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Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription

by Gary ~ May 9th, 2009

Sit down my friend and get comfortable coz this will either delight or disgust you - depending of course on whether you have a positive outlook on life and want to make friends OR you have a negative outlook Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, on life and want to ATTACK people over trivial matters. After you read this you will probably feel inspired to add a comment of your own.

I want to talk today about interacting with other people on social media websites. Principally I want to talk about the latest phenomenon, buy cheap Fluconazole, Twitter.

For the uninitiated, Fluconazole use, Twitter is an interactive site where people from all over the world can comment back and forth with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But the comments, known as "Tweets," are only allowed to be up 140 characters in length, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. So, you have to be concise, order Fluconazole online c.o.d.


I want to go on record as saying that I have met some of the most WONDERFUL people on Twitter. These people come from all over the world. Buy no prescription Fluconazole online, They all have several things in common. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, They are positive, outgoing, happy, progressive, endearing and they want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Let me name a few of these people by using their Twitter ID's. I'm sure they won't mind. In no particular order other than those who I have Tweeted with most recently.., buy Fluconazole no prescription.

And there are MANY others too. I just haven't interacted with them in the last couple of days and I can't possibly name everybody or the list would extend to a ridiculous length, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription.


But... every now and then along comes some negative, miserable, nasty person who just chooses to say something very mean-spirited for NO GOOD reason at all. Whether it is a mis-interpretation of something that is said, Fluconazole dosage, jealously or just being plain evil, these people are out there. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, PREDATORS!

Now, here's the interesting thing... Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, and I sent a message out about this just today (copy below). These people are EXPOSING themselves as people completely unworthy of being followed by others.


A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Garry Parkes on the phone and Garry was bewildered that some person on Twitter attacked him in a very nasty way for him (Garry) donating money to a kid's cancer fund and then repeating (RT'ing) the link with a message for others to do so, rx free Fluconazole. I too was astounded that ANYONE would be upset, annoyed, What is Fluconazole, offended or critical towards him for doing such a thing. But Garry gave me the link and I read it for myself. It didn't take long for me to determine that this particular individual had a very mean-streak about himself, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. Like a predator, this guy appeared to be actually hunting for people to attack, where can i order Fluconazole without prescription.


A week or so later I too came under fire from somebody who completely misunderstood something I said and then decided to take it PERSONALLY - even though the comment was NOT directed at him - and then chose to attack me in a personal, unfair and nasty manner. Fluconazole duration, What gives with these people? Are they leading such horrendously miserable lives that they just feel the need to upset others. Well, we all know misery loves company. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, Are they trying to attract other miserable, negative people to form a pity posse.


Here are a couple of recent examples (direct copies) of things that have been said to me for NO GOOD reason whatsoever. From the person I just mentioned above (let's call him "Richard"):

@TheGazzMan Do you even know what 1% of your new 12000 followers do, buy Fluconazole online cod. Big Deal. What are u gonna try to sell me now. Fluconazole coupon, Get real Dude.

Huh. I had to read that three or four times coz I just couldn't believe it and, to be honest, I initially had NO IDEA what he was prattling on about, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription.

So, perplexed at why anyone would send me an unsolicited comment like that, I sent this comment asking him to explain himself:

"Richard, buy Fluconazole without a prescription, I was wondering why you had to be so rude in the way that you said it. Have I offended you in some way?"

And here is his reply:

"@TheGazzMan Im referring to your claim of 12000 new followers in 85 days. Fluconazole used for, It is all smoke and mirrors. And making$ from it. Oh well."

Apparently this guy was shitty with me for using the TweetCounter service to send this pre-worded message:

Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, "@Thegazzman gained 12,271 followers in 85 days and 354 since yesterday: from TwitterCounter"

Now, here's the kicker. I wonder if Richard can POSSIBLY see that his barbed comment to me is EQUALLY true of him, albeit at a much lower level of activity as he has FAR less followers than me, Fluconazole street price. Further, he says in his bio: "Im a professional salesman." Hmm. Fluconazole class, Really. Does he PRESENT himself as professional. He also claims, "I help business owners increase sales thru enhanced Internet Marketing, Intensive Social Media Marketing.., Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. blah, blah, buy generic Fluconazole, blah." He's not a great working example of his claims, is he. Fluconazole results, Unfortunately, TweetCounter seems to bring out an element of nastiness and jealousy in some people. Here is another particularly nasty response sent to me - again for NO GOOD reason:

"@TheGazzman says that you have lost 4567 Tweets because you are a conceited jerk."

Nice huh. Thanks "Mary." having a NICE life, Fluconazole overnight, are you. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, She called me a "conceited jerk." How utterly stupid. She doesn't even KNOW me! How can anyone possibly glean such a vision into my nature from a pre-written Tweet delivered automatically from TweetCounter. Fluconazole australia, uk, us, usa, For a start, what this person said was complete rubbish. A lie! "" does not even exist. And as for 4567 Tweets, Fluconazole trusted pharmacy reviews. - total fabricated rubbish just to try to convince people that she knew something negative about me that they were unaware of, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. Can you see the venom behind such rubbish? How puerile.

I asked Mary why she chose to say this to me and here is her equally ridiculous response:

"@TheGazzMan Anybody that has a special program to announce the number of their followers has issues. Fluconazole interactions, IMHO."

WTF. So what. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, Yes, her opinion IS indeed humble. So humble, in fact, Fluconazole from canadian pharmacy, that it is patently pathetic.

Now, Effects of Fluconazole, what I do when I come across this sort of thing (not too often - thank God!) is look at the person's "general" comments to others rather than just ONE mis-guided, mis-informed, idiotic comment in isolation. Here is an example of one of "Mary's" other comments to people (not me by the way):

"[identity of recipient removed] When your future employer looks you up on Twitter and finds you are a drunken bigot she'll say next!!!!!!"

Nasty huh, Fluconazole brand name. And it shows the disposition of a very mean-spirited individual. Mary has a pattern of being nasty, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. I blocked her on Twitter by the way. I don't see any point in discussing anything with a person like this. Buy Fluconazole online no prescription, Unfortunately, Mary is lost in a sea of nasty negativity towards others.


I am at a loss to understand why these people feel the need to ATTACK people like this. But I think my friend Thom Swartwood hit the nail on the head when he said, buy Fluconazole from canada, simply, "JEALOUSY." I agree.

LET'S LOOK AT THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THIS FOR A MOMENT: Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, ... Fluconazole pharmacy, The followers that these people had at the time of their nasty comments were 1641 for Richard and 187 for Mary. At the time I had over 12,000. I now have over 13, discount Fluconazole,000. Both of these individuals are STILL struggling for followers and have similar numbers as they did when they sent their comments. What does this tell you?

It tells me that they are shooting themselves in the foot, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. Fluconazole pics, They are EXPOSING themselves in the worst possible way - announcing to everyone that they are NOT WORTHY of following. Why are they even ON Twitter.

Here's a Re-Tweet from Garry Parkes of something that I sent out today to try to "educate" these mean-spirited people (this is the comment that I mentioned above):

"GarryParkesRT @TheGazzMan Just remember, those who attack others on Twitter are showing MORE about themselves than those who they are attacking."

I think that pretty much sums it up, doses Fluconazole work.


Have you been subjected to an unwarranted attack by somebody on a social networking site like Twitter. I invite your comments Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, below. You can give examples of people who EXPOSE their nastiness for all the world to see if you wish. Fluconazole price, Just don't identify them in a manner that enables others to find them, please. First names are OK, like I have used above, kjøpe Fluconazole på nett, köpa Fluconazole online.


When somebody feels the need to make some totally unwarranted, off-the-planet, evil or nasty remark to you then you can send them here just to show them what they are REALLY doing to their own credibility when they engage in this trash.


Alternatively, if you want to PRAISE somebody on Twitter then you can do that here too. I am sure that those people would appreciate you saying such a thing so, by all means, include their Twitter ID if you want, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription.

Let's praise the wonderful people on Twitter and "TRY" to educate the others. They probably wont "get it" but we can try. The ATTACK DOGS are certainly out there. It's best not to "engage" them in jousting. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, That is what they want. Deny them their perverted pleasure. If you ignore them then hopefully they will crawl back under their rock to sulk and leave you alone.


Finally, if you would like people to come to this blog post then you can copy this tinyurl link (shortened from 92 characters to just 25 characters) - and construct your own (positive) comment, OR...

... If you like, you may wish just to copy the following comment and link and send it to somebody who you believe has attacked you unfairly (and hopefully make them see some sense!):

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ COPY & PASTE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Because of your comment, perhaps you need to read this:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ COPY & PASTE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


PS1: How are YOU presenting yourself on Twitter?

PS2: Keep an eye out for my new FREE Twitter e-book - "How to Get NOTICED on Twitter" - to be released soon, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. (Read this, apply the techniques and you will certainly get noticed for all the RIGHT reasons). Watch this blog post for details.



Get Internet Selling For Newbies now... Click here!

Are you sick of the same old results. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, Change your thinking and change your outcomes. To learn more click the banner below:

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themself." - Galileo (1564-1642).
Your JOURNEY to now has created the LIFE you are living.
Improving yourself will enable you to fulfill your DESTINY.

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78 Responses to Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription

  1. Michael J Ottman

    Hey Mr. Gazz-Man… I want to thank you for such a great post. I don’t have nearly the followers you do, “not even close” but after such a descriptive post about negativity, I can start to give value on Twitter without worrying about what others might say.

