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Lexotan For Sale

by Gary ~ December 4th, 2008

Lexotan For Sale, Well "PEEPS" as Dean Holland would say... Buy cheap Lexotan, Here I am again - up at 4.15am answering all the emails and blog questions that have inundated my blog overnight. Gee.., order Lexotan from United States pharmacy. Lexotan maximum dosage, I'm making a rod for my own back here. This blog is busier than a one legged sea gull chasing food, Lexotan price, coupon.

OK - we are all here with sardines on our tongues (ie bated breath) awaiting the Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching Clinic Module 3, Lexotan For Sale. Is Lexotan addictive, Enough of my silliness.

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26 Responses to Lexotan For Sale

  1. Gary

    Folks… I mean…PEEPS…

    Just to kick this off. Is it just me OR has just about EVERY other Internet Marketer been sending out wave after wave of emails plying their promotions?

    I reckon Alex Jeffreys has got these guys running scared for their piece of the pie. He is dominating cyber space at the moment (no small thanks to us, huh?)

    My email box is getting slaughtered by these guys and they are really ramping their promotions to me. Are you copping the same? In your answers just say briefly if that is so for you too.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  2. Nigel Yip

    Hi Gary

    and yes all my yahoo inbox that 13+ accounts to be precise have all be inundated with promotional material from all the internet marketers – makes life quite difficult for me as I have to wade through them to check my for my ebay customers orders and queries.

    Anyway, I’m out of action after tommorrows webinar so this maybe one my last blog post comments until a fortnights time.

    Take care and watch out, I’ve heard rumours that Coleen is stuffing some ones’s face with chocolate cake and suffocating them with gulps of laughter and Mister Jeffreys is having a hard time keeping students in check without resorting to a whip.


  3. Gary


    Maybe Coleen is secretly into whips and chains – Mistress Coleen – LOL!

    Heh…heh… The internet marketers are getting agitated. I thought others would be experiencing the same level of frenetic activity from them.

    Alex Jeffreys is stirring up a hornets’ nest. Watch your back Alex!

    Have a good hol Nigel and catchya when you’re back.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  4. Anthony

    Hi Gary
    You have some hilarious banter going on between yourself and Coleen. Coleen commented on my blog at and prompted me to take a look at both of your sites. Look, you guys are already JV partners :) and hopefully before this is through we will all have that type of relationship with each other.

    I have noticed a bit more activity from all the “guru’s” out there with offers coming into my inbox at breakneck speeds.

    I can’t wait to dig into module 3…Marketing Mafia…great name and will certainly be back here to share my thoughts and see what the rest of us students in the great Alex Jeffreys coaching has to say.

  5. Gary


    We must watch what we say publically coz there will be hawk eyes everywhere. Hi everyone!

    Yeah, I just got off the phone to Coleen. She is a nice lady. The “banter” is entertaining. Lots of people have commented on her persona and about my commentry on all matters relevant and totally irrelevant and sometimes, irreverent – LOL!

    I can’t believe we are actually talking on this thread already, but… it doesn’t matter. I put it up in readiness for tomorrow’s session.

    Keep that “Marketing Mafia” topic in mind. Alex has some powerful friends of his own. I can imagine meetings going on with the “Dons” of IM … if ya get my drift. “Mamma mia!” Better not say any more.

    I want this to work and be an outrageous success and I am doing all I can to shove it along.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  6. Koen Temmerman

    Hi Gary,

    Same here, my inbox is bursting with all kind of offers! If it’s actually Alex who’s causing it, he really IS on top of things and we can’t have a better mentor!

    BTW, I just discovered your comment on my blog somewhere hidden away in my admin section and deleted the security code immediately. I didn’t even realize that DAMN (indeed) thing was there, as I couldn’t see it while I was logged in. I’m still tweaking and optimizing the blog as well, but I’m so busy with all my other work that it’s hard to keep up with all the brilliant stuff in Alex’s coaching program. I’ve got the feeling I’m running constantly behind on everybody else… But well, Alex warned us it would be fast paced…

    In the meantime I found some time to finally activate my blogroll and you’re the first one I’ve added, Gary! I guess you earned it by doing all the effort getting your comment through! Thanks for that!

