. Gary

      @ Pauls – Yep, I got rid of the tadoo – fordeen times! Sorry folks – private joke between me and Pauls – LOL! Yep, an annual Las Vegas trip would be good for us all to catch up.

      Our 4.30am voddie and Budweiser session at the bar of the NYNY Casino was a corker, wasn’t it? I think I spent $100 on bevvies that day. You probably did too. And the FUNNY – no – make that HILARIOUS thing was when I ordered you a drink the barman said: “Oh, I ALREADY know what this lady wants!” I PMSL at that!

      I REALLY enjoyed your company Pauls. You are a real nice lady and SO bloody funny!


    5. Theresa Mayhew

      Dang, Gazz those turned out to be some expensive cookies! They didn’t tell me they’d be charging you to pick them up. Must have been the fee to keep the employees from opening the box. Oh, well. Glad you enjoyed them.

      Your escapades sound pretty hilarious. Sorry I wasn’t there to share in the fun.

      Can’t wait to see the video footage!


    6. Gary

      @ Nix, I have NEVER and I mean NEVER seen a tea drinker who could match you! OMG! You should buy shares in Liptons or something.

      Can’t wait to read your post when you get it up.


    7. Gary

      @ Trees – Theresa, thank you SO much for sending those gingerbread cookies. It was so nice of you. They were wonderful. I gorged myself with them on the first day coz I was so hungry.

      Regarding the $7.00 charge to pick the parcel up – they never even mentioned it to me. They just sneaked it onto my account at the end. The Luxor Casino likes to do that.

      Last time I was there (a couple of years ago) they charged me $3.00 for a broken glass about 2 weeks after I arrived home. But… the bloody glass was already cracked when it arrived at the room. I just never realised that I would get jabbed for it.

      I will load the videos up progressively – when I get some time. I’m flat out ATM trying to catch up with work.


    8. JT Martin

      Hey Gary,

      It was great meeting everyone. I just wish I had been able to spend a few days before and after the seminar. Maybe next time I will. I’ve seen some of the vids floating around.

      Briffs posted the one where you do your Cher imitation. What a riot. Looking forward to our next get together. It will be interesting to see how every one has progressed with there online biz over time.


    9. Gary

      @ JT – fantastic meeting you. Glad I bumped into you that night before you left as I was returning to my hotel after Paula Brett kept me at the bar (chained) keeping her company – LOL!

      Yeah that stupid Cher thing was pretty funny. But I guess you have to know the film clip. I sure wasn’t gonna don the mankini for it like Borat does!

      Seriously, it was GREAT meeting everyone.

      Catch you later JT (when I have made a small dent in all this work waiting for me).


    10. Garry Parkes

      Nice to see you got back home safely after your marathon flight.

      It was a real pleasure meeting you and all the other Vegas Gang. I’ve not even had chance to get a post up myself about it yet as so into working on the next launch for Alex Jeffreys but just had to find time to comment on yours :-)

      The thing that was really great about the Vegas trip was not just the Internet Marketing side of things but the real friendships that were made as well. Memories we can treasure forever.

      I think Paula’s suggestion of doing it all again next year would be great – we’d be able to check on the inevitable big progress some of us will all of done by them, oh and have another hilarious time as well !!

      It was a great to finally meet you in person Gary after so many long Skype calls and I’m sure we will be doing it again sometime too on my next family visit to Oz. Hopefully now that many people have seen us both in person they will not get us confused anymore which has been an ongoing problem, lol. I mean how can they get us two confused :-)

      All the best to everyone as we plot our ways in the Internet Marketing world. I’m sure our paths will cross again as we continue on our journeys.


    11. Gary

      Ahh Mr Parkes, my fine English friend. Heh, Gazza, we all had a good time, didn’t we?

      Jeez, I have come back to an unmitigated disaster with my offline business. You probably read about it above. I am gonna be running around like a chook with its head chopped off for a few weeks now. I REALLY, REALLY didn’t need that.