    I realize that many including myself at first were just wondering how to build numbers. I am glad that you are obviously being yourself on Twitter. Sometimes people just don’t like what we say or how we act but it’s true that people can read the crap and you my friend don’t post crap!

    You are true to your nature and beat to your own drum. People see this and follow you because they like you, not just because you offer some super valuable service, “which by the way you do!”

    As they see your strengths along with your motivational moments videos, it’s easy to see that you care but don’t put up with rudeness. You tell it like you see it and that makes you memorable.

    By following you and your little nudges, I’ve grown more in my business than at any other time and I thank you for that. My graphics business has taken off and I can’t wait to put your new Twitter book into action so I can gather “quality” followers instead of “quantity.”

    All those who read your book will see the value right away and know you mean business while gaining a good friend. Whenever the book is ready for everyone else, they definitely need to get it.

    Till next time,

    Michael J Ottman

  2. JT Martin

    Hi Gary,

    Been a while since I stopped by the Temple. Luckily, I have run across very little negativity on Twitter so far, but it’s existence doesn’t surprise me.

    Some of the big Internet Marketing forums are teeming with such negative types. They hang about and connive to criticize every positive thing that they can. Trying to knock the wind out of the small successes that people achieve

    I don’t know where these obviously miserable people come from, but there are seem to be quite a few. I very rarely participate in the Warriors forum anymore because I saw so much negativity from some of the members.

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with the jealousy call. I would bet my life’s savings that these people have never made a penny online. Yet they are the first ones to tell everybody that something is crap and doesn’t work when they don’t even have a clue.

    Sounds like envy to me.

    I actually feel sorry for these people because it is really sad that the only joy they can find in life is by berating the efforts of others. All you can do is see through their self loathing, ignore them, and maybe even pity them.


    PS – Are you pumped about the Giveaway? Won’t be long now. Vegas is still up in the air. I’m going to have to pull a rabbit out of my hat to make it.

  3. Gary

    @ Michael – Unfortunately these negative people are out there. I have been the target several times now because I am fairly active and… well… I guess they just like to try to take people down in front of others – trying to belittle them and make them look like a fool. But if only they would step back and see what they are REALLY doing. They are making themselves look like fools.

    Hence my “Tweet” – “@TheGazzMan Just remember, those who attack others on Twitter are showing MORE about themselves than those who they are attacking.”

    Michael, I had to laugh at what you said here:

    “Sometimes people just don’t like what we say or how we act but it’s true that people can read the crap and you my friend don’t post crap!”

    Glad you said the last bit. PMSL! Very funny.

    I’m very pleased to be the catalyst for your new “Simple Ecovers” business. Your work is BRILLIANT! I am seeing it all over the place and I am proud to display your banner on my site. [Check it out folks! —->]

    I’ve seen the preliminary work you have done for my new e-book on Twitter and it looks fantastic!

    I do believe in quality over quantity and at the moment I am personally selecting a lot of my followers. And – if those people are rude or abusive then… yep, I will UNfollow them. There are far too many wonderful people on Twitter to waste time with the grief-merchants. They just don’t get the big picture, or the medium one or even the small picture. They just don’t GET IT at all!

    Michael, please come back and give us all your URL link for your E-cover business.

    Thanks for being the first person to comment here. I appreciate it.


  4. Gary

    @ JT. Glad to see you stop by my friend. Fortunately their aren’t too many negative ones on Twitter. However, the ones that I have seen are really vindictive. That woman I spoke about above is a bloody shocker! No wonder she has so FEW followers. Nobody in their right mind would want to follow somebody so invective. I just don’t get her AT ALL!

    Your observations about the WF are well founded. you may recall that I gave warnings on Dean Holland’s blog and also Garry Parkes’ blog. Other people also came in and backed me up saying the same thing. I have seen some horrible people just ripping newbies to shreds at the WF. Why? I can only surmise it is to boost their own pathetically inadequate egos.

    Yes JT – Iam looking forward to the launch of the 4 Corners Giveaway. I am hoping to do some more work on the Members’ page this weekend to get it ready. I am disgustingly busy at the moment with all sorts of projects and many requests from others asking for help with bits and pieces. I guess it’s better to be busy rather than idle though, huh?

    Just thouight of something… that is probably why the misery-merchants do what they do. Maybe they have got ZILCH happening in their miserable existences. If they were busy then they wouldn’t have time to waste on meing negative.

    Thanks for visiting “the TEMPLE” – LOL!


    PS: JT I hope you get to Las Vegas with the rest of the crew.

  5. Michael J Ottman

    Well Gary since you asked, I will deliver. My new site is and many of you have already been over there and probably have seen my work.

    You can all thank the Temple owner for motivating me to do this for you all. I have been lucky enough to not have any negative remarks made on Twitter but then again, I don’t have near the comments, “YET.”

    Since I live on the other side of the globe, Gazzy it’s nice to know when I can catch you fresh. “Mental Note” LOL

    I’m serious people, the new Twitter book that’s coming is going to be an “aha” moment. At least it was for me.

    Until next time my Gazzy Master,

    Michael J Ottman

  6. Gary

    Hi Michael – “Gazzy Master.” WTF? I gotta say that made me laugh.

    You are most welcome to put your e-Book Cover design business link here. I will always recommend helpful and talented people and you fit that bill.

    As you have already read an advance copy of my new Twitter e-book I thank you for saying this:

    “I’m serious people, the new Twitter book that’s coming is going to be an “aha” moment. At least it was for me.”

    Unfortunately, I think everybody will get attacked by the negative ones on Twitter sooner or later. It’s just a numbers thing. The more followers you get, the greater the chance will be. That’s life, I guess. Not everyone wants to be happy and some just go out of their way to “share” their unhapiness with others.


  7. Bobby Revell

    Hey Gary! An occasional gripe tweet or expression of dislike of something doesn’t bother me, but to just degrade or insult someone just means they are jealous and have a lack of self-esteem. There are some users that tend to brag about their accomplishments, but they’re usually always nice people if you approach them positively. I always try to see the good in people and treat them with respect even if they don’t return the respect. When I first started Twitter, I thought it was silly, but lately I’ve used it more and have met lots of great people and often read the links they put up. I love to find twitter users who have a great blogs also as it’s a great way to know them better.

    I suffered from severe depression for decades and have conquered it. I no longer have time to waste on people who only want to spread misery because I used to be one of those people and misery breeds misery. I’m not perfect and have written a few negative articles, but it was because I was being immature, but you live and learn—that’s the important part. Life is too short to be filled with hatred and envy. Great post:)

  8. Gary

    Hi Bobby – First, thank you for taking the time to come here and make some good comments.

    I agree with you. I don’t mind it when people disagree or express a dislike or even annoyance. However, when anyone just goes on the attack with name-calling and vituperative rubbish just to try to hack others down in a mean-spirited way then I lose all repect for them. There is no need for that AT ALL!

    You said:

    “Life is too short to be filled with hatred and envy.”

    Indeed it is. And the older you get the MORE you realise and understand that – LOL! That is why people who engage in such rubbish need to take a good, hard look at themselves and change their ways. Otherwise they will lead a lowly, miserable and lonely life with no friends.

    Sorry to hear about those years of depression that you suffered but it sounds like you are well now. It takes strength to come through depression. So, well done!



  9. Robert

    Yes well said. I want to say that to date I have not had any type of an attack launched against me. I think it would be best if we all see it as it is which is to say these people are not evil they just are misguided and perhaps pityful but you should never let a negative comment inflict any pain on you personally. When attacked let commpassion be your automatic responce and the attack will transform into a lesson for all of us.

  10. Gary

    Hi Robert – Thank you for your comments. You are fortunate at not having been targeted on Twitter – so far.

    Twitter is a microcosm of the real world. In that world we have many misguided people and also some truly evil people. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that there are a number of evil people using Twitter for nefarious purposes – sex-offenders, identity thieves, robbers and even pedophiles and murderers – all trolling around looking for victims.

    I don’t think anyone can be too careful about the type of information that they give out on any of the social networking sites.

    Personally, I am never threatened by anyone’s ridiculous comments on Twitter – even if they attack me. I just wonder why they feel the need to make their nasty and negative remarks. It is so unnecessary. Most of it, I think, IS mis-guided and driven by jealousy.

    Thanks for taking the time to come here Robert and share your thoughts on this matter.


  11. Ken Douglas


    I have found that there are 2 basic ways to approach life. One can strive to reach the levels obtained by others or try to bring others down to a level which you choose not to leave. The philosophy of your twitter critics is obvious.


  12. Gary

    Hi Ken – Brilliant mate. You zeroed that in like a laser!


  13. Sean


    First of all, great post it has to be said.

    It baffles me why some people even take the time to even make negative and personal attacks on someone or something they have said. As said in the above repsonses…….. jealousy, lack of self esteem and more than likely lack of success, drive and determination spring to mind, why do they find it so hard in themsleves to compliment others or just say a ‘well done, awesome work?!’

    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but I like to steer clear of these people with negative attitudes.

    I’ll be saving that link should anyone respond negatively and sling them to your post where they can think about their actions and attitude.

    Nice work Gary, will keep in touch.


  14. Gary

    Hi Sean – that is what I was hoping – ie for people to save the link and just steer the negative and abusive ones right here to this post. If they are too negative or abusive they probably won’t read it anyway. But we can try!

    Thanks for taking the time to make a comment. I appreciate your effort.