    To everybody else: if you’ve had troubles getting a comment on my blog, it should work now! All off to!



  7. Gary

    Hi Koen

    Welcome to Gary-Land.

    Hmm… I was thinking about this Gary-Land stuff yesterday while I was exercising (good time to think – more blood pumping through the old grey matter – LOL) and thought it would be real neat if my name was Switzer.

    Yeah, Koen, I wasn’t imagining it. I have actually been collecting them all in a folder to see who is who and what the reactions are. I reckon the Dons are scrambling madly and I have also noticed that some are sceduling things on days and at times that Alex has his mentoring sessions on. Anyone else detect that?

    Anyway Koen… glad to have you drop by.

    Oooh… before I forget to mention it… I am working on a new page of Gary’s Hints & Tips. Just thought I’d mention that right now before the PEEPS (Dean’s most excellent made up word for “people”) come here in their droves to make comments.

    I’m putting Gary’s Hints & Tips up to HELP people. It will be sorted into different subjects on the many bits and pieces I have commented on over all the blogsites. Some questions come up ALL the time. So, I reckon that I could be much more efficient by saying “Go to Gary-Land page such and such.”

    Makes sense to me!

    Thanks for making a comment Koen (love the name dude – just like what I said over at Koen-Land – LOL!)


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  8. alex jeffreys

    hey gary,

    I just sent a message to the group about module 3,

    also have you seen this

    im really happy for this guy and its soooooooo early in the day for all of you,

    talk soon

    alex jeffreys

  9. Gary

    Actually Alex yeah…

    I did see THAT. Grrrrrrrr. No. I’m really happy for JT. He is proving it works. I left a massage there, I mean… a message.

    Heh… heh… dude – have YOU seen this?

    This is for the PEEPS – free of charge from my brain to theirs.

    Check out the info pages below this one too! I have been a busy little beaver doing all this. Yeah… I know… I should get the darn sales page up. Now that the pressure is off till next Tuesday I’ve decided to do that on the weekend.

    Thanks for stopping by g… g… gu… gur… Alex! Whew! I almost said it.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  10. Mark Austin

    Hey Gary,

    The email activity has certainly gone up. I have a hotmail address for all the mailing lists I’m on, I have not been into it for a week or so, busy doing homework :)

    Just had a quick look following your post. There is over 600 in there!! It’s like a whos who of the internet marketing world. Well I won’t be short of material when I want to study ‘how the sell, not what the sell’!

    Just had a look at your tips page, excellent work.

    Where do you find the time mate?

    All the best

  11. Gary

    Yo Mark

    Where do I find the time? God. I dunno. I prioritise, I guess. I also run a business abd do a bunch of other stuff and tonight the Ministry of Fun and Gourmet Eating and Drinking (aka the wifey) has got me going to yet another restaurant.

    You have done exactly what I have done – started a collection of emails from the “Dons.” There’s some big names in my Don folder.

    Gee… wouldn’t they be ticked off if they knew we were creating a swipe file to pinch all their tactics. I might wake up with a horse’s head in my bed one morning. They’d better be quick coz I’ve been getting up at 4.15 most mornings to add all this into my daily regime.

    Thanks for the compliment on my “HINTS & TIPS” page. I appreciate it.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  12. Ken

    Hey Gary,

    I’v noticed a big increase in email promotions too. I’m getting about 100 emails a day at the moment. It’s potentially a big distraction and waste of valuable time. I’m ignoring email as far as possible and focusing on productive tasks only.

    Great blog you’ve got going here.

  13. Nikki

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve just left you a long (sorry!) post on your previous blog entry, & I said I’d leave you alone for a while…guess 5 mins counts as a while?!