      Anyway, yep! The people attending the seminars in Las Vegas were all wonderful. It was so good to see them all after interacting with them on the blogs, Twitter and via email.

      BTW your comment got held up by those darn emoticon things again.

      I have got a stack of stuff to post here but I am so smacked for time it’s a bloody joke.

      Catch up with you soon on Skype no doubt. Thanks for making a comment here.


    12. Jeff Yung

      Hi Gary,

      It was a pleasure meeting up with you and fellow Alex Jeffreys’ students! You guys are one fun bunch.

      You know, it is funny how you seem to always run into “unusual” things! haha. Too bad I missed your Sher impression; would have loved to see it!

      Even though I don’t study Kung Fu, I do follow Bruce Lee. Huge fan of his. I love his Jet Kune Do style! Ways of intercepting fist…

      Let’s plan for a reunion of sorts! Take care and would love to hear more about your planned launch(es)!


    13. Gary

      @ Jeff – great meeting you in Las Vegas too. Hmm, you are correct. I always seem to run into “unusual” things.

      You can see the Cher impersonation on some of the videos doing the rounds of You Tube. I think Dean Holland put up a composite video with that in it. But wait, there’s more… There are a LOT of videos coming. I have a heap myself. I just need to get the time to put them on. I am SO busy at the moment with external work (ie non internet stuff). It is just soaking up my time.

      The JKD thing was a reference to Jit Uppal – just me being silly with word association again.

      Thanks for commenting Jeff. Stay in touch.


    14. Thomas Northrop

      Hey Gary

      Great meeting you in Vegas. Man you need to get together with a few of your countrymen grab a bunch of canoe paddles and paddle Australia over a little closer to Vegas. That is one long flight for you.

      I have been starting on a Vegas Video for the past 15 days but life just keeps getting in the way of it. Still can’t seem to fit 25 hours into a day. Almost did it one day, but the sun started rising in the west so I decided to stop for the good of the world.

      Looking forward to working with everyone. We have quite a talented group.
      Can’t wait to see where it all leads us.


    15. Gary

      Hi Thomas – great to meet you too.

      I KNOW what you mean about trying to find time. I hope one day, in the not too distant future, to be able to do Internet Marketing full-time and give my outside business the flick. I’ve had enough of it and I certainly need this new challenge.

      I, too, have many videos and photos about Las Vegas to load but there always seems to be other things demanding my attention – like accountants and banks and employees. And then there are the endless emails – often 300 to 400 per day. Plus phone calls. Plus family committments. It never ends.

      I hope to have more Las Vegas information up in the next few weeks.

      Nice to hear from you.


    16. Hilary

      Hi Gary

      Well the more I hear the more it sounds like you had a riotous time in Las Vegas. But then, would I have expected it to be any different?!

      It was a real pity that I couldn’t be with you, cos I would have loved to have been there & met all you fantastic, weird & wonderful people…

      Oh well – there’s always next year!

      I’m looking forward to hearing what you all learned about from Alex Jeffreys & Mike Filsaime. I’ve been so incredibly busy with the end of term and working on my new niche, but my students all finish at college this week so I hope that I can get concentrating on my work soon. (After the visit from my son’s foreign exchange partner next week – need to get the house tidy eek!)

      Hope you manage to sort out your offline business – walking away from $100.000 – what does he know then?

      Anyway don’t overwork yourself. Speak soon.


    17. Sandra Rodrigues

      Hey Gazza,

      After laughing my socks off on twitter with you this morning it was only natural I came and paid you a little visit at your ‘temple’.

      Oh man, as I said on my own post after arriving from Vegas, I knew it would be a life changing experience.

      I just wasn’t counting on finding so many people I would connect at such a deep and personal level.

      I laughed, I cried and I had a wonderful time. The best part is that we are going to keep it up now we know each other well.

      Hilary, I do feel for you guys that just coudln’t make it. After Rich Schefren finished his first GPS he did just the same as Alex, and even though it was a free seminar too I couldn’t make it. Felipe was already unwell then and I couldn’t leave him behind.