  15. Gary

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THOUGHT PROVOKING QUOTE (#003) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance.”
    -Dalai Lama

    Comment – This comment by the Dalai Lama is in keeping with this post. Ignorance holds so many people back from achievement and success. But how can we overcome the barrier of ignorance? If somebody will not listen then how do we get through to them?

    – TGM

  16. Twitted by TheGazzMan

    […] This post was Twitted by TheGazzMan – […]

  17. Mark Mooney

    Well done the G-Man as we both know there are nut jobs using Twitter, like most of your other contributors it’s often best to just ignore them, but personally I would love to see them face to face in a quiet room somewhere.

    Seriously what we must remember at followers is that we don’t actually own Twitter we are simply here as guests and eventually Twitter etiquette will always prevail in the end, and Nut Jobs will eventually be found out all we simply have to do is click on the magic unfollow button.

    Great post thanks Gary

  18. Gary

    Hi Mark – Good to see you here again. Thanks for taking the time to make a comment. I do appreciate it.

    Most of these type of people would go to water in a face to face situation. The reason they are so insulting with their comments is because they are able to hide behind their keyboards. Mostly they are cowardly.

    Recently, I had some loud-mouth hurl abuse at me on the road and gesture with all manner of lewd hand-signs. He thought he was so clever. But when I pulled up alongside him at a set of traffic lights he began to shake like a leaf. All I did was look at him (penetratingly, I might add) and he couldn’t even turn his head my way.

    The UNfollow click is indeed our best ally on Twitter. I like to give everybody the opportunity to explain themselves but if their reply is inadequate or worse, even ruder, than their original comment then it is BYE-BYE from TGM. There are FAR TOO MANY great people worthy of my time (and yours) on Twitter to waste it with detritus like this.


  19. John Minni

    Here is what I think. I think these people are great! Let me explain why I come to this conclusion. They are representative of the real world in general. However, in the real world you might not be able to block these people. Perhaps you have to work with them. It is in how you deal with the negative people in the Twitter world and the real world that demonstrates what kind of person you are. Sometimes very negative people can help us objectively look at a concept we are working with. They point out flaws and challenge us to work harder. I would have never come to this post if I didn’t see your tweet. Thanks for writing it and I am wondering if it is possible to look at each interaction and develop a strategy to try to do what some old saying said, “May he either turn their hearts or turn their ankles so we can see them heading down the street by the way they walk!”

  20. Gary

    Hi John – That was a most interesting perspective. It was a different way of viewing things and I thank you for your comments.


  21. Amy

    I personally try and be nice and kind to every one and thats not just on twitter. It saddens me that there are rude people like this but not just on twitter but other sites as well and they ruin the joy of it all.

    I give every one who had to deal with the rudeness of some a big Hug.

  22. Denise

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I launched an online support group in 1996, which was my first experience with “flamers.” It was such a surprise to experience that level of unkindness. I thought, “This is the bad I take with the good.” Now when I experience a difficult encounter online (including on Twitter), I feel better managing the experience if I can say, “What can I learn from this?” And, almost every time, I do learn something that helps me take my business and service to the next level. Now I think: It’s all good. :) Have a great weekend!

  23. Gary

    Hi Amy – You are so kind to have a disposition like that. I’m glad to meet you on Twitter.

    Best wishes and keep in touch.


  24. John Minni

    I would love to see someone do a blog post that says I was negative Twitter user that changed and @(insert cool twitter user handle here) helped me see why being negative doesn’t help. This is a contrary to my previous comment. There is a difference between being critical in a constructive way and being negative to try to get a rise out of someone!

    If you don’t like something and your message about this thing you don’t like could be interpreted as an attack, how about this? email that person and state your issue, instead of putting it out there in the twitter stream for all to see.

    This might tie everything together the title of the presentation is “Be nice or Leave”

  25. Amy

    Hi Denise – ya I had unkindness show up on my own site and I too learn from it. It is a good thing to learn from it and grow from it. Thats the way to be. ^_^

  26. geoffrey

    hi gary,

    this is a really good post. i can see that there are a lot of people supporting you on this and this includes me. i do not see why someone would use twitter or any other social networking website to negatively attack someone directly. i am on twitter to gain friends, get updates and probably gain some knowledge. i do hope the people who do this would rather use constructive criticism and to focus on the what the person did and not the person. i believe this might be more acceptable than posting nasty messages. anyways, i’m really glad to be one of your followers and i wish you more power.



  27. John Mijac

    This was a wonderful post.

    Anyone who is honestly being themselves will encounter negativity from time to time. I find the important thing for me is to not take it personally. In almost every case, in Twitter and in the world at large, such negativity is about the accuser and not the accused. However, when I find myself reacting to the negative I know right away there is something I ought to take a look at in myself. In this way the negativity others show me becomes a tool I can use to better myself. I am not saying an internal reaction proves the rude person right, quite the contrary, but because of it I get a signpost pointing to things in myself I may otherwise never have seen.

    Lastly, I have found that when I can remain centered, not react with anger, but treat the other person as if they were a dear friend ( perhaps gone a little crazy at the moment), sometimes the negative person undergoes a transformation. I have a couple of good friendships which began with such negativity.

    Thanks Gary, for providing this forum!

    John Mijac

  28. Hilary

    Hi Gary

    I haven’t had anyone be rude to me so far and have met some great people on Twitter. However well done for raising this, at times, difficult topic.

    As many people have said, Twitter is a reflection of life in general. My husband works in a retail environment and only this morning we were talking about how rude people can be – expecting not to have to wait at the checkout, being rude to staff etc.

    All we can do is to realise that those people have the problem and if we can help them in any way, then fine, but not to let their negativity get to us. This can be difficult sometimes and it can be easy to take the abuse personally. However in the end it is up to us to lead our lives in as positive a manner as possible and to put the negativity of others behind us.

    That’s why I like to interact with people like you and all of the others I have met since being involved with the AJ course. Thanks!

    So I’m surrounding myself with the positive influences and not going to let others ruin my day!


  29. Mobile Electronic Books › Fresh From Twitter

    […] Hi Kells, e-book not quite ready yet but U crack a nice mention here: on post about positive/negativeDownload our free e-book with 5-ingredient recipes. You can find it […]

  30. Jonathan Nelson

    I can relate with 100%. I’ve had to pull myself back several times from saying something stupid in response to a stupid comment. There are some people that just have nothing better to do than to display their personal grudges towards you. I developed two Twitter applications in the last 1.5 months. I had no choice, but to be innovative and make something happen. I’ve been doing internet marketing for almost 10 years and when I was laid off in March of this year the harsh reality hit me straight in the eye and it was either time to make something happen or be left in the dust and become another statistic. Some people just hate to see other people succeed. It’s a burning feeling in the deep of their gut that usually controls their demeanor. I was just telling people last night that this world needs more compassion. More people who do things for the greater good and expect nothing in return. What’s so great about the new social web is that it’s an opportunity to connect and have meaningful relationships with one another. I believe we were created, so that we could spend life together. Can you imagine a world by yourself? Frightening.

    I’ll continue building tools that help connect people, so that they may nurture, grow and build these relationships with one another and not be left alone in a world by themselves. That to me is what social media is all about.

  31. Gary

    @ John – yes there is a BIG difference between constructive criticism and disagreeing with somebody or something and an outright ATTACK on a person. I will go to that link directly after I make my replies here. Thanks for including it.

    @ Amy – you and Denise both bring a nice perspective here. How can we learn NOT to upset others by modifying our own behaviour? In both my personal examples above I was personally attacked by people for posting a pre-set, standard-worded Tweet from TweetCounter. It seems like my large number of followers got right up the noses of my abusers. Therefore, as Thom Swartwood said, their anger at me was driven by their own jealousy.

    I considered NOT sending that message via TweetCounter any more and then I thought… “No. Sending it can inspire 10’s or 100’s of 1,000’s of people to do more and be more. Why should I cater to TWO people who have such obvious personality issues?” So, I have decided yes, I will continue to use TweetCounter. If those two individuals don’t like it then they can just ignore it. I’m not forcing them to read it. In fact, I hope they don’t.

    @ Geoffrey, yes. That is correct. We should all be learning off each other. Tearing people down with personal criticism and name calling is just so childish. I hope to have a positive influence on everyone and they on me.

    @ John – You make many fine points in your comments. I can see that you are a positive person and that you are always learning and developing. In these instances I ALWAYS go to the bio or webpage of people who say negative things about me or my friends to see if it was just a one-off abberation or if they are generally abusive and rude.

    I have seen several hateful people on Twitter and it makes me wonder what has happened in their lives to make them this way and why they are choosing to perpetuate it by trying to spread it to others. I find it sad because unless they change their ways then this is as much as these people will ever be.

    I’d better post these replies now before my computer does anything silly and I lose it all – LOL!

    Thank you John, Amy, Geoffrey and John.


  32. Brett Burr

    This is my first post here, however, I have been following you here every day since I first met you on twitter. You are an incredible inspiration to me and your educated views on the very subject I promote my business’ by are the most informative and trusted I have found on the internet.
    I have to be honest with you, if I could have a month to learn from you one on one and have you lead me step by step, I believe I would be one of the next “TOP” internet marketers on the internet.
    I know there are folks out there that will do everything in their power to bring on a bad name or feeling for those of whom are succeeding, and it just doesn’t seem right, but we should expect for this type of behavior. Some people just have to show their true colors with out reguard to what it actually says about them selves.
    I would like to thank you for every thing you provide on twitter. I follow you like a lost puppy and strive to be as well accepted by the internet marketing community as you are hopefully soon. I would also like to add that your knowledge and level of professionalism is some thing I look to on a daily basis and I find it right here.
    And Gary, I have to say, you are the sole reason that I am still on twitter and now using it for the growth of my business. Your assistance with my beginnings on twitter was more than I could have ever asked for and I thank you so much for welcoming me and assisting me in my growth.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!
    Brett Burr
    Start Your Life Here!