    Nigel – I have a whip, I can bring that along if it’s needed! Alex, do you feel you need it to control us all?!

    In answer to your question, yes, my inbox is heaving with offers from other IMs!

    Oh, and Gary – if you think my email address is interesting, you should see the name that comes up when I send emails from it…!!

    On that note, I’m off…

    Take care all,


  14. Garry

    Hi Gary,

    Wow, your site is buzzing now! Absolutely fanstatic content

    Really appreciate you popping over my site while I had the horrendous problems this week and answer some of the calls for help over at my site. It kept things ticking along for me as I was sorting my hosting problems out. Thanks for your words of support too.

    Amazing, the timing of it all. Since the moment my site was recommended by Alex on Tuesday’s webinar things just went from bad to worse but looks like I finally resolved most of my problems. It was hard to respond to comments and emails while all of it was going on.

    As a way of saying thanks to our growing community I’ve put up details of a special free offer that will be of particular interest to those that do not know where to start with it all.


  15. Gary

    Hi Nikki

    Regarding long posts I guess people just can’t help ‘emselves here – I probably cause that – LOL! A whip? Gee, this is sounding interesting – must have something to do with Mistress Coleen (the teacher’s little PET) over at Coleen-Land. I reckon she plays kiss chasey at recess. ALL the boys seem to like her. She is VERY popular, you know. Very. But only with the boys.

    Gazza… No worries mate. I dived into your blog a couple of times and answered some of the Q’s. I’ve been on a few of the blogs – a few DOZEN actually and many of the new folks/peeps are asking very much the same Q’s. Therefore, I thought I would create a reference point for these. Hence, my HINTS and TIPS.

    I swear Garry that EVERY time I’m in a rush the photocopier jams or it is out of paper or the stapler mushes a staple and then runs out etc, etc – it’s Murphy’s law man.

    Regards to you both.

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  16. Gary

    Hi Ken

    Yep I have been suspicious of this for about 4-5 days now. I reckon we are being targetted. I have never seen such an avalanche of “offers.”


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  17. Anthony Arias

    Ok you’ve done it now. I will be redesigning my blog because I read about the whole black background problem thingie :)

    Actually someone mentioned it to me early on and I didn’t think to much of it but the whole white space concept makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks for the advice and kick in the pants so to speak, and I will get on my horse and make some changes this weekend.

    Anthony Arias

  18. Gary

    Hi Anthony

    I see you have been to my “HINTS” & “TIPS” section (RHS panel) and probably read the “Blogsite Design” page.

    Well, it is a proven fact that plain black font on plain white screen pleases most people. Why? Because their brains are used to reading newspapers like that. Why? Coz the newspaper owners when they first started publishing probably had limited technology. It has become ACCEPTED.

    Blue on white is acceptable but I go with mass opinion in such matters.

    Anthony, I believe this will help you in the long run. Imagine people sitting there late at night trying to read white on black… a struggle is going on inside their head and they are saying to themselves… too hard… too hard….TOO HARD and they click away. I have read many of the books written by the “Dons” of advertising (eg Caples) and they ALL say the same thing – black on white!

    I’m glad you are taking ACTION! So glad I could help you come to terms with that.


    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  19. Phil Jones

    Ditto with the spike in offers since Alex’s course began, and notably from some well known online celebs too.
    I guess it’s a preditable response to someone telling it like it is, offereing relevent info and support while continuing to over deliver.
    Ummm??? Isn’t Alex going to be the ‘odd man out ‘ on this ‘think tank’ cruise coming up? He’s a braver man than I, and I sure hope he can swim.


  20. Phil Jones

    Hey Gary,

    Tips’N’Tricks is a top idea mate.

    One of the reasons I got a slow start getting my profit pulling website is due to my pc crashing twice in a few days.