      My heart sunked, cause I just knew how much I would be missing and sure enough the JV’s that came out of it was umbelieveble and some of the results were very tangible now at his second launch.

      I will do my very best to keep this close, neet group going on just like that for as long as I can and I suggest we all play a part, after all is down to each one of us to keep it going, isn’t?

      Gazza, I am really happy that you came home ok, olbeit a bit squashed. I can really picture you in the sit cursing the life out of these 2 people all the way..

      Speak soon my darling,

      In Joy With My Self

    18. Gary

      @ Hils – It was a shame you weren’t there with the rest of us in Viva Las Vegas for the Internet Marketing seminars and all the networking (and nitwitting – there was PLENTY of that!) You would have loved the incessant noise masquerading as “music” everywhere we went. After a while it really started to tick me off. That and, of course, the endless “ting, ting, ting” from all the gambling machines being fed by all the LOSERS!

      Nevertheless, Paula Brett and I managed to overcome all of this for a 4.30am leave-the-bar session where we managed to “save the entire planet.” That was so amusing. I was listening to an “interview” that Paula did with me this arvo and it is just so funny.

      Yep, the young fellow basically walked away from $100K so now I have to do his job until I can find a replacement.

      Next time Vegas is happening Hils you’d better be there!


    19. Adam

      Hey Gazzman,

      Great to see you made it back safe – Vegas was great – you’ve got a great recap here. I’m working on putting together a video recap and it’ll be up on my blog soon.

      It was great to see everyone there, and I can’t wait to see your videos.

      So….now that we’re back….when do we want to get together again? And where will the next party….(uh…I mean seminar)….be? :-)


    20. Gary

      @ Sands – it was wonderful meeting you in Las Vegas, my dear, and talking to you about ALL MANNER of things. LOL!

      Besides the jolly jumbos on either side of me (& I ain’t small myself) I had kids in front and behind me who just annoyed the heck out of me until they eventually fell asleep. Does anybody else get a kid behind them on a plane who continually kicks the back of your seat? I seem to get this a lot.

      I will be pushing for Monterey, San Diego or Santa Barbara as the venue next year. Las Vegas really is SEEDY. I find it rather depressing watching tens of thousands of people LOSING money in those DOPEY pokey machines. They CAN’T win and the LONGER they play the GREATER the chance there is of LOSING ALL THEIR MONEY! I even made a video about this for Omar Martin’s Internet Selling For Newbies product (see the links above).

      I haven’t been to San Diego but I am told it is very pretty. I HAVE been to Monterey and Santa Barbara and those places are beautiful. We could even hire a bus and do a tour of the surrounding countryside.

      Thanks for stopping by Sands and thanks for the witty repartee on Twitter yesterday – most amusing!


    21. Gary

      Hi Adam – I made a few comments about the “NEXT” venue in my reply to Sandra above.

      After seeing how keen you are on Apple Macs (re our visit to the store in Las Vegas) I am re-thinking my next PC purchase. I’m just sick of all the virus BS and the continual hijacking of my computers by Microsoft for patches and updates – this often happens when I am busy.

      Looking forward to catching up with you on Twitter or Skype or via email soon.


    22. Jeff Yung

      Hey Gary,

      I have only been to San Diego and it was nice! Beautiful weather, nice beaches. Although I haven’t gone to too many places while I was there, I enjoyed it.

      I will have to follow up with Dean on the Cher video and others…

      Take a easy… Life is too short to not enjoy it! Like Alex said, if you plan and write all of your goals out, it will become easier.


    23. Rob Brooks

      Hey Gary and everybody,
      I just saw a really great interview with someone who looked just like Gary S on youtube. You gotta check it out and rate it and leave a comment. it’s right here:

      Rob (Cecil B)

    24. Gary

      Thanks Jeff – I was over at your blog this morning and found it most interesting. It filled in a few gaps for me about what others got up to in Las Vegas. Obviously, none of us could be everywhere and there were some groups formed that went off and did their own things.

      San Diego is a place that I have heard a lotr about. I’d like to go there. Maybe we can get some of the others to agree.