  33. Gary

    Hi Hilary – I have found many wonderful people through the Alex Jeffreys coaching course and also on Twitter. You are included in that, my dear (as you very well know).

    Here’s another example on the sort of thing that you and your hubby were talking about…

    I was standing in the bank last year when this man began heatedly abusing the female teller. He called her an “effing bitch” and was ranting and raving about some thing he wanted her to do for him (DUH! Using vinegar to try to attract a honey bee). She became flustered and embarrassed and very upset. Everyone started looking at them to see what the commotion was about.

    The guy turned to me (next in line to be served) and said something like, “This useless bitch… blah, blah, blah…” then started crapping on to me about some BS that I wasn’t interested in. Like WHY would I be the slightest bit interested in listening to a rude pig like that anyway? I just raised my hand (like a cop) and said, “Whoa! You owe that lady an apology. You are very rude and abusive and I think you had better leave.”

    Anyway, that stunned him. His jaw dropped, he picked up his things and he scurried out like a dog with its tail between its legs. I guess he realised how pathetic he had been. I just don’t see how that sort of attitude can be helpful at all!

    Hils, like you said, surrounding yourself with positive influences will do far more for us than taking notice of anybody with a negative snout on life. [Hmm… maybe that wasn’t the turn-of-phrase I should have used – given “Swine Flu.” LOL!]

    Thanks for coming by. Please say hello to Lizzie the Lizard for me.


  34. Gary

    Hi Jonathan – I certainly KNOW how difficult it is to restrain yourself when faced by somebody who is unreasonably rude and abusive (LOL – see my comment above about the guy in the bank).

    We seem to be subjected to a lot of this over here in Perth, Western Australia. Unfortunately, we have a terrible drug and alcohol problem with our youth. They resort to absolutely FOUL language and even physical violence for almost anything that they deem upsetting to them. It’s MADNESS. Many times I have had to “bite my tongue” (VERY difficult for me, usually – LOL) and ignore somebody or just walk away.

    Your comment…

    “Some people just hate to see other people succeed. It’s a burning feeling in the deep of their gut that usually controls their demeanor.”

    … is so similar to JT Martin‘s observation about a certain (WF) forum where people who THINK of themselves as “warriors” congregate. Some of these so-called self-proclaimed “warriors” are some of the most miserable, mean-spirited, critical, negative people that you will EVER find. They seem to tbelieve that attacking “newbies” is a blood-sport or something. They wouldn’t know a TRUE warrior if they fell over one.

    It is so frustrating and annoying to see these people form a posse and GANG up on individuals and then attack them mercilessly. I have seen it so often on that forum and it is always so pitiful. And, like I have said several times above – it does nothing but EXPOSE them as very sad people with nothing better to do than belittle the efforts and achievements of others.

    I was a member of this forum (actually, I still am) but the half dozen offenders there just sickened me so much I drifted away. I have been rather inactive there for years but I did go there a few weeks ago to support Mike Filsaime who was being criticized in a most unfair manner for GIVING AWAY his Butterfly Marketing package. I suspect there was a big element of jealousy towards Mike happening there.

    Anyway, I read quite a few criticisms, made a comment in support of Mike Filsaime and then left thinking, “well nothing has changed much here over the years” and it has re-inforced in my mind that I just don’t want to go there.

    Jonathan, in fact, I have wondered what it would be like if I were the only person in the world. You can get a bit of an insight into that by watching Will Smith in “I Legend” or Tom Hanks in that movie where he was stranded on an island. I forget the name of it.

    Keep that POSITIVE attitude Jonathan. The world needs as many positive people as possible. Don’t let the critics and naysayers and merchants-of-doom affect you. If you do, they win.


    PS: Jonathan, you are most welcome to come back and tell us about those Twitter applications and give links to them for my readers.

  35. Gary

    Wow Brett! – That is HIGH praise indeed. I sure hope I can live up to that. Thank you most sincerely! But don’t put me on too much of a pedestal coz I am bound to make mistakes and errors of judgement. I am far from perfect but I do try really hard to do my best for people.

    I am going to release my Twitter e-book soon and a LOT of what I know about Twitter and the way that I have accumulated a strong following on it will be revealed in the book.

    Brett, I am going to mention the name of it here in my reply to you for the FIRST time outside my close circle of friends who have been reviewing it for me … it’s called (drum roll – LOL!) …

    “Twitter Muscle – How to Get Noticed on Twitter!”

    I am all for trying to help people with their efforts in Internet Marketing. I believe very strongly that there are so many people who have SO much to offer and yet are hiding their talents from us all for fear of criticism or ridicule. Case in point – have a look at that lady, Susan Boyle of Britain Has Talent, on You Tube (about 70 million views now). What an amazing voice! Same with Paul Potts on the same show about two years ago.

    These people have incredible talent hitherto hidden from the world. I notice also that some uncharitable types are commenting negatively about Susan Boyle’s frumpiness, her dress sense, her bloody eyebrows for God’s sake etc, etc. They are also comparing Paul Potts to Pavarotti and saying that he doesn’t measure up with Pav’s voice. Jeez!

    Anyway, back to Internet Marketing… I have developed my ACTION Planner and now this Twitter Muscle e-book to help people in their efforts. I don’t have all the answers but what I know i like to share. Incidentally, Twitter Muscle will be a free resource of 44 pages. I am hoping to have it available next week – fingers x-ed!

    Brett, all of those people who I have listed (Twitter ID’s) above are very friendly and knowledgeable. I have formed some excellent relationships with people on Twitter and I am sure you will too. I couldn’t name all of my friends in the list above, obviously. However, if you interact with ANY of these people you will be impressed with them. Stay on Twitter Brett. There is so much scope for creating excellent relationships.

    Best Wishes


    PS: If you would like to DM (Direct Message) me on Twitter I’d like to give you one of my other e-books that has helped people all over the world (44 countries at last count). It’s called “The Power of Choice.” It has never failed to inspire people. I have had 100’s of outstanding comments about it. Actually, come to think of it… I can get your email addy out of the registration panel and send you the link. I’ll do that. (Silly me!)

  36. Stephen Bray

    I just me a fellow countryman of yours who spent over 12 years living in a Buddhist monastery. In the end they kicked him out and told him to teach ‘his people’.

    Now he has lots of people in many countries of the world but his possessions can all be packed in a small rucksack. He choses to base himself in the Tailand but has no permanent home. He simply travels, teaches, or meditates in monateries.

    Remarkable he turned up here and we ate supper, and breakfast together before he took a plane to Istanbul.

    This comment may seem a long way from Twitter but Jeff, (for that’s the guy’s name), has a remarkable quality. He just doesn’t give any attention to anything that doesn’t serve his purpose, which is to help others become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

    At one level I can relate to this post. Some guy had a rant at me a few weeks back because I claim that you can make money on-line without leaving your front door.

    He tweeted some of his followers and they came back by saying that I was some kind of get rich quick merchant and clearly a scammer.

    But what I claim isn’t that remarkable is it? After all who deliberately runs their Internet busines from Starbucks because they prefer that to using a laptop on their kitchen table?

    But I haven’t thought about that guy once since he made his comment until reading your post. Why? Simply because it wouldn’t serve who I am, or whom I want to be wre I to do so.

    In that sense I’m like Jeff.

    To my mind the Internet is a superb vehicle for personal development. The fact that scams and crafty ‘ninja’ tactics are used by marketers really forces me to make real choices about who I am and how I want to behave and be seen on-line.

    Twitter is just one aspect of this.

    As ever Gary a brilliant post. If more people understood ‘The Power of Choice’ they truly would behave much better on Twitter, for in fact they react not to Garry Parkes, you, or I, but to an aspect of their makeup that they find too dangerous to own so instead they put upon us.

    Go well Garry, and keep away from those sheep ;~)


  37. Gary

    @ Stephen – You are slipping (just a little) Mr Bray! About your newfound monk friend, you said:

    “This comment may seem a long way from Twitter…”

    Yes, but… don’t forget… you are @ the TEMPLE! Rather appropriate, wouldn’t you agree? Monk. Temple. LOL! OK, I’m being frivolous (You do tend to bring out the fool in me).

    Seriously, I hear what you are saying. These flamers/abusers/haters can be like a thorn in your foot. If you extract it and remove the temporary annoyance it provides then you don’t need to give it even a second thought. Some people can do that easily, like you. However, others cannot.

    My post here allows people a place of reference to direct these people so they may see the ERROR and folly of their ways. PERHAPS (?) they may re-think their disposition and change their life around. Then again, maybe not. But there is a CHANCE that this can happen.

    The other thing is this – when attacked in a nasty, personal way, many people are put down and feel all alone. In rare instances such a thing can have massive repercussions. Nasty words start world wars, so there is great POWER in words. But… ONLY if we give them power.

    Hopefully, this post can be a sanctuary for people who feel threatened by such attacks. They will soon learn here that they are NOT alone in dealing with threats like this.

    Thanks for stopping by Braysie. Now go and tend your sheep! (Standing joke between me and Stephen Bray folks… just in case you were wondering.)