    Here’s a trick you could share if you think it’s of use.
    I run Vista Business and it began crashing recently. When I checked the memory it was 99% full.
    After talking to a puter geek mate he told me to back up on a disc or external hard drive (so simple to use…. plug it in and follow the prompts), and then turn off the automatic backup function which retains a memory of everything you do or place on your pc. In effect what seems to happen is , as the actual amount of memory used approaches 50% you find yourself 100% out of memory because of the ‘copy’ the ‘Backup’ function stores. I found that I was able to get back just over 50% memory space , and now my pc is pumpin!
    ** IMPORTANT** If you turn of the ‘Backup ‘ on your pc, then you MUST remember to backup regularly to your external hard drive.
    Hope dat helps.
    Kia Ora

  21. Gary

    Hi Phil

    Thanks for appreciating my “HINTS & TIPS” Phil. It pleases me to hear such comments.

    … 1st post above – yeah Alex is brave here. He will have his detractors, that’s for sure (see my Seagulls & Buzzards thread). But, hey, none of the other Dons would hesitate 1 SECOND if they had thought of this.

    I reckon he has got good IM friends – some heavy hitters who will stick by him. There will be opposing camps. But, hey, anyone who does anything good cops HELL! That is why I threw that S&B page up. From my vast experience in the non-cyber world I expected it… and it only took a couple of days.

    … 2nd post above – bloody computers. Great when they are working. You should have seen the MESS I got into yesterday loading the Profit Platform. Some of the files conflicted with named files I ALREADY had on there and I had to sort it all out. What a nightmare of renaming files and shoving things everywhere then transporting them all back and making sure everything was running properly. Shite!

    Phil it was like untangling an electrical cord that your wife had previously used (That is SURE to get me into trouble). Guys… you know what I mean – wink!

    Thanks for coming by Phil and THANKS for your Vista TIP. I’m sure others will read it and they will say… “AHA!”

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  22. sham

    Hi Gary…..

    thanks for visiting my site and adding it to your blog roll. Got to say you have great blog and some good tips in the Hints and Tips section keep u the good work mate.

  23. Gary

    Hi Sham,

    You are most welcome. I have been trying to inspire others to get this project humping and pumping. Well… maybe not humping – LOL!

    Thank you so much for your praise of my work. It has been very laborious and so time consuming. Yesterday I was awake for 20 hours.

    Thanks again Sham.

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys

  24. Coleen

    mmmm…..very interesting…Cols the Queen Snitch would like to say thank for you the interesting lesson about ‘black on white’……I believe pages load up faster when they are clean and simple as well.

    Just like yours, you Clever Class Clown.!!! Hey presto, and up the page comes!!!

    And why has Mr. Alex Jeffreys been visiting you Gary Simpson.!!!…Well, never you mind…I made it my business to go over to JT’s and have a look at what he has been up to……I intend on going back there later to say a big resounding CONGRATULATIONS..

    I suppose it’s good being your best friend in Class affter all….I always learn something when I drop over to your place (blog)…Thanks Gazza!!! I’m talking to you again now!!! ha ha ha

    Oh no, there’s Mr. Der Brain the Principal…I’m still meant to be in detention. Better run!!!

    See Ya
    Cols The Queen Snitch

  25. Gary

    Hey! Snitch,

    Since ya like that name now I’m gonna dream up an even worse one. LOL!

    On a serious note…

    You said:

    “I always learn something when I drop over to your place (blog)…Thanks Gazza!!!”

    That was really nice of you to say that. Thanks Coleen. I do TRY!

    Internet Marketing Student of Alex Jeffreys



    The currency of the internet is the US dollar (see below)


    Discover how to make $$$ in internet marketing from the comfort of your home.
    Just click on ALEX JEFFREYS to find out how.


  26. Bobby Winchell

    Hello again Gary,
    I’ve been surfing your site and came upon your recomendation to check out “Google This” but your link was not working. I tried searching for it with no luck…could you send me to the right page?
    Much thanks.
    By the way what url do you want me to post in my blog roll for you?
    Have a great weekend!

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