    25. Hilary

      Hi Gazz

      Yep – I intend being there next time and somewhere other than Las Vegas sounds fine to me – the gambling aspect really puts me off…

      Have been as busy as I can working on my niche and once term has fully finished and our foreign visitor has returned home I shall have three weeks before the children finish school – it will be head down and on with my new site as fast as I can.

      Hopefully all the behind the scenes work I have been doing will really pay off then. I have loads of plans, just need to put them into action one after another.

      I may be taking my time with producing my first ebook but I have done a chapter for another marketer in the financial education field. There are about a dozen contributors, so the ebook will be going out to several large lists. This is due out in September so I’ll keep you all posted.

      Meanwhile I’ll start saving my pennies (until the bigger money starts to roll in!) ready for next year’s jaunt. Still Alex has promised me that he will be holding a UK meeting sometime, so maybe I’ll get a chance to meet others before next year – I do hope so.

      Hoping you retain some sanity with all the on and off line work you have to do.

      And thanks Sandra for your empathy – it’s good to know that others understand the issues we face when we can’t do what we would like to. Still I ended up attending 2 staff training sessions that week – one on Assessment – Is it worth it? and one on Stress in Further Education (that was good!) A bit different to your sessions and far more staid methinks!

      Hope to see you all in the not too distant future…


    26. Gary

      Whoa! Rob! You were held up in my control panel. I wasn’t aware that you were jailed there. LOL!

      Yep, I just watched the video where you interview me about Twitter Muscle. You did a GREAT job. Thank you. I’ll log in later and rate it (big time) and leave a comment.

      Cecil B – LOL! Watch out Rob, when I nickname people the names tend to stick!

      It has been a distinct privilege for me to be able to meet you in Las Vegas. We are now friends and when TGM makes a friend then that is a friend for life. Thanks again.


    27. Gary

      Hils – I want you to know that you are a VALUED member of this congregation that we have here. Just because you didn’t attend Las Vegas doesn’t mean you are any less a participant in my eyes. TGM holds you in high esteem.

      I reckon with a few “steamers” (bevies) in you that you will be a real scream – just like Pauls (Paula Brett). My God she is funny. I could yap with her all night long. In fact, I damn well did! – until 4.30am one morning at the bar of the New York, New York Casino. Hmm, then we have Nikki who drinks tea – and the occasional Peach Schnapps (of all things). Oh well… to each their own.

      Anyway Hils, save the dosh and get to the next IM event. I’m looking forward to it. Be there darls!


    28. Paula Brett

      Bloody hell, darls, you’re single-handedly labelling me as a complete blimmin’ alcoholic across the whole internet!!! It was the tiara, I tell ya, does funny things to a girl ;)

      Pauls x

    29. Nikki

      Paula, don’t worry, next time I’ll have a damn kettle with me so won’t have to be so obsessed with tea – and then it’ll be me being referenced as the drinker instead!!

      TGM, in the UK we have Archers which is a brand of peach schnapps – it isn’t my fault that Las Vegas didn’t stock that brand…again, it’s one of those things that I now know for next time.

      Hils hopefully there’ll be a UK meet up then we can all create some more havoc & mayhem – I do rather enjoy havoc & mayhem….


    30. Jeff Sargent

      Hey Gary,

      You crack me up man. Wait a minute while I wipe the tears from my eyes.

      The world champion pie-eater, the little sh*t in front of you with ADHD, the rugby player, and finally the guy behind you who kept kicking your seat. I think I have been on that same flight many times.

      After reading the list of names of people you met in Vegas now I’m really upset that I didn’t go. I know a lot of them from AJ’s Coaching and from blogging and Twitter, but I wished I could have met them in person as you did.

      I can’t wait to see you imitating Cher. I actually used to love Cher 30 years ago.

      It sounds like you guys had a great time.

      Go take a long nap now as I know you’re dead tired and can’t wait to have sweet dreams about the Michelin tire pin-up girl.