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  39. Julie - Inspired to Write

    First, I am truly honored that you mentioned me!! Very kind. The nastiness is unavoidable I guess, I think it is just jealousy. And the fact that you interact with lil ol’ me says that you DO make time for you followers.

    The cancer think really bothers me. I have been trying to raise money for cancer on Twitter with no luck, but no one has sent me a nastigram about it. Such a shame!! Why would someone be upset about that?!?

    You are one of the good guys. Attacks are unnecessary. I have always been taught “praise in public, punish in private” (Air Force thing). So, if someone has a problem with you, I think a DM would be the better way to go. Keep on truckin Gazzman!!

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  41. Linda

    Hi Gary. I know very little about twitter. Signed up – hadn’t posted anything yet – then had to scurry off halfway across the country.

    I know that there are plenty of people who act rude because it makes them feel all powerful and in control. Toxic people. But, I have another thought…

    While I was away, I read an article about auto-follow tools for twitter. Apparently, there are programs I could use to auto-add myself to a lot of twitter lists in the hopes people will see me join and add me back, thus building my own list through auto-adding myself to other lists.

    According to the article, a lot of people hate those tools like I hate spammers. I understand why… I imagine that auto-add-tools create lists of people that probably aren’t really reading each others posts.

    It’s the quantity over quality thing. Same as spam. Spammers figure if they blast out a million emails and 1% read them, it’s profitable so they keep doing it. I’m guessing people who use auto-add-tools have the same reasoning? Auto-add thousands to get a few real readers

    That’s NOT to say everyone with a big list got their subscribers that way. I’m sure some did and some didn’t. BUT… it does make me wonder if that’s where some of the anger comes from.

    Do people who hate twitter auto programs see people with big twitter lists and automatically assume they’re using auto-add programs?

  42. Gary

    Hi Julie – Thanks for taking the time to come to my blog and add your experience here. I want you to know that I truly appreciate it.

    I think the general concensus is that it is jealousy that drives these ugly comments.

    Everybody on Twitter is there for a different personal reason. I am sure that several people are there just to cause trouble. For instance, Mary, who I wrote about above. I have checked her comments from time to time and she just seems to want to flame and inflame people. I doubt whether Mary is even her or HIS name.

    I wonder what perverse pleasure these type of people receive from doing this? I take pleasure in the knowledge that while she or he and the others are WASTING their time in such a ridiculous negative pursuit, I am making friends and giving and receiving value from people. So, who is the loser?

    Praise in public and punish in private is a good concept. When somebody is rude or offensive to me I like to give them an opportunity to explain why. Then, if all I get back is further invective or they ignore me I just wipe them off my following list.

    Anyone can make a mistake and anyone can mis-understand something, so it’s always good to give a second chance to make good. I have actually formed friends like this in the past.


  43. Gary

    Hi Linda – Hmm, I didn’t think of that. Your comments about the auto following back and commenting tools for Twitter are well founded. You are talking about things like Hummingbird, MyTweetElite,TweetLater and the many others that are springing up all over the place. They all do various things and they all have automatic components.

    I just had a silly thought. If too many people start using these things to get automatic followers then all we will have is machines and programmes yapping senselessly away to each other. It IS crazy when you take it to an extreme like that. I suppose it is all about people trying to gain an (unfair?) advantage.

    You may be correct when you say that some people automatically assume that EVERY person with a big Twitter following is using something like this. I use Tweetlater for a short DM to my followers and TweetCounter to advertise my statistics. They are free services and ANYBODY can use them.

    It was TweetCounter that infuriated the two flamers above. I considered not using it after they made their rude remarks above but then I thought NO – it’s THEIR problem that I have a lot more followers than they do.

    Personally, I do NOT use automatic tools to get followers because I deem it pretty insincere. But that is just my take on it. ALL of my followers have been MANUALLY added. I like to SEE who I want to follow and I have a set of criteria that I use. I explain this fully in my free 45 page Twitter Muscle e-book.

    I also like to interact with a set of very nice people on Twitter. That is the KEY to Twitter IMHO! Some of those folks are listed above but I could extend that list to around 100 or more people who I find very engaging and interesting. If anybody wants to follow some GREAT people on Twitter then they should start with that 20 or so above. Some of them are also very witty and make amusing remarks that give me a lift. So, I have a great mix of serious and comical people who I interact with. And I like to mix and match my comments back to them in that way too.

    I suppose that three flames against me in 5,604 Tweets (comments on Twitter) and having a current following of 14,480 people is VERY low, so I should be happy. But, as you know Linda, it only takes ONE person to be rude to ruin things for a while. That is the power of the negative – IF you give it power, that is. Stephen Bray has a good mindset with this. He wrote about it above.

    I guess we can choose to allow a hater to affect us or not. It’s their unhappy, miserable life. We should let them have it all to themself.

    Thanks for putting a different perspective on this matter.

    I do hope your emergency is resolved soon.


  44. Julie - Inspired to Write

    In response to your response to Linda – I agree, the auto followers ANNOY ME and it is very impersonal. I do the same as you with my own criteria..but I look at everyone’s profile / bio first before I decide. I am not sure how long it took you to get than many followers. But, i think with the personal methods you and I just described, it is possible to get a large following just by being sincere.

  45. Gary

    Hi again Julie – I personally choose those who I want to follow and YES – it takes a LOT of time and effort. But when people “initiate” proceedings and follow me FIRST then I “generally” follow them back out of courtesy. The only people I don’t follow back are porn people, those who display racial intolerance (eg KKK) , obvious haters and people who deliberately have an idiotic appearance or bio (eg some guy who has a fixation on encouraging people to eat boogers – good grief! Why would ANYONE want to follow him?!).

    Sometimes, those who I follow back turn out to be people I should never have followed in the first place (eg “Mary” above). But you don’t know that at the time. You just hope that people behave properly and add value.

    I’m not knocking those people who use auto-following tools on Twitter. What they are doing is simply engaging in a mass-follow strategy to get as many people as they can in the hope of getting a small percentage of GOOD followers from a huge number. They just play the “numbers game.” I just choose to use a different strategy where I try to get a greater percentage of quality people by hand-picking them.

    Thanks for coming back Julie.


  46. Joanne Keevers

    Hi Gary, Wow, haven’t you started up a debate here? That’s what I love about following you, are not afraid to say what you think!

    Recently I made a comment on Twitter along the lines of “If more people in the world were Twitterers, the world would be a much better place”. I made that comment due to the fact that people are just so darn NICE on Twitter!! It is a site that seems, overall, to bring out the best in people.

    I must say, though, that there have been a couple of occasions when I have felt that comments made to other people have been just a tad out of line…by criticising others for expressing their opinions. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion on any subject. It can be debated. But it IS just opinion, where there is not necessarily going to be any right & wrong, therefore blatant criticism is uncalled for!

    Gary, you also mention the back-lash that Mike Filsaime copped, when giving away free copies of Butterfly Marketing. I heard that also & it made my blood boil!! Again, it is what we like to call, here in Australia, the “tall poppy syndrome”. There are some sick puppies out there who just HATE to see another person become successful, especially to the extent that Mike Filsaime has!

    A couple of weeks after the Butterfly Marketing giveaway, Mike was under fire again, this time for helping out a young girl who has cancer. There were actually some people out there who had a go at him!!

    Seems to me that the more well known a person gets, the more likely they are to come under attack, & as it has already been said here, it is from insecure, jealous people, who hate to see anyone become successful (because they are not). Which explains the attacks made on you, Gary, by the two people who prompted you to write this blog.

    If everyone, be they either a well intentioned person or not, when about to make a comment to another person via the internet, would take the time to consider “would I say this to the person if we were face to face?”, then I believe many unnecessary, hurtful words, would be left unsaid.

    Gary, PLEASE don’t change for anyone! You have got a great balance going on here ~ outspoken, perhaps just a tad controversial, respectful, witty & most of all kind-hearted & helpful!! Ignore, block or unfollow your critisisers & just keep on rolling on!!

    I’m consider myself one of the lucky ones on Twitter. I have met you and found a wonderful person on the other side of the computer screen!

    Isn’t it amazing how must we can learn about a person in just a 140 character message? :-)


  47. Gary

    Hi Joanne – Indeed you are correct – MOST people on Twitter show a lot of respect for each other and are really quite outwardly helpful. I am a bit concerned, however, at the increasing presence of overt pornography being displayed. These people seem to hijack everything these days.

    I was astonished at the disgusting comments that were being made on Mike Filsaime‘s streaming video during the promotion of his Butterfly Marketing 2.0 event. Like, here’s this guy selling a $2,000 product to people for only $20 and just because the system was getting overloaded and people were being delayed out came the venom and the knives. Some lunatics even resorted to personal attacks on him and others using all manner of disgusting four letter names. My God! I’d hate to cut one of them off in traffic on the road!

    Yes, the tall poppy syndrome, as it is known in Australia is certainly a very sad phenomenon. As soon as somebody gets popular or wealthy or famous then out they come. I read in our newspaper just last week that Australia’s wealthiest man, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, was being examined with a view to banning him from running his company. We seem to have public crucifixions all the time.

    Wow Joanne, those last couple of paragraphs were very nice indeed. I do try hard to help people.

    Sometimes I bugger things up and sometimes I “overcook” things. I have a bizarre sense of humour and that gets me into trouble a fair bit too. Oh, and in person, I am rather outspoken and if I see things that aren’t right (according to my “rightness” meter – LOL) then I certainly don’t mind telling people – eg when some “capable” person HOGS a parking bay clearly marked for disabled people. Or when somebody is being unfairly rude, especially to our elderly citizens. Or, my all time, button-pusher – if somebody is bullying another person. THAT really gets my wick burning. Anyway, enough of me…

    I am really pleased that you took the time to come here Jo and to make such a long and considered bunch of comments. I do appreciate it. Thank you.


  48. Jeff Sargent

    Hey Gary,

    I only have a few minutes so I’ll make this short.

    I don’t know where these people come from. I think it’s just plain jealousy. It’s not just on Twitter that you run into this sort of person but it’s in all aspects of everyday life. There is so much negativity and hatred in this world and for no reason. How can you hate someone you have never even met.

    It just seams that so many people are not happy unless they are ripping somebody else apart. I don’t have an answer, maybe they are just looking for someone to share in their misery.

    It takes a lot of energy to be negative. It’s so much easier to be positive about something or to say something nice to someone and it’s also very rewarding to see the pleasure you give them when you are just plain nice to them.

    If everyone would wake up every morning and make a promise to compliment or make a kind gesture to just one person this world would be a much better place.

    Jeff Sargent

  49. Gary

    Hey Jeff - I appreciate the time you spent here saying this and I couldn’t agree more. Ripping into people all over the net (not just on Twitter – you see it everywhere. It happens a LOT at a certain forum mentioned by JT above) seems to be some sort of perverse sport for some people. It is just so damn easy to hide behind a computer screen and keyboard.

    Anybody who has strong views and opinions must expect it. Abusers wouldn’t have the gall to say it to your face. It’s like the dills who shout obscenities from their motor vehicles at people walking or standing at the side of the road. Truly lame!

    As you say, it is a lot more rewarding and even easier to be positive. The negative ones just haven’t cottoned on to that yet. Whenever I can enhance somebody else’s day it makes me feel better too. Maybe some of these haters should try it. They might just LIKE it.

    Thanks Jeff!


  50. Jeff Sargent

    Well, I thought I was leaving but on my way out I saw another comment here about the use of automated Twitter tools to gain followers and I just had to add two more cents.

    I think it’s getting way out of hand with all these tools. I personally look at every profile before I follow someone. Yes it takes a lot of time but I have a much better group of followers than I would if I were using some software to automate all this for me.

    Automation has its place but when it comes to choosing people that I want to associate with I will stick to the old fashioned way and hand pick them myself.

    Jeff Sargent

  51. Gary

    Hi again Jeff. Yeah, I prefer to vet whoever I want on my Twitter follower list too. Like you I think quality is important.

    Often when I go to very well-known Internet Marketers’ Twitter pages and I see names like “BigDickPornStar” and “TouchMyWhatever” then I KNOW for sure that they are using automatic following tools. I would NEVER knowingly follow anybody like that and nor would they, I expect. So, they have to be using software to do it. And I think it detracts from the person a lot.

    It kinda smacks of desperation to get the MOST followers in the shortest possible time. Not a good tactic OR a good look IMHO!


  52. jeffrey dibble

    Hi Gary,

    Bigman, first up. Sorry that I broke my promise to drop by your temple over the weekend. Bloody hell. I totally forgot about it. Nowdays, I am busy with so many projects but like you said, it’s better to be busy than idle.

    Hey, bro. This post rocks. I am stunned you got attack with such venom. Ignore them. This are bunch of losers. I can safely say this. They have not even earn a penny.

    Okay,here is what I think. I hope the management will act fast by removing them from twitter. Twitter is for people to spread happiness, joy, positivism, hope, helping those who need help but it will drive away people if they are people like Mary or Richard attacking people at will with nasty remarks or messages.

    Enough been said. Enjoy your trip to The States.

    Talk soon.


  53. Nigel Yip

    Hey Gary

    Wow.. What a post you have here, as well as the various perspectives from fellow friends who have visited and posted such wonderful comments.

    I think the point (referencing from your post about Thom’s theory) about Jelousy being spot on – I would agree on that too – I also think that when people are frustrated about their lack of success – they start to resolve to various desperate methods, strategies and tactics, which usually incurs some form of anger, hatred or violence towards others.

    It’s a shame really that these individual veer off track and create a negative image for themselves during this process.

    Maybe they should take note from that “If You Can’t Beat’em, Join ‘em”

    So okay, maybe one shouldn’t join onto things that was related to violence etc..

    But in Internet Marketing, or any business – isn’t it better to have an extra ally than an extra enemy? And I thought social networking was meant to be friendly, a good place to catch up with others, and if you can make money along the process too – then why not?

    I’m personally not fussed if I only stay at my current slow rate of only getting 3-5 new followers each day, on top of my current 1,100 followers. I like it that way, easier to manage and I get lovely email replies from them. Plus what’s the rush?

    Maybe these people need to chill out a bit and don’t expect great success instantly or less than 24 hours. Most importantly stop envying others success, especially if they are the ones who sit around twiddling fingers, staring at the computer screen and checking the email account every 2minutes to see if they have a new follower despite they haven’t made an effort, an update or networking.

    Anyway, take care and all the best to you Gary and everyone else

    Have a wonderful day

  54. Gary

    Hi Jeff – thanks for stopping by. Yeah, well I copped another nasty comment only yesterday. It would seem that some people just can’t help themselves. They cannot ignore even the slightest opportunity to have a go at somebody.

    For the life of me I cannot understand what drives their negativity. I know it’s most likely jealousy but, what’s the point? All that energy could be directed at improving themselves. But they go the other way and try to rip other people down. It’s so unnecessary and stupid.

    The thing is Jeff – there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that any of these people would have the courage to say what they do to somebody’s face. It’s real easy to be spiteful via electronic safety. They really are pathetic.

    Thanks for your good wishes for me and the rest of the team when we descend upon Las Vegas for our Internet Marketing Seminar.


  55. Gary

    Hi Nigel – I think this comment that you made is very appropriate:

    “I also think that when people are frustrated about their lack of success – they start to resolve to various desperate methods, strategies and tactics, which usually incurs some form of anger, hatred or violence towards others.

    It’s a shame really that these individual veer off track and create a negative image for themselves during this process.”

    I definitely agree with all that.

    I also think that people are using Twitter for different objectives. You don’t have to have the greatest number of followers. That really isn’t the benchmark.

    Personally, I like to have a lot of followers but I want to have a good concentration of HIGH QUALITY people in that number. And I think I have. Just look at the short list above. I could add another 100 Twitter ID’s to that list – easily.

    I get 100’s of wonderful comments about all sorts of things. That more than compensates for the venom and bile that gets squirted like cat urine.

    In fact, it’s great that these negative, nasty and/or jealous people IDENTIFY themselves so that I can UNfollow them. And if they are too ridiculous then they can always be blocked. I have only blocked about half a dozen people. Mostly I just unfollow them. I don’t wish them ill-will. I just don’t want their thundercloud following me around.

    I’d much rather be doing what Katrina does… Give her a wave!

    Thanks Nigel (Yip Man).


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  57. Gary

    Hello everybody,

    I realise my opening post is fairly negatively biased towards people who savage others on Twitter and the other social networking platforms, so…

    … I thought I would balance that up by pasting a selection of some of the FABULOUS comments that I have received on Twitter over the last few days.

    Here we go:

    1 – This was from Kelly Morgan who I have helped a bit with a few little procedural matters from time to time:

    KellMorgan@TheGazzMan ive learned everything I know about twitter from @TheGazzMan. I’m learning so much & getting better everyday.
    9:46 AM May 11th from TweetDeck

    2 – This is a nice message from Ryan Price, a fellow West Australian, who sent me this comment about how appreciative he is of downloading my free ACTION Planner e-book to complete his projects:

    RyanSPrice@TheGazzMan Been using your action planner Thanks to you Gary Im on my way to a super productive month!!!
    3:40 PM May 15th from TweetDeck in reply to TheGazzMan

    3 – I have also assisted Brett Burr with some information he was asking about regarding writing e-books. I sent Brett an advance copy of my Twitter Muscle e-book to help him and this was his nice response:

    Brett_Burr@TheGazzMan OH! and have I told you today that your AWESOME!!!!
    9:53 PM May 14th from web in reply to TheGazzMan

    4 – Then Jan Simpson From the USA (no relation BTW) sent me this – God knows why? But I appreciate it, so thanks Jan!