      Jeff Sargent

    31. Gary

      @ Paula – Pauls… darls! You know that ain’t true. I’m NOT…

      “single-handedly labelling (YOU) as a complete blimmin’ alcoholic across the whole internet!!!”

      I’m actually doing it OFFLINE AS WELL! PMSL. No. Like I said on Twitter I never saw you drunk once. Not once! Hmm… twice? Three times? Four?

      No – seriously. You were very much in control Pauls!


    32. Gary

      @ Nix – kettles in hotels in Vegas? NOT likely! That is why there is a bloody Starbucks every 10 feet! $3.50 for a cup of hot water and a bloody tea-bag is extortion!


    33. Gary

      @ Jeff – Do you REALLY wanna see my Cher impersonation? Really? Well here it is… Just click here

      and watch between 2.34 to 2.47

      Hmm. Did I do that? Yup! That and lotsa other dopey things.


    34. How I Make $300 a Day Online

      Hey, great post, very well written. You should post more about this.

    35. Nikki

      TGM – Extortion in Vegas is like rain in the UK though. You know it’ll be there even though a part of you hopes that things might be different this time.

      Still – I’d go back there again (better prepared this time!).

      Thanks for the fun times….


    36. Gary

      @ Mike – thanks but I saw EXACTLY the same comment from you over at Garry Parkes’ blog after I approved it here. If you’re gonna bulk post these comments around the place then at least try to change the wording a little. This is so insincere and does you such little credit.

      Gary Simpson

    37. Gary

      @ Nix – better prepared must mean that you will be taking your own 10 gallon urn. I have NEVER seen anyone drink tea like you! LOL. And thank YOU for the fun times too – and all the folks who went to Las Vegas. Sadly, it seems like so long ago now…


    38. Nikki

      TGM – now you know why I have joked about having an IV drip in my arm constantly feeding tea into my system!

      Yes – I will be better prepared next time which will allow me to enjoy myself even more than I did…whether Vegas can handle that or not is a different matter entirely!

      It does seem like a lifetime ago now…it’s so easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day life & accompanying issues. Think I need to plan my next holiday now!


    39. Adam

      TGM – San Diego is a beautiful spot – anywhere in California for the next party….(uh…I mean seminar…) is fine by me! :-)

      RE: the Apple Macs – they are awesome! Can’t recommend them highly enough (as you see in my Twitter Profile I am a “Mac Evangelist” – I’ve already converted tons of my family and friends who have now seen the light and will never go back to the dark side… lol)

      That new macbook pro is so awesome…I’m going to be getting one myself pretty soon!

      Make the switch over, and you won’t ever regret it —> everything in those PC vs. Mac ads are true! :-)

      Anyways, enough on my Mac rant.

      Your Cher impersonation video is priceless – so funny. Great seeing everyone’s videos popping up.

      Glad you made it back safe home. Speak soon.


    40. Dan Briffa

      Fishy sifhy come out come out wherever you are…. the Dan Man is Hungry …. EAT ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

      But wait… theres moths RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

    41. Gary

      @ Nix – Ha! You have the “travel bug” now. just make sure it isn’t one of Briffs’ moths!

      @ Adam – I think I remember mentioning to you that my very 1st computer was an Apple Mac LCII. That was about 15-20 years ago. It was a great computer but back then there was no software. The fact that EVERY graphic designer I know uses a Mac says something, huh?

      Ha! That Cher thing is so moronic. I guess you can see that it was sponsored by Budweiser.

      @ Dan – You make me laugh Dan. You should make a sequel movie call “Attack of the Briffa Moths.” You should train them.


    42. Adam

      “Sponsored by budwieser”

      LOL! I love it! So true.

      “Real men of genius!!” :-)


    43. Gary

      @ Adam – I think a LOT of stuff was sponsored by Bud in Las Vegas. Jeez, it was so damn dry there – all I wanted to do was drink. How strategic that they chose a desert to put that place – even more genius!


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      Thanks for publishing about this. There’s a bunch of great tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your site. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs fairly current, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a big job with this one. How do you do it?

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