    JanSimpson@TheGazzMan well your profile page looks all hot and sexy – girls you need to follow this man #ff
    12:51 AM May 16th from web in reply to TheGazzMan

    5Sharon Corsaro, also from the USA, seemed to jump on Jan’s comment and said this in response to some good-natured banter back and forth between us:

    growinggold@TheGazzMan omg u r so adorable! I’m sorry but you r so serious and adorably hilarious at the same time! and classic oz Everyone gets a Z :)
    about 20 hours ago from web

    6 – Hmm, and THEN… there was a comment by Sarah Marshall (actually several comments), who runs some #hunkalert page (that I STILL don’t understand very well) that I found rather amusing. When I went to leave my office it was rather difficult getting my head through the door (LOL):

    AmericanWomannnHave all you girls checked out our #hunkalert of the day, @TheGazzMan He’s #hunkalicious and a must follow!
    7:35 AM May 17th from TweetDeck

    7 – Oh, and then there is one of my favorite ladies on Twitter – Christine Rabel. Chris is always so nice. It is such a pleasure to “tweet” back and forth with her no matter what the sublject is:

    ChristineRabel@TheGazzMan Haha! THANKS, Gary! I am still terribly new to WordPress, so I am pecking and finding my way~GREAT tipsl I’ll address as I can!
    8:33 PM May 16th from TweetDeck in reply to TheGazzMan

    8 – Oh, oh – here’s Sarah again! This kinda went on a bit (actually, a LOT) across the weekend and I am still quite mystified by it. Apparently it has something to do with the pensive look on my face… or something. I dunno. What can I say? (thanks, I guess – LOL). I suppose I fuelled it a bit (?) by sending Sarah a YouTube link of Elvis Presley singing “Burning Love” (You know… “I’m just a hunka, hunka burnin love…”) and then one of Burton Cummings & The Guess Who singing “American Woman.” I just thought those songs were apt, given the discussion. Anyway, here’s one of Sarah’s other comments:

    AmericanWomannn@TheGazzMan We’re not looking at your shirt baby!! It’s your FACE that intrigues us and your charm and you dedicated a song to me!
    10:40 AM May 16th from TweetDeck in reply to TheGazzMan

    9 – Another one of my favorite ladies on Twitter is Theresa Mayhew. Theresa is SO nice. She ALWAYS has cheerful things to say, like this:

    tmayhu@TheGazzMan thanks for that note about Keyword Angel. Sure wish I were going to Vegas with you all.
    9:53 AM May 16th from web in reply to TheGazzMan

    10 – Talking about LOVELY ladies, here is another wonderful lady – Julie Mack. I have struck up quite a friendship with Julie on Twitter. Like Christine, Julie is like a breath-of-fresh-air:

    juliebmack@TheGazzMan Someone you absolutely should be following!! #followfriday
    11:10 PM May 15th from web

    11 – Now to my witty sparring partner – Paula Brett from the UK. Paula and I trade all sorts of crazy comments to amuse each other and the general Twitterati. This was in response to my endless commentry about how much I like the music of Noddy Holder and Slade – a rock group of the 1970’s:

    PaulaBrett@TheGazzMan OMGawd, it’s not………………….. NODDY……….. is it? lol
    9:04 PM May 15th from TweetDeck in reply to TheGazzMan

    12 – Then we have Rufus Jay. Rufus is always commenting on how much he enjoys reading the banter between me and Garry Parkes and Nikki Stephens and several others who I get into tete-a-tete commentry with:

    Rufus_Jay#followfriday For those who like a good bit of banter – @TheGazzMan @minxywitch
    9:04 PM May 15th from TweetDeck

    13Christy Barham, also from the US, always has nice things to say. here is a nice recommendation she made for me to “Mr Tweet.”

    afwife08Recommended @TheGazzMan to @MrTweet ‘he is great in making you smile and making you think’
    about 13 hours ago from MrTweet

    14 – I really enjoy “jousting” with Stephen Bray (who I call Braysie). We are always trying to “one-up” each other and the convresation usually descends into ribald inferences about sheep and goats – all brought about by a blog post that Stephen made that he managed to “weave” me into – something about comparing me to the late Gary Halbert and some false report about a “relationship” he (Halbert) had with a horse, or something (oh dear!):

    Stephen_BrayRT @TheGazzMan: @Stephen_Bray Hey, dude! I have a little TREAT for you. I’m just gonna go and get it now. Wait there. be back soon.
    11:14 PM May 16th from DestroyTwitter

    15 – I will be meeting my new-found Brazilian friend in Las Vegas – Sandra Rodrigues – and I am so looking forward to that (I wanna make her giggle & laugh in The Marketing Seminars – mean, aren’t I? LOL). Anyway, Sandra is really nice and always has wonderful things to say about everybody, like this:

    SandraRodrigues@TheGazzMan oh and you are welcome for the RT, you deserve and also I agree with what was said!
    29 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to TheGazzMan

    … and finally – but ONLY because this comment is getting far too long…

    16 This lady – Terri Cook – just lights up the page with her pretty face and lovely demeanour. Terri is a fellow Australian from Brisbane. This is part of an exchange we were having about my fear of sharks and then it just turned towards matters regarding the beach:

    TerriCook@TheGazzMan well obviously Gazza u dont go sit on the beach in strong winds unless u want to exfoliate your skin involuntarily!!
    8:33 AM May 17th from TweetDeck in reply to TheGazzMan

    So, as you can see, there are some fantastic people (from all around the world )on Twitter who you can develop great relationships with. It’s all about relationships – something that I really try to HIGHLIGHT in my e-book called “Twitter Muscle – How to Get NOTICED on Twitter!”

    The relatively few people who use Twitter to criticise, flame, abuse and generally display intolerance, jealousy and hatred are well and truly in a minority (thankfully). If they would only take a leaf out of the methods of all those I mentioned above and also in the body of my opening post then Twitter would be such a better place for us all!

    I truly appreciate all the nice comments that everybody makes on Twitter. That’s what it is all about. Not being a miserable sod towards others.


  58. Debbie Floyd

    I need some help with getting my website to pop up first in my local area. I’ve spend $$$$ on Yahoo and nothing. I have a couple of friends in the same business and they pop up in the free listing. Google is better for me.
    Since your discussion was concerning people being attacked on Twitter I’ll add that I’m glad that I haven’t experienced that, although a cat blocked me and I took that personal. LOL

  59. Gary

    Hi Debbie – Getting ANY website to pop up in a high-ranked position is damn difficult because all the search engines change their criteria (algorithms) so often. I watch mine bounce around the rankings all the time.

    Perhaps you need to work on your keywords. A good researcher is Theresa Mayhew – the Keyword Angel. I interact with Theresa a fair bit via email and on Twitter. Her Twitter ID is You can access Theresa’s Keyword Angel site from the bio on her Twitter page.

    You are lucky that it hasn’t happened to you YET! (ie being flamed/criticised/abused etc.) It’s just a matter of time, unfortunately. One day you will tweet something that some dill will take offence to and feel the need to TEACH you a LESSON! (And thereby make themself look extremely miserable and foolish).

    Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate it.


  60. Theresa Mayhew

    Gary, one of the things that I love about you is that you don’t shy away from conflict or controversy.

    Thanks for the balance between the “flamers” and the “Fabulous”.

    I’m not surprised that you’re becoming a celebrity “#hunkalert of the day”.

    The people who have good intentions far outweigh the ones who just want to cause trouble. I like the comment about learning from each experience. Fortunately, I haven’t had any negative comments left for me, but you can be assured I won’t take the time to respond to them. I’ll just ask myself what I needed to learn from the experience and then quickly hit the “not following” button.

    BTW, thanks again for mentioning my keyword research service. You’re an angel, too!

  61. Sandra Rodrigues

    Dear me Gazza,

    I came here to check the new colums style, then realised that I hadn’t been here for ages, which makes me a useless reviwer to you and then I find this fascinasting post.

    I can only feel sorry for these poor souls that must feel very lost in their pain. When you have the need to provoke such an ugly feeling in someone, specialy someone you really don’t know, you have got to be having these feeling sturring up inside of yourself really.

    All I can do is really be grateful for them to provoke such a beautiful work as you have.

    I’ve been through some nasty things and I thank the people who made me go through them for they made me who I am today.

    I am not trying to be all spiritual and big headed here at all. All I am saying is, look what these people made you do it! You wrote a provocative post, which will perhaps leave on for a very long time. You managed to get a substantial number of comments and your list of followers are growing nicely and healthly thank you very much..

    I have only managed to break into the 5k number of followers and so far have not encoutered any nastiness. Much the opposite, I might even write something about how many lovely and responsive people I have been finding through tweeter.

    I am not quite sure what it is, I think it might be something to do wiht my niche and all the mummies identifying themselves so much with me. But they are such a lovely bunch. There is hardly a day I don’t get a very heart worming tweet from someone I never met and have only just stumbled upon one of my tweets.

    Very inspiring. Not at all profitable for me so far. But we all know that this is a web 2.0 tool to create and nurture relationships. So I think is going well so far.

    Now, back to your changes on your blog. i can only apologise but since having to start my blog all over again from scratch and loosing all the past posts, comments, traffic, etc, etc. I haven’t done any hoping at all.

    But I am getting back into the swing of things now that Felipe is much better and I will for sure be visiting all these lovely AJ fellow students much more frequently and spread all my motherly love around.

    I haven’t seen anything that I don’t like that I could point to you as a constructive criticism, so for me your blog looks very meety and full of good content.

    The artword Michael did for you looks lovely but that doens’t come as a surprise, the man is REALLY good. He is also doing some work for me and I was sooo impressed with him.

    Good luck with the book my friend and I will tweet you in the morning.

    Lot’s of love,

    In Joy With My Self

  62. Gary

    Hi Theresa – I had to laugh at your opening comment…

    “Gary, one of the things that I love about you is that you don’t shy away from conflict or controversy.”

    Yep. And it has got me into one HELLUVA LOT of trouble over the years. When I don’t like something then I say so. “Some” people don’t appreciate that. But IM(NS)HO why should anybody be served up sliced lemon then be forced to say how lovely and sweet it is?

    I’m usually the guy who others come up to after saying my piece and whisper, “Thank God somebody said that Gazza!” And then they quickly move away for fear of guilt by association.

    You know the saying Theresa – if it waddles like a duck and it looks like a duck then I don’t need to hear it quack to tell you it’s a bloody DUCK! Some people would try to convince you otherwise – people involved in media, governments, insurance companies, lawyers and other assorted truth-benders.

    Anyway, before I launch into yet another … (pssst – whispering) R-A-N-T I’ll desist.

    Indeed there are many more wonderful people on Twitter and other social media sites and we always have the ability of using the UNfollow and BLOCK options.

    Not so strangely, the last bloke who recently had some ugly things to say about me on Twitter looked like a support cast member of that old movie “The Exorcist.” I read a few of his other barbed comments to other people just to make sure what he said to me wasn’t just a one-off lapse in niceness. It wasn’t.

    Then I had to LMAO! As I was scanning some of his other put-downs to other people, I noticed he said he was listening to Tubular Bells. Remember that? Mike Oldfield. Remember which movie that music was featured heavily in? Yep! The EXORCIST! Ha! It all fell into place – his appearance, the silly name he was using to cloak his real identity, the zany (I can talk – LOL) clothing he was wearing (ie the Gothic priest look) and his general negative demeanour. Anyway, he proved to me that he was just wanting to share his (in keeping with the Exorcist theme) BILE with others so… UNfollow!

    You are very welcome for me mentioning your KEYWORD ANGEL services at (just did it again – LOL!) I do like to support my friends and those who, I believe, give great service to others. You fall into BOTH categories.

    BTW – ME? An angel? Hardly! LOL!


    PS: Just saw your email – aw, you wanna nickname off TGM. Hmm, your first name is difficult to do that with but… I got one anyway. I’m thinking “Trees.” How’s that?

  63. Theresa Mayhew

    Trees will work. Now I feel like I’m in the inner circle of the Temple clan, lol :0)

    Ok, I’m going back to work on your list. It’s looking good so far. See you later,

  64. Gary

    Hi Trees! LOL. Glad you like it. I like trees too coz I like nature and there is hardly anything more nature-like than beautiful green trees.

    You know something? In Oz EVERYBODY gets a nickname – usually a shortened version of their real name – eg me – I’m Gazza. Warren would be Wozza. Barry would get Bazza. We are a weird lot over here.

    Don’t worry Theresa you have always been a monk in my Temple. PMSL!

    Jeez, where do I come up with this stuff? I really am laughing at my own silliness as I type this. Really. I am. I have a lot of fun doing this stuff.


  65. Gary

    Hi Sandra – I think you made a very pertinent comment when you said:

    “I can only feel sorry for these poor souls that must feel very lost in their pain. When you have the need to provoke such an ugly feeling in someone, specialy someone you really don’t know, you have got to be having these feeling sturring up inside of yourself really.”

    Yes, that is the essence of it all, isn’t it? Spreading their own awful life to as many others as they can. A bit like an infection, so to speak. I have seen some people who just make one lousy comment after another. It befuddles me. What is the POINT of doing that? Can’t they see what they are doing is turning people away from them? I suppose not.

    On a MUCH lower scale, it reminds me of the evil that is done when some disenfranchised kid goes to a school and starts shooting indiscriminantly at fellow students just because they feel aggrieved about something – usually their own lack of worth and self esteem. It is so sad. Whenever I see this on a TV report (and it happens FAR too often) I just feel so sad for all the families of the innocent victims.

    Anyway, Sandy, on to much more pleasant things… I’m really looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas for the Internet Marketing seminars with Alex Jeffreys.

    Remember how you told me that you have an “unusual” laugh? Well, I wanna hear that and if you sit next to me at the seminars then… expect me to whisper a joke or two to get you going. But I’ll TRY not to get you into TOO much trouble – yeah sure!

    Indeed Michael Ottman has done a wonderful job on the artwork to my new Twitter Muscle e-book.

    Thanks for stopping by Sandra.


  66. Richard Moloney


    People like those you quote just think they are the bees knees but will soon go the way of the dodo when everyone unfollows them.

    You should have given us their twitter id’s so that if they are following us we could remove & block them.

    I understand that you don’t want to give them any publicity to boost their ego’s. I suppose I have been lucky in not getting any of this type of tweet so far but I am nowhere near as active as yourself on twitter.

    Enjoy yourself in Vegas with Alex and hopefully my e-book will be out when you get back. You can find out more about it on my blog at


  67. Cheri Merz


    Came to tell you thanks for putting together Twitter Muscle. I’m only through Tip #2, and already have work to do! Knew I wasn’t prepared for Twitter, and resisted for soooooo long…but luddites get left behind as you know.

    Read this post with interest. Posted a Tweet that could have been considered negative myself…will think twice next time. Mine wasn’t aimed at anyone specific. You know the drill from the old days. As soon as my (incomplete) profile went up, I had spammers following me. My disgusted reply revealed my naivete. OF COURSE people are tweeting their get-rich-quick schemes. Ah, well, I’ll just take the high road.

    Can’t wait to read and implement more tips…going to do it one at a time as I come to them instead of reading your whole e-book and then not taking action. Thanks again!


    PS How do I get my avatar here instead of that vaguely person-like icon?

  68. How to Make Thousands of Dollars Posting Links on Google

    Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  69. Jean Shaw

    Hi Gary,

    Nice post and even better e-book! It’s great, so well thought out although I should expect nothing less really.

    Looks as if you had a great time in Vegas – surrounded by all the women and I see you even had time to get in on Internet Selling For Newbies too.

    Have to admit when I first came across you in Alex coaching program I found you a bit intimidating, but changed my opinion some time ago. It’s refreshing to find someone who’s not afraid to say what they think – in a diplomatic sort of way, of course!

    Now I have both yours and Garry Parkes Twitter e-books I should have no excuse using it – except of course Time. Maybe you need to send me an e-book about using your daily planner more effectively!

    It’s a very USEFUL tool if only I remembered to use it. Trouble is, being menopausal I keep having these CRAFT moments – Can’t Remember A Flipping Thing!

    Take care and keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

    Best wishes.

  70. Theresa Mayhew

    Hi Jean,
    I was just thinking about you today. Wondered how you’re doing? Love that CRAFT moment thing, I can relate, lol.

    All the best,
    PS, great Twitter Muscle ebook, Gazz!

  71. Gary

    @ Richard – Hmm, you musta sneaked in here while I was getting ready to go to Las Vegas. Sorry for not replying sooner.

    Yeah these people are just exposing their jealousy for EVERYONE to see. They add zero to people’s lives. In fact, they add LESS than zero because all they are doing is attempting to belittle, criticize and demean people. So, yeah, they will become about as relevant as do-dos!

    I will check out your e-book just as soon as I finish up answering folks and putting up a new

    @ Cheri – you DEFINITELY sneaked in here while I was overseas. Chezza, don’t worry about “tweeting” stuff that “might” be construed as negative. You can never cover all possibilities that SOMEONE won’t find ANYTHING you say offensive. It is so hard to second guess everything. I just try not to say anything that anyone could latch onto as racist or anti-religious.

    The thing that amazes and amuses me is that some people will take a GENERAL comment, apply it to their mis-guided mindset and then fire off a salvo of abuse as though it were personally directed at them and them alone. THAT shows what their mind is like.

    I am so glad you are enjoying Twitter Muscle. Others can get it here —>

    Thanks Richard and Cheri. I appreciate your participation in the discussion here.



  72. Gary

    @ Jean – Yep, we all had a GREAT time at the Las Vegas Internet Marketing seminars. You can read about it on a post here – just scroll through the blogposts and you’ll spot it easy.

    Thanks so much for the nice comment about Twitter Muscle. Hundreds of people now have it and I haven’t had anything (so far) except nice comments and praise for it. So, as an author, that really pleases me.

    Regarding “intimidating” – I get that ALL the time (unfortunately) but it is only from people who don’t know me. I know it’s the karate persona. But that is me. I can’t really hide who I am – not after 40 years of doing it. But it’s a perception that people get. If you ask any of the folks who went to Las Vegas with me if they think I am like that then I’m sure that none of them would say so. Anyway, enough of that…

    The CRAFT acronym is very amusing. Use the ACTION Planner Jean. It is really helping a LOT of people. I have had some wonderful comments about that e-book too.

    If anybody wants a FREE Action Planner then they can get it right here: —>

    Thanks Jean!



  73. Gary

    Hi Trees – thanks for the compliment about I really do appreciate it.


  74. Nikki

    This is great! I had some wierd comments on twitter also, This was a fun read. Thanks for sharing you story…PS, next time ill make your towtter list, lol

  75. Hilary

    Twitter is so much fun now that they are working on stopping the spam, and mass following. Now it can be more about the content not the quantity.

  76. Theresa Mayhew

    As much as I enjoy Twitter, it is sometimes hard to find the quality.

    I recently learned about It’s another microblogging platform that allows you more characters and is focused on providing useful information in categories.

    They also pay you a commission if you put in your adsense ID. The benefits are more credibility and monetary compensation.

    Let me know whatcha think,

  77. Gary

    Hi Trees – great tip there about Tip Drop.

    I’m so glad that they removed the porn from Twitter. It was becoming far too dominant.

    Thank you


  78. FriedBob


    What about people like me with a NEGATIVE OUTLOOK on life who want to make friends?

    Life is game you can’t win after all!

    All kidding aside, this is a good post, and something a lot of the #HCR, #OCRA, #TCOT, #P2 people should read, as there is way too much BS, hate and name calling from both sides.

    I tried to tell people about this in semi-recent articles on my site ( Presidential Speech response and open letter on HCR), but you said it much, much better than I did.

    But I guess that is to be expected when you have a guy who studied computer science and accounting in college trying to write!

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